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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts. powerful analytics driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. ♪ good afternoon. we begin with breaking news out of baghdad where the city is under a state of emergency after anti-corruption protesters stormed the parliament and attacked a senior lawmaker there. the protests inside the parliament are still going on. let's get the latest. joining me now is my colleague ron allen at the white house and via phone is a middle east correspondent for "the wall street journal." let's begin with you, matt. the white house obviously m
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monitoring the situation. what's the latest? >> reporter: as far as we know the u.s. embassy has not been evacuated. they have not felt the need to do that. unclear how many personnel are there now. there's obviously a marine guard there and the iraqi forces are maintaining security for the many foreign missions in the green zone. as you know, this is the most fortified part of a very violent city and it's been that way for the better part of stefrl years now ap and yarl another situation where this fortress has been breeched, let alone breached by hundreds if not thousands of protesters who are demanding fundamental change and a complete overhaul of the government, corruption about waste, not providing basic services to residents, and these are protests that have been building for weeks and months and culminated in this led by a
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popular local cleric who is inciting and encouraging the masses to just basically try to take down this government. there was supposed to be a parliament meeting this morning and that has not happened because of what's going on now all day and into the night. unclear of what the protesters intent is. from the united states perspective, this is a worst case nair jo. the united states is very strongly wants a stable iraqi government in place. vice president biden was just there a few days ago to support the prime minister who has been under political siege for some time now. the united states sees this as a time when it has turned the page, it has some momentum in the fight against isis which still controls vast amounts of iraq but it wants the government focused on that, not niered in this political drama that is playing out. that's why the vice president went. that's why the secretary of state went.
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that's why the secretary of defense went to baghdad all in the past month or so. and as you know, the u.n. just spent an additional 200 troops to the fight in iraq in the last couple of weeks. so this coming at a critical time for u.s. foreign policy, for the u.s. fight against isis and it appears that the government, by some accounts really needs to put back that invasion to maintain its legitimacy and credibility. it's a terrible sign that the heart of baghdad, a city of millions of people, such a heavily fortified protected area. and now for more thn a decade has been breached. > . >> stay with us for a second. i want to pick up on that point and bring in matt bradley who has been covering this as well as been to baghdad many times. let's talk about the political context in what led these protesters to storm the
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parliament. give us a sense -- i know you've spent a lot of time on the ground there. this is one of the most fortified areas in the middle east with the embassies, the missions that are there with the seed of iraqi government. how important is it that these profes protesters managed to breach this green dome and what are the implications of that? does that mean the collapse of the iraqi government politically? >> i don't think this nescy means the imminent collapse of the iraqi government. but you've been to iraq many times and you can appreciate out fortified and formidable the green dome is. the idea that these ordinary people were able to push their way into what is essentially a palace that's off limits for so many iraqis. and so many in iraq see this place as a back street of corruption and the center of everything that's wrong with this country.
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the symbolism here is incredible. we're seeing images of people who are in parliament, sitting in parliament chairs, they're pretending, they're taking selfies of themselves, pretending to be the speaker of parliament. this is a major couple up ans. this is the shee eye urban poor. for them to breach the walls, walk through and walths in and take their own seats in parliament, it's a very heavy moment. >> how much of this do you think is directed by the movement? is it being organized and coordinated by the leadership or is this a populous angry movement of the protesters that is narrow to his followers? is there a broad coalition of
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political support behind these protesters? >> this is really no person in iraq, other than the supreme shiite religious authority who could rally these kinds of numbers at this speed and have them essentially do his bidding. the man many americans will recognize as one of the foremost opponents is trying to reinvent himself as a political reformer, as a populous crusader pushing for political reform as opposed to his old reincarnation, a major opponent of american occupation of iraq. this is not necessarily orchestrated moment to moment by sodder. and the risk is this can get away from him and his control. this afternoon he issued a statement basically saying, don't invade any private property, do do anything that would damage people or damage private property.
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the fact is when he issued that statement, all of that stuff has essentially been done. so he has this plausible deniability where he can wreak havoc and stand back and say hold on, this is the mob. this isn't me. it's a dangerous position for one man to have. he can have the ability to call out huge numbers and then try to pretend he doesn't have responsibility over the outcome. >> a very volatile situation that we'll be following throughout the course of the afternoon. thanks to both. turning down to politics here in the u.s. new reports of a key endorsement from california's former governor pete wilson to come next hour at the california republican state convention. ted cruz will speak there at 3:00 p.m. eastern. it's the same event where yesterday protesters temporarily prevented donald trump from entering the building. governor john kasich has just taken the stage in a town hall in san jose.
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this has stop trump forces have have 72 hours to halt the front runner in his tracks. 57 delegates are at stake for the republicans in the hoosier state which means a trump victory would bring the canned dit that much closer to the magic number. former president bill clinton is hitting the trail. moments ago he visited a restaurant in indiana between events but not before urging indiana voters to head to the polls on tuesday. >> i hope you'll drag people out there on tuesday and i hope indiana will stay with her because she will stay with you. >> let's start with that breaking political news about an endorsement ted cruz is expected to receive within the hour. we're in burling ham where the republican convention is under way. ted cruz is set to take the stage there in an hour. let's touch base with vonn. let's talk about what we know about the former governor pete
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wilson and why he might be appearing today before the california gop. >> reporter: this is big for ted cruz. we expect to hear from pete wilson in the next hour when ted cruz addresses the crowd, the same crowd that donald trump addressed yesterday. pete wilson is significant because he's popular among republicans which of course is minority now at least here in the state. pete wilson passed really the first statewide immigration bill, barring undocumented immigrants from using medical services in the state, even educational institutions. it was ultimately found to be unconstitutional. but still 20 years later immigration is still a factor here, especially for the republicans in the state. and when you're looking at notable republican figures, pete wilson is among the top. the last time there was a statewide election in which a primary was competitive was back in 2010 when carly fiorina, the new running mate for ted cruz
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was running for the senate along with meg whitman. really over the last six years you haven't seen competitive republican races here. you're looking at california and their significance. they vote june 7th in the state. 52 districts are sending three delegates each. suddenly that means, that a nancy pelosi district in the t san francisco area has just after h as much importance as a kevin mccarthy district, or irvine, orange county, they have just as much significance. what you're seeing here today, ted cruz is addressing the areas even where in the democratic districts have a say this time around. >> all right. nbc vonn hill yard for us in san francisco. thank you for that. well turning now to indiana, ron moth is in indianapolis with
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less than 27 hours until the all important primaries that could reach the democrat and republican races. i know you've spent most of the time at the indiana comic-con. you've introduced every chak ter that there is in all of the superhero franchises. what are some of the comic fans talking to you about, the issues they're concerned about and who they may be supporting come tuesday? >> reporter: well, i think they're talking about the same issues we're hearing from people who are not dressing in costumes. we've been hanging out here all day. a lot of these folks are from outside of indiana so they won't be participating in this big election coming up on tuesday. but we have found two who are from here, one is beautifully dressed and the other is, well, let's see. i don't know how you describe this. this is lauren, this is jonathan. and they're both in the performance community, actor and actor in training. >> yes. >> reporter: you have made your
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decision about who you're voting for. >> correct. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> sanders. no. trump. >> reporter: why does he win your support in. >> he's just a radical. feel like if we're going to make a change, let's make a radical change. for me he's been around, his family thaz been in business for a loing too many. we need somebody who understands big business. i think our foreign affairs is weaker. bit's a radical change. >> reporter: you think the country is in need of that? >> we've been in a world that we're trying to be too conservative at the same time. i don't like war. so i'm not in support of that. but what we do here in america, he's really about what we're doing here in our own country versus worrying about somewhere else. >> reporter: lauren, how about you? who are you voting for on tuesday? >> i'm voting for bernie. >> reporter: why does bernie get your support in. >> i think the youth needs
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somebody like bernie. after the housing burs and the situations with the mortgages, they never refinanced interest loan rates for colleges and student debt. i think it's weird that we have to put ourselves in debt and then get out and try to get ahead. i think we have issues that haven't balanced. the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. we need somebody that's aggressive. >> reporter: this is a largely bernie crowd we've discovered. are the bernie supporters going to show up in the polls in november if secretary clinton is the nominee. >> i don't think hillary is not qualified. bernie has for passion and would work with each party on an equal level. i think hillary can be a little dockier and a little more hard headed. i think in the sense of balance making a decision behind the table, it would be bernie. hillary has a good shot as well.
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>> reporter: they're about to be judged for the best contest here. expecting up to 40,000 people here. there's one thing we should report. hillary clinton had not planned to come no indiana in advance of the primary but the campaign sent word out that she will in fact cam pine tomorrow. perhaps she's been watching msnbc today and realized that a lot of these characters are bernie supporters and maybe she wants to have a chance to talk to them before tuesday. >> ron moth in indianapolis. let's take you live to san francisco california where john kasich is holding a town hall now. he's talking about his own strategy. let's listen in. >> it was a quiet acquire earlier in the day. [ laughter ] >> and i really spiced it up. [ laughter [ laughter ] you know what i told them? i said i know i'm here. this is the meeting of the republican party of the state of california. just understand the republican
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party is my vehicle and not my master. because why would i be having anybody try to tell me what to do. after all the stuff i'm doing is just nuts anyway. if you're not going to do it to the fullest extent -- and if you start playing games, you lose your people. the team says, you know, x company ain't what it used to be. and we want to keep this company fresh and keep it exciting and innovative and based on opportunity. so it's been really cool. and now i'm running for president with the same ideas, the same initiatives to give people a chance to rise and most particularly to begin fixing this economy because it is just really terrible, and deal with our debt, and deal with this crazy tax system, and make the government work, and give more power back to where we live. and then the other thing that i would just tell you very quickly
11:16 am
is, don't be waiting for somebody to come solve your problems. the economy is one thing. you know, that's a $19 trillion debt and -- >> you're looking at live pictures op john kasich talking in san jose, california. meanwhile this week, the front runners on both sides are eyeing a show down. trump stands by controversial comments made earlier this week about secretary clinton playing the woman card. joining me now to discuss is msnbc political analyst jonathan alder, and national political reporter for bloomberg politics. thank you for joining us this afternoon. let me begin with you. according to our own nbc survey, 51% of women have experienced gender based discrimination. this morning the clinton sent
11:17 am
out its third appeal. is trump going into dangerous territory with some of the comments he's made? >> absolutely. it's completely idiotic. it's disgusting. you cannot win a general election if 75% of american women oppose you and that's what four out of five american women oppose trump. if he is chosen as the nominee, republicans will lose this election. i think hillary clinton is completely right to exploit trump's poor choice of women and his attitudes that are out of the stone age. >> suffolk university poll shows clinton beating trump by 11 points in the general election. yesterday trump had this to say about party unity in california. take a listen. >> there should be and there has to be unity. now with that being said, would
11:18 am
i win, can i win without it? i think so, to be honest, i think so. >> so do you think he's right, can he win without the full backing of the party and all of the resources and benefits of a united republican party in. >> i doubt it. i doubt he can win without the sort of republican party unity. remember, republicans have a disadvantage in the electoral college. as long as the states that have voted democratic all century long continue to vote democrat in 2016, trump is going to have an uphill climb. and the point about women and his attitude is very important. this sun with thing that the clinton campaign sees as a ticket to disqualify him. he has a path to victory through states in the belt if he ups his share of the white vote. but you can't do that if you're not upping your share of the white women vote. he's's alienated them to a significant extent.
11:19 am
he's going to have to do with them what he did with a lot of other republican primary voter, significantly up his favorables and he's got a steep hill to climb and the clinton campaign is going to do everything they can to make sure he doesn't do that. >> a lot are starting to look at who hillary clinton could possibly nominate as a vice president. the a.p. is reporting on the clinton campaign search for a vice president. they're debating whether it's more important to select a strong liberal champion from the rust belt to cut into trump's advantage with working class white men or to acknowledge her support with minority voters with a historic history making pick. u ye eugene robinson maid the pick for elizabeth warren. >> i think elizabeth war rent
11:20 am
does both. she gets the sanders' supporters who would be enthusiastic about the ticket. a quarter of the supporters are unthuzias tick about voting for hillary clinton. might not vote for her at all which would be harmful to her especially once amnesia sets in about some of donald trump's statements. things he says now might not haunt him five months from now. she's going to need all of the support she can get. she gives her the sanders' voters and doubles down on the history making part of it. and i think too often hillary clinton is seen as more of a clinton than a woman, unless he's under attack by donald trump. if you eliminate elizabeth warren and do what her husband did in 1992 when he ran with al gore, you double down on the ticket, you create enormous energy and i think real momentum
11:21 am
for the ticket. the challenge is that there's some uncertainty about how well they would work together in the white house. because you also have bill cl t clinton in the mix there. might not be sure that elizabeth warren would not talk publicly about her. there are a lot of factor to consider. >> at least donald trump said he's going to make a play for sanders' supporters. here's how clinton looked at that >> we're going to reach out to sanders' supporters as well. i don't see how the calculation adds up. we have so much mmp in common an far more in common than they do with donald trump or any republican. >> do you think that donald trump could make inroads with sanders' supporter, particularly among independents looking for issues on trade and the economy
11:22 am
favorably in trump's positions? >> definitely. i think that's somewhere trump can make inroads and tack to clinton's left where she supported and a half that and tpt until she suddenly didn't support the prask trade deal. but the youth supporters who have behind bernie saud sanders, i do not see that going to trump at all. i don't see the youth vote going for a backwards thinking leaders. >> thank you very much. we're going to have to leave it at that. donald trump may hope to wrap up the republican nomination can california's primary. but will some of his recent comments especially about immigration come back to haunt him in the state? we're going to ask a california insider when he joins us next. a programming note. you can watch president obama's final white house correspondents' dinner live tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time.
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welcome back everyone. i want to update you on a story rebought you earlier this hour. we've confirmed that former governor pete wilson will endorse ted cruz in the next hour. joining me now is michael finnegan, political writer for the los angeles times. nbc news confirmed that former governor pete wilson will endorse ted cruz later today. what would such an endorsement mean for the ted cruz campaign right now? >> it's an asset. pete wilson is kind of a good housekeeping sale of approval for republicans in a primary in california. he's popular among republicans. the trouble with a pete wilson endorsement, his hard stand on illegal immigration is used against him with latino voters. but that's not the issue here. the only important thing is the
11:27 am
republican voters right now. >> how will this play in california, as opposed to having california's own carly fiorina on cruz's side. could this be a mute point on tuesday if ynd goes to donald trump? >> fiorina could help with the republican voters but that's about it. and same with wilson. but the problem that cruz has is if trump is just too popular and his overrecall media campaign is too strong, it won't matter heen just liekt hasn't mattered in some states. we'll see how trump is doing by the time californians start voting. >> donald trump is leading in california by single digits. what does it look like on the ground from forces you've been speaking to? >> california is a good micro
11:28 am
ch kozment of the country. his message on illegal immigration is very strong among republican voters in california, especially in southern california. it's animated republican voters in california for decades. it's going to be hard for cruz to overcome that. he's got a strong campaign organization with a grass roots network that's helping him out. and in the state of california that's going to matter because a lot of the delegates are awarded by congressional district. if you can get into districts all over the state with targeted outreach, you could do -- you could pick up some delegates in california. >> let's talk a little bit on the democratic side. hillary clinton holds the lead but bernie sanders is beginning to close the gap a little bit. is there a path to victory for bernie sanders in california? >> it's difficult. you know, hillary clinton won california easily when she was running against barack obama in 2008.
11:29 am
she's very popular among latino democrats. sanders here is very popular with the young voters. she's got a base that's plenty large. but it's going to be really tough for bernie sanders to beat her here in california. >> if you can give aus little bit, i know you know the california politics bt better t anyone else. when was the last time california was in this position? >> i know on the republican side it's decades. it's been a long long time. and people have been hungry for a competitive presidential primary in california for many years and it looks like it's finally here. >> looks like they're about to get it for both parties. thank you very much. thanks for joining us. thanks a lot. well if you're joining us now we're following breaking news, baghdad is under a state of emergency this evening after protesters stormed parliament and attacked a senior lawmaker. the protesters are loyal to
11:30 am
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hillary clinton's campaign just announced that she'll be heading to indianapolis tomorrow, a detail from her recent focus on the general election and potential rival donald trump. meanwhile bill clinton was in indiana where he directly took on an issue hillary clinton is bound to face in the election. the issue of benghazi. >> no secretary of state makes security decisions. here's 29 things that ought to be done. she said i will take responsibility for implementing them. should have been the end of the story. expect congress should have had one hearing on it. just like when we lost hundreds of people in four terrorists incidents in 16 months when president reagan was in office in lebanon, we had a patriot speaker of the house named tip
11:34 am
o'neal, they had one hearing. one. and they didn't play politics with it. >> msnbc's alex sites walled joins us with the latest on the democratic primary. what do we make of hillary clinton's detour to indiana. i understand this wasn't originally on her schedule. it seems like a last minute change of plans. >> it was just announced this afternoon. i think for the clinton campaign it's a chance to win another state on the cheap. they've basically said that, you know, the primary is over, they've stopped spending money on television advertising. but then they take a look at the polls and see they're ahead in indiana. bernie sanders just pulled out his own television advertise in the state. so that is probably a sig that she's not feeling confident there. they figures if they can send her in, pull off one more state, maybe it helps her unify the party. and it will test a theory that
11:35 am
now that the race is looking like it's heading toward the conclusion, maybe sanders supporters stay home or people kind of want to vote for the winner. >> and do you think that bill clinton's remarks on the benghazi committee, can we expect the clinton campaign to handle the issue during the general election a bit differently? was this a try run to test the issue with the critics? >> it's always going to be in the background as we head into the general election, put off to the side in a primary. but i haven't seen a whole lot of evidence that it can move the votes. it breaks down along partisan lines. they're going to have to deal with it and i think yeah, you're going to start see them testing the messages 0 how to respond to it in the next couple of months. >> appreciate that update. next it's the one can't miss speech the president gives every year, the white house
11:36 am
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back everyone. stop trump forces descending on indiana, john kasich and ted cruz have set their sights on california. 172 delegates are up for grabs in the state, the majority of which are awarded by congressional district. kasich is holding a town hall in san jose, california right now. he made light of his speech at the california republican convention in the tul much chul events outside. >> i spoke yesterday at the republican convention. it with us a very quiet affair earlier in the day. [ laughter ] and i really spiced it up. >> meanwhile we're watching that california republican convention stage right now where in just
11:40 am
minutes ted cruz is set to be joined by former governor pete wilson. nbc news confirmed that wilson will be endorsing ted cruz at that event. let's bring in scott cone who is there now. what's the buzz like on the ground ahead of the endorsement? >> reporter: well, you know, one of the issues that they face here is trying to unify this party when all is said and done. and if there's an issue they're going to unify around, it's illegal immigration. that's something that donald trump obviously is talking about and ted cruz is going to try to up the ante here by bring in the endorsement of pete wilson. he hasn't been governor for 17 years but one of his signature issues was immigration. ultimately it was overturned. but people who are passionate about this issue see that as something of importance and pete wilson that maintains some
11:41 am
popularity here. so ted cruz will try to trot that out as his effort to play to this anti-immigration base and continue to energize this party. and if somehow he can get the nomination out from under donald trump, that may be the way to do it. >> donald trump faced massive protests there yesterday, in the same california republican vein you. today trump called the protesters there quote thugs and criminals. what is the scene like right now? are we seeing any protesters there ahead of ted cruz's appearance? >> reporter: very little acti activity here. it is clear from what the activists groups are saying is that there will be more of this if the primary remains in play between now and june 7th and a lot of the talk continues. it's energizing the protest groups and it's also energizing the voters.
11:42 am
i was down in costa mesa the other night. on the inside trump was actually tailoring his message even more than normal to this anti-immigration stance. he actually had families of victims of violence at the hands of undocumented immigrants on the stage with him. that was part of the doleal. and it did fire up the crowd. but it also fired up the activists on the outside. and a number of the activists groups are saying that they will be out again and again in numbers to try and make certain that their views are counted and to counter what's going on as the republican party in california try to gain some steam. >> scott cohn live in california. as the 2016 can dads criss cross the country campaigning, president obama is getting ready for his final white house correspondents' dinner. a new piece in the atlantic makes the case that he's not only the commander in chief but also the comedian in cheese.
11:43 am
the author joins us now. seems like you're the only one who didn't get invited to night. >> thanks. i. >> i want to start off with the point that you say he is the comedian in chief and no other president in history compared to him on a comedic level in some of these speeches. why do you say that? >> to make it clear, there have been in presidents who are funny. ronald reagan can deliver a joke. they just use comedy differently. he's really the killer in chief, president obama. he's transformational in many ways. he literally like the daily show uses comedy as a weapon to filet and chop up and dice his enemies. it's remarkable. >> a lot of questions about what to expect tonight. his final year in office. there's an incredible backdrop of the campaign, a lot of ammunition for the president, so to speak. what do you think he's going to go after tonight?
11:44 am
who is he going to go after tonight? >> tonight trump trump trump trump. a lot of trump. not only trump but you'll see a lot of jokes about trump. in 2011 when trump was there president obama didn't do just one but did three or four jokes about donald trump. so i think you'll see him mocking him. it will. a roast. but i think he's going to get under his skin although i don't think donald trump will be there himself. >> obama has had a lot of fun making fun of donald trump in the past. let me play that sound bite. >> no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing. what really happened in roswell. and where are biggie and tupac. >> so does he -- in his final year in office, he's not running
11:45 am
for reelection. he can really take the gloves off. are we expecting him to take the gloves off tonight on everything he's held back on for the past eight years? >> i hope so and honestly he hasn't held back that much. he's attacked john boehner to matt damon, an actor. i think we'll see nothing left on the field, have a lot of fun. he's got great comedic timing. i said last year, you're a great comedian and he posed and said, i know. i also offered to work the dinner for free. >> larry wilmore is hosting tonight. what's the pressure on a comedian especially when you have a comedian like president obama. >> it's challenging. very funny guy. a great choice for this. he'll do a great job. a bar is set very high. you're following a killer comedian in chief. i think larry will be great. perfect choice. >> good to have you with us. may not be too late to try to
11:46 am
score a ticket. >> be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern for the special coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner. next we're joined by one of the leaders of the movement in california. we're going to ask him about his efforts to stop donald trump. its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on.
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saving humanity from high insurance rates. there are only three day to go until what may be ted cruz's last chance to stop donald trump in the indiana primary. but because of how delegates are allocated, even if trump wins little, he could still win big. steve kornacki is here to explain the numbers >> we say every primary is really important. but in indiana this one is really really important on tuesday. and here's why. basically you look at the state.
11:50 am
there's 57 delegates up for grabs. look at how they give out the delegates on tuesday in indiana. if you win the state you get 30 of the 57. if you win the state each by one vote, you've already got more than half of the 57 delegates. the rest of them are given out by congressional district. you've got nine drengs nal districts. for each one of the districts you win you're going to get three delegates. here's the nightmare scenario for ted cruz. this is why he was so eager to get john kasich out of the picture. in donald trump wins the state over ted cruz by two points, donald trump would get those 30 delegates just for winning the state. then you look at donald trump's support across the country. what we've seen is it's not usually isolated in one congressional district where we'll get 60% of the vote in one part of the state and that will carry him. trump's vote is usually pretty consistent across the board. cruz is the candidate who's had more concentrated support. what you look for on tuesday is
11:51 am
cruz would do strong up here around fort wayne, the southern part of the state. but if trump wins the state by a couple of points, probably means he's winning most of these congressional districts too. let's say he was to win six of them too. he would get 30 for the state, 18 for the congressional districts, he would walk away with 48 of the 57 delegates up for grabbings. it would be a landslide in dell kbats even if trump only wins this thing by a point or two. that's why ted cruz was so'g tore get the one on one to get kasich out of the way, not to have kasich play spoiler. if donald trump walks away with most of the delegates in krnd on tuesday, that lead over ted cruz grows. but more to the point, that really sets him on the course to hit 1237. he would have west virginia coming up, probably going to get most of those, new jersey is a winner take all. he's probably going to take all of those. trump can take some here, probably half in most of those states. if he gets all of that breaking
11:52 am
his way, he would need to get some stuff out of california. wouldn't need a landslide out of california, just a good solid performance in california. so for ted cruz he wants the headlines that he wins indiana. he wants to prove to people he can still win. but the other thing is real simple. you lose this thing by a point to trump on tuesday, it's a disaster in the delegates for cruz. that's why it's so important. >> it's really, really important. thanks for breaking that down for us. meanwhile in california, ted cruz is set to receive a key endorsement in just a few minutes. nbc news confirmed that pete wilson will announce his support of ted cruz. you're looking now at live pictures of the california republican convention stage there in burlingame where we're expecting to shear the announcement. will it be enough to stop donald trump. ron leads the stop trump movement in california. thank you for joining us, rob. ted cruz trailing donald trump
11:53 am
in polls in california. how much of an impact will an endorsement like this from a former governor, pete wilson make in that state? >> well, i think it will be very helpful. it says to a lot of voters who may not want to vote for ted cruz that it's okay to go ahead and vote for ted cruz. it's a very important republican leader especially here in california who is taking a stand against donald trump, in this case i'm glad to see governor wilson go so far as to actually be for senator cruz in this instance. what we're going to do here in california is going to require us to have to get people to vote for somebody, not just vote against trump. and so this is very helpful to our effort. >> your former bos were governor arnold schwarzenegger endorsed john kasich. we haven't seen them together. do you know if the former governor plans to get back on the trail? >> i don't know. i don't know what arnold's plans will be with governor kasich. we think it's possible, there
11:54 am
are certain parts of the states, certain districts where kasich may have an advantage, the right al tern toternative to trump. i wouldn't be surprised to see governor schwarzenegger back out on the trail. >> cruz will be appearing on all five of the morning shows in the morning. is this a hail mary from the campaign? >> i don't think it's a hail mary. in senate cruz can win in indiana, a mild upset to the narrative of the campaign, it flips the narrative in a positive way for us coming here to california. gives him momentum with the voters but also with help us fund raise for the effort here in california through june 7th. >> earlier this week john kasich and ted cruz began the week with a so-called alliance but slowly all week that alliance has been unraveling. today kasich had this to say about cruz becoming the gop nominee. >> the interesting thing is ted said when you're matt
11:55 am
mathmatically eliminated you ought to leave the race. he's mathematically eliminated. i don't want to go there. i'm tired of talking about these other people. >> there's no alliance and now it seems like there may be bad blood between the two of them. what happened this past week? >> i would suppose it's the end of a long bitter campaign trail. but the reality is that neither one of those gentlemen are going to be the nominee unless we have an open convention in cleveland. if ted cruz with win social congressional districts in california, john kasich should be rooting for him and vice versa. >> donald trump seems to be picking up support from some of the same members of the republican establishment who in the beginning were really against him and counted him out early on. the latest person to warm up to him was marco rubio and they really went at it throughout their time on the trail. is time that the party rallies behind him as the presumptive nominee? >> i don't think it will be possible. you saw trump's rhetoric here in
11:56 am
california saying we neend unity and then he goes on to trash everyone that he's beaten so far in the primary field. he appears incapable with his narcicisstic personality of being able to lead in a productive way that brings people around him. i'll be very surprised -- in fact it won't happen. this party is not going to unite around this person. >> what's the play for ted cruz going forward after indiana. if he loses indiana, is there still a way for him forward? >> well, look. donald trump can't get to 1237 without winning here in california. >> right. >> substantially. so i would hope that cruz would stay engaged, he's come to california, bring carly fiorina with him and campaign. five weeks is a long time for the trump campaign to go without some type of misstep or implosion. play the game until the clock runs out. >> sir thank you very much for you time. that's all for me. thanks for joining us on this
11:57 am
hour. we're keeping on eye on the republican california convention where ted cruz is set to speak. tonight, watch tonight's white house correspondents' dinner here on msnbc. our coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. have a great saturday everyone. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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