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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello everyone, i am craig melvin. today, on msnbc, pence gets off the fence. >> the governor is back to the candidates. >> i have met with all three candidates as of tuesday of this week. and i want to say clearly, i like and respect all three of the respect candidates in the field. i am not against anybody. i will be voting for ted cruz. >> i have tremendous respect for governor mike pence. he's been an incredible leader for the state of indiana. >> the question now is whether the governor's endorsement infuse cruz with enough
10:01 am
political punch to take down donald trump. >> donald trump is still playing part of his nominee drekiirecti his jabs to hillary clinton. >> we got an all-star political panels to break down this long awaited endorsements, what it means for ted cruz and to stop the trump movement. our msnbc's kasie hunt and our senior political editor and his title says it all and rick tyler and our spokesperson for the cruz's campaign. it is always good to see you, all three of you. kasie, let me start with yo you, --you, - youyou, pence, he says he will be voting for cruz. he said he has a lot of respect
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for donald trump. this endorsement was not full throttled at all. >> it does not sound like an endorsement. he says "i am not against anybody, i commend donald trump." i think this tells you how much republican elected officials are starting to fear donald trump voters. now, there are some indiana unique circumstances to this obviously. but, i think this really reflects a lot of pressure on the one hand. he was pressured by some of the national respect establishments coming out to do this. we are trying to nail down exactly who that was. that's what my sources in indiana that's talking about now. he's encouraged to do this and try to save this for ted cruz in indiana. but, that hon the ground in indiana, there is a lot of pressure and a lot of concerns among pence's associates about crossing donald trump. i think you heard that from him
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today in this announcement and the reality is these republican voters -- pence himself, of course, up for reelection in the fall. i think there is a lot of potential for these voters of the same phenomenon that's driving donald trump to potentially lead upheaval across the board. think you saw pence reflecting that internal struggle today. >> i want to play a little sound of that interview a moment ago here pence talking about donald trump in this clip. >> i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump who i think has given voice to the frustration of billions of working americans
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with a lack of process in washington dc. i am particularly grateful that donald trump has taken a strong stand for hoosier jobs. >> what strike me is -- even when scott walker endorsed ted cruz a few weeks ago in wisconsin, he went out of his way to praiheat praise on donal trump. >> the praise on donald trump was -- one thing to get at mike pence and his situation. he's up for reelection. you don't want to alienate a good chunk of voters who would be voting for donald trump and donald trump could well ending up for indiana. so he's really trying to
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straddle things. maybe one hand is still on that fence. and as casey was just pointing, this is another sign of how republicans are starting to fall in line around donald trump. there is still a tremendous amount of resistance but one by one is we are seeing and whether bob corker, the senate foreign relations chairman praising donald trump's foreign policy speech earlier in the week. and mike independenpence, i am ted cruz but donald trump is really good for the debate in indiana. >> that has ted cruz has the ability to win everything in indiana. they love the establishment and they think they could win. we'll see what happens on tuesday. right now you are seeing republicans who are reading the polls and seeing the signs and starting to get closer and closer to donald trump.
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>> let's take a look at some numbers here. it shows the number of early voting ballots requested as of 7:00 last night of 110,000 from the republicans. this was an endorsement came two weeks ago. how much of a difference it would make? had this endorsement come early voting period that's when it started in indiana, is this too little too late for ted cruz? >> no, you would like to have your endorsement as close as possible. mike pence, he's an interesting politician. for one, he's the most conservative governor in united states. he was conservative who's in leadership. he has a lot of different connections. what i find interesting is if you are going to say you are voting for ted cruz, and praise on donald trump does not help you. supporters on donald trump is
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going to say, oh, he's voting for ted cruz but look at all those great things he said about donald trump. you may as well go all in and he did not do that. i think it is a mistake to you are either all in or not. he sounds like a politician. if he's trying to help with the reelect, i think he actually hurt it. >> i want to ask you something else here, rick. your former boss, apparently and wildly unpopular in washington dc, this is what peter king, this is what he had to say about john boehner calling ted cruz lucifer. >> i totally agreed with boehner and maybe giving lucifer a bad name by comparing him with ted cruz. ted cruz knew it would never work but he went ahead and did
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it anyway. he shuts do he shows no purpose other than to boost his name and certificati certification. >> why is your old boss still very unpopular with so many people? >> first of all, being unpopular in washington is a very popular position to have in the rest of the country right now. this is the year when endorsements have made little or no difference coming from washington dc. peter king should read his constitutions. u.s. senators cannot shut down the government. there is no way that a single u.s. senator shuts down the government. probably should have voted the same way ted cruz did. he was one of the view that came to washington who kept his campaign promises and promised to stop obamacare when everybody else including the leadership, in fact, they all funded it.
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boehner lost his seat because the conservatives were upset of him and boehner in the end were no better than nancy pelosi. >> kasie hunt and a lot of folks have said tuesday is the last stand of the so called trump movement. what's your take. >> i think that's absolutely right. you can tell that on the ground and in indiana. that's the club for growth. >> i think we are finally seeing these groups really putting their money where their mouth is after they stayed out of the north eastern states. some may look back at north eastern states seeing what donald trump racked up there is a bigger impact than most of these groups anticipated. if they cannot figure out a way to stop donald trump in indiana, it is not clear where they are going to be able to stop him. it is only going to get more expensive and more difficult from here then the next real
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opportunity would be california and that costs millions of dollars to do. it would require a very intense, careful congressional district strategy and in a huge state. and from what we have seen so far from trump's movement, there is really not very much in a way of mathematical path for ted cruz. >> kasie, i know you are talking to folks on the ground there, how is fiorina permissibeing ta? >> there is a lot of buzz the day of. they put out this is a big announcement and we spent twelve or so hours shooting over what it is going to be. oh, it is probably going to be carly fiorina. the gop person i was talking into were interested in that for a while. once it landed, there was a sense over the course of the following over 24 hours, it did not feel it was a big game changer. so far, i would go so far as to
10:11 am
say that viewed as desperation or anything so negative as that. i think it was just that people were largely unimpressed and it did not seem to dominate the headlines. instead, it is the same problem these candidates have been having all the way along. how do you make a splash against a candidate like donald trump. it is so difficult in any other circumstances. >> mark, quickly before i let you guys out of here. the violence that played out last night at the trump valley, protesters actually bashing in and a cop was called at one point. do we know why the violence last night was so much worst than some of these other protests. >> melvin, we don't know. in california last night and there is a sense where there is
10:12 am
a lot of democrats and a lot of democrats who are not big fans of donald trump. you sometimes end up saying it is kind of a scary part of this campaign, something that i have not witnessed in the four presidential c presidential coverages that i covered for msnbc news. whether we see this throughout the country over the next foive or six months, that's a little bit unnerving. >> mark, kasie and kooyle v a great weekend. check our local listings. if it is sunday, it is "meet the press." >> hillary clinton is laying all her cards on the table. plus, political insider what they said about the quick match up of trump. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. to help maintain
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i think hillary clinton is playing the experienced card. >> nancy pelosi is responding to donald trump's attack. clinton's campaign out of the new web ad taking on donald trump and his women's card comment. >> the only thing she got going is the women's card. ? she's playing that card like i
10:17 am
have never seen anybody played. ♪ >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave, then deal me in. >> the candidate promising getting even nastier going in the fall. >> president bill clinton's sexual discretions would be a fair game. >> is that something katrina you guys are getting ready to bring up monica lewinsky. >> he will absolutely bring up that topic because there is a lot to discuss that was not brought out to the public. >> abc's kristin welker has been close in contact with the clinton campaign. she joins me now in washington dc. here was donald trump's tweet in the morning.
10:18 am
"crooked hillary clinton and most dishonest person who ever run for presidency." >> he's used that word enabler in the past suggesting that hillary clinton is complacent. how does team clinton plans to counter punch? >> i just spoke with a spokesperson who says essentially what they have been seeing ever since donald trump first taking punch at clinton. they're not going to respond to these personal attacks. over the summer, donald trump raised this issue and bill clinton did not answer questions about i. i think you will see a similar tactic this time around. the clinton campaign has been clear they're not going to get down in the mud with donald trump. having said that and talking to some clinton's surrogates who says you can expect them to rush to their defense if donald trump brings that line of attack
10:19 am
again. they'll make the point that are you going to blame secretary clinton for something that her husband did years and years ago. >> donald trump making this claim of the women's card playing right in the clinton's hands. they have been waiting for him to make these types of statements so they can compile it and throws it back at his face. that fund raising e-mail with the women's card attack. we know they have raised some money on that and i except they'll continue to do so. we have seen a steady stream of tweets over the past several days. the campaign is slamming donald trump. and from the perspective of a political analyst, they say this is a real risk of donald trump. his numbers are so high and secretary clinton beats h him about 20 points among women. donald trump has thrown out these personal attacks in the
10:20 am
primaries and it has not hurt him. the question is will it be different in the general election. >> kristin, thank you. i want to bring in our political katy now. >> this morpning you quoted a lt of politicals. >> reporter: it is great to be with you. we surveyed a lot of republicans and democrats of the biggest swing states in november. democrats and republicans both are saying that if we have a hillary clinton/donald trump match up, hillary clinton is going to win in a landslide. a lot of states are saying if these were the two nominees, hillary clinton is going to have an advantage with women and she's going to galvanize voters
10:21 am
from hispanics and other voters. we spoke to top operatives of some of the top key swing states. they feel that donald trump has great concerns in particular women and minorities and maybe some independence, republican women as well with some of the comments he has made over the past year. they feel that is what a coalition would help propel hillary clinton off. >> katie, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, craig. the investigation of prince's death now is focusing on who provided him with powerful painkillers. we are outside paisley park with the latest and a new nbc latest interview with prince's family member s well.
10:22 am
>> new details from the pentagon. some breaking news that we are following here. the first zika related death has been reported out of puerto rico. health officials reported a 70 years old man infected with zika has died from complications of a rare and immune reaction to the virus. this happened in puerto rico. we are keeping our eye on that. happening right now, fred olsen cruz ship has been docked inside virginia for center of disease control for norovirus. they all fallen ill of what was supposed to be a 34 night cruz along the eastern sea boards. the cdc at this point is not confirming this incident is a norovirus outbreak. the quote, "tests" are ongoing.
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the associated press reported today investigators are looking into whether a painkiller over dosed is blamed for prince's sudden death and also to drugs that was prescribed the week before he died. >> reporter: after a soaking day of rain, it is dried up here and warming up. you can see people are still in front of paisley park. it is been more than a week. this is a statement on how people specifically, local people, care about him here. we don't have an official cause of death. as a result, details of this in decision continues to trickle out. now, the associated press is reporting that investigators are looking into whether a doctor prescribed drugs for him that led to an over dose and whether the doctor may have been on that plane that made an emergency
10:27 am
landing just days before prince died. we are learning that the family sat down for the first time to discuss the estates and it could get complicated. >> no will and no spouse and no children. prince's estate was estimated to be worth as much as $300 million will be split among his surviving siblings. they all metaphor the first time on thursday in minneapolis including prince's half brother, alfred jackson, spoke with nbc news exclusively. >> how is it to see everybody? >> pretty good, made me feel better. >> everything is everywhere. i have a theory that perhaps he intended this way so he can in an unbiassed way share with all of his siblings. >> is it going to be tough? >> well, not from our end. >> it has been years since she was in contact with his brother. he saw him at paisley park for
10:28 am
the first time this week. >> i knew he built it with his own hands. >> i just wanted to see it. >> as the family negotiates, the sheriff's office worries the intense public scrutiny could jeopardize the investigation. a judge granted the request to seal a surge warrant that police filed a warrant before he died. police were requested for suspicious activity aniesactivi and fires. the reason it was listed was medical with no further details. >> the mystery remains. fans like heidi baparker, she w lucky enough to catch prince's final performance. >> as he left the stage of the backdrop behind him, he turned
10:29 am
around and he saluted that to the younger self and he left. he put his fist in the air and it was very triumph. >> reporter: we know after his death, there was a private memorial service held for family and friends. we learned that there will be a public memorial service held in city hall in los angeles. the mayor said it is going to be quite a party. >> stephanie, thank you. indiana's governor, mike pence, he says he's voting for ted cruz but he also thinks highly of donald trump. up next, we'll find out what the snad senator from indiana is saying. o the infamous t raitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*tre, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor!
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happening right now, a live look at the scene in california, this is where the state's gop convention will be hosting donald trump and john kasich later today. both of them are expected to make some remarks there. before the helicopter's camera pulled out, there you got a good look and a number of police officers have already gathered, of course, it is just after 10:30 on the west coast. this is during no small part with what we saw last night. more than 20 people arrested at donald trump's rally. it appears that officials in california are not taking any chances. we got our eyes on the gop event
10:34 am
there. let's turn now to indiana where economic challenges and jobs are two of the the top issues. mike pence just said he will vote for ted cruz and commended donald trump for taking a stand for indiana jobs. trump launched the new campaign in indiana attacking cruz for supporting trade deals. >> in elkhart county in indiana, the county has seen unemployment rate was the highest in this country. >> nbc's ron is there with us.
10:35 am
i know you have been talking with a number of employees there at the assembly line, what are they telling you, ron mott. >> reporter: they are just finishing work on these beautiful rv's. you can see there are some workers in there doing their last minute details of this rv. they're cranking out about ten of these assembly a day. indiana are not used to being this prominent in the nominating process. linda berg is here, she stayed afterwards for us, thank you, linda. >> you are welcome. >> how does that affect with what you are planning to do on tuesday when you go to the booth? >> it does not affect at all? >> reporter: who are you planning to support? >> ted cruz but independence did
10:36 am
not have anything to do with my decision. >> reporter: what issues is he speaking to that resonates with you? >> i am just not going to vote for trump. cruz is the next best option, i think. >> reporter: why not support donald trump? >> for the things that's happening in the past that i think he's gotten too, he got a bad testimomper and i don't tru that. there is way too much power for the temper he has. >> reporter: thank you for sticking by after work. a mix of donald trump supporters and we ran into some democrats who are supporting senator ted cruz. >> can i get her back quickly, if cruz is not the nominee, does she then support donald trump? >> reporter: well, let's go see before she takes off. hey, linda, if senator cruz is
10:37 am
not the nominee, would you support donald trump in the general election? >> no. >> reporter: okay, that's pretty emphatic. >> there you have it. >> ron mott for us in indiana. thank you for convincing her to stay and come back again. the republican establishment maybe resigning itself to donald trump. the establishment, yes, voters in indiana, maybe not so much. this is the washington post this morning. throughout the republican party from new hampshire to florida and california, many leaders and activists and donors arrived this week to the conclusion they have been hoping to delay. donald trump will be their presidential nominee and it is now forming around this controversial logo. our washington post, ed keith. let's start with the news today.
10:38 am
pence says he will be voting for ted cruz. if fiorina had not done it for ted cruz, could independence help ted cruz in indiana? >> i don't know. with what the governor just did, of how he says he supports donald trump, that's a real interesting endorsement there. we'll see if cruz still trail trump. fiorina did nothing to help him there in surveys. it can be in separate places at the same time as i think the plan is this weekend. we'll see, indiana is an interesting state. i think if john kasich had played there more, we may have seen the race tighten a little bit. >> indiana seems to be preferring a guy over cruz or trump. when they were left with the two options there.
10:39 am
cruz seems to be pat letable. >> hillary clinton calling donald trump among other things, a loose cannon, who tends to miss things fired. >> you know i am sure every elected republican in the country has an idea of what donald trump should do. the question is whether he or his team takes the advice. they're taking little of him. seems to work, that's why you see he's returning to call cruz "lying ted." you saw some foreign policy experts that goes up up on capitol hill. i kind of saw and i can work with that. they can perhaps help mold his foreign policy. we'll see. >> miss clinton has a far wide advantage and there is nothing done or said in the last few
10:40 am
days that mr. trump could close that gap. we'll have to wait and see if the campaign progresses and whether he gets closers or changing his tone or focus. >> ed, thank you. >> poll questions, we are asking, pence ea's endorsement, will it stop donald trump. 98% of you says no. you can catch your votes at two teenagers missing on a boating trip last year in florida. both were just 14 years old headed out. their boat found off bermuda last month. it has quickly became the center vision, kerry sanders has the
10:41 am
latest. why is this phone so important? >> reporter: the question is, what maybe on that phone. information that could answer questions for perry cohen's family. the phone was owned by austin's family. when the phone was returned to them and here we have a picture of the phone remarkably it was found on the boat. think about this, nine months out at sea and it was in the consul, there is that phone. the question is what sort of information might be on that phone that could answer the desperate questions that perry cohen's family would like to have answered about what happened. now, the judge wanting to know if there may have been some sort of foul play. there was an extensive investigation, examining here looking to see if there might have been a foul play.
10:42 am
of course, because the phone has been returned now to austin's family. perry cohen's family is saying wait, let's get that phone back so we can have an independent person to look at it as opposed to what they have is one family with the phone and they feel that perhaps some of the information will be vetted that they may not get it all. one of the things we have learnlear learned which is revealing is that in the earliest days of the boys missing there were a private pilot flying over and this is what he had to say >> the first day we went out is when we spotted them like two large pieces of white styrofoams
10:43 am
and there is only one person on it. we surfaced it two times. we knew there was a person on it and they were definitely alive. >> reporter: when the pilot went back around after going to altitude radio that he has seen something he went down. >> right now, we'll continue the question, will the judge order that phone that's austin's family, will it be ordered to hand over the independent party so whatever that's on it can be reserved. >> kerry sanders thank you. 16 u.s. personnel had been disciplined on an air strike that left at least 42 people dead. the pentagon announcing this morning of a combination of technical and human mistakes were to blame on that attack. >> the investigation concluded
10:44 am
that certain personnel failed to comply of rules of engagement and the law of arms conflict. however, the investigation did not conclude that these fwere amounted to a war crime. >> it was unintentional human errors and equipment failures and none of the personnel new they were striking a hospital. >> in response, msf staff puts out a statement saying the pentagon brief amounts to an addition of an uncontrolled military operation in a populated urban area. >> the organization says -- the attack was not called off. another clinic has been attacked today in syria.
10:45 am
syria's second largest city, observatory to human rights. it leaves two children were killed. >> thursday you might remember, doctors without borders, the hospital was hit and leaving at least 50 people dead and many of them are doctors and patients and nurses as well. including of the last remaining pediatrician in this part of the syria. the u.s. state department believes that the syrian government is solely responsible for that strike. a top nfl prospect waits and waits more for his name to be called for the first round of the nfl draft, we'll tell you what caused larry tinsel to drop down and probably causing him at least $10 million as well. when we come back.
10:46 am
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10:49 am
should have been celebrated being drafted in the nfl last night. instead, a bizarre sequence unfolded. minutes before his name was called and minutes before the draft was opened. this shows him taking a massive bong made out of gas mask. he was sued by his stepfather accused of attacking him. the star was considered a top overall pick found himself waiting for hours for his name to be called. tunsil was selected by the dolphins. >> man, somebody hacked my account. i made that mistake seven years ago and somebody hacked my instagram account so man, it is greating cra getting crazy.
10:50 am
>> after he was selected and screened shot shows that -- the tunsilsaid, did make mistake about it happening. i have to say, yeah. >> olympic miss investigating the investigation, the embattled player was quickly issued out of the news conference. by that time the damage had already been done. sports nation editor, i watched this unfold, jaw dropping. how does something like this happen? >> something like this happens when you have an enemy when they can get to your phone. a lot of young people don't realize a lot of these pictures can do you damage, a lesson they're already teaching my daughter in middle school, watch out for social media, it will come back to haunt you. this case, college kid smokes weed, the nfl is so 1950s in their mindset. our last three presidents smoked
10:51 am
weed in college. for laremy tunsil it cost him 5 to $10 million from a picture several years ago. >> for many folks, it speaks to the judgment of recording the picture, taping it swell. >> that's how they do. people have to learn how to go through their folders and erase what should be erased. another thing that speaks to the nfl's rank hipocracy about this. he was honest about taking known help his mother pay for his bills. an nfl draft analyst said his answer was a sign of immature. this is a place where brain damage is okay, taking addictive opioids is okay. heaven you either smoke a joint or take money while in college even though you're generating billions of dollars. >> a lot of folks don't follow the nfl as closely as we do may not fully appreciate a few weeks
10:52 am
ago, this was a guy who could have gone 1, 2 or 3. this was a guy who was going to be one of the topics until all this stuff started coming out. how much money do you think he lost. a lot more money than i'll ever see. $5 million. i don't think it's the $10 million a lot of people are s saying because he wasn't going 1 or 2, because teams traded up for quarterbacks and joey bosa, because chargers were in love with him. jerry jones, owner of the cowboys was in love with ezekiel elliott, the running back and you have the best player in the draft, jalen ramsey and go maybe number 6 to baltimore. a team putting a statute of ray lewis in front of their stadium decided smoking weed was too offensive for their fan base. >> dave ziron with the nation. we will leave it there. thank you, sir. we will be right back. maximize .
10:53 am
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back now, live pictures of
10:56 am
protesters in burlingame, where donald trump will be making an appearance in the bay area as a speaker at the california republican party convention. you can see the protesters starting to gather and perhaps see a number of law enforcement personnel who assembled there swell. they're trying to avoid a scene that played out last night in southern california where we saw a police car damaged at a trump rally and a number of folks injured and arrested. we'll keep you up to date and get a live report in a few moments. at today's white house press bri briefing, the real west wing was invaded by its tv counterpart. emmy award winning actress, allisonan allison janney. she put on her press secretary hat. >> sure. go ahead. >> who is president bartlett
10:57 am
supporting in the democratic primary? >> i think you know the answer to that question. >> the cameos continue tomorrow night with martin sheen taking over for president obama perhaps at the white house correspond t correspondents dinner. we will see. should be a fun night tomorrow. that will do it for this hour. i'm craig melvin. should see you tomorrow night for president obama to dish it out for the last time at the white house koermcorrespondents dinner. my colleague, erica hill up next.
10:58 am
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hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my ace. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. good friday afternoon. i'm erica hill, broadcasting live from washington today, up first this hour, pence picks a side in the critical battleground for the critical


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