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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the majority of convention delegates by june 14 with pledge delegates alone. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> and last laugh, the president cuts it up with the course for the last time. >> last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bath rob. [ laughter ] >> that was a slap in the face. [ laughter ] >> and good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington. ted cruz is 15 points behind donald trump and in indiana and our new wall street journal
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polls, cruz is going across the state today including an event in this hour. the nasenator refused to answer the question. >> i am going to beat donald trump. we are headed into a contested convention, we are going to win. >> you just said it is a time for choosing. if it is a time for clohoosing, say it, for him or against him >> chuck, you are welcome to lobby my support for trump as much as possible. we will beat trump because he's winning the nomination and losing the country. i am not willing to give up on america. >> don't you think -- if you care this much about it, don't you think you are saying i cannot support if he's the nominee does not send a sense of urgency to the republican party. >> chuck, what i am saying is simple. >> the record shows that you have not taken a position on
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whether you can support trump if he's the nominee. >> let the record show you trying hard in supporting trump. the record will show that. >> fair enough. joining me now is nbc halie jackson covering the cruz campaign and kasie hunt in indianapolis with the latest on the stop of trump movement. first to you, ted cruz's message and consistent even though polling shows that it can come to a crashing hall for him in indiana tomorrow night. >> reporter: right, if he's insisting just the last hour if he will continue forward and wakes up wednesday morning having lost the indiana primary on tuesday night, he will stay in the race and continue to stay in the race as long as he has what he calls a vai elbiable pa
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the nomination. what is a viable path? it does seem potentially if trump does well as expected in indiana, less and less as time goes on, donald trump could lock up this nomination in california on june 7th when he talked to cruz campaign. you look at the poll numbers you just mentioned. trump is crushing cruz by 15 points. they know that it is an uphill battle in the state. it is why you are seeing cruz holding five stops today including this one in this restaurant. what was yet another endorsement, pence said that he will vote for cruz says he likes and respects them all. adding to that on sunday,
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yesterday, the "indianapolis paper." cruz, how does he make the argument to beating donald trump on a head to head match up. that's the argument he's been making for months now with john kasich and john kasich not campaigning here. this is cruz's chance to have a head to head and right now looks like he's trailing badly. the other part of it, what happens to those delegates and the people, cruz convinced on the second ballot. if they look at what happens down the road or places in california if trump does well. hey, you should turn to me on a second ballot if we do make it to the contested convention. that's not a done deal at all. cruz insisted he will send around --you heard him today and yesterday talking about that is battle between good and evil and how glenn beck says god wants
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the people of indiana to decide. even cruz's k eastecruz's circu painting the states high. >> kasie hunt, the stop trump movement, is it coming to a ground fair in indiana. 58% of those polls disapproved of cruz and kasich teaming up. >> reporter: the resignation is setting in for the stop trump movemen movement. i think they under estimated the impact of the momentum trump brought out of those five state he is won in such a sweeping fashion. while they are still talking after that how they're going to put their chips here, it is clear that you are right that cruz/kasich viewed as nakedly
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political. that's something that has been of this entire election cycle. if anything, it is driving donald trump and driving bernie sanders on the democratic side. people are fed up with that kind of politics. i think that was reflected here on the ground and in indiana. for the stop trump movemenovemee question is they keep on saying maybe we can go to california or have a path at the convention. if he talks to people who really want to sweep up this nomination, there is as path on the floor in cleveland. of course, we are now at a point where that would take measures that many would view as extreme. they have to make rule changes and twist a lot of arms and it does not seem and the same passion to try to figure out how to block him that there was even a couple of weeks ago when i was down at the rnc meeting in florida. people are much more reluctant. you have john hunts man out
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there calling for a unity -- if there is ever a republican that needed to step out there. it would be the republican like john hunts man and here he's say no, we need to get behind donald trump. so i do think if in fact these polls turning out correct, if he loses here in indiana, it is going to be a definite for the stop the trump movement some people who you may never thought who want to work for donald trump are talking about it, andrea. >> how this campaign has gotten stranger and stranger. the moment of the ten years old protesters, let's play a little bit about that. >> apparently there is a young man who's having some problems.
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>> thank you, son. i appreciate you're sharing your views, one of the things that hopefully someone has told you is that children should speak with respect. [ cheers ] >> you know in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking. [ cheers ] >> halie, this all comes down to the 10 years old protester shouting at the candidate. >> reporter: yeah, i mean that's what we are seeing on the campaign trail. cruz did not play there. imagine what would happen if donald trump was taught of that same level of respect when he was a child. cruz pivoting to hit trump as he's been doing for months and his new strategy, andrea, is to tie trump to hillary clinton.
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andrea, that has been cruz's strategy for a while now and it simply has not moved the needle for him. >> halie jackson and kasie hunt in indiana for us. thank you very much. when donald trump is not knocking republican rivals, he's going after clinton, he and ted cruz both. trump particularly on gender issues. take a look. >> was it good or bad that trump said that? >> let me tell you something, are you ready and listening? she's playing the woman card. if she did not play that, she would not have any chance of winning. >> our political reporter, alex stifle is joining me now. clinton knows that she got to fight this but trump is tweeting against today and sounding off against her. the clinton's team are they under estimating the impact that that could have even though they
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think they have the women's vote. donald trump has no bounds going under. >> it is basically clear to republican field and now he's trying to do with hillary clinton. this was his first attack started last tuesday night when they unofficially showed up for nomination. what they're trying to do and we'll see if they'll be able to pull it off, try to pivot to policy. when he comes after her on the woman card, they'll talk about paid time leave and planned parenthood and hit hard on policy but not getting on the merits of his attack and trying t to say on the high road. if he's talking about it everyday, it is a distraction and creating problems. we have to figure out what they want to respond to and not want to respond to. you are waking up not knowing
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what you are going to be dealing with on that day on the clinton campaign. >> now, indiana, she went there briefly yesterday but basically they know that the polls are very tight. sanders now is still very hopeful about indiana which is an open primary which independence can turn out to vote and he's all over the state right now. he's with the carrier and the air conditioner issue and the trade issue will play big in indiana. >> i think very interesting phenomena to watch here is that now that clinton with those wins on tuesday sort of being a clear path nomination. is not going to stop sanders from showing up in the polls or is it going to switch votes? i think that's what the clinton people saw when they decided to send her there last minute on sunday. she had a chance to pick up a
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cheap win here. they look at the polls and they see it is tight and maybe they can pull it off. for the first time in four months and last month, she out raised him by about a million dollars and this is the first time because he's just been in the fund raising. it does show that after these last defeats and after new york, the money started tapering off a little bit to him. >> it explains last week they laid off 700 staffers. the head count has been reduced over there. they put up numbers of 43 million in march and down to 26 million last month. that's a real problem for bernie sanders. they're also spending money at a high rate coming in each month with less carbon hands. they got to take the shift going
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and we have breaking news in iraq today, three bombs went off this morning in baghdad and killing many people andnjuring dozens more. isis claimed responsibility for today's attack. over the weekend, shea and the government protesters, rushed baghdad heavily to four or five
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wound zones. the u.s. is urging the iraqis government and leaders to work together to restore security. and joining me now is ryan crocker of the ambassador and public service of texas a&m, thank you very much investor for being with us. i know you served in iraq and afghanistan and other conflict zones. what we are see ing in iraq is o troubling, trying to retake muslims and isis. how can that happen if the government itself is so unstable? ta it is a great question andrea. i was in iraq six weeks ago in the north and down in baghdad. this was right at a time people may push on the green zone.
9:18 am
this is an ongoing saga. it points to the fact that it is going to be very hard to mound a successful military campaign and have the says full uccessful af of the campaign of this discourse. we are talking about fighting the islamic state. the iraqis are focused on their internal political problems. i think we really have to deal with both of them. >> the government is gone and yet the shea policy and corruption of the government is still so profound. i was talking to white house officials this weekend who says one of the problems is protesters are reformers in the traditional sense they are not just protesters. they are also big element of a reform movement because of the corruption in the government.
9:19 am
>> that's right. corruption is deeply engrained in the iraqis' system. political parties can agree in one thing. the system worked for them and paid off for them. this honor phenomenon is very interesting. it has its roots going back decades to the time o of -- establishing a populist and nationalist movement rooted in the shea area. he's now taken another step so you are right. the protesters are calling for reforms. the system does not work for them. the question is whether he will have the power to see changes through that the rest of these
9:20 am
establishments really is not going to like because it is going to put them out of business. >> is the protest by this powerful leader is nationalistic or is it iranian. is this a proxy fight by iran to really for intended purposes to take over. >> it is another great question. if you watch the demonstrators over the week, they were announcing the united states certainly, that's a staple. they were also chanting iran out and it is important to remember as we look at these complicated events that shea iraqis may share a religion. iraqis are arab and they speak
9:21 am
persian. they are not farsi. as part of this popular sediment, there is certainly an anti-u.s. component but there is an an t anti-iranian component. to see society emerge that's in no way allie two or tied to iran. >> ryan corker, thank you very much, we value your experience and your expertise >> thank you, andrea. >> coming up, who's your hospitality? the last best hope for bernie sanders, andre carson is joining me next on "andrea mitchell reports." uh oh.
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a last minute campaign stop in indiana. she has a narrow single digit lose in the poll. congressman, andre carson, is joining me now, he's a clinton's supporter. what is our outlook tomorrow night? >> i think secretary will pull off a victory. before that, we went to a local diner and people were pleased to see her. even those who were undecided, after she left they talked about how personal she was and informed she was about indiana issues and hoosier's values. she grew up next door to illinois. people were impressed of how approachable she was as a person and that goes along way and even at the rally, people understood
9:26 am
deeply her messaging for the country. one out of five jobs of indiana and manufacturing jobs. we suffer greatly over the past few years seeing jobs and leave the state and just recently resaw carrier moving the operation to mexico. if they want a president and a commandeering chief who is apart of the effort to make greater investments and agriculture in the state. >> are those the issues that actually give bernie sanders some tractions there? he's talking about the carrier issue and he's been on the ground and he's been talking about, talking against trade deals and other issues that are very effective with labor and blue collar workers. >> senator sanders has fantastic ideas. i had the opportunity to dine with him.
9:27 am
i think he has a lot of great ideas and i appreciate hearing from him, however, i think secretary clinton is best to execute those ideas. i think she's best suited to reach across the isle and work with republican colleagues in getting androgen agenda pushedh not only hoosier but all of americans >> she's campaign ing in ohio tomorrow and kentucky. what about in indiana where our poll says 42% saying trump's comments are frequently in stultsing. what do you think of the likelihood of the poll and 15% of the voters, the republican voters say they are going to favor rather trump by 15% over ted cruz? >> well, i think mr. trump has proven himself to be an impressive show pen.
9:28 am
he's spooking -- his inflammatory statements attract crowds. if you look at clinton's record as secretary of state, she has an impressive record bringing parties together. she brought up issues when she started ten years of dealing climate change and even as a u.s. senate, she has done with issues and and voted with legislation of our economy. trump does not have that kidnndf record. at the end of the day, we can see that secretary clinton is best suited to be the ceo of our nation. >> what is your message to bernie sanders who again yesterday said he's going to go for super delegates and have what he called a convention contest at the convention.
9:29 am
>> senator sanders has done a good job of pushing the conversations more to the left. i think he brought up critical questions as it relates to our industrial complex. he brought up a serious issue as it relates to police fatalities. at the end of the day wer need o go forward as a unified party and backup secretary clinton. >> thank you, andre carson, of course, we are watching indiana closely. a may day demonstration that went terribly bad for worker's rights. it turned chaotic and violent over night. >> nine people were arrested and five police officers injured. authorities say one officer was struck by a rock and one was hit by a cocktail and a third was bitten. police used pepper spray to disperse protesters.
9:30 am
coming up here, with the death of osama bin laden, five years later of the report of the situation on that historic weekend. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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osama bin lad . tonight i will report to the american people and to the world. the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden of the leader of al-qaida. >> he was though he was not the leader of al-qaida that he once was, he's a major figure that changed the world as we know it. >> that was exactly five years ago. public enemy number one osama bin laden was killed at a covert operation and what an operation it was. >> he had been in the situation room with the president d top advisors as that mission
9:34 am
unfolded. right behind him on that day you can see jeremy bash. jeremy bash is here to talk about that moment as we face new terrorist threats around the world. what have you taken away and you know you written in "business reviews" of the killing of osama bin laden and whether or not that was a turning point. >> anne drea, let me correct on thing, the operation from the cia head quarters and the director's conference room. that's where the photograph was taken. the lesson, the management lesson of managing a large complicated organization with a tough mission is number one, you got to be willing to challenge the hypothesis. we always thought osama bin laden was living in a cage and
9:35 am
separated from his family, in fact, he was live ing in the suburbs with his family hooked up with a cable tv. >> a couple miles from west point. >> you got to be able to say to everybody and the president of the united states, hey, mr. president, we have been wrong about a decade of what we have been telling you. you got to put one person in charge. the agency of course, we had a lot of people were working on it. i want one person who's going to brief me every tuesday at 4:30 in my conference room. for many months that information yield no information. we got new lead and seen conducting two rehearsals in the
9:36 am
spring authorized by eastern afghanistan. of course, those moments where our hearts are in our throats as we watch the operation from the blindly head quarters and later that evening down at the white house. >> the bottom line is did we put too much emphasis on osama bin laden as the face of terror for the face -- obvious reasons of 9/11. and getting rid of the head of the snake was not getting rid of all of the tennacless. >> you got to know to take the long view. number one, it will deprive the organization and second, it will send an important message to our
9:37 am
advisaries. al-qaida today is a shadow of once it was. i am not saying it is not dangerous but it is still dangerous still. >> it is not the command control elements it was once was. isis, what does that look like? >> that's a new threat that's even more potentially more dangerous than al-qaida was. but, i think they want to do something like that in europe and they may want to pull off something like that in the u.s. they unlike al-qaida have created this and inspired and brought tens of thousands people
9:38 am
to their cause and jihad. there are mo as people focus on military operations and the threat, it is a lot more challenging and complicated. >> we used to be told by intelligent sources that al-qaida had the only time. now, the lead time is much shorter and they have better communications and their cells in europe were able to turn on a dime against brussels after losing one key player, they quickly moved and launched. >> yeah, if they go under ground for too long or conduct operatio operations, we'll find them and get them. that puts the owners back on us and our professionals and intelligence committee and working with all of our foreign partners getting ahead of that to go faster at the target and to disrupt it before it unfold
9:39 am
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president obama hosting the annual correspondence. >> bernie, you look like a million bucks. hillary trying to appeal to young voters it is a little bit like your relatives just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my
9:43 am
poke. >> he went to indiana, hoosier country, stood on a basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ringer, sure, i am the foreign one. >> in fairness, meeting with leaders from around the world, miss sweden and argentina. with that, i just have two more words to say, i am obama out. joining me now, what an exit for our daily fix. founder of the washington post p first, chris, to you, he did kill it and not so much of the
9:44 am
comic. president obama does this really, really well. >> yes, right. i mean look, i my favorite part of the speech is he pretends he was rapping. do you think i would leave out donald trump, which is true. he's a comedy to a lot of late night's sensation. >> the president is almost always funnier than the comic. the comic should go first and the president goes second. the comedian you want to roar the president as you point out -- george w. bush are really really good. >> one of the president's lines
9:45 am
was also to bernie sanders. criticisms of him and separating himself from the white house and policy. that's a heck of a way to treat a comrade. meanwhile, donald trump, i mean some people were critical the president for not being tougher on trump on his jokes sort of holding back a little bit. anti-trump -- perhaps, not wanting to give him that much of a spotlight and celebrity. here is donald trump though again, this is how he really makes for republican moderate who were coming over to his side really nervous. take a look at what he had to say about china. >> we cannot continue to allow china to rig our country. that's what they are doing. it is the greatest steps of history of the world. a lot of men and women who think that's offensive on all sort of
9:46 am
levels. on foreign policy experts, to talk about china this way, we rarely even start. >> you cannot manage to alienate one of the largest and most important countries in the world and simultaneously to further alienate one of the largest and most important voting blocks. there are still 30% yet to come. i think, you know, a word like "ra "rape" is a powerful word and sort of talking of the holocaust of its subject matter and not use in other context. >> people who are victims does not need this analogy. over the weekend, china denied an important call to the u.s.
9:47 am
aircraft carrier which is unheard of in military terms and diplomatic terms. we got a difficult situation with china. and then chris and ruth, and this is heidi cruz in indiana this weekend. ted is an immigrant, he's hispanic, we can unify this party. >> another ted cruz is not an immigrant. apparently, she misspoke that she he's the son of an immigrant. the ted cruz's bandwagon is not taking off. you look at the emergent of ted cruz is an alternative to donald trump. it happens most effectively for the cruz campaign last month in wisconsin, he's not been able to rally people behind him since then. we have not seen a bunch of senators coming out or a bunch
9:48 am
of governor, you have not seen any of that. part of the reason is and donald trump has hit each of this. he's good at picking out things about people's personalities. there is a part of cruz that's not likable for republican politicians and clearly across section of republican voters as well. we heard from john boehner of h his use of ted cruz. that's the problem. you need to rally some one and you need to feel there is something to rally behind and cruz's personality wise has not sold that. >> tonight or tomorrow night, could mark the end of the stop trump movement for all purposes. >> if we have not gotten there already, it seems to me everything chris said is exactly right of immigrants is the least of the problem that ted cruz is having right now. that's not what we are worrying about. that's not what she needs to be worried about. >> thank you both.
9:49 am
a historic flood, for the first time, 50 years the american cruise ship arrived. a seven day strtrip from miami. the ship is owned by carnival. the approval is in march to offer this cruise. could donald trump put an end to this trump movement as we say tomorrow night in indiana. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports." the place for politicpolitics. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more
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in other words the way the system works -- you know what? we are going to fight for every last vote and we are going to --
9:53 am
[ cheers ] >> bernie sanders predicting a contested contest at the summer convention. joining me now is live here is mark murray, senior political editor. let's start with the democrats. he comes out yesterday and said it is going to be a contested convention convention and going for the super delegates. he thinks he got a good shot at indiana and in single dingit in our polls and possibility in virginia and kentucky and certainly california. has a good share of bernie sanders' supporters that said even if he gets super delegates to go with where the states voted, what is the math? >> the math is not good for bernie sanders right now. even if he ends up losing in indiana tomorrow, you are looking at the future contest in oregon or kentucky and west
9:54 am
virginia. it is still is a rational for him to keep ongoing on. hillary clinton just need to win 19% of all remaining delegates. that's pledge delegates and super delegates. bernie sanders has to win 81%. for hillary clinton to hit that magic 2383 number, that's going to happen the latest of june 7th. if she loses every single contest between now and california, she will be hitting 2383. >> and the republican contest, where does donald trump stand? let's say he does win indiana and ahead by 15 in our poll. >> if our poll holds up, donald trump is going to win all the delegates in indiana. he need to win 40% of the remaining delegates. that's so much benefiting of what you said three or four weeks ago. even if donald trump ends up losing in indiana and losing all
9:55 am
delegates to ted cruz, which our poll is not showing it is going to happen. he still has the path for it. it is harder but it is still obtainab obtainable. >> can you beat him in california and new mexico? can you beat him in oregon? i think it is going to be difficult. >> all the polls that we have seen shows that donald trump is ahead in california. trump's big victory in new york winning the five consecutive movement, every poll shows i am going upward. if you take that going into california, that seems to be fertile ground for donald trump. >> that's a true of art. >> it is as turn that our nbc
9:56 am
desk turned out. 23 on the democratic side. you hit that number, nbc news will declare you the presumptive nominee of your party. but, not until than point. any kind of discussion before that, nbc is not calling you the presumptive nominee. >> thank you. always great to see you. >> that does it for us for this monday edition of "andrea mitchell reports," follow our show online and on twitter and faceboo facebook.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
trump if he's the nominee. instead, he's betting on a buzzer meter in the hoosier state. >> say it, for him or against him? >> chuck, you are welcome to love me for support for trump as much as possible. we are going to beat trump. i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory. do you want to turn on the television and see a president, republican or democrat who embarrasses you? our latest nbc news giving donald trump a 15 point advantage in indiana. paving away looks like to be a nearing unstoppable part. trump is trailing most of his attack on hillary clinton challenging her use that's offensive to native