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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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three stark choices. first, some republicans attempting the ultimate walkback. the classic, well, what i really meant was, and then they're hopping on the trump train. but that flip-flop could hurt them, not to mention the risky proposition of supporting the real estate billionaire. some republicans are bowing out, ignoring the whole thing. both former presidents bush are going to stay silent this time around. not all politicians have that sort of clout. and finally, the last choice being name and perhaps the most hazardous, sticking to their guns, refusing to vote for the man who could soon be the leader of the free world. if that's their choice, what then? do republicans vote for the democrat? that would be a career ender for gop candidates running for reelection. one senator, a public appeal for a legitimate third
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party candidate. more on that in just a minute. i will remind you of something my friend and colleague lester holt said last night, he said there are six months until election day. let that sink in for a moment. let's start today with the man at the center of the political world, donald trump now officially the presumptive nominee for the republican party. katy tur has been covering his campaign for almost a year now. she joins me now. since his -- this is his first speech since we started calling him the presumptive nominee. what's the campaign saying about what happens today? >> reporter: this is his first speech since becoming the presumptive nominee. now he will turn all of his focus onto hillary clinton. you saw a small preview of that last night with lester holt, donald trump saying that he would basically repurpose bernie sanders' attacks, saying that hillary clinton wasn't
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qualified. also bring up that e-mail scandal saying she probably should be indicted. remember, we're in west virginia. just a month ago, hillary clinton was on the stage during a debate and she said she believes coal miners should be put out of business and coal mines should be put out of business. she then said they should create new energy and find jobs there. that comment got her into quite a bit of hot water. expect to hear donald trump talk about that tonight here in west virginia. this in many ways is a great place for the campaign to start their general election campaign. it is filled with white working class voters. people who have traditionally responded very well to donald trump. so they're expecting a friendly crowd and they're expecting to use this momentum here to move onto the rest of the primaries, but then to pivot, kate, to a general election. >> what's happening in terms of fundraising today as this all settles in?
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has he been able to get back some of the money or some of the potential fundraisers who might not have been with him? and is he even going to take that money is the big question, i guess? >> reporter: it is still very, very early. they had a meeting this morning to talk about the presumptive nominee and the republican party. no word on where they fell on that in terms of whether he'll accept the aid of super pacs -- not accept, but not disavow it. he has said he'll help the rnc fundraise for down ballot candidates, but he hasn't said that he himself would accept fundraising money from the rnc. right now, they believe that he's going to be facing a billion-dollar campaign from hillary clinton and they're frankly going to need to raise more money. donald trump doesn't have that sort of liquid cash to put into a campaign in order to go up
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against her with that sort of money. >> katy, thanks so much. joining us now, conservative talk show host and self-proce self-processed crusader for the never trump movement, charlie, nice to see you again. >> good to be back. >> you and i haven't talked in the last few days and i'm just wondering where your head is at now. you've been outspoken in your opposition to donald trump. you sat with my colleague lawrence o'donnell last night and warned republicans that trumpism is not conservativism. are you never trump or are you never hillary or where are you out? >> i'm never trump as in never, ever, ever, by also never hillary. i hope that they call for a third way, get some traction. >> are you? >> yeah. the reality is -- the reality is, the fight for the nomination is over. now there's a fight for the soul of the party and the soul of
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conservatism. what i said last night was baa basically look, i know that a lot of republicans are rolling over right now and they think that's the easy safe option, and it's not. if you get on the trump train, you also get the baggage car. you're going to be held hostage to every slur, every insult, you are going to own. and it's going to be very, very hard to walk back from that. >> i like how you took our train analogy and took it one step further there. you mention senator sass. for people who haven't seen it, he posted a plea on facebook. a really lengthy post late last night calling for another option saying, quote, normal americans don't want trump. and then he continues these two national political parties are enough of a mess that i believe they will come apart. it might not happen fully in 2016 and i'll continue trying to fight to revive the gop's ideas, but people ultimately find other
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inclusions. he signs off with #wecandobetter. bill crystal said he wants a third-party candidate. who is this person who rides in on a white horse? >> i don't know. he may have to ride in on a unicorn, because it is unlikely. might be sass. >> he said he doesn't want it. anyone with small children can't handle that kind of travel schedule. >> maybe he could be persuaded. i think the main point is, americans deserve better than two dishonest new york liberals running against one another. by the end of the fall, we will have the most unpopular nominees in american history. you think about the negatives for hillary clinton and donald trump right now, what is it going to look like after people spend hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads. i think american voters would really love the opportunity to have a third choice.
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look, i don't want conservatives to be disengaged and turn off and stay home. what i would say to conservatives is look, if you want to save the senate and the congress, you need to look at the possibility of having an actual conservative on the ballot in november. donald trump's either going to be a train wreck or a dumpster fire, one of these analogies you want to use here. we have to have a better choice between hanging and electrocution. >> and yet he was chosen by the voters. i want to play sound we just got in from senator john mccain talk about what he's going to do. >> why do you feel the need to support -- >> because i'm a proud republican. i am a ronald reagan, teddy roosevelt republican and i support the republican party and the people -- the republicans have chosen the nominee for the party. i think that makes sense. >> would you expect trump to even endorse your campaign or
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would you accept -- >> i do not know what -- what mr. trump's thinking is. except that it's going to be huge. [ laughter ] >> mccain in his own election battle in arizona. why is john mccain wrong when he says the republican party chose this man? >> well, the republican party didn't. >> the voters. >> well, he got about 40% of the vote which tells me that about 60% of the voters voted for somebody else. i've always said i'm a conservative, i'm not a republican. this whole idea of party loyalty goes only so far. what happens when you have somebody who is temperature ra mea -- tempramentally unfit to be president. so, you know, the plea for party unity, i think, just should fall flat. at some point, principles and putting the country first ought to come before this bogus notion
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that, well, if he wins the nomination, therefore we have to get into lock step. >> charlie sykes thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> i want to turn now to one of donald trump's supporters. congressman tom more reno is a representative from pennsylvania's fifth district. nice to see you sir. >> my pleasure. >> congressman, based on the tone of this primary season, it should come as no surprise that a faction of the republican party, you just heard charlie sykes is crying out for an alternative to donald trump. you said that trump will change his tone to rally unity within the party. do you still think that's going to work out? >> well, let's start with the pundits, some of the hosts, radio hosts, media people, career politicians, sure they're going to say these things because they're afraid of donald trump because he's going to be the next president.
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and more so, they're afraid of the americans that are voting for him. not only republicans, but democrats and independents. when the primary's all over, donald trump will have the largest number of primary republican votes in the history of this country. now, people are angry at this point because their candidate didn't win. but the gentleman that you just interviewed, remember what happened with ross per rot and that will definitely hand the election over to hillary clinton. and to thosed that are saying that this isn't going to work, let me ask you this question. how's it been working the last 30 years with governors and senators and career politicians being president? we're $20 trillion in debt. 20 million people out of work. businesses are leaving the country. people are afraid that they can't even send their kids to college. and donald trump is the only one on both sides that has created thousands, tens of thousands of jobs and has signed the front of a paycheck. >> you mention pundits and
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people on tv. but i have to say, it's also people in your own party. i mean, really, you know, prestigious members of the republican party. mitt romney today said he won't attend the convention. four other former nominees or presidents are not going to support donald trump. don't you need some level of institutional support in order to beat hillary clinton? >> no. what you need is you need the american people. that's what you need in this. and mitt romney and those that aren't going to attend the convention, that's their choice. they can do that. but if they are republicans, i would think they certainly report -- would support the republicans as well. listen, this is a whole new phenomena. that's what the establishment -- and the people that you mentioned, that's the establishment. that's what people do not want anymore in d.c. they're tired of hearing the politically correct, those who weigh their words because they don't want to offend anybody and lose a vote. and look what donald trump has
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done. i've been to several of his rallies, i meet with him on a pretty regular basis. and he's going to bring jobs back to this country. he's going to secure the borders. he's going to make us great again and let the rest of the world know we're not second class anymore. >> last night we heard him say that he plans to build the border wall with mexico in the his first 100 days, plans to ban the muslims in the country as a priority as well. do you think those are the right priorities? >> well, the polls that i've been seeing, the number one issue concerning americans are the boundaries in the united states. the borders are not protected. we know what's coming in on the borders. we've seen those individuals. they've killed people, murdered people, caused problems. let's fate it. we need a wall. we need some type of security. whether that's a brick and mortar, but i think most of that's going to be technology. i saw the president of mexico last night on tv discussing,
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yes, he'd love to work on that issue because it would protect both sides. this is not a farfetched idea here. so we're talking about security is the number one issue, job creation, and not only muslims. i don't agree with the statement that muslims. here's my position. i'm second generation -- >> can i clarify? you don't agree with donald trump on that? >> no, i'm going to take a step further where this is my position. >> i see. >> no one, no one should get into this country without a deep background vetting and if there's no material there to do that, then they don't get into this country. and i don't care if my uncle from italy, if you don't have the proper background, you don't get in this country. >> congressman tom moreno, pennsylvania. thanks for being with us. >> you're very welcome. >> a live look now at
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charleston, west virginia, where bernie sanders will be speaking any moment. sanders vowing to stay in the race until the convention this summer. how realistic is his path forward? we'll ask his campaign manager later this hour. >> now an anonymous twitter account sparked investigations at two of the country's most prestigious historically black colleges. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees.
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new rules about e-cigarettes could affect millions of people nationwide. the fda unveiling its long awaited plan to regulate the industry. no e-cigarette sales to anyone under the age of 18. joining me now with more on this, msnbc chief legal
12:18 pm
correspondent. i remember doing stories about e-cigarettes three, four years ago and everybody was saying where's the fda in all of this and here they are. >> this is fascinating. folks know the numbers when it comes to tobacco. over 400,000 americans dying every year from these relates deaths. and this was just a loophole because it was a new product. in 2009, president obama led and signed a law, passed on a bipartisan basis by congress to start dealing with this. let's take a listen to him back then. >> this legislation will not ban all tobacco products and it will allow adults to make their own choices, but it will also ban tobacco advertising within a thousand feet of schools and playgrounds. even with the pass of legislation our work to protect our children and improve the public's health is not complete. >> you hear the emphasis there. and i think it's one a lot of people can agree on, at least
12:19 pm
protecting minors and children from something dangerous and companies just trying to make money by tailoring it to children. these rules close the loophole and add other new protections. >> there's always this thought that they're healthier because they don't contain the tar and other additives. is this an acknowledgement they're worried, though. >> the only thing i would say in word choice, the fda would say they're less risky. >> less bad. >> diet soda, by still be careful how much you have of it. this is from the brand-new rule today. they say e-cigarette tobacco products are still, quote, of less risk to a user than come busted tobacco products. so they do say this is less risky. that's why for adults or people already smoking, it may be a great alternative. when it comes to children and flavored stuff for children, no.
12:20 pm
>> since i have you here and since you're our legal guy and you've been following president obama and today there's new news out of the white house about commuting sentences. >> that's right. this is brand-new. we're here at the computers. president obama wrote something here on medium they're posting what he's calling quote, a nation of second chances there. what we're seeing here is an emphasis on trying to look at areas where the managers or the d.o.j. things people have sevened their time, often had offenses where they may have been punished more harshly than others or cases where they become elderly. they've been in prison sometimes ten or 20 years and the president has carefully reviewed and decided to commute some of their sentences. they're getting out of prison earlier than they otherwise would be. >> he's really made this something he wants to do in his
12:21 pm
remaining months in office. >> absolutely. >> thanks for giving us -- >> couple legal stories. >> let's take a live look now at charleston, west virginia. that's where bernie sanders is expected to speak minutes from now. sanders' campaign manager will join us live later this hour. and bernie sanders will sit down with rachel ma dow tomorrow night. you can watch it 9:00 eastern time tomorrow right here on msnbc. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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12:25 pm
being held this june. we're in los angeles following that story and a lot of different reaction online for us. >> so this is no small deal. this is 16 nations. it's going to be hosted here in the u.s. next month. this is the 100th anniversary of the cup, so it's a big deal. countries in south america using donald trump's now infamous speech from a year ago to get their fans excited about the tournament. take a look at the ad. >> they're coming from all over. they're coming from south america. these are total killers. these are not the nice sweet little people that you think okay? we have no protection. anybody can come in. it's very easy and it shouldn't be that way. we need to build a wall. >> now, for advertising purposes and to get people excited, obviously fun and games in south america. a very different story of course here in the united states. hillary clinton taking to twitter in spanish basically saying, listen, donald trump's
12:26 pm
message is full of hate, it's full of rhetoric, we need to keep him away or out of the white house depending how you translate that. clearly we're starting to see this battle shaping up online over the hispanic vote. of course no surprise to anyone, that could be a massive difference in the general election kate. >> thanks so much, cal. keeping an all things internet. bernie sanders about to take the stage at a rally in charleston, west virginia. even with clinton's 700 plus delegate lead, sanders still promising to take his campaign all the way to the convention. holding three events in west virginia including a rally in morgan town later tonight. let's turn to jeff weaver who's with us. jeff, good to see you again. >> thanks, kate, nice to be here. >> let's talk about the road ahead. i know we say that every time you join us. but can we talk about the strategy to flip super delegates in particular? you've talked about that.
12:27 pm
some polls show sanders beating clinton by higher margins against trump. is it realistic to win over the establishment that bernie sanders has been railing against as a key point of his campaign. are you going to really be able to convince those super delegates to join you? >> well, kate, i think we will. as we enter the final contest, it looks very good for senator sanders. he obviously had a big win in indiana. i think no one expected it. we're now in west virginia. i think he's going to do very well there and in california which of course is the biggest state in the country with the most delegates. neither candidate is going to have the number of pledge delegates they need to win. and so the super delegates are going to be the ones who pick the nominee of the party this time. and the truth of the matter is, as you said, some recent polls, all recent polls show bernie sanders much better against donald trump than secretary
12:28 pm
clinton. that's also true in battle ground states. after the wisconsin primary, secretary clinton was only beating donald trump by one point in the poll there. that's a disturbing number. if democrats have to fight for wisconsin, it's going to be a difficult poll. >> out of indiana on tuesday, 54% thinking clinton has a better chance to beat trump in the general. >> that's one thing to say who do you think has the best chance as opposed to who would you vote for in the head to head matchup. all of those polls show bernie sanders doing better. and in some cases by quite large margins. the super delegates who are party officials and elected leaders, congressmen and women, senators and so on and so forth, those people want to win in the fall up and down the ballot. bernie sanders has brought in millions of new people into the process, young people in particular very excited about
12:29 pm
his candidacy, democrats are going to need them in the fall. he also does extremely well with independents. we have -- not just in polling, but i am peer call evidence of that. bernie sanders generally gets 65 to 70% of independents against secretary clinton. democrats are going to need independents in the fall. only about 25% of the american population are democrats. you're not going to win unless you can bring in a huge number of independents. bernie sanders has illustrated his ability to bring them into the democratic party fold. >> as we look at the left side of the screen there, we're waiting for bernie sanders to appear at this rally in west virginia. you have three rallies there today. you feeling confident? hillary clinton took a hit there with her comments in march about coal miners. >> i think west virginia is going to be a very good state for senator sanders. he is obviously working hard there. when we can go into a state and spend some concentrated time
12:30 pm
there, he tends to move a tremendous amount of voters. if you look back over the course of the campaign, in those weeks where there's one or two states, he does really well. as opposed to five states or similar where it's more difficult because he can't personally be in the states -- >> did we lose our signal? we just lost the signal right at the end. up next, they were some of his harshest critics on the campaign trail. could one of these former white house hopefuls wind up as trump's running mate? a look at the potential vp picks when we come back. with the right steps,
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. donald trump will hold meetings on capitol hill next week with mitch mcconnell and other gop senate and house leaders. the presumptive nominee for the republicans is also giving hints about who he might be picking for a vice presidential candidate. earlier he called into squawk
12:34 pm
box and was asked about the process. >> in your heart of hearts, do you think it will be someone from the 16 fallen, probably not ms. fiorina i would imagine, but will it be from that group of people that also ran for president? >> well, i would say probably a 40% chance within the group. i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and i guess perhaps enemies with a couple. but i've gotten to be friends with quite a few. i would say there's a good 40 chance. >> let me bring in perry bacon. what possible vp picks could show about a candidate's strategy. let's talk about it. when you look at who could boost trump's image, who you got? >> trump actually interestingly has said, politicians, people in washington don't know what they're talking about. we need a non-politician.
12:35 pm
we ask him about vps, he says i want to consider someone in politics. i do think if he would pick someone change his image, a woman governor, woman senator who can help him with the female vote or minority vote who's there and available. i noted nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, most known for i would say having the conservative flag taken down. mr. trump is going to say in an interview tonight on fox news that he is not considering haley. he's not going the way i think he should have gone perhaps. >> so you think not nikki haley. >> donald trump thinks not nikki haley more importantly. >> who helps him most in the general? what are other options to get past hillary clinton? >> often people pick part of state. so john kasich is very popular in ohio. that would be a way to think about it that way. rick scott, the governor of florida, marco rubio is from
12:36 pm
florida. one thing we know from the past has been often you think someone from their state will help you win, but paul ryan was from wisconsin, barack obama won wisconsin in 2012. >> didn't work. >> it may be smart to pick someone more i'd logically similar to you, the way al gore was picked by bill clinton, that was a good pick for example. >> you named some wild cards too. who are your wild cards? >> i put a wild card in there being chris christie. he has no obvious advantage due to electoral votes. you'd have trump, loud mouth aggressive candidate and you'd have christie, someone in that same mold. that would be an unusual pick. that is someone out there striking to think about as well. >> we got ted cruz, joni earnst
12:37 pm
and maryland governor larry hogan. let's talk about the democrats quickly. hillary clinton, running mate. just walk me through. what's the strategy and who do you think? >> the traditional focus would be to pick someone -- we've not had a woman president before. you would assume if she follows politics would pick a man. so you think about tim kaine, senator from virginia, ohio's brown, another senator. both from swing states. keep going that way. the wild card issue, elizabeth warren, a female running mate would be a really bold step and clinton would go with a cautious candidate. it would signify changing american leadership with two women running on the same ticket. >> oh, would it. we had the screen up there with
12:38 pm
other wild cards. senator booker from new jersey, mike mullen, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. those could be interesting. >> i don't expect any of those to be picked. one thing you've seen in the primaries is, clinton has struggled with younger voters particularly. castro and booker are in their 40s, they could be positioned as the next rising star in the democratic party. i think that would be an exciting option for her, but they don't bring any obvious states to the table. mullen i'm sure will not be picked. it does go to the fact that clinton is talking about interrupting as a candidate saying basically i can run this country, donald trump couldn't. so someone like mullen would be a provocative and interesting pick. >> i've heard a lot of cocktail party talk about senator booker too. but that's the cocktail parties. >> he's like an obama in training. >> perry bacon with us. thanks so much as always.
12:39 pm
breaking news in the prince investigation. the medical examiner saying it has not released information to anyone, including law enforcement, about the autopsy on prince. this comes after the minneapolis star tribune cited one source close do the investigation that the painkiller percocet was in prince's system when he died. let's go to blake mccoy. what do we know? >> reporter: well, kate, this is the cover of the local star tribune paper here that you just referenced. the headline, percocet was found in prince, according to one source close to the investigation. they also add it's not clear if percocet was related to the cause of death. this source is citing information about the preliminary autopsy, but we spoke with the medical examiner's office not long ago. they said the information did not come from them, nothing is leaking out of their office, they don't know where this is coming from. they say toxicology results have not been fully completed yet.
12:40 pm
all of this they say is just speculation. the federal authorities have joined in the investigation. the d.e.a. particularly because if prescription painkillers were involved here, they'll have the resources to determine where the prescription came from or house prince was getting those drugs. >> there was that press conference yesterday with a lawyer for a doctor saying that his son was there when the -- actually made the 911 call, you can see why the d.e.a. may get involved. let me ask you about what's behind you, more and more people still showing up to remember. >> reporter: yeah, it's amazing, because this is the two-week anniversary of prince's death. we still see people coming out here today. i also took a visit to first avenue, which is that nightclub in down town minneapolis. the star on the wall with prince's name has been painted
12:41 pm
gold. certainly standing out in its uniqueness like prince did in life. all of these are temporary memorials and clearly a lot of interest still two weeks after his death. the city of minneapolis is planning a permanent memorial, they were actually planning that before prince died. the mayor's office was in talks with prince people. we're told that's still ongoing and nothing has been announced just yet. >> i was at a party last night playing a whole string of songs by prince. >> reporter: a friend of mine just invited me to a prince dance party this weekend. people are still trying to find ways to remember him. >> thanks so much. up next, allegations of rape at a prominent college. why the school is having trouble finding the alleged victim. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. a disturbing story now out of tlant. claims of a gang rape on an
12:45 pm
anonymous twitter account has sparked an investigation by two colleges there. gabe gutierrez has the details there. >> reporter: as you mentioned spelman college and morehouse college, they're both investigating allegations of a sexual assault that was posted anonymously on twitter earlier this week. detailing allegations that a freshman student self-identified here at spelman college at a party where she was drinking was in an up stairs bathroom and taken to another room where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by four students, four students at morehouse college acacording to this twitter post. the police department has not investigated this yet because no alleged victim has come forward.
12:46 pm
within the past two hours or so, there's been a new tweet that says, this issue is bigger than me, it's about all of college campuses not taking sexual assault seriously like they claim they do. the president of spelman college yesterday tweeted herself, giving a personal invitation to this victim to come forward saying sexual violence of any kind is destructive to our students, our academic environment, and our sense of social justice. two prestigious colleges here in the atlanta area are investigating these disturbing allegations. nbc news hasn't been able to make contact with the alleged victim. it's sparked a lot of outrage here on campus and protests. >> gabe, i wonder how the college handles anonymous tweets. the age we live in in 2016 now, what's the policy for the university or the college about how to handle something like
12:47 pm
this? >> reporter: well, i think the colleges are trying to figure this out at this point. they do say they've launched their title 9 procedures here and are actively investigating this. that tweet yesterday seems to suggest they don't know exactly who this person is, although both colleges haven't gone into detail about where they are in this process. this is certainly a very difficult investigation at this point for them. these allegations of course very disturbing. the atlanta police department isn't in a position to investigate at this point. in those allegations that were posted, she did say that she had filed a report with the colleges. again, the colleges can't -- right now aren't saying if they have any record of that at this point. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. >> mitt romney announcing today he is among the republican establishment who will not be going this summer to the rnc convention. what happens when a republican delegate refuses to attend?
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
incredible video as residents of ft. mcmurray, alberta, canada, forced to drive through the inferno to escape it. it has scorched 210,000 acres, devowered entire neighborhoods. out of control blaze moves south. residents in neighboring areas also fled. cooler temperatures and a forecast of rain offering some hope that fighting that fire could become easier. new video emerged reportedly showing the deadly firefight with isis in i rake that killed a u.s. navy s.e.a.l., charlie keating, and it could change how we see the u.s. role there. richard engel has more. >> reporter: this video obtained by the british newspaper "the
12:52 pm
guardian" reportedly shows the balt this week in which charlie keating was killed. u.s. military officials say dozens of isis fighters, in 20 vehicles, broke through a kurdish front line in a well-planned and executed attack. american forces were advising the kurds. under fire, more americans were called in for backup. while faces are blurred, american-sounding voices can be clearly heard. what is described as a u.s.-made helicopter flies overhead. nbc news has not authenticated the video. >> this was a large fight new york question about it. we think at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this fairly complicated, complex attack. >> reporter: the military says nearly 60 isis militants were killed in the hours-long battle north of mosul, near the kurdish capital of erbil. the 31-year-old navy s.e.a.l.
12:53 pm
adviser was shot and killed by isis gunfire, the third american to die in iraq since the u.s. sent troops back to fight isis. >> back to politics again. finally, this hour, unique angle on donald trump's impending republican nomination. when donald trump won indiana, 27 so-called at-large delegates were supposed to support trump at the party's convention this summer. what if they don't want to? joining me now, joshua claiborne, a gop delegate, refusing to attend the republican national convention. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. you're an attorney in evansville, a republican. you're a big figure in your community. the voters voted for trump. why would you not execute that vision? >> i guess the short answer is, i'm just not a fan in a big way. so the convention's really going to be a coronation and celebration of his candidacy,
12:54 pm
and it's just, frankly, not something i was interested in participating in. >> how many other indiana delegates, do you think, are in your situation? >> well, since i've decided not to go, i've had several reach out to me. i think you'll find several not go. i don't know what extent they'll be vocal about their reasons. i'm not alone. you've seen former president bushes and mitt romney also elected not to go as well. i think i may have just been more forthcoming about my reasons as to why. i don't think i'm alone. >> someone goes in your place now, i assume. who will you support? what will you do? are you going to vote for hillary clinton? what are you going to do? >> well, that remains to be seen. one option is to just, frankly, not vote for president. you may fine a lot of republicans like that. there's a lot of other important races down the ballot, and so it's always important to vote
12:55 pm
and go but you're not required or forced to vote for every race. all i know at this point in time i can't support donald trump for president. >> indiana republican delegate, josh claiborne, appreciate you joining us and telling us your view. thanks for joining us. steve kornacki going to pick up coverage from here. and special reminder, watch a special edition of "road warriors" with katy tur, kristen welker, tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. eastern. anybody notice they're all women? it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. 2009 the country was in recession and many builders went bust. but anthony wilder design build owners opened up books for employees and everyone took a pay cut to save the company. it worked. today, the company is growing. for more, watch "your business"
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good afternoon to you from new york. i'm steve kornacki. donald trump, now officially the presumptive republican nominee for president and he has some work to do. his mission is very simple, first task to unite the
12:59 pm
republican party, if he can. that is easier said than done for an anti-establishment candidate who now needs support from the establishment. it will be a tough task, member of the so-called never trump crowd are hardly lining up to support the real estate billionaire, at least not yet. one republican senator is even calling for a third party candidate. both former republican presidents, both living former republican presidents, both bushes now, are choosing to stay silent this general election. and now, today, last two republican presidential nominees are also speaking up, no surprise from mitt romney, an aide telling nbc news he will not attend the republican national convention, after being one of trump's most outspoken critics and opponents this primary season. but a different stance from john mccain, a tough re-election campaign coming up in arizona. he will support the party's nominee. >> because i'm a proud
1:00 pm
republican. i'm a ronald reagan/teddy roosevelt republican and i support the republican party and the people, the republicans have chosen the nominee for the party, i think that makes sense. >> those comments from mccain coming on the same day a recording emerged of mccain previously saying that his re-election chances would be hurt by the nomination of donald trump. mccain, of course, running for the senate in arizona this fall. for more on donald trump's quest at uniting the republican party, i want to bring in susan page, washington bureau chief, and rick tyler, former senior communications adviser for the ted cruz organization. you're a republican, worked with ted cruz. are you going to support donald trump this fall? >> you know, steve, right now i'd like to leave my ballot a private affair. but i will tell you that donald trump has done nothing to sort of earn me over as a ted cruz pp