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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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second protest of a pretty large magnitude in that many days swell. this is definitely something resonating in the state. a lot of people outside have signs in spanish, a lot of people holding mexican flags, signs that insinuate trump's rhetoric is hateful and his immigration policies. that's something he talked about last night because he knows that's something important here and what protesters are here to protest and they see his language as hateful and say that's not what they're about. some saying, this is not their bay area, this is not the kind of rhetoric they endorse and why they're out here protesting him. that's definitely something we will see and monitoring here for the next however long we're out here. >> allie and steve swell on the grou ground in burlingame, california, happening outside the hyatt hotel just south of san francisco. kate snow is at nbc world headquarters in new york. you have more information, as i
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understand it, on some of the polling, which ads insight and another dimension to this story as we look at these protests and continue to monitor them. >> as we watch these pictures what's unfolding in northern california, we're talking about the san francisco bay area, we've been looking at polling, a field poll came out for california april 7th, a little bit dated. but what it tells us is 74% of california voters total, all voters, 74% have ap unfavorable view of donald trump. if you look at the san francisco bay area, 86% of those living in san francisco and that area, have a negative view of donald trump. i mention that to inform and give context to pictures you're seeing here. this venue is on the san francisco peninsula, that is a very traditionally democratic area, just south of the airport, if you're familiar with sfo
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airport in san francisco, the area, burlingame is just south of the airport on the peninsula. we're watching this and monitoring this. i should tell you, if you're joining us this top of the hour, 3:00 eastern time and 12 cloak, san francisco, the noon hour out there, we are expecting donald trump to speak shortly. he was scheduled to speak at 3:00 eastern time. this is a gop convention for the state republican party of california. clearly, if you look at republican voters in california, donald trump has a lot of support. again, there's the airport, you're actually watching some kind of motorcade coming. that might be trump's motorcade coming from the airport at sfo. c can we get a read? it is. that's donald trump approaching this venue. republican support for donald trump is quite high right now. he is winning in polls you look at the primary that will happen on june 7th in california. you look at the overall population of california as we
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watch people break through barricades moments ago, the overall population not that favorable toward donald trump, in large part why you see so many protests being organized. we saw it last night in southern california. there was violence, a police car smashed outside a rally, a trump rally in costa mesa. we had thought today might be a bit different because it's the noon hour, it's daylight and frankly because this is a hyatt hotel and organized event for gop, not a donald trump rally, per se. again, organizers have organized a demonstration and they're out enforce. allie, if you're still with us, are you still with us from inside the venue? >> reporter: yes. >> tell us what you're seeing now. >> reporter: i actually walked up closer to the police signs, and saw eggshells on the ground i think were thrown before i was able to get out here and
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remnants of that on the floor. the crowds seemed to have moved trying to push directly through police lining the edge of the hyatt hotel and instead marching through the area. they're definitely still standing in front of the policeman. the police have bike racks between them and the protesters. they have their helmets on and batons at the ready in case anybody is there to get through. we've also seen, the entrance to the hyatt hotel is a circle. the side of the police, there were protesters getting in from the hedges not the direct front part. >> i think we're looking at it. >> they're blocking out side, next to the sports bar, right outside that sports bar, there is another line of police blocking people from coming in. they don't have bike racks, but they're standing here at the ready trying to keep people from
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coming into the hotel where we're standing. in fact, we're actually on the other side of the hedges from our crew who you've also been talking to. they're giving you the outsider priv what's going on. i'm actually behind then police. >> let me go quickly to steve patterson. i'm watching an overhead aerial shot of a motorcade we believe is donald trump approaching the venue. i don't know how far out they are. do you have any sense how donald trump is going to get into that area? >> reporter: i have absolutely no idea how donald trump is going to get inside here. there are protesters on this side. we are right where the police line has now moved forward, i am looking at ali vetitali over th. they have pushed on the outside area and any time they get a hint donald trump is coming to that area they move.
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their intention at this point is to block him from coming in. i'm not sure how they will get him in unless they increase the police presence we have seen so far. even when they had more police swarming in, we watched people go over the hedge line and bu bushes and they broke the barrier and in waves came over and came up right to where the media was stationed and then on into the entrance. i don't know how they're going to block trump from coming in here. it could be an increasingly volatile situation as we wait for him to come. >> that video we're showing now is from moments ago when people broke through the barricade there. have they now been moved back again behind the barricade, steve? >> reporter: so the barricades have essentially disintegrated in place of the police now stationed in a wall formation. they are not joking around. they will push back, as soon as a protester comes up to the line. their intention is to keep people back. as far as metal gates, those are
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gone. >> you're out of our los angeles bureau and know california. what's the distance between the airport and where you're standing? >> it's very very close. i would say within a few miles, if that. burlingame is just south of san francisco and very close. this is the airport or this is the hotel you would stay at if you were at the airport. it's incredibly close. whatever the hold up that's there may be related to what's happening there. >> i don't think you can see what i can see, i don't think you can. you are watching and our viewers are watching and aerial of trump's motorcade moving towards you. they started driving five minutes ago but i guess they're getting close to you. you don't see any sign of police, you don't see a police vehicle yet? >> reporter: no, we don't. we don't see an incoming presence so to speak. i am deep inside the protests and kind of where the police line is. it's hard to get a visible at this point. >> is there a back entrance?
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a lot of times there are demonstrations out front and he will slip in through a back entrance. is that a possibility? >> reporter: the crowd has broken up into multiple groups. there is one group more towards the entrance. they are literally chained together using some sort of link to block any oncoming traffic from coming in. there is a second group where we are that tried to break and get into the entrance of the hotel. we can hear them protesting as we speak. there appears to be a third group, kind of near the wings, waiting for any hint of anybody coming down the street. not like there's one, as you can probably see from the air, not like one consolidated group, there are multiple groups wat watching multiple entrances. i'm not sure if there is a back entrance, you would assume there is, but the protesters have thought this out. >> steve, you cover california, i was talking about the poll numbers, donald trump if you look at the total population of
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california is pretty unpopular in that state. paint a picture for me. who are those protesters? i know you had a chance to talk to some of them. hold on one second. we're watching donald trump emerge from his vehicle. i don't think you can see that where you are, steve. i see donald trump walking out of his vehicle and walking past a concrete barricade, with no problem at all. it looks like he's in an area where there are no protesters. >> reporter: what we are seeing is some police movement. it looks like whatever location donald trump is, the police have started to move towards that area. so that's where we're monitoring from here. >> steve, let me interrupt. this is remarkable. donald trump is being walked by presumably a lot of secret service agents through a grassy area, across -- we don't have a wide shot. we don't have control of this camera, he's being walked in, clearly a back way. this is clearly not the front door.
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>> reporter: that is incredible he was able to get in, in that he has a smooth shot, because everything we've seen from the entrance that we are is completely clogged and blocked by protesters. so obviously they've mapped this out and got him back there. >> we are also obviously waiting to hear how donald trump will respond to the big political news of the day ahead of the indiana primary, which is on tuesday. ted cruz getting a key endorsement today from that state's governor. we'll see if he brings up governor pens at all. the governor saying he would vote for ted cruz although he likes donald trump and had favorable things to say about trump, he did say he would cast his vote on tuesday for ted cruz. so donald trump is safely in the building now, as you can see from the shot we've just been wat watching. we watched him walk in. i can't tell what side of the building that is but there are no protesters where they just walked him into the hotel. it says hyatt regency on the top
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there. it looks like a back entrance from where you are. give us one last scene set are the. i don't know if you know any you can talk to quickly? >> reporter: we are here with cat brooks live, one of the organizers. can you tell us how this escalated and got out of control? >> i don't think it is out of control. i think you're seeing people express righteous rage the fact we have this hateful bigot coming to speak in our state. they're saying absolutely not. >> reporter: was this planned to be a peaceful protest or any means necessary at this point? >> we respect diversity of tactics to lock down the streets and keep him out and keep him from speaking. >> reporter: you mean any tac c tactics, you mean anything goes? >> we mean black and brown and white and any to try to keep him
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from speaking in our state. >> reporter: what is the rage about? >> he's been inciting violence against black people and brown people and muslim people and giving a platform for basically hate speech and white supremacy to permeate the country. >> reporter: do you feel like rushing over the barriers and heading towards the entrance of a convention is the right way to approach this? >> i think we should be interrupting the convention and making sure donald trump does not take stage today? >> reporter: do you plan to keep protesting during the day until donald trump comes in? >> we won't let him in. >> reporter: i think he is in. do you have plans to keep going throughout the day? >> we do plan to continue, yes. >> reporter: thanks so much. thank you for joining us. you hear the anger there. we heard it all day long. this is a peaceful protest that started growing and growing until what you see now. >> steve patterson outside the hotel for us, where the gop california gop is meeting. steve, thanks so much. i want you to stand by
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obviously. i want to bring in another steve. steve kornacki is with me on set as we await donald trump at the podium, we have a shot from inside. i this evenink we have the emptm shot. there is a reason this is happening outside. we're talking about his unfavorable ratings in california. he needs to win the primary in california. he doesn't need to necessarily convince all those people to vote for him. you look ahead to a general election, is this foreboding for donald trump in terms of what he might be able to do in a general election? >> it illustrates -- there's a couple ways to look at this what we saw in the primaries in illinois and going to have the rally in chicago and ended up being shut-down by protesters. on one level a lot of attention is paid to trump in these speeches when protesters show up, how he and his crowd treat those protesters and in one way that's hurt him and why he has such high negative numbers.
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>> we are looking at the video on the left, this is how donald trump had to get into the bui building. you can tell it is a back way, going past a concrete barricade and then step over the grass here. this is all because he couldn't go in through one of the normal -- >> reporter: that's the interesting thing hearing the interview with the protester out there. there's a lot of sympathy in general for protesters who show up at trump rally, hassled by the crowd and singled out and ridiculed by donald trump, i sense there's a lot of sympathy towards them. you turn it around and prote protesters who say, we will deny him the right to speak here and deny people the right to hear from him. i do think and suspect that starts to turn things around, people say, maybe i don't like donald trump or don't like what he's saying. that doesn't mean you have the right to shut this down and block off entrances to this building and not let him come in and speak. >> i'd be willing to bet you money is the first thing he will
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say is how they tried to deny me the right to be here. >> reporter: that kind of messaging within the republican primary, i don't know outside the republican universe, this idea donald trump has been putting out there, whether republican party with rules, prima primaries, delegate rules they're out to get him, yes, i think you're right, he will turn this to his advantage saying, they were trying to shut me town and afraid to let me speak. it's different if donald trump speaks and says controversial things and sorts of things that have given him terrible pohl numbers with all voters across the country. there's sympathy for protesters. when protesters say you won't be able to speak, i do wonder if that changes the equation. >> steve, stand by for one second. steve patterson, outside burlingame, california, do you have somebody to speak with you? >> reporter: i don't. the protest movement has swept around the side and you can see them trying to break in using another entrance. police have also mobbed that
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area and they are fighting back. this is what we've seen since this started, one barrier would break down and one entrance swarmed and they would stop and move to another area. that's what's happening now. we can't get close enough to tell what they're pushing into. i believe a lot of them don't know if donald trump is inside or not. i still think there is an effort trying to block him from getting in regardless his status. you kcan hear them very loud hurling eggs at police and trying to push in once again. >> steve patterson keeping an eye on everything outside with the protesters. stand by one second. on the inside, you can see on the lower right of your screen, that's the california gop convention ongoing. we just had somebody at the mike s saying donald trump is in the bui building, as we know. he's in a vip session right now backstage and will be out shortly. as soon as donald trump walks out we will take that for you
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full screen. steve kornacki, the politics of this, indiana is on tuesday. donald trump looking good there although it's not a given. what is he up five points or so? >> looks like a small lead in the polls. you have mike pence, the governor supporting cruz. this is one of those endorsem t endorsements a tepid endorsement saying i will vote for cruz and not crazy trump or say bad things about him. it's a striking contrast the last state trump lost a turning point, remember scott walker the governor there, leaders, they weren't just pro cruz, they were anti-trump and really sent that message to republican voters in wisconsin, circle the wagons, get behind cruz and do not let trump win this state. that's not the message pence is delivering partly because pence is running for re-election and it will be a close race. he needs that republican party
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united around him. he doesn't want a divisive message. you have trump running around the state with bobby knight, all time legend. there's nothing tepid with that. and cruz will counter that s saying, all things being equal, i'm with cruz but donald trump is a fine man. >> basketball is huge in indiana and that might be bigger than the governor saying he will vote for ted cruz, i would think. >> i think so. especially you look at who bobby knight's fans are. >> if trump does well on tuesday in indiana, if he wins even a small margin victory, we're looking at california right now, that's not until june 7th. does trump effectively have the nomination in the bag if he does well on tuesday? >> if he wins. if it's a small win j even ifs
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couple points, the way they give out the delegates, he will get most if not all, the math would be even that much more favorable to trump. you look how it feels right now. donald trump won big in new york, big in the northeast this week, if he wins it all in indiana, what you're talking about there is a 35 day period between indiana and california. you tell me just how it feels right now, you add in an indiana win, can you imagine for 35 days, donald trump will feel like the very very likely republican nominee and cruz will be facing theevery minute and everyday, why are you still in this and how can you win this? that's the dangerous period where republican leaders say we won't wait 35 days. >> what did ted cruz say yesterday, falling off a cliff, a cliff analogy when he was in indiana. i can't remember the quote. pivotal. >> this is basically it. if he can put a win on the
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board, if cruz can get a win in indiana, we are all forced to stop and say, okay, it still looks decent for donald trump to be the nominee. we have to consider there could still be something that happens here because indiana slowed the momentum. if trump can win indiana, at that point you have to say, this is going to be his nomination. >> if you're just joining us 3:20 eastern time and 12:20 east coast, burlingame, california, just south of the san francisco airport on the san francisco peninsula. you are looking at video from moments ago, protesters and demonstrators at one point broke through police barricades set up. effectively now -- there's that moment and now reporters telling us they're just being held in by a line of police officers i think what we're seeing on the right side of our screen. that's a live picture. on the box on the right hand side of your screen is the
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inside of that gathering, the california gop convention, republican state convention in california, we are expecting donald trump to speak. momentarily. he was scheduled to start 20 minutes ago, rung late. we did watch him. you saw that video of him arr e arriving. donald trump getting out of the motorcade, surrounded by secret service agents. the interesting part of this, he was walking in through a different way. he was definitely walking in through a back way away from the protests and in through a back door. he is inside now, we're told he's in a vip session. let me go to ali vitali, who covered donald trump day in and day out and inside the room. do we know where he is now and what he's up to? >> reporter: the vibe of the room now the stark contrast walking from outside the prot t
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protests to sheryl crow singing and people talking amongst themselves, the tables meeting are empty now, presumably the tables meeting with donald trump are higher up sponsors within the california gop structure. the chair of the california republican party did come out just now and said some people slowed trump down a little bit, obviously referring to the proteste and praised the police doing a good job keeping protesters at bay and they w probably not start on time because of the disruption inside. >> ali, sorry to interrupt. the pictures you're looking at now are live pictures. you can't see this from your vantage point because you're inside, we have demonstrators walking around -- i can't tell what side of the building they're on, a good-sized crowd moving around in an area we haven't seen them before. i don't see a lot of police presence. the contrast you're drawing is
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striking. inside, luncheon with salads being served and inside, a lot of demonstrators trying to get in that building. >> reporter: absolutely. it's something that really highlights the idea here of trump supporters and the prot t protesters. protesters are so strongly against trump obviously looking for any way to get into the building and disrupt the banquet he's about to speak at and you have people here one woman wearing a shirt latinos for the wall defending his immigration policy. you're seeing people on both sides of the immigration issue in a juxtaposed way and you see it at his rallies clashing with prote protesters. everyone is strong in their convictions and believe he is he right candidate if they're a supporter and wrong candidate if they're outside protesting. this is the divide we often see. it was jarring to me to walk in the front doors and go from police in riot gear and trying to keep protesters from coming
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inside the hotel and in here hearing the din what you would hear at a normal banquet hall. >> ali vitali, inside the banquet hall in the screen at the right of your screen. i'm looking at an aerial shot from a helicopter our local affiliate. we're looking at a lot of demonstrators moved around under a walkway, hard to tell what side of the building they're on. i don't see a lot of police presence. >> reporter: what happens is may mob one entrance and try to push in and get pushed back by police and find another way to poke holes in the police line. that's what they've done, moved out of eyesight around the bu d building and under kind of what's a walkway from the garage into the hotel. we can't see them. they're not visible from where we're seeing. >> we can see them, steve. we're looking at an aerial shot. >> reporter: they continue to move and try to swarm, as best
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they can inside the entrance there. the goal from the start seems to be to push inside and that continues as we're outside. we've been talking to some protesters just to find out where they're coming from at this point. we have tiffany. i want to talk to you. why are you here and did you expect this level of intensity? >> i did not expect this level of intensity. the message is simple. all humans are equal. we just need to stand up for our rights. >> reporter: your name? >> i'm lauren. >> reporter: can you tell me why this got so tense and was this part of the plan from the beginning? >> i don't think so. i heard some groups were calling for militant action. we were hoping for a peaceful protest, that's what we want and are promoting. >> reporter: there were mult groups here, that's what we're hearing? >> i believe so. we are here on our own. we came to protest trump. >> reporter: some protesters obviously extremely peaceful. when we got here almost like a beatnik community drumming,
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hanging around in a circle, no problem whatsoever and then there was a surge of people that came in and started to push and push back to where we are now. we watched them move from entrance to entrance all the way towards the back. i can't see where they are now, i'm sure you can and they continue to try to push in. >> steve patterson. i don't know if you can make your way toward that area? are you able to move or stuck where you are? >> reporter: the problem is, when we got mobbed and swarmed as they came over the barrier, here they are pushing back towards us, they kind of overwhelmed the media and stepped on our cables and we're kind of pinned down at this point between the police and where they're peacefully mar marching back our way. >> we want you to stay safe. let's move our shot on the left hand side of the screen. clint vansant is joining us. i think he's on the phone. are you with us? >> i'm on camera on the phone
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with you. >> clint often with us when we have situations involving security. i want to roll that video again of donald trump entering the building coming out of his motorcade. as you watch this as a security professional, this has to be a very difficult situation for the secret service? >> this is something the secret service does all the time. they're used to dealing with high profile individuals and events from the president and things such as this. the secret service has always been able to game out two or three different entrances and two or three different points of exit so if one is blocked they go to the next one and the next one. in this particular case the secret service and police have done their home work. they outgamed the protesters. what was interesting was one of the protesters just interviewed, she said, we're here by ourselves but we hear there were groups here that plan militant
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action. i think comments like that or groups like that are things that concern the police because they don't know what that entails. what we're probably going to see, police like we've seen so far today, with an outer perimeter, trying to keep these individuals back as far as they can. then there will be an inner perimeter inside the hotel, kind of second line of defense so to speak, fallback line, even if the individuals get in the hotel can still keep them back. the last thing the authorities want to do is for it to be known they lost in a situation like this to what appears on your camera to be a few hundred protesters so far. what militant actions, like you're showing right now, kno knocking fences down are one thing, throwing eggs and sma smashing police cars, as these protesters start to escalate in the criminal action and activity, that will bring a greater response from the police. >> you mentioned police cars because ralast night they had tt
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very situation south of coast ta mesa south of los angeles. you saw it get a little out of control. >> when rocks are thrown, eggs are thrown, police cars are smashed or burned, whatever is going on, that starts to put the lives of these officers at risk. for years now everybody -- we hold the heart of police in our hands sometimes -- other times people want to step on that same heart. these men and women are out there just trying to keep the peace. they're trying to keep these groups separated. when someone throws a rock at your head or sets your car on fire, that raises the tem foe a degree we don't need. i think we said time and again in a protest like this, like these individuals want to in their own way to control trump, he can't speak, they want to shut him up, these are the things we build america on.
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you and i are looking at mexican flags being carried in the united states. i think there are people wat watching your broadcast all across the country, we have to make a decision and say, are these individuals suggesting their culture and how strongly they feel about their culture or is this some type of national statement that runs countier to what americans may believe when they see a foreign flag in the u.s. country? there's a lot of mixed messages being sent. i don't think the protesters necessarily fully understand the messages they're putting out in a day like today. >> clint vansant, former fbi profi profiler, contributor with us on msnbc. stand by with us. you raise a good point about context from the vantage point we have, steve kornacki. there are several hundred, hundreds of protesters, not thousands. hard to get a sense from where we're sitting.
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our reporters have been saying hundreds at this point. important to note donald trump is safely inside the building and will be delivering his speech we believe soon. he's running a half hour behind. that may just be -- candidates tend to run behind schedule or it may be they're waiting for the appropriate moment for him to come out. >> other thing to think about that rally in chicago a month, month and half ago that got canceled because the protests were inside the building it was better for everybody to walk away. this is different in that this is an official california party event. this has been going on even before trump showed up. the situation in chicago was an open door thing where people were able to get in earlier. it was easier there for prote protesters to get in and for this stuff to be playing out inside the hall. it looks like my guess would be because it is an official event
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going on all day protests probably more contained outside the building. once trump is in there i would imagine no issue going forward with his speech. >> to be clear, inside that conference room or ballroom you're seeing on the lower right of your screen, those are party officials, people who have come presumably from all over the state, san francisco for the weekend for their big annual party convention. >> trump is one of the speakers scheduled to be there, his time, not a situation like -- there's a trump rally scheduled for 4:00 in the afternoon and people could start showing up a couple hours early and start getting in, this is something there's already an event taking place inside that building and security for that event i would imagine. >> it's lunchtime 12:30 on the west coast. governor kasich is expected there for dinner tonight. >> this is right. as you say, this is the california primary, june 7th, we're still more than a month out. after indiana, that becomes the
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big contest on the republican side. if trump doesn't win indiana. if trump wins indiana, it will be a question how seriously they'll be contesting california. >> as a primary. >> you're still with us outside the venue, what are you seeing now? >> we wanted to show you an area where it is more peaceful. we've been talking to different groups here. we're hearing a collective of at least five groups. this is one of them. they've been linked together basically since the protesting started really in an effort to be peaceful, making sure they're blocking and running interference against people running inside. they're not part of the wave of people that rushed over the barri barriers. i want to talk to salema, what is your organization? >> the organization for black hives. >> reporter: what can you tell us when people surged over the barriers and is that part of the plan? >> i wasn't there when they got over the barrier. >> reporter: what's your
12:34 pm
protest? >> we are here to stop trump from speaking and we won't stand his hate speech. >> reporter: what do you think is so wrang? >> anti-black and anti-muslim and anti-immigrant affects me pers personally. >> reporter: is the plan to block him from coming out? you want to see him? what's the plan. >> kind of unclear. if he comes out we will confront him and if he stays inside we will stay here and letting people who can't protest we support them. >> reporter: you heard some that said they expected it to be peaceful and others they'd any means necessary they wanted a confrontation. what is the overall method? >> we're not trying to start a riot or police anybody's tact tactics. people who feel angry and wanted to get in, that's what they try to do. i don't think they came in trying to start or instigate anything. they came here to protest. when it was clear he had already gotten in and he would be spe speaking, they decided to rush the doors. we're going to stay out here and not do that.
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that's our decision. >> reporter: is the plan to stay out here until night fall, as long as you can? >> the general plan is stay out here until we can. i'm not sure about everybody. everybody has a little bit of different plan. >> reporter: what we're hearing is different groups in different locations trying different tactics to get their message heard. back you to. >> steve patterson in san francisco. let's go to katy tur. you've been to almost every single donald trump event. you saw what happened last night in costa mesa and now this demonstration outside, not nearly as violent as last night. probably not as large as last night. this is becoming an ongoing theme. >> reporter: it's disruptive and shouldn't come as a surprise especially in california where immigration is such a hot topic and divisive topic and in many ways the california academy when it comes to agricultural relies
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on immigration and undocumented immigration and there are feelings on both sides of the issue down there. donald trump hasn't been to california much if not at all since last year. the costa mesa event last night was a chance for those who have felt angry by his words, angry by his rhetoric to come out and express that. you're seeing that in northern california swell and san francisco. remember, it's a very large state. the folks that would protest in either one of those areas, certainly would only be able to get to one or the other in that time frame. it is no surprise. we've seen donald trump supporters get angry and combative with protesters and we've seen protesters do the same with donald trump suppo supporters. in many ways they are just as -- they share the blame on both sides when it comes to getting aggravated. it's escalating the tension. for the most part the rallies we have seen lately have been
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relatively calm and low-key. the protests haven't been quite as loud and haven't been as disruptive as we've seen maybe in some larger cities. the fact he's going to be in california now and start ral rallying there, we do expect to see some more heated confrontations like you're seeing today. >> we mentioned at the top of the hour, katy, his unfavorable number in california among all voters is 74% and unfavorable number in san francisco in the bay area is 86%. you can see what might be dri driving some of the protesters to come out. he's not a very popular guy in many parts of california. talk to me, katy, about the content of the speech he's about to deliver? do we have any insight into what his message might be today for the california republican party? >> they never give us their remarks beforehand. what i can tell you is that the campaign has been doing its best
12:38 pm
to try and smooth things over with the establish, convince the establish he will be running a traditional campaign and convince gop leaders to start getting behind him as he comes closer to clenching the nomination. id told they're trying to work with the chairman about strat y strategies and plans to make blue states like california red sta states. it's unclear if that would actually be a possible thing to do considering how divisive he is in california. from what i can gather and my experience from the campaign trail and talking to operatives about their general plan, the idea is to convince them trump will be the nominee and at times to start falling -- and it's time to start falling in line. >> katy tur is on a train right now, believe. thank you for joining us by phone, always good to have your priv. let me go back to steve kornacki as we go to new york as we await these remarks from donald trump.
12:39 pm
he's come from indiana where they're voting tuesday. he's in california because they will be voting in a gop primary on june 7th, still weeks away. katie mentioned he hasn't spent that much time in the golden state until now. he will be making a pitch to republicans in that state. >> ted cruz has been talking about and the stop trump movement has been talking about california. ted cruz calls it the big enchilada, saying we will beat california on june 7th. the stop trump people say 172 delegates, donald trump has to win big or wore're going to an open convention. the bad news is the polls have shown donald trump with a commanding lead in california, two polls in the last weeks, one over 20 points, the other 18 points. these are solid leads. if the reality in california is anything like the polls are sugge suggesting, donald trump is in position to take the lion's share of the delegates and
12:40 pm
underscores the challenge cruz faces in indiana and challenge the stop trump force faces in indiana. if donald trump gets a win on the board, i don't see what can happen in the days after that that can suddenly give cruz momentum in california. i only see a trump win in indiana next week making the situation worse for stop trump force in california. they need to completely change the way people are thinking about this race. winning in indiana alone might not even do it. an essential first step because they have 35 days to recast all those doubts about donald trump to get people thinking about an idea of contested convention. if donald trump on the heels of winning new york so big rolls through indiana and heads to california where he's already ahead by large margins, i just can't see how the stop trump people suddenly create the momentum to stop him there. >> live pictures of the crowd on
12:41 pm
the left hand side, heading back towards the front of the bui building. interesting, there was a police line, lower than what you're looking at right now if they widen out. see the police on the right side next to the parking garage? they were set up where donald trump actually entered the bu d building, near the satellite trucks for the news station. looks like they're effectively keeping the backside of the building closed off from those demonstrators. i was thinking. it's friday afternoon, the beginning of this week all the news was the fact there was an alliance between ted cruz and john kasich we're not even mentioning now and would try to split states, cruz devote himself to indiana and kasich get new mexico and oregon. we're not even talking about that. >> we got the news at the start of the week. the first time john kasich made a public appearance after we found out about this alliance he was asked about it.
12:42 pm
we said, i guess you want people to vote for ted cruz in indiana now? >> no. they should vote for me. >> we have a poll in oregon, kasich leads indiana, cruz, and kasich gets oregon. the poll showed kasich 10 points ahead of kasich. the campaigns can show what they think is really smart, we will spend resources here and they will spend resources here and people in oregon don't hear the same news as people in every other state. these are national campaigns. the idea you can filter out all of the national noise and just have a campaign in indiana. john kasich doesn't show up in indiana, people magically stop thinking about him doesn't work that way. we found out today, the biggest paper in indiana, indianapolis star came out with endorsements for next tuesday's primary, they endorsed john kasich. according to the deal that john kasich struck, the newspaper that backs him shouldn't be
12:43 pm
doing that. it should be sing to vote for ted cruz because we need to stop donald trump. the only way to prevent him from becoming the nominee is before the convention and the convention wide open and second and third and fourth ballot scenario, john kasich gets the win. no. the newspaper pabacks john kasi. some drove two hours to come to a long scheduled john kasich campaign event scheduled for tuesday. you know what they found out when they got there? john kasich canceled the event and struck this deal with ted cruz. all we talked about monday and tuesday, they still hasn't heard about it. the biggest problem is the assumption every voter is as strategic as these campaigns are. they just aren't. there is never any evidence voters on a mass scale think or act that way. the bigger problem with the stop trump movement, there's been this assumption since february or so, if you're a republican
12:44 pm
and you weren't already voting for or saying you were going to support donald trump in february that somehow automatically meant you were committed to stopping him at all costs, going all the way to the convention and pulling out all stops whatever was necessary to stop him. we're seeing that's not true. the primaries this week were the latest result. we knew he would do well and nobody knew he would do as swell as he did. it speaks to a lot of republicans weren't initially for trump and where the race stands and the likelihood of what cruz and kasich represents. end of the day, i will go with trump. doesn't mean they are as enthusiastic as early supporters were. the fact that he couldn't lock in on his support is just not true. >> steve kornacki. we're looking at live pictures on your screen, not taped, all live. we have a couple different angles of demonstrations outside the venue.
12:45 pm
in your upper right is the aerial shot from the local affiliate watching things from above the building. we had a shot a moment ago, a podium set up, a republican state convention. donald trump one of many speakers set to address the group. john kasich expected to be there later tonight. looks like everyone is milling around at this point. donald trump was scheduled to begin at 3:00 eastern time and 3:45 now. a good 45 minutes late. there was one person who came up to the podium at one point and came to the room and said he was in a vip meeting and would be out shortly. that was a good 15 minutes ago. let's turn to kristen welker, covering the democrats for us, from washington today. as you look in the context of a general election moving past what will happen june 7th in california, this does not seem to bode very well for donald
12:46 pm
trump there are so many californians willing to show up at noontime at a rally, i mean at an event. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign watching this unfold very closely. it was interesting, as i list listened to some protesters say why they were there, what brought them out. they referenced the divisive comment s from donald trump abot muslims and african-americans and those are the comments the clinton campaign has seized upon and will continue to seize upon. in recent days, they have specifically been speaking about some comments he made about women, accused secretary clinton playing the quote unquote women's card and she sent out to a fund-raising card saying if this is playing the women's card, deal me in, making the argument she is fighting for a whole host of issue women care
12:47 pm
about, equal pay and paid family leave. we're seeing the contours of this general election battle come to shape. i can tell you as we watch this, secretary clinton is shifting her focus more to general election deploying staffers to general election swing states which include colorado, florida and new hampshire starting this week. i am told the process, the first wave starts this week and the campaign will build on that in the coming weeks and months and will eventually have staffers in every state. also important to note these staffers are not being taken from the primary states that remain. i'm told she's very much cont t contesting a number of primary states particularly california which carries the most delegates coming up and she has paid st f staffers setting up offices out there. not as though she's giving up on this primary battle but an acknowledgement she does have a significant delegate lead one
12:48 pm
that has nearly put the race out of reach for senator sanders who has been very insist stent he is staying in this race until the very end, a contrast to what we have seen on the streets in california. kristen, covering the democrats. on the right is the california gop convention and someone is speaking right now to introduce donald trump. we haven't yet gotten a warning as to how soon donald trump will be out. while we wait, let's listen a moment and listen to ted cruz. we have new tape in of ted cruz reacting and talking about what's happening at this event in california. >> the first amendment protects everyone's right to speak. you don't have a right to threaten violence, you don't have a right to shout down others. these protesters appear to be trying to use violence and threats. these are the strategies of, left wing ingagitao who try to silence a voice they
12:49 pm
don't like. if you disagree with a particular voice the way to deal with it is with civil discourse, respectful discourse. >> that was ted cruz moments ago talking about what's happening outside the california gop convention showing sympathy for donald trump and saying he has a right to be heard. he is indeed in the building. we watched donald trump exit his motorcade and get in through a back entrance despite the fact demonstrators said they would block him from getting in. while we wait, mark halperin is with us, the host of "with all due respect." let me make sure donald trump is not coming out. not yet. while you're with us, give us your thoughts while see these pictures and saw last night swell in southern california. >> look, california has lots of liberal activists who want to express themselves and have a
12:50 pm
first amendment right to do so. the scale of it is going to be massive regardless whether donald trump becomes the de facto nominee before then. he certainly has to go out to california and wants and wants çóto. you know, çócalifornia, 1ñi inçy 7 americans lives in california. you can't really runçó for because cleveland, like all of california say democratic enclave, and you're going to see masses of people wanting to express themselves and law enforcement put in a very tough situation. >> mark, you've been to a lot of trump events, you've been covering politics for i don't know how many cycles you've been through now, you have your show, the circus, on showtime.
12:51 pm
there are only hundreds of people out there. give us some perspective. do you see what's happening today as any different from what we've seen over the past months. >> i think the passions that have been unleashedñ campaign, particularly by supporters of bernie sanders and donald trump are reflecting the big things that are going on in this country, passionate feelings about particularly the economy, the long-term economic trends that have really hurt working class and middle class people, their insecurities about their children's futures, the passions that's inspired with the polarization we've seen, leads unfortunately to the kind of things we're seeigr today. it's not great for anybody. on theñr one hand, it's first amendment, law enforcement doing its job. on the other hand, it's a darker side of the things that have
12:52 pm
it's all very peaceful. so just to be clear onçó what you'reñr seeinfó out ñithere, i1 notñid5w9zuátuol>3gq but that confrontation continue.
12:53 pm
across the street, two trump supporters cameñi out, got into the face of the protesters and then almost a verbal fight brok. no violence so far. but we have seen people kicked and pushed and barriersñi broke andñrñi people tried to block - either block donald trump from entering or block people and supporters from coming inside and seeing hisçó speech. and so we see that continue. but again, it has been in pockets. it's importantñi to remember th some of the protesters out here are just trying to be peaceful, wanted to come out and get their message out. it's also important to remember that there are multiple groups of these people. some here are clearly trying to t(ujuj and others areñr jgsv here to enjoy the festivities. but we've seen things obviously increase in tension as weçó continue to watch the situation from the ground. >> steve patterson, thanks so much. and just to point out to the audience, this was meant to start about 50 minutes ago, donald trump speaknéñi at theñr california gop convention in san
12:54 pm
francisco. just outside of theçó city of s francisco, actually in burling@oe, california, south of the airport on the san francisco peninsula. i recognize the video that they were just showing in the room çó there. that's a video that's often used to teeçó up donald trump. it's sort ofñi an introductory video they play, featuring sound from his children and then they will play music and donald trump will typically sort of walk out on a catwalk and walk up to thei stage. so we'll keep an eye on the room and see whether weçó are, indep close to donald trumpñi coming t to speakñi with this group.3loky ali vitale has points out to us, she's inxd the room,h< pointed ;?#v operatives,ñr republican officis
12:55 pm
>> absolutely. we've seen this video atñi sevel of8eá>e and get them in a state of mind. it's family members talking about him and him on the stump. usually it's the precursor to him coming on stage. it's playing right now on big screens flanking the stage. there were a few people speaking ahead of him, just trying to start the program off. butñiñi people are here, everyo trump up on stage. á> let's listen in, then, ali.
12:56 pm
[ applause ]çó >> good afternoon and welcome. i know some of you are sports fans so i thought i'd give you a quick score.ñiñr protesters, zero. [ applause ] >> nowñr i haveçóñiñr a bigñi responsibility todayçó introducg our next president. so at the appropriate time, please jump in. to all the lobbyists who think they can buy our freedom, you're fired. to all the politicalñrñrxdñrñrñ >> toçó those who would make pas to undermine the voice of the people, you')
12:57 pm
>> we're listening in to the california gop convention.
12:58 pm
>> by the way, no protesters inside. i saw protesters this morning, but there were no protesters inside. we had 31,000 people and it was just rocking and everybody loved it. was anybody there last night? it was so incredible.
12:59 pm
we're pretty far away, but i'll tell you what, it was just an incredible evening. so what's happened is, we started this journey on june 16th, and it was all about trade, because we make the worst trade deals probably ever in the history of any country. and then it got down to other things that i talked about. i talked about illegal immigration, which was a very important subject and has been. and because of the fact that i brought it up, now people are talking about it. now they don't talk about it the way i do. we got, last week, as you know, the border patrol, 16,500 agents, border patrol agents, who are phenomenal people, who want to do their jobs, they're told to stand back, stand back. they're standing there, these great-looking people, strong, in shape, all of the best equipment, and they're told to stand back, just let everybody come right through the border. and they endorsed me. 16,500. they've never endorsed a
1:00 pm
presidential candidate. and then sheriff joe, as you know from arizona, endorsed trump. and he knows what he's doing. he really knows. but we've had so many incredible endorsements and now they're coming and i'll tell you, over the last two weeks, and it look place really even before that, but people see what's happening, because we have far more votes than anybody else, far more delegates than anybody else and we're going to hit that number, i think, quite easily. and i watch the very dishonest media and they say, cruz is getting, he's not getting delegates. they say he's getting delegates. he's getting second, third, fourth round. he's not going to be there because we're going to win it first round. as of today, we have 1,001. we just broke the thousand mark. okay? [ cheers and applause ] and we did fight hard in pennsylvania, because in pennsylvania i won in a landslide. we got, i guess over 60% of the vote. and th p


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