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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm erica hill. up first, the republican party, house divided. a kaz m developing among conservatives as they weigh in on whether to endorse trump in the general election. both president bush plan to stay out of the 2016 race. donald trump reacting to that news earlier on cnbc. >> you wonder why the bush family wants to sit it out. i was also harsh on his brother. his brother got us into the war in iraq, one of the worst decisions in the history of our country. and i said it loud and clear. i think that's fine. i don't care if they sit it out. we're going to have some people that aren't going to want to play the game. and that's okay if they don't want to. i don't think it matters. i learned yesterday, couple of people, they don't want to endorse me. it doesn't matter. i didn't have huge support in the primary and that blew
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everyone away. >> on the hill, republicans are bracing for the donald trump impact on those down ballot races, among them jump-start john mccain who says he may be in for the reelection race of his life with trump at the top of the republican ticket. moments ago in phoenix, he explained why he will not be attending the convention. >> primary is august 30th and i have to focus all my attention on my campaign. >> hillary clinton's campaign meantime seizing on this fissure in the gop hitting trump with a new web video. >> we're going to be a unified party. >> he is a con artist. >> a phony. >> donald trump is the know nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter. >> i don't remember. >> trump's camp still charging full steam ahead, forming a committee to pick his vp.
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we're going to kickoff with our correspondents covering the campaign. we begin with jacob rascon who has the latest now and part of those preparations as we understand it involve not just some upcoming speeches, also some work on fundraising. there's a lot that's happened in the last 24 hours. >> reporter: right, a lot has happened. he's going to west virginia tonight, then he's onto nebraska and oregon. he spends a lot of time on the stump speeches talking about his rivals. it will be interesting to see what he replaces that with. we've heard about the policy speeches coming up. "new york times" reporting that the topics will include the economy, veterans and the judiciary. this morning, he and his staff met and finalized his fu fundraising agreement. after that meeting, he announced a new finance chair. this person has been with
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goldman sachs for 17 years. so it's an interesting choice of course because mr. trump has talked about goldman sachs relates to clinton. it will be hard to go after her having picked a finance chair heavily involved with the organization. >> it will be interesting to see how that pans out. there's a lot of talk about who donald trump may pick as a vice presidential candidate. we know he wants someone who gets washington and can help him on that front. any other indicators today as to what that person may be? >> reporter: so he's talked today about his formal rivals and the chances that he would choose someone there. he talked about how he became friends with lot of them, but we know that's really not the case except for the exception of mike huckabee. he's mentioned john kasich a couple of times. john kasich's aides have said there's zero chance there. he has said that it's very important that he has chemistry
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with this person and even gave joe biden as a model pick, somebody for example that president obama had a lot of chemistry with. we've reached out and others have reached out, and almost all the aides have said they're not interested. we'll be watching very closely to see who that committee that mr. trump has formed, ben carson on that committee for example, will choose and who mr. trump will choose and announce. >> jacob, thank you. in terms of that vp pick, i know that was a topic of conversation as well this morning in donald trump's interview on cnbc. let's play a little bit of that. >> do you think it will be someone from the 16 fallen, from the -- probably not ms. fiorina, i imagine. but will it be from that group of people that also ran for president? >> i would say probably a 40% chance within the group. i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and perhaps
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enemies with a couple. i would say there's a good 40% chance. >> and there you hear it. jacob had told us that as well. we'll continue to monitor that. >> one of the other major questions today is whether donald trump can unite an increasingly fractured republican party. we are learning that romney will not attend the republican convention. both former presidents bush will sit out the 2016 election all together. we played sound of course just moments ago from senator john mccain, his thoughts on that. andy card spoke with my colleague about the former president's decision to stay silent and what he thinks donald trump needs to do to bring the republican party together. >> he has to recognize that he has a speedometresponsibility t leader for the party now, not just a selfish leader from himself. donald trump has a lot to do to
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earn my vote. >> in terms of george w. bush, he's called the iraq war the greatest mistake in history. he said george w. bush lied the country into iraq. after putting all that on the record, what could he say to demonstrate the kind of respect you're talking about? >> i don't know, but he better find the words. >> luke russert joins us now from capitol hill. you've been reporting of course on the meetings held, the slight change in tone and support among some folks. what are you seeing today? >> reporter: well, i think we're seeing here on the hill from the conversations i've had is that the reality that donald trump is the republican nominee is now real. and the reason why this comes somewhat of a shock, there was an expectation there perhaps could be a contested convention or maybe he would have to go to california and they would really come to grips with him being the nominee. i can report there is talk right
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now about donald trump coming to capitol hill next week and having meetings with the gop leadership both in the house and senate and any other members of congress who have questions about donald trump. that really is the challenge for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, how do they move forward, protect majorities they have in the house and senate, and run sort of a parallel campaign especially when so many within their caucus have real reservation about donald trump. take a listen to what some senators said about their gop nominee. >> donald trump has the opportunity to unite the party, but if he's going to build that wall that he keeps talking about, he's going to have to mend a lot offenses. he's going to have to stop with the gratuitous personal insults. >> a ban on muslims, a religious test for people entering the country? i cannot see support for a republican nominee who would do that. he may well back away. i certainly hope he does.
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>> reporter: and what you heard there from collins and flake really echoes what we heard from mcconnell and paul ryan throughout this campaign process. paul ryan once calling donald trump's muslims ban not conservativism. mitch mcconnell saying he was not quick enough to disavow the association with the kk. so there are a lot offenses they have to mend. the question becomes, erica to what extent. i support, i don't support fully, whatever, or they figure out what issues we can go in with on donald trump and pull the cover over our eyes with the rest. they have to deal with a lot of different factions of the party. you have conservatives, moderates who are upset, independents who don't like donald trump. different minority groups, latinos. paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, the
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rest of the leadership, they have a real delicate balance they have to find in the next six months. >> delicate indeed. all of them will be choosing their words very carefully. luke, thank you. >> some of the most prominent names in the republican party are still unwilling to accept donald trump is the party's presumptive nominee. bill crystal and ben howell were both on our air earlier today and weighed in. >> that's one thing, you know, whether you're more inclined to be with mitch mcconnell or ted cruz. that's really in my view a different kind of choice. i just think donald trump should not be commander in chief. >> i think it's going to come down to hillary versus trump and trump just can't be allowed in the oval office as far as i'm concerned. >> steve daves is a nationally syndicated host on network. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> you said you would never vote
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for donald trump. at this point, your choices look like donald trump and either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. so do you end up voting for a democrat, do you not vote, how do you move forward in november? >> you know, erica, i don't know. i just got out of a really bad relationship with the republican party yesterday. it's been dysfunctional for years. i'm kind of that breakup chick in a gretchen wilson country music video. i've been listening to these reports and laughing off the air because it's all the reasons why i am never trump. i feel no moral imperative whatsoever to help election luthor finish off his memoirs. frankly, it's not worth me making enemies of nice people like you and other people here at msnbc.
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there's no point to it. we might as well just be friends. i have no interest in taking sides in the self-actualization quest between hillary clinton and donald trump. they can do that on their own. >> so neither one of them works for you. you wrote in your column that tuesday was the day the republican party died, characterizing it as a sad day for america by also deserved. why would you say it's deserved? >> well, we as a people sadly -- many of us anyway, not all of us. i think it's clear a majority of americans want to walk away from the things that made us exceptional as a people in the first place. that's why i'm a conservative. it's not about pitting groups of people together. i've watched trump do this. the thing that has bothered me the most about this primary, i have watched donald trump capitalize on liberal stereotypes of some vestiges of
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the right coalition. i believe that values that started the country are worth conserving and preserving for the next generation. maybe i'm wrong. you might disagree with me, but i think these values are what's best for families, what's best for cultures and communities. so we're not going to argue about those things. if we're going to argue my corporateist pond scum knuckle dragger versus yours -- i'll say no thank you. >> so then, steve, if you're saying no thank you to the discussion that's happening in many parts of the country now, we have to point out here, plenty of people are disgusted with the 2016 race on both sides. they don't like the language, they don't like the rhetoric, they don't like talking to their kids about it. i'm a mother of two young boys. i get that. donald trump, though, there are millions of americans who are coming out, many of whom haven't
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voted in a long time and casting their vote for them. could this in some ways be an important reset for the republican party? could this be an opportunity for you and fellow conservatives to step in? >> yes, it is an opportunity to step in. but i think often -- you know, i think we're going to be like the skywalker twins now. you got to let the empire run its course. when people are bound and determined to make bad decisions, sometimes you just have to get out of the way. i think of friends of ours who had a son that got involved in drug abuse. they got another call he was in trouble again. we convinced them, you're enabling him, he will not come back to the light unless you let him hit rock bottom and they did. now several years later, he is just a really cool dude and all around, all american young man. people, they just want this. it's like that episode in the
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waltons where jim bob wants to smoke cigarette. he makes him choke on them. i think we're going to have to let people choke on this until they're ready to hear something different. >> steve, i have -- >> this was supposed to be the revolutionary election and it's between hillary clinton and her donor. >> steve, we only have about ten seconds left. if you're not going to talk about this, what will you tell your listeners to do in november and what will you discuss? >> we're going to cover it because we have to. but i have no advocate. and what it means if we've got to rebuild the foundations. that's what it means. >> appreciate your time tonight. tonight. it's still the afternoon. sorry, steve. thanks very much. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning on morning joe. former presidential candidate ben carson will be a guest. he is helping to lead trump's search for a running mate. we're looking forward to a fascinating interview. be sure to put that as a
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reminder in your phone. we're asking will donald trump need to reverse his most controversial policies to win in november. look at that. perfectly split. if you haven't weighed in yet this hour, a reminder the pulse is live. you can do that at any time. log on to still to come here, the trump down ballot effect. some democratic candidates for congress using trump as a weapon against republican rivals. among them, connor eldrij who released a video linking them and donald trump to the state's republican senator john boozman likening him to quota trump enabler. he joins us next. >> she ate like a big. >> i'd look her in that fat ugly face of hers. ahh? yeah, ahh?
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♪ i'll support the candidate regardless of who we pick. donald trump would certainly be a lot better presidency. >> that's a portion of the general election web ad targeting arkansas voters. he uses donald trump's own words in the attack ad against his rival and john boozman. we have bleeped out a portion of it due to language you may find offensive. ♪ >> she ate like a pig. >> i'd look her right in that
11:20 am
fat ugly face of hers. >> sent her a picture of herself with the words, the face of a dog. >> the boob job is terrible. >> blood coming out of her wherever. >> a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a ten. >> you don't think you could [ bleep ] her? >> i don't find her attractive. >> i'm joined now by the man behind that ad, connor eldridge. we reached out to the boozman campaign. they did issue this response to your ad saying quote, this is the act of a desperate campaign that has struggled to gain financial support. our opponent should be more concern about his very real ties to his former boss, president barack obama and his failed policy. they are trumps words, but they
11:21 am
are not john boozman's. donald trump carried your state in the republican primary. why do you think this strategy will be effective with arkansas voters? >> erica, thanks for having me. this rhetoric needs to be called out. this campaign's about standing up for what's right. these words are horrible. they're harassing, they're offensi offensive, and they needed to be called out. and a senator or a leader ought to stand up and call them out, that's why we ran the ad. people are hungry for new leadership right now. and, you know, it's a time not to run and hide or be silent as my opponent has been. it's a time to stand up and be counted. i'm proud that we have taken on this hateful rhetoric and standing up and standing for something in this senate race. that's why we're going to win. >> you're the underdog in this race. there's been a lot of talk about the impact of donald trump at the top of a republican ticket on both sides of the aisle. have you had any communication
11:22 am
from the democratic party, from the dnc? have they encouraged you at all to use donald trump and his rhetoric as part of your campaigning? >> no. our campaign's about arkansas. we looked at this -- mr. trump's statements and then senator boozman's complete silent and his comment that he would support trump and made no other comments about him. this is a time to stand up and call things out that are wrong. it's not about party. it's about right versus wrong. it's wrong to stand by and be silent. it's right to do what we have done and stand up and call this out. i've been a prosecutor. i prosecuted domestic violence cases. i prosecuted horrible cases. i'm not afraid to stand up, and that's why i'm running for the senate. >> so you say this is about the state of arkansas, but you're not using facts about the state of arkansas. and you say it's the silence of our opponent.
11:23 am
if he were to stand up and say that he does not stand with donald trump, would that change things for you? >> well, i've called on him repeatedly to condemn these remarks. and many republicans have done that. many in both parties have done that. so this is about arkansas. this is about who's going to be an effective senator for our state, who's going to lead, who's going to speak out. he has said simply that he would support trump. i think he should condemn these horrible remarks and i call on him to be clear in his position. >> appreciate you joining us this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you, erica. ny video appears to show the isis-led siege that killed a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. richard angle has more for us on what military leaders are calling a complicated, complex attack. that's next. this is joanne.
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turning now to the fight against isis. a new video reportedly shows that deadly fire fight which led to a navy s.e.a.l.'s death this week. it happened north of the iraqi city of mosul. richard angle reports. >> reporter: this video obtained by the british newspaper the guardian reportedly shows the pitch battle north of the iraqi city of mosul this week in which american navy s.e.a.l. charlie keating was killed. dozens of isis fighters broke through a kurdish front line. american forces were advising the kurds. under fire, more americans were called in more back gyp. american-sounding voices can be clearly heard. what is described as a u.s. made helicopter flies overhead. nbc news has not authenticated
11:28 am
the video. >> this was a large fight. there's no question about it. we think there were at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this attack. >> reporter: the military says nearly 60 isis militants were killed in the hours' long battle north of mosul. the 31-year-old navy s.e.a.l. advisor was shot and killed by isis gunfire. he's the third american to die in iraq since the u.s. sent troops back to fight isis. >> a suspect in a texas car chase runs out of road. san antonio police said a driver shot at them while trying to escape in a stolen car. police say they chased the suspect across southern san antonio. after nearly an hour, the driver was arrested. >> in houston, firefighters are battling a massive warehouse fire. it started as a house fire and spread to a gun warehouse.
11:29 am
hazmat team has been called in over fears that fire could release dangerous chemicals. >> we do not know the combustion at this time. they believe it's a solvent, which means it's petroleum based. it would be naive to assume that's all that's in there. >> residents are being ordered to stay inside. no injuries have been reported. we're going to continue to follow this for you. stay with us. you're watching msnbc, we'll be right back. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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gomery and abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. hillary clinton is still battling bernie sanders in the democratic primary. but increasingly, her focus is clearly on the general election and donald trump. clinton spoke with the los angeles times about the presumptive gop nominee and his claims that she's playing the, quote, woman card. >> the whole idea of, quote, playing the woman card, which he
11:33 am
charged that i was doing and by extension other women were doing has just lit a fire under so many women across the country. and i think it's because they see in his attacks on me, or on megyn kelly or carly fiorina or whoever else he's attacking at the moment, really a much broader attack on them. >> my colleagues have been following both campaigns extensively for us. alex, we're going to win with you. as we look at hillary clinton, she's clearly making this shift to the general election. she is, though, one of two democrats of course who are still in this race. so what's the strategy here for the campaign with this shift? >> the primary's basically turned into a cleanup operation for hillary clinton at this point while she's very much turning her attention towards the general. so her schedule has to be
11:34 am
decided by the primary. that's why she was talking to the l.a. times. she's test driving messages she's going to use against donald trump. what that clip you played shows nicely is two of those kinds of themes she's going for. number one, on women, any time trump attacks her on that, she's going to try to turn it into a much larger attack, saying it's an attack on all women, try to turn to policy like paid family leave or planned parenthood and not just make it about herself. she's really trying to extend an olive branch to republicans turned off by donald trump here. that's why you saw her mentioning carly fiorina in her answer. the campaign yesterday put out a video with a bunch of republicans including mitt romney, marco rubio saying very negative things about donald trump, messages that will continue to be recycled throughout the general election campaign. they're trying to say we have a common enemy in donald trump,
11:35 am
erica. >> as you're talking, people are seeing video of hillary clinton. that's from an event happening now in los angeles. hillary clinton and her e-mail server have been back in the news over the last several hours. how is the campaign responding to these claims from a hacker that in fact there was a breach? >> right. so this is the hacker who has been in the news several times. and initially was the reason we found out about hillary clinton's private e-mail account was because of information he uncovered. he claims that he was able to hack into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. now, the clinton campaign denies that. they are pointing to an article in politico saying there's no evidence that that server was ever hacked. we'll have to wait for those conclusions to find out either way for sure. >> alex, thank you.
11:36 am
chris jansing is following the sanders kpacampaign. we know they are still looking for the finish line. delegate math, who cares about that. what's the strategy here for the sanders campaign, who's also been taking shots at donald trump? >> reporter: it really starts here in west virginia, and they got to win here. and then obviously they got to do some extraordinary things that have never been done before. in the candidate's own words, historic upset. it does begin here. we're driving through a little town hauled flattop. we saw senator sanders -- he usually does these big events. this was a small event. he said it's not about politics, it's about talking to real people. many of them discussed the fact of opioid addiction which is a real problem here. this is an area that has twice the national rate of deaths due
11:37 am
to drug overdoses and many of those people tied it back to the economy, which is something he talked about, the disconnect between those who have and those who have not, that people who find themselves in december pratt circumstances end uptaking drugs ordealing drugs. so it became a discussion about the drug epidemic. and then after many people told personal stories, this art of anecdote by bernie sanders. take a listen. >> you know, what drives me crazy -- and i know something about this because i've been in congress for a while. i have people come before committees who are multi-millionaires and they're not satisfied, they need and want more and more and more give us more tax breaks. make it easier for us to throw workers out on the street to go to china. >> reporter: it's the kind of message that resonates here. he is leading in a couple of
11:38 am
recent polls. even though bill clinton won here twice handily, hillary clinton not popular here. they're going after her for her comments on putting coal miners out of business. >> on the road there literally. thank you. joining us now, the democratic national committee's national secretary. >> thanks so much for having me. >> there have been a lot of surprises in 2016 so far. the gop race of course started with 17. we're now down to one and it's only may. meantime, there are still two democrats left in the race. that alone is surprising to a lot of people. there's still some time to go in this race before there's ultimately a democratic nominee. how do you keep the attacks at bay now that the republicans have a single focus? >> i think right now we're most excited about the fact that democrats across the country, whether that's pennsylvania,
11:39 am
whether that's in new york, whether that is in wisconsin have been incredibly excited about this race. they've been excited about both of our candidates. they've been talking a lot about how -- at least on the republican side, republican voters have been saying that this race has torn them apart. i think over the next couple of months, you're going to see the democratic national committee and other democratic groups really step up and make sure there's a clear contrast, make that contrast clear between our democratic candidates and donald trump. you know, he's made a lot of bad comments, if you will, with respect to the economy, telling voters not to invest in the stock market, to say there's an impending crash, the stock market, saying that we should decrease support for our allies, whether that's israel, south korea. those are the really irresponsible comments to be making when you're the presumptive nominee of a national political party. we think that voters really need to see and understand the clear
11:40 am
differences between our candidates and donald trump and we're going to make that clear for them. >> bernie sanders has now begun to really hammer donald trump instead of secretary clinton. i want to take a quick listen to some of what he's had to say. >> i know that there is a lot of nervousness around this country that donald trump may become president. it's not going to happen because every poll that i have seen in the last month or two, including one today, i think it was cnn, that had us 16 points ahead of donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> bernie sanders has a very large following, as you know. he's bringing in a lot of new people, bringing in a lot of independents as well. is he helping the party now by going after donald trump or is he continuing to splinter things? what's your concern at this point? >> i think our party is going to be united come november. i think both candidates on our side have increased the amount
11:41 am
of enthusiasm that we've seen across the party. they are attracting thousands of people at their rallies. you've seen an increase in the number of small dollar donations that have been given to these two democratic candidates. you look at exit polls coming out of these recent primary states and you've seen real enthusiasm. i'm very excited looking ahead at november. certain we're in a much better position than republicans who are having a crisis right now. you have as you've talked about previously, a number of different former presidents as well as former nominees for president that are refusing to endorse donald trump, refusing to show up to their own political party here in cleveland in the summer. so it's an incredible difference in terms of unity on both sides. >> mark, appreciate your time. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks for having me. one of those democratic
11:42 am
candidates is speaking live right now in california. let's take a listen. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to make a couple points. first, as maxine said, i have been privileged my entire adult life to work on behalf of causes and people who sometimes get left out and left behind. to try to even the odds so that more people, particularly more children, have the chance to live up to their god given potential. so when i went to work for the children's defense fund and mary became not only my boss, but my mentor, she sent me to south carolina to investigate why so many african-american teenagers were ending up in adult jails. to gather the facts so that we could sue the state of south carolina.
11:43 am
when i was campaigning in south carolina in the primary this year, i actually met some of the people that worked with me. some of the civil rights laws. some of the people who understood that this was a terrible situation. >> oh. and, you know, this is what happens on live tv isn't it? our shot froze there, as you could see. we'll continue to monitor that for you. let you know what's coming out of that event. meantime, donald trump's own words are now being used against him, get this, in latin america. a group of soccer teams relea releasing ads. for more details on that, cal perry is with us. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> how are they using this? >> this is the copa cup. it's going to take place next month. 12 cities across the united states, 16 nations. some of these countries are getting their fans excited about
11:44 am
the tournament by using trump in their advertisements. this is actually from argentina. it was on television about 48 hours ago. take a listen. >> they're coming from all over. they're coming from south america. these are total killers. these are not the nice, sweet, little people that you think okay? we have no protection. anybody can come in. it's very easy and it shouldn't be that way. we need to build a wall. >> so this is what is getting people excited especially in south america about this tournament. this is not a new idea by argentina. mexico put an ad out about two months ago with the same type of idea. hillary clinton who you just say there at that live event in los angeles, she's taking this as an opportunity to speak spanish to a huge bloc of latino voters to the united states. she writes, quote, trump is the presumptive nominee for the republican party. we cannot allow his hurtful and
11:45 am
dangerous rhetoric to get into the white house. so clearly taking advantage of these advertisements. testing out that message as we heard there in the analysis before, testing out these messages against donald trump. but really starting to get fodder not only from inside the democratic party and donald trump himself and republicans who have supported donald trump, but now from south american nations as they get ready for this soccer tournament. >> it is fascinating to see the reach and the impact that this race is having now around the globe. cal, thank you. six months ago, "washington post" columnist dana was certain donald trump was not going to be the republican nominee. he vowed that if he was wrong, if trump was in fact the nominee, well, he would eat his words, literally. eat the column. well, here we are. it is may 5th. in preparation for what seems to be inevitable, dana's been in
11:46 am
the kitchen asking some famous chefs how to make newspaper a little tastier. >> six months ago in a rash and reckless moment, i said i was so sure that donald trump would not win the republican nomination that i offered to eat an entire column of newsprint if proven wrong. trump still hasn't won the nomination, but it is now a very real, if not unappetizing possibility. i got in touch with a chef at the latin steakhouse. he came up with what he thinks may be some of the best ways to consume newsprint. >> he joins us now. i know that you've got a lot of research going on here. people are weighing in on recipes before you actually sit down for your meal next week on the 12th. in all seriousness, though, how did we get to this point? how were so many people wrong?
11:47 am
>> i think the majority of americans are asking that very question, erica. the truth of the matter is, the reason i said donald trump won't win the nomination, i said a majority of republican voters will never go for him. well, that part was true. a majority of republican voters have not chosen trump, but the problem is, there was never anybody who was really a real viable alternative that people could choose instead. donald trump is getting the nomination and so therefore i do have lots of chefs working on this, we're crowd sourcing the recip recipes. it's sounding really delectable. you might want to stop by next thursday. >> let me check my calendar. i think i could actually make that happen. that would be great. some people have said you should just eat the column. we'll deal with that on thursday. as we look at where we are right now, the conversation today is who's going to get behind donald
11:48 am
trump, how is this playing on capitol hill. we just heard a little bit ago from senator john mccain. i want to play a little bit of that sound. >> because i'm a proud republican. i am a ronald reagan, teddy roosevelt republican and i support the republican party and the people, the republicans have chosen the nominee for the party. i think that makes sense. >> would you expect -- [ inaudible question ] -- >> i do not know what -- what mr. trump's thinking is. except that it's going to be huge. >> ending on a joke. leave them laughing. what is the impact of republicans like a john mccain who say i will support the nominee. i'm not going to be at the convention. how does all that sit with voters? what's the real message they're hearing? >> well, i think you do see a surprising amount of people
11:49 am
knuckling under and saying for their own political hides, they feel they need to do this. in terms of making a political calculation saying if we don't get behind him, we're going to be decimated in the senate elections. so it's sort of an effort to preserve their own hides. it does show that many people expect that trump's going to have a very difficult time here. even somebody, any candidate for any major party is pretty much guaranteed 48%, 47% of the vote. you're seeing the inevitable coalescing. >> there is still that home stretch, though. and if so many people were wrong about donald trump as the candidate, if he as the nominee -- is there a concern that the people are going to be wrong about him as the nominee?
11:50 am
there's a lot of back and forth there of it could never be trump, it could never be hillary. but the reality is, it could be either one. >> you have to acknowledge that possibility. and you also have to recognize that donald trump has reinvented himself many times. now, can he unring all of these bells in i suspect not. i'm not going to say i'll eat something else if he does win the presidency because my stomach just can't take much more of this. >> thank you. we know the feast happens i believe next thursday. let me know what time. >> come on by. >> all right. dana, thanks. want to take another look at the pulse question. will donald trump need to reverse his most controversial policies to win in november. here's a look at your results. about the same, a little bit more of you saying no. just a reminder you can join the conversation at >> we also want to get this to you.
11:51 am
john kasich just posting a letter to his supporters less than 24 hours after announcing he's suspending his presidential campaign. it reads, together we fought the good fight and did it the right way. your devotion to our campaign by uniting people and lifting them up will forever remain in the hearts of my family and me. while our campaign is ending, our work is not over. we need to continue strengthening our families and our communities because that is how we strengthen our country. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. again, that letter from john kasich just being posted. stay with us. we'll be right back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. emerging in the investigation into the death of prince. a source familiar with the investigation says the painkiller percocet was detected in prince's body when he died april 21st. that source quoted adds it is
11:55 am
not yet clear whether the drug caused or contributed to prince's death. the u.s. attorney's office in minneapolis telling msnbc news it is now joining the investigation. with us now, blake mccoy who's been following this developing case for us. bring us up to speed on what the latest is. >> reporter: this is that newspaper report you were mentioning. percocet found in presence, not yet clear if it contributed to his death. this is only coming from one source close to the investigation. when we called the medical examiner's office to see where the autopsy results stand, they said no and they said this leak did not come from them. they have not released anything. so there is no official cause of death at this point. now, federal authorities are joining in the investigation, because if painkillers did contribute to prince's death, the feds have more resources than the local sheriff's office who may have been writing those prescriptions, where the drugs were coming from. back out here live at paisley park, we still see people coming
11:56 am
up to the fence to pay their respects. i had chance to drive up to downtown minneapolis today. look at what i saw outside of first avenue nightclub. prince's star on the side of that building had mysteriously been painted gold overnight. that star standing in uniqueness on that wall as prince did in life. >> so true. blake mccoy for us this afternoon. thank you. that's going to wrap up things for this hour of msnbc. stay with us. kate snow picks up your coverage next. we have a special edition of "row warriors." that happens tomorrow right here at 4:00 p.m. eastern. you're watching msnbc.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
afternoon, everyone. i'm kate snow in new york. donald trump, the presumptive nominee, and acting like it today, vetting vps, considering
12:00 pm
cabinet choices, and for the republican faithful, the question today, what now. three stark choices. first, some republicans attempting the ultimate walkback. the classic, well, what i really meant was, and then they're hopping on the trump train. but that flip-flop could hurt them, not to mention the risky proposition of supporting the real estate billionaire. some republicans are bowing out, ignoring the whole thing. both former presidents bush are going to stay silent this time around. not all politicians have that sort of clout. and finally, the last choice being name and perhaps the most hazardous, sticking to their guns, refusing to vote for the man who could soon be the leader of the free world. if that's their choice, what then? do republicans vote for the democrat? that would be a career ender for