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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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donald trump is the last man standing. hours after the decisive win, nbc news has confirmed john kasich will suspend his campaign for president. the ohio governor set to hold a news conference in columbus four hours from now with kasich and cruz out trump is the likely nominee. he has trounced 16 candidates so far. now the ultimate test, energized and unite a fractured party to take on hillary clinton come november. >> i am confident i can unite much of it. some of it i don't want. people will be voting for me not the party. we'll do well against hillary. she will be a disaster as president. >> reaction to trump becoming the new leader of the republican party set some social media accounts on fire.
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literally. angry, lifelong republicans apparently torching their party cards in protest but today establishment leaders like new hampshire senator kelly ayotte says she will put party first. bernie sanders vowing to stick around. he won indiana but still trails by more than 300 delegates. that means hillary clinton has to fight on two fronts now. covering the campaign reaction from the east coast to the west coast and all points in between we start, though, with sources saying that kasich is suspending his campaign. kelly o'donnell, perhaps the only correspondent that's followed all of these at one point or another. what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: i've been to a lot of john kasich events and this is a day he hoped would not comp. as a sitting governor with no viable path to the nomination at this point, it is the prudent move for kasich to suspend his
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campaign. also his resources in terms of money were beginning to dwindle and there wasn't a credible case to say he should stay in it and try to stage a fight later on. it's critically important john kasich is the host above for the rnc convention in cleveland in july. so he will have a big role. the trump side is making plans for the next phases. the vetting process for potential running mates has begun in its earliest stages. that's something where they reach out to potential sources. finances and records begins. that's pretty typical but it is unclear how the trump forces and the more traditional rnc will merge. they have a convention to stage in just a matter of weeks.
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and now a possibility that he could alter his schedule a bit not needing to be quite as hard city by city as he planned. the requisite number of delegates is 1,237. a change now, we saw that in the way he talked about ted cruz calling him tough as a great competitor. no more of lion ted that became a part of the schtick for donald trump on the road. so lots of changes in terms of the tone of the race, the mechanics and a lot of questions now to be filled in about how the gop goes forward. >> kelly, o., thank you. to katy tur following the trump campaign. how do they pivot to a general election at this point? >> reporter: right now they are
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still planning on campaigning tomorrow in west virginia. they also have events scheduled on the west coast but it's unclear if he's going to honor those current scheduleings. looking to the general for a week or two now. they believe regardless whether ted cruz or john kasich dropped out that they would start moving to the general election and in that what they're going to do is try to hone in on their strategy against hillary clinton and the attacks they'll use. trump has made clear himself he's going to plan on using stuff that bernie sanders has brought up on the campaign trail. bernie sanders said hillary clinton was unqualified to be president. you heard him trying out nicknames for hillary, crooked hillary, which is something that he did with all of his republican rivals on the
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campaign trail. now they're starting to vet out vp picks, that he'll be forming a committee of people to go through the records of various candidates on that committee who will be on his selecting team. take a listen to what he said on "morning joe" this morning. >> i probably will go the political route. i think i'll probably go the political route. >> so not a general? people proposed a military leader. >> there's one person i think is very good. >> reporter: well, he talked about how it's not necessarily going to be a civilian figure or a military figure but he wants somebody who is political, knows how to get legislation.
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he recognizes he doesn't have experience and that he hasn't built a good reputation on, making enemies of a lot of the folks in congress and calling them out for not doing their jobs and speaking directly to people who say they feel disenfranchised. recognizing that may be a weakness for him and his campaign and deciding to find somebody who would potential ly fill that role. there are a lot of names who that could be. john kasich is being floated. i've heard marco rubio in terms of past rivals who could potentially help him bridge the gap in washington. trump has said no concrete name until july. >> katy tur at trump tower, thank you. kim blackwell, senior adviser to the anti-trump pac. i want to get to trump but let's
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talk about this news that john kasich will be suspending his campaign, both big names in hoho politics. i know you supported him. your general reaction? >> i think john kasich by taking himself out of the race, suspending his campaign, has probably risen on the list of potential running mates. that is a deliverable john kasich can deliver. newt gingrich is rising on that list from a number of directions because of his grasp of foreign policy, his familiarity with the legislative process and acceptability in washington.
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i think john probably positioned himself well for consideration in light of the fact charlie black is his principle adviser and used to be the business partner of paul manafort. >> you are aware governor kasich has said that he has no interest in being vice president of the yunited states? >> yeah, i understand that. >> you said, i don't believe in never saying never when it comes to never trump. are you going to fall in line and back the likely nominee today? >> i am a never hillary person and so whoever the republican nominee is, i will get behind and support because i don't want a third term of barack obama and
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that's what hillary clinton will deliver on steroids that being said there is going to be a real tension between reaganism and trumpism. reaganism has been the dominant world view of the republican party now for decades. the reality is trump is not a conservative and he's a new republican. there's going to be that tension and we're going to work it through. we're going to work it through. >> you raise an interesting point to hear you say donald trump is not a republican as he is set to become -- >> he's not a conservative. >> excuse me, not a conservative but he is a republican. we could talk about how you could be one and not the other. here you have a candidate, the face of the party, who is going to apparently run to the left of hi hillary clinton like issues of trade.
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how do you recognize being the nominee for president? >> you center everyone's attention on the supreme court, brother. that's what this is what this is going to come down to. there will be give and take. we're not going to get everything that we want. the trumpees will have to give something on their side of the line. reality is we know barack obama promised to fundamentally transform this country and the last chapter in his book is to, in fact, dominate not only the supreme court but the federal judicial system, the judicial activists. i this i that will focus everybody's attention and because we know that that won't -- that promise will be brought to fruition if hillary
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clinton is the president. >> sounds like he might be willing to accept the job in a trump administration or perhaps on the trump campaign team now. in cincinnati for us. ken, thank you. rick tyler is a political analyst, also a former spokesman for the cruz campaign and now the defunct cruz campaign. let's start with john kasich. do we think along the same lines that there may be a vice president kasich? >> there could be. >> he would be a terrific asset to the trump campaign were he to join it. i'm intrigued about king rich because he would be a really interesting choice and has an ability to drive news and the
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ability to attack his opponents. gingrich fashioned himself in the cheney role, a senior statesman as vice president who actually is an sizor to the presidency. >> if you're trying to broaden your base, why add another old white guy? >> there's part of that but i think trump needs some policy credentials, some foreign policy credentials. cruz's foreign policy advisers want to stick with cruz. the feeling in the room is they're not really interested in helping trump. i don't know if that was unanimous or not. >> we heard donald trump talk about uniting the party on the "today" show. this is just a sample of what ted cruz said about donald trump
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about 24 hours ago. >> i will tell you what i really think about donald trump, a pathological utter liar. donald trump is a serial philanderer and he boasts about it. this is not a secret. he's proud of being a philanderer, describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal vietnam. that's a quote, by the way, on the howard stern show. >> someone in hillary clinton's campaign is working on an ad right now using just the material from yesterday. most has a trump reel as well. how do they walk back from that? >> in that clip the very same day he had accused ted cruz's father of somehow being complicit in the jfk assassination and not just how ridiculous that was. the source was ""the national
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enquirer"" but invoking the assassination of jfk to a whole generation who is still alive, can remember what they were doing on the day and what they were doing when they found out j jfk cavalierly to bring that up i thought was astonishing. i think donald trump, and i don't know if he's capable of it, he has said and done a lot of things, is he capable of showing some contrition about some of the things he said? you say tngs you highlight your record and to didminish someone else's record but there are some bright lines. >> you think he crossed the line? >> one is attacking your wife and one is attacking your father. >> rick tyler, good to see you. that brings us to today's microsoft question. can donald trump unite the republican party? that's the question. the pulse is live. you can cast your vote at we'll share those results with
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bernie sanders' campaign needed a boost. 72% of the state's democratic primary voters who identify as independents voted for the senator from vermont. now sanders is making it clear that he's staying put. in fact, the path ahead not just influencing a party platform, it seems he thinks he can win this thing. tamron hall asked senior campaign adviser whether it was time to move forward and absorb
10:19 am
the mathematical reality. >> we do not accept that version of reality. we believe there's a path, it's a narrow path, a difficult path but nevertheless there's a path to the nomination that means winning a lot of delegates and states between now and the end and then convincing other delegates to support bernie sanders. no one will win a majority with only pledged delegates. everybody can accept that fact. >> despite sanders' win, clinton still has a lead, 783. that means the clinton campaign now has to fight a war on two fronts. sanders and trump. our reporters are on the front lines. chris jansing is on i-65 heading to bowling green where sanders hoping to engineer another upset, chris. the math, again, as we've been
10:20 am
talking about makes it very, very difficult moving forward for the senator. what's his plan? how is trump as the likely gop nominee change that plan at all? >> reporter: more difficult than standing upright on a bouncing press bus. having said that he's going to do what bernie sanders has done throughout the campaign. he's going to take that one win after a string of losses and will try to capitalize on it making the case you injuries heard, yes, it's an uphill struggle and that path is full of rocks and snakes and, you know, is vertical. having said that, he really believes he has a case to make. he got a little bit energized yesterday when you saw some of those polls that came out, the exit polls, three-quarters of voters in indiana felt this competition between sanders and hillary clinton had, in fact, energized the democratic base instead of hurting it which is something some supporters of clinton like to make the argument.
10:21 am
not such good news in indiana that showed they thought hillary clinton was more likely the candidate to beat donald trump. having said that, there's no doubt about it that donald trump once he figures out how he's going to go after hillary clinton, that becomes a plus for bernie sanders, right? then it's not just him who's going after his opponent but it is also donald trump. we've seen how successful he has been at that. so that is sort of the strategy going forward, do more of what they've done. how will they tweak their message? that is yet to be seen. a couple things may come out of this. one, likely to get a boost after indiana, and the one thing we haven't seen a change in, we'll watch tonight, but we have not seen a change in those big crowds, thousands of people even with those odds stacked against him, craig, continuing to come out to see bernie sanders. >> they're still showing up. chris jansing is on a bus. let's bring in msnbc political reporter for more on clinton's
10:22 am
two-pronged war here. we have this fund-raising e-mail. i'm sure you've seen the lyclinn camp, we can't risk a trump presidency. she still has the bernie sanders fight. how does she fight this two-fight battle against sanders and trump? >> reporter: it is a two-fight battle but that doesn't mean they'll allocate resources on both fronts. basically they're ignoring bernie sanders, stopped spending money in the upcoming primary states. yesterday when hillary clinton sat down with andrea mitchell, every question about bernie sanders got turned into an answer about donald trump. her schedule will be determined by the primary calendar. she will continue talking about donald trump, just let bernie sanders do his own thing and not annoy his supporters.
10:23 am
aide told me they'll try to plant seeds of issues that will be helpful in a general election so in indiana she talked about manufacturing that will be helpful down the road. and lyclinton can't complain to too much. after all in 2008 it was her to kept dragging out the primary, john mcclain clinched on march 5th. she didn't drop out until june 8th of that year. >> alex seitz-wald, thank you. we have breaking news we're following out of minnesota about the days leading up to prince's death. there's a news conference that just wrapped up a few moments ago where we learned some new details about reported efforts to get the music icon help for drug addiction just hours before he died. nbc's stephanie gosk was at the news conference. she's live in downtown minneapolis with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: craig, it's pretty extraordinary. you have a lawyer that's been hired by a doctor who is a
10:24 am
nationally known drug addiction specialist and he ran through the time line essentially of the 24 hours before prince's death, that his client received what he described as an urgent phone call about a grave medical concern and was asked to do an intervention with prince to help him with his drug addiction. the doctor couldn't make the trip so he sent his son on a red eye that night to arrive in minneapolis and in the morning be taken to prince's house, which is what happened. when he got to the house, the lawyer says that representatives of prince met him at the door and then they couldn't find the musician, that they actually had to search account house. when they found him in the elevator, the representativives of prince were so distraught that andrew himself had to make the 911 call. and you may remember that back when we were talking about that call, there was a delay in how
10:25 am
long it took the paramedics to get there in part because andrew, who is not from the area, had a difficult time describing where he was. he didn't actually have the address. the key points to take away from this, the lawyer today told us he's concerned his client, a andrew, who was at the house, could be criminally charged, that he was questioned by local authorities who said it was in regards to a criminal investigation. he felt it necessary to come out and describe this time line which authorities have not described, which the family has not described, really confirming for the first time that there was an alleged drug addiction and there were people close to prince who were worried about his use of drugs. craig? >> stephanie, what can you tell us about the kinds of drugs, the type of addiction? >> reporter: described as opioid
10:26 am
addiction. we've been told prescription painkillers were found on prince, but there were no more details beyond that, craig. >> the gentleman who found prince in the elevator, again, just to clarify here, i want to make sure we understand, this is the son of the doctor -- >> reporter: yes. >> go ahead. i'm sorry. >> reporter: this is a drug addiction specialist from california, howard kornfeld. because his schedule wouldn't allow it, he sent his son on the red eye flight. he was going to meet with prince and describe the clinic that prince hopefully would attend out inc california. that's why the son was there. so when he was picked up by representatives of prince at his hotel they were taken to paisley park. when they got there, they couldn't find prince, the way
10:27 am
this lawyer describes it, they actually searched the house for him and then they found him in the elevator. because the associates of prince were so distraught, andrew felt he needed to make the 911 call. >> was there an impetus that led, do you know, if there was a single event that led to family members or friends of prince contacting this doctor? >> reporter: he wouldn't be that specific. the way he described it is that howard kornfeld was contacted about a grave medical concern. he was left with the impression this was extremely serious and a call that was made the night before he died. he wouldn't tell us who made the call, what relation sthey were o prince. he just said representatives of prince. and he wouldn't go any further. he also made it clear his client, andrew, could potentially be criminally charged. craig? >> stephanie gosk for us there
10:28 am
in minneapolis. again, that news conference that we mentioned, we are still waiting to get that in house. when we do, we will, of course, broadcast that for you here on msnbc. also on this wednesday, we are learning more about the navy s.e.a.l. who died in combat in northern iraq tuesday. charles keating is the grandson of notorious banker, a central figure in the savings and loan crisis in the '80s. officials say charles keating was an adviser to kurdish forces fighting isis. they say that he died as a result of, quote, coordinated and complex attack. keating was just 31 years old. (ray) i'd like to see
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george is a major loser. very few people list en to him. it's over for him. i never want his support. he's a nasty guy, a very nasty guy. i have to tell you this, nobody reads him. he has no influence.
10:32 am
if he had influence, i wouldn't be talk iing to you right now, joe. >> donald trump taking a shot at long time conservative columnist george will responding to a recent op-ed calling for the gop to keep trump out of the white house despite the nomination. the stop trump campaign marches on with some leading conservatives saying they would consider voting for hillary clinton instead of the likely republican nominee. our team spans the country, they have reaction from voters and within the party as well. we start on the left coast in los angeles. so no western standoff for republicans after all. how are voters there taking the news trump is likely the nominee, jacob? >> reporter: yeah, you're right, craig. this place, california, my home, los angeles, was going to be, for once, important in the race for president of the united states particularly in the primary election.
10:33 am
some were saying this was where donald trump would make it to 1,237 and where the stop trump movement was going to stop him in his tracks. voters here, people i've been talking to in downtown l.a. have been watching this news very closely. i want to interrupt lauren. how is it going? >> it's going good. >> reporter: i don't know if you've been following the news closely yesterday but trump is likely the republican nominee. it sounds like john kasich as well will be suspending his campaign which is what ted cruz did yesterday. disappointed as a californian we won't have more of a say here? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: tell me what you are going to do in november? are you going to go for donald trump or hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: how do you think she will do here in the golden state? donald trump is saying he may be able to win over residents in our great state. >> i have to hope we're smarter than that. >> reporter: if i can quickly scoot over to jorge over here. i was talk iing to him earlier. he's drinking what looks like a
10:34 am
delicious smoothie. how did you take this news yesterday? california was going to have this huge importance that we never have in presidential politics and it sounds like donald trump is the likely nominee. we're not going to have that much influence. >> i think it was a bad decision from ted cruz. i think he still had a good possibility. in another way it's good because i think donald trump and him going at it here in california would have brought too much division. we saw from donald trump's rallies a lot of conflict, people writing and all that bad stuff. we know how we get sometimes. i think it would have not been good for donald trump and ted cruz to -- >> reporter: to face off here. that's an interesting thought, craig. that's what a lot of people are saying about the convention in. >> cleveland. just real quick you told me you're an independent. who are you looking at supporting in november, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> definitely hillary clinton. >> reporter: sounds like so far
10:35 am
2-0, hillary clinton. we'll be here, though, the rest of the day and see what folks here in los angeles are. >> thank you, good sir. again, as we wait for this john kcase ic announcement to happen here at 5:00 in ohio where he's expected to announce that he is formally suspending his campaign we turn to kasie hunt who is facing backlash of donald trump likely becoming the nominee. a lot of conservatives taking to twitter today saying they would rather disown the party than vote for the donald, kasie. >> reporter: there are members of this never trump stop trump movement who are re-emphasizing they do not plan to be involved in supporting donald trump. i have rory cooper from the never trump group tweeting #never trump means never. distinguishing him from republican positions and conservative values remains critical. come hell or high water we will never vote for trump.
10:36 am
you had ben sass, the senator from nebraska, tweeting similar sentiments and one republican showing a photo of himself burning his voter registration card with the republican party. now, of course, the question here, craig, whether or not this is representative of voters in the republican party, whether there are enough of these types, whether they do, in fact, represent a segment of the voting population that's going to make a difference as we head into this general election. now i will also say, you heard a little bit of it in cooper's tweet, that first tweet that we read talking about how this is still about the overall conservative mission and the question is whether or not the party it self is going to splinter as many of these down ballots senate candidates for example, start to have to fight for their seats and face question after question about whether or not they support donald trump. you saw kelly ayotte, the
10:37 am
senator saying she is going to support trump but not endorse im. i spoke with john mccain. he reiterated his plans to support the republican nominee but also said, again, he's not going to show up to the cleveland convention. that illustrates the difficult position they're in. one fight is over garland, the supreme court nominee. you have people arguing that, in fact, republicans on capitol hill should acquiesce to this request say iing garland is not good pick but he could be worse and that letting donald trump be involved in the process would be negative. mitch mcconnell's office, of course, out already saying that they plan to continue as they have been and argue for the next president to take up that supreme court pick. craig? >> as you were talking we got this picture in, the adviser for chris christie's campaign for a while. that's a picture of our 16th
10:38 am
president shedding a tear, a sentiment again. >> reporter: the question of whether or not this is the end of the party of lincoln, russ schrefer. >> shawn, we'll get to what the never trump folks are saying in a moment. john kasich, again, suspending his campaign. nbc's confirmed it's going to happen in about four hours. one would assume he would be part of the key to uniting the party behind trump. what role do you see him having in a potential trump administration? could he even be a vp? >> well, that's all up to governor kasich to decide. he's been a successful governor in a swing state and shown how reaching out to key communities can be successful. he has done a phenomenal job not just successfully immrepting policies that put people back to work and taking ohio in a much better position than he found it. he's also shown from a political standpoint how reaching out to
10:39 am
key communities and including them as part of the process leads to further xlil success. he's done well with the hispanic community and he's one of those great governors we have in the republican party throughout the country that shows a model of success. >> this morning on the "today" show trump was asked whether he could unite the party. this is what he said. >> i am confident i can yunite much of it. some of it i don't want. i don't think it's necessary. people would be voting for me not the party, and i think we'll do really well against hillary. >> not all republicans, as you know, have warmed up to the idea. last night even before the results were in, this is what south carolina senior senator tweeted, lindsey graham. if we nominate trump, we will get destroyed and we deserve it. senator mccain is up for re-election there in arizona. he's not going to be at the convention. mitt romney apparently thanked ted cruz for running, made no
10:40 am
mention of trump. so much of the earth has been scorched. how does trump go about uniting such a fractured party? >> well, look, we started the process last year with 17 really qualified and amazing candidates. we have a lot of very passionate folks supporting their individual candidates. there's no question that it got rough and tough at certain points throughout this campaign. luckily for us it looks like we're going to have a presumptive nominee a lot sooner than the democrats. it gives us the opportunity to use that time to our advantage to heal some of those wounds and get back to the big picture which is focusing on hillary clinton. bernie sand eers won a huge rac last night in indiana and continues to give hillary clinton a real fight heading into california. that's time for us to continue to build up the ground game. we have a two-year advantage on the democrats, a two-year advantage on a general election strategy on data and digital. we're going to be able to provide our nominee with the resources in he is to win. the democrats continue to have to duel it out.
10:41 am
a lot of the conversation on the democratic side is how do they unite this bernie sanders wing of the party that's really taken hillary clinton to the far extreme left. >> not further left than donald trump on trade. i mean, trump is running left of hillary clinton on trade. >> agreed. he's really tapped into something there. i think on a lot of focus, a lot of what bernie sanders is talking about is taking hillary clinton to the left. trump has done a lot to tap into the frustration and anger that americans feel with their government right now that's not working well, that's not responsive, that i think many americans don't feel like that government and bureaucrats are looking out for them in understanding the concerns they have and, frankly, the problems they face. so that's something that transcends party, though, craig. that's important when you talk about independents, when you talk about expanding the map into places that republicans haven't won before or haven't won recently, michigan, pennsylvania. those are states that i think donald trump will put back in place because you've got a lot of workers out there that have
10:42 am
been frustrated, they've been tired of politicians ignoring them. >> i want to talk about that for a moment. i want to call your attention to some numbers. this is this new cnn/orc poll. it shows trump's unfavorable numbers. this is registered voters viewed unfavorably by 64% of women. that's lower than where it had been. also viewed unfavorably by 37% of conservatives. a number of folks in that same poll nonwhites, 74%. this morning on our air you talked about the importance of a gop growing its base. you mentioned it again there. how does someone who by most metrics is the most unpopular presidential nominee in history do that? >> are you talking about hillary clinton? >> no, i'm talking about donald trump. >> oh, well, look, we have spent the last ten months focused on a primary. they've gone back and forth, they've traded barbs, it's gotten rough and tough, as i've
10:43 am
said. now that we're able to turn the corner and focus on both uniting the party and getting into a general election phase, we have to do exactly that. we have to go to communities and start talking to people that weren't necessarily part of the primary voter electorate. >> so you're going to focus on donald trump -- you're going to have donald trump going to hispanic communities, presumably, not calling them the hispanics but going to these hispanic communities and talking about his immigration plan? that's the plan to grow the base? >> well, i think you heard him talking about the importance of the hispanic coalition and i think, yeah, i would expect him -- look, he has employed a lot of people. he understands the importance of these people to the electorate and frank lip the concerns that they have. i think you're going to see him go to places and do things that hasn't in the past. i think he is committed to growing the party, the electorate and is a guy, look, say what you will about donald trump, he knows how to market -- he's a successful businessman
10:44 am
and i think that he understands the importance of different populations to both winning an electorate but understanding their concerns and problems and how to present solution that is will be attractive to them and to other coalitions in america as we tend to move this country forward. >> sean spicer, always appreciate your time, sir, thank you. >> you bet, craig. thank you. let's get an update on how you are reacting to today's microsoft pulse question. can donald trump unite the republican party? here are the results so far. 63% of you say no. you can join the conversation. "the pulse" is still live. we do want to get back to the breaking news right now out of minnesota about the days leading up to prince's death. i want to play some of that news conference that just wrapped up a few moments ago. this is the news conference where we learned new details about reported efforts to get prince help for drug addiction just hours before he died as well as the person who originally went to prince's house to talk to him about his fight with addiction issues.
10:45 am
here is that news conference. >> when he arrived, prince was not available. couldn't initially find him. they saw representatives found him in an elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. andrew was the person to make the 911 call describing a medical emergency at paisley park. andrew is from california, didn't have the address for paisley park. the 911 call doesn't have an address. he didn't know the address except prince's place, paisley park.
10:46 am
andrew and everyone at the scene was interviewed by the carver county sheriff's office that morning. andrew went back to san fr francisco that night. although andrew had in his possession small pills, those pills were to be delivered to the minnesota doctor. there were no pills, any type of medication, given to prince by andrew or by howard. those pills were taken into possession by the county sheriff. >> the man who was there to talk with prince about addiction issues was from recovery without walls in california. again, that news conference wrapping up just a short time ago there in minnesota. we continue to follow that story very closely. up next, though, the man who could be hillary clinton's not
10:47 am
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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hillary clinton, former secretary and form interinteriyiyiy. hillary clinton taking on the say anything brand master who never held elected office but has managed to reshape more than any political candidate. on policy, trump will talk be beefing up the military and forcing to do more on style. nothing will be off-limits. and clinton will tout her championship with women and clinton will also have a not so secret weapon largely on the sidelines so far. >> i think he is not somebody who even within the republican party can be considered as eq p equipped to deal with the problems of this office.
10:51 am
>> is this too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home? eating a trump steak? tweeting out insults to andrea merkle? >> brad is a former obama senior straer strategist and former dnc participant. to what extent do you use president obama and how do you use him? >> i have to tell you, i would use him about everyday and every way possible. i want you to think about the polar opposite situation you see president obama in compared to where george w. bush was at the end of his presidency, and what a drag he was on republicans. the president had a joke about his approval ratings in the white house correspondence dinner the other night. the truth is it's absolutely true. he's at the highest approval
10:52 am
rating he's been at since he was re-elected in 2012. i think he has the potential to be a huge asset for hillary clinton. the other thing here is not that he's popular and his policies are generally popular, it's also the stature. you look at the stature of the former secretary state and united states senator like hillary clinton and the stature of president obama and the caricature of a carnival barker that is donald trump, i think the american people, for them, it's not going to be a hard choice. >> joe biden, meanwhile, the vice president, was asked about this race a short time ago overs overseas, here's what he said. >> any comments about, any regrets not being in the race? >> i'm anticipating she will ask me to be vice president. i have nothing serious to say. >> oh, but i'm sure he does have something to say. >> i'm sure he does.
10:53 am
>> how might the vice president -- how might he be used? >> well, i'll tell you, joe biden has such a strong connection to grassroots democrats and rank and file and everyday americans, he's got that hardscrabble upbringing in pennsylvania, somebody's a senator who went home on amtrak and back to work everyday, i think to the extent -- i don't buy into this notion somehow donald trump expands the map. you put up his unfavorable numbers. if you believe he can compete in a pennsylvania or ohio, i think vice president biden is the perfect person to make the case against donald trump, in those sta states. he has that strong connection. gosh, i would encourage secretary clinton to use all the assets of the obama coalition, including vice president biden. >> brad woodhouse, thank you. good to see you? thank you. >> we will be right back.
10:54 am
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why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. breaking news in the race for 2016, john kasich suspended his presidential campaign. hey, everyone, i'm erica hill, broadcasting live from msnbc election headquarters in new york. the governor set to speak in his home state three hours from now this after he canceled a news conference in virginia. this after the exit of ted cruz and john kasich, this makes donald trump the party's likely nominee. the head of the "new york post" in his