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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 7, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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protesting outside, not disturnlg couradi discouraging that. senator bernie sanders, guam tomorrow, west virginia tuesday, philadelphia at the end of the road. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc live, it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. out west. and here's what's happening. >> have you of read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? they are going after me with women, give me a break. >> donald trump goes there as he goes after the clintons, why he's bringing this up now. and how might the clinton camp respond. new talk of a third party candidate. report says that mitt romney's name is in the mix. the water in flint safe enough for the president to drink, but what about the water in your child's school? a new report shows just how hard it is to get the answer to that
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question. well, let's get right to donald trump, resurrecting attacks against hillary clinton because of her husband's past indiscretions. >> bill clinton was the worst in history and i have to listen to her talking about it. and just remember this. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. so put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens. okay. >> trump's comments in oregon came hours after grounding a major endorsement from the 1996 republican presidential nominee bob dole in a statement the former kansas senator said the voters of our country have turned out in record numbers to support mr. trump, it is important that their votes be honored and it's time we support the presumptive nominee donald j. trump. i plan to attend. we must unite as a party to defeat hillary clinton.
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meanwhile, former rival jeb bush posted on facebook that in november i will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. he is joining the growing list of republicans like senator lindsey graham who are not only saying they won't vote for trump but are sitting out the presidential electionine tirely. tk held a rally in california where she renewed her vow to stop trump. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> bernie sanders also amping up attacks on donald trump for his anti-mexican and muslim rhetoric. here is what he told rachel maddow at his home in vermont. >> he is not to antagonize large sections of this planet against the people of the united states. that is unacceptable. that is incredibly destructive
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and that's why he will not become president. >> we are right now awaiting results from the democratic caucus in guam, doors closed about an hour ago. there are 12 delegates at stake in guam. as sanders and clinton take a break, donald trump has two rallies in washington, this is ahead of that state's primary a couple weeks from now. our own cal perry is following the trump campaign, he is in spokane, washington for us on this very early saturday morning for you. thanks for getting up. let's talk about these rallies. since he is the presumptive nominee any change in tenor you are sensing? >> yeah. there has been a new fresh attack on both hillary clinton and bill clinton which you sort of instroed in the show. it's interesting that he is trying this general election message early in the process but he's doing this. there was a lot of talk here even as we got to town last night about whether or not he would show up here and if so why. it's not a primary, he's going to get seems like those
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delegates, moving from the presumptive nominee to the likely nominee to the nominee. so people here wondering would he show up, will he show up. the latest is he's going to be here as you said at noon behind me, we expect between 5,000 and 8,000 people here. and as we've been talking about all morning, he's trying out this new attack ad on bill clinton specifically, bill clinton and the previous women. take a listen. >> nobody in this country and maybe in the history of the country politically, was worse than bill clinton with women. he was a disaster. he was a disaster. i mean there's never been anybody like this. and she was a total enabler. she would go after these women and destroy their lives. >> reporter: so leave no question, this is going to get really ugly. this is going to get really nasty, it already sflt he's
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holding back not at all with these punches at bill clintonment one more thing for you, he goes from here tour linden, washington, about two hours north of seattle. he was originally supposed to have a rally in seattle, unclear why they moved that location, but i think it's a pretty decent educated guess it's because they are expecting protests, because of the recent mayday protests, the police have have been taxed and i don't think wanted to deal with it not this weekend. >> yeah, i can -- i think that's an educated guess. with regard to security to get into these venues how tight is that? >> reporter: very tight. one of the interesting things i think about these rallies is that some point they will cut the line off of trump supporters waiting to get in because they have to clear them through that secret service security, not even local security. it's that point you get very upset trump supporter who is face off with the protesters who show up. here specifically in spokane we are expecting some protests, we don't know how large. partly it was unclear whether he
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would show up. the police said they are going to put extra on the streets. they are not sharing it for all of the obvious reasons. >> we'll see you again. president obama issued his strongest remarks yet against donald trump when asked about the gop race during friday's white house briefing. >> the degree to which we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski was at that news conference. good morning to you. the president is certainly criticized trump before but this sounds like the most focused effort that we've seen thus far. what else did he say? >> reporter: you know, reporters here at the white house yesterday teed it up for the president and as you heard him, he took a pretty hefty swing at donald trump yesterday. he talked about the fact that you know, for the first time
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now, trump is going to have to actually come up with some kind of program, some kind of agenda, that will work for america. he also said that trump has a long history and record that he's got to answer for. and one thing in particular i think his strongest comment that many people didn't pay attention to, he pointed out that trump's statements on foreign policy could lead to the threat of war. now he didn't say whether he was talking economic wars or shooting wars, but that appeared to me anyway, one who covers the pentagon normally, that was his heftiest cut at donald trump. and there was also a question about the speaker of the house paul ryan's refusal to immediately endorse paul ryan and here's what the president had to say. >> i think you have to ask speaker ryan what the implications of his comments
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are. there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taking place inside the republican party who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. and i think not just republican officials but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> reporter: trump called the speaker's remarks inappropriate, but in a usual trump-like fashion he took advantage of that saying he thought speaker ryan's immediate refusal to endorse him would probably do him some good with the voters. finally, the president here said that you know, in the end he thought that democracy would, in fact, prevail and work. a clear indication that
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president obama doesn't believe that donald trump can be elected in november. >> thanks so much. let's turn to the democrats. hillary clinton spoke in oakland, california last night taking aim at bernie sanders and his plans for free college. >> my esteemed opponent senator sanders has a plan for what he calls free college. you know my late father said any time someone tells you it's free read the fine print. and if you read the fine print, it's free for everybody each billionaires. personally i don't want to be paying for donald trump to send his kids and grand kids to college. >> kelly o'donnell is in san francisco, following the clinton campaign. kelly, with an early good morning to you. nothing in life is free. that much we do know. >> reporter: well, alex, that is the argument that hillary clinton is trying to make. so she had a couple of stops here in northern california. and in each of those we did see
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some people who appear to be bernie sanders supporters based on their signs and some of the things they shouted. sort of getting inside clinton events or being outside protesting. she expects that and is still fighting for that june 7th primary here in california, a state where bernie sanders thinks he can do well so. unlike the republican side which is apparently resolved with donald trump being the presumptive nominee, clinton who is far ashed fighting to win her nomination at least in the minds of democratic voters. but bernie sanders was only a small part of what she had to say. you might have heard in that clip she refers to him as her esteemed opponent. careful to not want to alienate the sanders supporters. and especially wanting to make sure they could come along when she does presumably get that nomination. instead we heard more from clinton mixing into her regular stump speech attack lines against donald trump, hitting him for a number of things from foreign policy to his remarks
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did about the health care law. and she sort of teased him or mocked him saying that he talks about replacing it with something great, almost using a bit of imperson nation in her voice to mock the slogan of donald trump. and saying he is dangerous on foreign policy. also sort of referring to him not as the presumptive nominee but the presumptuous nominee. still trying to unify her party. alex. >> kelly, up early for us, thank you very much. so for more on today's top political stories, kate martell, reporter for the hill and alexis, reporter at the national review. good morning to you both. alexis, you first. trump's comments last night on the clinton -- earned him some boos even from a friendly crowd. is that possibly a line even trump can't cross? >> i think we have to wait and see. trump has crossed over the course of this campaign line
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after line after line, we've all sat there and said oorks this is it, the one that's going to do him in and he is the presumptive nominee. clearly we were wrong. i think we have to wait and see now that he is the presumptive nominee and talking to a general election electorate and not just primary electorate. >> what about in the "washington post", kate. the post reporting that bill crystal editor of the weekly standard met with mitt romney to talk about putting up an independent candidate for president. first of all, how plausible is that. this late in the game. >> you make a good point. it is plausible that anti-trump republicans could put a third party candidate in. but you know t way that the ballots work in some states the ballots have been closed meaning that this third party candidate would have to run a write-in campaign. and you know, at this point the way the electoral college works it's very hard for an independent or a write-in
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campaign to win. but what they could do is take away enough that either donald trump or hillary clinton if she is the nominee, could get the majority of votes. you can't just win the most votes you have to win 50% plus one. what's interesting is that speaker paul ryan even if he does decide to endorse and support donald trump as president, you know, he's sent a subtle message to republicans saying look, like a formal party unity doesn't matter as much as it has in the past. they could pull some away even if it is plausible to win. >> let's say they manage to squeeze in a third candidate. is mitt romney the guy? >> i guess my bigger question would be is there a right guy for this? unless i'm missing something if you nominate someone who is a republican who is in there kind of to pick up the votes from republicans who are not comfortable with trump you're splitting the party. the question is what the goal is. the goal to win, probably not.
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republicans are not going to win if there is a third party candidate that is mitt romney, the former republican nominee. if the goal sue to save the party which is i think how a lot of people involved in this effort are thinking about it sure, maybe mitt romney is the guy. >> kate, what about hillary clinton who is reportedly trying to win over the anti-trump republicans. you think she can do it? does she need to do it? >> that's fascinating the fact that hillary clinton is looking at republicans saying can she pull them over. and you know, she might be able to pull over some of the republicans that are uneasy with donald trump's foreign policy. the bigger question is like you said, does she need. to is this necessary. you know what's coming down to is ideal purity hasn't mattered as it has in past elections. and you know look, a unified party doesn't win in 2000 when al gore tried distancing himself from bill clinton he lostpy a hair. john mccain tried separating from george bush he didn't win.
4:15 am
democrats tried separating away from president obama in 2014 where did that get them. you know, while she may be able to pick away at some i think donald trump has a brigger problem including the miss spannic growth >> the hill is estimating that if trump's spofrt among minority voters stays stagnant he would have to win 65% of the white vote. how does he translate the primary suck sees into a general election win. >> i have become increasingly wary because i like most have been wrong. >> join the club. >> not going to work. i think what we're waiting to figure out is on the one hand yes, he does on the face of it seem to lose this really massive chunk of the electorate. i think a lot of republicans are really concerned that he loses to hispanics, with young people,
4:16 am
that's the ball game. he does seem to have expanded in serp ways that other republicans haven't been able to do, so maybe he's able to make it up. i don't know. i have become very wary of saying he can't possibly do it because he went and did it in the primary. >> yes. listen, i get it. a good point. ladies, thank you so much. coming up a look at some of today's top headlines including a wild fire burning in canada after becoming as big as new york city. it's expected to now double. it's off to the tracks for the 142nd kentucky derby. we are believe a peek coming up. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain
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police say the federal police officer accused of a deadly trail of violence in
4:20 am
maryland is in custody this morning. the 62-year-old man is suspected in a string of shootings which left three people dead including his estranged wife. our correspondent pete william joins us with more. it harkined back to times in washington. there was a lot of terror going on. >> reporter: right. you think of the washington sniper incident we all went through several years ago, and as a matter of fact, that sniper incident one of the first shootings was here in this very shopping mall, and it ended in a place where also the snipers attacked. but as for this one, police say they don't believe that the shooting victims knew anything about each other or were connected to each other. only one of them was related to the man now in custody. and she was his wife. this morning investigators hope to find some answers to what caused a day of anxiety for suburban washington. it ended in a strip mall parking lot as police rammed, then
4:21 am
surrounded the car of the shooting suspect. a 62-year-old federal police officer now charged with murder. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife thursday evening when she came to a maryland high school to pick up her children. a teacher, had obtained a restraining order against him about a month ago. then friday morning three people were shot in the parking lot of a is abouty shopping mall in an adjacent county. >> we heard pop, pop, we turned our heads band four or five cars in there was somebody on the ground. >> reporter: a woman was wounded. two men came to her aid. one was killed. less than an hour later a woman killed in a grocery store parking lot a few miles away. hundreds of schools told to lock their doors. a few hours after that police spotted his car seen here being towed away in the parking lot of a strip mall across from the grocery store. plain clotheses police spotted him eating a salad at this restaurant. officers kept watch apparently
4:22 am
unseen by him. >> our fear was that he was armed. we did not want to have other bled shed here and so the officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what they did. >> when he got in his car, police pounced, smashing into it and blocking him. >> i was told to leave the shop. they had the car surrounded. there was everything was like blocked off, all of the entrances and exits. >> gladys claimed in documents that he sexually abused her minor children, his step-children, and he once slapped her so hard it broke her glasses. some people have gathered here in this shopping mall parking lot. the scene of the three shootings here yesterday where three people were shot, one of them fatally to pay tribute bringing flowers and balloons. he was suspended from the federal protective service which provides security for government buildings in march when that restraining order was filed. and some other court documents
4:23 am
show he was once married to two women at the same time when he lived in the philippines. >> pete williams, appreciate that. in other news happening now, a massive wild fire is burning out of control in fort mcmurray, canada. that fire burned more than a quarter million acres and could double in size by the end of today. nearly 90,000 people have been evacuated, 1600 homes and buildings destroyed. history in london, voters elected the first ever muslim mayor, the labor party's sadiq khan won despite a contentious campaign. we are just hours away from the 142nd running of the kentucky derby. last year's winner in fact triple crown winner, american pharoah is not running this year but is still in most racegoer' hearts. dylan dreyer is in churchill
4:24 am
downs looking splendid. that is beautiful. i want to talk just about the hat. i guess we have to talk about the race. what's going on? >> reporter: i know. i always get so focused on the hat and what am i going to wear. you forget there are horses in this whole thing. you know, you mentioned american pharoah. i was at the belmont when american pharoah took the triple crown. it was hands down the most exciting sporting event i have ever seen live in person. and last week i got the chance to go down to lexington, kentucky where american pharoah is right now. he's living life as a stud. i mean, he's gained 170 pounds, grazes all day, gets to roll around in the hay three times a day. his stud fee is $200,000 so he is living the life. who is up this year, who is the one everyone is talking about? i'd say that the favorite is nyquist, he won 7 out of the last seven races. we'll see. there are a lot of other horses we have to keep an eye on. victor espinoza, he's back this
4:25 am
year and if he were to win on whitmore, a relative long shot, 20-1 now, but that would be the third straight derby he's won in a row. everyone is focused on victor. you also have bob baffert, the trainer of american pharoah, he's ghe a he's got mo spirit this year. a lot of us are going for sudden breaking news because how can you not with a name like that. sometimes you don't even look at the stats, you just look at the name. but we'll see what happens this year. it's exciting, though, and i think everyone is very excited because of everything that happened with the triple crown. we'll see what happens for the 142nd running. coverage starts on nbc at 4:00. >> i like your pick but i think i might go with trojan nation which is a 50-1 long show. i went to usc. in the name. you pick it. a $10 bet would make $500. it would be like the big story. thank you so much. have fun. coming up, i'll talk to one of the scientists responsible
4:26 am
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we especially underinvest when the communities that are put at risk are poor. that attitude is as corrosive to our democracy as the stuff that resulted in lead in your water. >> that was president obama earlier this week in flint, michigan. the president visited to reassure residents there by drinking the water and telling them government resources will be available to help flint make its water supply safe. let's bring in mark edwards water resources engineering at virginia tech, one of the scientists who uncovered and brought to light the problems in flint. and welcome to you. first of all, what you've seen is flint on the way to recovery? >> it is.
4:30 am
the water gradually getting better as the corrosion inhibitor coats the pipes. unfortunately the infrastructure is damaged and probably is going to take 100, $200 million to upgrade to allow flint to be able to afford its existing system. the damage is so great the residents can't pay for it. >> that is an extraordinary amount of money. let's talk about what's happening elsewhere. lead found in public schools in newark, new jersey and survey of nation's 20 largest city few that do any regular testing for lead. i was reading about the city of los angeles which hasn't tested for years their schools. are there regulations for lead testing? >> incredibly no. up der our system you can have hatzous waste your child's classroom. there is nothing illegal about. that actually it's good news for
4:31 am
people in new jersey that this problem issing revealed and fixed because the alternatives to let more irreversible harm for our children. i think it's the schools like los angeles, other schools that have not tested in recent years. >> i know houston was another area that had not done a lot. so testing standards, what do you think would be necessary to put in place? >> well, we have to get away from this voluntary system, because the schools have so many mandatory things to do, if the you make it voluntary it's just not going to happen. they just assume voluntary means it's not important. when in fact, these lead exposures that are current through the drinking water are every bit as lead paint exposures in some cases and we have to start taking it seriously. it's crazy to think you send your kids to school and you want the child to be safe and a good learning environment. in some cases they are getting elevated blood lead which is
4:32 am
detrimental to their future and learning process and things like acting out in class. antisocial behavior caused by lead. >> how certain are you there is another flint out there. is it likely? >> well, there's certainly flints all around the united states in chicago and philadelphia, a lot of utilities, we've been screaming to the epa they have been cheating how they do monitoring making lead look low and telling people the water is safe when it's not. so, even though it might not be quite as bad as flint, there are certainly many cities out there who have a lead problem that is in the same ballpark. >> okay. mark, thank you so much. after less than a week as the presumptive nominee is donald trump already flip-flopping on key policy issues?
4:33 am
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i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. welcome back to "msnbc
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live." within 24 hours of becoming the gop's presumptive nominee donald trump signaled he may abandon positions on two major issues, minimum wage and tax cuts for the rich. here is what he said back in november. >> taxes too high, wages too high, we're not going to be able to compete against the world, i hate to say it but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out, work really hard and they have to get into that upper stratup. we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. we just can't do it. >> joining me is bengie sorlan whose article highlights the flip-flops. good morning to you there in d.c. when asked a few days ago if he thinks the minimum wage should be increased here's what he said which you point out. here is the quote. i am doing -- i'm open to doing something with it because i don't like that, later adding you have to have something that you can live on. then he goes to the taxes and he
4:37 am
now says he is quote more into the middle class. so i want to get your take on these changes. you think this is a natural evolution or just a complete flip-flop reversal? >> well, alex, often you hear about candidates pivoting to the center in a general election, maybe tweaking some things or emphasizing things. these are basically complete fundamental flip-flops on a basic philosophical level. let me give you an example of tax cuts. donald trump during the primary early on, under pressure from conservative groups, really anti-tax and favored lowing taxes specifically for the highest earner, rich people like donald trump. so, to get them off his back release add tax plan a $9.5 trillion cut, a ton of which would go to wealthy people like donald trump. 35% of the cost was going to go just to lower taxes for the 1%. now we're in the general election, trump gets asked about
4:38 am
it of it he acts as if he never heard of his own tax plan. this was a detailed policy paper and now talking about the middle class saying we might have to raise taxes on the rich. a total shift in stance. the same thing with the minimum wage. now, trump added some caveats in that interview saying he still is worried that the minimum wage could get too high, scare off jobs, a little more close to what he was saying in the debate. still, he was very clear during the primaries, against the minimum wage. he was concerned wages were too high in general before he walked that back during the primaries. these are fundamental shifts now. it's hard to call it anything other than a massive flip-flop. >> you know, there's a line you quote in the article, this is relative to taxes where he says i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. and yet you say he's trying to brand himself as a populist, so is he trying to tap into a demographic he knows he needs in november, the middle class?
4:39 am
>> it's tough to tell. for one thing if you poll donald trump supporters, my guess is that they'd be surprised to learn what was in his original tax plan because donald trump even after he released this tax plan was still bragging about how he was going to raise taxes on the rich. i mean he seemed to be living in two universes when it came to this. so yes, this is something that might help him with the middle class but also his base has never been particularly interested in this conservative orthodoxy of trying to accrue gains to the top 1% and hope it trickles down to the lower part. >> thank you very much. it's great article. appreciate that. last night in california hillary clinton took aim at donald trump and his declaration he is the republican party's presumptive nominee. >> it will be my highest priority to do what we need to do, we've tried to do, but we will finally do and that is to guarantee equal pay and now,
4:40 am
everything i've just said the republicans disagree with. and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee. has made it really clear. he basically says wages are too high in america. >> let's bring in rick tyler, political analyst and former national spokesman for ted cruz and a former bush white house aide. good morning. rick, so what we just heard there, kind of a small zing there at trump, he's hammering away at how clinton handled her husband's affairs. should he be going there with her considering everything that she was likely trying to defend orhusband at the time. should she respond in kind or you think addressing any of this does her more digit than good? >> i think it hurts both of them. sort of ugly reminder of the clinton administration at least parts that most people would
4:41 am
like to forget. it's also reminder of how donald trump just really has no filters. and that he will just attack on any level. it seems to me that hillary clinton would rather be seems to me she is trying to unite her party first before she goes after donald trump in a very strong way. and donald trump has skipped that step. he doesn't seem to want to bother uniting his party, says he doesn't care. one thing the uniter has done is he's united the conservatives and the establishment together against him and he's going to have to -- going to need them if he intends to beat hillary clinton in the fall. >> joe, if hillary clinton does not get down in the mud with trump what can she do to counter his big talk, there has been lots of discussion about all of the republican candidates who didn't necessarily get down as low as donald trump has, and look where they are now, nowhere. >> well, donald trump is really, really a master at defining his opponents, and of course you
4:42 am
know, after he vanquished them he apologizes and they become friends. sometimes. >> some of them. >> but he's very, very good at defining his opponents. hillary clinton has to necessarily respond to charges he makes against her. that's part of the -- if you don't respond then they have a chance to stick. so she's going to have to respond to every charge that donald trump makes and expect him to make many. >> so joe, what about "the new york times" report that clinton is going after republican voters turned off by trump. can she win some of them over enough to hurt him in november? >> she'll win some of them. there will be some republicans that will vote for hillary clinton, there will be some that just can't find it in their hearts to vote for donald trump. but by the same token donald trump will go very strongly after hillary's base, after union workers, miners, after minorities, he'll go after a lot of the folks that are assumed right now to vote with democrats
4:43 am
in the fall. so, the sweet spot for both is find -- keep your base and then to get some of the independents and of course some of the other side if you can. so, donald trump will likewise go for the base republican base, independents, and then try to get as many democrats as he can as hillary clinton is trying to get republicans. >> so rick, this talk about bill crystal talking about mitt romney about a possible third party candidate run. first of all, how likely is it someone could right now mount a viable independent run? what would that take? >> well, every state has different rules how to get on the ballot, how to be a write-in candidate. it would take an enormous amount of money and enormous amount of organization. we had in the cruz campaign at least five people dedicated simply to getting on the ballot and meeting all the requirements. and if i'm not mistaken i think texas is probably nearly closed. and that's one of the biggest states, so it would be
4:44 am
extraordinarily difficult. >> can i ask you, joe, what you think the convention looks like now especially if trump doesn't get the 1237 delegates? >> i think he gets the 1237, and i think it's probably a better tv convention than it would be if it was unscripted if it was contested. contested convention would be great for ratings, lots of drama. fireworks maybe even. but convention where the nominee comes in with 1237 delegates, is easily more scripted. like the ones i've been at over the last several cycles. so that's what i'm expecting will happen this time. >> joe watkins and rick tyler, great to see you. coming up the tweet that set off alarms at two elite universities. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue.
4:45 am
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4:48 am
is in atlanta. good morning to you. what's the latest on this investigation? >> reporter: good morning, alex. atlanta police say they are not investigating until a victim comes forward. the schools have launched their own investigation which is largely dependent on identifying the poster behind the raped at spillman tweets. that poster claims she was sexually assault bid four morehouse students and when she approached the administrator about reporting the crime she was told to give those four men a pass. the schools say they have no knowledge of this purported assault, presidents of both spellman and morehouse have made public pleas for the victim to come forward, identify herself so that they can offer support and get more details of this alleged assault. the events of the last week here at the schools, the tweets came out early last week, these really speak to the power of social media and even when an anonymous or when anonymous
4:49 am
tweet can have a real world effect. there have been protests here at the school, and a larger scale discussion about rape culture on campus and victim blaming. there's also a lot of talk about improving policies and procedures when it comes to how sexual assault victims are treated. not only here on these campuses but nationwide. >> sarah, can you talk about the relationship between spellman and morehouse colleges, people who aren't familiar. >> reporter: yeah. they are quite close. in fact, this campus is made up of four universities here called the atlanta university center. spelman and morehouse while not officially brokter sister are considered that by a lot of the students. they work closely togetherment morehouse historically black male, spelman a black women's college. >> thank you for that. coming up, new efforts to bring in an entire group of voters who could swing this election. heart.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
a new super pac is trying to register asian voters. they are considered one of the fastest growing ethnic groups, but in the past have registered to vote at one of the lowest levels. joining me now is the chair and founder of the super pac aapi victory fund. we welcome you. i want to talk about why you feel the work your super pac is doing is so important. what are some of the stats? >> sure, alex. good morning. basically we may be the fastest growing minority group in the united states but also the most largely ignored. the reason is hundreds of languages, 30 different countries, no common television channel, as an example, that addresses the needs of this
4:54 am
community. so people largely ignore this when it comes to the voting booth. they do focus on it for the purpose of fund-raising, but for the purpose of voting, the resource allegation to aapi votes, particularly in states that matter has been minimal in the last few election cycles. >> i want to get more detail. new research shows asian-american pacific islanders are registering at rates up to two times greater than average in the swing states like virginia, nevada, colorado, florida, north carolina as well. aapi was pivotal in '08 and '12 because if they voted gop, obama would have lost. what does this mean for 2016? do you get a sense of democratic or republican leanings? >> first of all, the excitement and enthusiasm levels in the community have never been higher. there's been a lot of efforts at civic engagement, voter
4:55 am
registration, education that you've been talking about, but most importantly is pure suasion. we have to take people to the voting booths but also talk about the issues. we're trending democratic. 20 years ago the much smaller aapi population was voting 70% republican. in the last two elections it's voting 70 to 75% democrat. recent polling shows it could vote as much as 80% democrat. so every new voter on the aapi community could represent a vote for the democratic side in the presidential race. in the six swing states, as an example 2014 senate race decided by 18,000 votes. in north carolina, election result decided by 48,000 votes. in all these states the aapi population and propensity to vote democrat can tilt and election and become the margin of victory. >> okay. so you're giving me the trends
4:56 am
of gop leanings to democratic leanings. i know, for example, you are a hillary clinton supporter. at any point do you expect aapi to endorse a candidate? if you do, why has it not happened yet? >> it hasn't happened yet because we have contested primaries. until the campaign season at this primary level is over, we know who the candidates are and we can ask them the questions that are relevant for the community, we should not endorse. but once we endorse, we need to then, as i explained, not just tell people to register, but to vote with passion and enthusi m enthusiasm. if we get that turnout, we'll be the margin of victory. >> good to talk with you shekar, thanks so much. >> thank you. donald trump will soon get class fied intelligence briefings. whoo! don't do it.
4:57 am
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she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. give me a break. >> on the attack, donald trump on the treatment of women. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> hillary clinton on stopping trump. [ cheers and applause ] and he's still in it to win it. bernie sanders sounds more determined to stop the donald. >> if i'm not the candidate,ly do everything i can to make sure that donal