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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> reporter asking question. >> we will have more details and also there may be a location change for the next presser. we will do our very best to give you as much notice as possible about where that will be and what time that will happen. >> did he say anything about why the mall is not on lock-down? >> i'm not in charge of that. >> he was arrested in the other strip mall, the mall itself. >> in thes a spence hill area. >> he was hiding out close where that second shooting went down. >> i don't know where he was hiding out or not. that's where we located him and where he was arrested without incident. we'll have more later. >> is it the same suspect as -- >> effectively, perhaps not taking questions nominee. pete williams with us, not sure if we can get tom costello
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there, who just asked at this press conference, where we learned about the suspect, who had been taken into custody, our own tom costello if this person had been hiding out at the second shooting in the aspen hills area, the response, i don't know, i believe it was assistant police chief mcswayne who said the suspect was taken into custody without incident and being taken to headquarters for questioning noting there was reason to believe he was connected to the prince george's county shooting talking about what those connections may be and that will require additional investigation noting there will be more information coming later today and a press conference coming later tonight. one of the things pointed out, asked whether or not the suspect had any connection or was in any way related to the victims today. the answer to that was it was not clear. at this point, we know this man is now in custody, what are they
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looking at, as we move into this next phase here, pete? >> this is now multiple murder investigation. first of all, he's already been charged with first-degree murder for the shooting last night of his estranged wife. now, they will look to see who it was that shot the people in two shopping malls in the same area today, whether they can link him to all three. that will be based on a combination of factors, witness testimony. they've been interviewing witnesses all day in the two shopping malls, and more importa importantly, ballistic evidence. they will look at the weapons that he possessed. they will look to see whether they can link the ballistics of the rounds used in today's shootings to last night's shootings. they've already connected him to last night's shooting. if they can link the weapon from last night's shooting to today they can link him to all three. those are the sort of things they will be looking at.
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he was driving at one point a rental car. that's one possible source of evidence, whether the car had a gps locator in it, whether it can be used to trace his movement and whether they can locate it at the time the shootings happened, that will be important, not conclusive but additional evidence. they will question him. he's a police officer himself. he's had a long career in law enforcement for the general services administration, and most recently with the federal protective service, a unit of the department of homeland security responsible for security at federal government buildings. he was assigned to the national capitol region. he had a washington, d.c. office. he was recently suspended. his service weapons taken away and his badge. they wouldn't have taken away other things. at one point today, it was suggested he was wearing body armor. clearly, he's not. he doesn't seem to be wearing it
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now. seems to be wearing a short-sleeve ed shirt, doesn't look like body armor northeast that or perhaps it was taken off at some point before he was arrested. we don't know the circumstances of the arrest yet, whether he was seen or somebody got the license number of the car and phoned in a tip, or the police saw it. i'm sure we will be learning that in the hours to come. the tantalizing question is are they still looking for, do they still believe there is a gunman at large from the two shopping center shootings today? we haven't heard them say anything about that. >> that is one of the many questions that we have and hopefully we will get answers, as you mentioned, throughout the rest of the day. i will hand it over to my colleague, kate snow, who takes over coverage at msnbc. >> thank you so much. we will continue this breaking news. we're working to get tom costello in front of a camera or phone. are you with us now? >> reporter: can you hear me and see me? >> i can't see you but i hear
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you. now, i see you. tell us what you learned at that press conference. >> reporter: i just moments ago got answers from pete's quest n questions. they don't believe there is more than one gunman involved in this and just one gunman they just arrested. his name is eulalio tordil, 62 years old. they believe he is responsible for the shooting yesterday in prince george's county, maryland, and then the two shootings here. one of them here in this bethesda, maryland shopping center, in which three people were shot, a woman and two men. one of those men has died. a second shooting which occurred at a shopping strip, a strip mall, if you will, where there is a grocery store. that occurred about 9 miles sorry, as the crow flies, probably 30, 40 minute drive in the d.c. traffic in this
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weather. the suspect was arrested if not in that strip shop -- shopping mall, right across the street at another strip shopping mall. that intersection there has about two or three shopping centers or strips in the aspen hill, maryland area. there's a big mall not far away and grocery stores and that woman was shot in front of the giant grocery store in aspen hill. the person was telling me the suspect was arrested if not in that strip mall then one across the street. he didn't get very far, it appears. maybe he was trying to hideout in that location. they believe this is the same and only suspect wanted in connection with all three scenes, in connection with both shootings today in maryland. one suspect, the same man they've been looking for since yesterday afternoon in connection with the death of his wife at a high school. one man who they now believe is responsible for three deaths, one yesterday, two today and there are still two people in
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the hospital in maryland, one of them in very serious condition, that is one of the men shot in this parking lot and woman shot in this parking lot, we're told is in stable condition. they are trying to also send the message to the community here, this is metro d.c., an area always concerned about the possibility of terrorism, also the same area hit by the d.c. sniper in 2002. police trying to send the message to the community, the suspect is in custody, there is no reason to believe anybody else is in danger. back to you. >> on that note, can you help us understand what's happening in that area. it's suburban maryland right outside washington. we know all park facilities were on lock-down and schools expe expected to be released on time and some in various situations they were keeping the kids safe. where do things stand now in temps of the public being -- in
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terms of the public being able to go on friday afternoon. >> reporter: as a parent in this school district we all received text messages and phone calls the schools were on lock-down and kids would stay in school and we got the recorded message saying they were being released from their schools with the exception being schools in that general vicinity where the sect shooting went down and where they found the suspect. as it relates to activity in montgomery county this afternoon, it has been raining cats and dogs today. there won't be a lot of outside activity but the schools have been released for today. >> that will be reassuring news for all those parents, tom, i'm with you. i've gotten those text notices myself. it stops your heart. the pictures we're looking at on the screen at this point, do appear to be the shooter in question they've been looking for since last night.
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eulalio tordil, 62-year-old man and they believe he was also the man responsible at this point, connected to the crimes today. >> police have told me and just the moment before you came to me, the captain with the montgomery county police department was telling me we do not believe there are any other suspects and there is only this one suspect tied to yesterday's shooting in maryland and these two shooting scenes in maryland. in total we have, as you probably know by now, three people dead over the course of the last 24 hours. >> tom costello, stand by for us. pete williams in washington, what have you learned? >> i was going to say what you lairpd from tom, other law enforcement officials saying police are no longer searching for any thought to be at large from today's shootings. the stand-downs and lock-downs and shelter in place orders l t
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lifted. it's about time for public schools to be let out for the day and all those lifted. it will be a normal, pretty much close to a normal end of the school day for students in montgomery county, maryland, suburb north of washington, d.c. the question is now going to be, why were these people shot today? what was the motive for the sho shooting? it's pretty clear what the motive is for last night's sh t shooting, based on what the police claim happened here was he was shooting his estranged wife in a custody dispute. the two victims initially shot in all these incidents were women. we have no reason to believe at this point that he knew any of the victims today. there were two victims at the shooting scene and we were told they were people who tried to give help. was there a coincidence they
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were women? was he targeting them for any reason? was he trying to invite police to come after him? the authorities at prince george's county said earlier he once made threats to commit suicide by cop? is that what this is all about? they will interview him and try to find out what the motive is for all of these things. as a practical matter, this is over. they how to believe this is all wrapped up, one person was responsible for these shootings at these three scenes. >> to clarify, did they say whether weapons were found on him when he was arrested or not told us? >> they haven't said. the question is, did he throw it away after he used it? we don't know the answer to that yet. as for the circumstances of the arrest, we're waiting to hear that. we believe the arrest actually happened about 1:45, 1:40, we're now told, that he was seen near
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a dunkin donuts at this same shopping center where you've been looking at all these pictures, this is the north gate shopping center, not far from the shooting scene where the second shooting occurred today. whether he was seen by a police officer, whether he was seen by a member of the public, whether it was the car license number. the local television stations here in the washington area have been covering this shooting situation heavily all day today and have repeatedly broadcast, and it's been all over social media, the description of his car. you see that on the right side of your screen, a silver hyundai illantra with silver license plates and it's been featured heavily in media coverage and possible someone saw the license plate. and possibility he was trying to steal someone's car to get rid of the first car aware there was
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an all points bulletin out for the car he was driving. who knows what the motive was and perhaps we'll learn more today. >> pete williams staying on top of that. it's invaluable to have you. now, jim cavanaugh, we're in a good place at 3:13 p.m. this afternoon. it's prom night in montgomery county, maryland, and you can imagine the anti-depression s y imagine the anxiety of the parents of the schools on lock-down. >> it gives a little breathing room and the sorrow for these families in the area will be prolo prolonged. what investigators can do is take a breath and don't have a rampaging killer loose and go step by step in frisk to retrieve dna from spent cartridges and fingerprints, if
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possible, ballistic information matches. he likely had the gun with him because the end game was suicide and possibly he was trying to carjack these people and the first one resisted. the the witnesses alive at the bethesda center can tell detectives what he said and two men came to their aid and one of those was killed and were heroes without question. detectives will know what he was saying to the victim in bethesda and killed a woman in aspen hill. we have to see how that plays out. i think the end game for this guy was suicide and likely had the murder weapon of all three of the deceased victims and wounded partieparties. there will be plenty of physical evidence. the case will be academic if that fits together like that. they will wrap it up with video
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and eyewitnesses and that will be proof yard -- beyond a reasonable doubt if they can put that evidence together, just one actor, the police should be salu saluted. the interesting fact is how did they come upon him? a patrol officer? citizen tip, gps location, cell phone location? interesting to hear that later today. >> we'll keep working getting those details. jim cavanaugh, former atf. the good news the shooter now in custody and those outside maryland outside washington can breathe a sigh of relief. coming up, major political news including president obama offering his perspective on the gop nominee. his remarks next. 's a drone youl with your brain,
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let's get back to the breaking news in the world of politics. paul ryan says he will meet with donald trump next thursday on steps to unify the republican party. mr. tru offering one of his toughest assessments yet what's going on with donald trump and the republican party. >> i want to emphasize the degree we're in serious times and this is a serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. what that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting
12:20 pm
standards and again scrutiny. if they take a position on international issues that could threaten war or has the potential of up ending our critical relationships with other countries or would potentially break the financial system, that needs to be reported on. there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. i think, not just republican officials but more importantly, republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> joining me now, mark halpe n
12:21 pm
halperin, managing editors of with all due respect. good to see you on a friday afternoon. you heard what the president said, september not the first time he said these things but maybe the sharpest way he has said them. what do you hear in the president's tone today? >> a certain degree of disdain and certain degree of delight. he obviously has strong personal feelings about donald trump d e dating back to when trump was the leader of the birther crusade against him. the president is probably among many democrats who does not think donald trump is suitable to the chair he currently occ y occupies and gives him disdain and has a certain amount of delight being able to see his party prosecute the case against trump and run against him in a general election. >> mark, what do white house sources tell you about the president's role moving for ward? >> does he say these things and back off or will he be involved?
12:22 pm
>> i think he will have a huge role at the convention, until bernie sanders is no longer in the running he will be somewhat restra restrained, somewhat what bill clinton did for barack obama four years ago, explainer in chief of how important the job is. the central theme is this guy is not a president, about trump, who better than a lot of americans to make that case than the guy who has that job. for bush 41 and bush 43, they plan to be silent, you have two democratic presidents talking how hard this job is on behalf of the democratic nominee and he will have to defend himself. >> it's important for hillary clinton as she goes into this general election to activate and motivate large parts of the obama coalition. large parts has been will those non-white voters, millennial voters turn out when barack obama is not on the ticket? i think obama will see it very
12:23 pm
much in his long range interests in terms of preserving his legacy to do whatever he can to try to get those folks to turn out for hillary clinton so he doesn't have to face the possibility of a republican president who might undo a lot of legislative and other gains he's achieved over the last 7 1/2 years. >> i want to ask you about this feud between trump and paul ryan, ryan saying he's not ready to support donald trump and donald trump saying he's not ready to support ryan's agenda. paul metafort said there is plan for the two to meet next week. >> paul ryan's comments surprised us because we had already indicated we were coming to washington next week to talk to republican leaders. we've already been working very closely with chairman priebus. the rnc has been working with us and developing the mechanisms for uniting the party with the candidacy of donald trump.
12:24 pm
things are moving along fine as far as we're concerned. >> he sounds like a guy who thinks things will come back together, ryan will meet with trump and everything will be okay. >> reince priebus is close to paul ryan and been and interneed air aye with the trump force. they are meeting and signs and some could say this is growing pains in the process. if ryan does endorse trump it may be more valuable now. i'm not so sure there won't be fits and starts here. the reasons paul ryan said what he said will still be true for a while. he still has fundamental problems the way trump is conducting himself. will trump change enough to ease this relationship to a better place. i'm not sure. >> i was going to say, what about ryan's future in the house? there's some people saying there will be backlash against paul ryan for not supporting donald
12:25 pm
trump. >> adding to what mark said there's policy differences between ryan and trump and difficult to see whether ryan can get to the place. there are a lot of house members who will be grateful to ryan for giving them cover and not necessarily speak out vocally with trump and cover to break with trump. there will be a lot of republicans endanger if trump turns out to be a bad general election candidate they will need that cover. there will be some upset with what ryan did but vast lly congressman happy to have a little bit of breathing room. paul ryan does that. >> what a week. hope you guy gets a break this weekend. >> thanks. >> see you monday. >> see you monday. you can watch "with all due respect" each weekday including tonight. 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. i want to bring in a republican lobbyist and former chief of
12:26 pm
staff to then florida governor, bob martinez. thanks. nice to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> not a surprise you are opposed to donald trump. you put out a letter yesterday that put to rest any doubts people may have had about you. and i want to get your thoughts on president obama's comments we just played. your thoughts. >> i don't agree with president obama on much but i do agree there is a level of dignity and propriety and decorum that goes with being a leader of the free world donald trump has yet to demonstrate. >> it's a rare day you find yourself agreeing with president obama? >> a very rare day. extraordinary circumstances breeds extraordinary events. >> you called trump a n neo-fascist, nativist, ultra
12:27 pm
nation nationalist, a racist, miss somethingnist and anti-intellectual and demagogue. you say we must deny him the presidency by not voting in the presidential election at all or voting for hillary clinton if conscience permits. what will you do? will you not vote at all or vote for hillary clinton? >> my intent is to go to the polls. if there's someone on the ballot, ben sasser or someone else i can in good conscience vote for, i will vote in the presidential election. if i can't, i won't vote in the presidential election. if i thought the election hung on my vote, i would probably vote for hillary clinton, anything would be better than donald trump. he would be a disaster for the republican party and harmful to the nation. >> you just mentioned a third party candidate, the senator, is that a real possibility, do you think? >> i have no idea. i'm one of what better called the little platoons, way down here in the provinces doing the
12:28 pm
best i can to defend the party i helped build and america i fought for in vietnam, trying to fend off a man who has all those values. i'm doing the best i can. >> you mentioned you're down there in florida. you have your ear to the ground and talking to local folks vo voting republican. do you not sense there is a ground swell for donald trump? >> i think there's no question there is a significant element of the republican party and others who support donald trump for president, angry people. people wracked by anxiety, ra raci racists, bigot, just folks dissatisfied with their lot in life and want something different. that doesn't make me want to support a charlton. let me give you one specific examp example, the cornerstone of his campaign. donald trump says he will do something, he will deport 12 million men, women and children. the united states of america is not going to round up,
12:29 pm
transport, guard, feed, house and deport twice as many people as joseph stalin was able to deport in 30 years. anybody who believes we are is a fool and anybody who cynically exploits the cred dullty of a fool is a charlton. i'd just as soon not vote for a charl leton for president. >> max, nice have your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> now, jeremy peters. quite something to hear him talking so openly about his d distaste for donald trump. where do you see this race on a friday afternoon, given what we've just heard from the president, what we've been hearing from donald trump and paul manafort earlier today on andrea mitchell reports, what are we at? >> i wasn't quite expecting to hear a stalin reference. i think that's a first. i think right now you're at this point, republican establish so
12:30 pm
to speak, to the extent that term really means anything, republican leadership in washington, the people who are charged with safe guarding republican majorities in congress realize they can't do anything to stop donald trump right now, so they need to protect their majorities. what paul ryan needs to do is create enough distance between the congressional republican party and the top of the ticket to create a little bit of a question in voters' minds, as to whether or not trump really is the republican party standard bearer or whether he is kind of borrowing the party, renting the party just for this election cycle. >> to what end? if paul ryan sticks where he was in that interview and holds out for a while longer, to what end? where does the republican party end up? >> i think there's a hope among people like paul ryan, there is split ticket voting going on, people who could never imagine voting themselves for trump, who
12:31 pm
would vote for clinton and vote for a republican further down the ballot. i don't know how realistic that is at this point. really, if you are looking at the polls and see how devasta devastating trump could be to republicans majorities in congress, if you're paul ryan, you have no other choice. >> you heard paul manafort from andrea mitchell's interview, we're going to meet with paul ryan and donald trump will have that meeting and he seems to think everything will come together eventually, what are you hearing from sources in washington, when you talk to republicans privately on the phone? >> i talked to paul manafort tuesday. remember, he was brought in to do exactly what he's doing, that is to build bridges that he and the trump campaign, others realize should have been built long ago to republicans on capitol hill, to the republican conservative think tanks in
12:32 pm
washington. that process is now just beginning. the question is whether or not it's too little too late and if there is an opening with people like paul ryan and i don't know there is. >> jeremy, good to see you again. thanks so much as always for being with us. a quick programming note at the top of the hour. be sure to catch the msnbc road warriors, our political team including katy tur, kasie hunt, hallie jackson. they have been on the 2016 trail and they have great stories, 4:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. up next, a famous face we h weighing in on the 2016 race. actor rob reiner joins me to support hillary clinton and donald trump's stance -- and president obama's stance on donald trump and personal addiction and a message he hopes to send as a father. th is until one of you clips a food truck,
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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turning back to politics, president obama has weighed in on the republican race for the first time since donald trump became the nominee, calling the presidency a serious job. >> we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> the president's comments might sound a little familiar to you. some noticed the similarity to this scene from the "american president". >> this is a time from the serious president, bob and your 15 minutes are up. my name is andrew shephard and i am the president. >> the man who directed that film, filmmaker, rob reiner and hillary clinton supporter. there was a little bit of parallel there. >> there was.
12:37 pm
>> and you have a film coming out called "being charlie" following a family dealing with addiction. i will get to that. let's start with the president. >> it is serious. this is serious business. i have said if there was anybody saying the things that donald trump says who wasn't famous, he'd be somebody, a lunatic in the park standing on a soapbox and you'd walk by. i think you know this is the only way we can chalk this off is that we have blended show business and reality and news together in such a way that we could give birth to a guy like donald trump. it's insane we have somebody that espouses the things that he does. now, it's up to everyone to hold this man accountable, like president obama said, it is serious. the things that he says mean something. so if you're going to believe that it's okay to ban all mus m muslims from this country, people have to know that and people have to ask him why and
12:38 pm
have to pin him down. it's off the charts, the kinds of things he says. >> let me ask you about the democratic side. bernie sanders says he's staying in this race. i'm sure you have friends who are bernie sanders's supporters, i know you support hillary clinton. is he making it harder for hillary clinton to win the general election in the fall? >> you know, that's up in the air. i think that of course it's more difficult if she has to fight on two fronts and all of that. the truth of the matter is he's raised some very important issues. those things have been good for the democratic party. she's going to be the nominee. she's going to work hard to make sure that his voters come on board and hopefully he will work hard to bring his voters on board. at the end of the day, it's going to be a very clear choice, hillary clinton, who is the most qualified person ever to run for office and that person that came out of this process somehow. >> you direct movies for a living, you write movie, you
12:39 pm
produce movies. could you have written this script? >> no, you could not have written this script. you can't satire rise it. it's so crazy off the charts you couldn't make fun of it. >> they've done pretty well. >> it is a field day for comedi comedians, yes. >> you talked about in your new film, there is a man running for governor and his son is struggling with addiction. i talked about thinking about getting into politics and running for the governor of california, is that right? >> yes, that is true. >> you thought about it. >> i have thought about it. i have done a lot of things in the political world and we were able to overturn prop 8 and start the process of marriage equ equality. i sat down with my family, we have three kids, my wife and i, and we talked about it. i polled 40% in my family. i couldn't carry my family. i figured that was a good indication i shouldn't run. >> you shouldn't. but you are so active. you held a fund-raiser last fall for hillary clinton.
12:40 pm
you're very active politically. this movie is personal for you as well. >> yes. "being charlie" is. it it's based on experience mic son had who had problems with substance abuse from 15 to 19 and now almost 23 and he's doing great. >> glad to hear that. >> he wrote the screen play, he and his writing partner, matt, wrote the screen play based on their experiences in rehab. >> what was that like to work on a project that was so personal? >> it was emotional and ca co r cathargic, it forced me to see what he went through, i hadn't been in the meetings and forced him to see what i was going through. >> it does. i watch it last night. it was powerful. the message how easy it is to relapse, how difficult it is to find sobriety. >> right. >> i've talked to a lot of addicts who say --
12:41 pm
>> it is difficult. for everybody, it's an individual journey. to me, the biggest problem is this cookie cutter approach, one size fits all for everybody struggling with substance abuse. there are emotional underp underpinnings to all these issues and there's a reason why people self-medicate and want to make themselves feel better. you have to work with each person as an individual. >> i guess you would say there's not enough being done, not enough treatment programs. did you struggle in your own life trying to find the right place? >> there isn't enough being done and more is being done now. because it's out there front and center, the opioid problem around the country, on everybody's mind in terms of the candidates, it's open to put a spotlight on them, you don't punish people having a problem, you try to help them with programs and don't throw them in jail but help them. >> not as a director but dad your message to other parents? >> listen to your children,
12:42 pm
listen to them, work with them, stay with them and don't punish them for a problem that they have. try to help them, find them help. >> it is a disease. rob reiner, great to have you with us, appreciate it. we have much more coming up on a very busy news day including the latest on the capture in the deadly shootings in the washington, d.c. area. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of maryland where a suspect in three fatal shootings in the washington, d.c. suburban area was taken into custody a short time ago. pete williams has been following the story. what do we know? >> his name is eulalio tordil. he's 63 years old, officer with the department of homeland security responsible for federal buildings and some diplomatic facilities in the washington,
12:46 pm
d.c. area. he has been charged with one fatal shooting, the fatal sho shooting with his estranged wife in the parking lot of a school where police say she was picking up her children after school last night. they had been separated. she had gotten a restraining order against him and he was suspended from the federal protection service in march, his badge and gun taken away and two shootings today in two separate shopping malls in the neighboring county of montgomery county, first the bottom of your screen, montgomery mall where one was shot fatally and aspen hill shopping center, 9 mealsil away. he's been formally charged with one murder last night but when he was arrested about an hour or so ago, they said they believe he's responsible for all three. we don't know what the motive was or any connection between
12:47 pm
his estranged wife and those shot today, it did seem the shootings today seemed random, whether he was trying to carjack a car or invite a police response, we don't know. we'll hear more, we think, in about 15 or 20 minutes from a police news conference. >> another briefing set to happen at the top of the hour. after the break, back to politics again, hillary clinton defending herself on all sides as attacks from donald trump and bernie sanders keep on coming, this as the president weighs in on the state of the democratic race as well. his remarks up next. the guy who uses just for men. it's me. >>no way. just for men gives you a natural gray-free look. just lather in. in just five minutes. great-looking hair, made easy. just for men. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades
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i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
12:50 pm
donald trump has two big events tonight. heading to unfriendly territory in eugene, oregon, where protests are planned. jacob, i understand there was an incident with a protester there moments ago. oh, we don't have jacob yet.
12:51 pm
we'll go back to him soon as we have him available. earlier today, president obama giving his thoughts on the state of the democratic race as well. >> on the democratic side, let's let the process play itself out. you mentioned the delegate math. i think everybody knows what that math is. i think senator sanders has done an extraordinary job raising a whole range of issues that are important to democratic voters, as well as the american people generally. >> right now the clinton campaign being forced to fight on two fronts, dealing with attacks from donald trump and also from bernie sanders, promising to stay in the race until the convention. at a rally in morgantown, west virginia, sanders did not let up on hillary clinton. >> she has established a number of super pacs. in the last filing report, her largest super pac reported $25
12:52 pm
million in special interest donations, including $15 million from wall street. [ audience boos ] >> let's talk more about the democratic side of the race with senator bob casey of pennsylvania. he's supporting hillary clinton for president. senator, nice to have you here in the studio. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about bernie sanders. at the event from last night, he certainly did not tone down his attacks on hillary clinton. he hit her on super pacs, on wall street speeches, on trade, on her vote for the iraq war. i guess my question to you is, his supporters would say, those are all valid things to be talking about right now and bringing up and making sure the party thinks about these issues. would you say he's hurting the democratic party? >> as the president said, there process will play out for a while. no question there are still more votes to be cast in a number of states. but how we get there is going to be very important. i hope senator sanders would
12:53 pm
focus on the future which, i believe, is going to be a match-up between secretary clinton and donald trump. and whether it's breaking down barriers, getting to the middle class, getting results for people, i think secretary clinton is the better candidate and can beat donald trump. the faster we get to unity, the better. >> sanders is clearly not happy with the dnc either, saying the committee that drafts the party platform is being stacked against him. wrote a letter today, if the process is sed up to produce an unfair, one-sided result, we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules for the party for the convention. should he have more say? >> we're democrat so we have these debates and fights on a regular basis. but the key thing is, we have to come together as a party, because i think the country is getting a sense now of what donald trump would mean in terms of national security.
12:54 pm
this is a time for sober reflection upon that. and i think we've got to make sure that we have a nominee that begins this process and i think it will be secretary clinton, begins this process with a lot of unity and a focus on some of the risks that mr. trump poses to the country on a whole range of issues, but especially when it comes to keeping america safe. >> we just had rob reiner on with me, talking about an issue that i know you've spent a lot of time on, the opioid crisis, the epidemic of heroin and prescription drug addiction and overdoses in this country. and i know you spent yesterday, i think we have pictures, yesterday in pennsylvania, you were in pittsburgh at a hospital where they treat babies who are born with addiction. what did you see? >> well, it's remarkable, the condition is called neonatal syndrome. a baby born addicted to opioids because of the pregnancy and their mom becoming addicted. mcgee hospital in pittsburgh is
12:55 pm
dealing with curing the mom and helping the mom, but also giving the baby the immediate care. the people in the pictures were volunteers helping those children. but we have a bill passed. senator mcconnell and i came together to direct the department of health and human services to do more on prevention and to give states help and also to make sure we're focusing on gaps in policy. so it's a start, but we have a long way to go. >> as i understand it, that bill that is a law now, passed last fall, bipartisan, as you say, but that was to ask for more study about the issue of these kids as they grow up, what's going to happen to them, how will they be impacted by being born with that addiction. you're also trying to push through another law, as i understand it, to hold states accountable for helping these women after they give birth. because right now, there's not a mechanism, is there, to force counties and local governments to help folks. >> one of the things we have to do, in addition to putting in place treatment strategies and prevention strategies that work,
12:56 pm
is to keep data. for example, in pennsylvania, they keep data on children with neonatal abs sinnen syndrome, but only those that are paid for by medicaid. that number in four years in pennsylvania went up 82% to almost 2,000 babies. >> how do you get the money for more treatment, for the help you're looking for? because congress is blocking the money. >> we've discussed this, we had a good coming-together, democrats and republicans, on the approach more broadly, not just for infants. we voted for $600 million in funding to give treatment professionals and law enforcement what they need. i hope they'll reconsider. folks at the local level need it, they know what they're doing and they don't need washington telling them what to do.
12:57 pm
>> thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. i'm kate snow and we'll continue to monitor breaking news out of the d.c. area where a suspect in three fatal shootings is now in custody. we're expecting an update at the top of the hour. our 2016 road warriors pick up our coverage. up next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i kn i could rely on american express
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let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ i'm kate snow in new york with an update on that breaking news out of maryland. right outside washington. a suspect in three fatal shootings in the area was taken into custody a short time ago. at any moment, we do expect an update from officials in montgomery county. we're monitoring that news conference. we'll bring you any information that develops, including if we get more details about how that arrest went down. but right now, the road warriors. >> they've covered one of the most extraordinary presidential races in history. >> i h