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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. and i hope to, though, and i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify this party. >> this is another sign of the steep challenge trump faces in trying to unite a party whose leadership he has been bashing for the past year. but can ryan and his fellow house republicans really afford to snub the man? their party's voters just chose as their candidate. also on the agend adjust how many defections will there be. >> we're as prepared as we've ever been. if we had the rnc of today four years ago, i think mitt romney would be president. >> new comments from republican national chairman reince priebus. he says the party will find a reason to come together in the end. but it's not just ryan who is holding out right now. one of john mccain's top allies says he's going to vote for
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hillary clinton while mary madeleine, a longtime strategist says she's going libertarian all because of trump. and they are hardly alone. we have a very interesting number of the day coming up. it will dive into that question of defections and unity. and rounding out the agenda, the hunt for a running mate. the man in charge of heading the search was on "morning joe" moments ago. >> it makes sense if you are a political outsider that you would want to have someone in your administration who was very familiar with the inner workings of the party. >> we are going to show you more of what ben carson said trump is looking for. also, we're going to talk to a congresswoman who has thrown her own hat into the ring as a potential trump pick. all of that, much more ahead. we begin with the top story. the number one republican in washington, house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready to
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support his own party's nominee for president. >> this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, of jack kemp and we don't always nominate a lincoln and reagan every four years, but we hope that our nominee, as far as to be lincoln or reagan efrk. saying we're unified doesn't unify us but taking the principles we all believe in, showing that's there's a dedication to those and running a principled campaign that republicans can be proud about and that can appeal to a majority of americans. that to me is what it takes to unify this party. >> trump responded to paul ryan. i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they've been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first. and trump with more to say on this subject this morning, we're going to play remarks from just the last hour in just a minute. we also have news from his campaign this morning.
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his spokeswoman katrina pearson saying if paul ryan doesn't support trump then ryan shouldn't remain speaker of the house. take a listen. >> if the republican speaker of the house does not come around to supporting the republican nominee, do you think that paul ryan is still fit to be speaker? >> no, because this is about the party. paul ryan needs to be -- he's the leader right now. we're told donald trump is only the presumptive nominee. so, really, it's incumbent on paul ryan to help bring unity to the party. >> as all of this plays out, trump is winning over some previously skeptical republicans, too. both rick perry he vigorously campaigned for ted cruz and against trump. now he says he will endorse donald trump so does rand paul. top republican donor sheldon adelson also throwing his support behind trump. nebraska governor pete rickets. his family has been prominent in funding the stop trump movement.
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he is also going to endorse trump. and indiana governor mike pence who in the final days of the primary campaign in indiana threw his support behind cruz now he says he's with donald trump. some republicans certainly moving into line with their pending nominee. jacquon jacque -- jacob rascon. what is going on there to make that paul ryan announcement happen yesterday. what it means going forward. jacob, in nebraska, so donald trump with a lot more to say this morning than just that response we talked about last night. >> right. and he repeatedly promised and vowed he was a unifier. he now has the chance of a lifetime to prove that. his latest tweet takes on something else speaker ryan said. he says speaker ryan said i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it.
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i won it with millions of voters. one of his main campaign messages or styles has always been that he's a counterpuncher and he's showing that even with speaker ryan. and this morning he admitted that even though he and speaker ryan have spoken on the phone several times that he was surprised by what happened yesterday. take a listen. >> i was really surprised by it, and it's fine. he can do whatever he wants to do. it's fine. i was surprised by it. many other people were surprised by it. he talks about unity. what is this about unity. and with millions of people coming into the party, obviously i'm saying the right thing. i know we're meeting next week, but -- >> you and paul ryan? >> we're meeting next week. >> wanted to meet next week. >> what your going to talk about? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> you had him saying that and his surrogates, one of them saying he shouldn't be speaker if he's not going to support him. then dr. ben carson this morning saying he was personally very
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disappointed in what speaker ryan said. and one thing to keep in mind as well is why some of this may be playing out. remember that within 24 hours of becoming the presumptive nominee, donald trump changed a couple of key positions. one of the minimum wage and the other besides minimum wage -- minimum wage and then something else. his tax plan on the top 1% saying that he could see taxes being raised on the top 1%. steve? >> jacob rascon in omaha on the trump beat. jake sherman, congressional reporter at politico. a story up on their website. how ryan decided to ditch trump. that's a great entry point here. >> he went with his gut. anybody who has been watching ryan over the last few months. i've pressed him on this consistently. he keeps breaking with trump at specific points. when trump comes out and says he wants to build a wall.
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he wants to bar muslims from the country, ryan has come out against it. i kept asking, how are you going to support a guy who you basically don't agree with on any issue. now we're seeing like a big -- this is the biggest break of the campaign honestly. and he spoke to his advisers on wednesday morning just 24 hours after he basically got the nomination in indiana and just came to a cold political calculation that he cannot support this guy right now. trump will have to come to the hill and try to make inroads with ryan. what ryan is doing is very smart internally for this internal political situation. he has 247 members of the house republican conference, many of whom have no interest in supporting trump. he's giving his members the space to oppose trump and to basically save their own careers in november. >> donald trump will have to come to the hill, make some kind of overture here. what could he do? you have been asking ryan about all these disagreements.
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they seem pretty fundamental. how could they come together? >> it's not clear to me at all. ryan will have to do some gymnastics or whatever to get to a place where he could support trump. i would see and this is not based on anything -- any specific knowledge but i could see that ryan says, i'm for the nominee but my focus will be on house republicans and keeping the house republican majority. he's not expected to do a lot of campaigning for donald trump in the first place. john baun boehner didn't do a tr mitt romney. he did some. this shows the divide. ryan is really where most house republicans are. they don't like trump. they find him offensive and think he puts their majority in jeopardy. >> this new comment from katrina pearson saying if paul ryan doesn't line up with donald trump, paul ryan shouldn't be speaker. will there be pressure on ryan because after all, republican voters did choose donald trump. is there some pressure there where he's going to have to come around eventually? >> yes, there will be pressure, of course. but the real good thing for ryan
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is most people in the house, those are his constituents, the 247 members of the house republican conference, those people are very supportive of paul ryan. and that's what matters for paul ryan at this point. also keep in mind paul ryan is looking at 2020. he's looking at the long-term horizon of his own career, even if he won't admit it because he wants to run in 2020. that's a big open secret. so i guess he's probably willing to take the short-term hit to preserve his own integrity when it comes to his own political prospects in 2020. >> jake sherman with politico. thanks for the time. let's turn to david frum, a former speech writer. you've written about how donald trump has broken with orthodox conservatism in the paul ryan era. this is a fundamental break. talk about those key differences on policy between the two of them. >> back in the summer of 2015, i
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had a conversation with the gatekeeper to one of the major republican donors. he said for the fifr time in my life, i think this party is really going to split. we've had divides before and quarrels but an actual split. i put that in a notebook and quoted it in a story in september. i think my friend was right. this is what a split looks luke. even if there isn't a formal third party candidate. you'll have an internal retreat where people are withdrawing their support from the nominee. ryan and trump are divided by issues of substance. ryan does advokuwacate a much m traditional republican policy. a lot of it reasonably rejected by republican voters. they want medicare. ryan is a big advocate of more immigration and amnesty for those already here. that's rejects. but ryan has been a force for ethnic inclusion, for more responsible approach to government and like so many he's
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appalled by trump's character and temperament and manner. >> can you see a meeting point here? one thing paul ryan is known for is this ryan budget. it talks about cuts to the safety net. talking about medicare, social security being on the table. trump is saying not on the table. i want to protect those. there's a fundamental difference there and on immigration, too. is there a meeting point? >> unfortfortunately, the meeti point is trump moves toward ryan on many of the things ryan has not been a healthy force but does not move on the issues ryan has been best. i can imagine trump dialing back his views on immigration and his views on entitlements and taxes. but he will still be the same donald trump. he's a man who has been on this earth for a long time. he's not going to change his character. and that's the thing i suspect many professional republican politicians really object to. >> i'm curious. you are a republican. where do you come down onnis in when you look ahead to the
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general election in the fall. what are you going to do? >> parties exist for a long time. presidents are in office for four years. eight years. the united states has had disappointing, unsatisfactory presidents before. and i think in the scheme of political possibilities inventod this planet, american liberalism, not my favorite, not the worst. >> interesting. >> i wanted to ask, too, you served in the bush administration. we had andy card, the chief of staff to george bush 43 on yesterday. he had some interesting comments about what he thinks donald trump needs to do now in terms that we say there is no relationship between trump and the bushes but this is what trump needs to do when it comes to the bushes. let me play that. you are saying it's possible, you aren't there yet but it's possible you'll support donald trump? is that fair to say? >> well, he's got to demonstrate a little bit of respect for the leaders of the republican party that made a difference to the world and helped lead the united states through some phenomenally difficult times.
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and ronald reagan, george h.w. bush and george w. bush were three presidents i worked for. i was a witness to how hard it is to be president of the united states and the tough decisions that have to be made. i want him to demonstrate a little sympathy, find some empathy and have the courage to be a leader that requires you to be the leader of all the people all the time without trying to be the most popular leader all the time. >> you are very familiar with george w. bush. does donald trump need to do that? could he do that? would it make a difference if he did that? >> there is room to run away from george w. bush because george w. bush still remains -- republicans are very divided about his candidacy. and -- his presidency. and one thing that made trump strong was the ambivalence that a lot of republicans feel about the bush presidency. a lot of unresolved issues. and there was -- another thing that made trump strong was the bush policy formula didn't work the way republicans wanted it to. lots of spending.
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big tax cuts. lots of migration. republicans are rejecting many of those things. but what andy card was asking for was some sense from donald trump that he understands that he's part of an institution in which other people also have a stake. and that what people are not doing is signing up to follow the great leader donald trump. that they are accepting donald trump if they accept him as leader of a party. and the party will be here after he's gone. the party has a future beyond him. paul ryan mentioned lincoln and reagan. hundreds of years after president leaves office, his legacy defines the party and the country. >> david frum, senior editor with the atlantic. thanks for the time. >> thank you. coming up -- how abouting th this. connie chung. the legendary anchor and reporter going to talk about the state of politics today. she had a famous interview over 25 years ago who now just so happens to be the presumptive republican nominee for
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president. and speaking of donald trump, he's begun to compile a short list of potential vice presidential candidates. a candidate that just might be on that list is going to join me next. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this.
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some people seem to be surprised at the suggestion that many of the people who are potential vice president picks could be women. why should that surprise anybody? i mean, half of our population, more than half our population is women. so we all recognize that. that's not an issue. >> that was ben carson on "morning joe" a short while ago talking about the search for donald trump's running mate which he is helping to lead. in addition to talking about women as potential candidates he also said trump is looking for
6:19 am
someone who knows the inner workings of congress. my next guest is someone who would check both of those boxes. tennessee republican congresswoman marsha blackburn joins me. look, you were asked about this a couple of weeks ago. you said anybody would consider that offer. is it something, if donald trump or ben carson called you n said would you like to be on the list? would you like to go through the process, is that something you would do? >> steve, the individuals don't say no to public service. with that said, i would be a most unusual choice. and nobody knows. pundits make lists. people make lists. i think dr. carson and mr. trump know who is on their list and who they are going to have conversations with. the bigger point is what we have to do is come around our nominee and make certain that we defeat hillary clinton in november. and that donald trump becomes the next president of the united states. and that's the goal. >> so you are ready to rally
6:20 am
around him. you are rallying around him. >> yes, i am. >> the leader of the republicans in the house, paul ryan, says he isn't yet. i want to play what katrina pearson said about that just a short while ago. let me play this clip. >> if the republican speaker of the house does not come around to supporting the republican nominee, do you think that paul ryan is still fit to be speaker? >> no, because this is about the party. paul ryan needs to be -- he's the leader right now. we're told donald trump is only the presumptive nominee. so it's incumbent upon paul ryan to help bring unity to the party. >> do you agree? if paul ryan does not support donald trump, the republican nominee, he shouldn't be speaker of the house? >> steve, there are a couple of points here. first of all, i think we as elected officials need to go into listen mode and hear what the american people, what our constituents, what republican primary voters have said.
6:21 am
they want to see change in washington. and second, i think we need to give a little time and space. and make certain that mr. trump and speaker ryan and other leaders in the republican party have the time to come together and to work on some policy issues and then let's package that. have a great convention. have a wonderful campaign in the fall. make certain we keep the house and the senate and that we have a president in the white house so that we can get some things done for this country. >> there are, though, some pretty serious policy divides between paul ryan and donald trump. between a lot of the republicans who have been saying, i could never support donald trump and what trump is putting out there. as a party, you have to put that platform together. the most controversial proposal domd trump has put on the table is the temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. if he tries to put that in the
6:22 am
republican party's platform, would you be okay with that? >> well, i chaired the platform committee, served as one of the three co-chairs for that in 2012. and there will be great debate and conversation around these issues. the point is, do the american people want us to temporarily halt that program so that we know who is coming in the country, and that we have a vetting program to verify that individuals are who they say they are. now most people want to see some common sense vetting brought to this process. is it a platform plank? i would say probably not. i would say dealing with the immigration issue at large is probably going to be a platform plank. winning the war against isis is something that you want to see there and making certain that we know who is coming into our
6:23 am
country. but this is a policy difference, and this is something you're going to see some solutions brought. senator sessions has done a great job leading the discussion on that specific issue. >> this is from our principles pac, one of the groups align against donald trump in the primaries. this is something democrats, people around hillary clinton are looking at saying this is what we're going to now try to do to donald trump. this is an ad they ran about his comments on women. >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. >> women. you have to treat them like [ bleep ]. >> this is how donald trump talks about our mothers, our sisters. >> our daughters. >> they are saying they'll take words like that that donald trump has used in the past and they'll throw them right back in his face this year. is that going to be a problem with him? >> i think for women, the greater issues are national security, jobs and economic security.
6:24 am
and they will be very forgiving. there are things i wish mr. trump had not said or statements that would not have been made but more people are saying the big issues, securing this country, focussing on individual freedom, getting the economy rolling again. making certain that we are pushing power and money back to the states. and looking at a smaller, centralized federal government. those are achievements that people want us to see recognized in the next four years. there are things that they want to be able to say we did it. we left this country in better shape for future generations. and they know that this country is on the wrong track. people are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, and i think that we're going to be able to get past a lot of this. unify, have a great convention and a great election in the fall. >> marsha blackburn from tennessee. a lot of talk about whether republicans are ready to support trump. she is all on board. thanks for the time. coming up, we spoke about
6:25 am
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. love the publicity. >> i hate the publicity. >> oh, get out of here. >> i hate it. did i ever once call you and say, connie, we have to do an interview. >> do you feel like a philanthropic person? >> i do. >> you know people don't believe that's. >> i think people believe it. it gets to a point where some people can never be satisfied, connie. perhaps you're one of those people. >> he may look a little different but that sounds like
6:29 am
the same donald trump we know today. that was 26 years ago back in nine 90. it was "saturday night with connie chung" on cbs. that's one of the many headline grabbing interviews that have defined connie chung's pioneering career in television news. she covered richard nixon's demise as president during the watergate scandal, anchored "nbc nightly news" in los angeles and nightly news at sunrise and the cbs evening news. the first woman to anchor that program. eye to eye with connie chung and a correspondent on "20/20." and she also had her own show on msnbc called weekends with maury and connie. i think i got that same time slot a few years later. connie chung joins us now. >> it's so exciting to be with you, steve. because i am, i think, the president of steve kornacki groupies. i mean, seriously.
6:30 am
>> frightening sounding name there. we'll give you a sweater to commemorate it or something. >> i was going to wear khakis, a button down shirt and crew neck sweater because that's what's the groupies wear. >> it's comfortable. >> steve kornacki groupies. >> i'm alarmed to hear that term even put out there. we played that interview coming in. i was on this show, the andy cohen show on bravo. they made me the bartender. but he dug up that clip we just played of you interviewing donald trump. it's amazing to watch. it's 26 years ago, but that is the trump style right there. hasn't changed at all. >> not one bit. he tries to bloviate, dominate and as a reporter you really need to keep peppering him with questions. and, well, that's what i did. at that time, you know, he was still married to ivana, the first one, and then the very
6:31 am
next day after we did the interview, he announced a divorce. and we -- so he was -- we were just interviewing him because i don't know why. i have no idea why we decided to interview him. after it was over, he was not happy. he was truly -- >> this became like a public controversy. he was bashing you in the press. >> just the same way, remarkably, he did an interview with joan rivers soon thereafter, i think, and he used the same words to describe me as he had with megyn kelly. so it was really, he has not expanded his vocabulary when it comes to women reporters that he wants to disparage. >> what do you think the -- we always talk about he is a media character. he's learned to master the media. he did it with megyn kelly, with you, what is the strategy there, do you think he's following? or is he just lashing out
6:32 am
because he can't help himself? >> it's inexplicable to me. i don't know what he -- what it is that evokes that's kind of reaction. i've heard lots of politicians and they come in three categories. the ones who really hate us. the ones who tolerate us and the ones who use us. very smartly. in other words, they are complete and total ways to do that. to use the news media to your advantage. >> which category do you put him in? >> he's in a category of his own. i think sometimes he -- well, he switches. love, hate, whatever. >> he uses it. the media -- >> oh, yes, without question. he's a combination of all three. i think he does despise us as many do. i mean, look at where we stand in the country. something like 6% consider us to
6:33 am
be -- >> he knows how to touch the country's dislike of the media. the media, congress. i'm looking ahead to the fall. there's going to be debates. hillary clinton and donald trump. from a news media standpoint, if you were going to be one of the moderators or if one of the moderators asked you advice, how do you handle donald trump, what is the answer to that? >> i think that the most critical thing is to do follow-ups. a lot of the debates didn't quite allow as many follow-ups because of the time constraints. i would love to see some follow-ups and to always have your facts right at hand. in other words, there are so many inaccuracies uttered by all presidential candidates. it just is flowing. that i would love just the way on pardon the interruption when they later -- do you watch pardon the interruption?
6:34 am
>> sure. >> at the end there's a guy who is the truth squad, and he, beep, and states facts. >> you want one of those guys for the debates? >> exactly. i little beep and then we'll know what was inaccurate. but the whole program, i mean the entire debate would be overtaken by buzzers. >> we focus on trump here. but hillary clinton. you covered hillary clinton as well, 20 years ago. the first lady. now here she is. has she changed or do you feel you're watching the same person? >> she's the same. she's very smart. the first time i had close contact with her was when she was pushing her health care plan as first lady. and she sat there with, you know how aides are always right behind the candidate, the politician or congress person and they are constantly, the actual politician is whipping the head around at -- looking
6:35 am
for answers because it's not in that memory bank. she never got whiplash. >> always prepared. >> yes. however, there's that side of her i found that was so incredibly paranoid and cautious because i later saw her at some other event, another small sort of debriefing, similar to the one before, and i simply said to her, you know, one on one, i said i'm tracking you. meaning i'm, you know, following whatever you are going to do next. and she looked at me as if i was -- i said i'm stalking you. so there's this -- >> that's -- she does not trust the media. >> no, no, no. so he's one of those who doesn't trust us, doesn't want to have anything to do with us. the ones who are the smartest are the ones who use us.
6:36 am
in other words they understand the relationship between the press and leaders. rockefeller, nelson rockefeller who was vice president under gerald ford loved us. if we peppered him with tough, terrible questions, he would fight back and it just showed how smart and feisty he was. richard nixon thought that we were all out to get him, and probably he was right. >> some enjoy it, and some sort of withdraw from it. it's an interesting dynamic. >> exactly. and set up a shield which is really not smart to do. >> connie chung, it's so great having you here. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> i can't wait to see you. every time you're in front of the board and you're going and this and this and look at 67% and -- >> and then it malfunctions. >> aw. >> and i have an on-air
6:37 am
meltdown. connie chung, thanks for coming in. we'd love to have you back. rachel maddow will be live in burlington, vermont. her special guest, bernie sanders tonight 9:00 eastern here on msnbc. coming up, we turn from the political horse race to an actual horse race tomorrow. the 142nd run for the roses. the kentucky derby. we'll go to churchill downs and talk picks, odds, all of it with dave "down the stretch" johnson. "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that.
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i will as i said many times, i support the nominee of the party. y i've repeatedly said the things i don't agree with him on but i'm a happy warrior. i love campaigning. i love being here. >> that's john mccain yesterday talking about donald trump, whether he can support him. and when you hear that term, a hostile takeover of the republican party by donald trump, this is the number that
6:41 am
tells you that's what this is because this number 4 is our most important number of the day. what is four? four is the number of former living, former republican presidents or nominees for president who at this moment are not supporting the presumptive republican nominee for president. check this out. mitt romney, the 2012 nominee. he gave a speech. went out of his way to deliver a speech castigating donald trump. warning republicans, pleading with republicans not to nominate him. mitt romney says he'll be nowhere near that convention or trump ticket this summer. john mccain's comments yesterday. donald trump went after john mccain so personally on his status as a war hero. mccain says he called himself a happy warrior. he'll support the nominee. mccain running for re-election to the senate. has to be careful not to alienate those trump supporters. george w. bush, we had a statement from him yesterday
6:42 am
saying he's not going to have any role this fall. george w. bush his brother jeb attacked so personally, so effectively by donald trump. george h.w. bush, jeb is his son. george h.w. bush saying, hey, i'm retired from politics. don't look to me on this one. and then bob dole. bob dole in 1996 republican candidate for president. he's actually said some nice things about trump at least compared to ted cruz. ted cruz is the one dole didn't like. this is a fresh statement. we'll have to wait and see how the convention plays out. usually it's automatic. the republican party picks a candidate in tgs primaries. all the former presidents and former nominees get behind. but this year at this moment, donald trump is the presumptive nominee and four of them are on the sidelines. we'll see if that number shrinks between now and election day. coming up, the legendary dave "down the stretch" johnson joins me to break down tomorrow's 142nd kentucky derby.
6:43 am
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to the jerry sandusky sex abuse case has revealed an alleged new connection to joe paterno. freshly unsealed court documents reveal an insurance company's claim that in 1976 a child allegedly reported to penn state's head coach joseph paterno that he was sexually molested by sandusky. the paterno family responded in a statement saying the legendary coach has once again been smeared and demanded a full public review of the facts. penn state could not respond due to the ongoing nature of the litigation. sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison in 2012. that's the same year joe paterno passed away. paterno never charged with any crimes. the rose garland is ready and horse racing fans have their sights set on louisville, kentucky. 20 horse goes head-to-head tomorrow. the 142nd run for the roses.
6:47 am
the kentucky derby. last year's race made history when american pharoah won on his way to the first triple crown in 37 years. dylan dreyer is at churchill downs. >> hey, steve. excitement is building. i'd say excitement has been building since last year when american pharoah went all the way to become the first horse in 37 years to win the triple crown. i was there at the belmont when he did it. it was just, by far, the most exciting experience i've ever had in live sports. and this year everyone is, of course, going to be keeping an eye on victor espinoza, the jockey for american pharoah last year. he could win his third straight kentucky derby if he wins tomorrow. he's on a relative long shot whitmore. bob baffert was the trainer for american pharoah and has mor spirit this year. but everyone is kind of saying the front-runner will be nyquist this year.
6:48 am
7 for 7 of his past races. so he is certainly the one to watch as we go into the 142nd running of the kentucky derby. as for american pharoah, he's living life as a stud in lexington, kentucky. i got a chance to meet with the horse and the farm where he's a stud at. he put on 170 pounds. he is, you know, rolling in the hay three times a day. he's doing his job as a stud out there. but excitement is very high for tomorrow and we'll see how it all goes. anything can happen. it's the fastest two minutes in sports. and we'll all be watching. coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. >> get your bets in. dylan dreyer, thank you. coming up, we'll do our own kentucky derby preview. i'm going to have a costume change showing you part of it here. we'll be joined by the legend, dave johnson. if you've ever heard a kentucky derby call over the years, some of the best ones were called by him. he's going to join me. we're going to break it all
6:49 am
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down the stretch they come! digging in at the rail. worldly manner with jerry bailey. charismatic train by lucas on the outside. charismatic on the outside takes command. on the inside, in the middle of the track he is flying but charismatic holding on to win it by a hair. >> one of the all-time great kentucky derby finishes right there, the year 1999, the horse charismatic. you remember him, a 31-1 long shot, charging to an improbable victory and now it is that time again, the first saturday in may, churchill downs, the run for the roses. did i mention mint juleps too. the 142nd running of the kentucky derby is tomorrow. i'm all dressed up for the
6:53 am
occasion. this is what i call my otb parlor look. i think they'd throw me into the infield with this one if i showed up like this tomorrow. it is going an a tough act to follow. last year american pharoah won the kentucky derby on his way to the first triple crown in 37 years, since the horse affirmed. who better to join me than who called that finish and called so many others through the years, mr. down the stretch they come, steve johnson is here. i always associate you with this event. it's that trademark down the stretch. what's it like when you're calling the kentucky derby and you get to say those words? >> well, of course, 20 horses and a big crowd and up on the roof. it was like nothing else. the great walk down memory lane
6:54 am
hearing charismatic's call. >> when the long shot comes in like that, you get to cash those big tickets. for so many years the story was are we ever going to have another triple crown winner. 37 years was the gap. now we have one. the last time we had one we had three in five years in the '70s. is there a chance we could have another string like that? >> i guess if there is a horse that could do it it might be the horse called nyquist, the presumptive favorite and i'm ready to endorse him but not bet him. >> these are the entries, 20 of them in the kentucky derby tomorrow. you've got the post positions there, you've got the horse names, you've got the odds. i will circle it if i get this to work. anyway, nyquist is the favorite, number 13 there, at 3-1. tell us a little more about this horse. what do you like about him? >> he's won all seven of his starts. he's trained by doug o'neill who
6:55 am
won with i'll have another a couple of years ago. he's done everything so far but, steve, i can't bet a 3-1 horse. east and west, on the west coast we've got a horse called more spirit. gary stevens will be aboard. he's 12-1 so i sort of like that one. >> i'm putting some of your picks up here right now. >> and exaggerator who won the santa anita derby, circled the field, looks like the jockey for his brother who is the trainer keith knows how to ride this horse. on the east we've got outwork. mohaman who didn't win the florida derby but it was an off track so those are the long shots i'm looking for. best of the east, best of the west. >> and the nature of this race, 20 horses, that's a whole
6:56 am
variable in and of itself. you get so much traffic, you get boxed out, you get crushed on the rail. >> the number one post position has never been good but you never know what's going to happen. it's a mile and a quarter. these horses have never been that far. it's up to the jockey to negotiate the right route after the mile and a quarter. >> these are dave johnson's picks. i'm also going to put steve's can't-miss lock of the century. i agree with you, throw the favorite out. exaggerator, it was an impressive race at santa anita and i put destined and more spirit in there. >> first of all, exaggerator won a million dollar race as a 2-year-old. i've been watching this horse a couple of years. destin is a good horse too. >> dave johnson, it's been fun. thanks for stopping by. >> i love the outfit. >> thanks. kentucky derby tomorrow on nbc. you're not going to want to miss
6:57 am
that. still ahead on msnbc today, it's the return of the road warriors, hallie jackson, katy tur, kristen welker. i'll be there too. i won't be dressed like this but you won't want to miss this. a truly fun, interesting hour about how this presidential race is unfolding. jose diaz-balart up next. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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7:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good friday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. first this morning, republican rift. the most powerful members of the party not coming around to their new standard bearer. house speaker paul ryan, mitt romney and the two most recent republican presidents saying no to donald trump. >> i'm not there right now. and i hope to, though, and i want to. but i think what is required is that we unify this party. and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from