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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your views, sir, and i respect it -- >> do the math! >> you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn! >> well -- >> take your own words! >> i'm curious -- >> take your own words! >> when donald doesn't get to
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1,237 -- >> donald's definitely going to get to 1,237. he's going to get more than 1,237. >> you're watching ted cruz being confronted by trump supporters in indiana this monday. good morning, i'm erica hill. we're live at nbc election headquarters in new york. that interaction happened as senator ted cruz arrived for a meet and greet event in marion, indiana. >> if things don't go your way, do you stay in this race? >> we are in for the distance. we are competing. as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am in to the end. >> what is a viable path? what does that mean. >> nobody is going to get to 3 1,237. >> what about 1,237. >> i am not, neither is donald trump. >> 1,235. >> so we are going to get to a contested convention. the reason donald trump is so desperate to get everyone to call this race over and the reason so many of his media
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acolytes echo that sentiment is that donald knows is that he cannot earn a majority at the convention of the delegates who have been elected by the people. and if you can't earn a majority, you can't be the nominee. >> ted cruz speaking with our own hall list jackson. now, he is set to have a live event this hour. we'll also bring you more of that interview throughout the hour. bernie sanders, you see him on your screen, as well. he's also set to hold a rally this hour in ft. wayne, indiana. our political team meanwhile is in place across the hoosier state and beyond. we will be checking in with them, of course, throughout the hour. first, we want to bring you a little bit more of that confrontation that happened not too long ago in indiana between some of those trump supporters and ted cruz. >> what do you like about donald? >> everything! >> give me anything. >> the wall. >> that's the main thing. >> ted's building a wall. >> hillary clinton! >> did you know about the wall that donald trump told "the new york times" [ inaudible ] the
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wall [ inaudible ]. >> lyin' ted! >> well, sir -- >> he'll take down isis -- >> civilized people don't just scream and yell at each other. i'm not yelling at you. [ inaudible ] "the new york times" reported the whole thing -- that's a total lie made up -- >> oh, oh, okay, lyin' ted. >> let me ask you -- >> -- career politicians have killed america! >> you are the problem. >> let me ask you something. >> you are the problem, politician. >> can i ask you something? >> out of all of the candidates, name one who had a $1 million judgment against him for hiring illegal immigrants. >> name one who's self-funded. not you. >> okay, so you like rich people who buy politicians. >> where's your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your wife works there. >> actually, i am supported by by 1.3 million contributions all over the country. our average contribution is $60. on immigration, you know donald
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trump had $1 million judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens. you know what he's doing right mow in florida? he brings in hundreds of foreign workers, instead of hiring americans. sir, with all respect, donald trump deceiving you. he is playing you for a chump. and ask yourself two questions, why is it that the mainstream media so desperately wants drump drump to be the republican nomination -- >> every chance that they get. >> and why is it that john boehner supports donald trump. do you agree with john boehner? >> no. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> the thing is -- >> do you agree -- >> i believe in trump. >> joining me now from washington, msnbc political analyst, former spokesman for the cruz campaign, rick tyler is with us. >> good to be here. >> as you watch that exchange we saw unfolding last hour, if you were working with the cruz campaign, would you have advised that ted cruz go up and engage
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those trump supporters? >> that's something ted has done all along the campaign. he has done it when i was working for him consistently. and usually it ended up, as this one did, too, you saw the guy he was actually addressing, he had a lot of people in the background making a lot of noise who weren't being rational and didn't want to engage in a conversation and wouldn't let ted speak. but the guy he was talking to at the end was beginning to listen. and that is something ted has always done. he will spend the time. i give him a lot of the credit. those are voters, not his voters, he was willing to engage them. there aren't many politicians who are willing to do that, with all the cameras rolling, and he's willing to engage in a about debate issues. and he made some good points and i think the guy was beginning to listen. clearly the other people, they had just had it. they don't want to listen anymore. they're just angry. >> you mentioned when you were working with the cruz campaign, he did this, in your words, all along. what is the payoff for ted cruz
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of a moment like this that we all just witnessed? what's the benefit for him? >> a lot of political advisers i'm sure would say he shouldn't engage in that, because it makes for a tv moment. but ted was going to do it, because given the chance to persuade even one voter, he was going to take that opportunity to do that. and i always admired him for that. and he was never unwilling to engage the public. he was never unwilling to debate or be in a confrontation with somebody, even with the cameras rolling. so he wasn't timid that way. i think he was very courageous that way. and look, it didn't make for the greatest tv camera moment, but you've got to give ted cruz a lot of moment. he's willing to go out there, put himself out there, and debate the issues in a very transparent way. >> over the weekend, he had a run-in with a protester at a rally. there was a 10-year-old boy. the audio's a little tough to hear, but i want to play this and get your take. >> apparently there's a young man who's having some problems.
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>> yeah, you suck! >> thank you, son. i appreciate you sharing your views. one of the things that hopefully someone has told you is that children should actually speak with respect. >> what do you make of that exchange? >> well, listen, as a father of a parent, i mean, the idea that a 10-year-old would shout out to an adult, and in particular, in a presidential campaign, has got to be -- i mean, hopefully it was embarrassing for the parents, but my guess is the parents probably encouraged that child and put him up to it. i don't know that, but it's fairly shocking. and i think it's embarrassing to the process and it's embarrassing to indiana that a child would speak to an adult that way. i agree with ted cruz there. and apparently the audience did, too. >> there's been a lot of talk about a week ago, and it's hard to believe it was a week, but it seems a lot longer, we were talking about this alliance, and
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it wasn't an alliance, it was a deal. it was an agreement. hold on one second. i'm being told this is new video in. rick, you're watching it along with he for the first time here. donald trump in indianapolis. of course, there for one of his events today. he's at shapiro's deli, the msnbc team was there last week, too. let's take a listen. >> yeah, let's sit down. >> how you feeling today? >> i feel great. i mean, it feels really good. we just had a good poll come out. the rasmussen poll, i guess you saw that. we're way up on hillary or three points up on hillary. and some good polls in indiana. so we'll see what happens. >> do you think indiana will put an end to -- >> i think it should. i really do. i have a great relationship with indiana and the people. we have a lot of friends here and i think we're going to do really great. [ inaudible ] >> yeah, his endorsement was a very weak and it was very good for me. he was very nice, the governor.
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he's under a lot of pressure from his donors and i fully understand that. and i think what he said about me was nicer than what he said about cruz. and you know, bobby knight has been so incredible. plus, we have some other ones today. we have a couple of big rallies later. and we have some unbelievable endorsements coming. >> are you surprised at all that carly fiorina being a part of his ticket hasn't moved the needle a lot? >> no. not really. >> mr. trump, [ inaudible ] general election contest, [ inaudible ]? >> yeah, we really have. we've beaten all of these folks, and indiana is very important. if i win, that's the end of it. otherwise, we have to wait until the following week and we'll see. i think indiana is going to be great. we are having such popularity here. and having the endorsement of bobby knight and so many others has been terrific.
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[ inaudible question ] no, i haven't, not at all. i don't know that it matters. the people i've been reaching out to. but i haven't been talking about the -- a lot of people are going to endorse me, but frankly, i love the bobby knight endorsement. it meant so much to me. because he's tough, smart, and knows how to win. that's what our country needs. >> mr. trump, what happens [ inaudible ]? >> we'll have to see. look, i feel great, we're having by far the biggest rallies that they've ever had in indiana. and we're having a great time. we've really hit a chord with the people of indiana. we're going to keep companies from moving. carrier air-conditioners of the world are not going to get away with what they did. i think they're terrible. i think you'll see great results. i've been talking about carrier ever since they announced. i've been talking about it for months. >> to me, it's already started. rasmussen just came up, three points up on hillary. just came up a couple of minutes ago. i'm three points up on hillary
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clinton. and i haven't even started yet. i think we'll have a great campaign. [ inaudible question ] >> well, they have no path to victory. i'm millions of votes ahead of both of them and hundreds of delegates ahead. and in the votes, i'm going to be in a record this week. i'll be in a record, an all-time record, in the history of the republican party for votes. which does mean a lot. and that's very exciting to me. don't forget, there's a lot of states left. and in the history of the republican party, i'll have the all-time record. >> do you still think mike tyson got a raw deal when he endorsed you? >> i don't know anything about it. i heard he endorsed me, i don't know anything about his trial, i really don't. >> why was bobby knight so enthusiastic to endorse you? [ inaudible ] >> i think bobby knight's enthusiasm is that he wants to see indiana and the country win again. and he's an amazing competitor.
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he's a really smart guy and a really tough guy. and bobby knight, the reason it was so enthusiastic, he wants to see the country win again. so and he knows we're going to win. if i'm involved, we're going to win and bring back our jobs and we're not going to lose jobs like we're losing right now, because everyone is leaving our country and that's sad. okay? [ inaudible ] you with us? oh, okay. [ inaudible ] you're right, i win against her in indiana, but the new poll came out where i'm beat hillary clinton by three points and i haven't even started on her yet. we've had a number of polls come out over the last week where i'm tied with her. now they're coming out that i'm winning. ted cruz would lose to her so badly, it would be a wipeout. he would have no chance against her. the new polls are having me up now on hillary clinton.
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[ inaudible ] very good. good grandmother. >> there you see donald trump in indianapolis at the famous that picture re's deli. msnbc was there last week, ted cruz did some campaigning there, as well. and we heard him in the span of about a minute, name-check bobby knight three different times. he addressed the endorsement of governor pence of ted cruz, saying what he said about me was nicer than what he said about ted cruz, saying he kind of gets it. perhaps alluding the to the fact that a lot of people have questioned, he was rather effusive, governor pence, when he came out to endorse ted cruz, talking about how -- why he was happy that donald trump was in the race, what he thought trump had done for the race. a lot of people looking at that, political analysts saying in some ways, perhaps he's trying to protect himself, as we move into a general election. perhaps donald trump is the candidate. rick tyler is still with us. stay with us. we'll talk to you in a minute.
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our katy tur is in south bend, indiana. katy, it's interesting. donald trump touched on the polls. we know he likes to look at the polls. but our latest polling does show him up with a 15-point lead in indiana. yet he's got multiple events today at this 11th hour. why is he still campaigning so hard in the hoosier state today? >> i think that was the plan, to have these events so there was no need to change that. and also, i think the campaign has learned not to trust every single poll. there have been polls that have suggested that he's losing when he's winning, that he's winning when he lost. look at what happened in iowa. he was up in the last few days and then ted cruz ended up coming out and taking that state away from him. they don't want the same thing to happen here in indiana, but they are more confident about indiana than they certainly were about iowa. they've done a lot of campaigning here so far. they've gotten a lot of resounding support, as you can hear, there is a train going by, so i'm going to get a little louder, but the campaign does
11:15 am
feel confident. then again -- that's not even a train, that was a truck. they say that this is not a must-win situation, like it is for ted cruz. they believe that unlike what ted cruz is saying, that they do have a path to 1,237, and they will get to 1,237 by california and new jersey on june 7th or after that. >> katy, thanks. rick, i want to bring you in on this point. as we talk about must-win states, we heard from katy there, the trump campaign is saying ted cruz would have to win here, and even still, the trump gain saying, they're still going to be victorious. is this still a must-win state for ted cruz? and how does he do that? we heard our own hallie jackson ask him, what is a viable path? and after walking around an answer, it sounded like finally his available path is a contested convention. what are the chances for ted cruz? >> well, clearly, a contested convention. look, donald trump has momentum. he is on message. he talks about winning.
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it would be nice to hear donald trump begin to appeal to other supporters of other candidates. it's sort of a mystery as the self-declared presumptive nominee why he wouldn't do that. but donald trump is in indiana, because he wants to seal the deal on ted cruz. and if he can sweep in indiana, ted cruz's path becomes very, very narrow. it's still possible. ted cruz has only one path. and that is a contested convention. which he would do well in, if he can prevent donald trump from getting the 1,237. in virginia yesterday, ted cruz nearly swept the delegates. in other words, donald trump only got three yesterday. ted cruz, i think, got 13. and of course, that was only the count on the second ballot, and he did sweep in arizona. he won ahandedly in both states. ted cruz is getting all of the delegates to go to the convention. >> rick tyler joining us, always good to have you with us. katy tur as well.
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hallie jackson spoke with senator ted cruz just moments ago in indiana. here's a little bit more of that interview. >> reporter: you know i've been with you for a long time, following your campaign. and for months i've heard you make the argument and your campaign to make the argument, in a head-to-head matchup, you are the one to beat donald trump. john kasich is effectively making indiana a head-to-head matchup. if you cannot beat donald trump here, what is the argument you make? >> the argument that i am making is that the republican party stands for something. that we actually believe something. and i think this is a moment where the entire country is relying on indiana to save us from going over this cliff. >> reporter: so if it's a cliff and if they don't, what's the argument there. i was looking at where you are and if you lose, how you come back from that. >> i think a question that the viewers at home want to ask. yesterday i was on with your network, with chuck todd, who i think nine times tried to get me to say that i would support donald trump. he seemed really frantic to get me to say that. and i think one question the
11:18 am
voters are asking at home is why is the mainstream media so desperate to get conservatives to abandon our principles and support donald trump? and i think the reason is simple. >> i'll push back against that, senator, obviously. >> virtually all of the network execs are partisan liberal democrats. and if donald trump is the nominee, from a partisan democrat perspective, it's a win-win. in all likelihood, nominating donald trump elects hillary clinton. she wins by double digits. and if by some miracle donald trump gets elected, the liberal democrats have won. because government is a big government new york liberal. he supports planned parenthood, just like hillary clinton. he supported banning guns just like hillary clinton and bill clinton's nationwide ban of many of the most popular firearms in america. he supports being neutral between israel and the palestinians, just like hillary clinton. he supports a massive tax increase. you know donald trump is campaigning on a 40% tax increase, a massive tariff on
11:19 am
any hoosier anytime you go to the store. i think the people of indiana are taxed too much. and as president, i'm going to cut their taxes. and so if you're sitting at home trying to decide who to vote for, you ought to ask, what does it tell you that the media so desperately wants you to get behind donald trump? what's it tell you that john boehner wants you to get behind donald trump? if you're fed up with washington, with politicians selling us down the river, then i would encourage people in indiana and across this country, unify behind our campaign. my priorities are jobs, freedom, and security, bringing jobs back to america, protecting the bill of rights, our religious liberty, our second amendment, and keeping us safe and secure, unlike donald trump and hillary clinton, i will stand with israel, and i have a long record of doing that and we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. and on that final point, hallie, let me point out last week donald trump gave his foreign policy speech, where he said he agreed with hillary clinton, he would leave the iranian nuclear deal in place.
11:20 am
both donald trump and hillary clinton would leave this deal in place. on my first day in office, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. because allowing the ayatollah khomeini, who chants death to america, to have nuclear weapons is profoundly dangerous. and i agree with ronald reagan, i agree in peace through strength and i believe the american people do, too. >> more of hallie jackson's interview with senator ted cruz, that happening just in the last half hour or so. today's microsoft pulse question. we've been asking whether you think ted cruz should drop out of the race if he loses indiana. your responses so far this hour, you can take a look there on the screen, but the pulse remains live. there's still time for you to weigh in if you haven't done so. you can cast your vote at pulse. and a reminder to tune in for our special coverage right here on msnbc of the indiana primary. it all starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here. we'll be right back.
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turning now to the democrats. for the first time in months, new fund-raising numbers show hillary clinton raised more money than bernie sanders in april. you can see the totals there on your screen for last month. clinton is campaigning in kentucky right now. she just held a roundtable discussion with steelworkers, where she tackled the issue of fair trade. >> if it were fair and you were competing on a level playing field, sometimes you'd win, sometimes you might not, right? but when you've got a situation that has been deliberately designed to undermine our competitiveness, that is just dead wrong. >> meantime, any moment now,
11:25 am
bernie sanders is set to speak in ft. wayne, indiana. and as we've been hearing, and said it again over the weekend, he is promising to take this fight all the way to the convention in philadelphia. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates, in other words, the convention will be a contested convention contes contest. >> nbc's chris jansing is covering the sanders' campaign. she is in ft. wayne. we can see the event getting ready to start right behind you. that rally that we mentioned. chris, we've heard sanders today talking about losing those all-important super delegates. it is essentially a dead heat right now in the state of indiana for sanders and clinton. how are they approaching that, with the short time period that's left before polls open tomorrow morning. >> he's got three events today.
11:26 am
he is pushing hard. and it's not usual for him in his stump speech to talk about the super delegates and delegate math. so he did his this morning in evansville, a crowd of 3,000 people on a monday morning, making the argument that the system is rigged, essentially going after the democratic system, saying that in states where he won, where he beat hillary clinton in those states, all of the super delegates went to her, ignoring the reality, which is that even if all of those super delegates came to his side, he would still be far behind, but take a listen to part of his argument against, again, what he calls a rigged system. >> in other words, the way the system works is you have establishment candidates who win virtually all of the super delegates. it makes it hard for insurgent candidacies like ours to win. but you know what? we're going to fight for every last vote and we're going to --
11:27 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and that fighting means that he has gone again after hillary clinton, after a while of really focusing on platform issues. he talked about super pacs and goldman sachs and all of the issues where he was hitting her hard, several weeks ago. so, clearly, he is looking at this as an opportunity to win some more delegates, move on ahead, make his case that there's a reason for him to be able to move on to that convention in july. >> nbc's chris jansing for us live in ft. wayne, indiana. chris, thank you. still to come, we will have more from the hoosier state. reaction from workers at a company you've been hearing a lot about. one that's being pounded by donald trump on the campaign trail. plus, millions still under flash flood watches, as deadly severe weather continues to hammer the south. we'll look at when it may ease up. stay with us. you're watching msnbc. with the pressure of my hand
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one day out now from indiana's primary and it is all hands on deck. the forces are out, across the hoosier state. now, here you're watching some video of ted cruz. this happened in just the last hour, where he went over to speak with some trump supporters in indiana. well, that quickly took a little bit of a turn. ted cruz keeping pretty calm throughout it all. the gentleman he was speaking, who was a trump supporter, asking him a number of questions. and we watched a lot of this unfold. let's show you a little bit more of that now. >> what are you going to do about our second amendment? >> okay. okay, great question -- >> what are you going to do about our second amendment? >> all right, i have defended the second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. do you know that donald trump supported bill clinton's national ban on some of the most popular firearms in america. that is a fact. you go read his book where he says, i agree with bill clinton. in fact, he said, "i hate guns." that's a quote there donald trump. i have spent 20 years fighting to defend the second amendment. and i'll tell you this, sir, if donald trump ever becomes
11:32 am
president, he has said on the supreme court, he's going to cut a deal with chuck schumer. he said that two debates ago, which means he's going to put a liberal on the supreme court. he's going to take away your second amendment right. there is a reason why gun owners of america has endorsed me in this campaign, because i've defended the second amendment. while donald trump is a new york liberal who will take away your second amendment rights. this man is lying to you and he's taking advantage of you. >> that was ted cruz there. again, he had arrived for our meet and greet in marion, indiana, went to talk to some of those trump supporters. and our crew on the ground spoke with one of those trump supporter who is faced off with ted cruz in the last hour. take a listen. >> why did you want to be here today? >> because i heard lyin' ted was going to be here. we had to come represent. >> what did you think when he came and walked up to you? >> i was surprised. >> so you're embarrassed by your comments? >> nope. but you're not getting my name. >> what do you do in ohio? what do you do for work?
11:33 am
>> we climb poles. >> electric work. >> mm-hmm. >> did you all come over as a group? >> no, these guys was here when i got here. >> did you know them or come here by yourself? >> came here by myself. >> why do you support trump? why do you think he's the candidate? >> our second amendment's my main thing. he's the son-in-law one. that guy says he's going to take care of it. he ain't going to do nothing. once we lose our guns, we lose our freedom. that's the real freedom. >> there you have it, the trump supporter who was speaking with ted cruz in indiana today. as we heard on the tape, he didn't want to give his name. sounds like he had come from ohio and came by himself, saying the number one issue for him in the second amendment is guns. pete is a kasich campaign consultant and nice to have you back with us today. when you look at that confrontation in just the last hour, at that moment between the trump supporter and ted cruz, what's your gut reaction to that? >> well, my first reaction is,
11:34 am
one, it was remarkable video. so kudos for catching that. and second, where was this two weeks ago, ted cruz? this would have been helpful for your efforts here in indiana two weeks ago. but what's it going to accomplish less than 24 hours before the polls open? >> so you're saying too little, too late? >> yeah, precisely. i think a lot of what the cruz campaign has been doing in this state has been too little, too late. and you talk to voters and they're saying, zpras, desperation, desperation. >> so is there anything he can do, is there anything in your eyes that ted cruz could do to change his standing in indiana, to get more people to rally behind him there? >> i think what he should have been doing the whole time is really focusing on the central parts of indiana. the more pragmatic republican voters, who he really needs to turn to his side in order to win this state tomorrow he has
11:35 am
either taken them for grants or doesn't know how to message to them. a lot of these evacuates are still supporting john kasich and cruz has ignored them and went to other parts of the states, when he needs folks in central indiana to pull this off. >> pete, you and i last spoke on friday. we spoke just after governor mike pence had come out and said we were voting for ted cruz. at that point i asked you, which was a bigger get for a candidate, the endorsement of bobby knight or governor pence? he basically said bob yby knigh and we heard donald trump probably drop his name three times within a minute. a not long ago, we saw video from shapiro's deli in indianapolis. and bobby knight's name is misspelled. does that have an impact? >> well, about 20% of people actually have a twitter account more will obviously see this than will see it on twitter. but that's donald trump for you. he doesn't think before he tweets. he just puts it out there.
11:36 am
and if you call him out on it, he'll have some outlandish excuse for why he screwed it up and said, it doesn't matter, bobby knight endorsed me, who cares how you spell his name. that's been the m.o. of his entire effort until this point. >> as you know, you were a kasich campaign consultant. there was this deal or alliance or neither depending on the hour of the day with the two candidates. but that happened a week ago today. there's a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll of indiana voters which shows when they were asked about the ted cruz, john kasich alliance, 58% disapprove of that move. 63%, it wouldn't have any impact on how they voted. we know for all intents and purposes, john kasich has dropped out of indiana, but he never told his voters that he should vote for ted cruz. why did this seem like a good idea at the time? it seems to have backfired pretty quickly? >> i think the key number, and i'm glad you brought it up, was
11:37 am
that 63%, who say it won't have an impact on their vote. for the majority of hoosiers, it's not going to play a part in how that it voted already. >> but then what was the point? couldn't it have hurt and it seems to have hurt your candidate, john kasich? >> the point was allocate resources in a smart and strategic way. for ted cruz, that was giving him a clear path in the state of indiana to earn the support of hoosier voters and if the nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll is correct, ted cruz has fallen short of that. >> real quick, pete, would you advise john kasich to drop out at this point? >> no. there are too many people who are looking to him to be our nominee so we can actually win in november. that's what counts. >> republican strategist and
11:38 am
kasich campaign consultant, pete seat, appreciate you joining us. thanks. >> thank you. 2,100 people will lose their jobs after carrier announced it will be move operations to mexico. >> it became clear that the best way to stay competitive and protect the business for the long-term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexic mexico. >> that outsourcing is a major issue across the country, especially in indiana, of course, with just hours now to go until the crucial primary there. donald trump has been blasting the company, carrier, for months and repeated his condemnation again if just the last hour, talking about the company's plans to close its manufacturing plant in indianapolis, as you just heard there and move operations to monterey, mexico. just this past week, bernie sanders joined thousands of protesters outside the carrier plant in indianapolis.
11:39 am
>> nbc's ron mott joins us from outside of that plant where he's been speaking to some of its employees and union representatives about the closure ahead of the 2016 race. ron, good to see you. what are you hearing from folks on the ground? >> reporter: hey, erica, when something like this happens, it was sudden, this announcement back in february, there was a lot of tension on the ground inside this plant. this plant has been near in west indianapolis for about 65 years. so to hear it's closing after all of these years to head for mexico is a devastating blow to all these people and their families. you mentioned 2,100 people. and as you mentioned, donald trump has made this closing part of his standard stump speech. take a listen to what he just said about an hour and a half ago. >> we're going to keep companies from moving. carrier air-conditioners of the world are not going to get away with what they did. what they did is terrible. >> this is an unusual position for a republican presidential
11:40 am
candidate to make to essentially side with union workers here. we talked to some of them earlier, some of their union officials about whether they would support donald trump or brrnds as the union itself has endorsed bernie sanders was here on friday, stumping with the workers here take a listen at one of the union officials about donald trump and bernie sanders, and why they've decided to go with the vermont senator. >> senator, if, indeed, it is donald trump, will you support him? >> yeah, i've always said i'm going to support the republican nominee, that's especially true now that it's apparent that hillary clinton will be the democratic candidate. >> reporter: all right, again, it's unsure how many of these evacuates who are voting tomorrow will vote for bernie sanders or if they will go ahead and cast a vote for donald trump here, as you mentioned, throughout the afternoon, donald trump enjoying a rather sizable lead in our marist/"wall street journal" poll. we'll have to see, but a lot of tension on the ground here and a
11:41 am
lot of emotion, as well. erica? >> it will be interesting to see what happened there. we had a little issue with that sound that ron was trying to get to that sound, so hopefully we'll be able to get that to you later in the day here and on msnbc. ron mott reporting live outside of that carrier facility in indianapolis. still to come this hour, malia obama chooses harvard, but not right away. she's going to take a gap year first. and we'll take a look at this growing trend for high school grads. but first, here's president obama joking about his oldest daughter and the race for 2016 at this weekend's white house correspondents' dinner. >> a lot of folks have been surprised by the bernie phenomenon, especially as appeal to young people. but not me, i get it. just recently a young person came up to me and said she was sick of politicians standing in the way of her dreams. as if we were actually going to let malia go to burning man this year. it's not going to happen. almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a ufh2o.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
a potentially dangerous situation is developing across the south right now. nearly 12 million people bracing for more severe weather. flash flooding has destroyed homes and communities, six people were killed in texas. among them, a 64-year-old woman and her four young grandchildren. in louisiana, the new orleans jazz fest was a casualty of the severe weather. performances by stevie wonder and snoop dog, among those cancelled. joining us now from the weather center, nbc news meteorologist, raphael miranda. so give us a sense, raphael, when could we see this potentially dangerous storm, you know, start to dissipate a little bit? >> it's going to take a while, erica. unfortunately, we have two threats this afternoon that we're tracking. one the flooding we mentioned across the gulf coast. that's continuing and now we have a new severe weather threat across the south. 12 million americans at risk. you can see this area shaded in yellow. that's where the greatest risk is for severe thunderstorms this afternoon and into tonight. including roanoke, raleigh, charlotte, and also asheville. conditions are ripe.
11:46 am
it's been quiet so far. you can see these storms popping now. our first severe thunderstorm watch has now been issued. the instability is there and we expect to see more storms with the potential for wind damage and even large hail as we head throughout the afternoon and evening. let's time it out on futurecast. you can see, this is what we can expect this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms, lightning and heavy rain, the main threat up until about 5:00 to 6:00. then this evening, as you're heading towards the evening commute, that's when these storms will peak in intensity from d.c. towards virginia and the carolinas. wind damage then becoming a main concern, even as you head into the overnight. besides the severe weather, all the areas ravaged by flooding see heavy rain today. this is a slow-moving storm, erica. unfortunately picking up another 1 to 3 inches of rain there. rivers still on the rise and the flood danger continues. we'll have more coming up later. >> we'll watch for it. tough to see, raphael miranda for us this afternoon, thank. the eldest of president obama's daughters and one of the nation's most famous 2016 college applicants has made her decision about where she'll
11:47 am
attend college. malia obama was accepted at harvard, but says she'll not start until the year of 2017. she's on thing to take a gap year after graduating from high school. her choice is one that's becoming increasingly popular among high school grads. the idea, use that time to maybe explore the world and arrive at campus a little more mature, a little more focused. laura is an expert on gap years in bethesda, maryland. nice to have you with us. can you clear up something for us, off -- just off the top here. there's a gap year, which you've heard about a lot, mainly overseas for some times. where kids go and they may travel or maybe they do some sort of rather pricey educational experience. is there a difference between that and someone who's simply a break for a year and maybe work a little bit at home and make some money for college? >> no, i don't think so. i would call them both a gap year. i think that there is somewhat of a misconception that a gap year has to be one of these pricey programs, but it really
11:48 am
just means taking a year off, and whether that is traveling abroad or staying home and, you know, working at a coffee shop and working on a political campaign, they're both considered a gap year. >> what's the benefit to a gap year? >> i think it depends on what the student is doing. but there's a number of benefits. i mean, for some, it is to make some money before college. for others, it is to gain the maturity that they need, because they're not quite ready to start school. for others, it's really just to explore something that they think they're interested in. you know, it's a good opportunity, if you think you want to be premed, to shadow a doctor, do some volunteer work in a hospital, get some things on your resume or figure out that maybe that's not something you actually want to do. and, you know, for some students, they also just need a break. they've been so focused for the past few years academically, and before they jump into another academic experience, they want to take some time off. >> so are they burnt out? we hear a lot about that, about kids in high school just being
11:49 am
completely fried by the time they graduate. >> yeah, absolutely. that is the case for some people. i think that that's not the most common reason for a gap year, though. usually, it's students who need a little more maturity or who actively have something that they want to do, they want to bike across the country, and they don't think they'll ever have another chance to do it. >> is there a concern at all that this could actually mean that kids stay in school longer? that it ends up being more expensive. either for them, if they're taking out loans or paying for it themselves, that the parents, that i may put them on a five, six, seven-year plan? >> i think the opposite is usually true, because students tend to come in a little bit more focused. if they have identified an interest they want to pursue, that may keep them from changing majors, which could delay their graduation. or they're just a little bit more mature and able to handle the workload better. so, i don't really see it extending their time in college. >> well, now we know where malia
11:50 am
obama is going to college, i guess the next question will be, what does she do for her gap year? we may be talking to you about that specifically in the near future. laura hosnid, thank you for your time today. so we've been asking you this afternoon, should ted cruz drop out of the race if he loses indiana? here's a lack at the results. the pulse remains live, so you still have a chance to make your voice heard. keep the conversation going by voting now at stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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an illinois woman has filed a $5 million class action suit against starbucks over the amount of ice the coffee giant puts in its drink. the suit alleges starbucks deliberately rips off its customers by underfilling its iced drinks, claiming the drinks are almost half ice and have less liquid than advertised on the men yaw. this all comes on the heels of a similar suit involving
11:54 am
starbucks' hot beverages. nbc's national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has the details. >> reporter: when you order an iced drink at starbucks, the barista fills it up, then scoops in the ice. but the new lawsuit alleges it's heavy on ice, light on liquid, saying starbucks is misrepresenting its cold drinks, the customer often getting much less than advertised. often nearly half as many fluid ounces. in a venti, for example, starbucks advertises 24 fluid ounces on the menu. but according to the lawsuit, you only get 14 ounces of liquid. >> i think it's an interesting case. >> reporter: nbc news legal analyst karen desoto has reviewed the 29-page suit. in the lawsuit, they include this photo of a starbucks cup. the claim is these black lines are fill lines, and telling baristas across the country, only fill the cup up with liquid and then the rest up with ice. what do you make of that?
11:55 am
>> this could be a interesting issue. the ultimate question is going to be, is ice a fluid or is it going to be considered a solid? >> starbucks telling nbc news the suit is without merit. our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any iced beverage. but this isn't the first time starbucks has been accused of underfilling. just weeks ago, another lawsuit claiming its hot lattes are approximately 25% underfilled. hi. can i have a grande latte? so i went undercover to test it out. >> grande latte. >> thank you. while the website says nutritional information may vary, the official starbucks menu in stores lists a grande latte at 16 fluid ounces. the first latte came up short. >> this is the 12-ounce mark right here, and that's about where the liquid is. the 16-ounce mark is all the way up here. right down the line --
11:56 am
>> close, but not 16. >> reporter: they all missed the mark. >> that's really low. at the time, starbucks told nbc news the lawsuit and our experiment were unscientific and without merit, because lattes are hand-crafted and customers want the foam on top. foam. now ice. starbucks defending its multi-billion dollar empire. >> chew on that the next time you get a beverage. that's going to wrap up our coverage for this hour. i'm erica hill. my colleague, kate snow, pix things up at the top of the hour. and a reminder, be sure to tune in tomorrow night for special live coverage of indiana primary. it all begins right here at 5:00 p.m. eastern, on msnbc. the place for politics. for four years,r car you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls,
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12:00 pm
going to be talking about. last hour, ted cruz on his final full day campaigning in the must-win state of indiana, a state that could be the end of the road for the stop-trump movement. and here's what happened there. cruz approached a trump supporter, who had been trying to disrupt the event, and we watched it all play out live. take a look. >> we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your view, sir, and i will respect it -- >> do the math! you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn! >> well -- >> take your own words! time to drop out -- >> well, sir -- >> sir! >> when donald doesn't get to 1,237 -- >> donald will definitely get to 1,237. he's going to get more than 1,237. >> moments after that, hallie jackson caught up with ted cruz and the governor of indiana, mike pence, and he confirmed that he's fulling endorsing cruz. let's get right to hallie jackson. hallie, it's been a big afternoon, you're in the car on your way