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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  May 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you.
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♪ hello and good sunday to you. welcome to msnbc headquarters in new york. we want to get right to the presidential races. it's a busy weekend with just two days until the democratic and republican primaries in in. all of the candidates with the exception of john kasich stumping in the hoosier state today. their final pitches coming on the heels of a poll of likely primary voters in the state. there you see it. on the republican side, trump with a 15-point lead over ted cruz. big, big gap. trump is at 49, cruz 34, kasich 13. on the democratic side, clinton has a four-point lead over sanders. that's within the margin of error. the two appeared on morning shows today and talked at party unity. take a listen.
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>> i'm going to be very aggressive in reaching out to senator sanders' supporters. >> the party needs to be unified and it will be unified after the convention in july. this is what i believe. i believe that it is good for american democracy when we have a vigorous debate on the issues. and i believe it is good for the democratic party when we have a vigorous debate on the issues. >> and new reaction from former defense secretary and cia director robert gates on trump's foreign policy speech. >> appear to listen to people. he believes that he has all the answers, that he's the smartest man in the room. and i've worked for some very different presidents, jimmy carter, ronald reagan, george w. bush, barack obama. one of the things they all had in common was a willingness to listen to people who had experience and then make their own independent judgments.
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he doesn't understand there's a give and take in international relations that is different than in the business community. >> donald trump is reacting to criticisms like that that he's been getting since giving that speech on foreign policy. >> every move we made in the middle east was wrong. and a lot of times they want me to get these great foreign advisors and these great geniuses. they've been involved for 15 years. i don't want the people that have been involved. >> trump was as expected roasted by president obama during the white house correspondent's dinner last flight. >> i am a little hurt that he's not here tonight. we had so much fun the last time. it is surprising. you've got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the
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donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home eating a trump steak? tweeting out insults to angela merkel? what's he doing? >> here's trump's response to that. >> well, i think it was funny. it's a comedy. it's fine. i thought he did a nice job. it was good. >> two days ou s out from india crucial primary, trump and cruz are chris crossing the state. trump staging the stage at a rally there in terre haute, indiana. >> like when jeb bush left the race, a lot of people said if
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you add jeb and all the other candidates they beat trump. now they don't beat trump. this is a while ago. it's just such crooked stuff, very dishonest. i watch this guy karl rove. the guy is a dummy. he says donald trump has not gotten 50%. this is a month ago. in new york i got 62. with pennsylvania and maryland we broke 50 and even 60. but we had maryland, connecticut, delaware, rhode island. we won in landslides every one of them. i watched karl rove say he has not broken 50%. so i had a state where i had 44%. i had one where i had 48%. i got six guys i'm running against at that point. it's a very unfair thing, because in the history of republican politics, there's never been 17 people that ran for offense, okay? so you have 17. so let's say we go into the first state and you had 17 and
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then you go down to 15 and 12 or 14 or something and i'm getting 30s and 35s and 40s. but you can't break -- last couple of weeks ago in new york and others and in massachusetts i almost broke 50%. well, tom brady likes me. so that's good. that helps when tom brady likes you. tom is a great guy. he's a good guy. he's a good guy. and by the way, he has a lot of respect for your quarterback. your quarterback, if he's healthy i think you're going to have a great team this year. i have to tell you. i think so. it's like life. you have to stay healthy, folks. we have to all stay healthy. but in massachusetts i did great, in alabama i did great. when you have seven, eight, nine people and then you get 44 or 43% and the bottom line, it's a bad system it's a rigged system. the delegate stuff is really dishonest. >> a rigged system.
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trump there speaking in indiana. that's been a consistent drum beat that he has had over the recent months. joining us now is ron mott. i get the question is here what are the issues -- you spoke with a lot of the attendees there. what are the issues they want t to hear about? >> reporter: one of the issues important to this state is manufacturing jobs. you saw those poll numbers that just came out this morning, 15-paint lead f15 15-point lead for trump. he referenced his poll and his strong numbers here. first thing he said, how about these polls in indiana? if he goes on to win these 57 delegates in a winner take allstaal
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all state, he has said he thinks this race will be over. manufacturing jobs is a real big problem here. he also talks a lot about the carrier plant near indianapolis that is closing and moving down to mexico. that is something that also resonates with voters across the state. >> i know it's loud. thank you for staying with us on this. the foreign policy speech that came out from trump at the end of the week, there's been a lot of reaction to that. it seems that it would follow along here with what his comments have been when it comes to trade policy and america first. >> reporter: right. he has talked about trying to balance things out with mexico and particularly china. although a lot of folks here in the crowd and around the state perhaps and around the country may not understand exactly the ramifications of a trade war. but they do like the tough talk that he presents and the style in which he presents it. a lot of folks have warned that
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what he is proposing would not be good for the country and middle class voters and workers around the country. now we take you to some live pictures at indianapolis where hillary clinton is about to hold a get out the vote event. looks like this is actually on tape that you're looking at there. this event will be happening ahead of tuesday's primary. kelly, even though polls show clinton leading in that state, we're really looking at a statistical tie. it's within the margin of error. she's not taking any chances, it looks like, at this moment. >> well, in fact the events you were just showing a little bit of there were added sort of late in terms of the normal campaign scheduling process. she is also making remarks in detroit today. this was an addition that signals she wants to make
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certain she's giving attention to indiana. this puts her on television, on the radio, in the local paper, different forms of media that definitely can reach local voters, interacting there in a way that makes her show that she is not taking anything for granted as she was other events going on including an address to the naacp in michigan. this is a way that clinton can try and show that she has already not have sort of turned the page and presumed that she will be the nominee, especially with bernie sanders also keeping the pressure up. he announced today some strong fund-raising numbers, pulling in $26 million in april, not his highest month but a very substantial amount, pushing his campaign above $200 million. so many of those have individual contributions. they say more than 7 million individual donations to the campaign. so he's been trying to show that grass roots strength. also today we heard from hillary clinton talking about bernie
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sanders and the energy he has brought to the race and the kind of passion he has brought. but also trying to point out why she believes she's ahead for this nomination. >> i'm very proud of my campaign, grateful that i have such strong support. but i absolutely understand that senator sanders has been a passionate advocate for positions that he cares deeply about. i think that's been helpful to the democratic primary process. he's brought millions of people into the process, which i think is also very good for the democratic party. but there comes a time when you have to look at the reality. in fact, in '08 i was much closer in both popular vote and pledge delegates than senator obama as is the case right now. >> hillary clinton putting those bare facts on with a smile, not wanting to rebuff any of those passion supporters who have turned out for bernie sanders or committed donations to him, because they will be helpful,
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even necessary, for a campaign should she be the nominee in the fall, keeping the party energized. she is trying to walk that balance. while we know bernie sanders was at the white house correspondent's dinner, took a little bit of fun poked at him by president obama, fully expected. he was the only campaigner there last night. >> some might ask as you look at bernie sanders at the white house correspondent's dinner and not indiana. >> it is always a challenge for candidates to make their choices about where their time is best pent. you can make an argument that being a part of the festivities tonight is putting bernie sanders into a different a audien audience. you can also say that perhaps he is also looking at the numbers and recalibrating his own plans.
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and then there's also something to be said for catching your breath a bit. i talked to jane sanders as well as the senator last night and said that one of the most frequent questions i get is bernie sanders' energy as a 74-year-old candidate. she said he just keeps going. they acknowledge this has been a crazy fun time for them, but also they need to get back out on the campaign trail. had a moment to also speak to eric trump. of course we noted that the president pointed out donald trump was not there, but don jr. and eric trump were there with their wives. i told them be wary of the k cut-away shots when jokes are made about your dad. >> very true. joining us now josh barrow. good sunday to both of you. you heard kelly o'donnell talk about hillary clinton, saying that she'll be reaching out to
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sanders' supporters along the way. he's essentially refusing to help her if she wins the nomination so far, but did bring up the message of unity. >> i think sanders thinks that he has a real point to make here. he's developed a large significant following. he's been able to raise a lot of money, mostly from small donations. i think he thinks he has a role to play, particularly at the convention. i think it will take a lot more than what is going on for this party to unite at this point. i think it will take an overture by bernie sanders. but he'll probably want something in return, helping to kind of shape the platform at the convention. he doesn't have a plausible path to the nomination as we know.
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and it will be very difficult for him to flip any unpledged delegates at this point. but i think he wants to really help shape what the democratic party will look like. and i think clinton will start to make overtures to his supporters now that she's kind of shifting into the general election. she's going to be campaigning in general election battleground states coming up here soon. >> kelly o'donnell was saying it's tough. both of you know it because you have to travel during this campaign season. for candidates themselves to try to select one event versus another, tough. bernie sanders there in washington, d.c. does it sort of intimate based on his comments this morning that he is looking towards coming together, unity? because he again was mentioning that. and he by not being on the campaign trail at least overnight show that he is getting closer to that himself?
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>> he is not going to win this nomination. he's not going to over take clinton in delegates. what's the point of being in indiana trying to narrow the vote margin? it's still not going to get him ahead of her. he's probably better off being in washington and engaging with the national audience and preparing to go into this convention where he's not going to win but he wants to get concessions on what's in the party platform, what rules are for nominating in future years and trying to have some increased degree of influence over democratic party policy even though he won't be the nominee. at this point it's not so important to engage in the individual states than it is to engage nationally. >> the numbers we were reporting at the beginning of this hour do not look good for ted cruz. there's in data that shows it will be good in the end for ted cruz, although ted cruz is not standing down. he is saying we're moving
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forward, we're going to make this happen. when you're at a 15 percentage point deficit, what would tell you that it would be anything otherwise than the foregone conclusion we've been talking about, donald trump the nominee? >> right. it's very difficult to see anything but that at this point. indiana is very much the land stand for ted cruz and really for the anti-trump efforts. we saw that by the behavior of ted cruz this week. obviously pulling out carly fiorina as a vice presidential pick, teaming up with john kasich to get kasich out of indiana to campaign. that signals that they're not seeing good numbers internally in indiana as well as those public numbers that you mentioned at the top. and i thought it was very interesting. the governor of indiana, very conservative governor, finally came out on friday saying he would vote for ted cruz. but it was a pretty tepid
10:18 am
endorsement. he wasn't saying he would campaign across the state for him. indiana is a very different state in terms of the politics involved right now than wisconsin. remember when scott walker endorsed ted cruz he avidly campaigned for him. the anti-trump efforts were long time involved in that state. not really the case in indiana, which you would think would trend -- the maykeup of the stae would trend in cruz's favor and we're not really seeing that. the polls are showing a wider gap day by day really. >> california is a mathematical firewall for both sides. we have the california republican party and they convention right now. it's the third day of it. it's going to finish today. there were some key announcements that happened along the way. pete wilson, the former governor there -- you know that he stood for in the 1990s what would be really more of a donald trump stance on immigration. he comes out and he supports ted
10:19 am
cruz. it doesn't seem like that would help what ted cruz needs, though. >> well, i mean, i don't think anybody really cares who pete wilson is for. i think most endorsements don't really matter in this campaign. i think scott walker was the exception that proved the rule. that mattered a lot because scott walker is currently the governor, he's very popular in wisconsin. wisconsin has had this intense partisan politics where republicans are united against democrat democrats. here in california people are just going to go vote for the candidate that they feel speaks to them. >> does carly fiorina work there instead of an endorsement? >> i don't think so. i think people in this election are fed up with insiders telling them what to do. they're keeping their own counsel. if endorsements were the thing that really mattered, trump would not be winning.
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. look, she is a strong person. she's going to have to be able to take it. the fact is the only card she has is the woman's card. she's done a lousy job in so many ways. i don't think she'll play it well. and it's true. if she were not a woman, she wouldn't even be in this race. >> donald trump doubling down today on his criticism of hillary clinton as he looks ahead to the general election, using the woman card, as he's
10:24 am
calling it. you know, michael, we've seen the polls. a majority of women do not like or have an unfavorable view of donald trump. this clearly part of it, he's sticking with this idea that hillary clinton, secretary clinton here is playing the women's card, as he says, and that argument that he keeps on pushing forward that proves unpopular. why does he continue to say this? >> there's no question that donald trump drives people away from the republican party, women, minorities, veterans, all sorts of people that he has insulted and disparaged. the comments on secretary clinton are part of a critique of her record on the economy, on jobs particularly, foreign policy, handling of her e-mail, handling of the attacks on benghazi that are very much like the attacks that any congressional republican would make on the former secretary of state's record.
10:25 am
that's an argument that he's going to continue making. and it's an argument that will have some appeal to republicans. >> there's some equivalence. let me get your thought on this. is this the equivalent of saying she's playing the race card. if somebody were to say that in a presidential election, boy, that would be quite something. >> i wouldn't necessarily compare the comments, but i think your point is well taken that donald trump's rhetoric, no question about it, hurts our party with important parts of the american electorate. >> when we move away from some of his commentary for a second. he's basically saying i'm funding my own campaign, unlike the rest of those running for president. they're taking special interest money and super pacs. does this hamper him? when we get to the general, we're talking about a $1 billion
10:26 am
effort. and how he might be able to gather that amount of resource to really make a play for the white house. >> first of all, the comments aren't really true. he has been accepting donations throughout this campaign. he's not funning his own campaign. and there are questions obviously about the extent of his personal wealth. the question you raised, though, is an important one, because he's not ready, not qualified to bring the party together and lead it into a successful fight against secretary clinton in the fall. that's why you're seeing so much evide evident being put into these stop trump movements. >> that's a good point you make. you sort of for shadowed that a second ago by saying focus on attacki ining clinton in the wa you just listed. is that going to be enough though?
10:27 am
because we've made it so far in this political process, it has been a different energy that has really coalesced, at least a major part of the energy that's pushing forward voters that are the republicans. >> there's going to be a split between republican who is say he's better than the alternative, the alternative being presumably secretary clinton and other republican who is echoed the criticisms that many have made about his foreign policy pronouncements, his domestic policy pronouncements. people who say this man is not fit temperamentally or as far as knowledge and judgment to be commander in chief of the united states. there will be some people for the alternative to hillary clinton will be a persuasive argument. and there are others who say running the executive branch is too important a job to give to someone who lacks the knowledge and experience to hold that
10:28 am
position. >> you worked for john boehner. he's making some headlines of his own. he also said, i love all these knuckle heads talking about the party of reagan. he would be the most moderate republican elected today. you've got john boehner again last night at the white house correspondent's dinner. you saw that little film with president obama there. and again, maybe the subtext is here that was a different day. we could work together. we did not have these statements being made by those that might take on high positions of power that are more than extemporaneous but really quite polarizing. >> i think speaker boehner as speaker worked as hard as he could to find common ground with president obama, particularly in the first half, up into the summer of 2011.
10:29 am
they weren't able to find that common ground, largely because while the speaker was willing to stand up to his own party, the president proved unwilling or unable to do the same. there was no question that going forward in order to fix the big problems that face our country, we're going to have to find common ground in washington again. >> how did that speaker do in that little skit? >> pretty hilarious. >> do you give him an a for acting? >> absolutely. and i love the bit with the glass of merlot on his way out. >> as he's walking out, there it is, grabs a glass of red wine. appreciate your time today. more politics in just a bit. but coming up, the latest on the flooding in the south that has turned deadly. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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10:33 am
event and dole out all of those jokes. one of them aimed at the mistake made this week by republican presidential candidate ted cruz. >> ted had a tough week. he went to indiana, hoosier country. today stood on the basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ring. what else is in his lexicon, baseball sticks, football hats? but sure, i'm the foreign one. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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a quick look for you at where the candidates are today on a busy sunday. a live picture of donald trump's rally underway in terre haute, in. there on the right hand side. trump and cruz will be chris crossing the state for a total of six events. carly fiorina will be joining cruz at two of his events. hillary clinton is holding a rally right now in indianapolis. after that she'll travel to detroit to keynote there at anna naacp dinner. sanders is right now in washington, d.c., but he won't be shortly. as he gets moving, what are we expecting to hear from him? >> i'm sitting right here at the national press club in washington, d.c. i'm watching secret service to do so the final sweeps of this
10:38 am
room. senior advisors are mulling around. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. one thing that i'm interested in is why he's been in d.c. the past two daydays, if he thinks t will compromise the democratic primary that's coming up on tuesday in indiana. he is going to be rallying there tonight. we will see if that's enough to put him over the edge. i think the latest poll put him just about four points behind secretary clinton. this morning he was making the case that he still believes he has a path to the nomination and winning a majority of pledge delegates. he acknowledged it's an uphill battle. >> there are ten states coming up. we think we're strong in many of those states, including california, our largest state. we think we have a chance to win
10:39 am
the majority of pledge delegates. it's an uphill fight. >> so we'll get an idea if senator sanders still is in this to win the democratic nomination or if he's transitioning more to to influencing the democratic party at this press conference. we'll be reporting back to you later onto give you all that information. >> as you've been with him and you were there at the white house correspondent's dinner on the red carpet, what was the reaction of him being there? >> it was interesting. i was asked the same question last night. we go to these college campuses where bernie sanders is mobbed by college students who are eager to take photos with him. remarkably it was similar last night at the correspondent's dinner. he was kind of flopping around from party to party before the dinner itself started. people were mobbing him. they were thrilled to see him. it was an interesting scene, not one that you might have expected
10:40 am
from the big d.c. bash evening. >> we're going to head out to fort wayne, indiana. j what are you seeing there from voters? >> reporter: so here they're very excited about all sorts of things. this is the event center. there was a giant line but they already let it in. trump is now speaking at another event. really this was ted cruz's last stand. he even said as much. but with our new polling that shows trump ahead by double digits, cruz is in real trouble. we stopped a couple of trump voters, very excited, their first time at a trump rally. this is jake and this is spencer. jake, you voted obama and you made the switch. how did you make that switch? >> it was very easy. trump is much better on immigration, trade, the military. he's going to stop these ridiculous wars.
10:41 am
so yeah. >> reporter: that's top for you. tell me about this. we were talking earlier about the kasich-cruz alliance that they had to really put a stop to him here. what's your take? >> it's dirty. like trump said, collusion. i don't think it's going to work. >> reporter: over to your friend spencer. tell me, what is the top issue for you? >> i guess i would have to say actually military budget spending, which i think trump wants to cut back. and he's going to have to the he wants to pull forward with his tax plans, i believe. >> reporter: does he have any plans that you see -- that's kind of outrageous. i don't know that he can really do that. >> that's a good question. i'm not sure off the top of my head right now. >> reporter: okay. spencer and jake, thank you so much for your time. >> make america great again. >> reporter: we also talked with
10:42 am
him about this governor's endorsement which has trump has described it, as many have described it, a very tepid endorsement. there was almost more praise for trump there than there was for cruz. cruz wanted this to be another wisconsin. he comes from behind, he has the governor's endorsement. it really isn't looking like that. >> underlining the point that came from our poll that was released this morning, that is some 58% of likely voters in the state disapprove of the cruz-kasich tie up. in addition to that, there is the point of the foreign policy speech that he had put out at the end of the week. their comments seemed to echo that if you will isolationist approach to some of his statements that were made in this speech. >> reporter: they do. and we talked to a lot of trump
10:43 am
supporters who are ready for a little bit more of a presidential tone. they're excited about that foreign policy speech and more to come. a lot of folk who is we talked to who support trump don't hang on his every word. but they're so excited about the real possibility, they think, of a real outsider having a real chance, that they're willing to go ahead with him and believe him that he'll change his tone. we'll see if he'll continue to do that. he seemed to have stopped and started on the presidential tone issue many times. >> thank you so much. other stories making news for you, including new pictures of the most recent royal. pet moments are beautiful,
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person was found dead in the city of palestine. seven inches of rain fell in less than one hour on friday. heavy rains shut down the new orleans jazz fest last night, topping a week of severe weather. >> reporter: jazz fest scheduled to go on today. but there is more rain in the forecast. so the thousands of people who have traveled to new orleans are hopeful to get to see some of the concerts they have tickets for today. yesterday late afternoon, a different story. torrential rain. authorities called it off late afternoon. stevie wonder among the artists who did not get to perform here. what happened is they ended up going into the french quarter in new orleans and played a surprise concert at smaller venues. it was a rough weather day here not just in louisiana but in east texas. the community of lindale, 70 to 80 homes damaged there by a suspected tornado, not yet
10:48 am
confirmed. now, as we move into today, there's still rain in the forecast, but the severe weather threat is greatly diminished. other stories we're also watching. iraq east coa iraq's prime minister has ordered the arrest of demonstrators. those demonstrators stormed yesterday. a state of emergency was declared and security forces near the u.s. embassy fired tear gas in response. happening this morning washington, d.c., a csx freighter train carrying hazardous material derailed. one fill tanker car containing sodium hydroxide ruptured. the amount of chemicals spilled and how many people may have been affected are still being determined. princess charlotte, really
10:49 am
old girl now, 1 year old. the daughter of prince william and the duchess of cambridge turns 1 tomorrow. ken si princess charlotte's first birthday comes just three days after william and kate's five year wedding anniversary. donald trump's foreign policy plan, will it hold up under pressure? analysts analyze,next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic
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10:53 am
that can hardly move. >> this was donald trump this morning standing by some of the foreign policy comments he made this week. joining me now, research fellow at stanford university, and the director of the policy and statty and the foreign policy adviser to newt gingrich's 2012 campaign. thanks for joining us today. when you think about what happened no iraq yesterday, the state of emergency there in the green zone, an area to be safe and where a lot of american journalists do live and, it reminds us what a challenging time we live in. and donald trump bringing up the issue of i sis in his commentary, backing up his speech on foreign policy. under his watch, if he were to be president, an elected president, how concerned would you be if a major terrorist
10:54 am
attack happened that affected the united states? >> well, i'm glad you mentioned his foreign policy speech. but i think the one that he gave this past week was really his first comprehensive statement about what a trump foreign policy would look like. and to answer your question, he has gone back to his original point that he felt that the iraq war was not the right war, but we have fought that war and we're continuing to be in iraq, despite president obama's attempt in 2011 to remove all of our forces. and as a result it is important, he says, to accept the fact that we are at war with radical islam, something the white house has not been willing to say, and to let that understanding guide our strategy going forward. and in his view -- and his speech was very philosophical in this way. the fight that we're facing with radical islam, the terrorists is as civilization l and a master
10:55 am
struggle as much as fighting communism and fascism during the 20th century. and we haven't seen many presidential candidates give that philosophical view that this is the challenge of the 21st century. i think what would happen in a trump administration is that he would be trying to figure out a way to end this big struggle and bring americans together to form a consensus. we have not had a foreign policy since the cold war. >> one of the points that he made along the way, he cede we're gouk to get out of there. that's what he wu say in that speech. and some of those who watched the speech have said, well his foreign policy seems to be isolationist. is it? >> i didn't read it that way. i felt he was saying we've got to get to a foreign policy consensus to end the wars that
10:56 am
we've inherited and to make sure that we didn't enter new wars. he talked about protecting western interests. i didn't see someone who was ready to fight more tore to pull out pre-emptively. i saw him really attempting to define the foreign policy challenges to bring americans together to create a new coalition. that's what was interest in the speech. >> in the 30 seconds we have, he said he likes an unpredictable strategy, responding to the comments robert gates, his commentary on this was that it did not appear that donald trump would be somebody that would collaborate. instead he would go forward in his own way. if you can do that in 20 seconds. >> he said that on the one hand but he also said it's important to talk to adversaries. that you can't win if you're not willing to talk. we can't cherry pick his speech.
10:57 am
you lock at it comprehensive, he talked about allies, working with the muslim, asian and european allies. >> that does it for this hour. have a good sunday. up next, "meet the press." no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you this sunday i this sundays is donald trum about to wrap up the republican nomination? >> i can myself the presumptive nominee. >> ted cruz is making a land stand in indiana. >> he belittles trump. >> the only thing he knows how to do in any given circumstance, he yells, curses, or he insults. >> but will cruz endorse trump if he loses on tuesday. why don't you answer that question straightforward? >> let me finish this question i'm making. >> my lively interview with ted cruz. plus, it's been five years since the raid that killed osama bin laden. t


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