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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ >> topping the agenda right now, thanks, but no thanks is what the republican party seems to be saying to ted cruz. yesterday it was john boehner calling ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. if they have to choose, they take trump over cruz.
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>> i may change my mind. i have been meticulous about not choosing sides. i am the chairman and a speech was given. i liked it. i want to hear more about it. they have surprising names coming out and that's still ahead. the deal looks dead. >> i recognize there is no alliance. >> the deal can divvy up primary states. this process is rigged against them. >> it's a fact that she is playing a woman card.
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that's the only thing she has going. she is playing it as much as she can. i have been watching it. >> standing by his comments on hillary clinton on what this one about the scandal of the 90s. we begin this morning with the top story, team trump continuing their outreach to the republican establishment. it is payingative dends as republicans continue to say thanks but no thanks. former house speaker john boehner's ted cruz calling him lucifer in the flesh. they were the headlines, but there is more republicans. just as vicious in speaking
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about ted cruz who is a person of little character. he shouldn't be trusted with the responsibilities of the office, adding i presume i vote for the republican nominee if it is trump, but cruz should be nowhere near the presidency. two house chairman endorsing trump. the congressman from pennsylvania, pennsylvania a state that trump swept on tuesday in the primary. he is saying officially that he will back trump as did congressman miller from florida. he has been advising trump on national security issues. mark sanford saying many of us expressed concern are reconciling concerns that in all likelihood, trump will be the eventual nominee. that from a backer of ted cruz.
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outside the establishment and how he built this campaign. now it seems they are turning to try to lockdown support from the republican establishment and making inroads there. >> they have been doing it for about a month, month and a half going behind the scenes and trying to convince members of congress to get on board. it wasn't so successful early on. especially because he was attacking the party almost every day, calling it a rigged system. it didn't look like he was necessarily going to get to 1237. as he won more contests, the overwhelming win as it looks like he could win indiana and looks like he could do well in california. we are seeing more and more folks start to warm to donald trump's candidacy.
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his convention manager spoke about how they are trying to convince members of congress yesterday. take a listen to that. >> we talked about the party. >> that's over the course of the next two weeks. >> i spoke with the senior trump adviser about this just the other day. they said that the first thing they started doing was working on the gop spring meading in florida. convincing them that donald trump will be the candidate. they spoke to a number of state chair men and they'll work with them in order to form a strategy going forward for the general election. most of them were open to the idea of that.
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it will be easier and easier to get the people in washington to start coalescing around him, especially since ted cruz is so dislike and because he is not getting the amount of delegates he needs to even come close to contesting donald trump's lead. a lot can change. if i learned anything on the campaign trail so far, it is very much if not week to week, it's day by day and how the relationships are with the rest of the country. that's other than the basic supporters. >> thank you for that. meanwhile that alliance that deals with that, it appears to crumble apart. they deny there was ever an alliance in the first place. they tweeted out the ridiculous
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deal between lying ted cruz has just blown up. what a dumb deal, dead-on arrival. casey hunt is in washington, d.c. that aggressionsment, obviously he has self interest here and said that deal was dead-on arrival? does he have a point? >> i'm not sure this blue up as they tried to drop a bomb. i have been talking to republicans who have internal polling in the state. you had ted cruz talking about basketball rings that we joked
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about and is very serious in indiana. this all has left john kasich out in the cold. he refuses to endorse him, but said he is the best of a bad crop, expressing disappointment saying he will not continue to run in indiana. he insisted that no matter what happened with the deal, he plans to press on. take a look. >> should i keep going? should i carry on? what is this all about? i thought deeply about it. >> i decided to keep going and there will be people who will criticize me. it's not always an easy road. i will do my best. >> of course what cruz wants to
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do is dropout and kasich emphatic that he isn't. from john weaver who said i can't stand liars. that tells you quite a bit about how the campaign they tried to cut a deal. it seems like kasich is getting shunted to the side. that's not the case. this was announced to great fanfare on sunday night. >> it seems like a long time ago. casey hunt, thanks for that. we will bring in mo brooks from
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alabama, a supporter of ted cruz. thanks for taking a few minutes. we can talk about the particulars of the deal and what it does and doesn't mean. public low revealing the existence of the deal like casey was just talking about, did that end up playing into donald trump's hands? >> it depends on how you play it. if i had been in john kasich's shoes, i would have been much more aggressive in explaining, look, a vote for donald trump is a vote to elect hillary clinton as president of the united states and to put chuck schumer in as head of the senate. under those circumstances, they will likely go to the democrats and may reelection nancy pelosi as house speaker. if they had been more expressive and the principal circumstance is related to the data. donald trump has the worst
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unfavorable ratings of any potential nominee for the white house in the history of polling. you have polling that shows that donald trump's most favorable case, he loses by three points. he loses by 18 points with the general consensus being in the 7 to 12-point range. this is the last chance to save the white house for a republican who is a conservative and will adhere to make america the greatest nation in world history. it's the last chance voting for ted cruz to keep the united states senate in conservative hands and it's the last risk of nancy pelosi becoming house speaker. it would have been better received for the general population. that message has not been put forth. >> one of the places it may have broken down, kasich was asked
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right away, does that mean they should vote for ted cruz? he said no, they should vote for me. do you want them saying in x state, you need to vote for cruz. in oregon and new mexico, you need to vote for kasich. do you need them sending an explicit message like that? >> if you are going to put together the strategy, it has to consist of messaging you talked about. john kasich on out. he cannot get the 1,257 delegates he needs in the primary caucus and convention process and he cannot win the eight states he needs to be considered for a vote on the floor of the republican national convention. he should be out of this. apparently john kasich is hell bent for whatever reason on helping donald trump become the republican nominee even though all of the data suggests very,
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very strongly and compellingly that if donald trump is the republican nominee, they are electing hillary tos toing the senate back to the liberal guy like chuck schumer and over the last six years has been the only ball that stopped barack obama from pushing through the anti-jobs and anti-economy and lucifer in the flesh is how he characterized ted cruz. the washington republican establishment, being forced to choose between cruz and trump, indications that a fair number would go with trump.
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he said much, much worse to the conference about a lot of his republican allies. he does tend to use salty language and try to go over the top on occasion to make a point. i'm sure that he does not want ted cruz to be president of the united states. he is stronger on the issues that resulted in john boehner being dethroned. i'm sure he didn't like that. to ted cruz's credit, america needs the fight to stop obamacare and ted cruz has been fighting to balance the budget. you see puerto rico going through the throws and greece and other places around the planet. john boehner was not willing to engage in those.
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that's one of the reasons where we have ted as the only two candidates with any viability left. they are considered to be in the public arena and the public's mind. i start to see that john boehner is endorsing donald trump. that's not the message i want if i'm donald trump. >> thanks for the time. >> certainly. >> let's bring in the spokesperson for the trump campaign. let's follow-up. if he is donald trump, he would have pause about taking support from john boehner. there conservative activists who think john boehner sold them out. do you welcome support from john boehner? >> anyone who wants to support donald trump can support him. john boehner is no longer a sitting member of congress. you have to take pause when
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members of congress has endorsed ted cruz. with all due respect, if we are united states using his logic, ted cruz should dropout of the race. i understand the cruise campaign is trying to find a way to somehow magically force a convention to win the nomination even against the will of the people. it's not going to happen. it is time for republicans to come and coalesce behind donald trump. he has the most votes and the most delegates and he is about to break the record in primary turn out. the writing is on the wall. >> there is a report here in the "new york times" this morning that suggests that your campaign is saying that donald trump may return to the attacks that he launched against bill and hillary clinton over the monica lewinsky scandal. this is how donald trump started to talk about this a few months
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ago and pulled back. this was trump a few months ago. let me ask you about it. >> trust me. they don't want to run against trump. she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. >> is that something you are getting ready to bring up monica lewinsky? >> i think that depends on hillary clinton. this came about because she called donald trump a sexist. it boggles my mind if a woman is criticized that makes you a sexist. that's that is not the case. if hillary clinton or her team wants to go after donald trump, he will absolutely bring up that topic. there is a lot to discuss that was not brought out. >> do you think that is where she is and do you believe that at this point she is attacking him in a way that would warrant him bringing up the issues?
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>> not at this point, but this was in response to an attack that she launched calling him a sexist and misogynist. that is all he wants to run on. >> also here from your campaign saying that you guys have a plan here. you will be going after supporters of bernie sanders. what does that mean? how do you appeal to a bernie sanders vote? >> i'm not sure that we are going after bernie sanders supporters. we are going after all voters. we have a lot of supporters who are coming to the campaign asking for clarification. if you are against government corruption and globalization and transnational corporations overhauling sovereignty, that's a trigger issue.
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there two people in the race who have been talking about the issues. that is donald trump and bernie sanders. we saw this in iowa. there were so many people in iowa that were trying to figure out who they would support. bernie sanders or donald trump. that is a core issue and a cause of a lot of problems with making transnational agreements like nafta. we are looking at another overhaul with obama trade coming up. people are very aware. >> while jeb bush is back up making news this morning and giving an interview on cnn this morning talking about the possibility of an open convention and nobody getting to 1237. he was asking if they should get around trump if he is the nominee. they should support ted cruz. what do you say to that? he has bush staffers and the bush common core people are running his financial team.
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that makes sense to me. ted cruz is the washington insider now. if you want a candidate to continue the status quo, you have an option. if you want an outsider that has created tens of thens of jobs and someone out there for decades doing good and wanting to give back, a candidate who is invested in the success or failure, there is one candidate and that's donald trump. >> thanks for the time. >> great to be here. thank you. >> the most important number of the day. we will take a look at how ted cruz can stay around for another month. there is a lot of time between indiana and california. interesting things going out. we will tell you about that and despite the campaign, getting a bit of a snag. >> we have run into trouble. the ted cruz campaign failed to buy the website cruz
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we have a long way to go. we haven't gotten to sell. we are not going until the seventh. >> talking about the california primary which is june seventh. all the attention this week, the big one comes on the seventh and that leads us to the most important of the day. it is 35. that's the number of days between the indiana primary next week in california on the final day on june seventh. if you think about that, this is why indiana is critical.
6:26 am
so critical to the stop trump movement. you think of how bad things look off the big trump sweep of the northeast. not only does that mean a lot for delegates, but 35 days, the story is probably going to continue to be donald trump likely republican nominee. ted cruz stop trump movement. this is all that's going to happen for the 35 days. nebraska and west virginia will be on the same day. the good news is he can put a win on the board. the bad news is west virginia looks just as good for donald trump. if he came out of indiana with the win and they said that is going to settle it, this guy has to be the nominee. that's on a single day by
6:27 am
himself. he struck the deal with john kasich. he stays out of oregon. there is a poll that shows he is running better than kasich in oregon. may 24th in the state of washington. if donald trump were to win there, that story line that we come in, he seems to be on a path of the nomination. that may be reinforced for the month of may unless ted cruz can get that win in indiana next week. it's important that ted cruz beats donald trump. this is what cruz is up against. he needs to put a win on the board. this is about where the race stands and where it's going.
6:28 am
let's talk about the state of this deal. we are talking about this earlier. let's talk about this deal. they don't want donald trump to be the nominee. there is a deal where he is staying out of indiana and they endorsed him anyway. that sums up the problem of this deal. it's a national campaign and they don't respect them that way. i'm not sure why anybody else should take it seriously. this was at best a marriage of convenience and between two people who want to defeat one another as much as they want to defeat them. the fragility was obvious and it was great. >> john boehner got all the headlines with the lucifer
6:29 am
comment. the washington republicans and they team to be looking at the race and saying if we have to choose between trump and cruz, we will go with trump. >> i think that part of what's going on here. ted cruz made his career and if you want the truth and bashing the ln leadership. they are there has been no agreed about alternative to donald trump. and a compelling figure to deny the nomination, there is a lot of flailing that goes on. on the part of elected officials at this point is a recognition
6:30 am
that donald trump is more likely to be the nominee than ted cruz or john kasich. they are trying to make the best of that nomination. they are not particularly happy about it, everything that happened on your project gives people an ind dhagz is still in turmoil and the way they fire at each other from all directions. we are likely to see that until we get to cleveland and it will be up to a lot of people including the nominee if that's donald trump to try to put this together so that they come out of cleveland less divided than they are going in. >> if trump emerges as the nominee here, what would it take to unify this party where the nominee stands up there and the candidates, she can beat him and they come up here and they raise their arms.
6:31 am
what would it take to get that? and the republicans say they will not vote for donald trump if he is the nominee. they will say the right words and project the images. it's going to continue to be a divided party. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> and coming up after donald trump attacked hillary clinton for playing what he is calling the woman card, clinton said go ahead, deal me in. she follows her words attacking trump over his stance on women's issues. does that mean she is looking past the democratic primary? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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is the woman's card. >> she is playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> donald trump continuing to insist that hillary clinton's only thing she has going is the woman's card. one of the responses is from the clinton campaign. we talked about this earlier and we can put this up on the screen. donald trump had invoked the monica lewinsky scandal when they came after him on gender issues. they reported that people in the trump campaign suggested he would likely return to that line of attack as his campaign
6:36 am
prepares for a full contest with mrs. clinton. trump had begun to bring up the scantal and it seems they took a step back. it will or might be raised again. they said that is at least a possibility from her standpoint. let's bring in kristin welker. is this something on the radar getting in the dust the concept of the woman's card. now you have the campaign bringing up this stuff again. >> i have been talking to them about that subject and if you talk to democrats, they are preparing for that line of attack. they put thought into how they
6:37 am
would respond. this summer he went down that line of attack and dropped it. it didn't have the resonance he anticipated and it withstand away. we will have to see how aggressively he takes on that line of attack again. as for the women's card, the clinton campaign clearly prepared for that. before he made that comment on tuesday, they said if i am playing the women's card, deal me in. they have the stronger argument to make. particularly when you see that clinton leads donald trump by 20 points among women. the strategy on the part of donald trump is to take away one of the ways she may be resonating with women voters. she is doubling and tripling down on this line of attack. >> it's a fact that she is
6:38 am
playing the woman card. it's the only thing she has got going. she is playing it as much as she can. i have been watching it. every time you raise your voice it's like look at what he is saying. she raises her voice much more than i raise mine. >> he has been fund-raising off of those comments. no word on how much they raised. i was surprise to see the tweets and the e-mails trying to address the remarks. important to underscore the tactical difference of what we saw in the republican primary. we have discussed this and the fact that the clinton campaign feels they have what didn't work. it's clear that the campaign is taking donald trump seriously and aggressively countering him on these attacks.
6:39 am
trying not to make the mistakes he and his challengers made. >> it will be the general election matchup. coming up this hour, we will step away from politics to discuss the recent arrests with the san bernardino terror attack and ice attackers targeting new yorkers. they will join us with new details accident next. i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that.
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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> we are learning more about three people arrested in california with ties to one of the san bernardino shooters. the brother of the gunman was taken into custody along with two other family members. this more than four months after the attack that killed 14 people and injured 22 others. let me bring in pete williams. what more are you learning? >> not a terrorism charge. this is about a sham marriage. the only man who is charged in connection with the terror plots is marquez, the friend who
6:43 am
provided the guns used in the shooting. he is married to a woman and her sister tatiana is married to her brother. the government said thetivitier and her husband conentired to lie to the grl government and said they had a legitimate marriage when the government said they knew it was a sham and she never lived with marquez and lived with another man and fathered a child with him. they are charged with lying to the government on the marriage certificate and to get a bank loan and to the immigration authorities. he was nervous because he had to go to an immigration hearing and was worried he wouldn't know enough about the woman he said was his wife and he might be charged with marriage fraud.
6:44 am
he wasn't, but his wife has been. they have all been released on bond. tatiana and her husband walked out of the courthouse and they were released on bond. his mother helped post the bond. she had a higher bond and has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. his brother walking out of the courthouse in l.a. last night along with tatiana who is the sister of the woman charged with the marriage fraud. >> on another front, there is hackers with ties to isis going after maybe thousands of people in new york. what are you learning about that? >> right. this is something that was reported over the last several days that isis supporters had posted the names of people in the united states on a website. now the fbi is notifying many of those people. several hundred of whom are in
6:45 am
the new york area. all with a connection or most of them with a connection to universities in the area. alumnis or graduates. the database they got might have a connection. they were supposedly targeted, but i think the fbi said they are notifying these people almost as much for the fact that their personal identifying information was posted on an isis-connected website. >> pete williams in washington. thank you for that. coming up, tomorrow is president obama's final white house correspondent's dinner. we will take a look back at some of his most memorable moments from the last eight years. that's next. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane.
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6:49 am
everybody in washington gets dressed up in tuxedos and go to the big dinner. the president gets to be funny. we carry it live every year. this will be president obama's eighth and final white house correspondent's dinner and the host will be larry will more from comedy central. the president every year comes up with a new gimmick for this thing last year. he used a translator named luther to help explain the campaign that was still nen its infancy. >> protecting our democracy is more important than ever. the donor who gave ted cruz $6 million. >> i just wasted $6 million. >> if you want to get the president's take on the current field, specifically the front-runner, you have to go back to a dinner five years ago.
6:50 am
in 2011, donald j trump had completed his exhaustive search for the president's birth certificate and the president got a >> say what you will about mr. trump. he certainly would bring some change to the white house. >> and you can catch full coverage of president obama's final white house correspondents dinner which a white house official assured us will feature a few more jabs at donald trump. that is right here on msnbc tomorrow night starting at 9:00 eastern time. coming up, we're just four days away now from the indiana primary after that reported kasich-cruz deal fell apart and the recent comments from former house speaker john boehner, calling ted cruz lucifer. has indiana become the alamo for the stop trump movement. it's how i try to live... how i stay active.
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if we win in indiana, it's over. >> let me first tell you that i was very, very selective with players during the time i was here, and i'll tell you one thing, that man that was just up here a moment ago, i'll tell you, that [ bleep ] can play for me. >> it's an endorsement as only bob knight could deliver it. the legendary indiana coach on the campaign trail with donald trump in evansville, indiana, yesterday, now just four days to go until the hoosier state primary. let's go to indianapolis now, kevin raider with wthr, channel 13 eyewitness news. we come to you with some news we're just learning about in the last couple minutes. radio station wibc saying that at 12:07 today governor mike pence, republican governor mike pence is going to be on their station with what they are calling a significant announcement.
6:55 am
now, this could mean anything, but obviously it's got everybody speculating about, you know, we saw in wisconsin where the stop trump movement made its last stand. you had scott walker go on the radio station a few days before the primary and endorse ted cruz. some plausible something like that could happen here? >> reporter: well, it certainly is plausible that it could mean big things. let's look at what you might be for. obviously it's speculative at this time but it wouldn't surprise me if cruz might be the direction he would go. the reason for that is obviously mike pence is involved in a very tight re-election campaign in his own right here. obviously we've got to get through the primary and into the general election but it's expected to be a very close race and they may appeal to the same electorate, the same voter in the state of indiana. wouldn't surprise me at all if he were to go that way. obviously governor pence too before he ran for congress used to work for that radio station so that doesn't surprise me either. >> there's an interesting connection too. obviously we will wait and see, but it's a huge development
6:56 am
obviously if mike pence does weigh in that way and that is what ted cruz is trying to get in indiana, that consolidation of everybody else. at the same time, though, this morning the "indianapolis star" i see is endorsing john kasich, which probably helps donald trump in a way, doesn't it? >> reporter: yeah, that is an interesting endorsement. a guy who's decided to make a deal and pull out. that has got really hoosiers all afluster here really. people can't quite figure out what's going on in this campaign. i think a lot of folks in indiana wanted to go that way with kasich. then when this deal was struck and he decided to pull out, it handicapped a lot of people here who now don't know really what to do. it's interesting the "star" would come out. also interesting on the day after he pulled out of indiana, he did come to indiana to raise money. that did raise a few eyebrows, but he also came to meet with governor pence at the residence like the others. he came hoping, with hand out,
6:57 am
that he would get an endorsement. like you point out, if we hear from the governor at 12:07 an endorsement, kasich's name is in there too because he did meet with governor pence last week in order to try to get that endorsement. so again, it's a game of politics and it's never boring. >> and very quickly, kevin, what's your sense right now? the polls suggest a small lead for trump. does that sound about right, trump with a small lead right now? >> reporter: yeah. i know our poll last week showed him up by six. i have to believe that it's tightening some. cruz has made a really valiant effort in this state. he is bouncing all over, kind of reminiscent of what hillary clinton did eight years ago with senator barack obama. obama seemed to have everything sewn up and hillary came in and busted things up and won the primary. you get the feeling cruz is pulling out all the stops, obviously naming a vice president here, but it will be interesting. trump rolled out bobby knight and that always means big things in indiana as well. >> we will see.
6:58 am
a lot of speculation if ted cruz can get the governor. 12:07 we'll all try to find that station online. thanks for that. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% sh back from spark means thousands
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