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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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you, that son of a bitch could play for me. >> our team of reporters are stationed across indiana today, as well as washington, d.c., and oregon, where bernie sanders is wrapping up a huge rally. let's turn to the gop front run, donald trump, nbc's jacob rascon in evansville, indiana with the trump campaign. i called bobby knight's endorsement the least surprising endorsement of the cycle yesterday. i think i stand by that. >> reporter: yeah, you give an interesting introduction and he rambled on and on and said things like donald trump created more jobs than any american that ever lived and the crowd was loving everything this person said. even after he sat down and donald trump took the stage, he came back on one point and put his arm around trump during an awkward exchange and said, let's quit it with the presidential crap, and went on and i didn't understand the story he was telling. but the crowd seemed to love it.
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and if that's any indication at this crowd, the other crowds we've seen in indiana, then he's going to be a big deal here. the question will be, can he really pull this off in indiana? a place where he's only ahead by single digits and hasn't always won where he's been ahead by that much. now that cruz is going to barnstorm this area and going to be here a lot over the next several days, and at the same time trump is now going to go to california, that tells you something about what his -- what he's thinking. his top campaign official told me multiple times that the most important of trump's asset is his time. for me, to watch where he's going, that's what he's thinking. he's going to california for a couple of days. meantime, cruz will be here. and of course, in this speech itself, talked about manufacturing jobs, specifically carrier. this is what he calls carrier air-conditioning relocating to mexico is one of the central narratives over the last several months. something interesting that we are discovering today, we
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reached out and looked into carrier, they don't actually make air conditioners here in indiana. they make those in tennessee at a plant that didn't close. they make furnaces here. the person who represents union that represents -- the head of the union that represents most of the workers that lost their jobs tells me the union decided to endorse bernie sanders instead of trump because they're leery of trump having some of his ties in other things made in china and having some comments about workers being paid too much and in fact, trump reps approached this man, chuck jones, about trump speaking to workers and chuck jones said, no, trump would not be invited to do that. but nevertheless, trump still really likes that story. he told it today twice. he called carrier, my baby. the crowd loved it. and as far as the crowd knows, carrier must love him and that's as far as that goes. it's an interesting narrative.
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we'll see even if he's going to go to california, not spend all of his time here, if he can carry it away, take it away. chris? >> jacob rascon, thank you. i think bobby knight talked about trump having the fortitude to, like truman, drop the bomb, an interesting campaign endorsement seeing 1964 lbj running against goldwater the infamous ad, goldwater would nuke the world. trump campaigns in indiana, his campaign trying to win over republican lawmakers on capitol hill. luke russert live on the hill. a big day there, i feel like, in terms of the indication of the beginning of what may be something of a trend in terms of congressional endorsements. >> i think you're absolutely correct. a significant day for the trump campaign for two reasons. number one, after the huge tuesday they had this week, they're able to sell this idea that him getting the nomination is all about inevitable. and because of the large margins
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he ran up in a state like pennsylvania, other places in the northeast, as well as what he did a few months ago down south, there is this idea that look, this campaign is coming to an end, rather the primary is, better get on board with donald trump or risk getting left behind at the station. the other thing that is significant, you're starting to see a lot of members within the republican conference come to the realization, you know what, all of this never trump movement, all of this stuff talked about that donald trump would be the end, as we know it of the republican party and conservatism, perhaps that's overblown. we're not comfortable with ted cruz as perhaps the media made us out to be. when john boehner said that ted cruz was the same flesh as lucifer, the worst s.o.b. he worked with, and i spoke to a lot of members who go back to 2013, october, government shutdown, that you covered so well, yeah, remember what cruz did.
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he not only made us go publicly through a very embarrassing episo episode, a kamikaze mission, not only through all of that pubic willy, he instructed all of his followers and their fund-raisers to point their ammo at us and that was not a fun experience by any means, a lot of us were worried we were going to get primaried. with manafort, how the trump campaign has gotten more professionalized with rick wiley, that's resonating on capitol hill. is the tide going to completely open if he wins indiana, maybe that's strong. but maybe it's not the end of the conservative movement, maybe we can work with this guy, maybe that's where our constituents are so we best be on board with them or risk have something an unpleasant surprise in november. >> that's exactly right. if there's a place that ted cruz the most hated it is the chamber that you're standing in right now. amongst those people who he
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basically dragged through humiliating, painful, political defeat they never wanted to be any part of but he engineered, from the other chamber somehow and we'll have long memories for that. >> that's what, i think, people are starting to realize. if you go back to that time, john boehner and mcconnell were trying to come up with some solution, right? and they would say to their conferences, all right, we can get a more conservative government funding bill if you guys would unite with us and we get the 218 votes in the house, just come along, and cruz would go to a local mexican restaurant, meet with conservative members and say, no, don't take the deal, don't take the deal. he stretched it out for much longer than it should have been, made boehner look extremely weak and put his colleagues through an unpleasant experience. those minds remember that. >> lucifer made flesh, the most
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miserable s.o.b. i ever worked with. let's turn to nbc's kristen welker covering the clinton campaign from washington, d.c. what's on the agenda for the clinton campaign now? it seems they are in a bit of a strange lull, i think, maybe for the first time they have experienced in this campaign so far. >> i think that's a good way to put it. you see secretary clinton pivoting to the general election in a very big way. on the other hand, she is still locked in a primary battle. senator sanders showing no signs he's letting up or giving up. but a few indications she's pivoting in a big way. she's off the campaign trail, for one, after winning 4 out of 5 states tuesday. of course she delivered that speech tuesday that was focused largely on party unity. she also took a number of shots at donald trump. we're seeing secretary clinton ramp up her rhetoric and attacks towards donald trump and today in a new ad. take a look. >> everything i said i'm going to do, folks, i do it, okay.
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i will get rid of begun-free zones on schools. my first day, it gets signed, okay? planned parenthood should be defunded. get rid of obamacare. i will build a great, great wall. so what's important about this ad, chris, is that it underscores a key part of the clinton campaign strategy, which is to essentially call out donald trump on various inconsistencies. they think the gop candidates underestimated donald trump and made a major political miscalculation. what you're seeing is secretary clinton taking a very different tactic, learning essentially from their mistakes. and another big indication that she's pivoting to the general election, take a look at ad spending in the upcoming primary states. senator sanders putting a lot of money into indiana, kentucky, oregon which, by the way, looks like he could win orr and that big, big prize, california.
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secretary clinton all across the board, zero dollars. that tells you all you need to know. she is changing the way that she spends resources and trying to focus on what her strategy will look like moving forward. >> one of the clinton advisers joel ben nisson gave an interview, unveiled how they would attack trump. he said basically, we are going after him on policy, right, go after him on the things that he wanted to do as president of the united states. when republicans tried to go after trump on policy in the primary, it completely failed. the only traction they found on tonal personal attacks. it is striking to me that clinton's first ad out of the gate here is about policy. defund explained parenthood, repeal obamacare, build a wall. >> what the clinton campaign would say, look, republicans had less room to maneuvers in terms of attacking him on policy because their concern is that they would lose some of his supporters, alienate the base. secretary clinton is not worried about that. she's focused on independent
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voters, undecided voters, bourbon voter whose could bow either way between her and donald trump. those are the voters she wants to reach and those are the voters who she thinks she can make a case for on policy issues. i've been talk to the campaign about what happens when donald trump makes some of the personal attacks that we've seen him make. her tactic is to ignore them largely. you saw that on the crooked hillary, she has said, i'm not going to respond to that tact specifically but i will respond to the broader comments that he has made about women, about immigrants, about mexicans. she thinks that's a stronger way to take him on as opposed to going toe to toe on every single one of the personal jabs that he has done effectively in his own primary battle. >> 90% of his campaign. thank you. betsy woodruff.
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michelle, let me start with you. there's a gop, some gop official in florida, title i'm forgetting at moment, made some awful monica lewinsky reference -- >> on her knees. >> that hillary clinton in a trump debate would go down like monica lewinsky, disgusting. this is going to be everyday multiple times a day till november floodgates are just opening and we are just seeing the beginning of it. >> early on the clinton campaign said trump would be the candidate they could most likely beat and least want to run against. it's going to be so vicious and ugly. think about the amount of racism unleashed by obama being president and then think of all of the submerged jender anxieties of men losing primacy in the american system, and all of that, you know, that being
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crystallize in this contest between not just the first female presidential candidate but the first feminist presidential candidate, hate object for anti-feminists -- >> over decades. >> against this sort of like misogynist. >> self-styled. >> yeah. it's kind of unbelievable, the starkness of it. >> yes. betsy, what strikes me, one of t issues we'll see surfacing, trump is going to set the tone of the top. there's so many other people around him that are going to be say things all the time that, to the extent what is going to allow hillary clinton to do is talk about the fact that she's a woman in, i think, the most politically advantageous way she can, which is parroting attacks about her gender, which is so far all she's had to do, two or three days into what has felt like a new phase of the campaign. >> without a doubt. we're cutting to the chase. there's no formality, there's no dancing around the subject.
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this election is a battle of the sexes. trump has been explicit about the fact that's how he's going to run against hillary. we know what this is going to look like, brace yourself for the next six months. that said, yeah, in a weird way, making it easier for him to pull the woman card. he's letting her frame it the way she wants to frame it. the issue here is, can trump capitalize on the male vote? can he get so many men to vote for him it outweighs the loss he's going to get with female voter. at this point it doesn't look likely. but predicting the elections has been a fool's errand. >> there will be soon enough, the clinton campaign has been fund-raising hard dollars to the primary, they can spend now, and hard dollars to the general, building up in a bank account. trump, on the other hand, has run one of the most inexpensive, in terms of dollar per vote campaigns in a very long time.
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what is he going to do in the general? you they if he's saying half a billion dollars in spending on the other side, is he going to open up his checkbook? can he raise half a billion dollars? >> so the honest answer, i have no freakin' idea. and i'm not sure he does either. you know, it's improvisational. i can tell you that a certain point will come in which the party has to decide if it will fish or cut bait with our without him. the party actually, you know, depends on the nominee to help them raise money to then put that money in swing states, down ballot races, pay for staff, get out the vote. if he's not going to chip in, it's really bad for the entire party. >> right. the whole fund-raising machinery operates with the nominee at center of it, right? so that nominee has to be both game to do that and also see their own fate essentially intertwined with the fate of the party. >> there's an entire structure
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of campaign spending built around the idea that the party wants the nominee it gets and works closely with the nominee and the nominee has access and the most presence with big donors and can pull in that money. but donald trump kind of blows all of that up. if the regulars in the party, if the regular donors are not thrilled about him, it kind of hurts everybody else. and it leaves the party and rance priebus in position to raise the money on the side and without him. >> michelle, you saw the ad spending in terms of the sanders campaign, still spending in the primary states. sanders has a campaign event in oregon, big turnout. i'm curious what this phase, the democratic primary looks like. sanders is not dropping out. >> he's winding down. >> right. >> starting to make consolatory noises, right? so i think what i hope he does is runs until the end and tries to exert as much influence as he can on the delegate, maybe on -- i mean on the platform, maybe on
1:16 pm
the vice presidential selection. you know, tries, because if he drops out now, you'll have this movement he created, be embittered and left in the lurch. they need brought through the finish line and somehow reconciled with the party as a whole. >> there's also, betsy, my sense about hillary clinton is that, you know, as the news pertains to her nature of course a vacuum, news cycles dominated by her e-mails until bernie sanders became competitive and that race became about their battles. in his absence, does she face news cycles that seek to talk about nothing but her e-mails once again. >> without a doubt. the republican talking point is no longer going to be hillary clinton is losing to an elderly male socialist. what if she gets indicted. republicans need something to go after her on. they can't go after her on
1:17 pm
unfavorability numbers. trump's in worst shape. it's not something they can talk about. there's a finite number of issues to target her on. thus far they've seen the e-mail issue work quite well. i've been floored if it doesn't go back to that. >> what is fascinating how fuel attacks have been substantive. it's no the that this agenda that she has will cost too much money or raise taxes or bad ideas about college afford ability. none of that. i've not seen substantive critique yet. it's about hillary clinton as a person, as a woman. i bet you that is going to continue and the real interest thing how that plays out with actual voters. thank you all for being here. still to come -- stop trump movement has five days to stop trump in indiana. we haven't seen a lot of polling but cal perry is running his own poll, hoosier pick poll. extremely scientific and rigorous. ♪ i built my business with passion.
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breaking news out of the baltimore on the bomb square there. the suspect is now in custody, police say he came to wbff-tv, according to the security guard stationed affront door of the building. suspect came inside, had a bomb and message to be heard. the man was shot by a countersniper outside the station. he is alive. we will bring you more updates on that as that unfolds. moving to indiana, which may be the stop trump movement's last chance to keep the billionaire businessman from winning the republican nomination, kasie hunt has been following the movement across the hoosier state, live in
1:22 pm
indianapolis. what exactly does the movement look like on the ground other than the cruz campaign? >> reporter: i have to tell you, chris, it doesn't seem that much different than it did earlier this week when they announced that cruz/kasich alliance, that doesn't really seem like it's amounted to all of that much here. the sources that i've been talking to on the ground here feel as though this is something that at this point is donald trump's to lose. that ted cruz has an uphill battle to fight here and that that was the case on monday, some internal polling was showing. and cruz didn't do anything to help himself when he showed up on the stage and called it a basketball ring instead of a basketball hoop. we have been joking about it. but this is something hoosiers take extraordinarily seriously. i have heard about it from several folks, as i've been talking to them today. the challenge for cruz is to figure out how to cobble
1:23 pm
together a coalition of voters that can overcome the energy around donald trump from any of the working class white voters in some of the state's congressional districts. she's got some natural strength in the state, a lot of social conservatives up there, inclined to vote for a candidate like cruz anyway. but a lot of those richard lugar-type republicans, moderate republicans part of this state party infrastructure and there's been one for quite some time here in indiana than pretty strong, it's not clear that a lot of the people are able to kind of swallow their concerns about ted cruz and go ahead and vote for him, even if they understand that the calculation might be a vote for cruise is a vote to stop donald trump, chris? >> you know, take a moment to counterpose this with wisconsin. wisconsin had a bunch of confluence of events happen in wisconsin particular to wisconsin, a state whose conservative grassroots are
1:24 pm
mobilized, fought three hard fought elections over scott walker in four years, conservative talk radio in the milwaukee suburbs which turned strongly against trump in unison special moment, make or break scenario. is there any of that kind of media or grassroots organizing infrastructure outside the cruz campaign present in indiana to make the push happen? >> reporter: if anything, the lessons that indiana has learned, the republicans in indiana have learned over the course of the past couple of years potentially the opposite of the ones that were learned in wisconsin. remember richard mourdock, senate dprnd candidate lost a s that should have been handed to them. you had governor mike pence, that law regarding lgbt rights that was ahead of the ncaa, they came away feeling burned by that. so i think that there have been forces at work here that if anything, putting the breaks on
1:25 pm
some of this. in this particular case, you have the top officials of the state at the moment staying on the fence, governor mike pence, of course, courted very heavily by all sides the sense is, if he were to put his finger on the scale for cruz and would make a real difference. so far he hasn't and there's no indication he will. talk radio more neutral here in indiana, not taking sides in this, watt any wisconsin they were uniformly against donald trump. so i think your question is the right one, are those stars going to alone here. as of now, they're not at this point. >> kasie hunt, thank you, from indiana. we expect ted cruz to take the stage at a rally in south bend, indiana minutes from now. hallie jackson heading to south bend and joins us live. what is the mood inside the car you're? what is the mood inside the cruz campaign at this moment? >> reporter: the mood inside this car is ready to be in south bend, chris, since we have been
1:26 pm
traveling with the senator all day today from south of indiana up here to south bend. i would say the mood within the campaign, a couple of things. one, seeing cruz raise the stakes in the hoosier state. this is different than before. today he talked about how indiana could be the big decider here, that is more definitive than what we've heard in what he needs to do in indiana. if he doesn't win, it's a big psychological blow to the campaign. it's why he has pulled out the stops, bringing out carly fiorina. today, really the first day of the two of them going across the state, barnstorming as a ticket together and she has played the role of as traditional for these vp candidates if cruz were to win the nomination, attack dog, going after donald trump, but hillary clinton as well, even john boehner she's brought him up at an event today, unprompted after those comments, as you know, as we've been talking about, boehner calling cruz lucifer in the flesh, cruz and
1:27 pm
fiorina both responding to that now. the cruz campaign pubic willy won't say that indiana is a must-win state but privately acknowledgement in is very important for them to do well here, not just for them to do well but the stop trump movement everybody they can slow trump down here. talk about carly fiorina, what she can bring to the table, she's got vulnerabilities that we've been talking about, her business record, areas where trump can hit her. but she could also potentially help cruz when it comes to republican women in indiana. fiorina, i'm told by top campaign aides, one of the five finalists for the vp pick. became clear two weeks ago she would be the choice. given they're looking to try to change the narrative, pick up momentu momentum, this is right time. originally they started looking at vp picks after their win in iowa. they had a list of 40-some people, that got carved down to 17, and then final five.
1:28 pm
we are headed to south bend for his final rally tonight. we'll keep you posted. >> can i ask you a question? you may or may not know the answer. 2008 hillary clinton at a debate with barack obama and moderator asked, you're unpopular, people seem to like barack obama more and that gave rise to the you're likable enough moment. hillary clinton said, she cheekily said, that hurts my feelings and meant it earn evidently, sort of jokingly. when ted cruz faces a barrage of people saying in the words of john boehner the most miserable s.o.b. i ever worked with, how does he react to people saying i personally despise the man? >> reporter: so, i think that, for cruz, this is something he's had to deal with for a long time, right? ever since he got into the senate it's been a challenge for him to win over republicans. there's a sense among others in the party in d.c. on capitol hill that he doesn't want to try to work with them. that he is out for what he wants
1:29 pm
and not necessarily for what the party wants. cruz obviously disagrees with that. emotionally, does it hurt his feelings? it's a fair question to ask. i think that he sees it as a way to say, hey, okay, john boehner doesn't like me, john boehner, golf buddies and text buddies with donald trump. what do i need friends like that for? the attitude comes out after it. >> hallie jackson on her way to south bend. a senate committee approves $220 million in aid for flint, michigan. today the state's civil rights commission held its first public hearing to see if race played a role in the switch of the drinking water. find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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spotlight on the fact that flint extreme is not unique. we have underinvested in some of the basic infrastructure that we rely on for our public health. >> president obama earlier today. moments ago, actually, talking about his upcoming visit to flint michigan next week, where he's going to hear first hand about the water crisis. the president decided to travel to flint after receiving an e-mail from an 8-year-old flint resident who asked to me with him while in washington to attend congressional hearings last month. the commission held the first public hearing whether the flint to the river for the city's water supply violated residents' civil rights. let's turn to msnbc legal correspondent ari melber. what happens the context of the hearing. >> legally, the michigan state constitution in 1963 created this civil rights oversight, so
1:34 pm
you have a body that cares about this, whether things are against the law, normal police could deal with, if you're purposely or neglectly poison someone or in addition there's a civil rights violation. take a quick listen to johnny townsend, a flint resident. speaking today before the commission. >> as residents of flint michigan, we have been, and continue to be discriminated against by way of usual suspects, classism, ageism, systemic racists. we would like to know what, if any, justice can be we expect? >> you hear there, miss townsend making the case. commission doesn't hold hearings all the time. the first extensive set of hearing in six years. it's a chance for the community to speak to a government body that can look specifically at civil rights issues. >> and i mean, i guess the
1:35 pm
threshold here is what? investigating the degree to which when we deal in other areas of civil rights law, a distinction between affect and intent. some things have a threshold you determine there was a racially biased intent, some show there's a desperate effect. what are they looking for here. >> great question. all of the issues come around what happens in these debates, people say, we didn't mean to do anything wrong. and that's not always a full defense if you are completely ambivalent about certain things happening, certain places, because of the residents in the community because of what they look like, whether they're poor. this body doesn't have a ton of teeth, i won say it's meaningless. people say what's going to lead to. they can initiate their own lawsuits, which are civil, or do fact-finding. i would liken to the 9/11 commission, people said okay, you're going to publish a report, what's going to happen? if it's done the right way, information that comes out can galvanize action. >> the commission report became
1:36 pm
the kind of record. it was the official record of what happened. right now, there is no, as far as i can tell -- we will maybe see this in the criminal proceedings announced -- there is no sort of official body fact-finding record. there is assort of accumulation of information. this could be that presumably. >> right. remember governor snyder did have a task force that put out material, some critical, but of course, anything attached to the current governor who is under fire, and even that task force, some of the facts that it found or said were at issue, were damning but the way it put them was limited. i remember a section talked about the fact that the 55% black majority community near flint was suffering in a way other parts weren't. that's how the commission put it. "the new york times" editorial said, the racism at the heart of flint, unquote. that's stronger. so the more you have independent and legally binding fact-finding, the more you may
1:37 pm
get some record to work off for what a lot of people want reform. >> i think there's civil proceedings, too. pleasure. >> thank you. vice president is in iraq on unannounced visit, he's meeting with iraqi leaders on the fight against isis. coming up, city with children under fire. and now, no pediatrician to help them. a devastating air strike killed more than a dozen physicians and patients today at a hospital run by doctors without borders. >> i could not, in any way, express how high the stakes are for the next hours and days. the stakes are so incredibly high because so many civilian lives are at stake, so many humanitarian health workers and relief workers are being bombed, killed, maimed at the moment, that the whole lifeline to millions of people is now or so
1:38 pm
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hospital emergency room, intensive care unit in aleppo reduced to rubble in an air strike the m.o. of the assad regime. 14 people killed, including the only pediatrician remaining in the city of aleppo. nbc's foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin joins me with details. how did we learn about this? what do we know about the circumstances. >> reporter: we learn about it mostly from on the ground activists, those in aleppo, particularly groups known as the civil defense activists and first aid responders. but it wasn't long after that that doctors without borders confirmed this air strike took place. doctors without borders is not saying point blank this was the result of the syrian regime or air force or perhaps even the russian air force. we do know that both of those carrying out air strikes in and
1:42 pm
around the city of aleppo during the time of the strike. the u.s. state department had a much more pointed response when they were asked, could it be anybody other than the syrian regime. here's what the spokesperson had to say -- >> the indications that we have now, and again, this just happened, are that these strikes were conducted by the regime. solely by the regime. >> reporter: now, we've also heard according to doctors without borders and others, several air strikes around the neighborhood where this air strike took place. it did strike the hospital, as you mentioned, critical hospital providing care for 250,000 people, including the last pediatrician in the city of aleppo. but it is giving you a sense how the cease-fire that had been in place between some of the warring parties is beginning to unravel. this is the seventh hospital supported by doctors without borders that has been struck this year, 42 killed, including 16 medical staff. it's a dangerous situation for
1:43 pm
medical personnel trying to help those that are remaining in the war zone areas of aleppo and other cities across the country. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you. to get inside look on what life is like for people across app ac ache aleppo. you've been in touch with folks in aleppo, one of the doctors today who used to work in the hospital. >> i have. so, this attack on a hospital is part of a pattern of attacks not just on hospitals but on schools, on marketplaces and civilian infrastructure the hall fashion of the assad regime since 2012. a few days ago a center for the white helmets, the civil defense people who dig people out of bombed-out buildings was targeted by the regime and five people were killed. >> obviously, the horrors of isis, part of which you've documented, you've done amazing reporting someone who lived in raqqah under isis rule, those
1:44 pm
have been well documented in the west, partly because isis enjoys publicizing and videotaping. this kind of thing that just daily brutality of at sad regime, the children it continues to murder has been less publicized because they're less interested in having the world see. we're seeing a picture now. >> while assad is the greatest threat to syrian lives, he's not interested in killing people with first world passports. >> less of a sense he's a threatt here in the way that isis is. there was something, something like a cease-fire that had been put in place. there had been this kind of endless series of feints thwarts existence of peace talks that are going to happen. it's hard to see that as any reality when you see footage of a msf hospital bombed. >> there was a sort of cease-fire in late february. large schwarwathed weren't incl
1:45 pm
however, there was actually a slowing in deaths, you know, briefly, and at the same time, there was there is amazing thing, a blossoming of protests, protests that you saw in syria in 2011, revolutionary protests anti-regime, and also anti-al qaeda, anti-isis protests. >> the roots of the revolution as sort of genuinely small-d democratic uprising against tyranny, folks whose voices crowded out by the fact they live under a barrage either from the 15 sad regime or groups like isis, al qaeda. >> exactly. as soon as the daily killing was slowed, people began to protest. >> you talk a lot, in constant contact with syrian folks, whether refugee camps or syria themselves. what do they want for the tut of
1:46 pm
the country? >> i don't think you can talk about what any one group wants. >> people you talk to. >> the people that i talk to primary are people who no matter how disappointed they are with the opposition or no matter how angered they are with the actions of certain armed groups, people against the regime. most of them want an end to the killing, to return to their homes, return to their country, and to have a democratic society. but that's in not all syrians. that's not -- i don't think that anyone could make a statement as to what all syrians wanted. >> no. the factions are so manifested. but i think it's important to remind folks there is this core of syrians who have a vision for what a post-assad democratic syrian regime would look like. they have -- they are living extremely difficult lives. molly crabapple, thank you. bernie sanders takes a swing at democratic party. thank you for calling.
1:47 pm
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1:50 pm looking at damage of severe storms in boon county, indiana. reports a tornado touched down. we're awaiting contirmation of that. here's a photo of a funnel cloud that a local resident sent into our affiliate wthr. warning sirens sounded before the national warning service issued.
1:51 pm
a police officer spotted the funnel cloud as well. amazing image. as hillary clinton seems to be pivoting to the general elections, bernie sanders is campaigning full speedish ahead. the sanders campaign confirmed they're laying off field offices. a pack rally in springfield, oregon, moments ago. chris jansing following the sanders campaign. the question now is, given the news of the lay-offs yesterday, the statement put out on tuesday, conseating the fact they are focussing on going to the convention to have political capital, influence the party, can he sustain momentuomentum? what do you see today at event in springfield? >> reporter: 8,300 people, the line a mile long, 8,400 yesterday in indiana. these are people who know that bernie sanders is not going to win the nomination, but when you talk to them, as i just did, they will say to you, we believe
1:52 pm
in what he stands for. and today, for the first time, we heard him in a different way, chris, clearly focus and clearly articulate what he wants out of this democratic platform. he laid out a completely progressive vision of what this country should be called for a 50-state strategy and the crowd, frankly, went wild. here's part of what he had to say. >> the democratic party, up till now, has not been clear about which side they are on on the major issues facing this country. the poorest states in this country, many in the south, where people are suffering without health insurance, without jobs, in many of those states they are controlled by right wing republicans, and the truth is that the democratic party has turned its back on
1:53 pm
many of those states. we need a 50-state strategy. >> reporter: he said our goal is not just to revitalize the democratic party but to revitalize democracy. so this really is what he has been talking about all along. this is a mission to really change the mind-set about what can be accomplished. now, obviously, oregon is a place, eugene, oregon, springfield, a place receptive to that message. but again, also very realistic about where his candidacy is going. and his candidacy is going to california. you mentioned lay-offs. at one point, 1,000 employees, now they're going to be down in 300s. focused on california. they have one goal here, they want to continue to draw these crowds, continue to get as many votes as they can, continue to get as many delegates to have as much leverage as they can when they go to the democratic
1:54 pm
national convention. >> you've got indiana, kentucky, west virginia, oregon, maybe california, then new jersey. my sense is, they're going -- >> reporter: and d.c. they always talk about d.c., too. >> the last contest. >> reporter: yes. >> my sense is they're going to put a lot of the energy into california. >> reporter: it is. and they actually are running tv ads, something hillary clinton isn't doing. she's moved on, as you know. she's focused on the general election. but he's going to be spending a lot of time out there. they are putting together something they've been working on for a week now, which is a barnstorming of college campuses. he favors college campuses anyway. but he wanted to register young voters. the numbers on young voter whose go for bernie sanders in the 70% is astonishing. again, the second part of his plan that he laid out today, keep registering voters, keep getting people involved in the process, all of that, they believe, gives them power going
1:55 pm
into the convention. >> chris jansing, thank you very much. >> here's hampton pearson with a cnbc market wrap. >> markets closing lower today. the dow losing 211 points. the s&p falling by 19. the nasdaq tumbling 558. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away
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so i drinkoost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. e.t. phone home. [ soft music ] when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. told you earlier about msnbc's cal perry's completely thoroughly, entirely, unscientific poll he's been conducting in indianapolis. the hoosier pick poll. cal joins me with results. how it's going, cal?
1:59 pm
>> reporter: yeah, totally unsanctioned. but here we go. the idea of the poll to get to your cruz/kasich alliance to wry to get to voters. we found some. this is joe lee. take a listen. >> i voted for john kasich, because he's the only adult in the room, so to speak, on either side, in my humble opinion. and then this deal comes out, all of this stuff. >> alliance. >> which i'm not sure it's a real good alliance but it's out there. so here we are. >> if you knew the alliance was going to happen, who would you have voted for? >> i don't know i would have voted. >> the democratic one is your outlier. we're in a liberal part of indiana. trump 2-1 over your cruz/kasich alliance. funniest thing all day, someone with a family, elderly lady, made all of her family turn around, voted democratic and ran
2:00 pm
out of the mall. >> they're telling me the decision desk decided to call indiana based on your jelly beans five days early. >> reporter: very good. there you go. no point in counting votes on tuesday. we figured it out. >> cal perry, thank you very much. that does it for us. i'm chris hayes. i will be back tonight, live, in this building with "all in with chris hayes" a look at new push for automatic registration. mtp daily starts right now. if it's thursday, the devil is in the details. ted cruz and bernie sanders are pressing on, but the math is all about gone. and the deal is all about done. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening. i'm steve kornacki, in for c


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