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  The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 1:01pm-1:25pm PDT

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and that's pretty hard when you have three people running. when you get 60% with two people, you win in a landslide. when you have three people and you get practically 60%, and then in the other states, you know, we had five and we did unbelievable numbers. up to 66% and it's been amazing. we had rhode island, and delaware and connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania. we did great. pennsylvania had a thing, if you win, you get 17. i got the 17. and the rest you have to fight for. i said what kind of a deal is this? you have to take them out to dinner. they take them to fancy restaurants, bring them to hotels, perhaps put them on yachts and take them for a cruise, they basically have to bribe the delegates, and it's not the right system. we have a system where it's democracy, we're supposed to be voting, where it's terrible, and fortunately, we have a great republican leader in
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pennsylvania. he's a really fair guy and there's also a moral clause, and i've heard this for a couple of years, with the delegates in pennsylvania, if you win, there's a moral obligation that you're supposed to vote for the one who wins, which sort of makes sense, right? you know, i refused to say this room, because i say it outside and i get standing ovations, but this is a room i won't do it. but it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. it's a horrible, horrible, disgusting system. and i see this bernie sanders, i'm not a fan of bernie sanders, by the way, but i see he wins a lot, wins a lot and he had never has a chance of winning. he won about 10 in a row, and every time you'd watch the pundits, they say, he can't win, he's way behind. because they have super delegates. ours is more sophisticated because you don't know how badly rigged it is. with a super delegate it's obvious.
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they handle all these super delegates. and by the way, do i look forward to beating her? do we look forward to winning? [ cheers and applause ] do we look forward to winning? i mean, if she's allowed to run. there's a big question. i personally think she's being protected by the democrats, and she'll be allowed to run, but we'll see what happens. what we've done, we really won new york with 60, almost 62% of the vo, which was unprecedented and got 95% of the delegates, almost all. the next week, we had the five and won them all in landslides. and actually, lying ted -- and i think we have a couple of fans, but lying ted did not do too well in new york, folks. he's hovering around the 10% mark. you got to do better than that if you're going to collect the delegates on the second battle. how would you like to be in a position where you're in -- we're in cleveland and we're
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having the whole deal and it's going fine, and for some reason, and don't worry about it, we get it, i think we have it easily. but for some reason it goes to a second ballot, and somebody on the second ballot, because they wined and dined delegates, who has five million less votes, because by the time we finish and we're scheduled to do very well in california, i guess you've seen that, but really well there, really well. the last poll i saw, i'm at 49%, which is great. and there's a lot of like 20s and a 19 or something, but we're doing well. and i won't even say it, because you got to go out and work, especially my people sitting in this section, they gotta work. why don't we just pretend we're tied, okay. all my life i've dealt with politicians. somebody will come into my office, the best politicians come into my office and say, donald -- i say, how you doing? and he said, i'm tied. and then he'll win by 25 points. has to motivate himself.
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but we have picked up so many votes over the last period of time. in fact, i was just watching the networks today and they have a chart that i think it's already happened, but in the history of primaries, republican primaries, i've gotten the most votes, in the history of the republican party, right? and we haven't even hit some of the big, we haven't even hit some of the big states yet, which is sort of an amazing thing. so we're really on a path that's incredible, and yesterday, i thought ted did something which was really quite good. it was record-setting. it's never happened before in the history of politics. he has no path to victory. it's impossible for him to win with the votes. the only way he can possibly win is if things go terribly wrong and he goes through the back door and he bought all of these delegates, and i will never use the word bribe. i would never use the word like
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bribe. so if he bribed the delegates, but i don't call it bribe. and then think of this, if you're the rnc and reince, who is a good man, by the way. and jim, where is jim? [ applause ] he did such a great job. he called me, he said, mr. crump, would you do me a favor? would you take maybe 10, 15 pictures? i say, absolutely, jim. so i'm coming through dirt and mud and under fences. so you all walk through the lobby, i go under fences. [ laughter ] i'm coming through, trying to get all the dust and everything off. and the 20 people that he told me about, turned out to be about what? 6, 700 people? my hand, i'm shaking hands, taking pictures. so that's why he's a great leader, right, jim? good going. [ laughter and applause ] i hope they paid a lot of money, jim. but, no, in the history of the
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republican party, there's never been anything like this. and then what ted did, and yesterday in indiana, which is an incredible place, with incredible people, bobby knight, the great bobby knight endorsed me. how good is that. and he's going to be with me all sunday and monday and we are having a good time. you know, he's a winner. that's what we need now. we need winners. we have to win. our country doesn't win anymore. and we have to win. we have to win. but cruz did something i've never seen before, because he picked a vice presidential person, carly, he picked carly. and i like carly, but, you know, zero?he left, she had no votes. but she had no votes. maybe it's a good move. who knows. let you know in about a month. but the worst deal, making this
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deal with kasich. i get a call two days ago from a number of people and we have to do a pr statement. it's 11:45 in the evening. they said, oh, mr. trump. what happened? they merged. who? kasich and cruz. i said, they did? that's a good thing. it shows total weakness. it shows illegal in collusion. you know in business, you get put in jail, politics, you can do anything you want, right? but it shows such ineptitude and such weakness. and what's the deal? the deal is that cruz will take indiana and kasich and now he's sitting there eating. you know, he's eating, doing a news conference and piling pancakes into his mouth. never seen anything like it. my little boy said, daddy, that's disgusting. i never saw a man eat like that. i've never seen a man eat while he's doing a news conference. did you ever see him do a news conference without eating?
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so these two guys formed an alliance. think of it, i've been doing this for nine months. i'm so honored, and you have these two politicians. they've been doing it sort of all their lives, right? i mean, kasich approved nafta, which by the way, emptied out your state, emptied out every state. but kasich and cruz is fine with the chinese money manipulation. he's going to allow that to happen. you can't do that, that's how they're killing us, devaluation of their money and their currency is killing, absolutely killing this country. not only china, but many other places. you can't allow it. he wants to allow it. so there are a lot of things going on. you want to know why he wants to allow it? just ask the donors, ask the special interests, ask the people. because, believe me -- >> donald trump there addressing the california state republican convention. this is at their convention, which is being held near the airport, near the san francisco airport. quite a scene outside we were
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watching before trump began his remarks. he had to go in through a back entrance. lots of protesters in the front of the facility, they knocked down a barricade at one point. you watch live the images of the scene, donald trump and his motorcade pulling up behind this hyatt regency hotel, trump with a heavy security detail around him, making his way into a back entrance. he remarked when he took the podium, he said this was not the easiest entrance he ever made. he likened it to crossing the border. we have steve patterson who has been standing by outside where all the protesters have been gathered and steve, you were talking to some of them earlier, they were talking about trying to keep donald trump from addressing this convention, trying to keep him from getting inside. he did get inside. do they know that part of their mission failed. and are they talking about what's going to happen afterwards. >> again, steve, i want to make
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clear that there are various groups, some very peaceful and have absolutely no part of trying to keep trump in or trying to keep supporters out. what we are hearing from the people that are actively involved in this, and there have been many of them behind me, they are waiting for the moment where people start coming out. so the goal from the start, the people that were the instigators, to try to draw a confrontation. we know he's inside and they want to make a confrontation when he comes outside. so the plan here is to figure out and coordinate where to be, at what entrance to be. and we're starting to see some of the police push back. i want to take you around here, if you can follow me, you can see the barriers have once again been erected by police in anticipation of a possible ending of his speech and possibly people coming outside of the building. we keep hearing the crowd erupting in various places. anytime they see anything, they pounce on it. so we're just trying to monitor and keep an eye on where exactly
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the crowd is going to move. once somebody gets a hint of something, that's the way it goes. so we're continuing to monitor the situation on the ground. send it back to you. >> and steve, we're looking at the pictures on the left side of our screen, the overhead pictures. i think it can be tough for the people watching this on tv, including me looking at the monitor. do you have an estimate of the total size, how many protesters are gathered there? what do you think the size of this crowd is? >> well, it's hundreds. it's not thousands. it's hundreds. but several, i would say, dozens would be the instigation group. so again this is broken down into some people who just showed up, to be peaceful, to protest, but to do it in a way that didn't really disrupt anybody. and we saw and we spoke to those people and they were gracious and they moved back when police wanted them to move back. but there are dozens of people here, anytime there's any hint
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of anything that could go wrong, they try to instigate or make wrong. so we've seen at least four groups of those people, kind of moving in and out of the crowd and forming their own groups and pushing not only towards the hotel, but again, towards anybody that may be moving towards the hotel. and so it's been a very tense situation. not only with people who are just here for the conference, but within the groups of protesters. and we've been watching the situation almost since the early hours of this morning, and it continues. >> steve patterson, stand by outside the trump venue. they're going to go to clint van zandt now. clint, it raises the question, donald trump, we saw the sort of extraordinary steps they had to take to get him inside to be giving this speech. we watched that motorcade redirected behind the hotel there, the big security detail around him. now these protesters have got some time, if they want, to prepare for trump to make that exit difficult. at least some of these protesters could if they wanted to. the challenge for police here, when trump finishes this event
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and tries to leave the hotel, take us through what's going to happen there. >> well, the secret service has won the first game in this so far. as they always do, they've developed a couple of ways in and a couple of ways to get out again. you call it a bail-out procedure. if there was something happened inside the building, you had to get the protectee out very quickly, the secret service has got ways, just like they'd move the president, they can move a candidate like this. but you make a valid point. the police have so far trumped the protesters. they were able to get mr. trump in by a side door, which was by pre-arrangement, so the police had really preplanned better than the protesters had. but, you know, we're hearing terms, we're hearing phrases within the last hour of some groups, of half a dozen
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different groups, maybe one or two individuals in the group, saying we will use any means necessary to disrupt these proceedings. many times that's just people who are anxious, who are upset, for a lot of different reasons they can use inflammatory language, like they accuse trump of using in his own way. but now secret service, they've got to get trump back out of the hotel again. you know, the protesters are interesting. sometimes these groups and it's a bad analogy, but it's like when my kids were young and they played soccer, whichever way the ball went, everybody rant th th way. they didn't cover the field, they just went after the ball. trump is the ball. if anyone here is on their cell phone or any other type of communication, that trump has gone left, right, he's in the front, the back, you'll see the protesters move back and forth. the police have to counter this
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and sometimes it's like a chess game. sometimes they might plant false information, trump's going to the left, all the protesters move to the left, the police move to the right, take him out the door. so it's always this chess game in these type of civil eye wouldn't say civil disorder, civil protests that's going on by these few hundred individuals right now. but as you and i know, it only takes one person to make a mistake, throw a rock, hit a police officer in the head and the whole mood changes. >> clint van zandt watching the rest of us. stand by. we still have steve patterson outside, monitoring the situation with the protesters. but we'll keep the images of the protesters outside the convention center on your screen and we'll go back inside now. donald trump delivering his speech now to the california state republican party. he's now talking about, i believe, the border fence and immigration. listen in on what he's saying
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right now. >> no republican will go to michigan to campaign. republicans will never beat hillary in florida. i will. you saw i won florida in a landslide. i'll win pennsylvania. most republicans will never win -- probably i don't think any republican can win pennsylvania. so i'm going -- and this is, you know, they cover this. and now by the way, the polls are coming out where i'm leading or even with hillary. and look, i had this, listen to this. 55,000 negative ads as of two months ago, now it's up to exactly 60,000 negative ads. then i watched kasich, he does great against hillary. he doesn't have one ad. give him an ad and he goes down like a rock. same thing with cruz. but now the polls are coming out, now i'm even. one has me up. i don't want to be up right now,
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this is going to be, i just look so forward to doing it. you know, i started with 17 people. right? 17, actually, 18, if you include gilmore. [ mild laughter ] did anybody get that? let's say there were 18. there were. 17 people i had to beat. when i first came in, the geniuses back here, brilliant guys, they get paid for knowing nothing. so they'd say, krauthammer, he won't run. how about this karl rove, is he the dumbest human being on earth? he still thinks romney won the election, i'm telling you. romney won. remember him? no, no, romney one, he's five million votes behind. he'll make a come back. we're up to 98%.
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no, no, we're going to win. you got to go the other way, folks. they're leading you into a bad desert. but we're going to win. and the truth is, we're going to win in a way nobody's seen before. we're going to be so strong, we're going to be so smart. again, ideally, we'll be together. i think i will win even if we're not together. there are some people i honestly don't want their endorsement, i just don't want it. i've watched all my life as a politician, they just kill each other, right? they hate each other with a passion. they say the worse things about each other. they say things that you could never say and recover. and one loses, one wins, and then they say at the end, i want to congratulate jim, he ran a brilliant campaign, and i will be behind him 100%, he's a great person, a great man. and i'm saying to myself, they were saying the worst things. well, things get said. here's the difference. like with ted cruz. he's a wonderful guy.
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if he wants to endorse me, that's fine, but i don't care. does that make sense to you? a guy like bush yesterday on television, knocking me. does he want to endorse me? who knows. i don't care. it's not going to have any impact on whether we beat hillary clinton. but most of the party have to come together. the smart people in the party have to come together. and we have smart people. we have really smart people. [ applause ] so we're going to hopefully close this thing out fairly soon. i think that, you know, now that we cracked the 1,000 number, which is great, right? it's great. it's interesting, though, i'm up by 400 or so delegates. i'll be up by more than 500 when it's over, and we'll be up by five million votes. okay? and we're going to break -- this coming week, we break the all-time record and by probably four million votes.
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nobody's ever seen anything like this. it's a movement. it's a great movement. many, many people have come onto the republican side. many, many people. it's something that they're talking about all over the world. i've been on the cover of "time" magazine numerous times this year, all because of the movement, not me. it's because of the movement. and what's going to happen is going to be so special. we have to come together, we have to pick our nominee. we have to go out and do what we have to do. and i'm telling you, you are going to have an unbelievably good result in november. i started with 17 people -- governors, senators, people of accomplishment, some people of great accomplishment and every week, boom, boom, boom. and believe me, i knocked them off. i knocked them off. and every week, boom, we're down to 16. we're down to 14. we're down to 12. we're down to 11. and then i'd get 11 people and i'd win a state, and i'd have
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37% of the vote, with 11 people. and these morons would say, but he didn't break 50. how the hell do you break 50 when you have 11 people and they're governors and senators? and now i'm breaking 50 by -- you know what, i probably would have had 80 if you gave me the most popular guy out of the 11 or 14 that are left, give me the most popular person and i probably would have had 80/20. but you can't do it when you have that many people. so now, even though we have three, we're into the 60s. that's sort of an amazing number. but i just want to tell you, you people have been fantastic. on june 7th, you have a big, big day, because the world is going to be watching. the world is watching pretty much every tuesday. and this next tuesday in indiana, where i'm going now, is going to be a biggie. but i will tell you, and those people are incredible people. and they want to see -- really, they want to see something
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that's going to be -- they want to see victory. they want to see bobby knight. you know, they want to see victory. that's why it was so great getting his endorsement. because i love people that win. and we're going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. and by the way, i can add something. the republican party in a presidential sense doesn't win anymore. you pick your standard cookie cutters, i can tell you already, just give me the name of the person and i'll tell you exactly what states he's going to win and what states he's going to lose. i'm different, because i'm going to win states that nobody else can. and when i can focus on hillary, as i say, crooked hillary, when i focus on hillary, she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. so i just want to thank everybody. i know they're waiting. they're going to take me under a fence, through a field --
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[ laughter ] you have no idea the route they have planned for me to get out of here. but i love you folks, and jim, i want to thank you, and joel, everybody, i want to thank you all. thank you, folks. go out, remember, june 7th, thank you, everybody. thank you. ♪ >> all right, donald trump there finishing up his remarks to the california state republican convention. trump hardly -- the only speaker at this event. he's not the only presidential candidate speaking for that matter. by trump standards that was a fairly short speech, probably because they are on a tighter schedule there. bad form to show up at an event like that and go long. you heard trump touching on many familiar themes. he did allude to the tense circumstances outside of the convention hall. he needed to go to a side entrance, a back entrance to get around the large protests taking place in the front of the building. he showed