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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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not be related as well. >> why are the schools on lock-down? >> out of an abundance of caution, i believe. i don't speak for the schools. they make that decision. i believe out of an abundance of caution, they've decided to go with that decision. as i stated earlier, it's raining. the children wouldn't be outside anyway. so we're continuing to communicate with them and they are with us. >> what's the relationship between the person of interest and the person killed here, do you have any information that indicates any sort of suspect description, such as body armor, pennsylvania plates? >> i can't -- i can't right now. i'm not able to confirm that right now. >> can you tell us exactly, as far as you know, what transpired in this parking lot and if you know what transpired out side
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the giant in aspen hill. what happened? >> investigators are still looking, interviewing the witnesses as well as the two remaining victims who are alive. i should state that the male is in critical or grave condition and the female from this location has non-life-threatening. two more questions. >> any leads on the suspect? >> no. >> are you currently chasing leads on the suspect's whereabouts now? >> that is something the investigators would be doing. >> question being asked. >> that's certainly a possibility, but there are defensives here that i can't get into. differences here that i can't get into. the next briefing will be in about an hour. i appreciate your patience and
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due diligence in only getting out accurate information to the community. thank you. >> brian williams here with you from new york. that was a captain of the montgomery county police department, to set the scene a little bit, montgomery county prosperous mostly bedroom community for many many people who live in that area to work in washington, d.c. adjacent to it, prince george's county, those are for today the crime scenes. at this point, let's bring our justice correspondent, pete williams, back into the conversation. for viewers who may have joined us during or after the press conference. pete, set the scene here. what we have, correct me if i am wrong, is a double fatal, two different locations? >> from today's events, yes, brian, the possibility that it's connected to yet a third one last night. what's happened today is about 11:00 this morning, about 11:10,
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a man approached a woman in the parking lot of the westfield shopping mall in montgomery county, maryland, and according to some witnesses ask her some questions and she continued to walk away and he shot her. two people who may be related to her came to her to give aid and they were shot and we've just been told by police officials, one of those two men who came to her aid has died. one fatality from the first shooting today, about 35 minutes later, there was a report of a second shooting in another shopping mall -- also in montgomery county, the aspen hill shopping mall. it's about a 35 to 40 minute drive away, so it's possible the two could have been carried out by the same person. a woman was shot in the parking lot of that mall outside the grocery store and she has died. two fatalities out of four people shot and wounded today.
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that's one thing we learned out of this news conference today. the second scene, what he's talking about, the picture you see on the left side of your screen, this man, eulalio tordil, 63 years old, officer now on administrative leave assigned to the federal protective service suspected in the shooting of his estranged wife in prince george's county maryland, that happened about 3:30, 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police say she was at the school picking up her children. these two had been in a custody batt battle. she had filed a protective restraining order against him earlier this year. there was a dispute about custody and because of that restraining order he was put on administrative duties and administrative leave in march and required to surrender his
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badge and credentials and weapons and nonetheless, police believe he still had guns and they accuse him of shooting his estranged wife last night. the question is, is he the person of interest in the two shootings you see on the right side of your screen today at two separate shopping malls in the adjacent county. police are not confirming that but actively looking into it. it's fair to say that's their working assumption at this point what they've been led to believe. he also said, tantalizing at the end of the news conference there are difference between today's shootings and yesterday's he can't get into. they're not conclusively linking the two, operating under that assumption but can't say for certain and what we're being told in non-public sources as well. >> pete, this is a good time to talk about what the federal protective service is. it's seay to say for the mill n
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millions of people who will make washington, d.c. a stop on summer vacation this year, they will see them without particu r particularly noting that it's them. what is their job and how big a force? >> washington, d.c., as you know, from your time here, is a wash really in law enforcement organizations. in addition to the local police department we have, which is called metropolitan police force, there are a number of other federal agencies, capitol hill, the secret service, the white house, many agencies have their own. federal protective service is part of the department of homeland security under recent government reorganization and responsible for security of building entrances. you often see their cars sitting outside, foreign diplomatic p t posts here, that's their job. his responsibility, we're told was as an inspector with the federal protective service
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basically overseeing the contractors the government hires. many of the people you see look at your bags or run you through metal detectors when you enter federal facilities are contract employees and his job was to oversee them, we're told. >> they often look like, to the untrained eye, like the unifo uniformed members of the u.s. secret service down to the fact that they drive white squad c cars. >> correct. >> their officers on post wear white uniform shirts, a lot of it is not dissimilar. >> right. you will see them driving around town in cars marked that say federal protective service. probably, that's the only thing you would be able to tell the difference. >> pete, thank you. jim cavanaugh, former special agent in charge of the chalcoho tobacco and firearms administration is with us. no notably, jim was around during the washington, d.c. sniper
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case. it has nothing to do with this case, jim, except, speaking of i c conography, these live pictures of shopping center and mall parking lots, in this part of the world, for those of us who were around then, can only bring back one memory. >> no, that's right, brian. i can't say enough about the montgomery county police department and its detectives, of course the law enforcement in the whole capitol region, prince george's county and surrounding counties and state police and maryland will be involved and federal partners as well. you have top cops here, top departments, great the detective bureau s, they're on it and trying to get the answers you and pete were just discussing. the biggest one is, is it the same guy. you posited that at the top. the biggest question is the
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spent cartridges at these three sce scenes. if they can match that up the answer is it's a center if it's the same weapon. if they know that, they can focus with the public that this is the guy we want, this is the gee on a spree. the second most important thing i'd be looking as a commander is that witness that's alive the female in bethesda shot in this shoulder and she had some discussion with the shooter, what were the questions he asked her 12346789 that would be critical to know his mindset. we know he's suicidal, from bel beltsville, anyway, that killed his estranged domestic partner because he said suicide by cop. he didn't commit suicide if it's him. he lived all night and showed it again. it has some ambivalence to it. they may want to do it but don't want to do it right now. what was he trying to do? shoot the woman? did he say, i hate you or want
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your car or steal a purse? there's some questions the commander can use to see where he's going. did he get a cell phone? money? cash? we need to see the answers to those questions. they'll be putting that together really quick. >> jim, one more question about cop stuff on two fronts. number one, i'll go out on a limb and estimate most uniformed police officers have an off-duty weapon. number two, license plate readers on a lot of police vehicles in this country, most of them unknown to the public, they present like radar guns. i think a lot of people assume they're radar guns, are hugely helpful when you're looking for this, in this case, a silver rental car. >> you're exactly right, because those computerized tag readers can alert an officer, a trooper, maybe even sitting on a highway
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in pennsylvania if this guy gets real mobile that he's wanted or that's a stolen vehicle. the danger is that this guy can go out, get some isolated motorist, kill them, take their car and nobody knows the person is missing for hours and hours and hours and then he can go somewhere else. if that car were to go past a uniformed vehicle there's no alert because it's not a wanted car. he's operate writing he could be hours ahead and that can be a deadly combination for him. you have to try to get ahead of him is what we try to do in the d.c. sniper case and try to get ahead of them and you have to get inside their head to do that. that's what the detectives are trying to do right now. him being a police officer, he has some skills, he has training, some knowledge. doesn't mean he's the end all ee all, he's not rambo.
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has more than the average citizen or criminal. he may be traveling around without a cell phone because he knows they can be tracked. he can use small things that may help him stay free for a little while. >> jim cavanaugh, part of our coverage. i mentioned the d.c. sniper case, he was deputy incident commander back then for the atf and intimately involved with it. jim also made the point in our coverage in the last hour, that for those watching too many cop sh shows, a semi-automatic, like a 9 millimeter j will eject shells, hugely helpful, as crime scene evidence, where a revolver will not. let's go to the scene where we just saw the briefing. michael rosenwald of the "washington post," has been kind enough to join us by telephone from the montgomery mall. all these scenes look familiar to people who live and work
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there or spent any time there. let's start with conservative drive time between today's two issu issuedings, giant food so well-known to people in thes s a aspen hill shopping center and the montgomery mall. two shootings. >> thanks. you're looking at 15, 20 minutes if you're in a hurry or maybe do it faster. these are locations within proximity of each other right outside the beltway. >> is there anything -- often after an official briefing we can buttonhole a police captain or pil or commander. is there anything you've learned, not to scoop your paper, over and above what was just shared with the news media at the briefing? >> that's an interesting observation, brian, about buttonholing them, it's pouring rain, so most of the officers
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are at the mobile command post. it's a very wet situation. the only officers really outside are the forensic ones trying to make heads or tails of the physical evidence given the driving rainstorm that we're in. >> at minimum, again, to use cop talk, after yesterday's shooting in pg county in beltsville, we have an edp, emotionally disturbed person out and among the people. i guess questions one and two today, were these random? is he going after people from his life? are there any fiberous or tenuous ties between yesterday and today, correct? >> the incident last night obviously, you know, was family tie. these incidents today seem more random than that. in fact, asked is this kind of
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like the d.c. sniper situation when this area was terrorized by these two men shooting people rand randomly? the officer's answer was, there's some similarities but there are differences he couldn't discuss. they do say it's unclear whether or not he had any connection to any of the people he shot at the mall or potentially at the other location. it does seem to be a little bit different, in terms of last night to today. >> michael rosen wawald, thank very much for joining us on a pouring rain day on the east coast from what we now know has become a murder scene, this and one other parking lot, along with yesterday's attack, that makes three, and that's what police are chasing down right now. for those just joining us, there are sadly, of course, murders in this country everyday. this is of special note for
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several reasons, its proximity to the national government, the seat of power, and the fact that these shootings today may, may be tied to a member of law enforcement, not just law enforcement, but an arm called the federal protective service, a uniformed division, part of the department of homeland security. obviously, this is a changeable investigation, a changeable circumstance, in addition to friends of ours like michael, we have our own correspondents and crews there, and we will keep you up to date on this story, of course, throughout the day and the evening. erica hill continues our political coverage after a break and reminder we will continue following this wrebreaking news story all day. almost there.
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i just want to emphasize the degree in which we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment, this is not a resalt show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> president obama there with his most pointed remarks yet on the 2016 race and the candidacy of donald trump. good afternoon, i'm erica hill. the president also commenting today on the war for the soul of the republican party, that battle now between donald trump and house speaker, paul ryan. >> ask speaker ryan what the implications of his comments are. there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taking place inside the republican party
11:21 am
about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. i think not just republican officials but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> in terms of deciding if this is the guy for them, we have some breaking news to share with you about who will and won't be supporting donald trump, also, who may not be attending the convention this summer. in just the last hour we learned another person who is not ju jumping on that trump train is senator and former presidential candidate, lindsey graham and there are also reports vice president dick cheney will in fact support donald trump, said he supported the candidate every year and will do so for 2016. the faceoff between paul ryan and donald trump with this st
11:22 am
stunning chestun ing declaration from the speaker. >> i'm not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to and i want to. i think what is required is that we unify this party. >> i was very very surprised. he talks about unity. what is this about unity? will millions of people coming into the party, obviously, i'm saying the right thing. >> jim joins me from the white house. he was in that briefing with the president earlier, one of the things we heard from the president was him calling on the the media and saying, we really need to talk more about what we hear from donald trump. what was he talking about specifically? >> just about every aspect of the donald trump campaign so far actually. now that donald trump is in fact clearly the republican presidential candidate to run against presumably hillary clinton, president obama pretty much, for the first time, let
11:23 am
loose, and in fact, it almost sounded as if the president himself was running against donald trump. >> every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and again scrutiny. it means that you have to make sure that their budgets add up. it means that if they say they have an answer to a problem, that it is actually plausible, and that they have details for how it would work, and if it's completely implausible and would not work, that needs to be reported on. the american people need to know that. they take a position on international issues that could threaten war or has the potential of up ending our
11:24 am
critical relationships with other countries, or would potentially break the financial system, that needs to be reported on. and the one thing that i'm going to really be looking for over the next six months is that the american people are effectively informed about where candidates stand on the issues, what they believe, making sure that their numbers add up, making sure that their policies have been vetted. and that candidates are held to what they've said in the past. >> reporter: at one point, the president even appealed to republican women to consider donald trump's record -- excuse me -- before they cast their vote in november. he also said at one point, look, he is confident in that democracy in this case will
11:25 am
work. which sounds clearly that he believes that he's also confident donald trump will not be elected in november, erica. >> it did sound that way in many w ways. at the white house, thank you. we want to get you to breaking news. we are just learning speaker ryan is saying he has invited donald trump to meet with him on thursday, also to meet with members of the house republican leadership to, i'm quoting here begin a discussion about the kind of republican principles and ideas that can win the support of the american people this november, the speaker no noting he and donald trump will also meet separately with rnc chair, reince priebus. carey, one of the things we've been chewing through over the last not quite 24 hours since we heard speaker ryan saying he wasn't ready yet to support donald trump as the nominee and back and forth with donald
11:26 am
trump. what has come up they're each saying it's the other's job to unite the party. and we know, they come at this party with ideals and ideas v t vastly different. what do you think of the fact that the speaker is reaching out to donald trump. >> it's impossible to overstate how dramatic these words were from speaker ryan yesterday. imagine the democratic side nancy pelosi saying she wouldn't support hillary clinton as a nominee. it's an unprecedented move. as you mentioned, paul ryan and donald trump come from not just temperament points of view but ideology points of view and trade and immigration and entitleme entitlements. house speaker paul ryan has staked his entire year about overhauling entitlements and donald trump vocal about not wanting to change a lot of those programs. speaker ryan is looking ahead to
11:27 am
future elections and said any party divided and the cardinal rules of politics, there aren't many that hold up nominee, the party that is divided is always under a disadvantage under the party that is united. we saw this in the 2014 mid-terms when they were distancing themselves from barack obama and the democratic did very importantly in those elections and we have seen it on capitol hill when they had sp t splits in their own ranks, there are republicans who would like to see a republican in the white house and like to see the party staying together are tsaying we have to find common ground. if we remain divided like this no matter what the other electoral issues are at hand we will be at a big disadvantage to a united democratic party. >> kelly o'donnell from capitol hill, you have a sense of this like few do you spent so much time there and you know these players and the way they operate. based on your sources and your
11:28 am
experience there, what do we think happened in these last 24 hours or so to lead to this announcement, to the fact that now speaker ryan is actually inviting donald trump to come talk about common ideas and ways they can together bring the party together? >> reporter: there was a front stage and backstage in politics. for speaker ryan, his initial public comments saying he was not yet ready to endorse is a way for him to buy time to send a signal to the most conservative republicans he will not just easily get on board and to try to negotiate one of donald trump's favor words with the author of the art of the deal. negotiate about what. trying to shape the future of this party during this next six months when not only is the presidency on line, so is congress. all the majority is in house and senate could be challenged, particularly on the senate side. paul ryan has been telling us he has his own sort of parallel agenda, a separate campaign of
11:29 am
ideas, values and themes that he wants the american people to think of when they consider republican candidates for the house and other offices. at the same time, sources have been telling me that trump and ryan have exchanged phone calls with each man initiating a call, so not just a one way conversation, so the backstage part of this is we saw ryan pushing back a little bit. that was followed by donald trump abruptly putting out a statement he wouldn't support this ryan agenda i just mentioned and now suddenly there will be tea and biscuits in the capitol next week. you get the sense this is a part of a process, and negotiating is something that often has that harder first edge and then people begin to come together. donald trump knows he has to do work to bring the party together. that is essential for his success but also doesn't want to alienate the voters who have been upset about washington. on speaker ryan's side, he is official washington. these are eggshells for both men
11:30 am
to walk on. there are difficult challenges here and at the heart of it, there are substantive differences. for donald trump and top advi r advisors to be in washington, that's critical. i know from my reporting they have offices springing up in the washington suburbs where there's a republican's row in virginia where a lot of republican off e offices for campaigns and ad making exist and he's trying have this outreach to members of congress, meeting and expecting more endorsements from republican governors or members of congress. this is part of that dance. it is critically important for the party, important to send signals to the voters and will have an opportunity, along with reince priebus, the chairman of the party to have conversations sorely needed for the republican party. >> interesting, what you pointed out, the importance of negotiations, we hear a lot about, the art of the deal, that pressure that can bring people to the table and one of the other things remarkable, when
11:31 am
donald trump released that initial statement and talking afterwards, he said, as you just repeated, he wasn't ready to get on board with paul ryan's agenda but didn't personally attack him as we have seen in the past. we are seeing more people st stepping out to say if they will or not support him. senator lindsey graham one of the latest to say he will not. let's take a listen? quite frankly he lost me when he said my friend, john mccain was a loser when he was captured as a loser. he lost me when he accused george w. bush of lying to the people about the iraq war and that putin is a good job. i can't go there. donald trump, congratulations, you did a heck of a thing. you beat me and everybody else. i believe the republican party has been kind here. >> lindsey graham speaking s saying he believes the republican party has been c conned. john mccain said if donald trump
11:32 am
asked me i would advise him. i won't be at the convention because i will be campaigning for my election and support the nominee. john mccain on the receiving end of some of that is in fact getting behind donald trump, kelly. >> he is getting behind donald trump for perhaps different reasons. one, someone has been the nominee of the party, is there enormous pressure to support the party. the party's voters have chosen donald trump and john mccain said he would support the nominee of the party and by extension is donald trump. that's different than embracing trump. mccain is in a tough election for his own seat in the senate. when talking about democrats that couldly. arizona is one of those often talked about because of the demographic that changed and john mccain will be on the ballot with hillary clinton on the top of the ticket for democrats and patrick, and that
11:33 am
may be additional cover to his good friend, john mccain who has a tough re-election fight. graham was in the race himself and a rival and on the receiving end of donald trump's, some harsh words, that's true. we see different sort of experiences, nebraska there still to vote. the governor there has said he would support donald trump as the nominee of the party. why is that interesting? his family, very wealthy mother has funded some of the anti-trump groups that have gone forward. there are complicated relationships throughout the republican party and choices people are forced to make they're not accustomed to in a party most typically about the next guy up and sort of an order within the party and donald trump is anything but orderly. he has been a disruptive force in the party and he's brought additional voters in perhaps and one of his big arguments and he has to try to begin to heal or
11:34 am
bandage some of the cracks and fissures caused by his unusual campaign. it's going to be interesting to watch how we calculate who's in and who's not and what impact it will have. >> obviously the impact of the voters he's brought in and the big concern he does not push any voters away, the concern for the republican party. appreciate you both being with us this afternoon. as we do begin to look ahead to the general election, nbc released its first general battleground 3457. this map shows us what a matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton might look like. the findings are not favorable for donald trump and the republicans who could find themselves starting from behind. clinton and democrats enjoy a 253-190 edge when we talk about electoral votes in this particular projection. larryis the founder of this at
11:35 am
the university of virginia. we should point out you did calculations of your own. i'm checking to make sure i have this right. you give democrats the edge 347-191, no toss-ups there. tell us more how you got to those numbers. >> sure. we based it on state polling avera averages, where they exist. and we have them in most states. national polling averages and also the demographic changes that have occurred between 2012 when president obama was re-elected and today. those demographic changes make a difference in the democratic election in many states. the first read map i read this morning is a very cautious map appropriately because it's may. the election is in november. what we did at the crystal ball was to go ahead and throw caution to the wind and push every state, leaving no toss-up, making ourselves decide whether
11:36 am
each state in the end go for clinton or trump. these state ease involve over time and i'm sure the first read map will. i salute them for their caution and still have clinton ahead and keep a lot of things as toss-ups i think in the end will go democratic. >> some things we have in the toss-up column you have in the leading democratic column. florida and ohio. two states we tend to talk about in the election years. give us a sense, why are you looking at those two leaning democratic? >> because when you look, first of all, at the hispanic vote in florida, you can see it has grown substantially since president obama won it very narrowly in 2012 and also narrowly in 2008. you have to consider where donald trump is on hispanics. i don't think, you know, twe tweeting out a photo of him e eatieat ing hispanic oriented food on cinco de mayo is quite enough to
11:37 am
change the balance there. as far as ohio goes, ohio ohio, as tim russert used to say, and ohio, which has voted with the winner 28 of the last 30 time, if you have hillary clinton doing very well electorally nation nationally, probably you have to tilt ohio to her as well. >> larry, always good to have you here. appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> a programming note for you, you want to make sure to tune into nbc's "meet the press" this weekend, chuck todd is sitting down with the presumptive gop nominee, in an exclusive interview, donald trump is chuck's guest. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statto stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand.
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11:41 am
two others injured. we learned those updated numbers from the news conference about a half ago and know the police are investigating whether the two incidents are related and questions whether or not these incidents could be related to a separate shooting that happened at a school yesterday. we want to get the latest from tom costello on the scene at westville mall in montgomery county in bethesda, where that first shooting took place just after 11:00 a.m., right? >> reporter: yes. good afternoon. this is for viewers not familiar with washington d.c. this is really metro washington, d.c. and suburbs around it. this is a very popular mall i frequent probably at least once every couple of weeks. the shooting went right down, as you can see, in the parking lot, right outside the macy's and about 30 minute or so, the second shooting occurred at another location, at a strip mall, what its really essenti essentially a grocery shopping
11:42 am
center, about 30 minutes away by driving and we had heavy rain throughout the day. at this hour, montgomery county police tactical units are working to see if they can track down the suspect they believe now is possible whiy the same suspect, between these two shootings they are thinking is the same suspect. the question is whether that this is same suspect tied to yet another shooting yesterday in prince george's county and that suspect they're looking for is you' eulali o tordil. he was in a dispute with his wife and they took his badge and gun away from him and he is now the prime suspect in her murder in prince george's county and now the question whether he is tied to two shootings, and we
11:43 am
have a total of two people died, the women who died in front of a grocery store earlier today or one man who died in the hospital after being shot in this parking lot. in total, three people shot in this parking lot and one woman shot and killed over there at the grocery store, at the giant grocery store. as you might imagine, this has put this entire area very much on edge. this is the same area racked a number of years ago by the d.c. beltway sniper and that went on for weeks, as you know, looking for that particular case. they eventually discovered it was man and young teenage boy accomplice, both arrested, one was put to death. now yet again. montgomery county, maryland, is looking for this particular suspect in two murders and possibly a third murder in the general area. >> tom costello at the scene of bethesda, maryland, at the site
11:44 am
of two shootings. we will continue to follow this, as tom mentioned. they're looking whether the two may be connected, not confirming that obviously at this hour, whether there could be a connection with that shooting yesterday at a school. we will be following all of this for you throughout the day on nbc. we'll be right back. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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back now following this breaking news, as we learned that house speaker, paul ryan, has invited donald trump, the presumptive gop nominee to capitol hill next week. we're told he invited him to meet thursday and will be meeting with members of the house republicans. also, meeting with lance priebus, chair of the rnc. the goal here is to hammer out a way forward to find some unity between the two and a way to unite americans behind the gop. robert costa is a political reporter with "the post" and
11:48 am
msnbc political analyst. this is an interesting turn of events in the last 24 hours or so. what do you make of it? >> paul ryan, speaker and donald trump the now standard bearer will huddle next week in washington. trump wants to try to repair the relationship of some of the party leaders wary of him for weeks. this comes after ryan made his statement and trump wants to make inroads in the capital. jeff sessions, is trying to arrange meetings on capitol hill to get trump not only working with the republican leadership but conservative leadership in washington. >> what do you expect in terms of this shift? one of the things fascinating to watch as all this unfolded is paul ryan coming out and saying the bulk of the burden lies with the nominee. then, donald trump saying, look, it's up to the speaker to bring things together. they come from very different sides of this. what do we expect in terms of unity, where can the two of them
11:49 am
find some of that? >> it will be harder for ryan and trump to bridge their philosophical differences, but people tell me trump's permanent and ability to be a deal-maker and hope personality-wise meeting with the speaker up close and other republicans could help trump. trump's more populous, wants to change the party's view on immigration in many way, on trade. not so much a strident social conservative. these kind of things make the party leadership wary and there's a hope trump personally his presence could help. >> trump saying i'm not ready to get on with ryan's agenda, could this meet change that for donald trump drufrl? >> it may. it's more about the face of the party. by ryan not coming to trump, he's isolating trump and giving cover to his members. house republicans have been telling me in the last 12 hours they've been going to the
11:50 am
leadership saying, let's put some distance between us and the nominee, we're in marginal seats, protect us, don't immediately embrace trump. there are internal pressures affecting he decision making. >> is it easy to see this change in such a short period of time? what are the other pressures? i imagine it's coming at him from all sides. you alluded to it from all 15 d 150i150id -- sides as well. >> ryan is coming at it from a historical privilege, raised in the reagan era and jack kemp's side in the 1990s and he wants to make sure the principled side, more movement activists wing of the party, that's preser preserved, that trump doesn't take an eraser and wash it away. >> we've seen more and more people coming out. things are happening behind the scene, we've seen more people come out in the trump camp or not in. lindsey graham came out not long
11:51 am
ago, perhaps not surprising he would not support him as the nominee. how many people do you think will wait until next thursday before they throw their hat out? >> a lot of people are on the fence, especially those in swing states. i heard governor christie is someone has a lot of party relationsh relationships, has been making calls, trying to make inroads for trump. trump has been on the road at trump tower, doing a lot of intervi interviews, trying to have a saturated presence on the air waves, trying to delegate some of these responsibilities to jeff session, ben carson and chris christie and other top surrogat surrogates? always good to see you. get some of that insight from you as well behind the scenes. as donald trump prirs to ta -- prepares to take the stage at omaha, nebraska, jacob, you've been there and at six hours before the event there were
11:52 am
people lined up to go. even as the presumptive nominee, the support is in no way dwindling. >> reporter: no. and the talk is speaker ryan. i want to show you the gala gan family made these pictures this morning, found the picture on the internet. will you turn around? make america great again. dad is not here, i'll point out, because dad is a cruz supporter. we will walk over to the johnson family. first, point out your shirts, build the wall, trump 2016, don't tread on me, trump 2016, i bite back. that is one of his themes, seems to be what he's doing with speaker ryan. what do you make of this small earthquake in the republican party? >> we're a little disappointed he didn't throw his support behind trump right away. >> i think he still has time after their meeting coming up. like mr. trump say, he's a un e
11:53 am
uniter and i think he will get the speaker's support. >> what do you think, kim, because he is a counter puncher, he did go back after ryan and said ryan is wrong about what he said to me. what do you think of this? >> we like that and think he will do that. that's why we like him. he gets his point across and not afraid. >> moving into the general election he has very high favorability numbers among different groups including women. how do you think he will overcome that and he has to to beat hillary clinton? >> that's right. i don't think it is as low when we were coming in, it is 50-50, just as many women as men. >> that is true, at trump rallies there are it seems just as many women as men. he does have incredible challenges ahead. >> jacob rascon for us in omaha.
11:54 am
thanks. earlier today, reporters pushed president obama to weigh in on the election process, and he did. >> on the democratic side, let's let the process play itself out. you mentioned the delegate math. i think everybody knows what that math is. i think senator sanders has done and extraordinary job raising a whole range of issues that are important to democratic voters as well as the american people generally. and i know that, at some point, there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. the good news is that despite the fact that during the course of primaries everybody starts getting a little chippy, i've been through this, it's natural, sometimes even more with the staffs and supporters than with
11:55 am
the candidates themselves, the good news is there's a pretty strong consensus within the democratic party on the vast majority of issues. >> president obama speaking out there. we want to turn right now to our own pete williams on breaking news the shootings we've been following out of the d.c. area. what can you tell us? >> we are looking at a scene at another shopping mall in this same area where the second sh t shooting took place. the police now say they have a suspect in custody in the aspen hill area. they identify him as the man who is the suspect in last night's shooting of his estranged wife, eulalio tordil, 62 years old, protective service officer pl e placed on administrative leave earlier this year because of an ongoing dispute with his wife. about an hour ago, there were reports a suspect had been si t
11:56 am
sighted in this area and now apparently the police say that the suspect is in custody. they describe him as shootings suspect but we don't know exactly -- excuse me, what they're going to accuse him of, whether he is suspected or is going to be charged with today's shootings. he is certainly wanted for first-degree murder in connection with the shooting last night of his estranged wife. >> that video you just saw and ask you a question and hopefully give you a chance to get a drink of water. we were just seeing video there and back up on the screen, someone it would appear being handcuffed and almost looks like the person there being patted down. is that the suspect? >> reporter: it sure looks like him. hard to say without seeing his face. >> right. >> reporter: maybe we will see his face in just a moment here. no, we're not going to. he's been placed in a county
11:57 am
police car. >> just to confirm, this is a question for our control room, are these live pictures we're seeing? >> reporter: yes. >> or taped? these are live pictures we're seeing. >> reporter: these are live pictures from the north gate shopping mall, close to the scene of the second shooting today. just to back up here the man police now say is in custody is the person wanted for first-degree murder in connection with the shooting of his estranged wife last night in the parking lot of a high school in suburban washington, in prince george's county, maryland. today, there were two shootings in the neighboring montgomery county, maryland, and also two shopping mall parking lots and one person was killed in each of those locations. the estrange ed wife killed las night and three shootings in this last two days but police haven't said whether he is
11:58 am
responsible for all three but they were searching for him since last night, since the first shooting at the high school, and we're going to wait to hear from them in a short time to see whether they now believe that he is responsible for all three shootings. they had yet to say that conclusively. that will depend on hard evidence, ballistic evidence, most likely, comparing the rounds fired in all three shootings, but it was their working assumption, i can tell you, although on the record we're saying that was under investigation, it was certainly we're told, their working assumption all three were connected because of the fact that witnesses from today ae's shootings da shootings -- >> we have go to a news conference now. >> he's been taken into custody a few minutes ago. tha thankfully it was without incident. he has since been taken to our headquarters for further questioning. we do have reason to believe
11:59 am
this incident and the one in aspen hill, potentially the one in prince george's county was in fact related. that will obviously be further vetted through the investigative process. the chief will give additional information later with the press conference to follow later this evening. thank you all very much. >> the circumstances under which he was arrested, sir. >> members of our tactical team and others conducted the arrest of the individual in question. fortunately no innocent citizens or officers were injured in the arrest itself. >> the victim here and in aspen hill related to him? >> it's all still under investigation. >> was he driving? was he walking? how did you encounter him? >> further information regarding that will be coming lawsuit later. thank you.
12:00 pm
>> reporter asking question. >> we will have more details and also there may be a location change for the next presser. we will do our very best to give you as much notice as possible about where that will be and what time that will happen. >> did he say anything about why the mall is not on lock-down? >> i'm not in charge of that. >> he was arrested in the other strip mall, the mall itself. >> in thes a spence hill area. >> he was hiding out close where that second shooting went down. >> i don't know where he was hiding out or not. that's where we located him and where he was arrested without incident. we'll have more later. >> is it the same suspect as -- >> effectively, perhaps not taking questions nominee. pete williams with us, not sure if we can get