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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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donald trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassina assassinating jfk. now, let's be clear. this is nuts. while i'm at it, i guess i should good a ahead and admit, my dad killed jfk and he's secretly elvis, and jimmie hoffa is in his backyard. >> on a day he is looking to land a decisive blow for the
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nomination, headliners about comments he made about cruz's father, trump links his father to lee harvey oswald, a story first reported by the "national enquirer." >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being, you know, shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. what is this, prior to his being shot. money brings it up. they don't talk about that. that was reported and nobody talks about it. i think it's horrible. i think it's absolutely horrible a man can go and do that, what he' saying there. >> there's a picture out that there reportedly shows rafael cruz standing with lee harvey oswald. >> what was he doing with lee harvey oswald shortly before the death? before the shooting? it's horrible. >> in response to that, ted cruz unleashed on trump. it all happened during a provide day stump in indiana earlier prompting a response for donald
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trump, jr. who wrote that was an impressive melt-down, desperate but impressive reminded me of my teen coming off a sugar high. we're covering the trump and cruz campaigns. before we do we want to give you more of that response from ted cruz earlier today so you have the full context here. his reaction to donald trump's accusations that rafael cruz, ted cruz's father was somehow linked to jfk assassin lee harvey oswald. >> this is not the first time. donald trump has used david's "national enquirer" to go after my family and it was also the "national enquirer" that went after my wife, heidi, that just spread lies, blatant lies. i guess donald was dismayed because a couple weeks ago the enquirer wrote this article about jfk and donald was dismayed the folks in the media wasn't repeating this latest
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idiocy so he figured he'd have to do it himself, go on national television and accuse my father of that. my father has been my hero. he was imprisoned and tortured in cuba. when he got to america he had nothing, washed dishes making 50 cents a person. he's exactly the kind of person donald trump looks down. i will do something i haven't done the entire campaign for those who traveled with me across the country, i will tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies, he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth, and he had a pattern i think is straight out of a psychology textbook. his response is to accuse everybody else of lying. he accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying.
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and it's simply a mindless yell, whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. the man cannot tell the truth but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist at a level i don't think this country has ever seen. donald trump is such a narcissist that barack obama looks at him and goes, dude, what's your problem? everything in donald's world is about donald. and he combines being a pathological liar. i say pathological because i actually think, donald, if you hooked him up to a lie detector test, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon and one thing in the evening all contradictory and he'd pass the lie detector test each time. whatever lie he's telling, he believes it. but the man is utterly amoral. let me finish this, please.
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the man is utterly amoral. morality does not exist for him. it's why he went after heidi directly and smeared my wife, attacked her. apparently she's not pretty enough for donald trump. i may be biased but i think if he's making that allegation, he's also legally blind. but donald is a bully. you know, we just visited with fifth graders. every one of us knew bullies in elementary school. bullies don't come from strength, bullies come from weakness. bullies come from a deep yawning cavern of insecurity. there is a reason donald builds giant buildings and puts his name on them everywhere he goes. and i will say there are mill n millions of people in this country who are angry, they're angry at washington and angry at
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politicians who've lied to them. i understand that anger, i share that anger. donald is cynically exploiting that anger and he is lying to his supporters. donald will betray his supporters on every issue. if you care about immigration j donald is laughing at you and he's telling -- he doesn't believe what he's saying not going to build a wall, what he told the new york city. he will betray you on every issue across the board. and his strategy of being a bully, in particular, is directed at wendy. donald has a real problem with women. people who are insecure, people who are insecure about who they are, donald is terrified by strong women. he lashes out at them. remember, this is the same donald trump who last week here
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in indiana proudly touted the endorsement for mike tyson, a convicted rapist, who served three years in prison in indiana for raping a 17-year-old girl. in donald's world he said mike tyson was a tough guy. i don't think rapists are tough g guys. i spent a lot of time in law enforcement dealing with tough g guys. rape pistes are weak and coward and bullies and any that think this is an are tough guy, that reveals a lot about donald trump's character. >> covering cruz and he was there when he made this statement, we just played a good chunk of that. >> to see ted cruz so passionate as what we saw today that he was with his family attacked. what more do we hear from the campaign about how far ted cruz
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plans to take this. >> sure. >> reporter: yesterday, erica, ted cruz said he will take this all the way to california, until donald trump gets 1237 delegates, has to take place in california he's not going anywhere. they are going to nebraska, which votes a week from tuesday, as well as washington state. they see a path forward, sure, it's small and they see a path forward. the thing for ted cruz here which you heard this morning and we played there, is the very fact for those of you traveling with him, which is us the press core, i joined up with him in august, finally, we got the honest ted cruz, his personal feelings about donald trump which he's been, i guess, pushed back. he was the only one among those 17 candidates to never really attack donald trump all the way to now essentially the final two. it's come down to this point it came down to lying ted. it seems it has got on the point suddenly this is permeated
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across, we are going town to down, you keep hearing donald trump is the go-to candidate. this morning particularly,it was much more of reflective tone for ted cruz, right before he pulled up to this stop, across the street. about 100 fifth graders were standing outside, he got out of the car and before going into that 20 minute press conference, he went to the kids and they hugged and mobbed him. it was a sight that very much reflected, they weren't asking about donald trump and delegates, asking for high-fives and it was ah. at the barbecue joint, it was heidi cruz, not carly fiorina, heidi cruz well up. in a radio show on glen beck said it's indiana standing between us and the abyss. he laidering down, hasn't -- laid down, hasn't come from the
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fact that it's indiana. >> you mentioned, this is the first time we've seen him like this. you've been covering the campaign since august. is there a since this newfound sort of energy and this line of attack is something we'll continue to see from ted cruz for however long he decides to stick with this campaign? >> reporter: sure. i think this is a build-up. you saw carly fiorina get named a week ago. this is ted cruz trying to be old ted cruz the outsider in this race. donald trump was able to hijack that from ted cruz and his campaign. what you saw in the last two months, ted cruz stopped saying the washington cartel as much and welcoming guys like jeb bush and mitt romney on board, he thought this would go to a contested convention and after seeing the overwhelming defeats in new york and pennsylvania his back is against him
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ratcheting up and taking donald trump on. and kcarly fiorina calling trum the insider and he will continue to bring up his daughters and make this a much more personal decision as he goes west. >> thank you. i want to turn now to nbc jacob, in indiana where donald trump had one of his final rallies ahead as we speak right now. in terms of this report, it actually surfaced weeks ago. why is donald trump lodging the attack now? is it simply because it is in fact primary day? >> reporter: you might say that. it was in a response to a question from a fox news anchor who asked about rafael cruz, ted cruz's father, going after him in a statement saying he encouraged all members of the body of christ, as he put it, to vote for ted cruz. when trump was asked about that, said this was a disgrace he would say that and by the way,
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has anybody heard about this "national enquirer" report li linking lee harvey oswald to rafael cruz. he brought it up but the campaign will say it was in response to something rafael cruz was saying and went on and on. this is a conspiracy theory floated around a couple weeks. i saw the picture that allegedly shows lee harvey oswald and rafael cruz in the same area before the assassination a couple weeks ago, just floating around and you had the "national enquirer" story, this against the backdrop of this incredibly important primary, you had a very different campaign going with donald trump. he had legendary basketball coaches he touts and brings out at his rallies when you have the governor of indiana with ted cruz. today, after what ted cruz did in that big long press conference, donald trump put out a statement about this saying it was proof ted cruz is a desperate candidate trying to
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save his failing campaign. it's no surprise he's resorted to his usual tactics of over the top rhetoric nobody believes. at the end there, today's ridiculous outburst only proves what i have been saying for a long time, that ted cruz does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. these are attacks a lot of people will lob against donald trump, which he's now turning around and putting on ted cruz. why he would bring this up today when he's ahead by so much in our poll is interesting, but, of course, now we're all talking about the outburst and response from ted cruz. erica. >> oh, the news cycle. nbc's jacob resco. thank you very much. katrina, i want to follow up on a point jacob was just making. yes, donald trump was asked about this. why is this a topic or line of attack that donald trump feels is effective against ted cruz?
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>> i don't think it was really a line of attack. as you heard in mr. trump's comments he was talking about the ridiculousness and absurd y absurdities. we didn't hear the actual comments that came from senator cruz's father. this was enlikened to the earth is going to fall apart and destruction of america if you support don't trump. this is on the cusp of senator cruz himself saying yesterday there was evil and he wanted the voters of indiana to stop the evil, calling trump voters evil for crying out loud not to mention the other reports, senator cruz was anointed by god to lead the country and would fulfill a mormon prophesy and mr. trump was repeating things hovering over the cruz campaign. >> you're saying he's pointing out radical statements because there's also this separate issue of the conspiracy issue from the "national enquirer." >> again, he was being asked
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about senator cruz's father individually because of the statements that he had been making about donald trump. he's responded. again, mr. trump has gone through tens of millions of dollars of attack ads, $55 million of attack ads and he responds. i understand it seems odd, in the context of anointing by god and fulfilling the prophesy and donald trump voters are evil including the millions of evangelical votesers in the south, it's ridiculous. >> donald trump has made plenty of statements calling other people ridiculous and absurd. we should point that out. i want to ask you about the conspiracy theory, not the first time donald trump spowt a conspiracy theory, we can't forget the claims of muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11 and getting behind the birther movement when it comes to president obama saying he's a muslim and not a
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christian. and speculation how antonin scalia died. he's the front-runner in a job that's not just the most important job in this country and the world. when he's putting his name on the domestic and international stage, should he not be careful and do more research? >> i think it depends on the issue. with regards to the birth certificate issue, there i wanted one and someone had to force it out there. we still haven't seen barack obama's records from college and there's demands on other candidates to do the same. what happens with donald trump he brings these issues to the front to push this information out where the media fails, in many cases like the one i just mentioned. this was just in the context of comments that senator cruz's father made against donald trump and similar things we heard in the l.a. few mobnths and absurdities in the cruz
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campaign. >> we're out of time. thank you. >> thank you. >> will ted cruz's attacks on donald trump work? the pulse is live. let us know what you think. log onto we'll look later in the ohour. be sure to stay with us for special coverage of the indiana primary. chris matthews will kick things off at 5:00 p.m. eastern followed by special team coverage at 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure.
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>> i want to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your view and we will respect. >> it's your turn. take your own words. >> the amazing thing is that
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basketball ring in indiana is the same height as new york city and every other place in this country. >> apparently, there's a young man who's having some problems. thank you, son. you know, i appreciate you sh e sharing your views, one of the things hopefully someone has told you is that children should actually speak with respect. in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spa spanking. [ applause ] >> where is your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your buy works there. >> actually i was supported by 1.3 million contributions all over the country. i have a contribution of 60,000. >> she fell off the stage the other day. did anybody see that? and cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her, okay? they just showed to it me, i said, wow, that's really cruel.
11:22 am
she fell off-she just went down. she went down a long way, right? and she went down right front of him and he was talking, kept talking, he didn't even look like -- that was a weird deal. >> thank you for those kind sentime sentiments. i treated you respectfully the entire time. a question everyone here should ask -- >> a glimpse at ted cruz's roller coaster week leading up to the primary in indiana, today firing back and forth about donald trump, conspiracy theories getting a lot of attention, the harshest attacks we've seen from senator ted cruz. he calls donald trump a pathological liar, said he was utterly immoral. steve, nice to have you in the studio with us. we were chatting briefly in the break and you said you wish we had seen this ted cruz three
11:23 am
weeks ago? >> ted cruz has been a defender of constitutional values. it's about time he took the gloves off and smacked down donald trump before it's too late. an interesting message from ronald reagan urging voters to vote for ted cruz because he said his father would be appalled voting for donald tru p trump, the same who supported ronald reagan and fritz mondale and ran newspaper ads in 1987, attacking ronald reagan's policy that brought down the soviet 81 yon said he was making bad deals. that's the donald trump that threatens to take over the republican party. >> you're pointing out issues you think voters should have. why has ted cruz not done that to your point? it could be too late? >> i don't think it is too late. i think indiana will do the right thing today. if donald trump does take indiana, if that's the case, i'm still very confident of my
11:24 am
candidate. you will see a different donald trump tomorrow, who looks a lot more like hillary clinton than today. >> what do you mean donald trump and hillary clinton. they both support universal healthcare supported by taxpayers and support barack obama's individual mandate and firearms and independent policy threatens the future of this world. this is a man who supports nuclear proliferation. on the international stage, the conduct that you're seeing by donald trump in this primary would be destructive to this country. >> this is something we've seen consistently by the cruz campaign to do their best to link hillary clinton and donald trump in terms of their ideas. i want to look at reaction. nbc survey monkey polls say a majority of republicans think both ted cruz and john kasich should drop out of this race. i know ted cruz says he's not going to. if indiana is not going his way, what is the path? what is the plan?
11:25 am
>> if indiana does not go for ted cruz, not a winner take all state. donald trump would have to win almost 90% of all the remaining delegates to get to -- he'd have to win california, washington, nebraska, new jersey to get to the convention with 1237. ultima ultimately, this convention is about delegates, what's best for the republican party. a lot can happen in four weeks. donald trump does not win on a second or third ballot. his stock will drop like enron, get sold out and ted cruz will win on a second ballot if donald trump doesn't get to 1237. this will be for our conservative principles like michael reagan made it very clear today, that's what can happen. >> you say anything can happen. a lot of things have happened, especially ted cruz and reaction to carly fiorina, as his running mate, from our nbc news survey monkey poll, a majority of republicans think naming her as
11:26 am
potential running mate was simply a political move. how do you respond that? >> political moves are what win political campaigns. carly fiorina was a phenomenal symbol for american women for the republican party, for her leadership and outstanding. >> 45% of the people think she was only chosen because she's a woman. >> what is wrong with the fact she happens to be a women, a terrific leader, who ran in the presidential primary, a terrific speaker, has a great record and great message. by the way, when ted cruz is president, will be a great, you know, vice president to carry on his message and articulate that message across the whole country. there's nothing wrong wit making strong political decisions. donald trump makes wacky political decisions when he attacks ted cruz and says rafael trump was associated with lee harvey oswald. everything donald trump does everyday is a bizarre political move. >> thank you for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> the stop trump movement hopes
11:27 am
the alliance between trump and kasich would stop the momentum. 70% of republican voters are either angry or uncomfortable with the cruz-kasich alliance. if it was going to help anywhere, it would likely be hamilton, indiana, considered make or break for ted cruz. tony joins us live from the city of fishers. you're actually at the busiest republican polling station in the state. i saw you earlier. i could not believe the lines in late morning. >> reporter: yeah, erica, the lines have thinned out a little bit. during the course of the day there will be more votes here than any other place in indiana, nearly double nearby. they will be answered in rooms like this one, will the kasich-cruz alliance work and will trump be able to start winning establish republicans. that's a big test because
11:28 am
hamilton county is the most affluent and well educated in the state of country. it should be kasich country. the co-chair is a mayor of the big city in this area. unfortunately chatting with voters today, unfortunately for the kasich and cruz alliance and those two campaigns, it seem s trump has been able to consolidate something. he seems to have real momentum. i spoke to a vetter who had been a campaigner for mitt romney, old school established republican, didn't began as a fan of donald trump and in the last few weeks come around and today voting for him. a second woman, similar story and then classic stories. korean war vet, moving a half a mile an hour, two pairs of crut crutches, long walk through the lines, got here in pain but cast his vote for donald trump. i thought this would be difficult territory for donald trump and thought he would lose here but anti-dotely the momentum seems to be with him.
11:29 am
it has to be troubling for cruz and kasich. >> we will see. a few more hours left there in fishers, indiana and we will see how it goes at the end of the day. thank you. sitting down, exclusive with hillary clinton. >> he's out saying if you were a manu would only have 5% of the support that you have, that you only have the support because you're a woman. >> well, you know. >> what do you think about that? >> he should take a look at the numbers. i'm leading him by millions of votes. if we're talking about the contest of him and me before we get to the general election i feel pretty good about it. re yor iends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ]
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hillary clinton will be speaking soon and we will be monitoring news. earlier today she was in charleston, west virginia where she sat down with my colleague, andrea mitchell and she touched on her race against bernie sanders and what a general election matchup against donald trump might look like as well as a candid moment yesterday when she was confronted by an unemployed co-miner about comments she made about that industry a few months ago. >> i have absolutely no personal feeling of concern about me. i'm concerned about people like him and his family. that's why i came here. i am well aware of the politics in virginia. you just briefly overviewed it. it's gotten increasingly challenging for democrats to be successful. unfortunately, the political
11:34 am
partisan attack on the efforts by our country to move more quickly toward a cleaner energy future has taken a toll. there are so many other factors at work. the rise of natural gas as an alternative has hurt the coal industry, the coal around the world has hurt west virginia in particular. i want to stay focused how to help people. as the only candidate to have done this, i laid out a $30 billion plan to provide support for people like that young man and his beautiful children, whose picture he gave me, and i will carry it with me. i want us to recognize across our country we're going to be in a position of making a transition, but we're not there yet. i came here knowing that there
11:35 am
was a great deal of incredible sense of disappointment feeling disregarded and left behind, but i want to be a president for all of america. i'm not writing off any part of america, any people in our country. that includes here in west virginia in coal country. >> it's a microcosm of what's happening around this country. your husband was protested against and booed. this used to be bill clinton country and now donald trump in our monkey survey just now you are only leading donald trump nationally by six points, a very close race. what is going on? >> look, i think we will get started on the general election. general elections in our country are contested. they are close. that's been our history for the last several cycles, obviously. what i'm going to do is keep talking about what i want to see our country be, how i want to work to provide more good jobs
11:36 am
with rising incomes. i think most people remember the 1990s as a time of peace and prosperity and most people have to draw the connection between the great recession and failed republican policies donald trump is willing to continue. we will work hard and make the case and i feel very confident about that. >> this is a change election, people talking about wanting a change and don't want the establish and you have to go against that grain. donald trump is out saying if you were manu would only have 5% of the support that you have, that you only have the support because you're a woman. >> you know. >> what do you think about that? >> i think he should take a look at the numbers. i'm leading him by millions of votes. if we're talking about the contest between him and me before we even get to the general election i feel pretty good about it. what he was saying going after my qualifications is very familiar to a lot of women.
11:37 am
we're not going to be counted out nominee. we will stand up and express our opinions and claim what is ri t rightfully ours in the workplace, in our society, in our economy and political system. i've been thrilled by the response to his negligent comme -- negative comments because most women see it not just about me but their own situation. there's been an outpouring of support and we raised millions of dollars and came up with the idea of a woman's card which doesn't get you a discount even though you don't get equal pay for the work you're doing you can't check it out at the supermarket and say we want a discount. he can continue to attack me. i don't mind it at all. i will stand up for the women of this country, women and men. as he goes after women, i will
11:38 am
be their voice and say, wait a minute, we have a lot to contribute to our country and we're already doing it. >> he seized on something last week saying you have a lot of experience with men who go off the reservation, suggesting you are talking about your husband. >> that's not true. you covered me. i was talking and thinking about my 2000 election where i started off with rudy guiliani, who was making all kinds of in temp rat attacks against me. in fact, i called him out for what i called as his temper tantrums before he dropped out. then i was running against then congressman rick lazio similarly going after me. so i have political experience in dealing with candidates who think they will score points by being negative about women in general or me in particular. i was also thinking about vladimir putin, who literally blamed me personally for demonstrations in russia because
11:39 am
of his rigged election. do i have some experience in dealing with this kind of visceral, really mean-spirited attacks. >> are you prepared, though, because there are 16 republicans who are running against him who learned what happens when you don't go and fight back. yesterday, he very publicly had lunch with an author who has written salacious books about you and your husband and appears to be ready to dump a whole lot of stuff on you. >> join the crowd. people have been dumping stuff on me for 25 years and here i am on the brink of being the first woman to be nominated for running for president, an honor and historic responsibility. when i think about running against him, i will stay focused on issues that will make a difference in people's lives.
11:40 am
i think this is a change election. i can't imagine more change than the first woman president and someone with a long record to even the odds for people. i'm not going to be responding to his every insult and attack. that is just not what i think this election will eventually come down to. >> what about the attacks from bernie sanders? he has been increasingly aggressive in recent days. his wife jane said last week you think you're the anointed one and says he will have a conte contested convention and go after the super delegates and try to convert them. what happened to acknowledging the reality, if that is the reality after the last primary. sounds as if he's going all the way to philadelphia. >> he has every right to finish out this primary season. i couldn't argue with that. >> what about his tone recently? >> you'll have to ask him about that. >> is he hurting the party? >> the facts are pretty clear. i'm 3 million votes ahead of him, 300 pledged delegates ahead of him.
11:41 am
and we're going to unify the party and have a great convention and we're going to be absolutely focused on making our case to the american public against donald trump. i think he will be a part of that. he said in the last week he will work tirelessly 7 days a week to defeat donald trump. >> the president said in his speech saturday night, if those jokes work well he would use that material when he was out of office with goldman sachs. which brings to mind the attack line from bernie sanders, about the goldman sachs speech. what was in that speech that you wouldn't want to reveal to the people who are voting for you? >> nothing. why not p why. >> why not put it out there? >> because, others like mr. trump have made speeches. look where we are. i put out 33 years of tax
11:42 am
returns. >> if he puts out his tax returns, would you put out your transcri transcripts? >> no. let's talk about apples and apples. i know donald trump hasn't put out any of his. let's deal with standards that have been in place for decades before we move on to new standards imposed on me and nobody else. lets get tax returns out, get donald trump's tax returns out and transcripts of his speeches. i'm told he's made a whole lot more money on the sale of speech than i have. let's talk about what people are talking to me about, andrea. what people are talking to me about is what ae's happened to m and their families and their lives. i think i have the best experience, best record, best proven results, best ideas to actually make a difference in producing positive results for people. i think i'm by far the best person to protect our country. when i listen to donald trump say some of what he's saying about foreign policy and national security, even i find it scary. this is terrain nobody's ever
11:43 am
gone to. let's open the door to more countries having nuclear weapons, running contrary to decades of american bipartisan policy. let's punish women for exerci exercising their most personal rights, let's have a mantra he keeps going back to wages are too high and we shouldn't wage the minimum wage. >> is he unqualified to be commander in chief? >> he's given no indication he understands the gravity of responsibilities that go with being a commander in chief. that will be a big part of my campaign. at some point he has to be held to the standard we hold anybody running for president and commander in chief. what is it you know? what is it you've done? what is it you are proposing to do as president and commander in chief? so far we haven't seen any of that. we've seen a lot of rhetoric, we've seen a lot of insult, he's an equal opportunity insulter. when it comes down to making this really important decision, it's been my experience that people in our country say to
11:44 am
themselves, wait a minute. what do i think is the best choice? the best choice for me, my family, my jobs, my income and my future? i think absent some major change how he is presenting himself and what he is saying that will be a pretty high bar for him to get over. >> i will request you since you last mentioned this to my colleague, chuck todd, in april, have you been contacted or have your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> no contacts there. any indication your private server was hacked by hackers? >> no. >> what do you think are your chances in indiana? >> i think we ran a good campaign and ran hard. i'm focused moving into the general election where we have to be. we will have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything and we will take him on at every turn what's really important to the people of our country.
11:45 am
>> our own andrea mitchell there in her exclusive interview with hillary clinton happening earlier today. up next on msnbc, we'll have reaction from the sanders campaign. jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders is with us live on the other side of this break. stay with us. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing andrea mitchell's exclusive interview this afternoon with democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton. she took a largely gop front-runner, donald trump and she told andrea her focus i moving to the general election but she also seemed to suggest senator bernie sanders' tone could do more harm than good to the democratic party overall. >> what about attacks from bernie sanders, he's been increasingly resonant these days, his wife, jane, said you think you're the anointed one. >> he has every right to finish this primary sense.
11:49 am
what about his tone recently? >> you have to ask him about that. >> is he hurting the party? >> the facts are pretty creer. i'm 3 million votes ahead of him, 300 pledged delegates ahead of him. >> i'm joined by jane sanders, wife of bernie sanders, her first interview since hillary clinton sat down with us. glad you could be with us. i know you heard the last portion of that interview and the last part when you came back from break, hillary clinton did not answer the question whether bernie sanders was hurting the party and said she would unify the party and working forced the general election. bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. sh how is he unifying the party? >> if you look at exit polls today, asked whether him staying in the race was good or bad for the party. anywhere from 57% to 71% depe
11:50 am
depending on the poll saying it has been good for the party, energized the party and brought new people into the process. the "new york times," which often disagrees with bernie, had a headline today saying bernie sanders gift to the democratic party, he's brought people in, energized them, came up with an agenda that has to be the future of the democratic party. it's good. if he was out, which he has no intention to get out, as you said, the race is not over until it's over, no one has won the nomination and will not have won the nomination by june 14th, neither one of them will get to the required number of pledge delegates. it will happen at the convention. >> the math is not in your husband's favor. that said we know he's staying until the end. for the reasons you just pointed out and one of the things he said the last couple of weeks, one of the reasons he wants to
11:51 am
stay in because he wants to have an impact on the platform at the convention in philadelphia. specifically, what does bernie sanders believe he will have the most impact on the platform and party in july? >> we need a much longer conversation, erica. maybe i will come into the studio and talk to you about that. >> we are happy to have you any time. >> i think it's extremely important. bernie is the voice of 45% of the democratic party at this point in time. two-thirds of the independents according to the polls and wins them 2-1 compared to hillary clinton. this is not a time for those voices to go silent. >> there's not a specific issue that are the focus at this point? >> $15 minimum wage. and fracking. the electoral process has to be
11:52 am
open. it has to be fair. we'd like to see a closing of the revolving door between lobbyists and big campaign contributors and corporate interests working in the fda or epa or any of these -- can you imagine a cabinet under bernie sanders with an environmentalist at the head of the epa, somebody without ties to monsanto or chemical companies at the head of the fda? we want to say this is the future. if we want to have the democratic party representing all the people that are voting for bernie and some of the people that are voting for secretary clinton, we need to address these issues. >> i need to ask you about donald trump. you mentioned independent voters, they've been supporting bernie sanders and donald trump this time around. donald trump says he believes he could bring bernie sanders' voters his way if hillary
11:53 am
clinton is this nominee. do you agree with that? >> i tend to not agree with that. there is agreement on trade and very strong disagreement with secretary clinton on trade. across the board, no. foreign policy,s a secretary clinton said, his ideas are scary. you look at the best commander in chief, you look at somebody with the judgment not to vote for the iraq war, to do a number of the things that he did as senator. we disagree with the military intervention stance and regime change attitude secretary clinton has. of the three of them, i believe, not surprisingly, that bernie would be the best commander in chief and a lot of people agree with us. >> jane sanders, thanks for taking your time to be with us today. >> thanks. >> tune in for special coverage of the indiana primary. you can just stay with us until then. no reason to turn away.
11:54 am
chris matthews kicks things off at 5:00 p.m. and more to come at 6:00 p.m. stay with us, the place for politics. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh...
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