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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBCW  May 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," who's the boss? paul ryan said he's not ready to endorse. >> i am not there right now and i hope to though and i want to. we unify this party. >> you talk about unity but what is this about unity? millions of people coming into the party obviously, i am saying the right thing.
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>> coming up, we'll talk to one of donald trump's top advisor, paul manafort. growing pain, priebus is in the war with trump for control of the party. >> it is the party's party. the party is and was and remain the republican party so i am not -- i don't buy into that. >> and family ties despite telling nbc's lester holt, he wants to keep the campaign rhetoric at a high level. >> the clinton's administration at which hillary was definitely apart, she was apart of almost everything, almost, i said, not everything. almost. terrible. i didn't think of virginia
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thought like that. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> good day, i am andrea mitchell in washington, we are standing by for breaking news at the white house. moments from now, we expect president obama to come in and talk to us about the economy on the hills of this morning of weak jobs report, we'll bring you the president's comments as soon as he walks into the white house. paul ryan is a major obstacle for donald trump. who's in charge here? the presumptive nominee or the house speaker? joining me now is paul manafort, thank you for being with us. your reaction to paul ryan's comments, what is he waiting for? >> he said and frankly donald trump has said that he's prepared to meet with the party to begin talking about how we
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unify with the party and taking on clinton in the fall. this is part of the estimate of a very difficult election here with donald trump. he learns from a feel ield of 1 candidates and he has now the highest vote in the history of politics. that strong mandate is build the raw vision and program that he laid out on the campaign trail that's adopted in the primary process which is still not over and only going to pilot more trump wins. now, the goal is donald trump indicated this yesterday was to reach out leaders of the party in washington and begin to put together the team to run in the fall. paul ryan's comment was surprising to us. we already indicated that we are coming to washington next week and talking to public leaders and working closer with chairman
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priebus that's been working with us, the party with the candidacy of donald trump. so things are going along fine as far as we have concerned. several people hesitated and many people have not. rick perry who was a candidate, scott walker, he supports the nominee and the number of the nate. we are comfortable that the process is moving forward. we are comfortable after meeting next week with the leadership, we'll continue to some date and unify. >> what do you think of both presidents, bush 41 and bush 43 and mit romney and john mccain, he said he will support the nominee but he's focusing on the arizona senate race. private meetings which we heard
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the audio of, he thinks trump at the top of the ticket will make his race a lot harder. >> you hear that always at the end of the presidential process, i have been hearing that for years. very soon as the party unifies and the nominees that people will be glad that he's at the top of the ticket. the reason he won overwhelmingly in the primaries because he expanded the space in the republican party with thousands and thousands of people to participate in the republican party to vote for donald trump. that strength, those capabilities are going to help the republican ticket. the examiner reported today that he's dismayed and not supporting donald trump and worried about demagoguery. trump's meeting with paul ryan
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next week, i guess wednesday now, but he has not talked to ted cruz or john kasich. >> mit romney lost the presidential election he should never lost. it is not something that's going to happen with donald trump. donald trump has got a vision and he shows the capability to expand. we think there will be more ways for us to win. the electoral is not going to shrink, it is going to grow. >> we heard last night the joke that he told in west virginia about hillary clinton suggesting what happened in the past with bill clinton. he told lester holt the day before that he was going to conduct this on a high level. do you think that fits the description of a high level of campaign? >> we are still even thoug
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though -- the presumptive nominee of the party, he's still involved in the primary process which is a different type of election than we are beginning to pivot. people yesterday they are looking at the candidates to be nominated. the campaign in the next month or so, you will see us focusing on hard differences between hillary clinton's vision for female and talking about failed k econo economy, she's been apart of the mess and donald trump is talking about changing the mess. we are comfortable if we begin to build the contrast and as we get closer, we'll talk about serious issues and serious differences between the candidates. >> donald trump on cinco de mayo treated o tre tweeted out a greeting that says hispanics love me. a lot of people reacted and were
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offended by that. >> the humorous, it was acknowledged by trump that he recognized of the day of support to the hispanic community. >> do you think he could be more sensitive not stereotyping to different ethnic groups. >> it was a holiday. >> i want to ask you about vice presidential selection, we are getting mix messages, one of your spokespersons suggested that first of all, it would be consideration of a democrat and others said no. let me show you what some say are mixed messages coming from the campaign. >> mr. trump, i know you are considering a lot of people. would you rule out the right kind of democrat? >> i would rule them out.
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if there is a democrat who strongly upheld the constitution and believe the the personal speedometer and a hand out for others and strong military, i want to talk to them. >> what about a democratic on the ticket? >> everybody will have an opinion. i will listen to just one person as far as how the process is going forward and that's donald trump. >> you think having a political person would make sense given he's an outsider and a business person. he's looking for somebody that's able to maneuver washington and understand washington and somebody that got political experience that in his mind, indicating compliments and his skills set, he will be the president. the most important thing is what donald trump and not a selection of vice president will show you his vision of how somebody can help to complete the ticket but
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the people is voting for only one person and that's donald trump. >> people here today said paul ryan should not be speaker given by what he said so far by donald trump. >> there is going to be a difference. the key is how we come together to unit the party, everybody is going to have an opinion whether something that was incorrect. the important thing is ryan said he's prepared to support the presidential candidate. he wants to talk about some things. he's not responding to what ryan said. what ryan indicated when we reached tout washington and in his office was -- the important thing to remember is donald trump just won an enormous victory among 17 candidates where with an historic number of
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votes. he's a very strong nominee. his vision and his program that he laid out is not something that is a question, american people have said that they like what he stands for so he comes in washington to talk and find the party with a strong support behind him and support the people who can elect the president of the united states. >> do you think his saying now he wants to raise a billion dollars, raising that kind of money, does that conflict with his brand of being self funded or being against political fund raising and the way things have been done? >> no, not at all. when he was running for nomination, he was individual running against the nomination for the republican party. now, he's going to be the nominee of the republican party, he represents not just themselves but represent the party structure and all the people that's running in other republican ticket.
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it is his job is the leader of the party to make sure the party is equip with the resources that's necessary competing against democrats. the role has changed. he has proven he put his money where his pocket is. people appreciate that and now we are on a different campaign where it is political structure against political structure and as the leader, he has the responsibility. >> from the dni and the agency saying briefing would go to hillary clinton if she's the nominee. the fact that you in the past represented in your business life of russian allies and ukraine and russian forces, do
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your past clients conflicted anyway in the intelligence briefing as donald trump and the nominees are going to get? >> and what about your past clients? >> i don't have anymore clients. >> do you have any conflicts or do you think of the people you represented in the past? >> no, i don't represent them anymore. >> and are those classified briefings would not be shared with you. >> i have no implication of that. >> and, finally, going forward, do you expect that he would make the effort to reach out to some of his rivals. the man he called lying ted cruz, there is no conversations between them. what about john kasich, are you waiting for them to call or should he try to reach them or perhaps he has already? >> he has conversations against the candidates. i would expect that he will be
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interested in talk to all of them. >> how big of an issue do you think the e-mail controversy is and the fact that some of hillary clinton's closest days have been interview with the fbi. do you have any expectations of when this will wrap up or do you think she would be interviewed and this whole controversy will come to an end. >> the problem for hillary clinton is this ties into the problem of her candidacy of the e-mails and controversy and the classified information and all issues of her character will be part of the campaign. this rule is apart of that narrative. >> paul manafort, i know you are a busy man, thank you for taking your time out to talk to us. coming up, we are waiting for president obama coming into
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? we go to the white house briefing room with president obama. >> seven years later, april 2016, our economy ended 165,000 new jobs. that makes april the 74th consecutive month of private sector jobs growth in america. over that job growth our business created 14.6 million
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new jobs in all. wages have been rising at an an yul rate of more than 3% this year. the employment rate has been growing and unemployment has been falling and wages have been risin rising. the global economy as many people ahere are aware is not growing as fast as it should be. you are seeing lengths in growth in placing like japan, europe and now china. we got to do everything we can to strengthen it and the good trends and to guard against some dangerous trends in the global economy. if the republican congress join us to take steps that are common sense then we can put some additional win at the backs of working americans. to create new jobs, they should invest in our infrastructures and roads and bridges and
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schools and water maintenance. some of you joined me when i went to flint this week. it was a great example of the kind of work that's out there to be done. we could be putting people all across this country back to work with huge multipler effects across the economy if we start to invest in infrastructure that makes us more productive to reward some of the hardest working in america. congress should raise the minimum wage. this is something that'll not only help those individuals getting a bigger paycheck but that means they're spending more and that's a boost to business. they should pass smart new trade rigs and congress should reform our tax code to promote growth and job creation which includes causing ways for loopholes and simplifying tax codes for everybody.
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i have been talking about this for a while. only congress can fully close the loopholes of wealthy individuals, all too often taken advantage of. if they are getting out paying their fair share taxes, that means the rest of us have to shoulder that burden. i put forward plans repeatedly to do exactly that. close loopholes and make sure everybody is paying their fair share which would not only give people the confidence in the system but would be good in the economy. it would make sure families and small businesses, we don't have fancy lawyers or accounts are being treated the same as corporations who do. i think it is fair to say that congress will not act on a big tax reform plan before the election that we are shutting down some of these loopholes, what my administration has been doing is looking for expense that we can take on our own to make the tax system fair.
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in recent months we have seen how big a problem, corruption and tax evasions have been around the globe. we saw what happened with the release of the panama paper which we have seen the degree of which both legal practices that are still unfair and bad for the company as well as illegal practices that in some cases fall the ferry activities continue to exist and spread. so, come banding this kind of tax evasion and strengthening the global financial system has been a priority of mine since i took office. to give you an example here asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share.
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taxes that they rightfully owned. we taken several steps to make th sure that our tax laws are enforced. as a result, thousands of individuals have come forward to pay the taxes that they owe in interest and penalties. today we are building on those efforts and i believe that you heard from treasury but i am to amplify what they told you in details. number one, we are requiring banks and other financial institutions to know and verify and report who the real people are behind shell corporation that sets up accounts at those institutions. one o f the main ways that companies avoid taxes is by setting up a bunch of shell corporations and making it
9:22 am
harder to trace where money are flowing and what taxes are owed. we got to step up and get that information. second, we are plugging a gap in our tax rules that foreigner can exploit to higher taxes to evade taxes. the treasury department and the irs are proposing rules to make sure that foreigners cannot hide behind shell companies foreign insi forming inside the united states. these actions are going to make a different and allowing us to tracking financial flows and making sure that people are paying taxes that they owe rather than using shell corporations and offshore accounts to avoid doing the things that ordinary americans, hard working americans are doing everything and that's making sure that they are paying their fair share. having said that, we are not going to be able to complete this job unless congress acts as
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well. i am calling on congress to ask the legislation to require all congress forms in the united states to the treasury department. that's going to help law enforcement better investigate from that financial crime, i am calling congress to provide the justice department with additional tool to investigate corruption and i am calling on the side in particular senate erraer rand paul to stop blocking the implications of tax breaks that's been pending for years. so, we are going to need to cooperate internationally because of tax evasions and
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avoidance and money laundering. it is taking place from a global financial system. it makes it harder for us to crack down. if we can combine the actions that we are taking with the new tools that i am asking congress to provide the justice department and treasury, these actions will prevent tax evasions and prevent terrorist financing and uphold the fundamental principles of our economy. you should play the same rules as anybody else. thanks, i will take questions. >> mr. president, what's your reaction to donald trump becoming the nominee of the republican party, please? give us the delegate mass, do you think it is time for bernie sanders to step aside on the
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democratic side? >> well, with respect to the republican process and mr. trump, there is going to be plenty of time to talk about his position on various issues, he has long record that needs to be examined. i think it is important for us to take seriously of the statements he made in the past, but most importantly and i speak to all of you in this room and as well as the american republican, i want to emphasize that we are in a serious time and this is a serious job, this is not a reality show and this
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is not entertainment. it is a contest for the presidency of the united states, and what that means is that every candidate and every nominee needs to be subject to exact standards and genuine scrutiny. it means that you got to make sure their budgets add up. it means if they -- it is actually plausible and that that he have details on how it would work. if it is completely i am plausib imp implausible and would not work, the american people need to know that. >> if they take on an issue that could threaten war or has the potential of amending our
9:27 am
critical relationships with other countries or would potentially break the financial system, that needs to be reported on. the one thing that i am going to really be looking for the next six months is that the american people are effectively informed about where candidates stand on the issue and what they believe making sure that their numbers add up and making sure that their policies are embedded and that candidates are held to what they said in the past. if that happens, i am confident our democracy will work. that's true whether we are talking about mr. trump or mr. clinton or bernie sanders or
9:28 am
anybody else. what i am concerned about is the degree to which reporting information starts emphasizing the spectical on the service. that's something we cannot afford. american people, they got good judgment and good instincts as long as they get good information. on the democratic side, let the process plays itself out. you mention the delegate math, i think everybody knows what that math is. i think senator sanders has done an extraordinary job that raised a whole range of issues that's important to the people and the american people. i know that at some point there is going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and
9:29 am
bernie sanders about how we move forward towards the convention. the good news is despite the fact that during the course of the primary, everybody gets chippy, that's natural. the good news is there is a pretty strong consensus within the democratic party on the vast majority issues. there is some disagreements of tactics and disagreements of political strategy or policy nuance but both sector of bernie and hillary clinton believed that every american should have health care and so do i. both candidates believe that we should invest in our infrastructure and raise the minimum wage and put our people back to work.
9:30 am
both believe that we should pass a conference of immigration we form of our policy and making sure that we are improving our legal immigration system and making sure that our order is secure and also that we continue to enjoy the incredible boost that we get from attracting talents from all around the world. both candidates agree that we should be pertinet. if you look at 95% of the issues, they are stronger out there. you don't see the same kind of divisions between the two democratic candidates that remain that you have been seeing in some of the debates. >> what did speaker ryan's comments tell you of the state of the republican party. how do you guys fellow
9:31 am
democratic have to run against donald trump to have a win? >> well, i think you have to ask speaker ryan of the implications of his comments. there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. the standard at the moment is donald trump. and i think not just republican officials but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. both are going to have to decide if that's the guy i feel
9:32 am
comfortable with representing me and what i care about. i think folks who historically have been concerned about making sure that budget adds up and we are responsible for government finance. just have to ask if mr. trump's budget works? those are questions that republican voters and more than republican officials have to answer. and, as far as democrats, i think we run on what we are for and not just what we are against. for the last seven and a half years, we have been clear on what we believe will help working families who are struggling out there.
9:33 am
although it has been difficult to get through and get things done. the truth is they continue to be prescriptions that will really help people. making sure that families get paid sick leave and early childhood education, that would help families and raise the minimum wage, that would help a lot of people and rebuilding infrastructure will put guys back to work. those are good jobs that cannot be exported. now is the time to do it. i want democrats to feel confident about the policy prescriptions that we are putting forward and the contrast i think will be pretty clear.
9:34 am
i will leave it up to the republicans to figure out how they square their circle. all right, i am going to take two more questions. >> what's your message of the democratic voter who yet to cast their vote, who maybe hesitant to vote for the democratic front runner of the ongoing e-mail sc scandal and investigation and also, did you see donald trump's taco bowl's tweet. >> i have no thoughts on his tweet. that'll be true for the next six months. you can file that one. [ laughter ] in terms of democratic vote coming up, i am going to let the voters cast their ballots and
9:35 am
not, you know, try to medal in the primaries that are remaining. let the process plays itself out. we'll know for sure and it is not going to be that much longer. >> on the infrastructure, not long before -- dc metro was closed for over 24 hours. i am wondering what that says of the national's capitol as opposed to 24 hours and it is having a number of safety related problems and what can your administration do if republican for standing away of the infrastructure bill providing funding or any more support for such a critical service? >> well, first of all, i know this is some what an interesting question, a bunch folks here take the metro. it is just one more example of
9:36 am
the investment havs have been m. dc metro has been a great strength of this region. overtime we under invested in maintenance and repairs and the substance that are taken now referred to the department of transportation, but i cannot say safety comes first and we want to make sure safety concerns are addressed. we got bridges, we got roads, we have ports and airports, we have water maintenances and pipes as we saw in flint and suffered from neglect. and, in many parts of the
9:37 am
country we still rely on systems that we built in 30 or 50 cases hundreds of years ago. the reason we have been negle neglecting them is not because we adopt know how to fix them or not aware of the need, we have known for years now that we are two trillion dollars short in terms of infrastructure repairs. i talked about this when i came in office and sought to do more of investing of infrastructure. the problem we have is the republican congress has been resistance to relate taking on this problem in a serious way. the reason is because of an ideology that says government spe spending is necessarily bad. i addressed this one when i was in flint.
9:38 am
with that mind set of that ideology led us not investing in things that we have to do to get it. as you point out, this nation's capitol economically is actually doing swvery well. it does not matter how tough your paycheck is, if you have been taking the metro and it shuts down for a month and now you are stuck in traffic trying to drive to work instead, you cannot build your own metro system. you cannot build your own highway or airport. and, so we have a specific problem with investment in infrastructure, now is the time for us to do so. interest rates are solo and there are so many contractors
9:39 am
and construction workers that are under employed at the moment that you can actually get jobs done on time and on schedule. it would give a boost to our overall economy because we know when we spend a dollar in infrastructure, we'll get a bigger bank for the bucks in term of the economy overall, surrounding businesses and suppliers and food trucks and everybody does better. it gives us a huge boost of the economy and it lasts for a long time. think of the investment that we make the think of the hoover dam and the golden gate bridge or the metro. it is a good thing to do. it is a good thing to do and historically should not be apart of it. but, if we have in the mind set that says whatever the government is doing must be bad then these are going to be the
9:40 am
results. it is going to continue to get worse. it is already tough in parts like flint. you are seeing this kind of infrastructure problems springing up in communities across the country. it does not distinguish by race or region. everybody needs roads. everybody needs airports. hopefully, this will prompt a conversation. the last thing i am going to say about this, this is as good example of making sure that candidates are speaking to this issue as you go into the presidential election. i put a specific proposal for how i would pay for additional investment. the numbers add up, and so the
9:41 am
question is out of the remaining candidates for the presidency to tackle this, how do members in congress to tackle this. what's the republican agenda? do they have one and how do they pay for it? do they pay for it by medicare. if they do, that needs to be flushed out. the consequences for working families need to be explained. >> all right, thank you everybody. >> as the president leaves the briefing room, we heard him say this is a time for serious issues and not a time for reality show when asked about donald trump now being the presumptive nominee. joining me now the washington post, chris cillizza, welcome all. murray, first to you, msnbc and
9:42 am
nbc news having a new battle round map that donald trump is the presumptive nominee and some big changes. >> yeah, it shows hillary clinton, end up having a electoral votes. 190 in the republican column and what's interesting is we look back at our 2012 map, of course, we all know in october, barack obama ended up winning the vote by 24 points. democrats start out with a significant advantage and when you look at other things to be able to get the 204 votes, you need to win colorado or combination of virginia. democrats have multiple routes of 270. >> halie jackson, you have seen it on the road of the crowds that gathered for donald trump and places where i was in west
9:43 am
virginia, he's reaching out to a new group of voters that have been in the past more likely to turn out to vote democratic. >> right, people reaching out and many of them and the number shows this too has not been engaged in political before. he's bringing in new people in the tent. you look at places like iowa and new hampshire and you heard bring bus ta priebus talking this morning that he can flip places like minnesota or oregon. the crowd that he's bringing in are big and strong. you go to these places and you talk to -- i was in new york and i was chatting some folks who were a long time independence, they were looking towards sanders and donald trump. these states where trump is trying to compete. >> he's also the same time i
9:44 am
alienating large group of people and recently of the tweet that the president did not want to discuss about the taco bowl. >> but, it is a one day special for the cafe. >> it is neither here or there. he says he keeps on bluffing and no one is calling him out on this bluff. the trend that he's trying to run now would absolutely been on his side 50 years ago when those demographics on his side. he's 75% white voters to win. that's almost impossible. mit romney got 63% and that was the most we have had. when you look at the electoral map and pennsylvania and when you start looking at places like wisconsin, they now have an electoral vote of 4% that are
9:45 am
hispanics. so we are talking about the margins now. if you look at the new emerging group of americans, latinos and asians and muslim americans and single women, it is almost impossible to figure out what his math is except he wants a bigger marking form and making money post election. >> jonathan, do the democrats missed being over confident given how this year has been. >> absolutely andrea. talking about polling of trump voters and the further away from the polling agency from the person, the more honest the person was. if someone to ask person to person, if you are voting for trump, that number was lower. trump's support could be much greater than we can even anticipate. with that being said, you know people showing up at trump's
9:46 am
rallies, not all people there are supporting donald trump. i had a friend who went to trump's rally in north, he's a business owner and he wanted to see the show with his own eyes. i have to agree with marie teresa while the demographics are not on donald trump's side in terms of flat out stats and numbers, if latinos and asians and african-americans do not come out with the number they came out in in 2012 or 2008, that provides the opening for donald trump. >> we talked about this. the white vote has been shrinking in every general election since 1992. the path i think for donald trump and halie touched on this.
9:47 am
it has to be a lot of voters we don't know about that fit in trump's profile. it is possible that he gotten more than 10 million votes in the primary. if it happens and marcus addressed this. if it happens, it happens in minnesota, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, the industrial midwest. i fine it hard to believe that donald trump would run terribly stronger in a place like virginia or colorado or nevada. these things have significant hispanic populations. you know people say -- sure, his message for a core republic republican -- if you are a hispanic american, i don't see how donald trump can all of a sudden can that i thichange the. yeah, everything i thought about it is wrong. >> he's doing it among
9:48 am
republican women. there is going to be a strategy among the democrats to go. the other thing that we have to really talk about is the first time that we are not going to have the voting rights act and protecting individuals at the polls. we are starting to see a lot of sh shanigans and long wait lines. how do we prepare for that? if you would ask me what is the biggest concerns of the work we do is blocking people have participating. >> you will see that in north carolina and texas and other states that have had issues here. jonathan, we heard from secretary kerry today in the commencement speech calling out donald trump not by name but saying this is time when we don't need carnival barkers or don't need people who want to
9:49 am
turn in ward. you are seeing more rhetoric coming from the obama cabinet as well as the president today. >> well, because secretary kerry is on a plane constantly and he's traveling all around the world. he's hearing from world leaders and myself having that in brussels a month ago for the brussels foreign europeans all want to talk about donald trump. one they are fascinated and two they are concerned about whether donald trump's presidency would mean for the united states but what it will mean for the united stat states' role in the world and relationships with europe in whole and individual countries. if that's the conversation that's happening in europe, you are certain that it is happening on every continent on earth. >> thank you, mark, jonathan and halie and chris sicillizza. we are following breaking news right now.
9:50 am
two shootings in suburbans. they were shot outside of a popular shopping mall. they are reported in critical shooting. the second shooting has been killed. outside the super market where a woman is shot and her condition is not known. pete is joining me now with more, do we know any relationships between these two incidents? >> reporter: the first shooting is in the west fall mall in montgomery county. you can see the sign there. it happens just after 11:00 this morning. witnesses say that a woman was getting out of her car when a male approached her and started to talk to her and she began to walk away and he shot her. witnesses say the two men who came to her aid apparently did not know her were shot and wounded. we heard conflicting reports on
9:51 am
the condition o f the women they were all taken to the hospital. about 35 minutes later there was a second hoshooting in the sam northern suburban area of washington dc. the aspen hill shopping center. these two are about ten miles away but given the heavy traffic here in the washington area and the weather today, it will take a good half hour or maybe 40 minutes to drive from one or the other. so it is possible the two are related and that's one thing police are investigating. also, andrea, looking into whether these two shootings today could be connected to one happened last night in a parking lot sbuburban in washington hig school. a woman was shot and killed and he has been named as a suspect in that shooting and now there
9:52 am
is a question about whether today's shooting could be related to that. no confirmation of that and it is something they wiare lookingt based on the number of factors and so forth. the high school parking lot shooting last night does not involve the student that's unrelated to the school. the women, the victim did work for the school district. the police say only they have a person of interest. they have not identify who that person is. we cannot say for spernt thcert it is the same suspect from last night's shooting. we know it is something they with looking at. >> according to a tweet from the montgomery county police, the female victim in the aspen hill shopping center shooting has in fact died. there is one fatality according to the montgomery county police. i know that you will stay on top of this.
9:53 am
james is joining us now, what do you know from your law enforcement perspective here in we got two incidents and we don't know they are related but we know the distance involved could easily have these two incidents be the same shooter. >> it could be andrea. police force are working with them are the top force in america. they are going to be all over this looking at pete said with the shooting last night outside the school. is the suspect in that case, do they know his whereabouts and is he responsible. they have to look at it last night and today and was that as pete describes an attempted robbery on abduction or random killing or was it related last
9:54 am
night and you have the third one as you described in the half hour later through the washington dc, traffic. they could be but it does not mean they are all are. it is a challenge for detectives but luckily we got a top team on here. >> jim, what are the first thing they'll be looking at presumably? >> yes, they're going to be picking up any bullet casings if they are available if the person uses an automatic pistol. if he use a revolver they don't leave casing so they'll look for that. to find the project tile and the bullet inside the victim to be matched to the gun.
9:55 am
these are nice shopping center, this is suburban washington and they're going to have a lot of cameras and there will be eye witness and they'll be pulling all that together. >> this is the up scale neighborhood and one of the wealthiest community in the country right across the border of washington dc to the north of washington dc. the ar it had the best school system and expensive housing and these are expensive retail areas. >> right, exactly. sometimes you have crime happening, we don't know here what exactly happened but we had a shooting last night of a domestic situation and the police have said maybe they're looking for a husband or want to
9:56 am
question a husband. sometimes you have a situation where there is a murder and the person is not apprehended and then they sort of going on a rampage and they have nowhere to go or don't want to go home and rob people and trying to go on sprees. police will have to look to see if those are related. did something happen last night and now the person is on a rampage trying to get away or trying to get a car or money and all those are open questions. we don't have the answer, of course. they are tight geographically and police in montgomery county and washington dc are trying to work together to pull this. >> thank you very much for your expertise. we understand the briefing is at 1:30 eastern time and we'll bring all this live to you as we continue to follow the shooting in washington dc.
9:57 am
that does it for "andrea mitchell reports" on this busy day, kristen welker is up next on the latest shooting in the dc area. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve yo wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way.
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with humira, remission is possible. good afternoon, we are following breaking news, two shootings in suburban washington this morning. the first three people of two men and one woman were shot. all are reportedly in critical condition. the suspects in this shooting remain at large. there was a second shooting. i want to get to the latest now from pete williams. what's the latest here? >> reporter: the second shooting was in another parking shopping center aspen hill which is also in the suburbs north of washington in maryland. what we were told is three people were shot in the first shooting which happened about 11:00 this morning at the westfield mall in montgomery county maryland in the suburbs of