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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  April 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ted has keen intelligence, extensive knowledge and his belief that all of america should be and can make him our strongest champion to articulate and win what is at stake in this most important of elections. never has the primary election been so critical to the future of our nation. why? just as in the crucial moment when ronald reagan rescued america from jimmy carter's
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malaise, stagflation and the first humiliation of americans, america today is in desperate need of a strong winning republican leader and my friends, hankfully, that strong republican leader has stepped forward in our moment of extreme immediate and ladies and gentlemen it is for that reason that i am here today to announce to you my wholehearted endorsement and my wholehearted support of that winning republican leader who will be the next president of the united states, ted cruz. [ applause ]
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♪ >> former governor pete wilson from california giving his formal endorsement to ted cruz as the nominee as he would like to have ted cruz be come june 7th and then later during the election. so this is very important for the state of california as california conservatives were looking to see what this elder statesman, if you will, governor pete wilson, who he was going to endorse. now at the age of 82 you see him giving that commentary. listen now to ted cruz. >> it is such a privilege to be with you. california has given extraordinary things to the united states of america. california gave us the greatest leader of the modern era, ronald wilson reagan.
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and far more selfish my, my wife and best friend, heidi susan cruz. thank you for your strong leadership to strengthen the american leadership and protect our national security and keep us safe from threats abroad. thank you for your leadership to secure the border and protect us from law enforcement and national security threats. to protect jobs here in california and thank you for your general ross and incredibly impactful support. yesterday i was privileged to receive the support of governor mike pence in the state of indiana. another strong principled conservative. and then earlier this week i was
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thrilled to announce my nominee for vice president carly fiorina. carly is a remarkable leader known to you well. she started as a secretary and climbed the corporate ladder to become the ceo of the largest technology company in the world. the first woman ceo of a fortune 20 company in history. carly is someone who has knowledge, who has judgment, and who has character. that's what i was looking for. the most serious determination that any leader makes. any presidential candidate makes is naming his or her vice president as someone that is prepared to step in and preserve, protect and defend the constitution. honor the promises made to the american people and be commander and chief and keep this country safe.
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you need someone with good judgment that is sober and stable and level headed and not likely to make rash and hot headed decisions. not likely to explode at the latest twitter storm. and you need someone with character. someone with character to tell you the truth. someone that knows what they believe. someone who actually believes something. and someone that understands what it's like to struggle. one of the things that impresses me about carly ashe has shattered glass ceilings her entire life. she knows the struggle and she's prepared to fight for us. i have to tell you, carly terrifies hillary clinton.
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you know i can just picture hilary thinking about carly tossing and turning and tossing and turning and tossing and turning in her jail cell. >> this election is going to dom down to three critical issues. jobs, freedom, and security. my number one priority as president will be jobs and economic growth bringing jobs back to america. and when you cut taxes and the result is millions upon millions of high paying jobs. i intend to follow the path blazed by reagan and jfk and on
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the back of the necks of small businesses. we will repeal every word of obamacare. and we will pass a simple flat tax. where we can fill out our taxes on a postcard. and if we do that, we should apoll lish the irs. and we're going to reign in the epa and the federal regulators
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who have descended like lo kuss on farmers and ranchers and small businesses killing jobs all across this country. listen as republicans in california y'all are a hearty bunch. you're used to adversity and you have seen firsthand the absolute disaster, the absolute train wreck that is out of control liberalist. you don't need to look any further than out of control policies that have resulted in since 2008, 1.4 trillion gallons of fresh water being jumped into the pacific ocean because of a little three inch bait fish.
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i'm sure it will drive our friends in the media crazy when i observe in my experience 3 inch fish go great with cheese and crackers but as a result of those policies 1 history to hit 4 trillion gallons could provide for over 6 million californiaians for six years. over 17,000 farm job versus been lost. migrant farm workers, hispanic workers have been thrown out of work because of the misguided regulations we can have a win, win scenario. we can protect the environment and protect jobs. the endangered species act shouldn't be used to kill economic development. instead, it should have a provision for mitigation that if you increase the population you
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can go forward with the development. so for example if you increase the population through fisheries. 20%, 30%, you ought to be able to go with something -- >> senator ted cruz after the former governor of california pete wilson formally endorsed the candidate to become nominee for the republicans. june 7th is the voting day there. that's 37 days from now and you can see the points that were brought up. women as well as immigration so far in the commentary that we have been able to show you this afternoon. women being a challenge in california. that goes back to the days of pete wilson as well as immigration. something brought up by prop 187. something that was also pushed forward by governor pete wilson back in the 1990s. not well favored by the community.
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latino support. reagan was 45% now and went down to 17%. so very key issues here as we look toward that june 7th day there in california. for now, we'll take you back to our regular programming. right after this short message right here on msnbc. stay with us. se, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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a state trooper lunges after a suicidal bridge jumper saving the mother of two in the nick of time. the clear sunny morning could have been her last. >> just pulled on to that arm and don't let it go. >> july 19th, 2004, greenbay, wisconsin. he hears about a frantic husband calling 911. the man is following his wife who he thinks is suicidal. >> but the call for help won't
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be easy to answer. before law enforcement can do anything to help her they'll have to catch up to her. she's traveling in excess of 90 miles per hour. >> there's also a little bit of delay from the time that the dispatcher gets the call and then they get the car on the road. >> also on the look out for the suicidal driver is sergeant bill morgan from the brown county sheriff's department. >> we're looking for a white automobile and the husband was following in a dodge durango. so i set up cars to intercept her. >> even with multiple officers on the road the chances of catching up with a desperate woman are slim but luck is on his side. after just a few minutes he thinks he spots the white oldsmobile. >> i was surprised. i didn't know for sure if it was her but the car was moving at a
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high rate of speed. >> the trooper flips on his lights and chases after the driver whose speed reaches 120 miles per hour. other drivers move out of the way and those two speeding cars. >> going to catch up to it on i-43. >> the driver heads on to tower drive bridge rising 130 feet above the fox river. in the middle of the bridge she pulls over. >> he has an uneasy feeling. >> i didn't know what her thoughts were being a possible suicide subject i didn't know what she might have in her hahns or what she would be doing. >> the driver immediately exits the car. >> she turned away from me like i one there and headed for the side of the bridge and i was already out of my vehicle. and -- >> but before he can reach the
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woman she jumps. >> i couldn't see either of them and i looked over and i saw him looking over the side of the bridge i thought. i radios our dispatch center and i said i think she jumped. >> but then a miracle unfolds -- >> hold on. >> next thing i look over and i see him pulling the arm up. he had a hold of her hand so i yelled into the mic, he's got a hand. >> the woman's fall is broke i by a beam that runs along the outer edge of the bridge. it gives him one last chance to grab on to her and save her life. >> get ahold of her arm and keep her there and then just wait. there was no way i was getting her over the wall by myself unless i try to readjust the grip. >> together with a third officer they are able to pull the woman to safety. >> they got her.
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>> she was giving us the thousand yard stare. that's when someone doesn't see anything going on around them. they're just looking a thousand yards away. >> the suicidal woman is tina experiencing post partum depression after the birth of her second child. >> i just remember being in the house and just feeling numb. i was just numb. the statistics show that post partum depression reaches it's height 90 days after the birth of a baby and we almost hit it to the day. we were like three days off. >> tina's depression is so deep her husband asked tina's mother to help look after her. >> apparently i was talking about jumping. i don't remember talking about jumping. apparently they were trying to keep the car keys away from me. >> according to tina on that july morning her mother lost patience with her for not being able to get over her depression. it was too much for tina to
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handle. >> i snapped and i lost all hope and i saw the car keys laying over by the refrigerator on the counter and i grabbed them and i ran out the door. >> but before tina drives away her 6-year-old daughter pleads with her. >> she came out of the house and she saw me in the car and she is banging on the window and she's saying mommy, take me with you, take me with you. and i just took my car and i just went as fast as i could. >> her mother alerts tina's husband his distraught wife has taken off in the car. tina is determined to drive to the bridge and get out and jump. she says she can't recall much of that journey. >> the next memory i have is highway 29 going into green bay and i see my husband and he is
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coming at me and i do see him go through a grass median. >> tina is so filled with dispair she keeps driving despite the lights and sirens completely focused on getting to the bridge. >> i remember pulling up and pulling over to the side of the bridge and that's it. >> the efforts of green bay law enforcement stop tina from taking her own life. >> god reached down from the heavens and said it's not your time yet. sorry. >> if trooper bolt had been one step closer, tina says her life would have been over. >> his whole body is over and he's hanging with one leg to the barrier and the other leg goes up in the air. so microseconds. >> the call was very, very close. split second anywhere and she would have, you know, succeeded
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in what she was trying to do. >> tina has written a book called why i jumped. to help others struggling with depression. and she speaks publicly about her ordeal. >> i wasn't even thinking of my children. i just was thinking there's no hope. >> what began on a desperate morning has grown into a supportive friendship for tina and the officers at the bridge. >> i got to meet her children. her husband. and this was probably one of the most positive days of my whole career. >> coming up, a terrible accident. and a shoot out in texas. when caught on camera, dash cam diaries, continues. ting where yn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months...
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the drama begins in town square. the smith county courthouse where every day passions run high. >> in a courthouse, whether it's new york city or tyler, texas, that courthouse is full of emotion. especially in the court's of divorce and child custody. >> that day, february 24th, 2005, 43-year-old david is waiting outside for his ex-wife to arrive for a child support hearing. >> he had somehow blamed all of the problems in life on his wife and his son. >> armed with a semiautomatic rifle he opens fire. >> we have shots on the square. someone is down. >> there appears to be a manic male. >> the shooting is all caught on a courthouse surveillance
1:26 pm
camera. he guns down his ex-wife and one of their sons. 23-year-old david. >> a massive gun battle erupts between him and officers at the entrance. >> the deputy filling in as a baliff moves outside to confront him as he opens fire. >> you see that the officers are doing exactly what they're taught to do. that's run into the gunfire to try to stop the perpetrator. >> the male is outside the front door. >> he's been shot. they're going to need an ambulance. >> he is shot multiple times and falls to the ground outside the courthouse. critically injured. other officers are shooting him but he is not going down. unknown to them at the time he's wearing protective body armor. still the officers keep coming.
1:27 pm
>> one was critically injured. he kept shooting. even shot the first time he still rolls up and tries to shoot. >> his son is shot in both legs but still alive. as the bullets are flying he begs his father for his wife. >> i was trying to get him to talk. but i didn't know what i was going to say. >> on the street, local resident mark wilson, a licensed gun owner fires at him but he turns and shoots him dead. wilson may have prevented him from killing his own son. >> i believe had it not been for mark wilson and some others and the deputies shooting back at him that he would have killed his son. no doubt in my mind. >> but it's too late to save his ex-wife. she dies on the courthouse steps. >> the last thing she was
1:28 pm
saying, she was praying. i was trying to talk to her and she wasn't responding. after that she went blank. >> caught on police dashboard camera he makes his get-away in the pick up truck. >> he thinks he may still be on foot so he jumps on the hood of the squad car hoping to catch hi by surprise. >> we'll take my means of transportation. from four wheelers to horseback. it just depends on what's available at the time. that's what he did. >> a caravan of police officers joins the chase. they are surprised at how slowly he was driving. >> it was low speed. seemed to me like he was wanting
1:29 pm
a fight. >> he still has his weapon at the ready. wary of the rifle the fleet of squad cars keep a safe distance but deputy smith decides it's time to make a move. >> smith's car bolts past the others toward the red pick up truck. maneuvering close behind him. >> all i would see was him, the shooter. i was focused on him. >> he picks up speed and then opens fire. >> smith decides to ram him from behind and try to throw him off. >> while i was shooting i rammed his pick up truck. i figured he's got to drive.
1:30 pm
>> suddenly he stops his truck and gets out aiming his rifle right at smith. >> he's shooting at the deputy. >> he gets out and i'm out of bullets so i get out of the way. >> with no ammunition smith is a sitting duck but luckily another squad car has pulled over to the right armed with a rifle he shoots him from 60 feet away and kills him. >> in my rear-view mirror i see him drop. i don't know what happened. i didn't know if i hit him and it was a delayed response. i didn't know but his truck was still rolling so i did a you turn and took my bumper on his front bumper. >> the deputy grave ri injured at the courthouse fights for his life in the days that follow.
1:31 pm
>> i didn't know if he was going to live or die. it was touch and go for many days afterwards. >> but he pulls through and the other officers escape with minor injuries. a few weeks later a memorial is held to remember the victims and the honor the officers. >> it was a very solemn time here in this county and it lasted longer than a lot of the tragedies i have seen happen. >> the courthouse still shows it's scars from that day in 2005. there are bullet holes in it's walls today. he is haunted by the death of his mother. >> i wish i could have done more. i'm pretty sure my dad is in hell so he won't bother her no more. >> coming up, danger on the side of the road. and a run in with a semi.
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new developments in the race for president this hour. texas senator ted cruz just picked up a big endorsement from former california governor pete wilson. he made his announcement at the state's gop convention moments ago and a reminder to tune in for coverage at the annual white house correspondence dinner. for now back to caught on camera. >> you might think deadly weapons are the greatest danger police face but traffic incidents can be as dangerous if not more so. in our next story officers on highway patrol find themselves
1:36 pm
in harms way. >> whoa! >> on an ice interstate a car is crushed between a police vehicle and tractor trailer. >> i thought for sure that the driver of that car would have been seriously injured if not killed. >> february 13, 2007, officers report for duty at the kentucky police department. at 7:00 p.m. the night is already wet and icy. >> we had to use our flashlights to knock the ice off. so we knew we were in for probably a long night. bad weather for drivers means hard and dangerous work for policemen on patrol. as the officers head north up interstate 75 they're almost immediately dispatched to the scene of an accident. >> northbound 75 at the 184.4
1:37 pm
mile marker for report of injuries. >> his dash cam is reporting as they approach the accident site. >> there was one vehicle that was at the inside. >> the officers pull over to check on the car and it's occupants. they know they're in a risky position because of the slick roads. >> are you all right? >> they're having a tough time on the interstate. >> they're still taken by surprise for what happens next. and spun it around and facing in the opposite direction. >> they have been rear ended. it shakes the dash cam and briefly shuts off and then restarts. >> police car was facing oncoming traffic in the middle lane of the interstate. then the officers realize something much worse is on the way.
1:38 pm
>> i saw an coming tractor-trailer coming toward the scene of the collision we were involved in. >> as they stared horrified another driver on his evening commute has pulled up behind the pile up. >> i thought i saw two headlights in front of me, two different cars and as i got closer and closer i realized it was two cars coming so i screeched on my breaks. >> he has avoided an accident but he is completely unaware of the approaching tractor-trailer. the officer sees that the woman who just rear ended his patrol car is right in the path of the truck. the woman is off camera. if the officer doesn't get her out of harm's way he's certain she will die. >> i was yelling at her come on, come on, come on, you need to get out of there. hurry, come on, let's go. >> pulled her car door open and grabbed ahold of her and the
1:39 pm
tractor-trailer was oncoming and all i had time to do was push her toward the retaining wall and threw her town on the ground. >> it all happens in moments and powell sitting in his car becomes aware that something is horribly wrong. >> why did they just jump out of the car like that. that's when i heard the air break and that's when i felt the impact. i didn't see anything happen. i just felt it. i felt glass cutting my face. >> sheltered against the median wall the officers are amazed to see the semi bounce safely past them. >> i never thought the wheel of a semi would look that big. >> and you see from the video that it steers right which causes the double tandem trailers to bounce off the wall. had that wall not be there it would have taken out everybody
1:40 pm
around. it was just luck. just luck. >> the tractor-trailer comes to a halt. in his crushed car ron powell is stunned to find he's still alive. >> i was over on the shoulder facing the wrong way. facing the opposite way. my face is bleeding really heavy and i was like what just happened. >> the driver of the semi gets out of his truck and approaches ron. >> he was the first guy to my car. he was like are you okay man? >> i said thank so. >> he said i'm glad you're alive. >> me too. >> not until after the crash did the officers realize his car is there. it's completely mangled. >> everybody is running up to me and saying potentially fatal on the intercom so i thought i had to start touching myself. i can wiggle my toes. i think i'm okay. >> emergency responders take one look at his bloody face and
1:41 pm
assumed the worst. but they're in for a surprise. >> he let me climb out of the window. >> despite the violence of the crash everyone's injuries are slight. even ron powell's. >> after they wiped the blood away it was superficial scratches. i was lucky to be able to walk away from something like that. >> at the station afterwards the woman who the officer saved gets her chance to thank him. >> she just gave me a hug. that was very neat. >> as brief as it was the escape from the vie len crash made a lasting impression on everyone involved. >> when i saw the video tape, wow. how lucky am i?
1:42 pm
>> i did break down and started crying and realizing that i could have been killed very easily but, you know, god still wanted me here for something. >> coming up another officer makes a dramatic save and an ambulance pulled over on the way to the hospital. when caught on camera, dash cam diaries continues. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to
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born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ caught on camera. a heated argument between a state trooper and a paramedic on his way to the hospital with a patient.
1:46 pm
may 24th, 2009, dash cam video shows oklahoma trooper daniel martin trying to pass an ambulance that is slow to let him by. the trooper skoecolds the drive over his radio. caring for a patient in the ambulance he says his driver hasn't seen the trooper because he was driving in the ambulance's blind spot. a few minutes later he pulls over the ambulance. what follows on the dashboard video is a bizarre encounter. >> here, now. >> what's going on. >> i'm talking to the driver. >> no, i'm talking to you. >> you better get back in that ambulance. i'm talking to the driver. >> i'm in charge of this unit, sir. >> the trooper thinks the ambulance driver gave him the finger earlier. >> you don't need to give me no hand gestures now. i'm not going to put up with that. >> i know the character of paul franks. that's something he won't do.
1:47 pm
>> i won't put up with you talking to my driver like that. >> you put back in the ambulance i'm talking to the driver. >> he wouldn't let the trooper talk to his driver because he believed his patient would suffer from any delay. he tells the trooper about the patient but the trooper persists. >> we have a patient in this unit right now. >> you want to go ahead and pull over to the side of the road with an emergency vehicle behind you. >> the logical thing to do would be to take it up at the hospital or take it up with us later but he totally ignored my statement that we have a patient on board. >> you better get back in that ambulance before you get your butt to jail now. do you understand me. >> we have to get this patient to the hospital. you can take me to jail and we'll discuss this. >> he refuses to back down. his patient fainted in her home and has a history of heart trouble. he tries to put the paramedic in
1:48 pm
handcuffs. >> >> the family starts to gather. the. >> patient's husband reminds the trooper that his wife is waiting in the ambulance but the argument continues. >> calm down. >> the trooper releases the paramedic and the crowd breaks up. >> paramedic white returns to his ambulance where his patient is extremely distraught. >> if you can imagine yourself on a cot in an ambulance and you're basically helpless in that position and you can hear your family members screaming. she was extremely upset. >> what's worse is the confrontation is not over yet. >> no, you can't go right now. >> the patient's husband tries again to interview. >> my wife needs to be at the
1:49 pm
hospital. >> we could have been on the way about five minutes ago. now step back. >> the driver tries his best to diffuse the tense situation. >> i'm trying to get over here and talk to you about it. i didn't need your manager or whoever it is in the back or whoever happens to be in charge to get out of the car, okay. do you understand? >> yes, sir i do. >> trooper martin tells the driver that he plans to arrest the paramedic. >> you're going to jail. >> you don't jump out and talk to a state trooper like that. i'm going over here. do you understand? >> yes i do. >> the video shows the ambulance wasn't running lights and sirens. white says that's because he didn't want to excite the patient but that's a moot point. as a second officer arrives the trooper goes to check on the
1:50 pm
patient still having little idea about her condition. >> we're going to get you on to the hospital. >> you're going to jail do you understand me? you're under arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> once again the situation gets heated. >> a family member's cell phone camera captures trooper martin attempting to restrain the paramedic. the paramedic shoves the trooper and the patient starts to scream. trooper martin then places paramedic white in a choke hold. a few moments later the trooper backs off. >> i think having the second officer there helped bring martin under control a little bit. enough so that he could have that moment of clarity to realize that what he was doing was in his best interest, my best interest and most importantly in the patient's best interest. >> the trooper allows the ambulance to leave and follows it to the hospital. when they arrive, paramedic white checks in his patient who
1:51 pm
is released later that day. the paramedic then turns himself in. >> i went back outside to the second trooper and i told him that at this point you can arrest me. i have released my patient. >> but after everything that happened, white is never arrested. trooper martin did not respond to interview requests through his lawyer. but in a press conference his lawyer says paramedic white delayed the patient but not letting martin talk directly to driver paul franks. >> his belief was if i can sit down and talk to paul we could have ended this very quickly. >> he said the incident was a fluid situation and in the heat of the moment he did what he thought was right. >> i didn't deem it in the best interest of the patient to permit him to handcuff and arrest me at that time. >> if we allow people to get out
1:52 pm
of vehicles and try to handle the traffic stop other than the driver, that's chaos. >> the state of oklahoma gives trooper martin a five day suspension and an order to report for an anger assessment. paramedic white believes trooper martin may have offered an explanation for his behavior on the road that day. white refers to a conversation he says the two of them had outside of the hospital after the incident. >> he made the statement that i don't know how we got to this point. we've worked together before. >> i simply said i don't know how we got here either. and he said well, i just recently came back from iraq. >> trooper martin had served in iraq and returned just weeks before. whatever the reason for the strange encounter, both the trooper and the paramedic won't soon forget the traffic stop that turned ugly.
1:53 pm
>> coming up, an officer makes a last second save. when caught on camera, dash cam diaries continues. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason.
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back to caught on camera. even an ordinary day for police on patrol can turn into a life or death situation. and with dash cams rolling officers can relive their most frightening moments. >> on a stretch of road a police officer saves a young man's life while putting his own in jeopardy. >> it's a cold day in february 2010. lieutenant john lambert responds
1:57 pm
to a call near cleveland ohio where a teenager's car hit a barrier after he lost control in the snow. lamb pert is keeping a watchful eye for oncoming cars while the teenager is getting his driver's license he glances nervously down the road. a few seconds later disaster strikes. an out of control vehicle crashes into lambert all caught on the dashboard camera. unbelievably he is able to push the teenager out of the way. >> you just hear a car lying at you going 40 miles per hour you think you're done. >> he walks away from the collision but lambert is thrown over the guard rail seriously injured. the woman that hit him, 30-year-old catherine calls 911. as other officers arrive on the scene, she is beside herself.
1:58 pm
consoles her as she waives an ambulance over to the scene. lambert is carefully lifted out and taken to the hospital. >> i realize that i am lucky to be alive. >> incredibly lieutenant lambert survives the collision but he has taken a beaten. he has a fractured pelvis and tailbone and broken left eye socket. >> you have fractures in this bone. in the days after the accident doctors say the 42-year-old lambert could try to face a year of rehabilitation. and the next thing i remember is waking up in the ambulance. >> it's not unlike john to think of someone else first before he thought of himself. >> flash forward 7 months and lambert is much improved. at an award ceremony covered by the local news lambert is out of his wheelchair and optimistic about his recovery. >> it's going good and i'm
1:59 pm
getting stronger every day and my therapists and doctors are happy with my progress. >> have you watched that video tape? >> yes. i'm surprised i survived it but i still have no recollection of the incident. >> the difficult road to recovery is made easier by the generous spirit of his community. >> i've had a lot of prayers from people i don't even know and i'm still getting them today and i'm overwhelmed by the support i've gotten from my family, firemens and the public. >> thank you for your pain and suffering and also for saving a young man's life. >> the stories revealed by the dashboard cameras in this hour give us a window into the extraordinary and scary situations officers face on a daily basis. that's all for this edition of
2:00 pm
caught on camera. a reporter under attack. a referee goes down on the mat. >> the next thing you know, it's going the wrong way. >> it sends the camera man to recover. >> they're on the job. facing unbelievable situations. >> all of a sudden i just feel a glass of water hit me and that it


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