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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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compelling. so the idea that this is just removed and this is just for show, it gets pretty serious when that's his actual signature issue and he's standing next to this conspiracy theorist. >> thank you for being with me tonight. that is "all in" for this even. "the rachel maddow" show starts right now. once upon a time there was a bank that was call ed indy mac bank which sounds like refrigerator poetry. indy mac bank. it was a real thing. the reason all of these people are standing outside that particular branch of indy mac bank and also outside of this branch of indy mac bank, cops keep an eye on them, is because these people are customers of indy mac bank. lining up at branches of that bank wherever they could find them to quickly get all of their money out of that bank. before it blew up.
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indy mac bank blew up in 2008 right at the height of the 2008 presidential campaign between barack obama and john mccain. it was that amazing period of u.s. history at the end of the george w. bush administration where these guys were fighting over who would be the next president while the american financial system decided to stop dumping buckets of kerosene and gasoline on their own head and instead move on to the fun part after that where they started playing with matches. and when indy mac exploded, it was one of the largest bank failures in u.s. history. it was actually the third largest bank failure in u.s. history. and indy mac did not collapse in a tidy way. it was really messy and chaotic, drug all those customers, people who had bank accounts and had been making deposits of their own money into their own accounts, those people were lining up to get their money out before their bank collapsed. at one point indy mac customers
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were withdrawing $100 million a day of cash. right up until the moment when the bank went kaput. and this is -- this was not one of those banks that was just collateral damage in the larger financial collapse. one of the reasons that indy mac went early and was such a clattering racket and they fell so disastrously apart is because they were a huge part of the problem. this is one of those institutions that was absolutely up to its neck in terrible mortgages that they gave out willy-nilly with no regard for whom they were giving them to. this is one of those people super dodgy institutions that fed the whole system. when they could make money off it by trading people's mortgages around like poker chips. they figured the only people who might get hurt were miserable working people who they were otherwise paying no attention to and who maybe would end up getting turfed out of their houses someday put who cares about that, we can make money on their mortgages in the meantime.
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and when that whole mess collapsed at the end the george w. bush presidency, indy mac collapsed and it was huge. but you know, there was a lot of things starting to collapse by then. it wasn't like the only thing that was falling apart. one of the strange things that happened with indy mac is that it got rescued. a small group of billionaires showed up as indy mac was imploding and offered to buy its remains once the bank fell apart. now, the federal government at the time, in this case the fdic, they were busy trying to stop the entire financial universe from simultaneously exploding, dealing with lots of different crises, lots of banks and financial institutions going under at this point. indy mac with these billionaire rescuers, it was different. these billionaires said they wanted to do a deal. for that one collapsing bank, they had plans. and they'd like to buy it. and the fdic decided, okay, they could buy it.
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and they did a deal with these billionaires. and boy was it a good deal. for the billionaires. not so much for the rest of us. the billionaires paid pennies on the dollar. and in addition to getting all of the bank's remaining assets for almost nothing, the federal government also agreed to basically shoulder any continuing risk, to cover continuing losses that might happen at that bank once the billionaires took it over. huh. so in the end, the public cost for dealing with that exploiting bank was about $13 billion. that's the public money that went into saving that bank, slowing its collapse, then covering the continuing losses once those billionaires bought it for pocket change. $13 billion from the federal government. and as for the billionaires, this turned out to be an almost unbelievably sweet deal for them. it was all upside for them. within one year of buying the smoking wreckage of that bank, the "l.a. times" reported that the billionaires had not only
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recouped their entire investment, they had already made $1.6 billion profit. just for themselves. whoo-hoo! nice work if you can get it, right? and they kept operating the bank. they changed its name from indy mac to one west. they kept operating the bank, including all those mortgages. within five years, they'd kicked 35,000 families out of their homes. federal government covered the losses. the billionaires made over $1 billion for themselves. and 35,000 homes got foreclosed. and the people who lived in those homes got thrown out onto the street. nice deal, right? one los angeles woman who had lived for six years with her elderly parents in a modest home in a working-class neighborhood in l.a., she ended up missing a couple of payments after her -- on her mortgage. and she missed the payments right after her brother was murdered. missed a couple of payments and soon found herself being foreclosed on by that bank.
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and it ended up becoming a bit of a sort of local media firestorm in l.a. when her foreclosure, her family's foreclosure, that particular eviction, became kind of a symbol of what the banks had done and what they had gotten away with and what they were still continuing to do in 2011. it led to a protest march in a very uncomfortable location in l.a. this young woman whose brother has been murdered was trying to keep her elderly parents from getting thrown out of their home and put in a homeless shelter, she and supporters marched up to the bel air neighborhood in los angeles to a gated community there, and specifically marched up to a $26 million mansion that was the home of the guy who ran indy mac. one of those billionaire rescuers who took over indy mac and turned it into one west and then kept throwing tens of thousands of people out of their houses as they made hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves. they marched on his $26 million
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house, which from the coverage at the time you can tell was cathartic for a lot of people that were there and watching that happen in l.a. it was reportedly terrifying for him. he's talked about it to the press since then and talks about it, having been very afraid when those protesters came to his house. but that one bank and what those billionaire rescuers did with that bank is kind of the perfect illustration of the moral catastrophe of what happened to our country in 2008 and 2009. that bank was doing exactly the thing that lit the fuse that blew up the whole financial system and flew us into a depressi depression. this three-card monty te were playing with people's mortgages, homes and lives. indy mac, these people helped blow up the economy. when the bank went kaput not only did they make sure they didn't blow up themselves, they got themselves a taxpayer-financed deal with the government to be able to keep
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screwing people over, to keep throwing people out of their homes, to make themselves even richer thanks to the process by which everybody else in the country was paying for their mistakes. and they were like a drunk driver that killed somebody in the crosswalk, didn't get arrested for it, didn't get ticketed for it. in fact, they were instead given a new, fresh car and then a whole new group of pedestrians to aim that car at, except this time, the pedestrians were conveniently injured so it was harder for them to get away because they couldn't move too fast. the financial crisis had bad guys, right? financial crisis had a lot of villains. but that indy mac story? what those guys did? those weren't like cartoon villains. they were like horror movie villains. and the indy mac guy who lived in that $26 million house, that $26 million mansion, who was so horrified to find those protesters on his very nice lawn that one day? that guy who lived in that $26 million house, that indy mac
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guy? was just named the national campaign finance chair for the donald trump for president campaign. it's kind of amazing that most of the coverage of that announcement today is fixated on who that guy has made political donations to in the past. turns out, you can tell from public records, he made sizable donations to mitt romney when he ran in the republican presidential primary in '08, also when he ran for president in 2012. in that '08 race, it's interesting. he gave money to romney in the republican primary. on the democratic side he gave money to barack obama. and he also gave money to hillary clinton. it's called covering the bases. business guys do that. he supported hillary clinton when she was running for her u.s. senate seat in new york. and those donations, this is what's made all the headlines about this guy today. that's what's seen as an absolute scandal for the man who donald trump has tapped to be the top fund-raiser for his presidential campaign.
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you could also see though why donald trump might not view a donation record like that as a scandal. since mr. trump has the same donation record. he himself has also donated to hillary clinton's political career over the years, as well as lots of other democrats, in addition to making donations to republicans. he does not see this as a scandal, he sees this as the way of the world. in the republican primary, we saw a lot of swing and missing on this subject. lots of different conservative groups and republican candidates tried to make it into a scandal that donald trump had given money not just to republicans but also to democrats and even to hillary clinton as a politician. the reason none of it stuck is because it had a great answer, a great explanation for why he did that. >> you've also donated to several democratic candidates, hillary clinton included, nancy pelosi. you explained away those donations saying you did that to get business-related favors. and you said recently, "when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do." >> you better believe it.
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>> so what specifically did they do? >> if i ask them, if i need them -- most of the people on this stage i've given to. just so you understand. a lot of money. >> not me. but you're welcome to give me -- >> many of them. >> to be clear, you supported charlie crist -- >> i hope you will give to me. >> sounds good. sounds good to me, governor. i will tell you that our system is broken. i gave to many people. before this, before two months ago, i was a businessman. i give to everybody. when they call, i give. you know what? when i need something from them, two years later, three years later, i call them, they are there for me. >> that's how you win the primary, right? all those other candidates think they're being so clever. i'll take your check! they think they're being hilarious and he soaks it up, yeah you're desperate for my money, aren't you? you want to gather round and ask
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me for money, get down on your knows, why don't you. donald trump rebutted all criticism from the right about his donations to democrats, including hillary clinton, by simply saying, yeah, as a businessman, before he was a politician, he gave money to all sorts of people because that's what businesspeople do, give money to politicians so they own politicians. this is what rich businesspeople do. politicians are small. they can be bought. that's why rich guys give them money and then put those politicians in their pocket. and then that segues into the big point that he made the centerpiece of his appeal to distinguish himself from everybody else on that stage. from the very smart of the primary. as a businessman who knows how corrupting political donations are because he made them himself, and that's why he made them, donald trump as a presidential candidate will be uncorruptible. he's the only one who can be because he doesn't have to take donations and he won't, he will self-fund out of his own big fat wallet. >> i'm self-funding my campaign.
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i'm putting up my own money. okay? it's nice to be able to do. but i've been a big contributor. i've been a massive contributor. not just to republicans, i've contributed to everybody. when i was a businessman -- >> they're controlled by their pac. i'm the only oneself-funding my campaign, i'm the only one. >> i'm self-funding. i don't need anybody's money. when i fly on that big plane i'm paying for it. i'm not having goldman sachs pay for it. i'm not having lobbyists. i'm not having citibank. i fund it myself. >> i'm self-funding my campaign so i don't have anybody speaking in my ear. >> i'm self-funding, putting up my own money, phones. nobody's going to tell me what to do already. nobody's going to tell us what to do. i have turned down so much money. >> one of his most reliable applause lines throughout the primary. but that was apparently the primary. because now, one day into holding the republican nomination for president, donald
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trump has hired a national campaign finance chairman, the indy mac guy, to start taking donations for donald trump's campaign. he hasn't had a finance chairman before. he has one now. it's interesting. the fact that he's a self-funder has just been incredibly resonant among donald trump supporters. it's the sort of thing, anecdotally, you hear over and over again for people who are out to support donald trump, when you ask people to explain their vote, him self-funding is one of the first things people bring up, he can't be bought, he's funding himself, i like that about him. you hear that over and over in terms of the appeal of donald trump. you know what? donald trump months longer self-funding. as of today he's got the indy mac guy who says he's going to raise donald trump $1 billion for his campaign. donald trump has also bragged throughout the primary campaign not just about refusing campaign donations, he's also bragged about refusing the support of a super pac. and indeed a pro-trump super pac
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nevertheless formed earlier this year. and the trump campaign wrote them a stern lawyer letter in march disavowing the super pac, telling them to stop raising money in support of mr. trump's candidacy, stop using his name. the group apparently didn't care and the pro-trump super pac has gone right on raising money in trump's name all this time. and i can prove it. >> america needs to win again and donald trump is the only candidate to make this happen. but the gop establishment is determined to deny donald trump the nomination. great america pac is fighting back against the gop by delivering the voices of millions through our national media campaign but we need your help. can we count on you to make a contribution to support donald trump and ensure that he wins the nomination? if you are willing to make a contribution, please press 1 after the tone. >> that's the pro-donald trump super pac and their phone pitch for donors. we recorded that from our
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offices here on tuesday of this week. which is the day that mr. trump wrapped up the nomination by winning indiana. again, donald trump has been bragging that hi doesn't have a super pac, his campaign made it public that they sent the super pac a letter disavowing them, seese ask sea cyst. but the super pac kept on going raising money for donald trump's campaign as of tuesday of this week. then the following day as of wednesday this week, yesterday, turns out they're no longer disavowed. almost officially. the donald trump super pac yesterday held a conference call with donors where they put ben carson on the line to encourage unlimited donations to donald trump super pac. mr. carson's presence as reported by "the washington post" was widely seen as a blessing from the trump campaign for this super pac. this super pac will no longer be avowed, this is now part of how trump is going to run. so we're seeing how it's going to go.
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donald trump crafted an image to win the republican primary as a man who couldn't be bought, big enough and rich enough to buy himself politicians such as he shared the stage with at those debates. a man whose independence was proving by self-funding his campaign, taking no donations, super pac money, he'd do it all himself. that was key to his campaign. that was true as of 48 hours ago. it is not no longer true. he's got the indy mac guy running a major campaign president bush operation for him that's going to raise, at least going to aim at raising $1 billion. they have basically formally adopted the great america super pac as their unlimited donation vehicle. and if you want to get a sense of the character of the kind of operation that mr. trump is going to run as a general election candidate, today's the day we got the announcement it's the indy mac guy who's going to raise the trump money for his
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campaign. today's the day the head of his super pac, this great america super pac, all but officially acting along the big-dollar super pac of the donald trump call 15, this is the day the senior strad gist for that super pac just got convicted on four public corruption charges in federal court. this is a case we've reported on for months now here on this show. jesse benton, head of donald trump's super pac, he was formerly the head of rand paul's super pac, he was the campaign hrg for ron paul for president campaign in 2012, today convicted on four corruption counts in federal court in connection with a cash for endorsement scandal, better known as bribery. the ron paul campaign in 2012 paid an iowa state senator more than $70,000 to switch his support six days ahead of the iowa caucuses from michele bachmann to ron paul. today that whole story ended in multiple public corruption convictions in federal court. including jesse benton.
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jesse benton is free as he awaits sentencing. so far the trump super pac is not saying if mr. benton will continue his role as senior strategist for that super pac while he waits to find out if and for how long he's going to go to federal prison. before today the only data we had for projecting what this general election contest might be like what is we've seen so far from donald trump in terms of the the way he won the republican primary. 48 hours into the general election, it's clear he's going to be running in the general election in a very, very different way than he ran in the republican primary. and it's also clear just from day one that when it comes to money, he's going to be doing it from the deep, deep, deep dark side. buckle up. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. today we learn eed neither president bush, nor the other president bush, nor perform, nor
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john mccain, will be going to the republican national convention this summer. they'll pretend the republican party was just born this year. donald trump will be nominated at that convention to be the party's presidential candidate. it's awkward even before then, though. house speaker paul ryan said today on cnn he's not ready to endorse donald trump, even though mr. trump does have the nomination. all this awkwardness and division on the republican side is making democrats gleeful. basically. but are they gleeful to the point of delusion? the great joy reid is here to talk me down. she's got big news of her own. that's coming up. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. ♪ ♪
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harry reid woke up in a wonderful world today. he's the democratic leader in the senate. he has watched his party first lose control of the house and then the senate during the obama presidency. but today harry reid had a smile on his face and blast furnace bellows for lungs. "democrats will ride trump to the majority," says harry reid. senator reid telling reporters today on a conference call, "i think this race could be a debacle for the republicans. but i'm not taking it for granted, i'm not being overconfident. the trump nation could be a debacle for republicans. sure. the sureness, though, is a little unsettling. compared to everybody else, harry reid did at least qualify it a little bit. he was slightly restrained today. but consider the company that he's in. here's "the washington post." if clinton wins florida and carries the 19 states plus d.c. that have voted for the democratic nominee in each of the last six elections she'll be the 45s president, it's that simple.
6:25 pm
basically all she needs is florida. politico's latest survey of political insiders agrees. clinton will crush trump in november. among democrats the belief is nearly universal. 99% of democratic insiders surveyed said clinton will beat trump. and here's a really interesting one. today the cook political report put out their new electoral college rankings in light of the trump nomination on the republican side. these states were all previously listed as toss-ups. florida, colorado, virginia, wisconsin, all listed as toss-ups, now all recategorized as lean democrat. also some solid red states like indiana, missouri, and one congressional district in nebraska, now not necessarily so red. also the first one on that list, arizona, arizona no longer a likely red state. now it's just a lean red state. it's in arizona where republican
6:26 pm
senator john mccain has been explaining why he told a fund-raising crowd last month that nominating donald trump would really hurt his hopes for getting relaenl-electre-elected >> have no doubt that if it is donald trump at the top of the ticket, here in arizona with over 30% of the vote being the hispanic vote, have no doubt that this may be the race of my life. >> the audio published by politico this morning. senator mccain got asked about that right away. you think donald trump is going to hurt you and other senate campaigns across the country? in true life-long politician form, senator mccain downplayed it. >> you said at that donor meeting that donald trump is really hurting your campaign -- >> no, i didn't say that. i don't believe that he's hurting my campaign. i believe that donald trump's candidacy puts more uncertainty into the campaign. obviously there's a lot of political turbulence.
6:27 pm
we have seen the rise of the sanders campaign, and of course the success of the trump campaign, which has certainly been almost unprecedented in american political history. so anybody in this election period who does not run as hard as they possibly can, as i have in every campaign i've been in, does not understand that there's a great deal of uncertainty out there. >> there's a great deal of uncertainty out there. run as hard as you can. everybody run. i know a lot of liberals and democrats see the trump nomination as the end of the world for the republicans. i also know a lot of liberals and democratss who think this election not only is the end of the world for the republicans, it also means that you can say right now definitively that the democratic nominee, likely hillary clinton, will definitely be the next president of the united states. it's not for me to say what will
6:28 pm
happen in november before it happens. but i would like to ask our next guest what she takes of this -- what her take is on this incredible democratic confidence right now. joining us now is the great joy reid, msnbc national correspondent and let's break the news, host of a brand-new show starting this weekend at msnbc, 10:00 a.m. saturday and sunday, congratulations, super exciting. >> thank you, rachel, i appreciate it, my friend. >> i'm super psyched, can you tell me about your plans for the show, how it's going to work? >> it's all a big secret, of course. we're going to be very conversational, sort of the idea is to get great, smart people around the table. we're trying to lure one rachel maddow to come on and do something with us. we can have these conversations. wine? we can offer wine. we want folks to talk about the really insane things that are happening in our country and in our politics and key code it a little bit. >> you have been one of the smartest, best-informed, and most acutely observant voices in
6:29 pm
any media on this election this year. i've always been great. i've always been a fan. on this election, something's happened and you have really just hit your stride in a way that you've become utterly indispensable. i'm super psyched that you're doing the show. >> thank you. >> all right. because i have that kind of respect for you, you have to tell me if democrats are being overconfident about their excitement about donald trump. i feel like they're jinxing it. >> yeah, you know rachel, i think i'm with you, i'm always uncomfortable when democrats are not the way they normally are which is terrified and assuming they're going to lose. when they're not that, it tenths to make me nervous. but i think in this case, i'll throw three stats a the you that i think gives them the reason for their confidence. and the stats are 31, 11, 76. 31 is the percentage that the pew research center estimates of the population, the voting population, that will be non-white. that's huge. because in 2012, the non-white population was 29%.
6:30 pm
it had been growing at 2% every four years, it's grown an extra percentage point. the vast majority of the 10.7, the second number 11, of the 10.7 million new eligible voters, 7.5 million of them are black, hispanicic, or asian-american. the hispanic population is growing faster than anybody else and who detests donald trump the most? that would be latinos. and even if you look at that asian-american cohort, most of them are immigrants. that gives them a strong sensibility, anti-trump. the third number would be 76%. i sort of tend to think of what's happening in the republican party as being in a cove that makes you think the cove is the ocean. but the ocean is the ocean, right? he has the small but potent demographic, but of the about 9 million people who died between 2012 and 2016, 76% of them were non-hispanic white. even if donald trump were to max out the white vote and do better than mitt romney and get 61%, he
6:31 pm
would still need to get something like 82%, 83% -- sorry, he'd need to prevent the democrat going above 82%, i don't%, with non-white voters and there's no way donald trump is going to do that. i think democrats are right to be confident but it's never a good idea to be overconfident. >> the demographic trends and the demographic slice you're presenting there seems to me there's two ways that that can fall apart. one of them is that donald trump can pivot radically to start appealing to a more multi-ethnic demographic than he has been. he's really been winning with white people and that's been the only people he had to appeal in the republican primary. he can pivot in some radical way. we have no idea what he's capable of in terms of campaigning. he's never run for anything before. the other thing that could go wrong for democrats is they could fail to turn out new voters, particularly young voters, particularly young voters of color. and they could fail to do that for any reason, including overconfidence. >> yeah, and that -- therein
6:32 pm
lies the rub. i think for democrats, if this is a normal general election, presidential-level election, sort of turnout, and at 60% or better, democrats should be able to win. i don't really see a scenario where donald trump could win in that instance. if we have a 1972 situation where it becomes so ugly, nasty, gross -- make no mistake, donald trump, i don't care if he tries to pull himself together for a week, he's going to make it ugly. fit gets so bad a lot of voters are turned off, younger voters and people of color just continue bother, if we fall into a midterm type electorate, then i think that's how trump gets through. the electorate would be whiter. my second note of caution for democrats who wanted to declare the republican party dead on arrival, the likelihood is statistically hillary clinton will be able to win in november but then an if they get the senate back, which they probably would if she wins, they'll probably lose the senate again in 2018 because people of color,
6:33 pm
young voters, the democrat-leaning voters don't vote in midterms. it goat back to being a whiter electorate. democrats should not get giddy about the chem buys of the gop. >> democrats have a structural problem with that fall-off. joy reid, host of a new show starting on msnbc 10:00 a.m., congratulations. >> thank you, rachel. >> if you're a viewer, let me employer you, i don't fe if you watch tv at 10:00 a.m. on a weekend. honestly, ask anybody who you know who you value their judgment about people who work in this business that i work in. ask them who's the smartest person that you've seen this year talking about the election. you're going to hear two names over and over again from anybody who's seen any election coverage on msnbc this whole year, two names. you're going to hear steve
6:34 pm
kornacki and joy reid. the two of them are smart but something has happened and they're super powered this year. the fact that joy's doing her own show every weekend on msnbc, it's a blessing already. we'll be right back. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collisiowarning ] [ car braking ]
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programming note. for the first time since donald trump ended the republican presidential primary and became the de facto nominee of his party, for the first time since that historic, tectonic,
6:38 pm
pinch-me event, for the first time since that, tomorrow i am sitting down with senator bernie sanders. on his home turf in burling top, vermont. this interview is a really big deal for us. it comes at a really important time. but i'm also going to tell you this is not just some hey, how you doing with the senator. this is a proper sit-down with time to talk real interview. tomorrow night, it's going to be here on this show, huge deal, i'm excited and nervous. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know socialide.
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6:42 pm
his great city. boris johnson has visited hillary clinton in her new york city offices. he has been to washington, d.c. to meet with members of congress. if you have a gig like being mayor of london you might find yourself coming to the states to be a guest on a late-night talk show already mayor of london is a global figure. if the new mayor they're choosing turns out to be sadic kahn as expected that will be an interesting moment in global politics. mr. kahn is a muslim. he would become the first muslim mayor of london. and if donald trump is elected president, he will not be allowed to visit the united states. because he's a muslim. mr. trump says he will get his ban on muslims entering the united states put in place in the first 100 days of the trump presidency. we always say, elections have consequences. elections very rarely have consequences quite like this.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
it's been a tough few weeks in the freight state of north carolina. states fall all over themselves to try to attract new businesses or to try to get existing businesses to expand in their state, to sell themselves as a destination for tourism and cultural events. this is a lot of what state government does. anything do to try to help the economy in their state. states are constantly working on that. blue states, red states, everybody. north carolina, on the other hand, has been going in reverse in the past few weeks. paypal and deutsche bank both canceled expansion plans in the state that would have created hundreds of jobs in north carolina. film production companies canceled future projects to film stuff in the state. sports leagues said they were considering moving their sporting events out of the state. bruce springsteen and a bunch of other musicians canceled scheduled concerts in the the state. five other states imposed bans on any travel to north carolina by state employees. the country's largest cities did
6:46 pm
the same thing to north carolina. the uk, the whole country of the uk, issued a travel warning for its citizens who might be thinking of going to north carolina. a major porn site even shut off access for anyone in north carolina. more than 100 ceos of major companies, including american airlines and bank of america, which is headquartered in north carolina, they signed on to formal condemnations of the state of north carolina and how that state is being run these days. it's a mess. and it's all about this guy. north carolina's republican governor pat mccrory who decided in his infinite wisdom to sign into law a discrimination bill that took away existing protections for sexual minorities in north carolina that banned towns and cities from passing any new anti-discrimination laws anywhere in the state. other republican governors have been given those things and decided not to sign them, pat mcrory decided to sign it. since he's signed it it's been almost impossible to keep up
6:47 pm
with the number of companies and people and organizations and whole states that are boycotting or condemn are ding or avoiding carolina. the as overwhelming that has been for the state it is nothing to the news north carolina got last night. the federal government, the justice department informed governor mcrory this bill he signed violates federal civil rights law. if north carolina is violating civil rights law the federal government is not going to send money to the parts of north carolina state government that are violating the law. for perspective, the university of north carolina alone gets $1.4 billion a year from the federal government. $1.4 billion every year. if that evaporates? basically so does the university of north carolina. the justice department told north carolina yesterday about their determination under the civil rights act. they also told north carolina that they've got a deadline. they've got until monday to stop enforcement of this law.
6:48 pm
which was dramatic enough. but then today the republican speaker of the house in north carolina told reporters, "we will take no action by monday. that deadline will come and go." house speaker and leader of the state senate and governor mccrory, the folks who passed this law overturning locally passed ordinances, they spent all day today complaining about government overreach. which was ironic. but as far as pat mccrory is concerned, it's not just the federal government he's up against. the governor now says the forces arrayed against him are much bigger than that. >> sadly, in our nation that if you have disagreement and you're on the wrong side of the disagreement, according to the thought police, you're dispensed of. you're exiled. society is changing quickly and anyone who get in the way is in trouble. and i might be in trouble. i might be looking for a side job here. >> i might be in trouble. he might actually be in trouble.
6:49 pm
whether or not he gets a job at that radio station to compensate. but if north carolina does end in court with the justice department, one thing governor pat mccrory's going to have to do is find a good lawyer to fight that fight for him. north carolina's attorney general has made clear he's not going to do it. he said that he will not defend the discrimination law. the attorney general of the state of north carolina, roy cooper, calls that law "a national embarrassment." and he won't defend it. rory cooper happens to be pat mccrory's democratic challenger for governor in november and polls show him ahead, one recent poll had him up by 10. that does look like trouble, governor mccrory. joining us is jim morrell, political reporter for "the charlotte observer," nice to see you, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you, rachel. >> we heard late tonight that pat mccrory said he and legislative leaders will respond in some way to the justice department by monday.
6:50 pm
do you have any idea what that response might be? >> you know, i think i know what it won't be. i don't think they're going to repeal the law or change it in any major way. you know, i was at the press conference this afternoon with he felt like the justice department was bullying the state. i don't think that attitude is going to change a lot. they may make a legal response, i don't think it will be what the justice department necessarily wants. something that is hyperbole. it sounds like the university is caught between the federal and the state governments here. >> you are right.
6:51 pm
they are between a rock and a hard place. the president of the university system is margret spellings. this is what she has walked into. they are between a rock and a hard place. they have got until monday to figure out a way to get out of it. >> there was a meeting today in raleigh with republican leaders and the legislature. part of what lead to the fight. do we know what came out of that charlotte meeting? >> we don't. we spoke to them all after the meeting. and it sounded like a few diplomats, talks were productive. that is all they said. the dialogue will continue. it was unproductive interviews afterwards. at least it cracked the door open for a political settlement. i think the door isn't open wide but at least it is a crack.
6:52 pm
the legal issues that can come down on the state. holding back the money that you talked about. and more. the other, on the other hand, you have the political angle. if they come to an agreement, maybe something can be done there. >> jim morrill, charlotte observer. >> i appreciate you being here. >> my pleasure, rachael. the surface pro, it's like a multi-purpose piece of equipment for me. the fact that you can travel with it as a laptop and use it as a drawing tool, it's the only one i need. man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh.
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nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. this week, something important happened. something historic, and it happened to our country. it happened to the republican party. donald trump, presumpt iive republican presidential nominee. he has been the clear choice of voting republicans this year, no denying that he has definitely
6:58 pm
not been the choice of all republicans, or all conservatives. so, that is worth noting. it is worth being cognizant of. republicans aghast, we have seen a remarkably articulate wave of incident and disgust. at this moment, the first day of whatever comes next for republicans, i would like to honor their concerns, the only way i know how. by expressing them. from real republicans since donald trump was nominated. cancelled my plane and hotel reservations for cleveland.
6:59 pm
i am drinking wine directly out of the bottle, right now. i dropped one. i am over expressed. i am heartbroken. i am petrified for the future of this country i love so much. for the first time since turning 18, i will not vote for the republican candidate for president. i vehemently oppose our nominee. you are putting at the top of the ticket, a radioactive figure t a person of unprecedented toxity. >> donald grump is a gro teak, as a noun, and poor impulse control. i want to sell blat wh-- celebrt
7:00 pm
is great, if it becomes the party of donald trump, i am out. >> never under any, any circumstances, as long as i have breath, never trump. get it. never means never -- never means never -- imagine for a moment, billions of years from now, when the sun dims to a cinder, that is the time scale of my never. >> the presidential defeat that national revulgz, the rhetoric of misplaced belligerence is at the center of either party. >> republicans are having a hard time this week. some of them. all actual quotes from discouraged republicans. if you know one, be nice. that does it for us tonight. tomorrow from