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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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split ticket voter. we haven't seen that since probably '92, '96. in this case you might see it back. i can't see some of these republicans going all the way democrat down the ticket. >> you're saying we will make swing voters great again. >> we hope so. >> thank you both. love breaking down the senate. we'll be back tomorrow. hardball with chris matthews starts right now. game, set, match. let's play hard ball. >> good evening. this is a special two-hour edition of hardball. a history day in american politics.
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donald trump has cleared the republican field and is the last man standing for president. will the party known for falling in line do so for donald trump. his final opponent, john kasich suspended his presidential campaign. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> that was dramatic. governor kasich follows ted cruz to the exits after trump's win in indiana. now that trump is the presumptive nominee, that's what we're calling him, how many republicans will fall in line to support him? trump call into morning joe this morning and said he didn't expect nor did he want, this is great line, did he want everyone to come on board. he's being selective in who he wants to back him. >> the party will come together.
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i don't think it's imperative that the entire party come together. i don't want everybody. i don't even want certain people that were extraordinarily nasty. let them go their own way. >> well, joining me tonight on the round table, dina bash. she was the spokesperson for the ben carson campaign is what was weird about last night in a moment of history that really happened? >> i agree. i think part of it is because of how unenthusiastic ted cruz and john kasich are about rallying around their nominee.
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the fact that contributed to it a little bit. the nasty tone the campaign took yesterday. just yesterday it became an exchange of pathological liar and donald trump linking ted cruz' father to the jfk assassination. it went off the rails just yesterday. i think that bit into it. i was doing the math today, this is man in less than a year that faced and beat nine current or former governors. most of whom had earned a second term. five current or former u.s. senators. most of whom were thought of as future presidents when they got elected. the point is, all of that and he shut them down.
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he basically blew up the reagan coalition. gone. the social conservatives, he didn't seem to pay them a bit of lip service when he had to in the state of iowa but fine with it. he didn't really hit them. even fiscal conservatives. his tax plan is actually more in line with conventional conservative republican economic thinking but his rhetoric is anything but. it's quite remarkable what he's done. not since eisenhower somebody from the outside who throws up the table of what the republican party stood for for a good 30, 40 years. here it's for a good 40 years and says i'm something new. the voters gave it to him. >> you've given us our talking points. thanks. as chuck just pointed out, two
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time, eisenhower coming in, was backed by the republican establishment. all big new yorker establishment types were behind him. >> trump has angered and charmed everyone. i think at one point in the came pain he has angered and charmed everyone. i think in order for us to win in 2016, for us to take the white house, he will have to charm people. he will have to turn on the charm offensive and do something -- he'll have to become more presidential. i think he can. i know today, this week, the republicans all over the country who are trying to figure out how they are going to vote for him. we have to unify. we have to vote for him. it's going to be difficult, but i think at the end of the day, the never hillary coalition will
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get behind trump and they will have to. >> eli, the interesting thing is john mccain is aboard. susan collins aboard. people are already joining the paemg. >> some people are going to fall in line. like we're talking b abo ining the most poplarizing nominee. >> he's picking them up. he's got sessions. >> corey gardener can't make a decision. he said i'm going to support the nominee. trump, i don't know. there's still mulling this over. there's a lot of happening. there's a lot of people still out there saying never. they've lost the old republican party. they don't really know what to do. >> the other night the president was kidding at that dinner and talking about how you got to choose between steak and fish. there's no alternative. that's it. people have to back him or not back him. i don't know if there's a middle
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ground. i haven't figured it out what it is. >> he's saying i don't want everybody to join me. >> what did he mean by that? >> he knows he's not going to get them. >> he doesn't want the establishment folks to necessarily say they embrace him. the reason he's doing so well is the working class are largely very sick and tired of the establishment. >> it's not just working class people. i know a lot of folks in my family who voted for trump. they like him and make plenty of money. they want change. this is a change election. that's a problem for hillary clinton. she's the status quo. all these other guys and even ted cruz was the status quo in the conservative way. what trump was saying is i'm conservative but this kun trcou needs help. it's the promise of real results that's made trump a very powerful candidate. >> now hillary is head of the stop trump movement. that's her job to stop him.
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donald trump faces a challenge of winning over the majority of voters out there. according to last month's wall street journal poll, 61% of the men have a negative view of him. 61% of men. among women, 69%. that's not a big gap, given the way we talk about this. only 8% more women don't like him. 75% of young people hold an unfavorable view. so do 79% of latinos. 88% of african-americans. here is priebus, the once and future chairman of the party. >> you can't win unless you're the party of the open door. that means white voters, hispanic voters, black voters, asian voters, women. i get it. there's work to do. we're going to get to work. it's not going to be overnight, but we're going to work at it. we've been working at it for four years.
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i think donald trump is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work. >> he's the guy that's overseen the effort to repress the minority vote for the last several years. you disagree with me? isn't that what he does? >> i will not agree with that. >> 2006. >> i'll agree with the chairman that the republican party needs to do a better job of reaching out to all people. all different types of people. >> everything is so completely different. >> what is the example? >> 33 states -- >> as soon as the supreme court got rid of a certain portion of the voting rights act, you saw states all over the country like alabama, texas, they could not want to get on the band wagon and enact laws that would make it difficult for certain demographics, most likely demographics that don't vote republican to no longer be able to vote. in terms of what priebus, did,
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we need to reach out to blacks, hispanic, i don't know that that matters anymore. donald trump has offended every single demographic group the last year and he's going to be the republican nominee. >> there's a lot of people who do not like donald trump and would never admit they will vote for him but will vote for him. they will say i'm going to vote for him because i'm so sick of washington. that's what the dynamic is. that's why he won so many states. >> hillary turn out operation when it comes to hispanics and african-americans is donald trump. he will motivate them to show up. >> in the same vain the turn out operation for republicans can be never hillary. i think we have forgotten how much that name makes republicans cringe. >> here's what i think is interesting. when you go to the general, the
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unfavorabilities ratings for donald trump and hillary clinton are about the same which tells me the race will come down to, for both of them, voter turn out. >> i don't think it's an argument here. all this stuff trump said about the president having to show his birth certificate to show who he is with his photo id thing. trump continues to face a backlash among many republicans that would seem to make unifying the party a real challenge. senator ben sass said reporters keep asking if indiana changes anything for me. the answer is simple, no. he's going to hold out. senator lindsey graham. if we nominate trump we will get destroyed and we'll deserve it. i've been reading him. his saying help trump lose 50 states. former romney chief political advisor said i think donald trump has prove on the be unbalanced and uniquely
3:12 pm
unqualified to be president. i won't support him. conservative blogger wrote today, some republicans may decide it's time to be a democrat player, but i'll put my country before my party and decline to help the voters commit national suicide. dina, your thoughts. >> i believe we need to be team players right now. i'm not saying this is easy for me at all. i do believe that we have -- because of what will happen in 2017, the supreme court nominations, all of these things make more more compel to support trump and roll up my sleeves and vote for him than not. >> you're in? >> wouldn't you be fearful -- >> i'm in. i am fearful. i will not pretend i'm fearful. he's said and done things that have made me very uncomfortable, without question. the bottom line is i would rather have someone who calls himself a republican than someone who calls himself a socialist and someone who is a
3:13 pm
socialist. >> wouldn't you say -- here's what i think is interesting. as a woman, as an african-american, regardless of whether i supported trump, a republican or democrat, the biggest question is who's going to do the right thing on the supreme court and really can we afford to have another justice aleto on the supreme court. what happens to the voting rights act and so many other issues that have been propagated that help communities of color. >> we have to come back. our roundtable is sticking with us. coming up, what happen next to the stop trump movement? will they get behind trump or cross the line and go with clinton? some people are talking about that. mark salter who co-authored a life-suppo lot of books with john mccain is going across the line. donald trump promising to go after hillary clinton's past. this is special edition of hardball, the place for politics.
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welcome back to this special edition of hardball. as the presumptive now, donald trump is emerging from the primaries with more baggage than previous candidates. in some of his past statements are like to come back to haunt him. he said a woman who violates an abortion ban should be punished. >> do you believe in abortion, yes or no? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> for foreign policy, he would be open to seeing japan, south korea, even saudi arabia develop nuclear weapons. here he is. >> at some point we have to say, you know what, we're better off in japan protects itself against
3:18 pm
this maniac in north korea. we're better off if south korea -- >> saudi arabia. >> you say to japan it's fine if you get nuclear weapons. saudi arabia, says we want them to. >> can i be honest with you, it's going to happen any way. >> in february trump declined to disavow david duke. >> i don't know anything about david duke. i don't know anything about what you're talking about with white supremacy. you're asking me a question i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> in 2000, many years ago, not a million years ago, this is not exactly the people you want in your party. he knew who david duke was, but he was dodging the ball there. let me ask you about the baggage situation. let's talk about nuclear war and
3:19 pm
common sense about nuclear weapons. the willingness to see other countries see the weapon get around in a will the of other country's hand. even an interview with me in green bay, he talked about how we can't rule out or take off the table the use of nuclear weapons in europe. i'm not sure he gets what nuclear wars are. one or two kilo tons opini, it country. you say tactical weapons, that means tens of kilitons. i don't know how you can imagine fighting iran without attacking isra israel. >> and he was asked about the nuclear triad and he had who idea what it was. in 1964 this was a big issue
3:20 pm
because of the russians. in 1980, when ronald reagan became president, people were worried about him with a nuclear weapon. it's not the issue it was today. >> can you make it that? >> i don't think so. i think people are much more wor r worried about their livelihoods. >> they don't imagine an itchy trigger finger. >> he's also not someone going to war with putin. it's a nice thing. they're pals. in many ways that takes that kind of concern. >> anybody disagree? >> he's talking about foreign policy in unsophisticated broad brush strokes. that's why a lot of national security republicans are saying i'm with hillary. they are scared of donald trump. a lot of voters, how many republicans said he doesn't know what the nuclear triad is. that fell on deaf ears. he's saying america first. hen people take that literally, they like what they hear.
3:21 pm
>> knowledge and common sense about the power you will have. he carries the football with him as president of the united states. he has the codes. >> he carries the football but i think john makes a great point. people are concerned about pocketbook issues. i believe he has the ability to win women because of his strong voice in this space and hillary does not have a great deal of support in that category. i think that people are -- >> you don't think hillary is hawkish? >> i think she's hawkish and than most dems. >> probably more hawkish than donald trump. he had the endorsement of bobby knight. he said i like donald trump because i know he will push the button. for people who looking for this
3:22 pm
sort of, he will push the button. he will drop the nuke. >> he said that? >> yes. that's one of the reasons why he endorsed him. people are looking for this sort of strong image of a male who will protect us. >> nuclear war is not a top tier issue. when national security moves to the fore because of an unexpected event, you would think this is where hillary clinton benefits. in the primary where there's isis attack, donald trump just by talking tough, he moved up. >> let's talk about the dynamic. this web video as released tieing his republican opponent to trump's behavior.
3:23 pm
>> she ate like a pig. i'd like her right in that fat ugly face of hers. >> he sent a picture of herself with the words the face of a dog written on it. >> the boob job is terrible. they look like two light posts coming out of her body. blood coming out of where ever. >> you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that either. >> this is further evidence he must have never considered getting where he is now. a will the of people do things that don't prepare them for the presidency. howard stern is one past time you could skip. >> absolutely. there's a group of men, these men's rights groups that like that. i think that ad will be effective for hillary. >> men's rights groups. >> there are men's rights group that are hell bent on a donald
3:24 pm
trump presidency. that ad will be effective in helping hillary clinton with the one demographic she's having difficulty with. young women who believe that feminism is something for their grandmothers. yes sexism in the workplace exists, but it doesn't effect them. when they look at that type of commercial and think about what their future might look like under a donald trump presidency, they might think that maybe feminism is not something just for my grandmother. maybe it's something i should be concerned with and begin to support hillary clinton rather than bernie sanders. >> a lot of this is out of context. let's be honest. it's howard stern. it's his fight with rosie o'donnell. he has to live it. >> you have to take it seriously. this will appeal to young women who do see the women's rights
3:25 pm
movement as this thing of the past. i definitely see that. i also believe that we're in for a very ugly general election as it relates to ads and commercials and spots. we need to brace. i'm going to turn off my television. we need to brace ourselves because it will get ugly. donald trump has is -- we have seen over and over again his ability to pelt and pummel and pelt and pummel. if you don't he isn't going to dish it out to hillary. >> and bill. >> and bill. the same way there's a lot of fodder for trump, there's even more. we're going to go way back. they're going to go way back to everything we're thinking about right now. >> jennifer flowers. >> it's all coming back. >> he may be able to get away with more than other republicans. every republican running for the
3:26 pm
snats a senate and house they will be asked about the things trump says. >> what will they say? >> they disavow. trump is not a politician. this is his greatest strength and it's his greatest weakness. what kind of politician would say those things on howard stern. no one. >> do you believe hillary clinton is crooked? >> crooked. well, a lot of republicans do. that doesn't hurt you with a lot of republican voters. >> in the general election. >> of course. >> in a general election, to me, this is where i'm with george will. the question should be what is in the best interest of the country. if you're a republican, shouldn't the question be isn't it better to lose the election and build better republicans and build a better, safer republican party. >> i think a lot of republicans will elect to kick the football way down field an let the other guy get it in the mud and struggle around the five-yard line. i think that's the plan of a lot of these guys.
3:27 pm
four years is a short time for these guys. >> you can destroy the country in four years. >> how do you guarantee the base will be different four years from now? >> let them win, let them lose. by the way, i don't think there's an expert on this issue, including me. i think this is brand new territory. up next, what's donald trump looking for in a vice presidential running mate? who ever he picks will tell us where he thinks the ground level is, where solid ground is. it's his first big statement as a presidential nominee. the round table is sticking with us.
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welcome back. donald trump is now the presumptive nominee. he's going to be the nominee unless something happens between now and cleveland. the bush family is not on board. a spokesman for former president george herbert walker bush says he's playing to stay silent in the race for the oval office. a spokesman for george w. bush says he doesn't plan to participate or comment on the race. trump is, silence does not mean consent in this case. trump is now looking to the general election. ta me that means looking for a vp
3:32 pm
candidate. he declined giving special names. he did say he'll probably go with someone who has experience in politics. >> i think that i will say that i probably will go the political route. i think i'll go the political route. someone that can help me with legislation and help me get things passed and someone that's been friends with the senators and congressmen. >> we're back with the panel. we're all laughing because there's something about, i have those talents. he has no problem with a claim. it works well with him. >> it's worked very well with him. people love his bravado. he recognizes he needs to calm down and find someone to balance his ticket. >> it suggests his common sense and presidential nature to pick someone from the despised inside the beltway.
3:33 pm
>> i don't think he can go too strong on an establishment candidate. he obviously needs someone with experience in government. what that looks like, i don't know. i feel like if he goes too much of establishment candidate, it will really disturb the people who have kind of championed him so far. >> it will be a breath of fresh air. i wouldn't think newt gingrich would help. >> probably not. >> someone who's been inside the sneaky mess. the very beast he's running against, the old establishment. who does he bring in who has freshness, newness, outsiderness, but inside talent in. >> somebody who has been in washington but not tainted. >> kasich. >> well, kasich could work. >> kasich said -- >> he's interested in vetting kasich. i think those conversations may have taken place over a longer period than we recognize. >> marco rubio. >> i think the trump people
3:34 pm
would love to rubio. i don't think rubio wouldn't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole. first term senators. a woman on the ticket. these are people who are senators. >> they don't pass the test of someone you can imagine being president. >> those are two names i got today from a trump source on a wish list. >> todd harris gave you these. >> not a rubio source, a trump source. >> temperament, i think is critical. i think john kasich makes the most sense. if you're going to look at the seven states that will be really important like florida and oh and new hampshire. john kasich's temperament throughout this entire campaign period is the direct opposite of donald trump and probably could swing some democrats, possibly his way. >> when george bush picked dick
3:35 pm
cheney, it was to give credibility to bush's abilities to govern. i think that's exactly what trump needs is someone that gives him credibility. that's the biggest problem with him. this guy has no idea what he's doing. >> i know kasich spent the whole time advertising the very job description that we're talking about now. he got bills passed. he knows how the system works and balanced the budget inside the system. >> one other guy is chris christie. he's been early and a little bit too geographically unbalanced. i think the best possible v.p. would be marco rubio. >> i do think you're right. it does seem right. he'll appeal to the neo cons and bring them back aboard. he's a hawk. >> what does he accomplished? >> it's a tough choice because he does have a long future ahead of im. >> then democrats will say marco
3:36 pm
rubio who didn't show up to work for the last two years. >> the lawyers go back to practices. i watched this all my career. you don't have a job, you better get one. vice presidency is a job. thank you. you see the hill experience coming here. you heard the laugh. up next, it's on to the general election and donald trump is promising to go after hillary clinton's past. it's obvious he will do it. is that going to help her run up the score with women voters who get victimized by the general assaults on women all the time. you're watching hardball, the place for politics. always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates.
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3:40 pm
today. that's formidable by any standard. we have four new roundtable guests now. this is pretty much set despite bernie sanders noble fighting on. trump will run what we think of, it's scorched earth campaign meaning he's willing to burn the crops, have a lot of fire in his face, a lot of scar tissue all over him if it will hurt her more. he'll bring out everything. >> i think he started doing it a bit with his own candidacy. he knew he had filed bankruptcy over and over again. this idea he started surfacing
3:41 pm
that cruz had he didn't care. i think it's a strategy he's going to go after. i don't think it's much he can say that the majority of americans don't already know about hillary clinton. >> a lot of people are 18 years old that haven't heard this garbage. there are people born free of knowing about whitewater. this is all new stuff to think about. >> is whitewater the more interesting the second time around? the first time around we didn't -- most the average voter didn't know what whitewater was. >> e-mails say benghazi a million times. >> exactly. he's going to try everything. he's going to throw the kitchen sink at her. the clinton team says they are eager for this. >> i know. say it's a new ford. there's no nicks or anything. nobody has keyed it yet.
3:42 pm
you're not going to get into an argument with that. he will win that battering ram. you don't want to fight. his car is so beat up. he's got so much nicks on it and broken windows and things that don't work. hillary is coming into this thing, the first woman with the chance to be president. let's get into brawl. >> he's she's the ford, the brand spanking new ford and donald trump is the honking junker behind her. that's fine. she's be careful with him until he actually hits her. until he nicks her. until he keys the car. then once your new car is jacked up, you don't care. you'll do whatever it takes. >> you said jacked up on tv. >> yeah, i did. i think hillary clinton should do what she's doing which is let's talk about the issue and stay above the fray. the moment he hits her and hits her hard, she cannot hesitate to
3:43 pm
hit back. >> he calls her crooked hillary already. >> fine. crooked hillary. when the time come, she'll make it clear in the same way carly fiorina made it clear. >> but she's gone now. >> there's way to deal with donald trump that doesn't allow him you don't have to -- >> they score back a point or two. they end up being removed from the field. i'm sorry i'm using my junker. you get gone. he kills you. >> you have to remember what happens in elections in the last few weeks. people start to look at who will be the president of the united states. >> when's that's going to happen? >> probably in about two to three weeks before the election. he's going to be going through it and people will look at this and may not like either one of
3:44 pm
them. there's only one person i can imagine being president of the united states, and it's not donald trump. >> what about the issue i heard from people. he's tough enough to push the button. >> you want him? >> i don't want hillary to prove anything either. i don't want anybody to use that butt button. the idea of strength is a compelling poll for leadership. >> insanity is not. >> something he keeps saying is that hillary does not have the stamina or the strength. i think she's been able to prove it over and over again she did. >> nixon who he could have beaten by 300,000 votes still went down to underwear. these campaigns are tough on women. he just stuck it. that's why people didn't like him. trump did that. >> he said that stamina and strength. if you follow her, all they need to do, all she needs to do is show over and over the whole benghazi hear how she was cool
3:45 pm
as a cucumber. >> why didn't they sit down with her and say it's 6:05, where were you? it's 6:10, where were you? did you try everything to save the guy's life? you can't follow the hearings like that. they don't know,000 conduct a logical hearing. >> on the issue of strength when the american people look and want someone who is strong, they also want someone who is stable. remember during the financial k crisis, john mccain suspended his campaign but obama won that round. >> the roundtable is staying with us. a brand new interview with donald trump. lester holt sat down with trump a few moments ago. that's ahead. we're going to get it. this is hardball, the place for politics. to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal.
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i used to like that song. we've got some breaking news. i said lester sat down with trump. here is some of that interview. >> you haven't started on hillary clinton, so start on her. give me three words that you'll use to define her. >> bad judgment is a couple wofrds thof words we can use. bernie sanders said she's not qualified to run from president because she suffers from bad judgment. i think that's true. all you have to do is look at the e-mail scandal. she's under fbi investigation. she's survivor because the democrats are protecting her.
3:50 pm
>> we talk about this epic showdown. is there anything that's off the table? >> i'll see what they do with me. if they are fair, i'll be fair. well have a high level campaign. >> is bill clinton part of this? >> if they're fair with me. >> you would bring it up? >> i will bring it up depending on what they bring up. i like to see a high level oriented campaign. if they treat me properly, i'll treat them properly. you don't see it often, but i would like to see it. >> there we have. thank you very much. we're back with howard dean, jonathan capehart. he said he's promising a very high level campaign. he won't bring up any of the dirt unless they start throwing it at him. however, before he said that, he said hillary has bad judgment and not qualified to her opponents. she has the e-mail problem and being investigated by the fbi.
3:51 pm
i think that's an interesting kpamp example of what he means by high level. >> every single talking point is what the extreme right is trying to pin on her any way. he's identified what is mobilizing the base and says you can't trust her. >> the hillary haters recognize all these terms. >> who are's the fascinating thing. this guy is the most liberal guy no, ma' nominating in the republican party since eisenhower. he's attacking hillary on all the things they have been talking about since whitewater. his actual programs are the most liberal programs of any republican since izeeisenhower. >> with the exception of mass deportation of 11 million people. >> that's race baiting. that goes along with the right. >> you don't have to be a good sport about this. i know you're a nice person. it's terrible what happened. operation wetback.
3:52 pm
our country has gotten better in the language it uses. what do you make of this? here's trump asked by a straight reporter, the best in the business and he just vomits it out. i'm hitting her on all this crap. i'm not leaving everything out. >> he said he's just stating facts and you can decide for yourself. >> it's not statement of guilt. >> right. >> he's not being investigating. >> it's not a statement of fact either. he just lays it out there much like when he was running against ted cruz and he raised the issue of his canadian birth. he's like maybe a judge should look into this. i don't know. maybe he's not really a citizen. he would say i'm not criticizing ted cruz. i'm just laying out the facts. >> let me ask you about journalism. great point, governor.
3:53 pm
what's your evidence that the fbi is investigating her? >> they aren't. >> what is your evidence, mr. trump, evidence, what specific law did she violate? what national calamity came about? what was the consequence that hurt our country? what was really criminal in this? tell us specifically. i would go into those points and really drive it home with the guy and make him do more than he's been able to do which is throw these cartoonish refere e references out. jonathan, isn't that challenge for us? >> yes, yes. absolutely. >> make him explain himself. >> that is a challenge for us. the other challenge for us is something else he said in that interview and that is i won't brink it up unless i'm treated fairly. his definition is functionable. it depends on the day, his mood or where he is. >> what can hilly do? she can run negative ads. >> she can say he wasn't
3:54 pm
successful in atlantic city. he can say that was an attack. he says he wants to run a high level-policy oriented campaign. have you -- you remember he said weeks ago he wasn't going to be giving policy speech. he's not giving a policy speech. >> he could be talking about infrastructure and things. >> he did last night. last night he did. he did talk about that. he talked about airport stuff. >> really. >> we like policy. >> you start talking economic growth and infrastructure and the things we know are the ingredients to an economic growth rate higher that we have. we know that. it works. it's worked in every country. start building. >> you saw him give a foreign policy speech and it was a struggle. he struggled with the teleprompter and it wasn't specific. even though he didn't write it
3:55 pm
himself and read it, he still struggled with policy. >> what i don't know are the rules. the rules have changed. it used to be you don't talk about people's families. you don't use bad words. you don't call the person a lying whatever. now the other day trump referred to something in the national enquirer and he said as if it was something in the new york times or the wall street journal, by the way, my opponents father helped kill kennedy. he just said it. it's like dropping a dish. how do you do that? how do you like something like that about another person. this isn't a movie. this is a presidential campaign. you can't have that stuff coming out. >> one of the calculations that we're missing is how is the media of hollywood and business community going to coalesce against donald trump. >> against the claims. >> i think people will start doubling down. it's no longer funny. the women, latinos have stopped laughing at him. he's so much closer, you're going to see big industry
3:56 pm
coalesce against him. >> i think there's some of that. i also think, i do have a lot of respect for the wisdom of american voters. i really do. i know elite people say oh god but the truth is people want a country that will function. people do want to come together. if i were hillary, i would first of all, try to keep the high road as long as you can. i agree with you, you do have to punch back or you'll be seen as weak and no president can ever do that no matter what gender you are or what party you're in. it wouldn't be too hard to laugh at him. it have to be the genuine laugh. it's not that i'm really angry so i'm going to laugh. >> i've seen the aggressive laugh in our business. thank you, governor. we have another hour of hardball coming up at the top of the hour. you're watching hardball. a special two-hour edition of it. the place for politics.
3:57 pm
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love that opening. good evening. i'm chris matthews. donald trump's final opponent, john kasich suspended his campaign this evening bringing to a close the republican race for the white house. it's over. donald trump, a reality tv star and businessman from new york with no political background is the new standard bearer of the republican party, like it or not. with that reality comes a moment of truth for the republican party itself. can they back him? a growing list of republicans are saying yes, they can. governor nikki haley of south carolina. mike huckabee. se


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