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tv   Lockup Charleston Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. when they see us wearing this uniform, plus the shotgun, they know we mean business. >> the jail's special operations group is called in to deal with a difficult inmate. >> get off me. >> he likes to be confrontational. >> you want to do it the hard way, we can do it the hard way. >> this is the hard way. >> josh macmore, we call him a frequent flyer. >> everybody knows. my whole family knows i steal, i'm a criminal.
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>> a well-known inmate returns to jail but this time -- >> i love him to death, oh, my god. >> he's in with his girlfriend who might be harboring a secret that could dramatically affect both their lives. >> that's my story. ♪ dating back to colonial times, charleston, south carolina, is one of the nation's top tourist draws. but ten miles outside the heart of charleston, the sheriff al cannon detention center draws only those who are in trouble with the law. >> damnit! >> this is a nasty jail, man. >> most of the 1,300 men and women incarcerated here are only charged with crimes. they're awaiting trial at the
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resolution of their cases. josh gohr is on his third stay here. >> i done a bunch of terrible things in my life that i'm so not proud of. but they're all character-building. and at the end of the day, i'll walk out of this room and i'll sit on that bunk and i'm not really upset with who i am. >> what's your most violent conviction? >> home invasion, armed robbery. great bodily injury. conviction out of tampa. i had a really good lawyer. my father bankrupted his company behind that one. i got two years for it, which is like a blessing from heaven. >> this is right here constant struggles, right? then it got the angel, then it got like the devil. >> gohr was arrested a few
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months earlier for allegedly shoplifting shirts from a department store. he pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. but if convicted, he could face a longer than typical sentence due to his prior criminal record. >> it's all drug related in one aspect or another. first time i was incarcerated i was 11 years old. the first time i did cocaine i was 12 years old. >> while some of gohr's prior incarcerations occurred in his home state of florida, he's also racked up several convictions from charleston. they include check fraud, burglary, grand larceny, and cocaine possession. >> i feel like a champion. handcuffs and all. black stripes. >> joshua gohr, we call him a frequent flyer. he's in and out, in and out. he comes in on little petty charges, he leaves on charges. >> let me tell you what they told me in school, they told me i was special. >> likes attention. gets in trouble a lot. just high-maintenance inmate. >> i was in the war. by the time i make it upstairs i have welts from that detergent. >> trying to fast talk you from the moment i met him, i can tell, he's a slickster.
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>> gohr's time in jail has not been without benefit. he met his girlfriend here. >> i want to see him do good. he's a good man when he's not doing drugs and stealing out of stores. you know, he's a sweetheart. but if he doesn't then i have to let him go. because i have to be there for my kids. >> can you let him go? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> the couple met when both were serving time in the jail about a year earlier. samantha agee, on a conviction of credit card fraud while attempting to obtain drugs. and gohr for check fraud. agee had an inmate job dropping off laundry in the glass-enclosed sallyports or entryways of various housing units. >> i see her coming, bringing the laundry. so i just -- i was like, you know, basically saying, i'd like to write you. it's funny. it grew from there. >> he knew the girl i was
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working with at the time. he was like, hey, i need a pen pal and she kind of like grabbed my shirt and was, hey, she can be your pen pal. >> the two began to secretly pass notes to each other through the laundry or on the food trays gohr delivered to agee's housing unit as part of his job in the kitchen. >> he'll write something then he'll push the cart into the sallyport and he'll put it underneath like the lip of the basket. then when i pull it out i'll get it. >> soon after agee and gohr were released from jail, they moved in together. >> i just liked the fact that she was so up front and honest. and then when we were home together, i -- devotion. i've never seen devotion to that extent. i was happy, she was happy. obviously not too happy, she used drugs again. >> samantha agee says heroin addiction led to her current charge of first-degree burglary. she has pled not guilty in hopes of reaching a plea deal but admits to entering a home to
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steal a tv set. >> i knew if i went to go grab the tv and sell it to the dope man, i could get more drugs. so that was my whole idea. i got it unplugged, but i couldn't do anything else because i saw like a shadow and it kind of more or less scared me so i ran out the window. they wouldn't have really like caught me if i didn't drop my phone. that's kind of how i had my pictures of my kids on the back of the phone. and i knew the people. so i was kind of screwed on that. >> a couple of months later, agee received a letter from gohr explaining that he'd been arrested on his current shoplifting charge and the two of them were once again under the same roof. >> when he first told me he was in here, i was more relieved than anything because that lifestyle don't bring nothing but trouble. and it's either longer jail sentences or you're going to die from it. >> she's young. 23, i'm 30. i've lived so much. i feel bad about it. i feel i could have -- i could have steered her because she's so -- what's the right word --
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like she'll do whatever i say basically. i feel like i could have steered her better. that's all. coming up, samantha agee implies that the story behind her alleged crime might not be entirely true. >> you're willing to suffer for both of you. >> yes. and another inmate swings on an officer. then creates more problems in segregation. >> get off me! [ bleep ]! see, that's what i'm talking about right there. but i'm going to get you all on assault and battery.
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>> behinds walls of the sheriff al cannon detention center in charleston, south carolina, one of the loudest halls is also known as disciplinary segregation. >> a lot of noise, constant, all day long. banging, beating on the door,
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flooding, busting sprinkler heads. hanging their arms out the flaps. just anything to disrupt the unit and stop the flow of the unit. you have to be prepared for those things. >> the unit houses 48 inmates and is always at full capacity. >> they're a danger to themselves and/or others. they have violated one of our regulations within the jail, and they have been sentenced for a period of time in segregation. >> segregation inmates are confined to single-person cells all but one hour per day, which they can either spend in the day room or in an adjacent recreation area with little to do but walk around. >> whenever they're out of their cells, they're handcuffed. and they have leg irons on. so it's a lot different from general population. a lot of them that come in here don't ever want to come back in
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here. so they learn their lesson. however, we do have, you know, a lot of individuals that are -- it's like a revolving door. they're in here every other week. >> what up, daniel, i'm back! >> along with the officers assigned to manage the unit, it is frequently patrolled by members of the jail's special operations group or sog. >> i get the last laugh, i always do. don't make a difference to me. >> they are specially trained tactical officers armed with less than lethal weapons. >> every round has a specific kinetic energy. we know exactly how much force we use at all times. we also carry pov cameras which records audio and video. >> the team trains monthly to quell any major problems but finds their presence alone serves as a deterrent. >> when they see us wearing this uniform, plus the shotgun, they know we mean business. and that's when, you know, you see them back down. >> in the unit filled with
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high-maintenance inmates, one of the best known is dwayne stafford. >> you won't really hardly ever catch me like constantly just banging. but like on some days if i'm agitated, i'll bang on purpose, you know, because nobody's perfect. i'm personally inspired with myself. i mean, i don't know if that's the way i'm supposed to be. but i feel as if it gets me through another day. >> during the past five years, stafford has had eight stays at the jail for convictions including shoplifting, trespassing, and petty larceny. along with a litany of other charges that were later dismissed. he is currently charged with a property crime to which he has pled not guilty. >> get off me, mean! [ bleep ]. see, that's what i'm talking about right there. but i'm going to get you all on assault and battery.
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[ bleep ]. dancing? get the [ bleep ] out my face with this bull [ bleep ]. >> he likes to be confrontational, inmate stafford, from time to time. he plays around, you know. anything to draw attention to himself. he likes an audience. so that makes it difficult. it slows us down from doing our day-to-day work. >> stop resisting, i've got to take the cuffs off. >> [ bleep ]. >> he can be on and off. so, it's a daily thing with him. so, a lot of times if you just sometimes talk to him, and if you can relate to him, relate to him. he'll calm down a little bit. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. they really have to [ bleep ]. destruction of property even though they're going to be the one that cut the door open. [ bleep ] stick my head completely through here -- >> he claimed he had some mental health issues. usually someone with mental health issues do not advise us they have mental health issues. he was seen and interviewed with our mental health department and cleared for general population. >> while housed in general population, stafford was cited nine times for misconduct.
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the most recent violation that sent him to disciplinary segregation was caught on surveillance cameras. >> he'll kind of push the limits, like right there he pulls a chair, he knows he's not supposed to be in the red area, to get a rise out of the officer, aggravate them, make their day a little worse for them. they're trying to let stafford know they're not going to put up with it, at the same time it doesn't bother them. >> moments later, stafford raised the stakes. >> i was standing against the wall. i think my hands were crossed. >> officer swikota was on duty. in stafford's unit. >> he come up and swung on me. as soon as he did i grabbed him and brought him down to the ground. i just saw the guy swinging on me with something in his hand. i didn't know it was stafford or somebody else. it wasn't till i got him on the
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ground i realized it was stafford. because he did say "it's stafford, it's stafford, you know i'm just joking." and i told him, "i don't joke like that." >> he's got a soda bottle full of juice inside of his hand. and you never know what these guys have inside their bottles. it could be juice, it could be urine, it could be anything. >> there was no way possible that i could possibly like try to harm him. >> did you have a bottle in your hand? >> my, my, my, my, my juice or whatever it was in it. i wasn't going to hit him with it. it's like this bottle here. i'm thirsty. >> he's just young, he's immature, he's a child. if you understand that dwayne is a child, immature, that's what he's looking for is that negative attention. >> stafford was given 30 days in segregation for the incident with the officer. all segregation inmates are routinely reviewed for the possibility of an earlier return to general population. >> 1a does get full very quickly. and you may give somebody a charge of 30 days. but once you're full and they're here reducing time to get people
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moved out and back in general population. >> but staff say every now and then they run into an inmate who seems to prefer segregation. >> how's your behavior since you've been in? >> you want to remain in 1a? >> well, this all could have been reviewed the last time when i got charged in. that's pretty much -- >> after several minutes of circuitous questions and answers, officers decide stafford will remain in segregation. but before he leaves, sergeant gaines raises a new concern. >> thank you, sir. >> you go to your cell. ask them to give you fingernail clippers. i want the nails clipped. they look like weapons. >> you want my nails clipped? >> yes, sir. >> stick to reality, dude. you got -- look at your nails. you're talking about mine. you should clip your own nails. what the hell is wrong with you? >> when i see you, clip them. >> mr. ball sac. >> have a good day, mr. stafford. >> well, he use those as a weapon, and he can slice anything because those nails look very long. i don't know what his mind is going in.
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i don't know if he's crazy or not. coming up -- >> mr. stafford, i'm going to give you the clippers for you to cut your nails, sir, within a quarter of an inch. >> dwayne stafford is offered a final chance to cut his nails or to have the special operations group do it for him. and violence breaks out in one of the female housing units. [ soft music ]
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. behind the walls of the sheriff al cannon detention center in charleston, south carolina, samantha agee's favorite day of the week is thursday. >> been waiting for you since like 9:00 this morning. >> i see that, i can tell. >> yes. >> that's when inmates receive snacks, toiletries, and other items they've ordered from the jail commissary. >> pretty much the only thing we wait for during the week. it's the most exciting thing. between that and if you get visits. other than that, there's really nothing to look forward to. they're my favorite and then the big bags of potato chips last awhile. this is like 50.
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and you can order up to $100. but other than that, i usually -- my grandma puts $50 on there every other week. so this will last me about two weeks. and then i actually got the girl down the way who was with me the other day, i got her some canteen. so i'm actually going to go give these to her. >> agee shares her snacks with jessica roberts, a former classmate she ran into in jail. >> we never really hung out in school. but we knew each other. >> i'll see you. >> see you. >> jessica, long time no see. we'd gotten together and talked. yeah, we know the same people. so it was like -- it's good. >> when agee will return to her life on the outside is uncertain. but she says when she does, her goals are simple. >> i want to be able to have something, like an apartment and
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a little piece of crap car. but something to call mine. and a place where i can go home with my kids, you know? and live like i'm supposed to. a normal life. but when you're doing this, you kind of really don't know what normal is. >> agee's activity over the past two years has included drug addiction and several jail stays. she says her slide began when a friend introduced her to heroin. >> she was like, just try it one time, just try it. and i was like, man, all right, screw it, i'll do it. and it just was awesome. to be really bad to say that, but it was. >> now agee faces more serious consequences than ever before. she is charged with first-degree burglary and can face years in prison if found guilty. police discovered her phone outside a home where agee says she tried to steal a tv in order to buy drugs. she told investigators she acted alone. but that might not be the truth. >> that's my story. that's the story of what happened.
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that's what they have on the paper. i can't -- i would say what really happened, but that would make me a snitch too. so that's my story. >> even if telling the truth could help your case? >> yep, even if telling the truth could help my case. >> that's a very big price to pay. >> i know. >> or it could be a very big price to pay. >> uh-huh. but the other person could suffer a lot more than i could. >> you're willing to suffer for both of you? >> yes. i'll do that just fine. >> everybody knows it, my whole family knows i steal, i'm a criminal. >> at the time of her arrest agee was living with her boyfriend josh gohr. but says he had nothing to do with the burglary. >> the officer wrote samantha's extremely adamant that mr. gohr was at home asleep while she stole his mazda, da, da, da, went to the house, attempted --
11:25 pm
went through a window in the garage. like, yeah. so she did that. >> i love him to death, oh, my god. i'm hoping and i pray that me and him can get it together. because when i need him he's like my background to everything, you know? so, i'm hoping we can figure this out for this last time because everything happens for a reason. >> i still love her to death no matter what but like she keeps sending me these letters and it kind of pisses me off. she keeps making mention of please stand by me. and i'm -- i'm so -- like what kind of a person would i be not to? that would make me a real piece of crap, huh? >> for agee, drugs and jail have already damaged other relationships, especially those with her 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter from prior relationships. >> i don't write my daughter because they won't let me see her. but i do write my son and i talk
11:26 pm
to him. >> agee's daughter now lives with her dad's family. her son lives with agee's father. >> i do know that that's what i want most out of life is to be a good mom because i know i am. it's just drugs are a big downfall of my life. and it's been that way for a while. coming up -- >> somebody called me freddy kruger the other day. >> dwayne stafford and his nails have their day of reckoning. and -- >> want to tell us what happened yesterday? >> there was a note on the tray, sarge. i picked it up, didn't even get to see where it came from. >> a contraband note leads to new problems for josh gohr and samantha agee.
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. at the sheriff al cannon detention center, inmates with major rule violations are segregated in single-person cells 23 hours per day. inside unit a1a, disciplinary segregation. >> isolation segregation, all of it affects individuals differently. depending on the individual. some people like to be by themselves and they function better that way.
11:31 pm
others, you know, they're by themselves a few hours would drive them crazy, literally. but overall, i think this should be something and it is something in place for consequences of your actions. and it's not like it's a secret. they get an inmate handbook, they know the regulations. from childhood you were taught what's right and wrong, respond to authority appropriately, do what you're supposed to do. we're not asking anything more than that. >> today, officer shepard must deal with one inmate many on staff believe relishes disciplinary segregation, dwayne stafford. >> inmate stafford is currently housed in the segregation unit for disciplinary reasons. his nails exceed the current limit which is within a quarter of an inch. his nails are beyond that length and it can be utilized as a weapon. >> everybody thinks how could they be so long? somebody called me freddy krueger the other day. i was like, how dare you? >> stafford has been offered clippers several now. today is his last chance to voluntarily trim his nails. >> mr. stafford, how are you
11:32 pm
today, sir? >> awesome. >> outstanding. remember we talked about those nails, sir, being within a quarter of an inch as per regulations? >> yeah, we talked about it -- >> let me see your nails. let me see your nails. >> [ bleep ]. >> they're exceeding a quarter of an inch. >> you say a quarter of the inch, where is it -- >> in the policy. it's a "d" charge. mr. stafford, i'm going to give you the clippers for you to cut your nails within a quarter of an inch, okay. if you failure to adhere to that, i will have to get sog to take care of it. all right? you also will receive extra sanctions for it, sir. it's a "d" charge. do you understand what i'm telling you, sir? >> i'm done now. >> all right. i'm going to open this flap, sir, and give you the clippers. you're not going to do it? >> no. no. where's the rule? because i -- >> all right, sir, we'll take care of it, okay? if you're not going to do it, i'll have sog to do it. >> three shots. >> thank you, sir. >> are you finished?
11:33 pm
she's going to throw the rule book at me that i never seen one. >> yes, sarge, this is shepard alpha 1 alpha. i have inmate stafford in here. his nails are far beyond a quarter of an inch as required. i asked him to have his nails cut, he's refusing to do so. i'm asking for assistance to get that done. >> the special operations group sends a three-man team to stafford's cell to clip his nails for him. >> we're cutting your nails, all right? >> not many times we actually have to use force but sometimes it does happen. just as long as you're complying with the directives that i'm giving you, then we don't have to escalate the force. so you can say what you want to say, but as long as you're doing what i ask you to, do then that's fine with me. >> it's just one of those days that [ bleep ] goes through. are you writing on the walls in there, dude? >> i can walk. i know the ropes. i got this.
11:34 pm
there's no physical way you can make me cut my nails with my hands balled up. primetime. it's going down. how you all cutting if i keep my fists balled? you batter me? >> listen. all you got to do is cut the fingernails. if you want to do it the hard way, we can do it the hard way. >> this is the hard way, look what you're doing, you've got me against the wall trying to clip my nails off, man. you want to harm me now? look like you're getting physical you talk about you want to harm. you don't want to harm me. i'm in handcuffs and shackles. you're going to try to twist my arm while i'm in handcuffs. y'all is not really making no sense right now. i don't even know what you want covered -- hey, i feel something
11:35 pm
poking my skin right now, dude. you got the damn taser right on me. what the hell. can you get it off of me? >> appreciate that. >> with stafford's nails now at a compliant length, the sog officers return him to his cell unsure of when they might see him next. >> i feel violated. i feel naked. i feel naked. just to keep from crying i'm going to laugh. i feel like the joker. this isn't over. this isn't over. >> as stafford contemplates his next move, the segregation unit has a new arrival. 24 hours earlier, josh gohr was pulled off his job as a kitchen worker. shortly after picking up a batch of dirty trays outside one of the female housing units. >> i don't know, i was just cleaning the trays, doing my assigned job and seen a piece of
11:36 pm
paper. picked it up because it obviously wasn't trash. put it in my pocket. and the officer called me over there, asked me what i put in my pocket. >> the note was addressed to "my love." from "wifey." gohr says he has no idea who either one could be. but he did retrieve it outside the housing unit of his girlfriend, samantha agee. >> i would grab it just to help another inmate out. like people write to women in the jail and stuff like that. so, you know. i just seen it, oh, okay. if it comes through the postal service because it's legal mail, it goes to the inmate. we cannot stop it. but because it came through by being passed through a food cart, it becomes contraband. >> gohr has now been called to face the jail's disciplinary committee to find out if he'll be assigned to segregation for being in possession of a contraband note. >> you understand the situation. >> i didn't even read the note. am i wrong for picking up a piece of paper? what am i supposed to do with it? what's the appropriate thing to do? >> tell the truth. >> he has been in here at least three times that i know of and he's a slickster. he knows the rules but he's always trying to find ways
11:37 pm
around it. >> i never read it, so i don't know who wrote it, honestly. >> you just told me it was to you. >> i could assume it was. it's likely, very likely. but do i know for sure? i didn't read it. okay? maybe i do. but am i wrong -- >> what gohr doesn't know is that staff has already confirmed agee wrote the note. >> i didn't tell them like who i was writing. they wanted me to. they were like, who is it for? and i was like, i don't know who it was for. >> since the violation is considered minor, officers confined agee to her cell for six hours rather than sending her to the segregation unit. gohr, however, could face up to 30 days in segregation because of his history of rule violations. >> unfortunately, when they did the report, they charged him with possession of stolen property. that's why these guys when they do these reports, they need to make sure they charge him with the right charge. it's his lucky day. it could be just an oversight. the officers should have paid a little bit closer attention. maybe the supervisors should have critiqued it a little better.
11:38 pm
do you want to tell us what happened yesterday? >> there was a note on the tray, sarge. i picked it up. didn't even get to see where it came from. my girlfriend's in this jail. it is a possibility that that was from my girlfriend. >> you knew there was a note there. >> no. >> not -- >> not knew it was there coming, no. my -- my girlfriend is in 83m. did i know that was for me? >> it just seems kind of strange to me that you are going through these trays that happen to come from this unit. and you happen to find a note that was from your girlfriend. >> i've been going through a lot of trays. like my job -- >> i understand that. obviously you see what i'm saying. >> sarge, i guess maybe i should have just kept throwing it away. i'll accept accountability. >> your only saving grace in this report and the reason why you probably aren't going to receive much time is because you were charged wrong. if you were charged with possession of contraband, we would have given you the 30
11:39 pm
days. >> so i want to say this too. about that note thing, man, i utilize the united states postal service to the fullest. check my mail log. it's on fire. i get a million letters a day from her. so i don't know what, if it was for me, what possessed her to do that because she knows that would jeopardize me. >> all right. thank you, mr. gohr. >> yes, sir. >> after deliberating, the disciplinary committee decides that gohr will not spend time in segregation due to the bad write-up. and he is sent back to his general population unit. >> i feel like i won trial or something. it's crazy. hopefully i won't see you again any time soon. >> all the charges were not guilty. >> that's only because they messed up the paperwork. otherwise you would have been doing time. >> i know. i got to stop and change my ways. i swear. >> all right, gohr. let's try to stay out of trouble. >> i absolutely will. >> but gohr did not get off
11:40 pm
without consequence. he has been fired from his kitchen job, which means he can no longer catch glimpses of or pass notes to his girlfriend, samantha agee. but gohr says he'll find a way to get his job back. >> listen. i was found not guilty. so i broke no rules. my whole life i've always been a person to manipulate my surrounding, like make things work. >> i don't know, i think he got fired but i'm not sure. we'll find out if he's here for dinner or not. i'll see him when he brings the trays if he comes. but if he doesn't come, then -- if i don't have a letter in the trays, then i know he got fired. that's pretty much how that will work. >> adding to agee's stress is the suspicion that her friend jessica roberts identified her to officers as the author of the note. >> like i didn't want to believe it at first because i just didn't think, you know what i mean, she would really just straight throw me under the bus and let me get run over like that.
11:41 pm
>> samantha felt that i told on her, and as she put it snitched on her, yeah. >> roberts acknowledges being questioned about the note but denies being a snitch. >> the sergeant was like, you know, i've already watched the camera, now i want to know who has put the notes in the tray. she put two and two together. i didn't think nothing of it because i really didn't snitch on her. i just, you know, simply told them i didn't do it. >> she was like, oh, yeah, agee did it, you know, she writes her boyfriend in the kitchen. i'm pissed, to be real honest. i came in here and did sit-ups for like two hours. my name wasn't on it, josh's name wasn't on it, nobody knew who was writing who. but girls just i guess get jealous and decide to snitch people out. in jail you don't really have friends. coming up -- >> she was swinging. i will give her that. >> jessica roberts comes under attack. and dwayne stafford gets some welcome news.
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inside the sheriff al cannon detention center, a1a, disciplinary segregation, is not unlike other jail segregation units throughout the nation. it's solitary confinement 23 hours a day for inmates who violate jail rules. but here in charleston, there is one aspect of segregation that makes it different from nearly all others. it houses both men and women. while women comprise about 10% of the total inmate population of 1,300, relatively few get into serious trouble. >> we never have more than three to five females at a time. so to take up an entire housing unit for just females doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. >> just give it to me when you come out. >> we keep the females closest
11:46 pm
to the officers' desk because they want to monitor the communication between the females and the males. sometimes you'll have a male or female that want to come to disciplinary so they can communicate. they have married couples and partners here. >> drives me crazy in here. >> then they try to speak to them through ventilation system. >> what are you doing? >> or they attempt to pass notes from the unit workers. so they want to keep an eye on that. >> and now another female inmate is about to enter a1a. >> it was a fight in "a" through "m" between samantha, who is joshua gohr's girlfriend, and another inmate. >> jail surveillance cameras captured what occurred just moments earlier. >> i was putting the trays in. and when i turned around, she started swinging. >> the victim is samantha agee's friend jessica roberts. >> she was swinging.
11:47 pm
i will give her that. she was swinging. but she wasn't connecting. i'm sitting there, and i shoved her back like twice, i'm like what the hell is your problem, samantha? and she still wouldn't answer me, she would not answer me, she just quit. >> i was like, man, listen, what happened? just tell me. and she was like, nothing. i was like, dude, you snitched me out, like i'm mad. >> agee suspects roberts of telling staff that she passed a contraband note to her boyfriend josh gohr as he was picking up food trays from her housing unit. >> she was like, man, everybody knew, everybody already knew. and then she turned around and hit her. >> agee is now headed to a single-person cell in disciplinary segregation. when she was reprimanded for passing the note one day earlier, agee assumed gohr would be here, as well. >> one of the disadvantages to having the males and females together that is they try to plan their trips to disciplinary. so i asked her if she came down here on purpose because he's here. and her answer was, yes. but unfortunately for them, their plan was foiled because he didn't stay in disciplinary. >> i'm allergic, i tell you i'm allergic to jail.
11:48 pm
>> right. >> gohr was sent back to general population on a technicality when his incident report was improperly written. >> as an officer, you kind of get to read, like what are you doing? you know, like her. she's not a disciplinary issue. she never has been. every time she's been here. so i knew exactly why she was here. >> while agee won't see her boyfriend here, there's at least a chance the unit could be quieter since another inmate is about to get out. >> we got a call for an inmate that's going to be leaving our facility, getting released, one of our disciplinary inmates, inmate stafford. so we had to call our sog team. they're going to come get him just to assist us. >> dwayne stafford recently pled guilty to a property crime and was sentenced to time served plus three years' probation. so now he's free to leave. >> let me up, you have to let me up.
11:49 pm
>> once we get the paperwork, and the phone call, you're out. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. that's it. he's going home. >> whoo! whoo! whoo! whoo! whoo! >> get out and do good, man, do the right thing. >> that's for sure. >> all right? stay out. >> okay, i will. >> all right. ♪ >> am i going to miss him? i guess a little bit. the beating and the banging on the doors, that's my favorite headache from him. >> they're going to let me out of the cage. >> he would definitely test people, and he did a lot of things for show. without him being in here, i'm sure some of the other people's reactions to certain things will die down because, you know, they won't be able to feed off of that. >> freedom. i've been waiting for it. but, you know, like i'm just going to take the opportunity as it comes to me, you know. that's how it's going to be. and i'm just ready for it, you know. pretty much ready for it.
11:50 pm
you all think i'm ready for it? obviously i don't think so. i'm walking with people that's ready to shoot me with tasers. >> as stafford waits to be processed out, his immediate plans are still not clear. >> unfortunately, i have to wait till i get out, like in the front to call someone like my brother or my mother or my father or like, you know, my nephews or somebody. wow. >> is there any chance you'll be back? >> no, never, unless i apply for sog. >> he's gotten into a lot of trouble inside jail. so hopefully he can do right, do the right things outside and stay out and do some good in society. >> got to leave the state now. got to leave the state. got to leave the state. i'm going to oakland, california. going to oakland. i'm going to oakland. coming up -- >> every time the door opens, i think he might be there. >> while samantha agee longs to
11:51 pm
see her boyfriend in segregation, josh gohr -- >> are you able to check on that halfway house? >> -- is busy making other plans.
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
samantha agee has been given 15 days in disciplinary segregation for fighting with her friend jessica roberts. but the bigger disappointment for agee is that her boyfriend, josh gohr, walked out of the unit mere hours before she arrived. >> when i got here, i asked somebody if he was still in here. and they were like, who, the white boy used to work in the kitchen? i said, yeah, with all the tattoos. he said, yeah. he's like, no, he left. i said, oh, oh, god, what am i going to do now? >> agee is now on her fourth day in the unit. >> every time the door opens i think he might be there. so everything is like in slow motion.
11:55 pm
and it just sucks not knowing like really what he's doing or what he's thinking. so i wrote him, i was like, yeah. well, if you're getting this letter, i'm probably in 1a. he's a very jealous person, so he knows there's a bunch of dudes down here. and i'm a pretty little white girl and his girlfriend. so he'll be here by tuesday. >> any plans on going down to 1a? >> i don't know. i thought about it. i contemplated it several times. but it just doesn't work out. and if i go, i'll probably piss somebody off and get 30 days, then she'll be out, then i'll be sitting crazy for another 15, 20 days. so i think as of right now with the other things i got going on, you know, i'm probably just going to hang out for a minute. >> were you able to check on that halfway house? >> among the other things gohr has going on is trying to mitigate his current shoplifting charge with good behavior. >> so what i want to do is i want to try to get accepted in
11:56 pm
this program and get in this program. my attorney says the only way i'm most likely going to avoid prison again is a diversion program, in this case would be drug court. >> gohr's also trying to get his old kitchen job back. >> that job means a lot for a person with my legal situation. by having that job, you receive work credit that will be applied to your sentence once you receive your sentence. i've been out there head first in my addiction. retail theft as a sole income. not an honest dollar involved. so i'm looking to obtain the help that i need here. >> meanwhile, gohr has received a letter from samantha agee written just before she fought with jessica roberts and was sent to segregation. >> she will be the reason why i make it down to see you in 1a. you know me, can't stay away too long without seeing you. i'll get to hear your voice at least if you're still down there when i go. you know i love you so much. i'll go to the end of the world for you and back. love you now, always, and
11:57 pm
forever, wifey. she's thinking i'm in lockup. so, she's about to fight this girl to get transferred down there to see me. i give her -- i give her credit for being thorough. >> ten days later, samantha agee would leave segregation and the jail itself without seeing gohr again. agee reached a plea deal with prosecutors to have her first-degree burglary charge reduced to second-degree burglary. she was sentenced to four years in state prison. surveillance footage caught her exit to the prison transfer van. >> i knew if i went to go grab the tv and sell it to the dope man, i could get more drugs. >> agee confessed to burglarizing a home. >> they wouldn't have really like caught me if i didn't drop
11:58 pm
my phone and that's kind of how -- it had my pictures of my kids on the back of the phone. and i knew the people. so i was kind of screwed on that. >> while agee took sole responsibility for the crime, josh gohr now says she was not alone. >> we, to be completely honest, we chose to do something to obtain funds involving a burglary. and -- >> you and samantha? >> yeah, and we went to -- to the place. and due to my negligence, her phone was left outside of the residence. i'd say it probably fell out of the pocket or something, right in the grass. and it was terrible. and i knew it. i felt it fall. i did, and i searched. yeah, i couldn't find it. >> with his past criminal record, a burglary conviction for gohr might have sent him to state prison for a much longer time than agee. >> they would have proceeded with the investigation, they'd have most likely found
11:59 pm
fingerprints, not hers, and that would have roasted me. that would have been the end of me. i got a letter this morning which i guess she must have sent friday morning as she left. she says, you keep telling me you would take my time if you could. but, baby, they wouldn't have given you that kind of time. i let you live so i can live with you when this is over. it's all or nothing. remember that they would have taken all of you from me. i wouldn't be able to live with myself if i knew i could have saved you and i didn't.
12:00 am
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i'm trying to make it easy. >> you're not going to get hurt. >> a distraught inmate is placed in the jail's restraint chair. >> i can't breathe. >> now staff must unravel the mystery of what has him so upset. >> please. >> how much time have you done in this jail? >> 31 years. >> a familiar face struggles to exit the jail's revolving door but there's a catch.


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