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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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their silence speaks volume. john mccain running for reelection says he could be in trouble because of trump being at the top of the ticket. i have no doubt that this maybe the race of my life. >> you cannot always get what you want. ♪ >> rolling stone told donald trump get off their clouds and stop playing their song. good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump brushed off news at the last two republican presidents, both bushes are sitting out his white house campaign. >> i was very harsh on some
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people like jeb bush. you wonder why the bush's family want to sit it out. i was hard on his brother. his brother got us in the war of iraq which is one of the hardest decisions in our country. i said it loud and clear. when i hear they're going to sesit it out, it is fine, i don't care. >> nbc's peter alexander is joining me now. >> the events of the last 24-48 hours have been so astounding. both bushing es is sitting this. >> yes, 41 and 43. they'll not be campaigning or endorsing donald trump and not going to be doing anything for hillary clinton either. it is striking for a lot of reasons for the first time in 36 years. no bush who's apart of the convention that takes place in the summer. it is not that surprising given obviously donald trump said about jeb bush during the course
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of this campaign. you do if you are trying to unit a republican field, it is not going to be that shot of mit romney up there holding hands with donald trump. there will be bush up there standing side by side with donald trump as well. the divisions as many republican conservatives trying to determine what they do next. >> donald trump today naming the financial chairman, talking about the money he's going to raise for the campaign republican party and talking about financial and telling cnbc that he will name a rival. >> yes, that's exactly right. nine of them are currently governors and five of them are senators. the insults are like a bulling pin, they all fell down like one another. >> wait and see if he can find anyone reuniting going forward. i spoke with john kasich after
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he dropped out. even though his name is throated in conversations "there is zero chance that'll happen." i don't know if john wants this. the point that trump made is i am a business guy, i need a political voice and mind to be someone to help push legislation when i am president. >> john kasich will make so much sense in terms of ohio. but, you can see others even newt gingrich, others who knew how to work with congress because he raelealizes he does need a former general or a former business person. he needs someone who has a political saavy. i think you are right, we are told by trump himself this election in july, mary fallon, her name is thrown around from
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oklahoma. >> she's someone who could help accomplish that. this is all down the line. what i have been focusing on today is this is sort of flip-flop on policy positions on minimum wage. he thought the minimum wage was too high and this morning he says he could see myself moving the minimum wage up on tax and policies and the biggest white people he put out so far on taxes. he said he wants to cut taxes on everybody including the ultra rich and now this morning he said no, i don't like that part of my policy. >> giving a new -- >> taste. >> flexibility. >> thanks so much peter alexander, thanks for all your great supporting. we are seeing a wide range of reactions to donald trump. first, the "wall street journal" on the trump reality." it was not our first choice. more gop voters preferred him to the alternatives.
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as other appealing of this election's choice is. one of them will be the next president. we have to make the best of that reality. also today, john mccain from 2008, republican nominee speaking candidly about how trump at the top of the ticket could harm a his chance of being elected to the senate, this is last month. "if donald trump is at the top of the ticket here in arizona with over 30% of the vote being the hispanic vote. no doubt that this may be the race of my life. this is going to be a tough campaign for me." >> and just this morning, a tweet from trump's critic, crystal, watching accomodation by mechanic connell and rubio, one concludes, this is the way it ends." joining me now, with not a
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whimper abut a bang. >> you are a contributor. i would define you as an establishment voice. you were the chief of staff to former vice president, we have known each other for a long time. what do true conservatives who do not trust that donald trump is a real conservative? >> yeah, i don't think donald trump has the character or judgment to be president. i have opened to the locked positions on different issues. that's one thing whether you are incline to be with mcconnell. i just think donald trump should not be the president of the united states. that's sort of you know a threshold question. if you don't think that then gee, i would like to have a conservative to vote for. a lot of people in the country would include a lot of moderates
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and conservatives. we have two candidates who are viewed as much a considerable majority in our favorable way as the major party nominees. as been said on last night and on facebook. can we do better? i think we can and i hope this candidate set forward and that candidate can do well. >> who could that person be? >> you know, a terrific and thoughtful spellman, he decided not to do it. for patriotic reasons not to do it, maybe someone who's a senior statesman type. al young senator who's really an independent minded senator. if he can launch, there will be a lot of money and legal
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services volunteered to get him across the ballot. i think there will be a lot of americans thinking, can we do better, we cannot do better than hillary and donald. >> who knows whether that is final. you come to the argument, well, the hurdles and the money and the final deadline and all of that. do you risk from your perspective electing donald trump if you divide the vote between hillary clinton and other moderates, independence and some democrats who would join an independent campaign, you could actually make trump president. >> that's two things, it is like they elect hillary clinton. the argument is gee, why donald trump? well, fine, i am not the first
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helping to stop donald trump as a president. i prefer that not resulted in hillary clinton presidency so let's have a third choice. the hurdles will be whether if they have the dependent candidates popping up in four years. they're not unmanageable. you can see in 1980, he got in every ballot and successfully challenged some of the other states' deadlines as being constitutional and they won that challenge. those states would have to write you in. most of the blallots' deadlines are in july. >> if you don't get a third party candidate, what do you do? >> i guess i will write in my favorite candidate and -- you know, we'll live with either donald trump or hillary clinton. >> you would not vote for
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hillary clinton? >> no, i really don't think i would because i disagree with her on so many things. and my shorthand is i don't trust donald trump as chief. for awfully a lot of other americans, and both cases of their issues, i think a lot of americans, this is the one year where i think the alternative and the independent candidatcie put in good work. >> should mayor garland get a vote now? >> maybe. >> i voted for republicans in every election of my entire life of 11 times. the idea that donald trump is the nominee for six months is unchallenging for these parties. this is a movement and a party that i am proud to be apart of and a lot of people are proud of and makes mistakes of his ups and downs. >> what does it mean for the
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future. >> what does a 25 years old or a 30 years old think about donald trump. that's one of the reasons why i think it is so important for someone -- even if he does not win and accused by taking votes away from trump. it is important that trump is not the face of the american conservatives. he's going to be a face. it is not just going to hurt the ballot, what is it going to look like? makes fun of people's disabilities and imitate people's fathers and rapist rapists -- i mean, trump got away of all that stuff and maybe he will get away with it the next six months. i prefer not to take that risk. >> bill kristol, good talking to you. >> thank you. >> there are a number of therapy sessions. >> thank you. [ laughter ]
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now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. i know there is a lot of nervousness around this country that donald trump may become president. [ cheers ] >> ain't going to happen. [ cheers ] >> bernie sanders on the trail despite the clinton campaign, sanders sounded like he's talking about the election, too. nbc's kristen welker is on the
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senate. really focusing on the general election, what have you got? >> very focused on the general election, you are right. we learned today they are beefing up their staffs at their brooklyn head quarters. they are bringing on new staffers. and one of the things that's critical, ned comes from the obama reelection campaign. >> all of these people have a lot of experience in the political world with campaigns. they are going for a very serious fight. we are getting a better sense on her strategy out on the trail. you have been reporting on this as well. she's trying to pay trump -- she called him a loose cannon yesterday and she's trying to make sure that voters don't
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forget any of those controversial comments he has made in the past. comments about women and minorities. of course, andrea, she's fighting on two fronts. this is a big battleground statement primary, andrea. >> in fact, she was just at an la time award and talking about the women card and how his comments she thinks backfired. they have been fund raising on it. let's listen to a little bit about that. >> the whole idea of, "playing the woman card" led fire under women across the country. i think it is because they see in his attacks on me or on megan kelly or carly fiorina or whoever else he's attacking at the moment. i think we are going to -- be pushing back and drawing
9:18 am
contrasts when he does that. he's not going to get away with it. you know going forward. >> that's a key part of her argument. she still has a problem of young voters and she did not do well with white voters and indiana. she's got a lot of work to do as well. this is going to be such a non traditional campaign and i keep on wondering whether this battleground strategy and all of them doing to geear up a non-traditional candidate. >> they are prepared for that but what does it mean, andrea? you are absolutely right, it means there is going to be discussions ongoing everyday of how to deal with whatever jabs he's throwing at them. you are absolutely right, she beats trumps right now by women by more than 20 points. her challenge in the general are winning over. sanders is going to be key at helping her rally those young
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voters. the way that it comes to an end is so critical. top democrats say they hope ultimately senator sanders hope to rally her those young voters, hopefully that's key. >> my colleague, christian welker, is out there in the west coast. >> up next, will donald trump vote for a democrat named clinton. that's next on msnbc. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where al and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a ufh2o. [man] that's not good. [pilot] that's not good. [man] that's really not good. [burke] it happened august fourteenth,2008, and we covered to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ . donald trump is a no nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> some of the republicans own attack lines against their party
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as assumptive nominees. a member of the never trump movement. ben, thank you very much for joining us. >> primary night, ben tweeted "i am with her" so you are going to support hillary clinton over donald trump? >> i would definitely support hillary clinton over donald trump. there is been talks and you just talked to bill kristol candidate. that would be great if it is realistic of a third party candidate. as it stands right now it is going to come down to donald trump verses hillary clinton. trump is not allowed in the oval office as far as i am concern. >> why is that? >> i think he's a socio pathic and a liar. i watched his character unfold
9:24 am
over the last ten months and in june, i thought he was a celebrity who's trying to make headlines and things like that. as i watch this character unfold in realtime in the debates, i just saw this side of him made me know that his reaction and his sociopathic tendency makes him too -- i don't like hillary clinton and disagreed everyone of her policies but he's a rational and calm human being than donald trump is. >> what about bill kristol's comment of a third candidacy is something should be considered seriously. >> i guess at the point that ben sass decides that he would not do it, people have an obligation
9:25 am
right now and people in position to help stop him and need to try to stop him. i know it may not be what somebody planned for. even if he lost and prevent trump getting into office, i think he will have a lot of future with a lot of people appreciating of his efforts. >> i think regarding to mayor garland giving him a hearing now. the "red state" article, republicans should confirm merrick garland asap." >> i absolutely agree with that. he's going to make a lot of promises now and december. ted cruz could agree that he would accept the nomination. after our down ticket losses getting us either, take us out of the majority in the senate or at least increase our majority, come january, he will nominate
9:26 am
who ever he wants. hey, you said you would nominate ted cruz, he will come back with hey, you guys are going to keep the senate so i have no allegations. he could use whatever lies he need to tell himself to justify whatever he has to do with any given moment in order to win. that has nothing to do with conservatives. >> ed howell, thank you very much. >> treesappreciate it. >> thank you. an update on the north carolina's bathroom bill. yesterday, governor pat mccory, releasing some bathroom access for transgender people. the governor needs to notify by may 9th not to enforce the line if north carolina does not combined, its public schools could lose millions of dollars in federal funds. governor pat mccory reacted at a
9:27 am
local news conference last night. >> what it is basically saying is that all organizations at states are going to have to comply with the new definition requirements by the federal government regarding restrooms and locker rooms and shower facilities. something we never seen regarding wash and over reach in my lifetime. >> and coming up fair game, is anything off limits as donald trump prepares to take on hillary clinton. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. using ur airline credicard miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline,
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we talk about this epic show down, is there anything off the table in terms of what you go after. >> what they do with me, if they are fair, i would be fair. >> if you are fair with me, i am
9:31 am
going to be fair with them. >> you would be bring it up though? >> i will bring up depends on what they bring up. i want to see a high level of policy oriented campaign. if they treat me properly, i will treat them properly. >> he's the one that's insulting people and demeaning women and degrading people with disabilities and talking about keeping muslims out of the country. he's the one that's been running that kind of a very negative, aggressi aggressive, bullying campaign. >> the republican nominee and the democratic front runner are in their corners even as hillary clinton stood by to knock out bernie sanders. joining me now is howard dean, our contributor, governor, thank you very much for being with us. what are the chances of a high level policy debate between these two? >> i would say there are zero. i think hillary will be a
9:32 am
relatively high level. she has to hit trump back hard when he gets in the gutter which i expect to be about 25 minutes after he gets the nomination in july, in cleveland. he's going to have to hit him but i think she's going to stick as closely as she can to what's going to elect the president of the united states which is sticking to policies. >> and i mean you are a clinton's supporter, you have been through this of the tough road of the presidential campaign. how does she balance whether to fight back and how to handle it or ignore his jabs. she says she's not going to make the same mistakes or at least her campaign has said that. >> what i don't think she's going to do is get down in the gutter with them. she's going to hit them back. one thing people really want in a president is strength.
9:33 am
but, she also has to appear presidential. the closer we get to the definitive election whether it is the primary election or the definitive general election. voters are going to vote on who they believe can be president. who they think, you already have a great guest early. i have to say i respected his views, i don't agree any of his issues. he's a patriot. she's got to smack him back and then move onto policies. >> i mean, you can imagine what a general election debate would be like between these two. >> yeah. >> judge fing from the primary debates and the way he deflected perry and all kinds of arguments from well prepared republican
9:34 am
advisaries. people from all the way from the beginning. that's not the majority of the american electric. when you start seeing people who run red states say they're going to vote for hillary clinton. i can guarantee you he speaks for hundreds of thousands or if not millions of americans. >> among democrats because they have to make their own decisions on how to proceed, hillary clinton has problems with young democrats as well as a lot of white voters and look at the indiana results. elizabeth warren is not an allie. the clinton campaign retweeted a tweet yesterday, she tweeted i am going to fight my heart out to make sure real donald trump's
9:35 am
toxic in securities never reaches the white house. >> you see the chance of bernie at some point after the last primaries, before the convention, actually joining the anti-trump fight. >> well, he already joined the anti-trump fight. i see that happening at the convention. one of the things hillary did in 2008 which i never seen it in the ten conventions, she actually nominated barack obama and called for the nomination. that was a classy act. i am not sure if bernie will do that. he has no interest having donald trump as president of the united states. bernie has to reach out to him and his followers. she has to make some -- she will be the nominee and hopefully, be the president. i cannot believe they cannot
9:36 am
work this out. they both been in the senate for a long time. hillary is well known from wondering on issues. bernie will have a positive impact of the platform. >> howie dean, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, not backing down, donald trump tells lester holt he's sticking his gun on controversial issues like the muslim ban. . that's co that's coming up on "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. i've just arrived in atlanta
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it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very tuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. that's one thing whether you are inclined to be with ted cruz or donald trump. i think it is going to come down to hillary verses trump and trump just cannot be allowed in the oval office as far as i am concerned. >> two republican leaders' voices here voicing their
9:40 am
oppositions to donald trump as commandeering chief even if trump stands by his most controversial comments. >> we have to be vigilant and strong and see what's going on. there is a big problem in the world. you look at what's happening with migration in europe and germany. >> sounds like an urgent problem and of the first 100 days topic? >> it is an urgent problem in the country. >> you promised to deport those in the country illegally. >> yes. >> joining me now for our daily fix, chris and our correspondence and jeremy peters. welcome all. >> chris, you take this on first. he moderated some of his issues
9:41 am
today talking about the minimum wage, he's no longer standing by his tax plans but he's standing by his immigration deportation. >> yeah, i guess i am not terribly surprise, andrea, if you look at the two things that help donald trump for the nomination, the first was his plan of immigration, sending everyone back. and his second one is banning muslims. those foundational principles for him. i think it is problematic. the republican primary elector drawing --assumes those tactics and strategies will work in a general election. i think it is a bit dicey. he will move for to more of the
9:42 am
middle on some of these issues. on those core ones, it is hard to do without losing the people who got you here. >> and you have covered politics and foreign policies and you have done it all in the white house, hillary clinton, she's now moved so far to the left on trade and some of these other issues because of bernie sanders. she cannot move back to the center. >> no, she cannot on that set of economic issues. so what she's trying to do and her defense this weekend are apart of this is to widen the conversation and go back to some of her own foundational principles to borrow chris's now. if donald trump is going to run his campaign on building walls that she says will never get built and banning muslims in the country. she's going to try to talk about things that she wants to do that she believes are much more mainstream and would be sort of an invitation to anyone who's
9:43 am
disaffected by trump to join her. >> she's trying to broaden that coalition to include republicans and independence and democrats from the sanders campaign. jeremy, what are you hearing from the republicans of how donald trump is raising this for the people. >> we know, for example, his campaign has has weekly meeting with the republican congressmen and senators. what i am told by the campaign, the attendance of this meeting has been growing every week. now that he's a presumptive nominee, you can expect more people are coming up. the campaign has a list of new endorsers, republican politici n politicians and members of congress, people like that are going to line up behind trump in the coming days. his conservative credentials
9:44 am
remain in deep, serious doubts by delegates that's going to attend the convention. what i am hearing from a lot of them is they want to see a display of him in the next few weeks that really shows how conservative he is. by that, they're looking forward to either a vice president nominee or a list of potential supreme court picks that would give them confidence as trump is going to name conservatives of the court or members of his cabinet. people he even named if he indeed becomes president. >> both president bush are not going to endorse and going to be apart of this campaign. >> chris, your colleague, phil is reporting that mit romney is not coming to the convention either. >> look, andrea, this is an extension of the fact that this is not the republican party currently comprised of.
9:45 am
>> john mccain is not going to the convention. this is a different republican party that they are deeply unfamiliar with. if you needed a reminder of that, go back and look at the 16 people that donald trump beats for the nomination. it includes a lot of talented people at deep roots in the republican party as it was comprised in those years or the bush's years. donald trump is not their kind of candidate. i literally cannot think of a candidate that's like george h. bush. >> chris, how does trump have to change the electro map for the battleground as it unfolds? >> weigh in the industrial midwest. it is just not that complicated. those are states that are losing but still have considerable
9:46 am
population, michigan, illinois is very hard and wisconsin. you know, those set of states, pennsylvania, it will not be easy but that's how he does it again. i think he will start with the significant passage. economically, struggling with the manufacturing being hollowed out. >> all right, chris, and jeremy, thank you all so much. >> coming up, hillary the hawk, a fascinating new look into what kind of commandeering chief hillary maybe. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on
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tastes better than the beer you drink after someone else mows your lawn. craftsman. when it matters. and there is new video today of the isis led attack in iraq that killed charles keitting the 4th. the third american who died in iraq. while the u.s. is calling them "advisors."
9:50 am
americans in iraq are totally engaged. the video is obtained by the british's newspapers, "the guard y yan." outside of mosul, the u.s. is trying to recover from isis with the help of iraqis coalition forces. that's not yet planned. nbc news has not authenticated this video. >> it is entitled "alter egos." anyone interested in what kind of president or commander chief hillary clinton maybe. mark is joining me now, congratulations on this spectacular book. you covered the white house and
9:51 am
barack obama and you took time to write this book on competing philosophies and their political and relationships. a fascinating insight. let's start with iraq and where she stood. we saw in '02. she was against the war. >> that's right, as you recall since you were there traveling with me on many of these trips. she did not come in secretary of states as many interest in iraq. there was a sense she was welcoming that. she did not think there was not much upside or policy upsi to dm deeply in iraq. >> there was a trip that you and i went on where she never went back. >> she never want back.
9:52 am
>> it is sort of interesting now we are in a situation where iraq is a major problem and in a way it links back to the syrian debate where if we have done more in syria, would we avoid the rise of islamic state. >> these issues are relevant. her tangle in the history of iraq is likely to come up in this campaign. >> the first foreign policy issues which she separated herself from barack obama at the relations speech was to endorse the no fly zone in syria and more special sources. >> that's right, the baseline question that i oppopose in thi book, how much of their terms are prologue and how much can we expect to see her commandeering of chief. she maybe willing to and she's been out on the record in favor of a partial no fly zone. in other way, her policies
9:53 am
represents of what the president is doing. it will be interesting to see if she's engaging in a different way and the president who's reluctant from the start about dragging into this conflict. >> when he explained his doctrine of don't do stupid -- >> stuff. >> that's in a way summarize and crystallizedd the way he views america. a few months later, hillary clinton was asked, does that sound like a principle for you? >> so you began to see a little bit of daylight between the two of them. i think as we pivot from the primary to the general election, donald trump is an unpredictable figure but you will see more places where she at least stakes
9:54 am
out her own position. that's be some what different and engaged or risk ready than president obama adopted over the course of his two terms. >> you got donald trump if you can generalize is much more isolationist going on libya. >> she's got some vulnerabilities in syria. >> that's right. >> i try to show in my book how there was a lot of talks at the time that it was a number of female advisors, samantha powell, and susan rice, she was really the pivotal voice. and really show that this is how she would engage in the world. the fact that thing haves fallen apart so badly is going to be a
9:55 am
difficult issue for her to answer on the trail and you know, donald trump made it very clear he did it in his foreign policy last week that he will go after her. that'll be one of the areas he will go after her from the right and other areas where he will go after her from the left including her votes for r the iraq war. >> yep, what's very clear is from your book is you bring it all together is how political her state department is and how political the white house was. you have the former staff and these two rivals and the principles trying to get along with each other. >> as president obama, we want you to know that every foreign leaders, acted as this surrogate for him. boy, those stats were going out and she, you know, populated her state's department with political advisors. >> that's right, one of the things i try to show in this book is -- there was all sorts
9:56 am
of polling. they continued to look at her polling numbers throughout the period of secretary as state. she offered on 2012 propose todd go to israel and broke the cease-fire in israel. after she made this dangerous proposal, she was just doing this to make herself look good? on both sides, the relationship never stops being viewed through a political lens. >> this is such a terrific book, thank you very much for bringing it to us. >> we can confirmed, according to the governor, mit romney, has no plan to join the convention in july. that does it for us for "andrea mitchell reports." follow our show online, craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc. ruining
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a good thursday to you, i am craig melvin. today, the after shock, republican party is donald trump, the presumptive nominee. >> you stand, for example by the idea of foreign muslims coming in? >> i do, you have to be vigilant and strong. >> i am not going to vote for a guy that's saying he's going to ban somebody just because of the god they worship. >> she's going to have to mend a lot. >> if you were in the voting booth today, donald trump and hillary clinton and a couple of third party candidates, where would you put the check mark? >> i would write in a name. i would write in another