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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] and to help you accelerate,ast. we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. > good afternoon, everyone. we're following breaking news out of iraq this afternoon. a state of emergency has been declared in baghdad, as hundreds
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of protesters have climbed over and knocked down some protect of barriers surrounding the city's so-called green zone. many carrying iraqi flags and chanting anti-government slogans as they move into the heavily fortified section of baghdad where many americans and other westerners are based. let go right to the white house. ron allen is standing by for us. what have you learned from administration officials about this? >> the white house and others from the administration are watching this very closely because it's a very dangerous situation. the green zone is in the heart of baghdad, about a four square mile area, it has many foreign embassies in it, includes the u.s. embassy. there are hundreds, if not thousands of protesters trying to take over the government. they are concerned about corruption, waste. they accuse the government of not providing basic services. this is an ongoing protest
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they've been having with the government but this is the first time they have actually breached the security perimeter around the green zone. they appear to be trying to stay there to occupy that area. the big concern that the united states has is, one, about the safety of americans in the embassy and we understand that there is no plan -- no perceived need to evacuate the embassy. the iraqi security forces are responsible for protecting the u.s. embassy and the other foreign missions in that area the other big concern the united states has, though, is that it needs a stable iraqi government in order to continue to keep up the momentum in the fight against isis. this comes at a time when the administration is insisting it's made progress, it has momentum. vice president joe biden was just in iraq earlier this week to meet with the prime minister there, to give him support and help him through this political crisis. the prime has been trying to form a new government. that's been a struggle. there have been protests in the street as well. they need an iraqi government that's stable, that's focused on
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the fight against isis and not distracted by this political chaos. iraq continues to be an unstable and violent and volatile place. earlier today there was also another car bombing that happened that killed as many as 20 people in eastern baghdad. so there's that going on and continues to go on as, again, the iraqi government appears to try to gain control of the situation there in the green zone and throughout the general country as well. >> the green zone is very heavily forified. do we have a perspective on how large the green zone is? i understand these protesters have gone into the iraqi parliament building, how close that is to within the u.s. embassy, if it's within eye shot, if we know if our u.s. embassy employees can see what's going on? >> the green zone is about a four squar mile area in the heart of baghdad. the iraqi parliament building
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sits about a mile or so from where the u.s. embassy is. that government building is the focus of this invasion, this occupation by these protesters. it unclear how much more of the green zone is involved in that, whether protesters have left that particular area and moved out. there are reports of iraqi security forces firing tear gas into the area, to stop the protesters tos d disperse them. again, what we've been hearing from the embassy there and other administration officials is that at this point there's no plans to evacuate the embassy. it appears that the situation there is safe enough as of this moment but, again, it's evolving, perhaps deteriorating, we're not sure. again, it getting late into the night there in iraq and the reports coming out are somewhat sketchy. we've been hearing from the administration all day that they
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think basically this has been a peaceful demonstration, a peaceful protest. and as long as that is the case, there is not grave concern about the fate of americans there in the embassy and other foreign nationals as well. >> thanks for keeping an eye on things for us at the white house, ron allen. >> we have learned in this last hour that donald trump has picked up the endorsement from the last remaining republican in congress who voted against the iraq war, congressman john duncan jr. is also one of the most senior republicans in the house. and while mr. trump is off the campaign trail today, he has it and to twitter to lash out at the protesters who surrounded the convention hotel right before his speech at the party state convention yesterday, telling his followers "the protesters in california were thugs and criminals. many are professionals and should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement." and he quickly slammed
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republican rivals and critics. >> there should be and there has to be unity. now, with that being said, would i win, can i win without it? i think so to be honest. ted cruz, he's a wonderful guy. if he wants to endorse me, that's fine but i don't care. does that make sense to you? a guy like bush, i watched him yesterday on television, you know, knocking me. does he want to endorse me? who knows. i don't care. it not going to have any impact on whether or not we beat hillary clinton. >> john kasich also spoke at the convention before hitting the stage. he touted his recent endorsement by the hispanic chamber of commerce to argue why who is the best nominee for the party. >> do the republicans actually think they can win an election by scaring every hispanic in this country to death, scaring them to the point where they're afraid their families are going to be torn apart and disrupted? do you have any idea what those folks are going to do in a general election?
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how about our friends in the african-american community? how do they feel about this stuff, about this division and separation? ted cruz is getting ready to speak at the party state convention about two hours from now. on the democratic side, sanders and clinton are both off the campaign trail. bernie sanders is getting ready to attend the white house correspondents dinner tonight. >> let's head out west to the republican convention in california, which is taking place right now in burlingame. scott, just a day after we saw all of those trump anti- anti-proteste anti-protesters. >> reporter: right. we will hear ted cruz a couple of hours from now. if there's one thing that can
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energize california republicans, it the idea that they matter and they do this year. the fact that all of the major candidates are appearing at this convention is not something, this idea of party unity. he says he can win with or without it. others not so sure. we talked to some of the delegates that are here, a trump supporter believing that people will ultimately rally behind his business acumen, a cruz supporter saying cruz is best to unify the party because he'll appeal to the party's core principles. let's listen to both. >> as a small time business person developer, i know that donald trump will be able to build america just like he rebuilt the commodore hotel. >> it seems to me that i think that most republicans and conservatives would find it very easy to unify behind senator cruz because he stands for the things that most republicans and conservatives stand for. i don't think a lot of the
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people voting for maybe some of the other candidates are the kind of people that are actually going to even go vote in a general election. >> now, unlike a lot of state party conventions, there are no delegate selections going on here. this is more of an organizing event/pep rally. the real prize june 7th with a whopping 172 gel delegates at stake. >> alex? >> and it could all be decided right there. joining me now is ann guerin. always good to see you, anne. let's talk about what hillary did, which is add an event tomorrow ahead of tuesday's primary. they show her beating bernie sanders. even if she loses, what difference could that make to her delegate count? >> they added this event tomorrow in indianapolis after having given signals that she
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had made her argument in indiana and they were going to let the chinese fall where th chips fall where they may. they have been lowering expectations of indiana, they say if she wins, it will be very close. sanders people say they think they can win there. all of that said, it will have negligible impact on the actual state of the race after the indiana vote, if sanders were to edge her out, she would still be nearly 300 delegates ahead of him in the overall count. it won't matter much. he will then probably go on to win in west virginia and kentucky, which will be added momentum but again, it won't have much difference on the overall count. >> let me play for you what
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president clinton said, defending his wife's handling of the benghazi attack while secretary of state. >> they had just one hearing on it just like when we lost hundreds of people in four terrorist incidents in 16 months when president reagan was in office in lebanon, we had a patriot speaker of the house named tip o'neill. they had one hearing. one. and they didn't play politics with it. >> and do you think benghazi is going to haunt secretary of state in the general election the way many thought that it might when she first launched her campaign? >> you know, it does feel like the issue has faded as a kind of topic of every day conversation. that said, it is still a huge rallying point on the republican side. it will continue to be an issue in the campaign because the republicans will continue to make it an issue for her.
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i think bill clinton's point there is that there is no greater evidence in his mind that benghazi is only about politics at this point than the fact that there have been multiple hearings, multiple investigations and the final report that we're all waiting for from the house select committee on what is likely to be a pretty swift general election nomination for her. if that report were to come out before the nominating convention in july, democrats will say that it is only in an effort to damage her. if it were to wait until after july, i think they'll make a similar argument that, hey, wait a minute, you've had two years to do this, why are we doing it with single-digit months left to the election. >> okay. and i know that one of your colleagues, you joined your colleague reporting on trump attacking clinton with his woman card comments. as we look ahead to the general
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election, which for the first time could be fought between a man and a woman, how are the campaign's gender wars going to play out? >> well, we're really starting to see certainly come into the open that had been really more of the subtext of this race until now. clearly hillary clinton is on path to be the first major party presidential nominee who is a woman. we've never had that happen before. all of the candidates left standing for some time now on the republican side were men so it was clear that you were going to have an election one against the other. that said, it took trump's kind of alpha male performance this past week and talking repeatedly about the woman card to really bring that into the fore. what's happening from there is that the clinton people are expressing a certain amount of delight at this and trying to
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have fun with it. they've produced their own pink plastic woman cards which you can get if you donate to the campaign and so forth and trying to make the campaign that, okay, if donald trump wants to have an argument about sexism and privilege in american politics in the context of whether a woman is electable, then that's a conversation they want to have. >> but in a brand new survey monkey/nbc poll, 51% of women say they've experienced gender-based discrimination. so to what extent can she focus on the gender issue without hurting her chances. >> that's one they haven't fully answered. turning out the electorate to vote is key. she still has a problem with the
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younger women, we've seen consistently in. >> what about after the fact when all is said and done? bernie sanders has been saying hillary clinton is going to have to reach out to his supporters on her own, unlike what we saw in '08 when clinton ended up supporting barack obama, how much does hillary clinton need sanders' backers and need him to tell them supporter? >> she definitely needs his backers and she would like his personal and direct support in doing that. but the clinton campaign is also banking on the fact that there's really nowhere else for those best supporters to go. the and they don't see that would be for a republican so
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kind of esent actually would come home is the phrase that being said, there is a certain amount of irritation on the china sanders is saying her responsibility, not his, to make any unifying effort later. >> thanks. >> and it more than meets the eye. we'll talk about it ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore?
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minds in the hoosier state? let's go to ron mott. what are you hearing? any updates in the last hour? any changing in the minds? >> reporter: hi there, alex. i'm hearing a lot of groans because i was just given groans because i told them i had never seen "star wars" and groans. >> what? >> a lot of people coming to this convention for comic-con. we are trying to find voters supporting the five candidates left in this race. we've managed to do that with this trio. we've got don, we've got scott and gil. so tell us who you are, your costume and then who are you voting for? >> rorschach from the "watchman"
10:21 am
movie and i'm kind of on the line between hillary and bernie. >> what's going to decide on tuesday for you? what's the one issue that is going to take you one way or another? >> i need to just watch and review some of the stuff that they're talking about and kind of decide on trying to make a decision on some of the different points at that they're talking about. >> gotcha. we've got a donald trump supporter here. >> guy fox from v for vendetta. >> why do you think he would make an effective president? >> because he's saying just what he thinks and he can't be bought off. i think he'll do good. >> okay. gil over here in the sharp red threads, gil has already voted, early voting here in indiana. who did you vote for? >> i voted early, voted for donald trump and i voted for him because he's hard hitting, he's insightful.
10:22 am
>> what concerns do you have as a republican? i presume you're a republican, that your party may not come back together if he's the nominee. >> i think both parties are going to be reestablished after he's nominated. i think both the republican and democratic parties need to be reset. >> this seems to be one of those election identification. >> there you go. we have the double here in indianapolis. back to you. >> these are definitely different perspectives and that you offered the last hour. you found a couple of trump supporters and someone who might be voting for hillary clinton. can i ask you about the "star wars" thing? you've seriously never seen a "star wars" movie? >> i have not. i was just not into that as a kid. you should have heard the groans over there when i told them i've
10:23 am
never seen one of those movies. >> when you next come to new york, we're going to have a date, we're going to watch a "star wars" movie, even if it's at my house, we're going to do it. >> let's do it. it's a date. >> can donald trump bring manufacturing jobs back to america? that's next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me
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millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. well, today marks the 15th anniversary of comcast cares day. it's happening all across the u.s. in 20 countries around the world. it began here in new york city in harlem. among those helping out, actresses from nbc's "the black list" and "house of cards." >> it's pretty great. i think it can't be underestimated how a building and how a school, how a park, how it looks affects a community and how it affects the psyche of
10:27 am
a community. and i think it's really inspiring to see people actually caring about it and puing their hands into it. >> it's so important to be a part of and an active member in your community. we're helping making an extraordinary difference for the children here today and it's fun and easy to get involved. this is a great way to spend a saturday. >> and here's the best part. hundreds of sojourner truth school kids will return from spring break and find a newly beautified school. and joining are global citizen and red nose day. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal and msnbc. we're very proud to be a part of it, especially on this day. >> two candidates and both agree they must find ways to get businesses to keep jobs here in the u.s. >> there will be consequences for the companies that leave the united states only to exploit it
10:28 am
later. they fire the people, they take advantage of the united states, there will be consequences for those companies. >> if corporate america wants us to buy their products, they have got to start manufacturing those products in indiana, in vermont, in america, not just in mexico or in china. >> let's bring in ball state university economics professor michael hicks. professor hicks, welcome to you. thank you for joining me. let's talk first about outsourcing of jurorobs, which n issue in indiana, because of the possible closing of the plant that could cost about 1,400 jobs. what can be done about this?
10:29 am
>> not a thing. the manufacturing job losses that we see are because we're far more productive than we were last decade or the decades before. i think it's important for everybody to know that 2015 was the record manufacturing production year, both in volume and in dollar adjusted value in both the u.s. and indiana. so we don't have a manufacturing production problem. we just have a lot fewer people doing it. >> so, professor, when you hear a candidate likes donald trump saying things are going to have to change, is that something that falls under the president's jurisdiction? i mean, what could he do were he to get to the oval office? you just said not a darn thing. >> i think it's really troubling to hear a politician talk about jobs in way. we like jobs. jobs are important. but the united states since we last peaked manufacturing has created more than 80 million new jobs. we're doing great job with job
10:30 am
creation but we're down about 7 million manufacturing jobs. a president doesn't have any tools in his tool box to bring jobs back. we haven't lost jobs. we have more jobs than we've ever had before. what really is at issue is how do we match workers with the skills that they can have better paying jobs. >> so specifically, sir, the latest job numbers show the economy added nearly a quarter of million jobs in march but to your point, some of the sectors fell. >> overall, it's a reasonably healthy employment market. manufacturing and production is far worse in europe.
10:31 am
china, they dropped from 44% to 32% of employment, so the real issue is can we make sure that middle class workers who before were on the production line can find some other employment option in another sector. that's really the public policy challenge, not fighting a trade war with mexico. >> taking donald trump's words from the campaign trail, he's talked about imposing tariffs up to 45% to countries like mexico and china. >> i think that would be devastating. today only about a third of all the goods that we by are manufactured, so we're biography services, your show, education, entertainment. this would drive up the cost of
10:32 am
manufactured goods but i think more importantly, and indiana is a great place to think about it, it would clobber manufacturing. we are exporting automobiles and high-end avionics, medicine and artificial joints, importing happy meal and if there were to be a tariff, we won't see transition into low value added goods. >> ball state university economics professor michael hicks, sir, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> bernie sanders is going to a big party in washington tonight. that's ahead. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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green zone. it happened this afternoon as they were scaling protective barricades and occupying that nation's parliament building. the government has declared a state of emergency. the protesters, you are see them carrying flags. they've been chanting anti-government slogans. most of them were non-violent. let's bring in retired army colonel jack jacobs. let's talk about the main concerns in baghdad right now. what would they be that would spawn this type of demonstration? >> well, everyone's concerned about breaching the walls, the security around the green zone where the american embassy is located and other government buildings are located. so this is a problem principally for personal safety. but it also demonstrates that the governing power of the central government in iraq has -- well, not completely fallen apart but it's eroded considerably. the people who are storming the
10:37 am
green zone right now are complaining about poor government, corruption and so on, but one of the motivations behind all this are the exhortations of al sadr, how he spent the war in tehran and that when the war was over, if there wasn't a strong central government, he would be back again. well, he's back again. this falls on top of the concern that we have about the isis bombings earlier today. it certainly does look like there's absolutely no government control of anyplace, certainly not even in baghdad now in iraq. >> very quickly, jack, with regard to u.s. embassy personnel, other westerners that there are in the baghdad area, is there any concern for their safety right now? >> well, there are marines in the embassy, but the actual places where they live, where the staff lives is away from the
10:38 am
center of this demonstration. there is always concern and we do have contingency plans to evacuate american personnel if it becomes too much of a danger. >> colonel jack jacobs, thank you very much. on the heels of that, let's bring in california democrat, congressman brad sherman, a senior member of the foreign affairs committee and sits on the terror subcommittee. sir, thank you for joining me. very quickly before we get to presidential politics, i do want to ask you about what's happening in iraq. how serious is it, in your mind, that the perimeter of the green zone has been breached? >> it's one of many factors that demonstrates that iraq is poorly governed. you've got a sectarian regime in baghdad with corruption that faces not on isis, it ought to have better relations with the kurds. it has not reached out to the
10:39 am
sunnis. this is a government that's in some trouble. not because of today. today just reflects that it's in trouble. >> congressman, let's move on to presidential politics here as this week we saw donald trump laying out his foreign policy agenda. in his speech, he not only attacked the obama administration's policy on isis but as the bush administration's policy on nation building in the middle east. do you have any thoughts on that? >> he's a very bad spokesperson. a broken clock is right a couple times a day. we can no longer ignore the burden sharing issue. when japan wants us to defend their islands, you would think they would be defending their islands as well but they have a hard ceiling of 1% of their gdp that they're willing to spend on defense. likewise this huge trade deficit, i know you had the professor on just a few minutes
10:40 am
ago. we cannot ignore the fact that we're importing half a trillion dollars more goods every year than we're exporting. it does hurt jobs. it has reduced wages, prevented wages from rising and all three presidential candidates have focused on the fact that our current trade policy needs a replacement. >> as you know, yesterday in your home state and mine i should add, mr. trump turned back to his domestic agenda. how will his proposals play in the state? >> the republican electorate, it will play well but that's 25% of the state. my own sense indicates he'll do better than either of his opponents in california. whether he goes to the convention with 1,237 is hard to judge at this time and indiana
10:41 am
being winner take all may turn out to be as important as california. >> protesters forced the candidate to enter on foot. in a tweet today donald trump wrote "the protesters in california were thugs and criminals, they should be dealt strongly by officials, many in law enforcement. what do you think of his response? >> he's doing what you'd expect him to do to rally his base. and i think the protesters did donald trump a favor. those people who already hate donald trump don't need to be persuaded in november. but if trump can say that -- can juxtapose himself not with hillary clinton, who i think would be a very good american president, but juxtapose himself with violent demonstrators attacking a cop car and police officers, then he can create a
10:42 am
picture that will help him get elected. so as someone who has won 25 or so elections, i'm -- i think that the demonstrators may have met their own psychological needs but they're not helping us keep trump out of the white house. >> congressman brad sherman there in california. congratulations on 25 elections. that's something to be very proud of, sir. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> celebrities and politicians and reporters all rubbing elbows tonight at the white house. it will be president obama's last chance to poke fun at the press corps. >> a few years ago dick cheney said he thinks i'm the worst president of his lifetime. which is interesting because i think dick cheney is the worst president of my lifetime. >> the coverage starts tonight
10:43 am
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really hard. three days until the anticipated indiana primary, which will be a crucial test for republican ted cruz in his quest to halt donald trump's momentum. i'm joined now by reporter nicky kelly. let's start with the donald trump and bernie sanders campaigns. talk to me about the nature of crowds turning out to see these candidates. who are these people? what are the demographics? >> reporter: for bernie sanders' campaign, it's a much younger group so far. they've been held on college campuses -- all but one of them have been held on college campuses. at donald trump's rallies, they're a little bit older, more men than women. you know, i was saying the other day that one thing to notice that's really different about them, you can learn a lot is
10:47 am
donald trump's rallies you start with the pledge, you start with the prayer. bernie sanders rallies, not so much. you're going straight into politics and voter suppression and trade imbalances and he's really firing up the youth vote. >> what are the issues that you sense are registering the most with either campaign? >> well, the jobs issue here is registering due to the loss of jobs from carrier. i think a lot of people are just mad about it. and so, you know, mr. trump keeps bringing it up at rallies. several i've been to with him he'll yell out, hey, is there anyone here who worked at carrier? people yell out, yeah, i worked there 17 years, 20 years, 25 years so that seems to be hitting a cord. >> i can imagine. and let's look at a couple republican polls in indiana. one shows trump leading cruz by just 2 points and the other shows trump leading cruz by 9.
10:48 am
so the latest on the polls that you're seeing there in indiana is what? and do you get a sense of any clearer momentum? >> i really don't. part of the problem with the polling is there have been a couple things that changed. we had the so-called alliance that broke at the beginning of the week and then the carly fiorina announcement. it's hard to tell at a what point all the polls are catching these people. everyone agrees it's going to be tight. it's certainly within the margin of error in most of the polls i've seen. >> what about the early voting, absentee voting as well, do you have a sense of what impact either of those things will have on the primary? >> i think we've had almost 120,000 people vote already. and i did this morning, in fact. there are some people who had voted for kasich already before the big deal was announced who were kind of perturbed about the whole thing. i was talking to a political
10:49 am
scientist yesterday, he said with the governor's endorsement of ted cruz, there still could be 5% to -- >> and what about the government's endorsement of ted cruz, while also speaking nicely about donald trump? >> yes, he was walking a bit of a tightrope there. it could affect his own reelection campaign. he is calling it an endorsement. >> oh, he is. okay. >> there were already ads out last night using mike pence's words, various pacs are using the interview, as well as the ted cruz campaign himself. >> thank you, niki. >> thank you. >> it's a call to action to stop donald trump. what he's urging them to do if
10:50 am
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it is crunch time for the stop trump movement. the indiana primary is tuesday. ted cruz is banking on a win in the state to halt trump's momentum. but this morning a new op-ed is going even further. george will penned a new piece titled "is trump is nominated the gp must keep him out of the white house." joining me now, matt welch. nice to see you again. i want to ask you about this stop trump movement overall. why hasn't it been more successful? >> this has been a heavy anti-establishment year, the never trump people, some are perceived to be part of the establishment, some of them are or they have been republicans and conservative in good standing for a long time. they have never at any point in the campaign had more than a
10:54 am
third of the vote. so the never trump crowd, to extent they bleed oefrd with the jaeb bush people, the marco rubio people, kasich people, they just haven't had the numbers in this whole thing and their strategies, even before trump became a gleam in the eye of trump, their strategies have been deliberately and ineffectively designed to blunt any kind of grass roots uprise in the gop for a long time. they've built up a lot of negative will among gop voters for a while and trump is an avatar of the backlash of that. >> i want to bring you to more of the op ed. here's the quote, a convention sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of appear plural ity of voters. many of the people voting for
10:55 am
trump feel disfranchised. isn't this playing right into trump's hand? >> sure. and it definitely would if they rewrote the rules of the convention in such a way so that someone other than ted cruz would plausibly win on a second sore third ballot. the rules as they exist right now, you have to get at least six states, have won six states to qualify. if they rewrote those rules, it's going to be total bloody chaos. but there are rules. to me what was striking about will's column beside the language, is that he says it's up to good conservative to fight to make sure trump loses all 50 states. this is the most syndicated columnist in america last time i checked, advocating that the republicans make sure that the republican nominee lose everywhere, to make it worse than mcgovern in '72.
10:56 am
this's going to be an interesting fight and a lot of people on the trump side are going to call this a stab in the back. >> trump is just shy of the 1237 delegates needed and he's denied the nomination. ted cruz or someone else securing the nomination on a second or third ballot, what kind of reaction are we going to see from those who voted for trump? >> i think we would see actual violence in cleveland. at this point we've seen enough violence around the trump campaign that we'd see some knocking around of heads. but we'd also see a lot of trump supporters sit home or not vote in a general election. but that's going to happen anyway. all of the recent exit polls in various states shown that supporter of any gop candidates are expecting to sit home in the other guy wins, or vote for hillary clinton. that split is to happen likely.
10:57 am
if they somehow nominate marco rubio, my god, there would been an absolute runaway. but my argument is that it pretty much already has been. the question is the details of how that gets expressed the most. >> matt, thank you so much. that wraps up this hour. up next the panel discussing the hillary clinton and donald trump. i'm alex witt. have a great saturday. racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve
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