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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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has yet to convince washington's most powerful republican. and this -- >> donald trump actually says that wages are too high in america. i'd like to see him live on $7.25 an hour! >> hillary clinton campaigns in california and things get heated when bernie sanders supporters show up to protest. new claims in the penn state sex abuse case. what did joe paterno know about jerry sandusky's abuse of miners and when did he know it? it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." hey there. good morning. it's friday, may 6. i'm alex witt. donald trump captured the republican nomination on his ability to make deals but one
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gop leader is still driving a hard bargain. yesterday, house speaker paul ryan the chairman of the republican national convention said he is not ready to endorse trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to though. i want to. but i think what is required is that we unify this party. i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. i don't want to underplay what he accomplished. he needs to be congratulated. but he also inherits something very special. that's very special to a lot of us. this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, of jack kemp. we don't always nominate a lincoln and a reagan every four years but we hope that our nominee will be lincoln or reaganesque. actually taking the principles that we all believe in, showing that there's a dedication to those and running a principled campaign that the republicans
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can be proud about and that appeal to a majority of americans that to me is what it takes to unify this party. >> well, donald trump responded by saying he's not ready to back speaker ryan saying quote, i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to the agreement about what is best for the american people. they have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first. this as trump supporter chris christie says he will try to broker a truce between ryan and the presumptive nominee. while trump's campaign manager said no meeting is currently scheduled, trump held his fire at a rally in west virginia last night. though an earlier speaker's mention of ryan's name drew this reaction. >> we're told that paul ryan said i will never endorse donald trump. >> now we should clarify that ryan did not say that he would never endorse trump. ryan's standoff with trump comes as reports says his 2012 running mate mitt romney will not be
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voting for the presumptive nominee. the washington examiner reports last night romney ruled out an independent bid but says i don't intend on supporting any of the major candidates at this point. meanwhile, bob dole says he will briefly attend, making him the only former nominee not to snub the party gathering. senator john mccain says the reason he is not at tending is the late summer primary in his re-election campaign and he gave trump his support. >> i will as i said many times i support the nominee of the party. i will do what i can to influence the campaign in the areas of national security that i think are most need to be addressed. i have had -- i have significant differences with donald trump on national -- a lot of national
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security issues but my job is to steer our party in the nation's policies in the direction to make america safe. that's my obligation. yes, i have repeatedly said the things i don't agree with him on. but i'm a happy warrior. i love campaigning, i love being here. >> would you expect trump to even endorse your campaign? >> i do not know what mr. trump's thinking is, except that it's going to be huge. >> it was one week ago that indiana governor mike pence endorsed ted cruz for president and last night he got behind donald trump's campaign saying he's going to campaign hard for the presumptive nominee. one of trump's campaign antagonist senator paul rand said he's endorsing him, adding for kentucky the clintons would be terrible. sheldon adelson came out in support of trump saying, quote, he won fair and square. after calling trump's candidacy a cancer on conservatism, rick perry said he is supporting trump. perry saying, quote, he's one of the most talented people who has
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ever run for the presidency i have ever seen. asked if he's interested in being trump's running mate, i'm open in any way i can help. i won't say no. a new poll finds americans favor an america first focus in foreign policy in what could be the fault lines of this year's campaign. a pew research center finds 57% of americans say the u.s. should deal with its own problems and let other countries deal with theirs. 37% feel it's important for america to help other countries. 41% say america does too much in therms of solving -- in terms of solving world's problems and 27% said we do too little. the majority of donald trump supporters 54% said the u.s. has too much global involvement. the plurality of hillary clinton's supporters said it was the right amount.
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trump talked about his respect for world leaders yesterday. >> i have great respect for mexico and their leaders. i'm not holding anything against mexico or china. i'm holding against our leaders for making such horrendous deals. they're incompetent. there's tremendous money that pour into the super pacs or campaign. >> do you think you'll come to the left of hillary clinton on foreign policy? >> no i think i'm much tougher on foreign policy. i don't think we'll have to use it. i'll be honest, i hear i may be to the left. i believe in very, very strong defense. i believe in world peace. i want to help other countries. >> trump cited foreign policy as the reason why the former bush presidents are withholding their support. >> i understand why they're not. the war in iraq was perhaps the worst decision ever made in this country's history. it totally destabilized the middle east. it was a total disaster. it was made by bush. i took jeb bush on very hard. he was very nasty to me. >> so you think their decision has to do with jeb bush? >> of course it does.
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it does there and i criticized his decision to go into iraq. >> now on that, i want to clear that up. you have come up with articles, but there's audio of you before -- >> no, there isn't. no, there isn't. >> a buzzfeed piece that -- >> let me say -- i'm talking to howard stern weeks before. first time anybody ever has. don't forget i was a civilian. first time anyone asked me about the war i said weakly, well -- yeah, i guess. >> then on the first day of the war -- you said it's a tremendous military success. >> no, what i said is it was a success because they thought it was a success. but before that, i said they shouldn't go in. it was his first campaign event as the last republican candidate standing, but it was the same old donald trump in front of a crowd of roughly 13,000 charleston, west virginia, last night. he briefly wore a hard hat imitating a coal miner and he vowed to help the state's coal
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industry. he trained his attacks solely on hillary clinton hitting his likely general election opponent on everything from the clinton foundation which he called a scam and nafta. he worked in a thinly veiled joke about her husband's infidelities. >> the clinton administration of which hillary was definitely a part, she was a part of almost everything, almost i say, not everything. almost. terrible. terrible. i didn't think the people of west virginia thought like that. that's terrible. you should be ashamed of yourselves. >> now for her part, clinton is pivoting to the general election too and is looking to win over some votes on the right. several prominent conservatives have announced they'll be backing her in november and now her supporters are wooing big money donors from jeb bush's presidential campaign.
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politico reports top targets include people such as woody johnson, bush's former finance chair and owner of the new york jets. hillary clinton was met by protesters out on the campaign trail yesterday. hundreds of immigration activists and bernie sanders supporters demonstrated at east los angeles college. she was interrupted by protesters inside that event though she tried to ignore them. it appears the commotion forced her to wrap up early since that speech lasted all of 13 minutes. as the federal investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state continues we are learning some of her closest aides have been interviewed over the past few months as part of that investigation. long them, huma abedin, who will soon be deposed by lawyers in the separate case against the state department. the development comes a day after a federal judge said it may be necessary to depose clinton herself in the case. "the washington post" reports that federal investigators have so far found quote, scant evidence that clinton intended
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to break classification rules. hillary clinton outlined her views on the presidency and running as a woman in a chat with "the los angeles times" editorial board this week. when it comes to donald trump, clinton said he's quote, not going to get away with his attacks on women. in fact, according to clinton, trump's accusation she was playing the woman card has lit a fire under women across this country. >> i think it's because they see in his attacks on me or on megyn kelly or carly fiorina or who ever else he's attacking at the moment really a much broader attack on them. i think we're going to be pushing back and drawing the contrast whenever he does that because they are just absolutely beyond the pale. he won't get away with it, at least going forward. >> the clash between the justice department and north carolina
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over that state's so-called bathroom bill has intensified. the law limiting bathroom access for transgender people violates the civil rights act. state house speak tim moore told reporters yesterday they won't be bullied by the obama administration to take action. adding quote, that's not how this works. the move could prompt a legal showdown and put billions of dollars in federal funding for that state at risk. let's turn now to business where the markets are bracing for the release of today's job report. nancy hulgrave is joining us live from london. what do we expect to hear today? >> good morning. well, the nonfarm payroll is the big event. a rough start to may, the u.s. markets are still off 0.7%. and markets are relatively flat and investors are looking for the economy to have created about 200,000 jobs and for the
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overall unemployment rate to hold steady at around 5%. now, the reason we care so much about this number is it has a huge weight when it comes to determining the future rate hike path. so it's a question of is the number too strong and then that could suggest that the fed may raise again as early as june. if it's too soft, that could worry investors too that perhaps the growth in the u.s. economy is not as strong as many have come to believe. remember that job growth has been the bright spot without a doubt when it comes to u.s. growth recently. investors will be tuning in to the number. we have seen some forecasts as high as 240,000, coming from goldman sachs. if we get there or above that could be good news. but can't be too hot because that can send markets down the other way. right now ahead of the release we're looking at all the major markets pointing slightly higher when it comes to the u.s. futures predictions. we have to be counting down to the big number. >> let's hope it stays that way.
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thank you. still ahead on "way too early," if family of joe paterno responds to the new claim that he was aware of a sexual abuse allegation against convicted pedophile jerry sandusky 40 years ago. plus, the feds finally catch up to the times issuing a new set of regulations for the electronic cigarette business. we have a new rule that officials are calling historic. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. more "stay" per roll.
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you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. the fda is issuing a new set of rules for the electronic cigarette industry. it bans sales to anyone under 18, require a package warning labels and make all products even those currently on the market subject to governmental approval. some have credited e-cigarettes with helping people kick the
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habit, but the long term effects outweigh any possible benefits. small vape shops worry that the process which can cost 2 to $10 million can put them out of business. as an insurance case connected to the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case continues to make its way through the courts new revelations that the late penn state football coach joe paterno knew about a sexual abuse allegation against the former assistant as early as 1976. freshly unsealed court documents revealed the insurance company's claim that quote in 1976 a child allegedly reported to psu's joe paterno that he was sexually molested by sandusky. the paterno family responded in part, because of a single sentence, joe paterno's reputation has been smeared with an unsubstantiated 40-year-old allegation. in response to the allegation, and the subsequent media hype, the paterno family is demanding a full public review of the facts. meanwhile the university released its own statement
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saying they are aware of the allegations but are precluded from discussing the matters due to confidentiality commitments. sandusky was sentenced in october of 2012 to serve 30 to 60 years in prison for abusing ten boys. he filed a petition for a new trial. paterno died in january 2012. he was never charged with any crimes. meanwhile, former nfl quarterback johnny manziel appeared before a dallas county judge yesterday arriving in court for the first time after being charged with misdemeanor assault for an alleged domestic violence incident involving his exgirlfriend, colleen crawley. his time was brief, during which a judge said he was to have no contact with crowley. he had to sign an affidavit saying he possesses no firearms. the 23-year-old plans to plead not guilty. he turned himself in to police on wednesday and he was released on $1,500 bond. he faces up to a year in jail. turning to some highlights, and in toronto, the raptors get some redemption in overtime.
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evening up the semifinal series against the heat at one game apiece. toronto avoids losing the games for the first time this postseason after the win. in last night's stanley cup playoffs, a marathon match-up in nashville. the sharks and predators needing three overtime periods to decide game 4 of the second round series. mike fisher nets the game winner just over 11 minutes in the triple o.t. 4-3. that series is now tied at two games apiece. the stars even it up against the blues after a 3-2 win last night. they only needed one overtime period to get it done. in houston, the astros ought to be looking to the stand for some unrecruited talent. check out the nice grab by -- yeah, that's the cotton candy vendor. okay? that was houston -- >> did they get the pink or the blue? >> always pink.
2:50 am
they lost to the mariners last night. good news he's probably on the payroll. that guy needs a raise. >> nice little grab. >> let's go to bill karins who likes blue cotton candy. >> you like the pink? >> yeah. maybe it's a girl/boy thing. take the weather away before we get in trouble. >> have you seen the pictures out of the canada's wildfire? >> awful. incredible. >> 1,600 buildings and homes have already been burned. yesterday, they had to get 8,000 people and airlift them out to the different evacuation site. they may have to get the additional people. they evacuated once. now they may have to leave and find another safe spot because the fire continues to grow under the wind gusts. so thoughts and prayers with them. devastating situation there in alberta, canada, in may. been such a weird weather pattern. they were in the 80s and 90s when it started. now it's cooled off.
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it's been gloomy and drizzly on and off for a week straight. more steady rains this morning. i-95, you can drive all the way here from north carolina up through richmond, d.c., baltimore, philly and new york. all getting into the rain. so the morning is a steadier rain. as we go to the afternoon it lightens up then we'll get some drizzle. the yellow is the moderate rainfall over the big urban corridor cities, so airport delays are definitely likely. by noon it pivots to areas of northern virginia and central pennsylvania. the bigger cities just into some shower and drizzle by 5:00 p.m. it's another ugly day. so the warmest temperature in the country today could be minneapolis at 87 degrees. they're going to be warmer than miami and tampa. that's why it's an upside down weather map. some showers and storms moving through northern california and northern rockies. by saturday the warmth pushes to the south. cooler in the northern great lakes. chicago could have a storm. we may see a shower or two in
2:52 am
the east on saturday. mother's day will be showery but then the afternoon clears out and it should be beautiful. alex, do you have your horse yet? the kentucky derby on saturday. today is the oaks. the women run. tomorrow is when we do the kentucky derby. the forecast is looking nice. 84. should be a sun and cloud mixture. i haven't picked my horse yet. 21 horses, no big favorites. >> yeah, i have to get my hat first. then i'll pick the horse. >> that's more important. the mint julep and the hat. >> exactly. >> if we watch the horses -- >> okay. thank you, bill karins. still ahead, elon musk does it again. a spectacular launch of another spacex rocket. "way too early" is coming back.
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this morning, spacex successfully launched a japanese satellite into space and landed its rocket booster on a ship in the atlantic. the falcon 9 rocket launch and landed for the second time taking off from the florida's cape canaveral. it was remarkable. take a look. >> one, zero. liftoff of the falcon 9. >> we have launched from space launch complex, cape canaveral. we are going supersonic right now, passing through maximum
2:56 am
dynamic pressure. vehicle has completed the throttle down and throttled back up. >> and it looks like we have -- [ applause ] >> that is cool. arsenio hall is suing sinead o'connor for suggesting he provided prince with drugs. in a facebook post on monday the singer said that investigators looking for the person who supplied prince with prescription drugs should question hall. she also accused the comedian of drugging her years ago. the $5 million defamation suit states he has not had contact with her in 25 years and that malicious statements by o'connor are false. we'll end on a lighter note this morning. a seattle man arrested with a monkey on his back literally there. it happened after he was clocked driving about 112 miles an hour. he crashed his car, he ran from the scene.
2:57 am
but witnesses say he returned to get his pet. officers caught up with him. police held the man, but released the animal to the family member. he was only engaged in monkey business. he said it, not me. well, i guess i just deid. coming up on "morning joe" why paul ryan is not ready to support donald trump. and then ben carson joins the conversation. "morning joe" is just moments away. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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