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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it is the clip that everyone's going to be talking about. last hour, ted cruz on his final full day campaigning in the must-win state of indiana, a state that could be the end of the road for the stop-trump movement. and here's what happened there. cruz approached a trump supporter, who had been trying to disrupt the event, and we watched it all play out live. take a look. >> we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your view, sir, and i will respect it -- >> do the math! you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn! >> well -- >> take your own words! time to drop out -- >> well, sir -- >> sir! >> when donald doesn't get to 1,237 -- >> donald will definitely get to 1,237. he's going to get more than 1,237. >> moments after that, hallie jackson caught up with ted cruz and the governor of indiana, mike pence, and he confirmed that he's fulling endorsing cruz. let's get right to hallie jackson. hallie, it's been a big afternoon, you're in the car on your way to the next event.
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he's got so many events across indiana today. the thing that i noticed and i'm sure the viewers noticed -- >> five. >> yeah, five. the thing the viewers noticed was getting in there with one or two voters and trying to make his pitch, face to face. that sort of seems like the hour that we're at here. >> reporter: yeah, listen, let's be clear that ted cruz, after his event that we were just at, we're headed to the next one, he walked across the street, walked up to this group of protesters, this group of trump supporters, clearly holding trump signs and engaged with them. this is actually something -- i've been on the campaign trail with cruz for a while, he does this. when he is confronted we a protester, he stops and engages with them and tries to have a conversation with them, if he's able to. that's what you saw in this situation. obviously, things got a little bit heated, as you saw, it lasted for a little while. cruz after that walked away and i asked him, what did you get out of that interaction, why did you do that? and he pointed out, hey, it's a
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democracy. he pointed out that there were six of them and hundreds of supporters of cruz's. and that's something i reiter e reiterated. in his words, the media wants to focus on the protesters and not on the substance of his rally. he had showed up at this retail stop with governor pence in order to try to rally some of these supporters here in indiana. so cruz said that. and i said, what do you think? do you think that means you have the numbers you need? and he said, the voters will decide. right now, of course, it appears as though if you look at the most recent polling, voters are leaning away from ted cruz. our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows trump trouncing cruz by about 15 percentage points in this state. privately, campaign aides believe it's actually going to be a much tighter race than that, but it is still going to be a fight. i had a chance, as we talked about, to chat with senator cruz and governor mike pence a couple of minutes ago. let's run some of that interview and we'll talk about it, kate. >> we are in for the distance. we are competing, as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am in to the end.
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>> what is a viable path. what does that mean? >> nobody is going to get to 1,237. >> what about 1,236. >> i'm not going to get to 1,237, but neither is donald trump. >> 1,235. >> so we are headed to a contested convention. >> if you cannot beat donald trump here, what is the argument that you can make? >> the argument that i am making is that the republican party stands for something. that we actually believe something. i think this is a moment where the entire country is relying on indiana to save us from going over this cliff. >> so if it's a cliff and if they don't, what's the argument then, i guess? i'm looking at where you are, if you lose, how you come back from that? >> i think a question that the viewers at home ought to ask. you know, yesterday i was on with your network, with chuck todd, who i think nine times tried to get me to say that i would support donald trump. he seemed really frantic to get me to say that and i think one question the voters are asking at home is why is the mainstream media so desperate to get conservatives to abandon our
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principles and support donald trump. >> i'll have to push back against that senator, obviously. >> you're standing side by side with the senator, but in your initial backing of him, you commended donald trump for what he brought to the conversation. and even in your op-ed, you said you like and respect all these three candidates and will support the nominee. are you hedging your bets? >> not in the least. i'm proud to stand with ted cruz in the indiana primary tomorrow. >> reporter: but in november you'll stand with donald trump? >> we'll let the process work. and i'm absolutely going to support the republican nominee for president of the united states, because indiana needs a partner in washington, d.c.. >> so, very popular, very well-respected, very successful conservative governor of indiana endorsed me, is barnstorming the state, campaigning with me, and yet the first question you ask him is, so, tell me about donald trump. how about, governor, why did you endorse ted cruz? you could have endorsed any of the candidates. i mean, that's why people are so -- >> the governor -- i've got to push back, respectfully -- he was the first person you
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mentioned when you endorsed ted cruz. >> i like and respect all of the men that are still in the field for president. and i would support any one of them over hillary clinton or bernie sanders. but what i announced last friday was that i am supporting and voting for and endorsing ted cruz for president of the united states in the indiana primary because i see him as a principled conservative who has shown the courage of his convictions. hoosiers in this state are in the process of making up their own minds. and hoosiers have a tendency to do that. and i respect that. but for me, for my part, i want people to know that i'm supporting ted cruz in the indiana primary. >> hallie jackson talking there in indiana with drated cruz ande governor of that state who has supported ted cruz. let's talk more about this wild afternoon. steve kornacki is here with us on set. i want to play another chunk going back to prior to that interview, the exchange ted cruz was having with these trump supporters, that are holding trump placards. let's play a little bit more of that. >> donald cannot tell the truth
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in one minute. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> well, sir, you are entitled to have your -- >> lyin' ted! >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out, i have treated you respectfully the entire time. and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? would you be proud if your kids came home cursing and yelling and insulting? >> so that's just a bit of it, steve. i have to say, hallie made the point he does this from time to time, he talks with people who are holding signs for others. but that was remarkable, what we saw play out there. >> it was. and i mean, this is it. i think part of that, too, is ted cruz representing what he's up against now. i mean, he is down if indiana, the state he absolutely has to
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win, or this thing is for all intents and purposes over. and those are the people, they are representative of the people he needs in the next 24 hours to change their minds. >> let me just ask, maybe i'm going too far here, but could this, if it goes viral, be kind of a dukakis tank kind of moment. where months from now, if people remember that michael dukakis thing where he put the helmet on, it was sort of a pivot point in that election. could it be that this is the moment where we look back months from now and say ted cruz sort of weakened himself? >> i have to say, it's already got me looking back a few months, because i'm looking at the hand that ted cruz had in creating this moment in the first place. because as donald trump -- remember, he started out in the republican primary with no support, last spring. donald trump. and as he made one controversial comment and one controversial proposal after another, the media and republicans looked to ted cruz and they said, what do you think of this? and the whole step of the way, every step of the way, droous
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droo ted cruz praised donald trump, refused to criticize him, and now here he is on the eve of the ultimate test for ted cruz, he comes face to face with the voters who have responded to that message from donald trump and i can't help but think that ted cruz among many others, ted cruz had a hand in strengthening donald trump to the point where ted cruz is now pleading with those same voters to view donald trump as a threat. and you see the reaction he's getting. >> and in his interview with hallie, he's really going after the mainstream media. he was -- these are live pictures, by the way, right now, of this event -- is that indianapolis, guys? ft. wayne, excuse me, ft. wayne, indiana. but i was about to say, in that interview with hallie, he's really going after the mainstream media. he went after chuck todd, who, by the way, was just trying to get an answer to a pretty simple question. chuck does not advocate for any candidate and does not try to make him say a certain thing, he's just trying to get an
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answer. >> and governor pence answered that question right away. he said, i'm for ted cruz, but i'm for whoever the republican nominee is in the fall. and the reason this is at issue is because ted cruz has said spent months saying, absolutely, i'm with donald trump if he's the republican nominee, i'm with whoever who's the republican nominee. now he's started making kinds of statements to republicans where it sure sounds like he's saying, donald trump is not ordinary threat to the republican party. donald trump is no ordinary threat to conservatism. which, of course, raises the question, given donald trump has more than 4 hurrica00 delegatesf ted cruz. it raises a reasonable question, if you are saying these things about donald trump, can you in a good conscience as a republican when this thing is over, stick to that in the fall. and the reason he keeps asking is because ted cruz wouldn't answer it. he used to answer that question. that's noteworthy and news if a candidate used to say those things and now refuses to answer
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it. >> steve kornacki on a dramatic day as we wait for indiana voters to decide what happens tomorrow. steve, thanks so much. so where is donald trump in all of this? he's also in indiana today. just a short time ago, stopping by shapiro's in downtown indianapolis for some lunch. he greeted voters there and here's what he had to say about tomorrow. >> i would like to get on to hilla hillary. we've beaten all of these folks. indiana is very important. if i win, that's the end of it. >> at the top of the hour, trump expected at his first rally in carmel, indiana. that's where we find jacob rascon. jacob, set the sacene for us. what's life like today? >> here we are about an hour beforehand, before this rally starts. it's a very small venue, 1,600 or people can fit inside. all the talk is cruz. they've already opened with an opening prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and the person who introduced and opened the event said these are the last days of ted cruz, let's close the door on ted cruz. that is the feeling, that is the
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talk of everybody, really our poll, the nbc poll has changed conversation. it's what everybody's talking about. they're excited, they think, for the end of cruz. that's how everybody we've talked to has seen it. and we'll talk to, we had a nice gentleman, fred. fred is going to talk to us. fred is actually from ohio. it's interesting, we've talked to a lot of folks who are not from here, who are driving here, because they weren't able to make it earlier to a rally. why? why go through that and why be politically active when you never have been before? >> well, we've done our fair share of voting in the past. we've always followed it, but never to this point. we've checked out the candidates, we've looked them all over. and we found that trump seems to be the one that fits my bill the closest to whatever i want to go with. and he's the one i'm going to go with. >> reporter: he's expressed and he's said some things that have shown some lack of knowledge about certain foreign policy or
12:12 pm
other issues, does it worry you at all? is he really ready? >> well, i don't think his personal lack of knowledge of the issues is a big deal, because, like he's always said, i'm gonna get people around me that know what's going on and i pay attention to what the experts tell me. so if he's going to pull somebody out of the crowd that he knows is going to give him the right answer, i'm in favor of it. >> last question, as you followed the event, you probably heard about the cruz and kasich deal to try to shut out donald trump here. what do you make of that? >> well, an alliance, as such, i don't see it in an election. i thought an election was a man or a woman against a man or a woman against a man or woman. but when you've got to form an alliance to try to keep somebody from getting it, i think it's high time you both get out of the race. >> thank you, friend. i want to jump over here to tammy. tammy, you've actually been to a rally before and you came back. why? >> i love it.
12:13 pm
it's great. it's energizing. my youngest son is 24 and he's -- this is the first year he's active in what's going on politically. >> reporter: active as a family. thank you, tammy, thank you, fred. that's the scene. we're about an hour away and just really confident. it's different. they think this is the beginning of the end for the other candidates and it's just going to be trump versus hillary. >> jacob rascon out in indiana. and as we get down to the wire there, let's turn to the person who's been covering drmp drump ever since day one. nbc's katy tur is in indianapolis and she joins me now. katy, i understand that the trump campaign has not responded yet, i don't think, to anything that's happened this afternoon involving ted cruz and that exchange that's been playing with cruz and the voter. i would have to imagine, we've been watching it live with a supporter or a republican operative who supports donald trump and she was pretty excited to see that exchange going down. i have to imagine, they think
12:14 pm
they're near the end here for ted cruz. >> well, you would imagine that the campaign would have liked to have had seen something like that. and if donald trump does respond, i would expect a response on twitter in one of his short responses, or on stage right now where he is in carmel, indiana, or potentially tonight where i am, in south bend, indiana. but, yeah, they feel very confident about the state. they're up by 15 points in the latest nbc news poll. it's a poll that donald trump likes, because it has him ahead. but they've said they don't necessarily need the state. as much as they would like to get it, they don't need it. and they got the endorsement of bobby knight, and he in many ways is a more influential man than even the governor mike pence, who endorsed ted cruz, as we saw him supporting a ted cruz a couple of minutes ago with hallie jackson. but the campaign is still looking forward, they're looking ahead. i'm told they're going to start vetting vps this week. they're going to start sitting down and really looking in earnest who they could possibly
12:15 pm
pick to be his running mate. they haven't given any clues as of now as to who that potentially would be. but i would note one other thing, kate. he did have lunch a little bit earlier in indianapolis at shapiro's and "the washington post" is reporting that at that lunch, which we should have on camera as well, ed klein, the writer who wrote a number of books about the clintons over the years, much of them containing discredited rumors about bill clinton's sexual life or hillary clinton's health. so that is another indication that they are focusing on the general and they are finding a way or a strategy to go after hillary clinton. >> just so i'm clear on that, you're saying he sat down, and i'm looking at your reporting here that you just sent out, katy, he sat down with aides for lunch, with ed klein. with that author? >> reporter: yeah, "the washington post" is reporting this. he sat down with two of his aides, cory lewandowski and stan
12:16 pm
camino, and author edward klein, who is perhaps best known for his series of bombshell books, spreading rumors and innuendo, much of it discredited about the clintons. that's directly from "the washington post" reporting. this is something that all of the networks pooled on camera. it should come as no surprise that he would be finding people to talk with about potential strategy when it comes to hillary clinton. it is notable, though, that he would do that in such a public setting, with such a well-known and discredited author in terms of those allegations that he's leveled in a number of his books. >> and quickly, are they talking about tomorrow? are they talking about what will happen if donald trump wins big? and will they put pressure on ted cruz to get out? >> reporter: yeah, they will be doing that. and they have said to me that after indiana, they are going to start running this as if it was a general election, regardless of whether or not ted cruz or john kasich are staill in this race.
12:17 pm
indiana is in many ways ted cruz's last stand. if he doesn't do well there, it's hard to envision how he could stay in this race. and donald trump is going to be putting a ton of pressure on him to get out, especially, even -- they're even doing it now. he's mathematically -- it's mathematically impossible for him to get to 1,237. the campaign does feel like they're going to be able to get to 1,237. they're already putting that pressure on ted cruz. it will only get stronger from donald trump wins tonight in a state that ted cruz was supposed to be competitive in. >> all right. katy tur in indianapolis, where donald trump will be later tonight. katy, thanks. just a week ago, we were talking about the alliance, remember, between ted cruz and john kasich, the deal was that kasich would back off in indiana and let cruz have those voters. for those of you wondering if that deal would backfire with voters, the numbers are in. a new nbc news "wall street journal"/marist poll shows 58% of voters disapprove of the cruz/kasich alliance, originally set in place to push for a
12:18 pm
contested convention. nbc's kasie hunt has been covering the stop-trump movement. and kasie, you've been reporting that there are actually stop-trump supporter who is seem to be doing a 180 now and want to support trump. >> reporter: kate, good afternoon. the kind of people who have been pushing against donald trump all the way along, many of them republican operatives who have worked for path presidential candidates, the kind of people who were just incredulous at the idea that donald trump was running at all, let alone now in this position, some of them polishing their resumes. the reality being that it's looking increasingly as though the trump campaign is going to be the only game in town in republican politics, and that if you're not working for that campaign, you're probably out of a job. and, you know, whether or not that continues to a trump administration, of course, an entirely different open question. but the stop-trump movement definitely having a tough time here in indiana. and that's really going to be, it seems, the nail in the coffin. the people i've talked to today just have this air of
12:19 pm
resignation. >> kasie hunt following the stop-trump movement. casie, thanks so much. up next, the governor's endorsement. a strong conservative base of voters. it worked for cruz in wisconsin, so why aren't those same factors helping him in indiana? we'll talk to a state party leader, right after the break. w. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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own your home. take control of your retirement today! we're back on a make-or-break afternoon for the stop-trump campaign. the big news this afternoon, watched it live a short time ago, ted cruz getting up close and personal with voters in indiana. our new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows donald trump up 15 points there in the hoosier state. for some analysis before tomorrow's showdown in indiana, i'm joined by jeff cardwell. he's chairman of the indiana republican party. mr. cardwell, nice to see you. thanks for being with us.
12:23 pm
>> reporter: thank you very much. >> so, ted cruz's last big win was in wisconsin. not that far away from indiana. not that different demographically. it was a big win. he had the backing of the governor, like he does in indiana. people seem to like his conservative principles. so why is that not working in your state? >> well, i don't know that it's not working in our state at this particular time. they are kris crossing our state and both of the campaigns have got a lot of enthusiasm. a lot of people showing up. we're seeing record levels of people turning out. i can tell you that we've seen a 206% increase over 2012 in early voting. so there's a lot of enthusiasm on both sides. and tomorrow the people will have a voice and a say for the nomination for the next president. >> when you say on both sides, do you mean ted cruz and donald trump, or democrat and republican? >> yes. ted cruz and donald trump. >> so you think there are still cruz supporters who are active and showing up and we should not be looking at our new poll that
12:24 pm
has ted cruz down 15 points and saying, that looks bad for him? >> well, i would say that there's been a lot of polls this year that have missed the mark. so i would say the most important poll will be tomorrow, when we get a chance to hear the voice of the people, all across our great state of indiana. >> absolutely. well, what's driving voters in indiana? we've heard stories, donald trump likes to talk about carrier and the plant moving out of indiana. is it jobs? is it the economy? what do you think is top on the lust? i think top on the list is jobs. although indiana is doing quite well. we have a lot of companies moving to indiana. we've created more than 100,000 net new jobs with our current governor. and really what our governor needs more than anything is a partner in the white house. >> and polls tomorrow? open what time? close what time? >> polls open tomorrow at 6:00. i would say that people will be lining up very early. they close at 6:00 p.m. it's going to be a very exciting time. very exciting day here across the state in indiana.
12:25 pm
>> we'll be looking and watching it with you and watching the vote and seeing what they do there in indiana. you've got a lot of power this time around. thanks so much for being with us, jeff cardwell. appreciate it. up next, bernie sanders live right now in indiana. we'll take you there just after a quick break. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. i have an orc-o-gram we for an "owen."e. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪
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the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. we've got the bright new face of the democratic party here tonight. mr. bernie sanders. bernie, you look like a million bucks. or to put it in terms you'll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. president obama getting a lot of laughs at his final white
12:29 pm
house correspondents' dinner over the weekend. it was a fun one. and yesterday, the president announcing that malia obama will attend harvard university after first taking a gap year, a year off. out on the trail today, the two democrats who want obama's job. sanders is in indiana all day. clinton started her day in kentucky, and she'll wrap it up in west virginia. we have both camps covered for you. let's start with nbc's kristen welker. she's with the clinton campaign. kristen, they really do seem to be pivoting towards the general election. there's a reason she's not even in the state of indiana today. >> reporter: they really are pivoting to the general election, kate. there's no doubt about that. we know that the clinton campaign has already dispatched staffers to some of the key swing states in the general election. states like new hampshire, colorado, and florida. and we've seen secretary clinton really increasing, ramping up her rhetoric against donald trump, the clinton campaign
12:30 pm
believes that he will, in fact, be the republican nominee. so they're really setting their sights on donald trump. meanwhile, today, here in kentucky, secretary clinton having a little bit of fun with what could happen if she does make it all the way to the white house. take a listen to what she had to say. >> here's what i want to do. i think we've got some good ideas. we have to have a partnership. i've told my husband, he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this, because he's got more ideas a minute than anybody i know. we've got to put people back to work and make it happen. so, we're going to give it all we've got. an absolute full-in, 100% effort. because i worry that we won't recognize our country. >> reporter: so the secretary getting a few laughs there, but we know that she does plan to make former president bill clinton one of her advisers, if she were to win. but, of course, first things first, she still has to win the primary. the clinton campaign responding
12:31 pm
to senator sanders' insistence that he's going to stay in this race all the way to the convention, saying, look, he has the right to do that, but they're urging him to scale back his attacks against her. >> and when she talked about the partnership she's going to put bill clinton in charge of, i don't know if she's serious or kidding, but what partnership is she talking about? >> she's never been very specific about that, kate. the furthest she will go is to say the former president will be one of her advisers and she cites his experience in terms of dealing with the economy. and some of his success in terms of turning around the economy when he was in the oval office. so we'll have to wait and see if that were to happen. but it's clear, she's very serious about bringing him into her inner circle, if she were to be elected. kate? >> kristen welker dpolg the clinton campaign. thanks so much. let's turn now to nbc's chris jansing. she's with the sanders' campaign in indiana. chris, set the scene for us today, and bernie sanders speaking right now.
12:32 pm
>> yeah, three events today. obviously, very intently focused on indiana and moving forward, surprising a lot of people yesterday, when he said that it was going to go all the way to a contested contest at the convention. remember, just at the end of last week, kate, he was talking more about how he was going to influence the platform. and i can tell you that this morning in evans, indiana, with 3,000 people, and you can hear it again, here, in ft. wayne, this crowd is really fired up. i've talked to a lot of them. they say that they know the delegate math, but they have two options here. one is to continue to push forward and hope that some sort of almost miracle who have looked at the delegate math. he's so far behind, even if he swings these super delegates, he's still behind by hundreds, and it's still a huge uphill climb. he knows he has to win about 65% of the remaining delegates to
12:33 pm
have a chance here. and yet even as these supporters know these numbers, they think the worst-case scenario is that he goes into that convention stronger, able to make his case for a more progressive agenda as they look at the platform, kate. >> thank you so much, chris. and when we come back after a quick break, we'll be speaking with a member of the sanders team stay with us. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down.
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give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. taking a look at bernie sanders on stage right now, live in ft. wayne, indiana. joining me right now, symone sanders, national press secretary for the bernie sanders campaign. nice to have you with us, again, simone. >> nice to be here. thank you. >> i think the last time i saw you, it was really late at night after the white house correspondents' dinner. >> it was and we looked fabulous. >> you looked fantastic, i can say that. your candidate yesterday said that the democrats are headed to a, quote, contested contest at the convention. some people have been parsing that language a little bit. does that mean a contested
12:37 pm
convention? what exactly does he mean? >> look, what senator sanders meant and said yesterday is that neither -- that secretary clinton is not going to reach the magic number of the majority of convention delegates by june 14th, that she would need to go into the convention with more delegates. so that means that super delegates are going to be a major factor. and going into the convention, super delegates will actually decide who the nominee will be. so that is what the senator meant. >> so it's a contested convention. we shouldn't read anything into the fact that he said contested contest. >> yeah, don't read into that. and what senator sanders also said at that press conference yesterday is that he really encouraged super delegates to take a hard look at specialty states where the people have spoken, states like new hampshire, states like washington state, and that those super delegates should really take a look and think about supporting the candidate that the people have voted for. >> right, but simone, you and i
12:38 pm
both know the math is really tough for your candidate. he needs 81 president of remain delegates to reach the magic number. you're trying to sway the super delegates. he's talked about that. but in a straightforward way, does he think he will be the nominee for the democratic nominee for president. >> yes, look, there's no mincing words here. the path is narrow, but there is still a path. california has not yet voted yet, kate, and there's well over 400 delegates at stake in california. and we honestly believe that every single person in america, every single state, should have the opportunity to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. and so we're not going to do anyone any favors by jumping out of this race. senator sanders is in this race all the way to the convention, and yes, he thinks he still can be the democratic nominee. and i would like to know, you know, a year ago when we started this race, no one thought that senator sanders was a quote/unquote real candidate. they called him a fringe candidate. so we have a advisory of coming from behind and shocking folks.
12:39 pm
and you just never know what's going to happen in this nominating contest. >> so the path as you see it is tomorrow, what happens, and what happens next? you have to wait until june 7th for california to get enough delegates to make yourself known at the convention? >> oh, i think we'll be known either way. i don't think that this is a case to where we don't get x number of delegates, we don't go into a convention with a platform. senator sanders has literally transformed the landscape of american politics. this campaign is a people-powered campaign, and i think that energy and that fervor is definitely going into the convention. >> i understand that. >> we do think we're going to win tomorrow. >> i just wonder what had the path is. you think you win tomorrow? >> we do think we'll win tomorrow. we've won 17 nominating contests and looking forward to making indiana our 18th. the senator is in kentucky this week, he's going to be in west virginia. we're going to compete here, kate, and we'll go to oregon. puerto rico is out there. guam. new mexico. and of course, california, washington, d.c., new jersey.
12:40 pm
so, this nominating contest is far from over. we are in it and we are still in it to win it. so you can look forward to seeing a lot more of senator sanders. >> before i let you go, can i ask one question to get you on the record. we've been asking, are you going to release more tax returns from sanders? >> yeah, i think our tax returns, it's a hot topic, i'm not sure why, they're pretty boring. i don't know what kind of bedtime stories people like to read out there, but bernie sanders' taxes are not it. he and jane do their own taxes. >> when will we see those? >> as soon as we get a moment, kate. we've -- as you can see, senator sanders is in indiana right now. we're traveling the country. we'll get it done, but they're boring. i would like to know when we're going to see the transcripts of secretary clinton's speeches while we're asking things about things we haven't seen just yet. >> every time we talk to the clinton team, you know, they say, well, they should release their taxes, so, okay. symone sanders, sorry, you were waiting for me.
12:41 pm
symone sanders, nice to have you. i was going to give you one more shot at it. nice to have you with us. >> look, kate, they're coming. >> we'll wait. the debt crisis in puerto rico, about to get a lot worse. shortly, puerto rico is set to default on $422 million, a bond payment, which is owed on their $70 million debt. on top of the debt crisis, the united states commonwealth is facing a zika virus threat. msnbc's gabe gutierrez is in san juan with the very latest. gabe? >> reporter: hi, kate, good afternoon. we're here at a hospital outside of san juan and we've spoken to several doctors here, we're on the front lines of the fight against zika. some are calling this a perfect storm. puerto rico's financial crisis, coupled with the challenges they face in the health care system, as they deal with this staggering debt. now, later today, puerto rico's governor has said that puerto rico will default on the largest debt payment so far, $422
12:42 pm
million. puerto rico has a staggering, more than $70 billion in total debt, unemployment, and it's at a crushing 12% or so. and more than -- less -- nearly half the population, i should say, lives below the poverty line. this is something that is devastating on this island. any talks in congress for any bill to rescue puerto rico have stalled. and now the question is, what happens next? as puerto rico faces the zika virus on friday, for the first time, a death, a zika-related death was reported here on the island. and late yesterday, puerto rico's governor issued an executive order, announced and issued an executive order to withhold most of today's payment. he called it a very painful decision and the next big hurdle is another debt payment. this one much larger. that is due july 1st. kate? >> gabe gutierrez reporting from puerto rico. thanks so much. coming up, prince's family in court today, in the battle over his estate. you know when i first started out,
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
looking at a live picture there. that's carmel, indiana, where we expect donald trump to start around the top of the hour. we're keeping an eye on that for you. let's turn now to the latest on the investigation into prince's death. his family was in court today, beginning what could be a long battle to divide up his estate, as the singer had no will. nbc's blake mccoy is outside the courthouse in minnesota with more. blake? >> reporter: kate, good afternoon. we saw those family members, those siblings arrive one by one to state their claim for a piece of prince's estimated $300 million estate. the court hearing today was actually quite brief. a few things happened. one, a special administrator was affirmed to keep running the estate until this issue of inheritance can be settled. also, no one else came forward to claim a stake of the estate.
12:47 pm
that leaves the six siblings to split that evenly under minnesota law. and lastly, the attorney who's currently overseeing the estate says they are still looking to determine if there is a will. right now the family says they haven't found one. they don't think there's a will, but the judge wants to make very certain of that before he starts a division of assets. right now the family says they're all getting along, they're communicating, but they haven't started o splitting things up yet. they have to split it six ways. it's not just $300 million in cash sitting there. you have property, you have paisley park, that unreleased trove of music that has been talked about. so things could get contentious as things move along, but it's going to be some time here before this estate is settled. >> i want to bring in msnbc chief legal correspondent, ari melber here in the newsroom to help us understand all of this. that was interesting. i thought there was no will, but blake's saying they're looking and making sure. they think there's no will. >> they haven't found a will. that was the biggest headline
12:48 pm
coming out of what was a very brief hearing, because there's not much to do yet. the judge saying, we can work with a financial institution to oversee all of this. and we'll continue to look. i will tell you, when we first learned that there was an attempt here by the sister to get this process going, i thought, maybe there's a will somewhere. we're now in the moment where we would have heard about one if there was one. so that's weird. >> so, so weird. so surprising that someone worth that kind of money would not have -- i mean, most people kind of make plans, somewhere in their life, for the unfortunate eventuality. what happens legally speaking when there is no will? how do they just divide things up? what do they do? >> under minnesota law, it is very clear that all of the siblings, the full sibling and half brothers and sisters will be entitled to prince's estate and his materials, basically. that we know. what we don't know is what blake just referred to. how do you cut that all up? in a particular sibling is only maximizing the money amount of
12:49 pm
what they get, you can obviously apportion that. they can take a liquid assets, they can take a piece of the estate, sell it off, et cetera. what is more significant, i think, what a lot of fans and viewers might care about is, who's actually going to control the music, the culture. does it go in movies, in ads? all of his unreleased material, he was prolific. who's going to own that? are they going to be oriented towards selling that for the maximum amount of money or trying to put it out in different ways. that is a fascinating part that's different than just other rich people, quote/unquote, he's got a lot of stuff. >> and the options for the court, put it in somebody else's hands. put it in the hands of one of the family members. >> the options of the court are, we want to cut this up. and if everyone's agreeing, which is rare when there's a lot on the table, if everyone's agreeing, you can come to some agreement about what is a fair divvying up. if there is an agreement, then it's not obvious that a particular unreleased album, for example, you can appraise it. but it's not obvious which
12:50 pm
family member, if they want to have sole control, right, is going to get it. if they say, we think this will sell for $5 million, you may have a family member who says, actually, i want to focus on ma family member who says, i want to focus on owning more of the music. >> ari, thanks so much. up next, we're back out to indiana, where donald trump will take the stage at a rally in carmel, but first president obama having a little fun at the white house correspondent's dinner over the weekend. >> bernie, you look like a million bucks. or two put it in terms you'll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
donald cannot tell the truth in one minute. >> you'll find out tomorrow, indiana don't want you.
12:54 pm
>> well, sir, you are entitled to have your rights, but i'll tell you what -- sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out, i have treated you respectfully the entire time. and a question here that everyone should ask. >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? would you be proud if your kids came out cursing and yelling and insulting? >> it was a quite heated exchange, ted cruz with a trump supporter. dan scavino putting a vine out on twitter, responding to all of this. >> lying ted! lying ted! yeah, lying ted! lying ted! >> that's a vine. so that will just keep repeating
12:55 pm
over and over again. but that's coming out of the trump campaign. his social media director posting that. we're waiting for donald trump to begin his rally any minute in carmel, indiana, and that's where we find jacob rascon, he's in the crowd there, waiting along with us. jacob, what do you expect? >> we expect to hear from him in about 10, 15 minutes. he's running a little behind, which is normal. we expect him to get on stage and say his favorite line as of late, which is, if we win in indiana, it's over. it's only a matter of how big that he wins. he usually is pretty good about lowering expectations and then overdelivering. it's important to note that he has never been ahead as he is now in the polls, and especially in our poll, and not won. so we do expect him to go forward and to win in indiana. it would be an absolute shocker if he didn't. and we expect him to go hard against hillary clinton. he's really been pulling all of the punches in the last couple of rallies in indiana. he's looking ahead. he really wants to focus his
12:56 pm
attention on hillary clinton. we know that he had lunch today with author ed klein, known for books against hillary clinton. we know he wants to look ahead to the general. he really wants to focus there. he's been touting today a new poll that has him beating hillary clinton in a general election by a few points. of course many other polls show that he would lose badly. but this is, he believes, and his supporters have latched onto this, they believe this is ted cruz's last stand. and if ted cruz can't pull away a shocker, it may very well be. we know that donald trump could get shut out in indiana and still have a path to 1,237. if he wins as the polling suggests, it becomes almost a cake-walk. kate? >> jacob rascon in carmel, indiana, as we await that event, 10 or 15 minutes from now. we'll have that live soon as it starts. that's going to do it for this hour. i'll see you right back here tomorrow at 3:00 eastern.
12:57 pm
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so hurry in before it ends! ♪ i'm chris matthews in washington. in the next hour, we expect to hear from both presidential front-runners. donald trump is set to start his rally any minute now, could be ten minutes, actually. and hillary clinton will begin her event in west virginia a bit later. indiana votes tomorrow and a win for trump there could mean the end of this stop trump movement. anyway, ted cruz included. anyway, earlier today, trump spoke to a crowd of protesters and even debated a trump supporter while everyone watched. we'll show you that. pretty sizzling. along with his interview with hallie jackson. our