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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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base of the gop was looking for. >> there's a tower named after him in manhattan. >> a few, right? >> unless economic populism in the republican party is a real thing, in which cases a new york city billionaire is weird. >> his son described him as a blue-collar billionaire. listen, i'm not talking about what i wanted to happen. the reality on the ground for republican voters is trump has been their choice from the beginning. he's been at the top of the polls since about four weeks after he announced. >> an important thing happened in terms of what the conservative movement and their theory of the case was. all through the bush years, ever since, the idea has been if you got a pure enough conservative, it would turn out enough conservatives you would end up not just winning the primary with a pure conservative, like ted cruz, you would end up turning out so many new people, you would win the country. we saw record republican turnout again in indiana. yet another one of these states that turned out record turnout. the conservative movement's theory of the case was wrong, if
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you brought out enough entrepreneur conserpure conservatives it would do it. >> it didn't work this time. the truth is, ronald reagan got to the convention, and almost won the nomination. ted cruz is pulling out before the last lap. and so when it comes to exactly what will happen for ted cruz, is he leading the movement? and did he make a mistake by not taking that fight to the convention? to argue for the conservative principles that will be part of the platform and part of what's going on. >> i think it's hard to believe that even if the platform were shaped in the image of ted cruz, written by the conservative movement's leading lights, that it would constrain or define donald trump's candidacy in any way. >> can we go to the graphic? this just in from the chairman of the republican party. donald trump will be presumptive gop nominee. we all need to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. that's from reince priebus.
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ben, they used to call taft of ohio mr. republican. you may be the modern day title holder of that, but to that extent, you know, steve and rick and nicolle would challenge you. loyal republicans all. this may be a slow growth process of putting your arms around how are you going to get there? >> you're going to get there by if he meant to use the word is the presumptive nominee instead of will be. >> you lawyers. >> can't will be presumptive? also misspelled presumptive. >> that's the new wave. that's okay. >> sad. >> so look, it is a matter, if you're a leader of the republican party, and donald trump is your nominee, to embrace him. there are lots of meetings to be had. donald trump has expanded the electorate that's come in. that should be a great benefit to a number of the candidates
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who are in difficult senate and house races. there is a way to do this for sure. but it is going to take a lot of work, and donald trump making some concessions and certainly the people who run the republican party and have the doctrine of the three-legged stool having to make some concessions about this. >> john kasich, if you're watching, please call in to our control room. we would like very much to talk to you. he has tweeted about the elegance and grace with which ted cruz got out of the race, or at least someone tweeting for his campaign. senator ted cruz should be proud of his strong and disciplined campaign. texas is lucky to have you. best wishes going forward. john, that from tonight's ohio white house. what happens? >> well, that's so funny in light of the busted up alliance that they tried to forge. that is -- >> four-hour deal.
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>> kasich has struck the most gracious grace notes, really consistently. we have talked about him a lot on our nights together, that he never sort of bent his message or his candidacy to the will of the trump voter, to his peril, right? he hasn't won anything except his home state, but you know, this is very much the kasich brand. but the truth is the wildest hail mary of the whole cycle was the ill-fated alliance which was viewed and branded by trump as collusion before it was announced on twitter. >> look at what indiana has done, though. think about it. this is indiana. indiana of indiana limestone, empi empier stre state building, lin memorial, yankee stadium, of auto racing, of david letterman. one more thing they have exported to the world. complete chaos on the republican party. >> it's been a long time since in indiana there was a decisive presidential -- right?
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we had a tight primary there on the democratic side in 2008. on the republican side, it's been since '76. but this is -- i mean, what i think is interesting to me that i didn't expect to feel is that i have been very interested in john kasich's strategy from the very beginning. he sort of started running a purely strateg campaign. >> right. >> very early on. and it was interesting to see a guy who's like, oh, i don't think anybody is going to get 1237. i'm just going to continue to exist. i'm going to be available and take it to the end. it now feels like with trump out of the race that john kasich is less than an asterisk. it feels like, and i would love to hear from governor kasich if he can explain to us how this is not the case, but having been rejected at a level even worse than ted cruz has been rejected and now that ted cruz has gotten out, it feels like john kasich is a complete afterthought. >> a native son candidate, which is what we used to call him. he controls the delegates from his home state. >> which has given us eight
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american presidents, by the way. >> the dream will never die. >> is he in contention for trump's vice president? no, okay. >> katy tur is -- >> governor, call us. >> katy tur is standing by in trump tower. i think i just saw corey lewandowski come down the center aisle. it would appear we will shortly be hearing from donald trump. >> we're going to be hearing him any moment now. we're told just a few minutes ago, as ted cruz was on the stage, announcing that he was going to suspend his campaign. donald trump's campaign team stood right over there, right there, and watched on the screens as ted cruz announced that he would suspend his campaign. they watched stoically. once he left the stage, though, they turned to each other. they embrared and they congratulated each other. they have said that donald trump would get to 1,237. they have said over and over again that he would be the presumptive nominee. they did not get to 1,237
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tonight. they have come close, though, but they have been calling him the presumptive nominee and now he officially is the presumptive nominee. reince priebus just tweeting a moment ago that it's time to unite around donald trump. it's important to note that john kasich is still in this race, regardless of reince priebus' tweet. but donald trump is now going forward and treating this like a general election campaign. i'm already told by two senior campaign sources that they are beginning the process of vetting vps. donald trump did not want to do that until he knew that the nomination was locked up. i'm told by those sources, and now they consider this nomination to be locked up. as for who those vps will be, we don't have any indication. they're being very tight lipped as of now. unclear if it would be somebody who will potentially help him with his unfavorables among women or minorities or someone like a retired general who could potentially help him with
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foreign policy. that is unclear at the moment, but we should know more in the coming weeks. it's really interesting considering that this was a campaign that everybody wrote off. i have been on this campaign since june when it was largely considered a joke. when nobody believed that donald trump would make it past the fall. then nobody believed he would make it past iowa or new hampshire, but he has built a head of steam behind him. he's gathered unprecedented support. people who refuse to leave his side, regardless of the outrageous or controversial statements he may have made all this time. they refuse to leave him. they have dedicated their support to him. and now, he is the presumptive nominee, and he's about to take the stage to say so here at trump tower any moment. >> well, katy, in the interim, we have other news from the other party. let's go to the animation. remember, this is about indiana. and we are projecting that
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bernie sanders will win the indiana democratic primary. we had this as too early after polls closed. then we had it as too close. not anymore. n brx krbc news and msnbc proje when all the votes are counted, senator sanders will add it to his log pile of states. >> these are optics that the clinton campaign does not want tonight. as donald trump effectively seals the nomination on the republican side, as he's just about to take the stage. hillary clinton is not quite the presumptive nominee of the democratic party, but she would like to be seen that way. this does not help with that. even though with a margin anything like what we're looking at here, this is borne out in the end, this is the final margin, this will do basically nothing to affect the overall delegate race, the overall status of hillary clinton's basically insurmountable bead. it's just that it's a bad visual for her and a bad indicator of
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momentum at a particularly great moment for donald trump who is her likely general election competitor. >> the math of proportional allotment just keeps -- there's katy tur in front of the podium. the math of proportional allotment just keeps the thing rolling on, but going into tonight, hillary clinton needed to win only on average one of five remaining delegates, and bernie sanders had a much and has a much higher hill to climb. he needed to win 8 of 10 remaining delegates. so there you have it. >> as you're watching the rest of the democratic primary play out in terms of the way these races look on each night as they get decided. if bernie sanders were to have an earth shaking turnaround in that race, big enough to potentially challenge clinton for the nomination in real terms, that would look like him winning every state from here on out by 20, 25, 30 points. so this win tonight in indiana,
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it matters and it says something about indiana, and it will tweak the total number of delegates in hillary clinton's lead. it will not change the end game. >> last night, i believe you said it would take something cat aclizmic. >> that's possible. i tend to use words like that when i get excited or nervous. >> noted, in our house. and we continue to wait and watch. corey lewandowski is the man nervously walking and gesticulating. here comes the first vanguard of members of the trump family. we will patch into the audio, which has been -- >> troubling on these nights. >> yeah. it's been challenging. because we are fed the audio from the in-house system, and then they switch it over to the podium. there is no audio on the line yet. i am told. >> they can make the audio great again. >> they can make the audio great again.
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nicolle wallace, who is dealing with her -- >> just giving him a place to start. >> emotions regarding the future of her political party. >> one of the things we're going to have to watch for, and robert costa was discussing this earlier tonight, the unhealable divisions in the republican party over this now near nomination, and he said that the really unhealable division that trump and the party might have to worry about in electoral terms is on the hard right and the prospect of an independent or third-party candidate emerging yet at this late date. >> you go back to the beginning, the first republican he attacked was john mccain, basically said he was not his favorite prisoner of war. he has insulted republicans from the middle, the center, the right. new republicans, old republicans, men, women. his insults for his own party, i think, are the reason that ronald reagan's son, who has a new book out, came out and said he really -- i don't want to put
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words in his mouth, but disagreed with any sort of comparison between drump and reagan. >> yeah, one would expect. but jujulogistically, is it pose for a third person to be added? >> it's about to be too late to get on enough state ballots to win 250 electoral votes. >> how fast would they have to move? >> oh, tomorrow. it's pretty tough. here's two remarkable things about the process. number one, the republicans have a presumptive nominee before the democrats. we would not have seen that coming. number two, when this started, the republican turnout would be so much higher than democratic turnout. >> 28 after state. >> that's two really amazing things about this cycle in addition to all the others. >> is it not true that donald trump still could be the most voted for republican to emerge from the primary process? >> yes. absolutely true. that may be a function of just the process taking longer, not being able to put it away quicker so there are higher
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turnout rates in later states. >> i don't think i could understand, the most voted for? >> the most popular votes of any candidate. >> ah. >> mr. donald j. trump. ♪ sno ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> well, thank you very much, everyone. i want to start by, as always, thanking my family, my wife, melania, my kids. they're not kids anymore, but they're kids as far as i'm concerned. they'll always be my kids. i want to thank my great parents who are looking down right now, and my brother looking down on us. i want to thank my entire family including marianne, elizabeth, robert, and it's been some unbelievable day, and evening, and year. never have been through anything like this, but it's a beautiful thing to watch, and a beautiful thing to behold. and we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] so important, so important, the
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people of indiana have been incredible. i started, as you know, not very long ago, about six weeks ago, and i was told i had a 20-point deficit, and i went there and worked very hard, and i campaigned and made lots of speeches and met lots of incredible people. t incredible people. you don't get better. and the crowds got bigger and bigger. and toward the end, it was like i didn't want to leave. i almost said, maybe i'll just never leave. and it resonated somehow. and we had a tremendous victory tonight. it was a tremendous victory. and i have to thank bobby knight. boy, bobby knight was incredible. i always say about, you know, people like that, there aren't many, but it's called tough, smart, and they know how to win. and that's what our country
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needs. we have to win again. we have to know how to win. and we haven't won. we have been losing all the time. we lose with our military, we can't beat isis. we lose with trade. we lose with borders. we lose with everything. we're not going to lose. we're going to start winning again and going to win big. believe me. so when i got back tonight and i started watching all of the different networks, i could see immediately that we were doing very well. and it really looks like a massive victory, and it looks like we win all 57 delegates, as far as -- [ cheers and applause ] and i must say, in staying in various places in indiana, we had, i turned on the television, and all i saw was negative ads, negative one after another after another.
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and i called my people, and i said, how can we win? it's constant, and it was the same as florida. there have been 60,000 negative ads. i got it right from you folks, okay. 60,000, in fact, two weeks ago, it was 55,000. now it's 60,000 negative ads. most of which are absolutely false and disgusting. and i said, how can anybody endure this? i had one evening two nights ago where literally they had five ads on in between segments of show that i was watching. and i said, that's just incredible. and the people are so smart, they don't buy it. they get it. and tremendous -- tremendous amounts of money were spent. millions and millions of dollars, and they were comparing it, they think it was probably
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$8 million was spent against me, and we spent $900,000. so i mean, to me, that's the way it's supposed to be. that's something that makes me feel really, really very good. and now we're going to nebraska where i have -- i just hear we're doing really wonderfully. i look forward to that very much. and west virginia, and we're going to get those miners bark to work, i tell you what. we're going to get those miners ba back to work. we're not going to be hillary clinton, and i watched her three or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers. she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again. let me tell you. the miners in west virginia and pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week, and ohio, and all over, they're going to start to work again. believe me. you're going to be proud again
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to be miners. we'll be going there. i must say this tremendous run that we have had, started with new york when we had almost 62%, and don't forget, that's with three people. so 62% with two people is a massive landslide, but 63%, almost just a little over 62%, when you have that kind of a number with three people, it's actually unheard of. and all throughout, it was 17 people, then 15, then 12, then you know, it's tremendous. and we were getting very high numbers. some of the numbers in my opinion that i got in the early stages were when a state with 32%, but there were 14 people. i think that might be actually more and better than getting 62% in new york, but we never got credit for that, but now we don't need the credit because we're going after hillary
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clinton. she will not -- [ cheers and applause ] she will not be a great president, she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. she doesn't understand trade. her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done. it's called nafta. and i was witness to the carnage over the last six weeks especially. now, i have known syracuse and known poughkeepsie and known all of the different places that i visited in new york and then pennsylvania and then maryland, which treated me so great, and the people are incredible, and all of the different states. connecticut. and i have witnessed what it's done, really, first hand, and it has been indeed carnage. and we're going to change it around. we're not going to let carrier
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and all of these companies just think that they can move, go to another country, make their product, sell it back to us, and we get only one thing. we get unemployment. not going to happen anymore, folks. not going to happen anymore. we're going to bring back our jobs. and we're going to keep our jobs. we're not going to let companies leave. if they want to go to a different state, good luck. compete. but when they start going to different countries, and many cases, countries that devalue their currency and make it impossible for our countries to compete, that's not going to happen. not going to happen. if they want to do it anyway, there will be consequences. and there will be very, very serious consequences. i have to tell you that i have competed all my life.
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competitive person. all my life, i have been in competitions. different competitions, whether it's sports or business or now for ten months, politics. and i have to tell you that i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against, right here on the republican party. we started off with that 17 number. and just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he's one hell of a competitor. he's a tough, smart guy. and he has got an amazing future. he's got an amazing future. so i want to congratulate ted. and i know how tough it is. it's tough. it's tough. i have had some moments where it was not looking so good, and
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it's not a great feeling. and so i understand how ted feels and heidi and their whole beautiful family. and i want to just say, though, that one tough competitor. and i can say that for -- [ cheers and applause ] i can say that for the others. chris christie, who endorsed me, incredible guy. dr. ben carson, who was right up there, one of the first. he just called me and said, it's a movement you've got going. we've got to do something because i tell you what, it's an incredible movement. and dr. ben carson endorsed me. i want to tell you, that is an incredible man. we want to keep them totally involved, because we're going to win. we're going to win in november. and we're going to win big. it's going to be america first. i made a speech the other day,
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and i talked about how we're the policemen for the world, how we protect other countries and they don't respect us. and they don't take care of us. and they don't treat us right in many cases. and that's not going to happen. now, we can keep things going, and we're going to keep things going very nicely, but we owe soon $21 trillion, it's $19 now, but with a budget that was recently done, soon it would be $21 trillion, and we're not in the position we were in 30 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago when a lot of these things took place and began taking place. we're going to have unbelievably good relationships with other countries. but likewise, they have to treat us fairly and they have to understand that what we have been doing over the years has been so wrong. and so unfair to the united states, and to its people, and to its taxpayers. so that will change. and i will tell you, they're going to end up liking us better than they do right now. they're going to respect us.
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in this building right upstai upstairs -- [ cheers and applause ] in this building right upstairs, i have the largest bank in the world from china, the relationship is fantastic. we have great relationships with many foreign countries. but they have to respect us. and they have to understand where we're coming from. and you know, it is a two-way street. and the two-way street means that we're going down one side and they're coming up the other, and we're going to meet, and we're going to have something that's going to be really fabulous. now, if that can't happen, if for some reason they want the system to continue the way it's going now, which is unfair and not good, where we're spending trillions and trillions of dollars, probably $4 trillion in the middle east, and we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our roads. we have to rebuild our bridges, our airports. our hospitals in this country.
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we have become close to a third-world country. you look at some of our airports, it's third-world, then you go to other countries and you see places like you have never seen. so i have to say that we are going to turn it around. we're going to build up our military bigger, better, stronger than ever before. the cheapest thing we can do, and we're going to have to take out isis, and we're going to have to take them out fast. we can't allow that to continue. we cannot allow it to continue. and you know, one group that's been so incredible to me are the vets. the veterans. and they have been treated so badly, so badly. and we're going to get that. we're going to get that straightened out. now, one of the things that just happened, which to me is very exciting, and it's happened now with two or three, but the rasmussen poll came out yesterday, and in that poll, i'm now leading hillary clinton. a lot of good things.
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now leading hillary clinton. by two points. [ chanting "trump" ] and that's going to continue, because they're not going to be able to do it, folks. they're not going to be able to make great trade deals. they're not going to be able to do what we're going to do with the military, on the board, including the wall. we're going to have unbelievably great relationships with the hispanics, the hispanics have been so incredible to me. they want jobs. everybody wants jobs. the african-americans want jobs. you look at what's going on, they want jobs. and we're going to bring back our jobs and save our jobs, and people are going to have great jobs again. and this country, which is very, very divided in so many different ways, is going to
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become one beautiful, loving country, and we're going to love each other. we're going to cherish each other. we're going to take care of each other, and we're going to have great economic development, and we're not going to let other countries take it away from us because that's what's been happening for far too many years, and we're not going to do it any more. we're not going to do it anymore. i want to thank and congratulate the republican national committee and reince priebus, who i just spoke to. he's doing a tremendous job. it's not an easy job. when he had 17 egos and now i guess he's down to one. i don't know. is there a second? i mean, is there a second? i don't know. we're going to have to ask you folks to explain the status of that, but he's done an amazing job. i think we're going to see something really, really
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fantastic. i also want to thank my staff. paul, corey, hope, i mean these people, what we have been doing has been incredible. the work -- [ cheers and applause ] the work has been unreal. and jared, married to my daughter, ivanka. i mean, honestly, you know, jared, jared is a very successful real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. i'm excited. and he's very good at politics. so again, folks, this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. what ted did is really a brave thing to do, and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. it's so much easier if we have it.
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and many, many people are calling that you wouldn't even believe. the media, the press, they wouldn't believe. people that have said the worst things about me, i have never had things said about me like this. you know, when my businesses, i have always been very respected. people didn't talk to me this way. in politics, rirt easy. the worst things, and they're calling now, and they're calling us all. and they're saying we would love to get on the train, the trump train, they call it. we would love to get on it, too. and i actually spoke to one today, who was vicious, i mean, this guy was unbelievable. i said, i love having you. and you know, i think it's terrific. but after what you said about me, how can you possibly join our team? and he said, mr. trump, don't even think about it. don't worry about it where there will be no problem. in other words, he's a
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politician. no problem. i would have a hard time. we have a lot of people calling, a lot of congressmen. i have to thank jeff sessions, senator jeff sessions, one of the most respected men or people in congress. and so many others. i mean, sarah palin has been from day one incredible. jer jerry falwell jr., liberty university. he's something. really a special person. they have done an incredible job. and everybody goes through liberty. we all go through liberty, and somehow, he liked what i was saying and perhaps he liked the way i said it, but he's a special guy. he really has helped me. so many pastors and ministers, and tonight, i see that i won with the evangelicals, the evangelical vote was for trump. and there's no greater honor, just no greater honor. we're going to work together for
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many, many years. we're going to make it so good. we're going to be saying merry christmas again. we're going to be saying -- we're going to be saying. and i won with women. i love winning with women. but i won with women. i won with men. we won with hispanics. we won with african-americans. we won with every, virtually every category. so it's just been an amazing evening. again, i want to congratulate ted cruz. he's a tough, smart competitor. i want to thank my wife and my family. it's an incredible family. i want to thank my staff, both my staff and my thousands and thousands of people that work for the trump organization.
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and perhaps in all fairness, more importantly on this evening and for what we're doing currently, my staff where we're running for the presidency, and remember this. our theme is very simple. it's "make america great again." we will make america great again. we will start winning again. you will be so proud of this country, very, very soon. thank you all. thank you very much. thank you. ♪ >> donald trump from trump tower in no particular order, calling ted cruz a brave, tough, smart guy, and one hell of a competitor. saying that in the future, we will love each other, cherish each other, and take care of each other. expressing surprise that no one quite talked to him the way they do now in the business world.
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quote, i love winning with women. we're going to say merry christmas again. and quote, we're going to win bigly. in politics, he predicted that hillary clinton would be a poor preside president, and a lot to get to, including but not limited to chris matthews in washington. chris. >> well, brian, it is still a free country, and you can say merry christmas and always have been able to say merry christmas. i don't know what that exactly is about. let me say i thought that was a very low-key victory speech given the fact after this year of campaigning in a very major, i mean, exciting campaign so far, he's won the nomination of the republican party. the keys to the city were handed to him by reince priebus in the tweet. it's over, and yet it didn't seem like a resounding victory speech. he did do a lot of conventional things. he thanked everybody, carly fiorina, ben carson, governor christie, all his staff people, corey lewandowski, hope hicks,
6:36 pm
paul manafort. it was a traditional thank you, but it didn't have the drama or the magic effect of a guy who just won the republican party nomination. i was surprised at how dull it was. >> i thought at the beginning, when he started speaking kind of in a slower, lower tone than usual and mentioned his parents looking down on him and his brother whodeceased looking down on him, i thought we might have sober, emotional donald trump. it did feel different at the beginning, but chris, i think you're exactly right. it went into kind of the same speech he's been giving. i'm not sure that it sunk in with him that he's the nominee of one of the two major parties in this country. >> i think you're right. he doesn't know. here's a question for all of us, i don't mind asking it. did he think he would win when he went in this or was he doing it as i'll try this out, make a lot of noise, a lot of brand improvement. i can always go back to tv,
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making more money, bebut it might work and there's no real loss in losing. he made a calculated risk that turned out to be a big winner so far. >> nicolle. >> i'm told as recently as today that he did not get into this thinking that he would win, and his surprise might be the only thing that exceeded our surprise as we watched this. and the reason that the plane was never populated by legion s staff members is he didn't want to blow his money on something that wasn't going to end in vict wrae. didn't view that as a wise investment, and the reason that the polls sort of consumed so much of his attention for so long, if you go back and remember september, october, november, december, even january. i remember watching you in new hampshire. trump was still leading from his own polls like he was flipping through them. sanders is doing it now. but you know, it blew his mind. i have also heard from folks who are in the inner circle now that he was sort of trying to game out who he would endorse when he
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got out. didn't think it would work out. i don't think anyone was more surprised for a while than him. you can't talk about what he accomplished today which is becoming the nominee without talking about what wisconsin did for him. he was driven by his deep aversion to losing, not a deep appetite for winning. when you see a low-key performance, it's because the winning isn't the gasoline. the gasoline was the fear of a repeat. he talked about it, how he's been where ted cruz was tonight. losing wisconsin was such a psychological blow that he never wanted to be in the position again. that's the attitude he's taking to the general. >> wisconsin ended up being such a weird turn. remember, the wisconsin victory was not just a win, a huge win. total wipeout of donald trump. since then, there have been seven contests, ted cruz lost all seven and came in third, last place in five out of the seven. >> right. >> stunning. >> wisconsin was an aberration like new hampshire turned out to be an abrashz for george w. bush
6:39 pm
in 2000. stuff happens on a campaign trail. i think donald trump actually started this off thinking he was going to start a campaign and turn it into a big super pac, and become a major player in the race. it is raltional for someone to think i'm not going to win this, all rhetoric aside, and so i think that the sort of weight of actually winning this nomination with so many people and with so much grief thrown at him is probably tremendous. >> one of the things we're all starting, i think we and donald trump too, we're getting our heads around the idea that he is effectively the nominee now, and we start thinking about the kinds of decisions a nominee has to make. do you expect that anybody other than donald trump will have influence over who his vp pick is? with the party, in terms of the way the party talks to itself and makes calculations on things, try to gin one up for
6:40 pm
him? >> that should never happen. no matter who the nominee is, no matter where the time, no matter where that person comes from, it has to be the candidate's decision. has to be thinking somebody who can be the president should something happen to you, and it has to be compatibility and only the candidate can make that decision. >> and the party will trust trump to make that decision? >> i think the party won't have a role in it. >> we just heard from the likely nominee of the republican party. we will go to a break here. the discussion continues right after this. show me top new artist.
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this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. and what ted did is really a very brave thing to do. and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. it's so much easier if we have it. >> let's take a look at tonight's republican race. the state of indiana, it turns out, is the one that gave us, in the words of the gop chairman, the presumptive nominee. we as a news organization will call him the likely nominee until the math is squared away and set in stone. ted cruz, a distant second, 37%. out of the race. john kasich stands alone in ohio. and here, the dark red, are the
6:45 pm
trump states. and look at that patchwork. kasich, the owner of the lone pink patch, that would be the state of ohio. >> marco rubio with minnesota. ted cruz with his own state, one that touches, and a few others. >> most of the mississippi. >> but now he's out. it is -- this is a remarkable achievement. i feel like we're sort of ing the middle of it, but the republican party really does seem to have chosen its nominee. one of our colleagues who has been with him from the very beginning before anybody thought this was remotely in the realm of the possible is katy tur and she's at trump headquarters tonight. >> hey, there, rachel. i have been here since june, and the scenario where donald trump is the presumptive nominee, according to the chairman of the rnc, was just something that was completely unthinkable to most people last june when i started this. but this campaign has evolved.
6:46 pm
it's changed. donald trump has become a politician. certainly, a nontraditional politician, but a politician nonetheless, who knows his audience, who knows his base of support. he understands that there is frustration in washington. he tapped into that distrust that so many have had in their local politicians from the local state level all the way on up to the national level. and he was able to use that to his advantage and gain momentum and momentum, and even more momentum throughout the primary process. in the speech you saw here tonight, that is a real example of a gracious politician coming out and thanking his competitors, congratulating them on a hard fought race. that is something that donald trump would probably not have been able to do six months ago. that being said, what a remarkable change in tone, whiplash, if you will, in tone from just a few hours ago.
6:47 pm
earlier today, donald trump was talking about how ted cruz's father could have had something to do with lee harvey oswald and the assassination of president kennedy. then just when the polls closed and it was announced donald trump had won indiana, he tweeted that lying ted should get out of this race. two hours later, after ted cruz graciously decided to suspend his race, and he left the stage, donald trump came out here and congratulated him on being one hell of a competitor. this is what we're going to see now on from this campaign, going from somebody who has a very presidential tone to somebody who is unpredictable in the span of just a couple hours. and that's why you cannot take your eyes off this campaign, and that's why so many are incensed by it, and so many others find it be a breath of fresh air. rachel. >> thank you. >> pretty much encapsulates the argument. to chuck todd in washington.
6:48 pm
chuck, just start talking. >> well, okay. yes, sir. >> i don't know what to ask at this point in the evening. >> my mike is open, so now i'm stuck talking. no, i just think it's remarkable. i think we knew this was coming. we knew trump was going to win. where i'm a little surprised at how quickly ted cruz and reince priebus have laid down their arms. that's probably the thing that's the most surprising. just how quickly it's okay, fine. it's him. and we'll go. but let's look at this a little bit big picture here. i'm a little shell shocked we're now on the verge of the american public choosing the two most unpopular politicians in america to be the standard bearers for the two major parties. this is uncharted territory. we have never been in a situation like this. donald trump is a unique candidacy without giving you the description i just gave you about the two nominees.
6:49 pm
without donald trump, hillary clinton would have set the record for worst negative rating of the history of a presumptive major party nominee, but donald trump is there with an even worse favorable rating. what i can't get my arms around and i think is worth a discussion is are we really going to be here for six straight months of the two most unpopular people running for president, probably going down a low road, led by trump. clinton probably doing the same thing, and it's sort of this race to the bottom. there's going to be a vacuum here. how does it get filled? there's a whole group of americans that don't want either of these two candidates. what does that mean? yes, we'll have hold your nose voters, but if there were time, i guarantee you a third-party candidate would get in the race. a there isn't time. i can't imagine we're going to sit here for six months and just accept this reality of the two most polarizing figures running, the two most unpopular figures running, as being our only
6:50 pm
choice. >> i will tell you, chuck, that within the last few minutes, former governor gary johnson running on the libertarian ticket has tweeted tweeted out, with senator cruz out, the republican table is set. for those feeling politically homeless, visit my web is the. >> he could get 7%. >> here is bernie sanders utalking to reporters. hang on a second. >> we are going to a bunch of other states, culminating in the largest in the united states with the most delegates, that is the state of california. we have a good chance to win there. i think that is more delegates to the democratic convention. take a hard look at which candidate is generating the kind of enthusiasm, voter turn-out that we need to make sure that somebody like donald trump does
6:51 pm
not become president. we will see more if that candidate is bernie sanders. the issues that we are talking about in this campaign are the issues that are on the hearts and minds of the american people. the american people are tired of working longer hours for low wage, and seeing all the common wealth going to the top 1%. they are tired of a corrupt campaign finance system allowing billionaires to buy elections, they are tired it of a broken criminal justice system that enables us to have more people in jail than any other place on earth. they are worried about the future for their children. they understand, unless we create an economy that works for all of us, and not just 1%, their kids will have a lower standard of living than they do,
6:52 pm
and no american dream. we cannot allow that. we can do what every other industrialized country can do, guarantee all health care to people as a right and guarantee paid family and medical leave, and to demand, what we have so much wealth and equality, and donald trump and the billionaire class start paying their fair share of taxes. we feel good about winning tonight in indiana, gaining the momentum we need to take us to the finish line. we are we started this campaign, way, way behind. nobody, i think would have dreamed that here, at this particular point, in may, 2016, not only would we be here, winning elections, but we are. i sense a great deal of
6:53 pm
momentum. i sense victories coming, i think that while the path is now, i do not deny that for a moment. i think we can pull off i have confidence that we will defeat donald trump for the general election. thank you. >> senator sanders, after tonight, it seems that donald trump will become the likely gop nominee. will you commit now to say he is a racist? >> i don't have to label him. i think every day, he has insulted a group of people whether it is mexicans, latinos, women, veterans, whether it is african americans, let us never
6:54 pm
forget, before trump became a candidate for president, he was one of the leaders of the so-called bertha movement that tried to dele jit myself the presidency of the first african american president we have ever have. let the people decide the appropriate label. he does not have the demeanor, the policy background to run the presidency of the united states. i would love to run against him. >> it will give us a great deal of momentum. i think there are many in the media, like you and others, that decided that campaign is over. i guess the people of indiana did not agree with that assessment. i think that i don't know what will happen. the people of west virginia may
6:55 pm
not agree with that assessment. and the people of oregon may not agree with that access, and the people of california may not agree with that assessment. we understand, and i do not deny it for a second that we have an uphill battle in front of us. although it is a narrow path. our goal is two-fold. our goal, to win a majority of pledge delegates. number two, to make sure, in those states, where we have won landslide victories, in the 657% of the vote. vote the way their constituents voted in the state primaries, and thirdly, we are going to make the case to the super delegates, many of them by the way came on board hillary clinton's campaign before i was an announced candidate. way back then, the world has
6:56 pm
changed in the last year. i believe that we will make the case to the super delegates, that what is most important, you saw it, hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the nominee. we don't allow someone like donald trump to become presidency president of the united states. bernie sanders beats donald trump by more than hillary clinton. and bernie sanders beats donald trump in battle ground state after battle ground state. >> in indiana tonight, handed him another victory. the clinton campaign thought they would have this campaign wrapped up. more coverage after this.
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as we begin another coverage on yet another primary night. if you look at away for a moment, you will miss a lot. here are the four headlines in no particular order. trump wins, sanders wins, cruz is out. and oh, yeah, trump was referred to tonight as the presumptive nominee by the party chairman. go sfwot math. this was the news at seven o'clock


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