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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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keeps you at it as long as you live even if you never find out what that it is. remember to honor your mother this sunday. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> do you agree this is donald trump's party? >> no, it's the party's party. >> donald trump's takeover turns hostile. >> paul ryan? i don't know what happened. i don't know. >> tonight, the latest defections and escalations in the republican civil war. >> i think embracing donald trump is embracing demographic death. then reinforcements for democrats. >> fired up, ready to go! >> how the president entered the 2016 campaign today and what that could mean in the fall. plus guess which ex-candidate went from calling trumpism a cancer to now a vp hopeful. >> ha ha!
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oops. >> and playing chicken with a global financial crisis. >> i would borrow knowing if the economy crashed you could make a deal. >> inside donald trump's plan to run america like his own business. >> i am the king of debt. i do love debt. i love debt, i love playing with it. >> "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. if donald trump was expecting gop elites to rally around him once he became the party's presumptive nominee, the last 48 hours have been a rude awakening indeed. the growing number of prominent republicans announcing not only will they decline to endorse or campaign for the gop's new standard-bearer, they're not even going to vote for the guy. it is unprecedented in modern political history. the latest, two of trump's former presidential rivals, former florida governor jeb bush, current south carolina senator lindsey graham, who both said they won't vote for trump or hillary clinton. bush, who was routinely humiliated and effectively chased out of the race by donald
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trump, wrote on facebook today, the american presidency is an office that goes beyond just politics. it requires of its occupant great fortitude and humility and the temperament and strong character to deal with the unexpected challenges that will inevitably impact our nation in the next four years. donald trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. graham likewise cited trump's temperament as well as his lack of conservative credentials. >> i just don't believe donald trump is a reliable conservative republican. good luck with paul ryan trying to find a conservative agenda with this guy. i don't think he has the temperament or judgment to be commander in chief. a lot of my colleagues will vote for him enthusiastically, some will hold their nose. i just can't go there with donald. >> trump mocked bush and graham on a campaign stop in nebraska today. >> i won't talk about jeb bush. i will not say -- i will not say he's low energy. i will not say it. i will not say it. and i won't talk about lindsey
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graham, who had like one point. he gets outdealt at all levels of the campaign. he leaves a disgrace. he can't represent the people of south carolina well. >> most recent republican presidential nominee mitt romney, who tore into trump in a speech in march, said he doesn't intend to support either of the major party's candidates. bush, graham and romney joined the last two presidents, also named bush, at least one sitting governor, one sitting senator, and most significantly the highest-ranking republican office holder in the country, house speaker paul ryan, who have all declined to jump on the trump train. today less than 24 hours after ryan said he wasn't ready to endorse his own party's presumptive nominee his office announced trump will meet with the speaker and house gop leadership next thursday along with rnc chair reince priebus "to begin a discussion about the kind of republican principles and ideas that can win the support of the american people this november." trump sounded off on speaker
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ryan and the meeting next week, "i told reince i thought it was totally inappropriate what paul ryan said and thought it was good for me politically. reince feels we should meet before we go our separate ways." listen to the crowd's reaction when he mentioned paul ryan at his rally today. >> paul ryan, i don't know what happened -- [ audience booing ] i figured routinely he'd be behind it. and he the other day in a big surprise, because i've had so many endorsements -- >> reince priebus gets to play the unenviable role of go-between trying to broker an alliance between the party's most powerful elected official and its candidate from the nation's highest office. it's clear how much he's enjoying himself. at a political breakfast priebus was asked about a tweet trump sent out yesterday. >> the tweet says, happy #cincodemayo, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill, i love hispanics.
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>> he's trying. honestly, he's trying, and i'll tell you what. i honestly think he understands that building and unifying and growing the party is the only way we're going to win. >> joining me now, conservative columnist and trump supporters a.j. delgado, and jennifer ruben, opinion writer for "the washington post" right turn blog who opposes donald trump. jennifer, to the degree that this civil war that we're seeing, this is unprecedented, right? >> yes. >> you don't have prominent folks like the most powerful office holder of the republican party not immediately backing the party's nominee. i can't tell if this is a principled fight over substance and what the republican is, a personal revulsion at donald trump, or essentially just a bet the guy's going to lose. >> i think it's the first two. i think there is a genuine horror, a sense of shock, that someone of this ilk, someone who
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crude, so vulgar, so nasty, so misogynistic, so zen phobic, could be leading a major party. and there are some people who simply cannot get past it no matter what fuse he would profound. i think that's sincere. i think that's deep. a lot of the people who have come out that way are themselves people who have a kind of courtly and old-school manner about them and they are genuinely horrified. i think the other part of it is, it's not just that he doesn't have a conservative agenda, he has nothing appearing to be an agenda other than random thoughts that pop into his head. you quite rightly at the start of the show with a series of these very disturbing comments, one of which is essentially he's going to default on our sovereign debt, just like he dealt with the banks on whittling them down when he went bankrupt with the casino. it's stuff like that that sort of horrifies them. frankly, if they were certain he was going to lose, they would probably just be quiet about it. i think there is genuine concern, however, that it's not
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just he's going to lose, it's that he's going to forever smear the image of the party, he's going to take the party someplace where they do not want to go. i think they're very concerned. i i think that's why you see paul ryan coming out with an agenda for the republican party just before the convention. when has that ever happened? the primary is supposed to have an agenda which is the platform. >> a.j., my sense, and you're someone whose politics tend to be more the sort of patrick buchanan type, you think this is substantive that donald trump's victory is a substantive victory for a certain ideological wing of the party over another ideological wing? >> it is. what you have here are a small group of sour grapes in the republican party who are in shock, especially paul ryan, because their brands of george w. bush conservatism has been rejected by the voters, resoundingly. and so there foreign globe-trotting and this looking the other way on amnesty, looking the other way oil legal immigration that is that george
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w. bush style of conservatism has been roundly rejected and they're having to come to terms with that. they're in shock right now. do i think they will ultimately unify with sinus yes, because as ari fleischer recently tweeted, and he was bush's press secretary, there are a lot of things i don't like about trump but i would certainly never vote for hillary either so i will support him. i think we will see everybody come together, they're in shock right now. >> this is the problem. this is not how a pottial candidate and presidential supporter talks. they have to unify the party. he's still talking like he's on the campaign trail insulting his fellow competitors. and we saw a terrible example today of punching down. he was hitting at paul ryan, he was hitting at reince priebus, he was hitting at lindsey graham. and this in this kind of nasty, condescending tone. he can't get by with that. he needs republican turnout. right now he's at about 80%. mitt romney had 93%. mitt romney had women. he had married women. he doesn't have the people he's
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going to need in the election. >> i want to get a.j.'s response but she said, how much of this is the republican party never coming to terms with the absolute failures of bushism, the absolute failures of the "w." presidency, when what it meant for the party, the party's brand, its self-identity. you've got three bushes saying, we're not going to vote for the guy. a certain percentage of the republican party saying, great, you're the people that destroyed this party. >> right. i think your timeline is too short. for people who don't have a firsthand memory of the reagan years, i think the problem goes back really that the party has been ossified since the 1980s. there are still people who want that top marginal tax rate to be where it was when reagan was, why? because it was there when reagan was in office. i think it goes beyond the bushes. think the bush era didn't address, didn't modernize the party. i think donald trump took the party by storm, not only because he's a demagogue and he knew how to manipulate the mainstream media but because there was this
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hole at the center of the party. there was not an adequate agenda that was contemporary, that was meaningful. and frankly, the agenda that actually lost in this race was the ted cruz agenda, was the far right agenda. it wasn't the bush agenda. >> no, that's right. well, they both lost. >> they both lost to the buchanan agenda is basically what happened. >> yes. >> yes, absolutely. and two things that you mentioned, about the rhetoric, it hasn't been trump's rhetoric that's been a problem. as chris reminded us in the intro, it was rick perry, for instance, who said that trump was "a cancer on conservatism." he's now supporting him. the bad rhetoric and harsh rhetoric if a primary, it's gone both ways, it hasn't only been trump -- >> no but he's the nominee -- >> excuse me. you mentioned romney. you mentioned romney. donald trump, please check the numbers, has more votes than romney had at this point. >> let me say one more thing -- the people who are going to vote for trump, dick cheney and bob
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dole, a little bit of a curveball, probably makes a.j. uncomfortable because dick cheney is a neo con in chief for sure -- >> right. i'll take it. >> she'll take it. jennifer, you look at these men, lindsey graham, jeb bush, who say they're not voting for him, they signed a pledge saying they would. they signed a pledge when this thing started. fair's fair, we're all-in. is that essentially a betrayal? a double cross? >> you know, i think donald trump has gone back on so many things, i think you get to a point where this ridiculous piece of paper that reince priebus was waving around that donald trump ignored seven times from sunday, you know, it kind of fades by the wayside. there's a moral code here, a moral standard. if you have someone who is insulting women, insulting minorities, i think that takes a little higher precedence than a piece of paper from reince priebus. >> he's not insulting women or minorities. i'm a woman and a minority and i'm 100% behind him. >> his ads are full of insults -- >> you are in a minority, both
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those groups, maybe that will change. a.j., jennifer, thank you both. i'm joined by bob ingless, republican from south carolina, executive director of a nonprofit, the reason i wanted you on is that you -- i feel like you got the first wave of the thing that made trump, which is you got primaried in 2010, you got kicked out, you were in a conservative district, a conservative republican with a conservative voting record who believed in climate change and you got primaried and you lost. how do you now understand what is happening six years later with this nominee? >> well, i think it's a little bit different, chris. i think what i got tossed out by was the rhino concept and it was a purity caucus, somehow there was going to be this purity as to what a. is. the good thing, and it's hard to find one good thing about donald trump. but one good thing you can say about him is that he's busted all that loose. there's no telling. there is no telling what a republican is now.
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are we isolationist? are we interventionist? are we protectist? are we free traders? are we pro-life, are we pro-choice? it's anybody's guess, it's whatever he had for breakfast this morning as to what we are today. and so in a way that's good, though, chris. because the work we're doing on climate change, it sort of strangely helps us. >> here's where it doesn't. let me just say this. here's where i su a through line. 2012, this is trump, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. we've talked about the conspiracy theorys that donald trump either believes in or floats. but we have to keep in mind institutionally, as a political body, essentially the entirety of the republican party at this moment believes that thousands of independent scientists across the globe, working in hundreds of different languages, have together conspired to create the hoax of a robust empirical result that finds the climate is
5:14 pm
warming. that is a crazy belief and that is the institution alal belief the republican party. >> well, i think -- that's what i'm saying, i think this is a good thing. because what we're seeing is that it won't be the institutional belief, because people rlealize when you've gota guy that cites "the national enquirer" as his source, perhaps this isn't a guy you want to listen to. so if he keeps on saying things like china invented this, it would be actually helpful for our cause. because the more he makes it the hoaxsters look absolutely unhinged, to quote jeb bush, it really helps us. because it causes people that want a free enterprise solution to a huge challenge to come forward and say, you know what? we're for these reasonable people and we don't want to be painted with this terrible brush of reading "the national enquirer" and deciding that's a good source. >> donald trump is like a hot
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wet rag applied to an infected wound that is drawing up all the stuff that you want to concentrate, that's the hope? >> well, it's sort of like -- he is iconoclastic, he's breaking up all the icons out there. in a way that's good. because the worst thing for us might have been if ted cruz had continued this theological purity matter that you've not to reject the science of climate change on theological grounds. that's harder for us to deal with. but the trump rejection, which is so clearly untethered to science, actually sort of is something we can work with. because there are a lot of reasonable conservatives out there that say, you know, that's not us. >> are you going to vote for this guy? >> no. under no circumstances. >> bob inglis. one of the most interesting voices out there in american politics. always a pleasure having you on the show, appreciate it. >> great to be with you, chris. still to come, as trump explains his troubling plans for the economy, reminder he was
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once so far in debt he was put on an allowance. first, the best weapon democrats have this fall, president obama. in case you've forgotten, he is at his best on the campaign trail. some of his most moment rabble moments right after this short break. i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series inso they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. then smash it into aree.arch on a perfect car,
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is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. president obama today celebrated the 74th straight month of private sector job creation by taking questions knowing full well he would get questions about the presidential campaign. it's a reminder that this election will not just be donald trump versus hillary clinton, it will be donald trump versus hillary clinton and barack obama. who this moment has a higher approval rating than ronal reagan. >> did at this point in his presidency. a man who is a pretty good politician and campaigner. >> there is not a black america and a white america. a latino america, an asian america. there's the united states of america. together we can finish the work that needs to be done and usher
5:19 pm
in a new burst of freedom on this earth. thank you very much, let get to work! >> are you fired up? are you ready to go? fired up? ready to go? >> there's nothing we can't do. that's why we started off this campaign saying yes, we can. >> yes, we can! yes, we can! >> together with your help and god's grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. thank you, america. god bless you. god bless these united states. >> joining me, cornell belcher who served on the polling team of both of obama's presidential campaigns, the president of billing research corners and strategies. i'll play the sound of the president beginning to enter into the fray on this campaign, you're starting to see it, he
5:20 pm
took questions knowing he would get questions about the campaign. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times and the this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> what kind of tone and role do you expect we are going to see from him for the next six months as he intensifies his activity in the campaign? >> well, i think clearly there's a role for the adult in the room. in the craziness that is our current political system. that's something i think we've seen him play before. but looking back at those clips that show him -- i almost got a chill. i think we forget what a good campaigner president obama, then senator obama, was. he's got approval ratings now that are a little bit better than reagan's in a time where we are awfully polarized.
5:21 pm
where you don't get many republicans giving him credit for anything. so basically coming from independents and democrats. but on the big three of campaigners there, you got reagan who of course emoted and was on american exceptionalism. certainly barack obama, very much in that continuum of reagan, although republicans will hate to hear it. they claim he never talks about american exceptionalism but he's always talking about american exceptionalism, always talking about how american can be great, always talking about the future. he connected with people, particularly with young voters. i don't have to tell you that but you know democrats do very well when younger voters make up a bigger proportion of the electorate than seniors. they didn't do that in 2010. and they certainly didn't do that in 2014. seniors made up a larger swath and democrats did very poorly. i think the democrats are going to have to have him out there trying to pull back pieces of his coalition. bernie sanders' predicate was he
5:22 pm
was going to bring a lot of people into the process and certainly he's winning overwhelmingly young people. the problem when you pull back some of that is, when you look overall, 20% down and turnout overall in democratic primary right now, a lot of the obama surge vote sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens. and this guy, because they weren't democrats, they weren't strong democrats, but they were obama voters. the party's going to need this guy out stumping to bring them home. >> you know, the two precedents you mentioned, the two precedents we have here is reagan in '88 after two terms and george h.w. bush running as his vice president, and sort of continuing his legacy, and al gore, vice president to president bill clinton, running in 2000. i remember that race, there was so much controversy, because post-impeachment there was this decision about the degree to which gore should use the president. and he sort of distanced himself from the president. a lot of people think that was a mistake. you don't have that same kind of
5:23 pm
issue here. >> no, no -- well, one, if you ask a lot of the people working on the gore campaign, like donald brazil, they'd say they won that race. >> yes. >> but you're right, you're absolutely right, and he took a lot of flack internally, from insiders on that, thinking that was a bad move because bill clinton, again, a great campaigner. emoted, connected with people in a way that you saw that weakness with al gore. but hillary has been very straightforward about embracing the president every chance she's got. i think sanders, frankly, some of his statements distanced him from the president early on in a way that certainly thought it made it harder for him to win minority votes. >> she has certainly run on continuity much more in the primary itself, which has been effective insofar as she's winning and also has been very effective among voters of colors so far if that's the message they're responding to, i think it's one of them. >> the problem i think is all
5:24 pm
those voters were for change. i think that is the fundamental disconnect. so far she has been sort of the practical candidate and sort of straightforward, reasonable answers, get things done. but you've got to -- those young people who are looking for revolution, as bernie's talking about. the other thing i'd say here, chris, is that the last time those young people wanted also dramatic change, their candidate won. so they came back through the process out of the primary. i think we're going to have to spend a lot of time are working on these young people -- >> people that came in, if their candidate isn't the winner, getting them to continue. >> right, because they're not democrats. >> good point. thank you very much. programming note on that score, rachel maddow has a one-on-one interview with senator bernie sanders tonight at his home in bunchi ining burlington, vermont. truth behind the seemingly
5:25 pm
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have you heard the one about how hillary clinton hates coal? wants to put coal miners and coal businesses out of business? of course you have. because variations on that theme have pretty much been everywhere this week. at the center of the controversy, comments clinton made during a town hall back in march noting her administration will "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business." those were not her full remarks on the subject but that's the part that got picked up. those words found their way into a political ad for a local conservative judge running for state supreme court in west virginia. clinton herself was confronted
5:27 pm
with her remarks by an unemployed coal miner earlier this week. clinton apologized knowing her comments had been a misstatement. are protests followed as she campaigned in the state. the anti-clinton cloud included at least one familiar face, colbert ron don blankenship, former ceo of massey energy, sentenced to a year in prison for federal mine safety vices. 2010, 29 coal miners died in an accident at one of massey's west virginia mines. a number of protesters not only expressed their anger at clinton but pledged their support for another candidate in the race. >> beer all trump supporters! we want to make this country great again! we're tired of all the darn handouts and nobody taking care of us! >> should be no surprise that donald trump was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd in charleston, west virginia, yesterday. trump now has an endorsement from the west virginia coal
5:28 pm
association, put on a hard hat and pantomimed using pick ask shovel. after vowing to get those mines opened trump moved to do clinton. >> how about merhillary clinton was watching her three or four weeks ago. see, i'm going to put the miners back to work. she said, i'm going to put the miners and the mines out of business. and then she comes over and she tried to explain her statement. that's a tough one to explain, wouldn't you say? >> now, if you listen to what donald trump cherry picked it sounds pretty devastating for hillary clinton. ahead, we'll play you her remarks in context and you can be the judge. friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking.
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♪ country road take me home ♪ to the place i belong ♪ take me home country road >> donald trump holding court yesterday in charleston, west virginia. he vowed to put the miners back to work and attacked hillary clinton for comments she made about putting coal mining companies out of business. that's not the whole story. in march clinton was asked to make the case why poor white republican voters should support her economic policieses. clinton who has a $30 billion plan to help coal communities with clean job training and
5:33 pm
infrastructure improvement noted serious economic problems many parts of the country face. >> instead of dividing people the way donald trump does, let's reunite around policies that will bring jobs and opportunities to all these underserved, poor communities. so for example, i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean, renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, tim, and we're going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives, to turn on our lights and power our factories. now we've got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels but i don't want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on. >> joining me now from
5:34 pm
charleston, west virginia, bob kincaid, radio host and cofounder of the appalachian community health emergency campaign. watching you on our monitor as you listened to that, i couldn't make out what your face was. what's your reaction and what is the reception hillary clinton is getting in coal country? >> well, chris, good evening. all we're getting in coal country is the clip about we're going to put miners out of work. the fact of the matter is, the government doesn't have to do that. the coal companies themselves have done a more than adequate job of it. they've moved from the labor-intensive practices of underground mining to mountaintop removal mining that takes not nearly as many people. and even the entirety of that clip, chris, makes me cringe. as an appalachian person, if i get called "those people" one m more time i'm going to, i don't know, kick furniture. >> i understand that. i got a lot of that -- i don't
5:35 pm
understand it but i hear what you're saying. i got a lot of that when we were down in coal country doing reporting. is there a message that any candidate, i want to get to trump in a second, any candidate saying, we need to put coal out of business because it's destroying the earth, is there any possible message that's nonko noncondescending to deliver to the people of your region that wouldn't be rejected? >> i think there's a way to do it in a noncondescending fashion, chris. but we do sooner or later here in central appalachia have to come to grips with our own reality and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have been mined for 125 years and the elves under the ground aren't going to make any more coal. we're largely mined out. what they're going after now are seams that they can blast away and our heritage of 100-man crews or 30-person crews is just not coming back. and that's business. that's not government.
5:36 pm
that's a corporate model. that's what we're seeing with these bankruptcies with peabody and arch and alpha natural resources. they're retooling for a leaner, meaner coal mining approach. >> so then let me ask you this -- >> and that's the hard reality we really need to face here. >> but so -- okay, and again, having talked to some folks down there, been in regular contact with folks down there, people know what the score is. they understand where the business is heading and what it's been. so when donald trump gets up there and says, i'm going to bring the mining jobs back, i'm going to bring the miners back, we're going to have a coal boom in appalachia. do people believe that? why is that selling down there? >> people heave wire will clutc any straw that has a semblance of hope to it. there are people who buy into this notion of a war on coal even though it's a pr campaign
5:37 pm
and not an actual governmental tactic. but there's also that overt or perhaps covert, even, sense of the transition of this state into a more right-wing mindset. and frankly, if hillary clinton had come here and said that everybody was going to get ice cream for the rest of their lives, the coal industry would have opposed her on it. >> does bernie sanders' message there -- >> because she's not -- i was going to say, she's not -- bernie does, i think, chris, because this is an older population. and as a result of that, there are a lot of us here -- my parents were depression-era children. and so i grew up learning about the new deal, learning about fdr. so a lot of us look at bernie and there's nothing radical in what he proposes.
5:38 pm
we see what we've heard about from our parents and our grandparents who told us that fdr and the new deal kept them from starving to death. >> all right, bob kincaid from appalachia, one of the best voices coming out of that part of the country, a pleasure to have you on, thank you. >> my pleasure. still to come, the latest head-scratching endorsement from one of donald trump's former opponents. the answer to the question, should you expect to be tapped as a vice presidential running mate for a campaign you repeatedly called cancerous? bec. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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5:42 pm
mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the republican party to perdition if pursued. >> per physical. perdition. not only did perry suggest trump was corrupting the conservative movement, he declared him an incurable problem for the party in a speech titled "defending conservatism against the cancer of trumpism." i'm reading that off perry's current campaign website where a transcript of the speech is still online. conservatismagainstthecancerof trumpism. >> let no one be mistaken, donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. i will not go quiet when this cancer on conservatism threatens to met tas size into a movement
5:43 pm
of mean-spirited politics that will send the republican party to the same place it sent the whig party in 1854. the graveyard. >> now, if you think it would be pretty tough to take back calling someone's candidacy a cancer, you'd be wrong. >> you know, rick perry, he was rough on me, right? he got up, remember, he went to washington and made a speech for half an hour, a speech about donald trump. he said i'm a cancer on the republican party. now, that's the bad news. let me tell you the good news -- >> up next, one of the most remarkable about-faces in recent memory, or to put it another way, rick perry's hoping to join the cancer ticket. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
battle, it's in the chaos of a presidential bid, we compete then we let bygones be bygones. perry made news when he told a cnn reporter by phone, i believe in the process, the process has said donald trump will be our nominee, i'm going to support him and help him do what i can. he is one of the most talented people i have ever run for president i've ever seen. when asked if he'd consider being trump's running mate "i am not going to say no." donald trump is happy to have the endorsement and seems to have genuine affection for the vanquished perry, except that one time perry called him a cancer. >> i do like him. i forgot about the one hour where he went wild. okay? but he said, one of the most talented or brilliant or something. candidates ever to run for the presidency in the history of the presidency. so you have that statement, then you have this statement. there's a big difference, there's a big gap. but i appreciate it. and i like rick perry. and he's a good man and i appreciate that he did that.
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
donald trump has often argued his skills as a businessman, talent with managing money, prove that he could effectively run the u.s. economy. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. >> what he doesn't tell you is he was once put on an allowance, though allowance for donald trump isn't the one you'd give your 10-year-old. >> $10 million is a lot of money. but it's not enough to cover donald trump for a full two years. he manages to go through more than half a million dollars a month for just personal expenses. so today when a group of bunks came up with $20 million in loans to help him through his business difficulties, they put him on a personal allowance of sorts. >> that's right. as tom brokaw and nbc news reported in 1990, the banks bailing trump out at the time didn't trust him to handle his own finances. they had a pretty good reason. >> in one recent month, donald spent $583,000 on personal
5:49 pm
expenses. he also spent, and these are not included in the new restrictions, $246,000 on his personal boeing 727. $841,000 on his yacht. and $2.1 million for interest on personal loans. donald trump says he made a great deal, a fantastic deal, that his empire is intact, and he's running it. but the bankers have another story. one of them told me, "in our view he's in bankruptcy, but instead of the courts presiding over a restructuring, we're doing it." >> trump is well acquainted with bankruptcy. yesterday he gave an interview in which he suggested his economic plan for the country could involve bankrupting the u.s. economy which he cast as a good thing. a terrifying world of trump nommics next. there are two billion people
5:50 pm
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. when the president's presumptive presidential nominee of the republican party donald trump talked about our nation's debt it's fair to say his views were colored by his personal relationship to both debt and bankruptcy. >> i am the king of debt. i do love debt. i love debt, i love playing with it. but of course now you're talking about, you know, you're talking about something that's very, very fragile. look, i've borrowed knowing that you can pay back with discounts. and i've done very well with that. now of course i was smash buckling and it did well for me and it was good for me and all
5:54 pm
that. you know. debt was interesting to me. now we're in a different situation with a country but i would borrow knowing if the economy crashed you could make a deal. if the economy was good, it was good. therefore you can't lose. it's like you make a deal before you go into a poker game. >> okay. when the cnbc host pressed him on the notion he might not pay back u.s. debt, 100 cents on the dollar, unthinkable for what is the national global security, trump did seem to back off, kind of. >> i understand that you've done this in business deals but are you suggesting we would negotiate with the u.s. credit in such a way? >> no, i think this, i think there are times for us to refinance. we've refinanced debt with longer term. no, i don't want to renegotiate the bonds but i think you can do discounting. i think depending on where interest rates are. i think we should refinance longer-term debt. >> nevertheless, the exchange was remarkable enough to prompt this from "the new york times." such remark by a major can't date have no modern precedent. saying there is no reason to
5:55 pm
think america's creditors would accept anything less than 100 cents on the dollar regardless of mr. trump's deal-making prowess. david k. johnson, distinguished visiting lecturer at syracuse university school of law, columnist for "usa today." david, i can't even figure out what he's talking about. i mean, i'm serious in what it really seems to evince no actual understanding of the way that american debt works and the way the federal reserve works and how those two sort of work together in some ways. what do you make of this? >> i think this is further evidence that donald has not a clue to what he's doing here. just as when he was he was in the casino business, his competitors used to tell me stories how he didn't understand the casino business. if alexander hamilton were alive, he would be yelling at donald. it was alexander hamilton who persuaded the country that although speculators in revolutionary war debt and articles of confederation debt would make a lot of money, we
5:56 pm
should pay back 100 cents on the dollar. because of that the democracy, the republic, flourished. because of hamilton. he's now proposing to undo that, to raise the cost of borrowing and to make the dollar no longer the world reserve currency. >> that's the key thing here. >> the chinese i'm sure are applauding this. >> the dollar is the reserve currency for the reason people, when they flee to security, they flee to treasuries. if there's one entity after all of humanity has been brought to its knees that will pay its debt, it's the u.s. government. to casually give an interview and say, i'm going to do to u.s. credit what i did to donald trump's credit, four bankrupt cies, is a pretty astounding thing to say. >> let's remember the only reason donald is a viable candidate today is that in 1990, when he couldn't pay his bills, even though he claimed to be a billionaire, the state of new jersey casino control commission took his side against his bankers. so it was government intervention in the market that
5:57 pm
saved him. and yet he's going around saying he's in favor of markets. not quite. but this is truly appalling. we had a technical default back in 30 years ago where we didn't pay interest quick enough because of computer problems, supposedly. and it caused a brief increase, a little spike in federal borrowing rates. and if the markets take seriously what donald said, the federal government's borrowing costs will go up and we will be worse off. but this is indicative of how donald has no respect for contracts. not marriage contracts, not lending contracts, not contracts to pay people who do work for him. >> there's also the fact that he is running in a party that has made a fetish of the national debt, reducing the national debt, and that debt is bad. it's a fetish i disagree with, i think there are cases -- as donald trump himself argued -- sometimes debt is good, sometimes it's good for a nation to take out debt in large quantities, during certain periods of time, debt can be great, debt has done well for
5:58 pm
donald trump in ways. but it's hard to square that ideological circle. these are the people that are saying, obama's terrible, he's add to the the national debt. this guy is saying, i am i am the king of debt, now i shall be your president. >> there is no ideology here. donald is a narcissist. you and i exist only to worship donald or to be foils for him. the fact is while we have enormous national debt because we're demanding more government services than we've been willing to pay for through our elected representatives, interest rates have been falling. the federal government's borrowing rate was 6% when bush took office, now it's 2%, which tells you the faith the american people have in the government, which donald trump is now attacking. >> how this is going to play out? the i thought the "times" piece was interesting because they tried to basically say, this is bonkers, but they couldn't quite say this is bonkers. how does this continue to play out as we go forward here?
5:59 pm
>> i think the big part of that question is how does the news media treat this? there are all sorts of things about donald in the public record that are not being examined. we're covering this as a horse race, not as a policy issue. in policy the fact is donald doesn't understand even how the constitution works. look what he said to paul ryan. no piece of legislation can move unless the speaker of the house -- is donald really hoping to be elected so he can say, as what happened in rome in 63 b.c.e., take over? >> i'm not sure there's anything that sophisticated afoot. i just think he tends to think that everything will work the way that an enterprise with his name on it works, which is a set of unilateral decisions, which of course is not the way the american constitutional system works. david k. johnson, always a pleasure, thank you, sir.
6:00 pm
that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now, live from burlington, vermont, if i'm mistaken. >> you are not mistaken, it is perfect in every way here, you should be here. >> it is a great town. >> thanks to you for joining us tonight, from vermont. today's executive order signed by president obama, it is a stark freaking thing. did you see this today? "executive order -- facilitation of a presidential transition." "by the authority vested in me as president by the constitution and the laws of the united states of america, it is hereby ordered as follows. section 1, policy. the peaceful transition of power has long been a hallmark of american democracy. it is the policy of the united states to undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure that presidential transitions are well coordinated and effective without regard to party affiliation. section 2 subsection