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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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surprises. with that, we'll wrap it up, but before we do, happy mother's day to all of our mothers who we are dubbing today the real warriors. >> in addition to the embeds. >> in addition to the embeds. exactly. >> hi, mom. >> hi, mom. >> and happy mother's day to all of the mothers out there watching. we'll toss it over to "meet the press daily." thanks so much for joining us. ♪ if it's friday, it might be the biggest challenge yet for trump. unite the party. you think the primary was rough? well, whoa, you ain't seen nothing yet. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to "mtp daily." what a week it has been in the
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world of republican politics. donald trump closed out the nastiest and most intense nominating battle perhaps ever. at least in the modern era. and it turned out to be the easy part. now he's got to unify a very fractured party around him. he'll lose in november if he doesn't. simple as that. this cannot be overstated, folks. today we saw a flood of rejections against trump. right now, though, you're looking live at omaha, nebraska, where trump will hold his second rally of the week, since becoming officially the party's presumptive nominee. he's expected to take the stage any moment. nebraska actually votes next week. obviously he's not running against anybody, but all the more reason, and oh, by the way, being in omaha, the nebraska academy congressional is a toss-up. it was a rough day for donald trump and his campaign. right now, the republican party is aggressively trying --
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apparently rejecting his calls for unity. paul ryan says he's not ready to endorse trump, adding that the bulk of the burden for unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. today trump's campaign head called ryan unfit to be speaker if he doesn't support trump. today ryan's office announced that the house speaker will be meeting with trump next week at a gathering of house leadership in washington. trump and ryan will also meet separately with rnc chairman reince priebus. as you know, paul ryan is supposed to be the chairman of the convention. if he won't endorse the presumptive nominee, can he hold that title? mitt romney said he's not going to support trump. he said, i see way too much demagoguery and populism on both
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sides of the aisle and hope we'll see more greatness. both president bushs say neither hads any plans to endorse trump. president george w. bush doesn't plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign, period. moments ago, another bush, jeb, said this, he will not vote for trump. he put out a statement, attacking trump as unfit for high office. quote, donald trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. he's not displayed a respect for the constitution and he's not a consistent conservative. he's are all reasons why i cannot support his candidacy. bob dole, the party's standard bearer in 1996, said he's waiting to see how things play out at the convention, but at least he's agreeing to show up to the convention. right now the only living republican nominee that has agreed to do that. john mccain, while publicly saying he will support trump because he's the nom nee, is telling folks behind closed
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doors, he's facing a tougher re-election fight because trump is atop the ticket. and lindsey graham came out firing against trump, calling him a con-man. quote, i cannot in good conscience support donald trump because i do not believe he's a reliable republican conservative, nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as commander in chief. moments ago, trump slammed graham addeding, he was a poor representative and an embarrassment to the people of south carolina. it's a simple fact, folks, the party that isn't united in a general national election, whether mid terms or presidential, loses, period. look back at 2000, al gore distancing himself from clinton because of lewinsky, gore lost
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by a brutally close margin. 2008, when john mccain had a runaway from george w. bush's low approval rating thanks to a toxic collision in iraq and a collapsing economy. they lost big. compare that for 2012 and the democrats when bill clinton delivered a rousing speech, showcasing democratic unity around president obama. and then talk about 2014, when democrats were running away from president obama, how does that work out? republican unity, landslide. and speaking of the president, he made his first comments since trump became the presumptive republican nominee. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> my colleague joins me now
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from omaha at the trump rally. jacob, give me a take there, i know we're about to hear from mr. trump. >> right, in fact, i think he's taking the stage behind me at this moment. and as we talk to his supporters out here, they kind of laugh and say, oh, look, another big hurdle that mr. trump has to overcome. but they feel that he's overcome so much. that when speaker ryan says i'm not ready to support him yet, they think this is just something else that mr. trump will overcome eventually and as he has done in the past months, he'll continue to win. here's mr. trump behind me. >> it's worth pointing out there to folks, that the governor, pete rickets, and the family of pete rickets had been big donors to never trump and the never trump movement. all right, jacob, i'm going to let you listen and cover the speech. if there's anything news worthy,
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we'll bring that to you when it happens. but right now, i want to go to a trump campaign spokesperson, katrina pearson, she joins me now with tough words for paul ryan earlier today. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> let me ask you, straight up. do you stand by what you said this morning? >> absolutely. >> if paul ryan can't endorse donald trump, then he's not fit to be speaker? >> absolutely. we're talking about a previous vice presidential candidate, many of us were out there, you know, working to help get him elected. w we're talking about the current speaker of the house, which by definition makes you a leader in this party. this is no longer about being against donald trump. this is about being against the voters, and if you're not with the voters of your party, that is a problem. >> can i ask you this? did you clear what you said with mr. trump? this is how he feels? >> no, i didn't say that's how mr. trump feels. i was asked how i felt. and this is really important, chuck. here's the thing, two cycles we
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have been through this. this is not anything new to the republican voter. the leadership of our party has been against us for a very long time. now we have a candidate that can do all the things that these gop suits and geniuses have been saying for a long time, bringing in new voters, having crossover appeal, being able to put states in play, that's donald trump and they've gone out of their way to stop him. >> does it help you at all that paul ryan announced that he's invited donald trump to address the house republican leadership? that looks like -- is that an olive branch? >> i should hope so. we are hearing a lot of things, but a lot of things are going on behind closed doors, just as you mentioned in your opening. but this is how it's always been. you have a nominee, the party comes together and we support that nominee, at least that's how it was for the rest of us. the one time they don't get their guy, they want to take their ball and go home. and that is not right. it's bad for the party. the one thing we should be
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united in today is defeating hillary clinton. >> if mr. trump comes up short, do you believe that this week could be damaging enough that it could cost him the general election? >> no, i don't. because mr. trump is not going to come up short. i do think the party is going to come together for the common good of the country. even if we don't have some of the old guard backing mr. trump. we do not have the same policies as the bushes, or even as paul ryan. they tout conservativism and limited government, but they gave each other high fives on passing a trillion dollar omnibus bill. that's very different. but we should be able to come together on stopping hillary clinton. >> let me ask you this, it sounds like in some ways, you look at this rejection by many of these establishment-like figures, the bushes, lindsey graham, temporarily at least paul ryan, as almost like a badge of honor?
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>> it does go to show many of those who have been on the outside of politics for a long time, it's just further proof that donald trump is not a member of the establishment, he's not a part of that network and he does want to fight against it, in the best interest of the american people. >> so why work with him at all? >> because we should be able to work with everyone. we don't have to agree on everything. and that is the point here, and that's the point i've been making all day. you have these establishment republicans who have not been governing as conservatives since 1989. but yet the rest of us, we have gone along for that ride, we have fought through the primaries and when we have lost, we still backed the candidate and now they keacan't do the sa. >> if paul ryan doesn't come on board, do you think he should still be the chairman of the convention? >> that's his role as being speaker of of the house. i don't know how he would deal with it. that's probably a better question for him.
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>> he has a primary, there are few activists that are trying to help for -- >> we are focused on becoming the next president of the united states. mr. trump is going to get out there, he's going to campaign, he's going to help republicans in the senate and in congress, to put out his vision to make america great again. this is not about even the party politics anymore. mr. trump is the presumptive nominee. it is time to come together and get behind mr. trump so that we can win in november. >> so he would prefer to see paul ryan stay in congress and stay as speaker of the house? >> absolutely. mr. trump is not out to get anyone here. the only thing mr. trump wants to do is to be able to put himself in position as president to push pro-american policies, a common sense foreign policy and fix the economy. >> katrina pearson, i'll leave it there. thanks for coming on. >> thank you.
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for more on what's going on in trump world, i'm joined by washington post national political reporter and msnbc political analyst robert costa. buddy, there's a lot of republicans today that came out against trump. the biggest thing, though, with paul ryan, robert, is, i guess this. what kind of signal to donors did that send yesterday and did that send shock waves down the spine of reince priebus at the rnc? >> the party is looking for unity. a lot of people are saying they want the rift to end. they know trump's coming to d.c. next thursday. going to meet with conservatives, going to meet with ryan. there's worry that if trump continues to fight with the leadership, the money won't be there for a lot of down-ballot races. >> has there been talk about ryan staying convention of the chairman if right now, the convention, it is donald trump's convention.
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they're running this show now. >> the trump campaign is making it clear that trump is not only the standard bearer of the republican party, hooe is the party. he is the face of the republican party. when it comes to policy, the campaigns making overtures i've heard, willing to work with the leadership. but when it comes to the convention, the message of of the general election, trump tower, that operation wants to own it. >> i guess that goes back to my question, are they going to accept paul ryan being chairman of this convention now? >> so far. but with trump, he can change on a whim. and there's no guarantees. it's not a lot -- >> i'm going to pause you right there. apparently mr. trump is talking about paul ryan right now. >> -- and he the other day, just in a big surprise, because i've had so many endorsements. i mean, today a lot of them. bob dole came in. dick cheney came in. many congressmen came in. many senators come in. and we've had tremendous endorsements from a lot of people. both current and people that were here and highly respected
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people. and, you know, rick perry, as an example. he came in. and i've always liked him. he's a tough competitor and he fought hard and he was rough on me. right? remember he went to washington and made a speech for a half hour, a speech about donald trump, he said i'm a cancer on the republican party. no, that's the bad news. let me tell you the good news. so yesterday he endorsed me. and i like him, i do like him. i forgot about the one hour where he went wild. but he said one of the most talented or brilliant or something candidates ever to run for the presidency in the history of the presidency. so you have that statement and then you have this statement, that's a big difference, that's a big gap. but i appreciate it. and i like rick perry and he's a good man and i appreciate that he did that.
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but the one that we're surprised at, and i'm not surprised with the bush family in all fairness, because i've been very critical of what happened during the term. so i'm not surprised. and jeb we hit hard, do we agree? but what people don't say is that he hit me hard. he spent $14 million on negative ads. so people will say, you weren't nice to the bush family. the guy spent $14 million in negative ads. i didn't spend anything on negative ads on him. it really tells you, when somebody can spend $14 million on negative ads, it sort of says, like, do ads have any power? i would go up to new hampshire before the vote. the best was florida. they spent, i think, $28 million on negative ads. they spent thousands and thousands. you know the total negative ads? have you seen it on television? 66,000 negative ads. i want to see pete get 66,000
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negative ads. pete, you wouldn't be standing. you'd say, i'm going home. i'm leaving, i'm going home. pete, 66,000 negative ads, over $100 million. and i'm leading by a lot. it was a landslide. in fact, it's over. i don't know what it means. i'm in florida, i had a tough race against marco, and i like marco. i like everybody once it's over, i like people. but marco was very popular in florida and is very popular. and i was down, and i own trump national doral, and they're having the big golf tournament and adam scott from australia, he's one of the top couple of gofrlers in the world -- >> as we heard there, donald trump reacting to the various endorsements and non-endorsements in the last 48 hours. robert costa also listening along there. it sounded like he was go to go back to ryan and then he got caught up beating up jeb bush again. this is not the way to court major donors, is it?
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if reince priebus is watching this, he's probably thinking, of all days for you to go down this litany of aggrievement, today is not the day. >> trump's uncontrollable. there are people close to him who are urging him to dotone it down. the message i keep getting, he's adamant that in his mind, he has a mandate to change the party and he doesn't need to take direction from the party. >> one thing he does have is a mandate on that inside the party. voters picked him. they didn't pick the establishment. robert costa, "the washington post," thank you, sir. we'll keep an eye on the trump event in omaha. and again, remember, he's actually speaking in a swing congressional district, because nebraska splits up their electoral votes. coming up, speaking of the battleground map. we'll draw the november battle lines. our first look at the map from
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november, we'll break that down and we'll show you some scenarios that could -- realistic scenarios that have trump over 270. we'll explain. and later, hillary clinton is going hunting for money from some folks that might surprise you. stay tuned. ings. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worning of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body
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of course we are continuing to follow developments in the d.c. suburbs in the arrest of a federal officer suspected of three shootings in the past 24 hours. 62-year-old eulalio tordil had been on the run, suspected of killing his estranged wife outside their children's maryland high school yesterday. montgomery county police believe he's now the same suspect involved in two deadly shootings at two maryland shopping centers today. tordil was an officer with the department of homeland security federal protective service. he was on administration leave following an order of protection
2:21 pm
against him. we'll have a lot more on this throughout the evening and we'll have more "mtp daily" right after this.
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fresh from the nbc news political unit, we know you've been waiting for it. it's our first cut of the nbc battleground map for the 2016 presidential election. we're a little more cautious than some folks, because we believe in waiting until after the conventions to start really moving toss-up states into the categories. we have democrats starting off with an early, still a strong lead, 253 to 190 advantage. the lighter blue states are the one in the lean democratic column. lighter red are clean ro republican. the toss-ups are colorado, florida, iowa, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio, virginia and nebraska's second congressional district, 95 electoral votes. get to know these states and media markets there.
2:23 pm
democrats need just 17 votes from thats to- s ttoss-up colum the magic number. how does trump get the republicans to where they need to be in preventing hillary clinton from getting any more? trump himself has floated some states from our likely democratic column as states where he believes he can compete. right now, we think it's a bit premature. this week "the washington post" came out with a few realistic paths to a trump victory. he's not saying this is where things stand now. but this is what a trump victory map could look like. first is what he calls the midwest sweep. trump's perceived rust belt strength, we say perceived because there isn't much evidence. but if he does over-perform in the rust belt, three of them we have in our lean category, most most of the mid atlantic and
2:24 pm
midwest s ttoss-ups. this map has trump with 282 electoral votes, assuming he overcoming an unfavorable rating with hispanics. and one more map, this one hinges entirely on new hampshire. one constant through the scenarios, trump needs to take ohio and virginia before he has a shot at any victory. president obama won ohio by three and virginia by four points. these are the paths for trump. but are they possible? joining me now, mr. fix himself of t"the washington post." >> hello, my friend. >> we go through these and what's amazing is how both republicans and the trump campaign are writing off two swing states that have been there for the last, oh, two decades. in fact, one was a lean red state for most of those two decades, colorado and nevada. >> and i think that's --
2:25 pm
>> everybody's writing them off. >> what i was trying to do, to your point, i don't think this is where they stand. i agree with your guy's basic analysis. which is the democrats start with a significant edge over the republican. but going through the maps, the problem is, any state with a significant hispanic population, nevada is one, arizona maybe, john mccain has expressed concern about that, colorado, florida. it's hard because if the man, if donald trump is going to get 15% of the hispanic vote, any state that has sort of a decent chunk of hispanic voters, you have to win 95% of the white vote and that's unlikely. >> he himself is identifying basically the rust belt/great lakes -- >> that's right. >> any state that touches the great lakes, he thinks he has a shot at over-performing, that somehow there's working class white folk that hasn't voted in the last two presidential elections and will show up. the problem he's got is, obama won wisconsin and pennsylvania
2:26 pm
by double digits both times, average of double digits. >> and michigan is one of the state from '92 to 2012 has voted for the democratic nominee in each of the past six elections. so you can see how a candidate, like in donald trump's perfect world, you can see how he gets the 47, 48 there. a lot of white vote there. the problem is, look at wisconsin, chuck. that's his worst state in the republican primary process was wisconsin. so it's indiana he ran pretty well. but there's not a huge amount of -- again, it's a theory of the case right now. not the case itself. >> there's no polling to back this up. >> no. if you look at polling -- >> we would have florida in lean dem right now. >> that's right. 330 plus. obama got 332.
2:27 pm
maybe north carolina in there. we're three days in, pushing back on lindsey graham. it doesn't seem like he's becoming something else. >> it is. and the next real assessment is going to be a couple things. number one, i do think if there is a libertarian candidate, you have to start testing him. >> yes. the two candidates are so deeply unpopular. >> you gotta test that ballot, number one. and the second thing is, we got to see where -- look, the convention is another point. >> yep. >> this was point one. >> vp pick, convention. >> that's right. presumptive nominee is a moment. at this moment, he's lost. this moment is now lost. he's got another moment to win, that is the convention if and the vp pick. >> we'll see. i think we keep writing these -- are we getting donald trump 2.0 or 3, whatever version of him? the thing is, what's hardest, if you're donald trump, you look at what he's done, no matter what going forward, he's done
2:28 pm
something remarkable. beating 16 candidates outright. he's going to have to pull off something equally remarkable to get to 270. when you look at those, you mentioned ohio and virginia. those are two tough states. he very narrowly won in virginia. northern virginia is very tough for him. even the republicans there are not necessarily donald trump kind of republican. ohio maybe. but obama won it twice. and that assumes he has to win those. then we'll talk about michigan. if you're the democratic nominee, hillary clinton, you just start at such a high elevation, it's almost you need one or two states. >> and you have to say, the biggest thing, for him to win a pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, a ground game like we've never seen. he's just beginning. the rnc was never even thinking about targeting michigan. they don't have that kind of resources and oh, by the way, she'll have $2 billion and it's not clear the republicans are --
2:29 pm
>> i was going to say, guess what you need to build a top-tier organization, to find the groups that haven't voted before, you need lots of money. >> lots. >> up to now, he's not doing the kind of thing to cultivate major donors, now that he is accepting money. >> he's hanging with pete rickets. >> that's something. >> the founder of td america, owns the chicago cubs, the family that funded the never trump movement for quite some time, all those ads that trump was railing against, paid for by pete rickets father. trump threatened the rickets family very publicly and pete rickets is introducing trump in nebraska. >> the thing is, you need a hundred pete rickets. thats great, but hillary clinton, $1.3 billion conservatively. obama was at 1.1. trump has shown no ability to raise any money like that, to build an organization, which
2:30 pm
he's going to need, to your point. >> chris silliza, that battleground map. thank you, sir. >> thank you. right now hillary clinton is getting ready for a get out the vote event tonight in oakland, california. up next, we'll talk to a clinton supporter, labor secretary thomas perez about the road to november. stay tuned. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...)
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donald trump is still rallying a crowd in omaha, nebraska. he'll hold another rally tonight in eugene, oregon. both our states hosting primaries this month. still ahead on "mtp daily," hillary clinton turns or focus towards donald trump, but the sanders campaign vows to keep fighting to the convention. >> stocks end higher. the dow rising 79 points, the s&p adds 6, and the nasdaq claims 19. this even though the economy
2:34 pm
only added 160,000 jobs last month, far fewer than expected. but the unemployment rate held steady at 5%. and shares of cigna finished lower because in a filing that health insurers said it's deal with anthem may not close until 2017, due to the complexity of the regulatory process. that's because the justice department is reviewing the merger. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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i love the enthusiasm and the energy. let's keep that going. let's keep that going through june 7th. and then after a few days off, let's get geared up again and go to the election in november!
2:38 pm
>> and we are back with more "mtp daily." that was hillary clinton. she doesn't need to flex much in order to lock up enough total delegates for the nomination, but she's not been able to totally put her rival away. upcoming contests in west virginia and oregon look good for bernie sanders. he says he'll stay in through june. with 45% of pledge delegates under his belt, he hopes to have big influence on the platform. but sanders is concerned that they'll stack the deck with pro-clinton advisers. >> i hope it gets worked out between us and the dnc, but i think secretary clinton's campaign is very involved with the dnc already. and i think perhaps giving a lot of direction. so the best way to work it out would be for us to talk it out
2:39 pm
and work it out. if that doesn't work, we'll have to work it out in public. that's always harder. >> that could look pretty ugly? >> it could. >> another source of contention, hillary clinton supporters are reaching out to jeb bush donors who are disaffected by trump's nomination. the article points out that clinton's outreach to moderate republicans is not without political risk. sanders has based his campaign around the idea that she's too supportive of banks and too eager to compromise with republicans. i'm joined by thomas perez who is here in his capacity as a hillary clinton supporter and surrogate. >> great to be here in my personal capacity. >> glad to have you. let me start with the concerns by the sanders campaign. are they -- it seems to me, they're fair concerns, they're worried clinton will have a greater share than the campaign has earned on, say, the platform
2:40 pm
committee. >> i'm confident these things are going to be worked out. the two of them have worked very closely on issues. and what unites the democratic party far outweighs what divides the democratic party. and so i am very confident at the end of the day you have two very remarkable candidates. senator sanders has run a remarkable campaign and he has captured the imagination of millions. at the end of the day, we'll be one united democratic party. >> where is hillary clinton's campaign courting republican dono donors? >> hillary clinton is all about building an american that is going to work for everyone. as a proud progressive, i've been so excited to support her, because she understands how to get things done. and you know what, you look at her base of support, you look at how she has been so successful in courting really what is the democratic party. you see her strength among union households. you see her strength among
2:41 pm
african americans, latinos. you see her strength in places like rural virginia on super tuesday, coal country, where she won by double digits. >> but she has some weaknesses. white working class voters. and trump thinks he can exploit that because of the frustration factor. hillary clinton is not enough change. maybe we don't like a lot of things trump says, but he's going to shake things up. what do you say to that? >> well, you know what, first of all, hillary clinton has been a dreamer and a doer her entire life. you look at what she did when she got out of school. her classmates at yale, they went to wall street. she went down to south carolina and alabama to shake things up, to take on the establishment on behalf of young people of color. she took on the health care industry as first lady. she was a legal aid lawyer. my wife is too. what do they do? they take on the establishment.
2:42 pm
and she will talk about the so-called jump on the trump train. she'll talk about the trump train wreck. i get the fact that people are worried about stagnant wages. i understand that. but donald trump says things like, a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for america. talk to the folks who tried to organize at the trump hotel on the strip in las vegas. he's no friend of collective bargaining. it's my way or the highway. >> it's not broken through in the primaries. why do you think it will break through in the general, that she is somebody who shakes things up? i get it, i know her history. that was before many of the young voters who are attracted to bernie sanders were even born. >> first of all, we have to get back to the math here. she's gotten roughly three million more votes than anyone else. so when you say it hasn't broken through -- >> but with millennials it's
2:43 pm
been an issue. >> of course. there's still more work to do. and she's said repeatedly, she'll work hard to earn votes of every single person, whether they voted for her or senator sanders. and she'll continue that work. i think when people see as this campaign unfolds, that she is about making sure that we build tables of opportunity, rather than building walls, that she is about making sure that we bring people together, rather than tear them apart. i think people will come together around that vision. >> your name was -- the great mentioner, as you know, with veepstakes, whoever this shadow person is, but you were included in the group of five that appeared to come from the campaign itself. let me ask you this. if they ask you to be vetted, are you willing to be vetted? >> first of all, i haven't gotten asked anything. >> if you were, would you say no? >> i don't focus on a hypothetical. >> you can shut it down.
2:44 pm
plenty of people have shut it down with trump. >> i don't blame people who have shut it down with trump. >> you can shut it down now if you want to. >> here's what i'm doing. in my day job, i'm working my best. i got 259 days until the weekend. we have more work to do. we've made tremendous progress under this president and i'm going to keep doing it. in my spare time -- >> if you didn't want to be vetted, you could say so. >> here's the situation. my number one motivation, being out there for secretary clinton is because she is a dreamer and a doer, and i want to make sure that she gets elected. because we've come too far under this president to go backward. >> in your professional capacity as labor secretary, should we be concerned that we had a jobs report under 200,000? >> i'm here today -- >> i understand that, but as secretary of labor, how concerned are you that we had a pretty stagnant -- >> you know what, we've had an economy that was hemorrhaging
2:45 pm
jobs when this president took over -- >> so you're not concerned about this one month? >> one month never makes a trend. >> thomas perez, here as a hillary clinton surrogate, but also in his day job, secretary of labor. thank you, sir. >> thank you. tonight, bernie sanders will join rachel maddow to talk about his path forward for his campaign. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern. keep it here. we'll be right back. g? firefighter. i'm a police officer. i'm a e-m-t, actually. to talk about how some ery day features.. could help protect you in a collision. [crash] then we showed them how nissan can help you avoid a collision altogether. hey, you want to go for a ride? nissan's intelligent safety shield technologies. with rear cross traffic alert. it worked, huh? blind spot warning. should i change lanes? no! woah. predictive forward collision warning and forward emergency brake, ich could stop your car...
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>> you are the most diverse class in northeastern's history. in other words, you are donald trump's worst nightmare. [ cheers and applause ] we will never come out to top if we accept advice from sound bite salesmen and carnival barkers who pretend the most powerful country on earth can remain great by looking inward. >> that was secretary of state
2:50 pm
john kerry taking a couple of shots there at donald trump. at his commencement address at northeastern university in boston. our panel will be here after the break. what a wild 48 hours it's been. but i had to. becae, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working... it was too long since my last pap. when i was finally tested, we thought i might have cervical cancer. after rrying - no cancer. i was lucky. women... please get a pap test to check for cervical cancer. anget the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. for you and the pele who care about you. the call just came in. she's about to arrive.
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time for the lid. let's bring in our panel for the end of the week.
2:54 pm
he's a senior ed titor at the national review. let me start with you. the last 48 hours have been good or bad for donald trump? >> well, you're seeing news stories about republicans endorsing the presumptive nominee for the presidency. the fact that that's news story when someone comes out and endorses him, i think that's bad news for a nominee. that's something usually a matter of course. this time it isn't. a lot of people are refusing to take that step. >> if there's one, thing that's definitive when it comes to any presidential election, part of that is -- there's no asterisk. we can go down the line. kennedy, carter. >> we'll hear a lot about the bernie sanders, hillary clinton con going fight that's heading
2:55 pm
toward a convention but the clinton campaign is making clear they are not trying to beat bernie sanders. they think they have already won and being nice to the sanders campaign. i was going back through my e-mail about this time in 2012 when mitt romney wrapped up the nomination and the number of statements from republicans, it's like it's the reminder of whose press list your on. this time when donald trump became the presump titive nomini got a bunch of statements from democrats. >> we've all had to drag endorsement statements out of these folks. >> they don't use his name. they say the nominee. >> it's very interesting. >> the hillary camp says we're going to go after the jeb bush funders. >> what do you make of that? it could backfire here. it's almost like look at this. the establishments are ganging up together. if i'm trump, i can message against that. >> absolutely. the fact that she recognizes
2:56 pm
that jeb bush base is so uncomfortable funding him, he doesn't have an operation that he's going to need when it comes to the money and on the ground. she's going to come in and try to swoop in on that. i think that's a lot of moderate republicans who just find trump completely unpalettable for them. >> what ryan did yesterday, let's say next week he says yes i'm gioing to endorse the nominee. he just sent the signal to donors and other members of congress that you don't have to be for him. it's okay. >> he also sent a message to rank and file republican who is have concerned about trump. >> i do too. >> it's still a place for you in the republican party. >> mike huckabee says if you're not for trump, you should leave the republican party. you have paul ryan saying i'm the most powerful elected republican, and i think you can stay many the party. >> the defense trump has made, i'm the leader of the party. you know what, he is, at least
2:57 pm
the next six months. >> at least the next six months. he's going to have an impact on the republican brand from top to bottom. that's what the house and senate republicans fear the most. the sort of larger term, longer term picture, this notion that the republican party is about to fall apart even if there's a land slide on behalf of hillary clinton, two years from now, the senate map looks great for republicans. they'll be running against an incumbent democratic president. >> people wrote off the democratics after the '88 election. they're not going to win for a generation. they won the next one. >> if hillary win, this provides an opportunity for the republicans to reset. she can take a lot of those culture issues and clean the slate by whoever she nominated for the supreme court nominee. that's what happened when it came to gay marriage. the same thing with affirmative action and health care.
2:58 pm
so many areas that reset and like we didn't have to -- >> i heard that argument after 2012. the 2012 election would be last of some of these cultural fig s fights. >> we didn't have the supreme court. >> i think we should all take a break from making predictions. i would say put a little context on the discussion we've been having about republican unity. the republican nominee has had 90% plus of republican voters supporting him. trump could get most republicans and still fall short of that mark. if he falls significantly short of that mark, it's hard to see him making that up somewhere else. >> i was going to say, 90% of republicans supporting trump would probably leave him short. >> as it did in three of the four cases. >> there's five living former republican nominees and i think i saw that bob doyle would knsh up. >> he hasn't endorsed him. >> donald trump calls you up
2:59 pm
tomorrow and say i want to address latinos, what would you say? >> it's tough. we know what a taco bowl is but it's place where he's going to try to be too cute by half. the stuff he's done is rather dangerous. we're getting inbound e-mails from people and parents say my 6-year-old american born daughter is coming home and crying because her classmates are pointing and saying when trump becomes president you're going to get deported. >> i sf he wants to meet with y. >> i would meet with him. we're living a proposition 187 moment. >> it does feel like what happened in california. the republican party took a movie actor and recall effort to get somebody with an r next to their name into the governor's
3:00 pm
mansion. >> it literally had 200 plus candidates. that's the only name people recognize. >> people are concerned. republicans are concerned this will leave a lasting negative impression of the republican party with hispanics. >> i got to leave it there. thank you. i'll be back monday. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." scheduled to appear, mr. donald trump. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john heilemann. you've been digging yourself out of so many situations, it's about time do you wore the proper gear.o you wore the propr gear. you wore the proper wore the proper gear. we've g


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