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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. good afternoon. i'm kate snow in new york. then there was one. what started with a what if pump line last summer is nearly a reality and a lot of people are not laughing nomin ining anymor. donald trump, the billionaire, remember when there were 17?
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and lots of dropouts and suspensi suspensions, with kasich's announcement a couple hours away, it could just be a formality. no second ballot in cleveland, no establish candidate riding to the rescue. the convention will likely be donald trump's coronation party. we are covering the campaigns now regrouping, covering voter reaction and reality of the new grand old party. let's begin with news out of ohio where governor john kasich will formally suspend his campaign two hours from now after indiana's vote. just this morning, kasich's team posted this on facebook, governor kasich will remain in the race unless a candidate reaches 1237 bound delegates before the convention. hours later, nbc learned he will
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drop out. hallie jackson joins us. what happened between the hours of yes, he's in and no he's not. >> reporter: he slept on it. kasich as recently as last night had his heart in this, ready to go on and continue fighting, woke up this morning and got on that plane, sources tell our peter alexander. once the plane doors closed, kasich scrubbed the fight and said his heart wasn't in it. he didn't want to go out and raise money and drop out a couple weeks later. the source says kasich is proud of the campaign he made but ran up against a tsunami. there is zero chance kasich will be trump's vice president. what might we expect in twor hours when kasich makes that statement? i'll be honest what sources of told nbc in the past it is
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likely you will hear the governor rail against the media and coverage donald trump has gotten and coverage john kasich he feels has not gotten in this race and not gotten a fair shake. throughout all of this, kasich has been an interesting campa n campaigner. we've been on the trail with him often. he doesn't have the kind of stump speech you might hear from other candidates, the one you can recite word-for-word where you know where the laugh lines are and you know where a certain punctuating gesture might be. he's often very engaged with his audience and makes a point, several poignant moments in his campaign he's talked to people and had these moments he feels he's been on this spiritual journey with folks and there to inspire them. he's tried to run a positive campaign and notably not attac attacked donald trump on a personal level like others. now it is likely this is not the campaign the majority of voters wanted to see or back.
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>> i've been out with him also. he talks about his purpose and spirituality. i wonder whether we will hear some of that this afternoon? >> reporter: i would not be surprised, kate. it is something the governor is very open about. when you talk to people on his campaign covering the campaign, that's one of the things they talk about, kasich has been on what he openly referred to as this spiritual journey, inspirational journey, his faith a very important part of his life, i can't imagine that won't be something he will talk about today or be asked about today. let me back up one step. you covered ted cruz for months and months. yesterday on this program i asked john heilemann, does he think if ted cruz does badly will he get out of the race. this is what he said? >> if trump wins indiana the way people have said, wins all the delegates, i think ted cruz will be out by the end of the week. >> you do? >> out by the end of the week, we were surprised to hear him say that and we get the alerts
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to you and you say, he's out. how did that happen so quickly? >> reporter: sure. we got a little bit of inside look at how this all went down. i can tell you, according to conversations i've had with a high level source familiar with these discussions, on a conference call late monday night, cruz talked with his closest confy dants including his wife and they hashed out basically the senator's political future. n some on the phone felt he should look at very seriously staying in and continuing to fight in order to give conservatives who rallied around his cause an option other than donald trump. others than his top advisors, looked at his favorability ratings, the way this race was going, the trump effect and saw cruz's favorability has sunk and gallup numbers showing last week they sank to the lowest number they've been since gallup began tracking cruz back in july.
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ultimately we understand the decision came down to cruz himself. he wanted to do, he said, the right thing for the country, according to what an aide is telling us. fra frankly, cruz may have had an eye on a political future as well explaining dropping out now may help preserve the campaign he ae's built up in the first 1 months of the campaign. >> get to that next stop where john kasich will be with that news kasich will drop out of the race. a short time from now,.will be the final -- from now, donald trump will be the final candidate standing. what did he have to say? >> reporter: he spoke to cnn and felt john kasich was running a good race and good idea for him to drop out. it's better to listen to his own words. let's listen to him. >> that's good. think john is doing the right
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thing. >> ohio is an important state. no republican has ever been elected president of the united states without winning ohio. >> i think john will be very -- i've had a good relationship with john. >> he has a lot of government experience in the congress and a governor. >> i think john will be very helpful as a governor. >> he said he doesn't want to be vice president. would he be someone you'd be int in vetting? >> i like john and had a good relationship with john. i've gotten along with him well. whether he is vice president or not i think he will be helpful with ohio. >> reporter: the source said there is no way john kasich would be donald trump's vice president. they couldn't be clearer. still, donald trump is starting the process of vetting vice president s and going through the record of each potential candidates and decide who will best fit with his campaign and
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who will best add to his campaign. ben carson is on the committee at times. donald trump talked about what he would potentially need going forward in a running mate. it's not a retired general, not somebody from civilian life, another businessman, somebody from the political world, somebody who understands how to get legislation passed and somebody who has friends in congress. this is what he told "morning joe" this morning. it's notable the candidate himself is recognizing a potential weakness in his own campaign, weakness in himself. he's often railed against the establish, railed against washington. part of the appeal of his entire campaign so far is he's an outsider who had nothing to do with it. somebody who didn't have friendships in there, wasn't beholden to special interests and somebody who could potentially go in there and change things other politicians could not do because basically
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their hands were tied by various special interests or various complicated relationships with other politicians or the desire to continue getting funding or desire to continue getting re-ele re-elected. donald trump has run his campaign fighting all of that. to recognize he might need somebody to help him if he gets to washington is a major adva e advancement in donald trump becoming a politician. kate. >> katy tur outside trump tower. thanks so much. for more on the republican party and where we stand now, i'm joined by john, columnist for public affairs. you once compared donald trump to rodney dangerfield in caddyshack. you and i have known each other a long time. here we are. >> isn't this amazing? i've been wrong about donald trump all along, i admit that on camera. he's a change agent. this is change versus status
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quo. the person people want change and he's offering it to them big and hard. i think it's going to be a very interesting fall election m. >> i know when we talked last time you said you would vote for trump in the general, you said this back in january four days before iowa. you were not a huge fan and said you'd rather support someone like bush or rubio, clearly aren't around today. you write today, trump is not the perfect candidate but he is the change candidate. ask yourself this question, do the american people want change to come to washington or they want to embrace the status quo. you think trump doesn't have a chance? think again. sounds like a conversion to me, my friend. >> i told you then and tell you now i will support the republican nominee. i trust the republican voters. a lot of my colleagues in washington don't. they made their choice. i will stick with the republican candidate. >> how many people are going through that conversion today? what are you hearing in washington about other
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republican insiders, talking about what to do and go with him or not? >> i think you will find more of that on this twitter-verse where never trump people say i will never go with trump. this campaign is not only about donald trump but hillary clinton but not the job they do as president abd who thnd who they for the supreme court. a lot of other factors going on. a lot of never trump people will say, he's not my pick but what the heck, i will throw in with him. some of them won't. trump has a big job to do to convince some people they have to come with and join with the team again. it's not going to be an easy sell. >> you mentioned hillary clinton. he gets a head start on hillary clinton because she's still dealing with bernie sanders right now. you could look at that the other way, she doesn't have to engage for a while and keep focusing on primaries and not engage donald trump. you see what happens with people who take on donald trump in a
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public war. is that an advantage for clinton? >> i think clinton has one big advantage, that's the map. the fact is republicans have lost 6 out of the last 7 because the map has been against them. for donald trump, he mixes up that map. he does a lot better in the industrial north midwest than any other candidate will do. hillary clinton is also somebody -- she's got a lot of experience. but experience doesn't necess y necessarily work for john mccain when he ran against barack obama. we are in a change election and she is definitely a defender of the status quo. >> when you say the map, though, you think he may be in weak in places where republicans have won in the past? >> no. what i think is republicans have been weak in a lot of places and he's got to compete better. in the northeast and midwest. he can mix up that map more than ted cruz could have. i think john kasich could have also mixed up that map and a little bit more. republicans have a fundamental problem with demographics and
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trump has stepped in it, especially with hispanic voters, he has to figure out a way to -- >> and women. thank you so much. is bernie sanders on the rebound? he took indiana last night and the next few primaries have bernie sanders' friendly electora electorates. that contested convention he mentioned is sounding more and more possible. and joe biden weighed in on the fact donald trump is likely to be the republican nominee. >> i'm anticipating he will ask me to be vice president. still be pain. t, but l it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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i've seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives and i think i know what it takes.
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i don't think we can take a risk on a loose canon like donald trump running our country. i think it's time to get serious. the man is the presumptive nominee, being a loose canon doesn't in any way protect him, i hope, from being asked the hard questions he should have been asked during the whole primary process. >> hillary clinton, new sound just in moments ago, going after donald trump, a clear sign she is pivoting somewhat to the general election, sending out an e-mail for fund-raising, it would have been unimaginable year ago but after last night, it's inevitable donald trump will be the republican nominee for president. donald trump, i don't know how else to say it. the whole world is counting on us to win this thing and we owe it to them to step up. >> bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere and beat hillary clinton by five points last
12:18 pm
night saying his path is narrow but still promising to take his campaign all the way to the convention. clinton is leading sanders by 700 delegates and sanders would need to win 83% of delegates to clench the nomination. we go to chris jansing, heading out to lexington, kentucky. >> reporter: hi, how are you doing, kate? >> i'm good. it looks like you're moving. >> reporter: we are in cape city, just outside cave city, the bucolic rolling hills of kentucky in the press bus. the senator just made a stop. i think it really is part of what got him here. people keep saying, okay, now, what does he do? there's an old saying you dance with the one that brought you to the prom or something like that. stick with what you know, for him, that means continuing to push the issues that fired up a
12:19 pm
lot of progressives and independents, raise money. it will help he won indiana last night for sure and get your people fired up. that's what he did when he stopped at his brand new office in bowling green, kentucky. a hlot of college age students there. one girl looked like she was going to faint screaming bernie sanders just touched me after he had a picture taken with her. ramping up the excitement for people who will make the phone calls and knock on the doors. here's a little bit of pep talk he gave to, i would say, adoring supporters. >> last night, we won the 18th state that we have competed in. [ applause ] >> most people thought we could not win in indiana. but we won. now, we're moving to west
12:20 pm
virginia and kentucky and oregon. you know what, we have an excellent chance to win all of those states. >> those are places where he could win. the problem is what you pointed out, kate, he would have to win them by tremendous margins. one of the arguments you will hear this campaign make in the coming days, you would expect, given the number of delegates she has and numbamount of money has spent you would think with the presumptive nominee, donald trump, hillary clinton would see coalescing of crowds around her. he sees crowds of tens of thousands proof that is not happening and he is still rai raising lots of money, 1$1.1 milli -- 1.1 million individual done n nares and last month even when donations were down 40%, all proved positive, this is not a party ready to coalesce around
12:21 pm
clinton and from indiana, almost 75% of democrats think that this competition between clinton and sanders has energized opposed to hurt the party. kate. >> can i ask you one lighter question. what's with the bernie sanders stickers people are getting? >> reporter: the which sticker? >> you may not know. danny freeman just sent a note the senator was surprised to see everybody wearing bernie sanders stickers. >> he's right. you sent a note on the stickers? >> that's right. the sanders campaign has been making several large amounts of money off of birdie sanders stickers, the small birds that flew onto his podium in portland, oregon. bernie sanders finally saw one today in bowling green. saw one of the stickers. >> reporter: there you go. >> i lost my voice while you
12:22 pm
were answering. >> reporter: by the way, it's his birthday. >> it's danny's birthday? get him back on camera. danny. >> reporter: happy birthday. nice. >> danny freeman -- >> reporter: in terms of the singing we'll stick to our day jobs. >> exactly. he's been covering bernie sanders for our audience the entire campaign, everyday and every stop. chris jansing and danny, thank you very much. let me bring in lewis miranda. i apologize i'm losing my voice having a coughing attack. bernie sanders vowing he will take this fight all the way to the convention, that means hillary clinton still has to battle him and the primary battle while also trying to compete with donald trump. does that weaken clinton's position? >> i think we're hardened because it is true that 75% of
12:23 pm
voters in indiana said they've been excited by this primary. we saw that consistent in wisconsin, new york, pennsylvania, connecticut. we've seen by and large 75% of democrats are saying that this has been a good primary, that they're excited and optimistic about both our kbced. t -- our candidates. the majority in indiana said we would support either one of them. they have been substytivesubsty substantive, focused on the issues and either is prepared and we feel that as donald trump has his party's nomination and sets up a difference between our party and theirs and republicans up and down the ticket, including the senators in kentucky, mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley and others who have been holding back and obstructing a supreme court
12:24 pm
nominee want to see who the voters will support next are now forced to answer are you really holding everything up to support donald trump as the next president. we like this contrast that's been good and now the republican party having to own donald trump after setting the stage for him these last several years. >> let me ask you about that healthy primary. our recent survey says 57% of democrats want sanders to stay in through the convention, they're that big a fan of his. is your party as split as the republican party is? >> i feel in 2008 we had the same dynamic. we're not concerned about it. it's not the party's job to tell our candidates what to do about their own campaigns or how to run them or when to get out. from our perspective we saw the same thing in 2008, we had a very healthy and strong primary between clinton and obama at the time. in some cases it was even fie e fiercer and a little harsher. yet at the convention we came
12:25 pm
together, we were united. it was hillary clinton who did the formal call for a vote by acclamation for senator obama at the time. we came out united then and i'm confident we will be united now at our convention. like i said, we're showing ingi large majority, 75% of democrats are excited about our primary and candidates and we think that puts us in a pretty good position because the problem for republicans is before they were looking at a contested convention now they have the trouble of a general election they have to own donald trump. no way to get around that. you can't have candidates vulnerable republican senators with the excuse i will vote for him but i won't endorse him. they have to be very clear and take a clear position. this makes this very challenging for voters, donald trump so divisive. 7 out of 10 opposed to his
12:26 pm
candidacy, insulted women and muslims and hispanics and ena discussion about banning him. >> president obama meeting with officials and residents about the city's lead in the water. is tite little too late? and prince looking into drug treatment for his addiction before his sudden death. constipated?
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new revelations today in the investigation of the death of music megastar prince, an attorney in mississippi said representatives for prince had arranged for him to meet with a california doctor who specializes in addiction recovery. nbc's stephanie is in mississippi with all the details. what else did we learn?
12:30 pm
>> reporter: hey there, kate. the fist big take away here is that this lawyer says that one, possibly two representatives of prince were so concerned about his health and the way he was taking drugs, they reached out to this doctor in california. that was the night before prince died. it set into motion a dramatic timeline of events that included the doctor determining it was necessary to come out here to minneapolis as quickly as possible. he couldn't make it so he sent his son, who took a redeye flight, a redeye flight that landed early in the morning and he was taken over to prince's house because he was supposed to meet with him. this is what the lawyer said earlier about that meeting. >> he set into motion a plan to deal with what he felt was a life saving mission. when he arrived, prince was not available. they went looking for prince, couldn't initially find him.
12:31 pm
they saw the staff representatives apparently found him in an elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: he is not a doctor although his father is and he had on him a drug which is a drug you have to have a federal license to administer. he turned that over to investigators who then questioned him. it was after that questioning that he contacted the criminal attorney here in mississipnneap. kate. >> raising so many more questions. thank you so much. president obama is in flint, michigan this afternoon. he met with residents dealing with the city's water crisis and we expect him to speak a little later this hour.
12:32 pm
joining us is congressman dan kildee, a congressman from flint and born and raised there. nice to see you, congressman. the last time i saw you we were in town. you were on air force one with the president. he's been having a number of different meetings. what's going to happen? what is the president trying to achieve there today? >> i think in large part, he's here to listen to the people of flint. he's meeting with flint families right now and we met with the response team earlier. really, his presence here is bringing the moral authority of the presidency of the united states to this question, which ads a great deal to our effort to not let the flint crisis fade away. as you might recall a few months ago, when there was a lot of attention, a lot of people in flint, especially, were conce concerned this would be the one moment flint was in the spotlight and before we got the help we need ed, the attention would go away.
12:33 pm
president obama is making sure that does not happen and that is the most significant aspect of his presence with us today. >> you could also see it a few months ago, the president and everybody else knew about this problem and in january he visited detroit, called the flint water crisis a terrible tragedy yet it takes three more months for him to actually show up in town. why wait until now? what took so long? >> what showed up in town before he was able to get here was direct relief that he sent. within days of being asked to declare an emergency, he did. within a few days, his cabinet secretaries began to look at what they can do within their own weather biggests t budgets s city and tens of thousands of dollars have appeared. he knows the most significant thing he can do as president is not just be here but make sure the federal government the leads is here. that's more important. the fact he's here is critical.
12:34 pm
it's not as if he waited for this opportunity to get to work helping to solve this problem. you can't say that about every public official associated with this crisis. the governor of the state of michigan -- >> lets -- >> i was going to say -- >> go ahead. >> i was just going to say the governor of the state of michigan who was here, that was actually fairly remarkable, you may have seen the response he got, has continued to treat this like a public relations problem. this is a real crisis. we need help. the president delivered help and now he's come here in person to say he's not going to stop. >> congressman, we have some pictures of president obama just coming in. he drank some of the water, a show to show people the water is better than it was before. as we look at those pictures, i want to ask you about the money. the senate worked out a deal a month ago to provide 1$100 million in grant money and loans to flint. it hasn't passed, as you know,
12:35 pm
it hasn't worked its way through the senate and become law. is the federal government going to be able to help because michigan -- the state has said there aren't enough resources. you've said it will cost over a billion dollars to fix all those pi pipes. >> there's clearly not enough resources. what the president's been able to do, within the confines of the budget and his current authorization. congress does need to act. the families of flint act i introduced would be a billion and a half dollars equally divided between the state and federal government. even though we know the state government is principally responsible. what we have in senate is to work on health and infrastructure. what we have are people blocking his relief. perhaps the president's presence in flint continuing to elevate this case will make it more difficult for those who choose to, to stand in the way of help. we're not going give up. there's no way the people in flight in or anybody who represents this state is going
12:36 pm
to give up. knowing that we have the president's back certainly strengthens our efforts. >> congressman dan kildee, thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> we will have the president's remarks when they happen for you. tonight on "meet the press" daily. chuck todd will be talking with flint native, michael moore, about the president's visited 5:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. >> coming up john kasich about to follow ted cruz's lead to drop out and what will happen to the stop trump movement which spent millions with little or nothing to show for it. ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there.
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12:40 pm
donald trump the last man standing out of 17 gop presidential hopefuls. let me turn to kelly o'donnell, following all of these campaigns at one time or another. this is a significant day. >> very much so. it is a day john kasich dreaded and he argued well ahead of the curve it would likely be a contested convention in cleveland, that none of the republican contenders would reach that number of delegates we've come to know, 1237. things have changed and quickly in this turbulent election season. john kasich remains the governor of ohio but will exit the race today after determining it did not make sense for him to raise me on the plan the next couple of days and his campaign had gone through a lot of its resources so money was a question. without a credible case to make having only won his home stated although he won that convincin convincingly, his original the sis was the party would turn to someone like him with a varied
12:41 pm
background, having been in congress and won two terms of a state necessary to run the white house. but things have changed and ted cruz who had a similar ill-fated theory and their pact last week where they would split resources where they had better strength and some of john kasich's better states were still to come, oregon and new mexico and where some of his sensibilities may have been better received by voters. none of that is to be and he will now become the person to be the sitting host governor for the convention in cleveland where we expect donald trump will have the requisite number of delegates as these contests continue and john kasich will be the host bringing the party together, a role he will have to take seriously about having unity. we learned john kasich said
12:42 pm
along the way, no, don't consider him for a running mate slot, is reiterating that through friends and associates, not interested in any call from donald trump to continue in this race. >> you're normally in washington and you know a lot of people. what are people saying about stop trump as a movement? is it over? >> one of the hard things has been attracting ining addition donations to a movement that didn't have a figure head to look at. one thing to have a widespread disagreement about donald trump standard bearer for the party and discomfort and damage done to the republican brand. without a strong alternative candidate there really isn't a places for those force to go. those who have been involved in that movement split across a couple of different groups are not quite ready to throw in this towel and accept donald trump yet but still have things they want to bring about in this conversation. really, there is nothing left for them to try to prove without an alternative candidate who can step forward and accomplish what trump is on the verge of doing,
12:43 pm
having enough votes and deleg e delegates to earn the nomination, not win it but earn it and means the stop trump movement has kind of tald. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks. coming up, seay to say most of us did not see this coming, donald trump as the republican nominee. what do the voters think? most important when we come back. are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪ 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can
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12:46 pm
uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ >> voters reacting this afternoon to a nick nickname for the donald, likely nominee, a moniker that will likely be received in california where the poll shows him leading by an average of 26 points by republicans before senator cruz suspended his campaign last night.
12:47 pm
let's turn to jacob out in l.a. i almost have my plane ticket booked for june 7th, i was kind of looking forward to coming out to california. now, maybe they don't matter so much vote-wise. >> reporter: kate. that hurts my feelings. i am a native los angeles. and we were excited about finally the california primary mattering on june 7th. it hasn't mattered in ages and will not matter again. i will interrupt somebody who is in the middle of what looks like an amazing burrito. this is robert. how are you? >> fine. how are you? >> we were talking about this. you are a democrat and how do you feel about ted cruz dropping out and john kasich suspending his campaign today and donald trump is likely the remaining republican. >> i think it's unfortunate after such a long season we are
12:48 pm
left with two candidates unappealing to the majority of voters. i'm certainly not going to vote for donald trump but i am going to vote for hillary but relucta reluctantly. >> reporter: thanks, robert. i will talk to julian. what he said is interesting. we have to make sure to point out bernie sanders is still in this race and one person who said he might be interested in talking to bernie sanders is you, is that right, julian? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: tell me why bernie sanders and the fact you never voted before and you said you will show up for the first time june 7th? >> i really am. bernie sanders is for the people. when i say the people the latino people. i'm a resident. i was born here and all that, but, yeah, of course. >> so the idea of donald trump becoming the president whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton, how does that make you feel? >> he's way too cocky. i speak for a lot of people and
12:49 pm
i say nobody gets a good vibe off the guy and he looks like chucky. >> chucky. just to reiterate the california primary we all hoped it would matter, not sure how much it will matter now. in the general election, donald trump says he could win this state. >> it could matter on the democratic side. so you might want to stick around. thanks so much. go get a burrito. looks like a great place. video and images of people burning their registration card is being shown on social media, many saying they would rather burn their card than vote for donald trump. many are actually burning their voting card. >> yes. this is from palm beach, florida, imagine in 2000 how valuable that voting card would have been. those are republican voting ca d cards, all of this spurred after the head of the republican party
12:50 pm
twe tweeting, reince priebus, donald trump is the republican nominee and from our expensive he is the likely nominee and we have to rally behind him. we're also hearing from twitter trump, we will get destroyed and we will deserve it. the son of ronald reagan, tweeting, the republican party is no longer the party of reagan. it's the party of trump. and let's finish with elizabeth warren. the reason i'm showing our viewers this today, and she wrote a long essay, you can see on facebook in addition to tweets. this is really going to be the road map and senator clinton or sanders will use against donald trump. she says, quote, trump incites supporters to violence, praises putin and cool with being called an authoritarian. online, in the digital space, people are trying out some of
12:51 pm
these arguments. i expect on the senator graham tweets, i would expect you'll see that in a hillary clinton ad at some point in the general election. >> all right, things moving fast. thanks, cal. president obama is in flint, michigan today, hearing first hand about residents, how they're coping with the city's toxic water crisis. and he will meet with the 8-year-old little girl whose letter prompted his visit. after the break, we'll head out to flint where we're expecting to hear from the president momentarily. after th out to flint where we're expecting to hear from the president momentarily. after th out to flint where we're expecting to hear from the president momentarily. after tht to flint where we're expecting to hear from the president momentarily. after the break, we to flint where we're expecting to hear from the president momentarily. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
>> and i look forward to the president's comments and again, i thank you. thank you. >> that was the republican governor of michigan, rick snyder getting booed on the water crisis in flint, michigan, before president obama is expected to speak. snyder has been criticized hear fist handling of the water crisis. it's the president's first visit
12:55 pm
to flint since the crisis erupted more than a year ago. earlier today he met with governor snyder, federal officials and held a neighborhood roundtable to get an update on the response. tony dokoupil joins us now live from flint. that was a surprise visit from the governor, wasn't it? >> sure was. any minute, president obama should be here, his first appearance in flint, since the crisis unfolded. the governor has not addressed the people in flint in an open way like this, since the crisis began. no one expected it. no one introduced him, other than a disembodied emcee. boos rippled through the crowd, and then his remarks, which were very brief were somewhat ill phrased. he said government failed you and the crowd responded, no, no, you did. he said we have a short-term water crisis. the crowd correcting him saying, it's been two years.
12:56 pm
so fireworks already. while people wait for the president to come out, they're enjoying some motown hits. and all of this is from little miss penny with her sash and tiara. she wrote a letter to president obama asking to meet. he could not make the initial meeting in washington, d.c., but he wrote back about a week ago and said, i'll be in flint. he's backstage with her right now. her mother told us a few moments ago. this morning, i caught up with her and asked her what she expected from the president and what she was thinking about the whole affair. here's what she had to say. take a listen. >> what are you going to ask him? >> what more can i do to help my community, and what are you gonna do when you're all finished with president? and i want to give him a big hug. >> sounds like you've done all
12:57 pm
you can do to help your community. it's his turn now, huh? >> yes. >> what do you think you need? >> water in the pipes. >> still? got to replace them. are you nervous? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: i asked her if she three wishes, two were for toys and the third was for new pipes. >> she could not be more cute. tony, thank you very much. that will do it for me. steve kornacki will pick up our coverage as we wait for president obama to speak in flint, michigan. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
12:58 pm
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stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good afternoon to you. i'm steve kornacki here in new york. thanks for joining us in what is now shaping up to be a very busy and historic wednesday afternoon. any moment now, we expect to hear from president obama from flint, michigan. the presen