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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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celebration of what goes wrong but isn't awful with an excellent cake. the latest on the bizarre and frightening bomb scare at a baltimore television station. newly minted millionaires along with one player who claims the social media was hacked to reveal disturbing images. plus, a mumps scare on college campuses. forget the hoverboard, get ready for the hover bike. "first look" starts right now. good morning. on this friday, i'm betty nguyen. it was a wild night out west. hundreds of donald trump protesters took to the streets
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of costa mesa, blocking the freeway entrances and destroying property. among them a police car. at least 20 protesters were arrested. after intensity and violence things have begun to calm down. those protests came as a letter was addressed to donald trump's campaign offices in new york. that is being investigated. six people were exposed to a substance and had been isolated as a precaution. jeb bush is speaking fourth first time since dropping out of the race. he talked to jamie gangel about the trump nomination. >> look, we'll lose the senate. we'll lose the presidency in a landslide. >> all of this after another doozie of day in the presidential race. it reached a boiling point when former house speaker john boehner went off on ted cruz while speaking to the stanford daily.
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>> how about ted cruz? >> lucifer in the flesh. in washington i have a democratic friends and i have republican friends and i get along with almost everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a -- >> well, cruz made sure to hit boehner right back. >> john boehner had some interesting comments last night. he allowed his inner trump to come out. you know, i will say this. if you're wondering who actually has stood up to washington, i think john boehner has made it crystal clear. john boehner in his remarks described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. so if you want someone that's a texting and golfing buddy f you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house and you want a president like john boehner, donald trump's your man.
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>> cruz is also fund-raising off of boehner's comments. he described how pivotal indiana is to deciding the gop nominee. >> i am so grateful that the entire country is now looking to indiana. [ applause ] we are at the edge of a cliff staring downward. and it is the common sense and good judgment of the hoosier state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> this comes as cruz launched new ads in indiana featuring his vp pick carly fiorina. meanwhile, the indianapolis star is ignoring the recent cruz/kasich pact by backing kasich. it still says that kasich is the best man for the job. also yesterday, kasich made some emotional comments on why he's staying in the race. >> i made the determination that the people of this country deserve something. and said what do you think,
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sweetie? i'm inclined to keep going. she looked at me and she said simple worlds because she's not a politician. she said the people need a choice. and if you don't give them a choice, who will? >> republican front-runner donald trump continued to focus his energy on his likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton. she also made a conscious pivot to the general election yesterday. she released a stop trump ad and also spending a second day off the trail. continuing to fund raise off trump's woman card comments. she supplied her supporters with verified woman cards with her latest slogan, deal me in. we learned clinton is no longer spending ad money in the upcoming primaries. she put out a campaign schedule that all but cedes indiana to bernie sanders. meanwhile, sanders spent yesterday going after the democratic party echoing trump's comments of a rigged political system. >> the problem we're having now
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is not in my view that the republicans are winning elections. the problem is that the democrats are losing elections. and i think the reason for that is the democratic party up to now has not been clear about which side they are on on the major issues. a tense standoff at a television station in baltimore thursday. employees fled after a man dressed in a costume displayed what appeared to be a bomb. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> reporter: police say a man wearing an animal costume, a surgical mask and sunglasses walked into the fox television station in baltimore, demanding that it air what he said was information about a government conspiracy. station employees say he was wearing what appeared to be a bomb vest and said he had a bomb. >> he said i don't want to hurt anyone. you know, but i just really want my message to be heard.
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>> reporter: just before walking in he set his car on fire. some pictures live streamed by a station employee on social media. he then walked out of the station where police were waiting. when they told him to show his hands he refused. and police say they fired at him when he wouldn't stop. >> when he walked out on the street he posed a threat to this community, a threat to the officers and they were forced to use their real guns to shoot the suspect. >> reporter: with the man lying on the ground, robot devices were called in to remove the vest. he was then carried into the armored vehicle and taken to the hospital for treatment of the gunshot wounds. >> that was nbc's pete williams. now the suspect is in serious condition at a hospital. no explosives were found, but they do say the material stuffed on his vest was candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil. the state department is blaming the syrian government for an air strike that destroyed a hospital run by doctors without borders. the syrian observatory for human rights reports that 27 people were killed in the strike on the hospital which specialized in
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treating children. secretary of state john kerry blasted syrian leaderer bashar al assad for what he called a deliberate strike on a known medical facility. officials say it may constitute war crimes under international law as a two month old cease-fire is breaking down. last year, a u.s. air strike hit a different doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan which killed 42. the u.s. says that attack was accidental. 16 service personnel have been disciplined but will not face criminal charges. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> good morning. happy friday. wall street will try to end the week and the month on a positive note. after the dow suffered the worst day in more than two months on thursday. the markets were having a disappointing -- were handed disappointing data. apple fell for the second straight day. look for reports on personal
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income and spending an consumer sentiment. watch shares of amazon today. the online retail giants' earnings easily beating the forecast thanks to the amazon web services. they continue to spend on new projects and technology including the air cargo network and original content for amazon prime. what do moms want most for mother's day? to spend quality time with their family. a survey found that was the top of the wish list for 63% of moms followed by flowers. the survey revealed the number one gift moms don't want -- a gym membership. back over to you. >> i have to agree with that. no gym membership . just ahead, could this be the bike of the future? you're watching "first look."
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. well, this was along the mississippi gulf coast. officials have declared states of emergency yesterday
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torrential downpours triggered flash flooding. almost ten inches of rain fell in a few hours. look at the results. the triggered evacuations and forced military vehicles to be deployed for some of the water rescues. dramatic stuff. now, a severe weather outbreak and a snowstorm with the same storm, very typical in the central plains. snow in colorado, and thunderstorms in areas of oklahoma and now trying to move into arkansas. so we have two rounds. we have one this morning where we're going to see some large hail. 24 million people at risk in total today. this orange coloring in the middle that's an enhanced risk of severe storms, including oklahoma city and dallas-ft. worth and texarkana. the first one is hail and then possibly hail and tornados this afternoon. we have to wait and see how that develops but northeast texas at risk. how about the snow, this is from
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cheyenne, wyoming, down to northern new mexico. in denver we have about two to four inches today. storm total four to eight by the time you're all done later on tonight. as far as the rain goes, tomorrow it begins to spread into the ohio valley and then unfortunately east coast, northeast mid-atlantic, looks like a rainy sunday for you. so the storm will affect much of the country as we go throughout the next couple of days. >> all right. thank you so much, pill. a mumps outbreak at a number of college campuses is giving students and parents quite a scare. harvard has reported 41 cases. other outbreaks this year in indiana, illinois and connecticut. the reason? experts say it's the close quarters. mumps is extremely contagious and there's no treatment for it. vaccines received as a child wear off after ten years. as of right now, officials are remaining hopeful that the outbreak will end as kids leave campus. and an 11-year-old bravely confronted a home intruder. he fired off 12 shots when the thief took off. his last bullet stopped the thief.
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>> i told him i was going to kill him and all that with a gun if he didn't get out of my house. i shot through a hamper that he was carrying. it was a full metal jacket bullet. it went straight through the bag and hit him in the leg and he started crying like an old baby. >> a baby who learned his lesson as he recovers in the hospital. check out this homemade hover bike. britain's famous inventor made this machine with propellers. but it's seatless and brakeless and has no steering system, folks. but hey, it still flies. good luck landing. it was draft night in the nfl. weeks of speculation the quarterback the rams would take led to this moment. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff,
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quarterback, california. >> interesting to note dove wasn't even alive the last time the rams played in l.a. the philadelphia eagles followed up. that pick with another quarterback, carson wentz out of north dakota state. with the fourth overall pick, the dallas cowboys took running back ezekiel elliott from ohio state. check out his outfit. elliott was sporting a crop top, complete with bow tie and white pants. but one of the biggest stories out of round one was laremy tunsil's draft night twitter. this was posted on his twitter account 13 minutes before the draft began and it was quickly deleted. >> man, somebody hacked into my account. you know, i know i made that mistake several years ago. somebody got into my photos and hacked my account. >> he was one time projected to be at the top of the overall pick.
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but slid to 13, costing him millions of dollars in the process where the miami dolphins selected him. moments after being picked, text messages began to appear, reportedly asking ole miss staff for money and they were taken down. when asked if he took money from a coach, he replied, i'd have to say yeah, before being whisked off the stage by that lady right there. a driver has been indicted for killing will smith. cardell hayes faces second degree murder. he allegedly shot and killed smith after a traffic dispute earlier this month. miami marlins second baseman dee gordon has been suspended by major league baseball for 80 games for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. he won the national league batting title and a golden glove last season and signed a deal with miami back in january. 16 after the hour. our look back at the week in politics is up next. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
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but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. 19 minutes past the hour. from carly fiorina singing serenade to john kasich's voracious appetite here's a look at the week that was. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ >> do i look like a president? how handsome am i? how handsome? >> john kasich and ted cruz have formed a game of thrones alliance to stop trump. it's crazy plan.
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but as long as they do it three months ago, it just might work. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. >> then deal me in. >> i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> okay, i'm going to eat now. >> carly fiorina was announced as ted cruz's running mate. fiorina said it's her life long dream to lose twice in the same election. ♪ we get to play i won't bore you with any more of the song. >> they're calling this year's election the snapchat election. if there's anything that can make the debates more fun it's snapchat. >> i want the parents and i want all of the teachers. >> i actually got the budget balanced when i was a member of the congress. >> we got -- >> you have to love snapchat. all right. let's bring in roll call columnist and best selling author jonathan allen.
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we won't put a cat on top of your head or a rainbow out of your mouth. >> i have a no cat rule. >> come on, it's good fun. but this was not fun. there was violence at trump's rally in costa mesa, california, last night. a police car damaged. this issious a rally. can you imagine the protests and what they would like if there was a contested convention? >> yeah, i think not only a contested convention but i think the potential for that type of atmosphere is there for just any convention that donald trump wins. that said, conventions are pretty controlled environments. you know, the people inside the conventions, the people protesting outside, they have very different goals. the people inside are trying to nominate a candidate, the people outside are trying to disrupt and the perimeters are usually pretty wide. so you'd have to be -- the protesters will be very far away from the action at the convention. >> i can imagine. i'm sure there's plenty of police force presence there indeed. we'll move on to former speaker
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john boehner calling ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. that along -- you know, trump's lyin' ted that we heard over and over. is this name calling resonating with voters? >> look, i think it is damaging to ted cruz that so many of the people that have worked with him like him so little. i mean, unless john boehner's worshipping the devil and i'm pretty sure he's not, then that's not much of a compliment. >> no, it seems like cruz wears its as a badge -- wears it as a badge of honor. >> he has worn it as a badge of honor to say he's an outsider, but you know, being an outsider and being someone who can't work with anybody else are two different things. the criticism with him is he can't work with anybody else. the other thing john boehner said, he said he's most miserable s.o.b. that john boehner ever worked with. he's worked with members of congress for 20 years or so. that's saying a lot, to say that's the most miserable s.o.b.
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>> saying quite a bit. all right, thanks so much, jonathan. have a great weekend. >> you too, betty. just ahead, how a child single-handedly knocked npr off the air. plus caitlyn jenner puts donald trump's bathroom offer to the test. tomorrow night, live coverage of the political one-on-one liners and comedy bits at president obama's final white house correspondents' dinner. it begins at 9:00 eastern right here on msnbc. x personalized eme portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain?
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e.t. phone home. [ soft music ] when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. 26 minutes past the hour. leading news on the rate among blacks and
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hispanic teens has plunged since 2006. but according to a new government report the rate is still twice as high as white teens. and in the telegraph, full minute of dead air on npr on "take our child to work day." uh-oh. an employee's child pressed some buttons that caused a whole lot of trouble. thankfully the head of engineering had a sense of humor about it. saying it was such a feat he'd hire the kid if labor laws didn't prevent him from doing so. during a "today" show town hall, he said caitlyn jenner could use any bathroom she felt comfortable with even the women's restroom at trump properties. >> and not anymore -- thank you, donald. i really appreciate it. and by the way, ted, nobody got molested.
2:28 am
>> that parting comment aimed at republican candidate ted cruz. actress amy schumer's father is confined to the wheelchair as he fights multiple sclerosis but watch how she introduced him to her co-star who was the favorite love of his life. >> you can tell her. >> you know, you're the love of my life. >> i am? >> in real life. >> oh, certainly amy made daughter of the year with that. and this week ted cruz made headlines picking carly fiorina as his running mate. but "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon thinks he found sabotage from another candidate. >> they have run into a little bit of trouble because the ted cruz campaign failed to buy the website named cruz/ before someone else. they begged him to let them buy it, and he said, not happening. i'm going to build a firewall. >> i wonder who that is. >> okay. so who's trump's domain name
2:29 am
going to be? >> you know someone is putting all kinds of -- >> think trump/christie is already gone? >> i don't know. i have to a quick search. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts right now. protests turned violent outside of a donald trump rally in california. more than a dozen people arrested after a night of chaos. we'll have the latest. plus -- >> let me reveal a little bit about washington -- how it operates. you know, boehner's comments, he said something like he's the worst s.o.b. i ever worked with. something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> well, there was that too. >> john boehner rarely minces words and he certainly didn't hold back when discussing his former colleague, ted cruz. and what about that alliance with john kasich? why cruz now says there's no alliance. it's 5:30 here on the east
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coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ hey there, good morning. it's friday, april 29th. i'm alex witt. chaos as donald trump kicked off his california campaign last night. anti-trump demonstrators in costa mesa grew from blocking traffic to protesters aggressively swarming cars. at one point, busting a police cruiser's windows. with one man stomping on it. protesters forcing police to close streets, others witnessed people jumping on street signs and throwing bricks. the smell of burnt rubber filled the air as a car was doing doughnuts. police say 20 people were arrested but reported no major injuries in what was the worst violence s


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