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tv   Up  MSNBC  May 7, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. give me a break. >> on the attack, donald trump on the treatment of women. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> hillary clinton on stopping trump. [ cheers and applause ] and he's still in it to win it. bernie sanders sounds more determined to stop the donald. >> if i'm not the candidate,ly do everything i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united
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states. >> the general election is 184 days away, a six-month battle that promises to be one of the rockiest roads to the white house in history. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we begin this hour with new reaction from donald trump on house speaker paul ryan saying he's just not ready to back him yet. here is what trump said at a rally in oregon last night. >> we have so many people now that are joining. i didn't get paul ryan, bi don' know what happened. i don't know what happened. he called me three weeks ag goerks we couldn't have had a nicer conversation. thank you very much, donald, it's great. we'll work together. everything is fine and all of a sudden he wants to be cute. we'll see. we'll see. >> just hours after republicans like jeb bush and senator lindsey graham said they won't vote for trump, former
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republican senator bob dole, the 1996 gop nominee called on his party to join him in supporting trump. in a statement dole said in part, i plan to attend the rnc convention in cleveland to show support for our party and our ticket. we must unite as a party to defeat hillary clinton. hillary clinton held a rally last night where she attacked trump's foreign policy. >> what i'm hearing from him, oh, let other countries have nuclear weapons. we've been trying to reduce the numbers to prevent other countries from having them, and he talks about it like it's some real estate. it's okay, fine, we'll make a deal they can have nuclear weapons. that is dangerous. it is reckless. bernie sanders is ramping up his attacks against donald trump. here is what he told my colleague rachel maddow when asked about concerns over whether he would support clinton if he loses the nomination.
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>> i think he would be a disaster for this country in so many ways, it's almost unthinkable that a man like that could become president. if we do not win the nomination, i will do everything i can to make sure he does not become president. >> we are awaiting results from the democratic caucus in guam. there are 12 delegates at stake in guam. as sanders and clinton take a break, donald trump holds two rallies in washington ahead of the primary in washington state. calipari is following the trump campaign from spokane, washington. another good morning to you, cal. what are his rallies like now that he is the presumptive nominee? >> reporter: well, the tone is shifting. i wouldn't say the tone is changing. the tone has been pretty consistent, donald trump bombastic, sort of way out there in attacking people, but it's shifting and shifting towards hillary clinton. he seems to have written off bernie sanders frankly when you
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listen to these rallies, he had one yesterday in eugene, oregon. he broke out the greatest hits on bill clinton and bill clinton's women. take a listen. >> just remember this, what they're doing is $90 million of ads on donald trump. it has to do with women's issues. i'm saying to myself, nobody in this country and maybe the history of the country politically was worse than bill clinton with women. he was a disaster. he was a disaster. >> reporter: alex, i can't believe what you said, 184 days. it's going to be 184 days of that. you can expect two issues really to be front and center in this general election campaign, women first and foremost. second of all, the latino vote. those are the two things that donald trump has got to turn people around on the he has any chance in the general election. when you look at that big map,
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if he doesn't do better with those two groups, he doesn't have a chance. >> calipari from spokane, thank you very much. we'll see you later today. meantime, let's turn to the democrats. hillary clinton just outside of san francisco last night, only mentioning bernie sanders once, taking him at his free college. kelly o'donnell is covering things from san francisco as she covers the clinton campaign. let's get to what hillary clinton had to say last night. >> reporter: well, she talked about a number of things that really go right at donald trump, not just tossing around insults, but trying to hit donald trump on a range of issues. she was at an organizing event in oakland, california, trying to get some of her supporters excited about the june 7th primary here in california. she hit donald trump on everything from foreign policy, talking about what she claims are dangerous views especially with respect to the nuclear weapons of other countries saying he was trying to negotiate about that in ways that the u.s. has long tried to
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reduce the number of nuclear weapons. she also talked about the affordable care act, very popular for the group of voters at her oakland event, saying trump talks about replacing it. she asked with what? she sort of did a little bit of an impersonation of donald trump saying something great, as if playing off his slogan, "making america great again." she took a shot, not referring to him as the presumptive nominee but referring to him as the presumptuous nominee. clinton talked a lot about the things she's for and the rights she wants to protect, everything from women's access to health care and abortion rights to trying to increase the minimum wage and look out for middle class workers. she mixes in some of the barbs towards trump in through her policy ideas. at the same time she acknowledges bernie sanders, not by name, but referring to him as her esteemed opponent and making the big distinction about the
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issue of paying for college. sanders has attracted a lot of support for young people talking about free college. clinton has a plan that she says would be debt-free college where students would not have to accumulate a burdensome debt in order to get a higher education. clinton remains in california for most of this weekend, some fund-raising, some private activities that she's going to do here with her family and at the same time bernie sanders taking a down day, but he will be campaigning next in new jersey. alex? >> all right, kelly o'donnell there in san francisco. very early your time. thank you so much. coming up, new concerns among the intelligence community now that donald trump will soon be privy to classified intelligence briefings. that interview coming your way in about ten minutes. investigators say the federal police officer accused of a string of shootings in maryland is in custody this morning. the 62-year-old man is suspected in a string of shootings which left three people dead including his estranged wife. our justice correspondent pete williams is joining me with more
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on the story. there are similarities to what this nation witnessed in washington a number of years ago, right where you are, correct, pete? that was another scene of disaster there. >> reporter: right. where this ended at the aspen hill shopping center, about nine miles from here is where one of the first of the d.c. sniper's victims was about a dozen years ago or so and near where it ended. here at the shopping mall where i am is where the first of the shootings was yesterday. earlier today, just a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact, the family members of one of the victims of the shooting, a man shot and killed here in the shopping center parking lot, malcolm winfel, they came to have a brief memorial service. they brought flowers and balloons. his relatives were here to remember him as a man who was always helpful. police say he was being helpful yesterday when he was shot. it happened about 11:00
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yesterday when the suspect in the shooting police say came into the parking lot, shot a woman in her vehicle, and when two men came to her aid, he shot them. one of them was wounded, the other, malcolm winfel was killed. another scene nine miles from here another woman was killed. that's in addition to tore deal killing his estranged wife when she went to pick up their children thursday night. police say they don't believe the victims in the friday shootings had anything to do with each other. they're still trying to figure out why he targeted them. he was subsequently arrested about three hours after the second shooting. police saw his car in a parking lot not far from where the second shooting took place, just across the street from it in a strip mall, kept him under surveillance while he went to three businesses, ate a salad. when he came out and got into his car, they surrounded his car and took him into custody.
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first degree murder charges have been filed and he'll appear in court on friday to formally face those charges. >> pete, may i ask you, the estranged wife, was she the mother of their children or were they not his biological children? >> reporter: they were her stepchildren according to court documents. she had gotten a restraining order against him in march claiming he was sexually abusing those children and also was abusive to her. she said in court don'ts he once slapped her so hard it broke her glasses. when she got that restraining order, he was placed on administrative leave from his job with a federal protective service which is the government organization, part of homeland security that provides security for government buildings. at that time he had to surrender his service weapon. police say he obviously had weapons of his own. >> obviously. pete williams, thank you very much. the first of our other headlines comes from
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fire-ravaged fort mcmurray, canada. a fire that has already burned more than a quarter million acres may double in size today. some 4,000 more residents are supposed to be airlifted out of the city. 80,000 have been evacuated. there's a 40% chance of rain. forecast for tomorrow can't come soon enough. boy, they need it. due to fears of the zika virus, major league baseball is relocating a two-game series scheduled to play in pouerto r o rico. players objected to playing there over concerns about zika. the games will be played instead in miami. puerto rico has had nearly 800 confirmed cases of zika and one death caused by the virus. it is history making in london. voters electing the city's first muslim mayor and leader of a major western city. sad iq kahn won by more than 300,000 voeks and described his election as a victory of hope over fear. he said he wants to be the british muslim to defeat
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extremists. donald trump is sounding off on elizabeth warren and the media. >> the world's most dishonest people, the media. look at all of them. look at all of them. and they protect hillary clinton. you know what? they protect her. they're totally protective of her. >> are the trump attacks on the media going have have any impact on voters? that's ahead. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming bk
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i think that hillary should run with goofy elizabeth warren. i would love to beat them. i would love to beat them. so i just heard, they're doing the whole -- she plays her
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woman's card. it's the only card she has because, honestly, without that card, she would get nobody voting for her, nobody. >> that was donald trump at a rally in oregon last night adding massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to his line of attacks. joining me is jay newton smal, washington correspondent for "time" magazine and the author of "broad influence, how women are changing the way america works." let's get right into it. the democrats are waiting on senator warren to decide who to endorse. it's going to have a big impact. how much could these women card attacks buy donald trump in the general election? >> to be honest, alex, women are the trump card in any election. women have swung every election since ronald reagan. it's only by mitigating the loss of women to democrats that republicans in the modern era have even won the white house.
5:17 am
that's doing it to less than ten percentage points. donald trump is under water with women by 73 percentage points according to one recent poll. that's a huge amount to make up in the general election. it might even be insurmountable. to say she's playing the woman card, it's something he should be playing, frankly, if he wants to win the election. >> with regard to elizabeth warren and the fact she has yet to endorse either hillary clinton or bernie sanders, why do you think there is a delay there, and is that doing damage to either of them? >> so much of bernie sanders' base supports elizabeth warren. they have a lot of overlap. for senator warren, it's very hard to endorse hillary while still keeping her followers. she made the calculation not to endorse in the primary. my guess is you won't see her endorse until after california, and it's much more subtle and hillary has sewn up the actual number of delegates to cement the nomination. if she does it beforehand, she
5:18 am
angers her own base of supporters which she shares with bernie. at the same time you've seen her go really negative against donald trump, focusing her fire as well on the general election. >> which seems to be happening pretty much everywhere now. jay, as you heard, donald trump going after the media as we were introducing you. he does it at just about every rally. let's take a listen to what he said last night in oregon, tieing the media to his woman card rhetoric. >> they protect hillary clinton. you know what? they're totally protective of her. they are the world's most dishonest people. i would use the stronger language but there's too many great numbers in the room. >> you talk about how he doesn't poll well with women. how concerned are his strategists about how far he's willing to go with this line of attack? >> his strategy seems to be twofold in appealing to women, first of all, they put out his
5:19 am
daughter ivanka saying, look how she runs almost all of his businesses, his right-hand woman, quote, unquote. she's incredibly successful and very powerful in her own right. they show he believes in empowering women by trotting out ivanka. he's taken a page from george w. bush, the last republican to win the white house. george w. bush in 2004 won largely on the backs of security moms. he did so by scaring them at a time of war and saying i'm strong, john kerry is weak. donald trump is doing a sort of version of that, a hyper masculinized version of that saying i'm strong, hillary is weak and if you don't vote for me, the country will be in danger. >> now that he is the presumptive nominee, what are you hearing about the candidates about his gender-focused rhetoric? remember tom aiken lost the senate because of his comments
5:20 am
against women. >> that's why you see a lot of people, like paul ryan, for example, refusing to endorse donald trump. he's doing so in part to protect some of his down ballot republicans in the hopes -- on the bet that if donald trump really loses it in a huge blowout to hillary clinton, that hopefully he'll protect some of his house majority. that is -- you'll see that over and over again with both republicans in the senate and in the house because they're afraid of being tied to his policies on women, on hispanics, on african-americans, muslims, veterans, youth voters. there's a lot of different groups who don't particularly like donald trump who are very important to those very vulnerable republicans facing re-election right now. you'll see a lot more distancing of themselves from donald trump, won't go to the convention, won't potentially endorse, that kind of thing. >> on thursday we know donald trump is getting ready to meet with house speaker paul ryan and reince priebus, chairman of the gop. why is there reluctance to
5:21 am
bactrim? is there a sense that's going to have a big impact? >> it is a huge impact. if you can't unite your party -- out of the last five republican nominees, only one of them, bob dole, the nominee from 1996, is actually going to the convention. who is going to be at the convention? who is going to be supporting him. >> bob dole endorsing versus both former bush presidents saying, not only are we not going to endorse, we're not going to vote -- i should not say that. the jeb bush the candidate said he's not going to vote. the other two bushes said we're not showing up for the candidate. what has the greater impact? bob dole saying let's unite the party or all the bushes in their separate perspectives saying not trump. >> i think all the bushes has a much greater impact. mitt romney, john mccain not going to the convention. it has the biggest impact on fund-raising. up to this point drnl has
5:22 am
self-funded and enjoyed a lot of free media. you need money in the general election to organize on the state by state level, getting volunteers out and staff out to get voters out to the polls come election day. if you don't have the money to do that, you cannot compete. donald trump has said he wants to raise money for the general election and is not going to self-fund it himself, the bushes have the largest and most powerful donor list of any republican out there, how he raises money without the support of the bushes, without the support of a lot of these people is going to be very difficult. >> certainly remains to be scene how he'll do that. jay newton-smal, thank you very much. >> thanks, alex. officials briefing him on highly class fied information, but they may not want to. that's next.
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once donald trump become it is official nominee he will receive intelligence briefing. director of intelligence james clapper says he has teams in place to handle the briefings. the teams will ensure proper security protocols are followed. let's bring in msnbc terrorism analyst malcolm nas. what do you think about donald trump getting these intelligence briefings. let's say hillary clinton has had these before and she's familiar with how these works, but donald trump, what do you think? >> i think the first thing that's going to have to happen is exactly what the director of national intelligence says. mr. trump is going to have to be read into the program, get an interim security clearance and he's going to be briefed that this information is the most classified information the united states government handles at the top secret level and this cannot be deifficult vul fed on
5:27 am
the campaign trail. >> how concerned are you that donald trump in hillary clinton's words has been called a loose cannon, that stuff could get out there? >> it's possible, but the kind of briefings that mr. trump will be given are going to be generally very broad stroke opinions of the u.s. intelligence community which have been consolidated into a single briefing document, sort of like the presidential daily briefing. if you read some of the declassified briefings, you'll see that information is generally very brought, it's information which you could probably get off the front page of the wall street journal, however, it is the official information of the united states intelligence community. it is not opinion. it is braced on intelligence which could have cost people their lives or certainly billions of dollars in assets. >> what about trump's business interests in countries like china and russia? how concerned are folks like yourself about the preparations for briefings for these nominees
5:28 am
with regard to that and trump specifically, is there a concern about a conflict of interest, that he could learn about something that might do something to his bottom line? >> again, he's going to be briefed very clearly by the briefers, by a special security officer who is going to make it clear that this information is the property of the united states government. this information cannot be used, cannot be manipulated and certainly cannot be traded. that would violate espionage-related laws and disclosure of classified information laws. that's going to be emphasized very clearly to him. i think like most american citizens, he'll honor that trust. certainly if he doesn't, there are mechanisms for that, too. >> now, former cia director michael hayden who is among those who briefed president obama after the 2008 election says it beg gars the imagination given that trump's public persona seems to reflect a lack of understanding or care about
5:29 am
the global issues. how do you arrange these presentations to learn what are the true depths of his understanding? do you think this is a real concern? wouldn't you think the nominee of a party would have at least a basic understanding of global security issues? >> i was at a luncheon with general hayden last week in washington, d.c. he made it very, very clear that the national security of the united states has no political agenda, it is not republican, democrat or independent issue to be manipulated or certainly to be ignored. this information that he will get from the intelligence community is going to be vital for him to understand that this is the way the world works, and the world will not operate inside someone else's political bubble or inside their business world. so i believe that the intelligence community is going to give him what he needs as a candidate, and pretty much wait
5:30 am
and see whether he takes that on board or whether he continues to operate and believe that he has all the answers himself. but we can only produce the material. >> what about secretary clinton? she obviously has experience in dealing with intelligence matters, also security protocols, but there is the matter of her private e-mail server. are there concerns about secretary clinton in classified briefings should she become the nominee? >> not in the intelligence community. certainly the people i talk to on a daily basis, we've all had top secret plus security clearances for decades at a time. so has secretary clinton. the e-mail controversy is nothing to the sense that something that may have been unclassified ten years ago, you can't retroactively class fooid phi that and try to hold someone accountable for something which was unclassified or which may have been sent to you. there is no controversy here as regard to most intelligence officers. it's a political controversy. with regard to that, the secretary of state has certainly
5:31 am
handled classified information on a respectful basis. otherwise she wouldn't have a clearance and certainly wouldn't be in this position. >> okay. msnbc terrorism analyst malcolm nance, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. who are the voters hillary clinton is struggling to win over and why? that's next. s. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essentl nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering) customer service!d. ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service.
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alon account...of penelope. but with t help of at&t, and a network that scaleup and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. welcome back to msnbc world headquarters in new york. i'm al lurks wit. donald trump las agreed to meet with paul ryan and rinse priebus on thursday. it came on the same day jeb bush and lindsey graham said they won't vote for him. here is what trump said about his rivals in oregon last night. >> they all signed a pledge. this lightweight, total lightweight, lindsey graham signed a pledge. they signed it because they all wanted me to sign it. i signed the pledge and they're the ones violating the pledge.
5:35 am
think of it. this is called politicians -- >> joining me now is spencer kimble, adviser to the emerson college polling society. good morning to you. let's talk about the exit polls in indiana which showed trump as a negative rating among women throughout the state, looking at the suburbs specifically, 69%, 70% there. hillary clinton seems to also be struggling with these groups there, but not as much as he is. trump's negative ratings in indiana mirror his national negative numbers with other groups like the non-whites. as the trump campaign mulls over a vice presidential pick, is there anyone whose name has been floated that you think can help trump boost his negatives? >> well, he'd have to bring in someone very well liked within the party and someone willing to go on the line in apartmental year which is a bit untraditional. one of these rising stars we've
5:36 am
been hearing about is suzanna martinez, the governor out of new mexico. she would obviously bring in the hispanic vote, help him with the female vote. trump might also try to double down on his tea party and bring in a person like alan west from florida and try to rise his popularity amongst african-americans which is also a group that trump is going to need to secure. there's a lot of wild cards out there. maybe even chris christie from new jersey, if he wants to double down on the male vote and try to capitalize on that. >> and alan west, serving the conservatives, would do that. recent polling shows clinton easily defeating trump, 253 to 190. do you see any way trump could improve his polling and win? >> well, i wouldn't take those numbers too solidly at this point. what we saw in the primaries was very large turnouts on the
5:37 am
republican side. in florida the republicans turned out by 500,000 over the democrats, about 2.2 million to 1.7. up in ohio, the republicans turned out by 800,000 more. so i think those two states are potential states that trump could swing. i would be looking at michigan, a state that had about the same turnout of republicans and democrats. we saw hillary losing that state to bernie, it was only by two points, but much more competitive than people believed. new hampshire is a state that trump had a higher turnout, the republicans had a higherturnout. we're looking at the turnout numbers and projecting -- we don't think this is a very traditional race, particularly on the republican side. i think it's important we look under the hood in all of these states to see what's really going to go on. >> what about those down ballot races overall? you've got republicans like senator john mccain who are saying they're worried about their re-election chances if trump is the nominee. do you have any polling to support that?
5:38 am
>> yeah. there's obviously 34 senate races up and republicans have to defend 24 of those. illinois, florida, wisconsin, those are all very difficult seats. john mccain in arizona, if he's up -- particularly amongst the minorities and the hispanics, what hillary was able to do in the primaries was create this minority coalition. it was strong in the african-american and hispanic groups. if that's the case, you're looking at colorado, arizona, nevada, florida. in the summer what we'll be looking at is the voter registration drives, like your guest said earlier with the asian-americans. that's the key to the organization on the ground. there's a chance that we see numbers in a state like arizona could flip and send john mccain home. >> i want to go to some of the exit polls out of indiana where they showed trump struggling with white men and white independents, although hillary clinton is having a tougher time with those groups there in
5:39 am
indiana, and throughout the country in other groups like millennials. does clinton stand a chance of winning over these key groups if sanders fails to convince his supporters to back her in the general election? >> it's an interesting question, alex. those millennials bought into what bernie was selling, that was an outsider approach. we're seeing the same thing with trump as an outsider approach. i think what's very interesting to point out is independents. throughout the election, as i said earlier, breaking for trump and breaking for bernie. are these independents that were breaking for bernie will break for trump in the general election and a shake up the board come the fall? >> we shall see. spencer kimble, thank you for your insights. now to other news now in the alleged gang rape detailed on an anonymous twitter account in atlanta. nbc's sarah dallof is there. what's the latest on the investigation? are there any signs coming
5:40 am
forward as to who placed this information on the twitter account? >> reporter: that is really the key question. the investigation can't move forward until either the victim in this alleged attack has come forward or authorities are able to identify someone involved in this purported crime. the investigation at the schools, they have launched one. like i said, kind of waiting on this -- not kind of, they are waiting to find out more about the poster behind the rape that spelman tweets. that poster claims she was sexually assaulted by four morehouse students and when she approached the administrator, she was told to give the men a pass because of the close relationship between spelman and morehouse. the schools deny any knowledge of this supposed crime. presidents of both these colleges made public pleas for this victim to come forward, identify herself to them so they can offer support and get more details of this alleged crime. the events of this last week speak to the effect that social
5:41 am
media can have and that a tweet, even when anonymous can have a real world effect. >> it's like rape is being attached to morehouse, but at the same time it's an important conversation that needs to be had. i feel like it's a great outlet for rape victims to express themselves and let people know they're not alone. it's definitely an important conversation that needs to be discussed. >> reporter: so you hear there a larger conversation being had, not just on this campus, but campuses nationwide. there have also been protests here at the school. it's important to note that nbc has not independently verified these claims, alex, nor have we been able to talk to the poster behind the rape at spelman account. sarah, thank you very much. will next week's meeting between donald trump and paul ryan lead to republican unity or more strife? that is next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
shows speaker paul ryan's declaration that he's not ready to back donald trump is the most public -- many across the country are taking a no trump stand. let's bring in jennifer nas sewer, former chairman of the massachusetts republican party. welcome to you. you are one of the republicans not backing donald trump. you tweeted on thursday, i am in mourning, mourning my party i love. my heart is broken. where do lifelong republicans go from here? first of all, where do you think they go from here and why do you think trump's nomination, presumptive nomination is so devastating the the party? >> well, good morning and thank you for having me on. i wrote that out of sincere sadness for the party because out of 300 million americans,
5:46 am
this is the best that we can get? it's really upsetting to me. as the former chair of the republican party, i have spent my entire life working to expand the republican party, to make sure women feel welcome, to make sure minorities feel welcome, to make sure our now millennials, but at the time i was the young republican chairman in my county in new york. so i've been working doing this for years. i'm a mother of three daughters. i don't like trump's stance on women. i came from -- i lived with my immigrant grandparents. i don't like his stance on immigrants and my brother had turret's syndrome. i don't like his stance on the disabled and how he makes fun of disabled people. i think all in all for the party he's very dangerous. >> let's assume he gets the nomination. are you going to vote? what will you do? will you sit it out? >> well, you know, i'm not voting for trump and i'm not
5:47 am
voting for hillary. that leaves me in a dilemma. i think there are many republicans like myself that find themselves in this position. the bushes have said the same thing. i can't speak for governor romney, but i see how he's talking to people right now. speaker ryan, i love him, i have so much respect for him. the fact that he hasn't jumped on the trump train yet is also something i think we are looking at to see where are our leaders going. i'm hopeful that there will be someone else who is challenging trump on the republican ticket at the convention. if not, than the write someone in. it's a shame to just waste our vote, but i cannot see myself voting for trump. >> i want to get specific on that. before that, massachusetts governor charlie baker had this to say to supporters on wednesday. >> there are a number of issues i disagree vehemently with trump
5:48 am
on. i'm not going to vote for mr. trump. i sincerely doubt i'll be voting for hillary clinton either. >> that's his perspective. if not trump, then who? >> i would love to see someone like a charlie bakeer out there running, i would love to see paul ryan running, would love to see a mitt romney running. i don't know who will come out for us. there are a tremendous amount of republican leaders that have not bought into what donald trump is selling. like me, believe he's very disastrous for the republican party. he's disastrous for our party and he's disastrous for the nation. >> do you have concerns that many republicans may just sit out this election? >> yes, i do. i think there are enough republicans, every time i talk to someone, and i go through the same line of questioning, people that don't know even where i stand, i say what do you think about the presidential race right now. the answer is always the same, oh, i just can't vote for trump. so maybe they vote for hillary,
5:49 am
maybe they sit it out. either way, it is not good for our country to have someone running for office that people don't even want to vote for, that they can't believe in and can't get behind. >> okay. so you say that you love paul ryan. as you know, he's agreed to meet with donald trump on thursday, trying to discuss party unity. what do you expect will be accomplished at this meeting? >> well, i think donald trump is a bully, so i don't know how far this conversation is going to get. i think paul ryan is a very reasonable person. but trump went out yesterday and said he doesn't believe in ryan's republican policies. i think that's a really big slam to paul ryan, and i think donald trump is going to have to maybe look at his own ego and take a step back and think about what paul ryan has to offer and what he has to say and how we can unite the party, because it's not donald trump that's going to be able to unite the party.
5:50 am
if anyone is going to be able to do it, it will be paul ryan. donald trump has even said as of this week that he doesn't need all republicans, he doesn't want all republicans. i think that that right there, i know for myself is a very big problem as far as party unity. >> jennifer nas sewer, thank you for joining me from boston. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton is keeping up the fight against the notion she's playing the women card. will it work to win over younger women? >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in!
5:51 am
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5:53 am
hillary clinton's response to donald trump's woman card comments is giving us yet another glimpse of how gender
5:54 am
will play oit out in the general election. here is what she told supporters at a rally in california last night. >> everything i've just said the republicans disagree with and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee, has made it really clear. he basically said wages are too high in america. of course he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because he doesn't think much of women it turns out. >> joining me is kelly did march, scholar at the center for american women and politics at rutgers university, also the author of "navigating gender terrain." kelly, welcome to you. in light of donald trump's comments, hillary clinton has interpreted the woman card in her own terms which includes her vow to fight for women's issues. how are you gauging the many ways she is playing the woman
5:55 am
card, and does she have a winning hand, if you will, against donald trump? >> sure. i think her strategy to shift from his arguments that she's just winning because she's a woman, on the merits of her biology, of her gender, and her willingness to shift that po policy issues and talk about issues most important to women is a fairly effective strat jeechlt what it does, it says donald trump -- it sort of accuses donald trump of minimizing issues that are most important to women as special interests or as simply pandering to women. i think it forces him a little bit to eventually have to talk to those issues and give his plans for those issues on how he's going to address, for example, women's economic security. have you talked with strategists who have concerns about how clinton plays the woman card? is there anything they're saying she should or should not do? >> sure. i think strategists should say she can't talk about just being the first woman president.
5:56 am
women are smart voters and they're energized by policy issues. they don't want to hear vote for me because i'm a woman. they want to hear vote for me because i bring particular experience, perspective and policy priorities to the table. i think that's where she tried to shift the conversation. if you remember in 2008 she said i'm not running as a woman at all. this year she said i'm not running as a woman, but i think gender is among the many merits i bring to the table. that's because i know what it's like to be a working mother for example, to be a woman in business and politics. i think she has to shift to the more substantive topics as she has done about why being a woman brings something unique to the table. >> what is your reaction to donald trump resurrecting his attack against hillary clinton for the former president's past indiscretions? you used bringing substantive topics to the table. categorize that as substantive or not. >> it seems like this is not a
5:57 am
type of an attack that's going to work in the long term. it will generate energy, it will generate attention. it's unclear to me, it doesn't seem like the rest of the country wants to relitigate the impeachment hearings of the 1990s. more importantly, we know voters get sick of personal attacks. negative campaigning can be effective with voters. but often when it's on substantive policy issues, contrasts between candidates. first of all, remember that bill clinton is not hillary clinton, so she can use that to her advantage saying don't tie me to the negative past of my husband as many women have had done to them in the past. but secondly she can pivot it to issues. look, if he wants to talk about the 1990s, let's talk about policy issues, let's talk about job growth. let's talk about the legacy of the administration and not the personal attacks or scandals of the 1990s. >> kelly dittmar, thank you for weighing in. francis rivera continues our
5:58 am
coverage in a moment. she'll explore a list of potential running maetsz for donald trump and look at the hurdles he may face in trying to finance his general election campaign. i'm alex witt. i'll see you right here at noon eastern right here on msnbc live. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. eastern right here on msnbc i h. .one of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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6:01 am
good to be with you this saturday morning. i'm frances rivera and welcome to msnbc live. it is 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west and here's what's happening. >> have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? and they're going after me with women. give me a break, folks. >> donald trump goes there as he goes after the clintons. why he's bringing this up now and how might the clinton campaign respond? new talk of a third party candidate. the report that says mitt romney's name is in the mix. fact checking the candidates. who is telling the truth and who
6:02 am
is stretching it, especially when it comes to superdelegate math. let's get right to donald trump ramping up attacks on hillary clinton for her husband's past indiscretions. >> bill clinton was the worse in the history and i have to listen to her talking about it? remember this. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. so put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens. >> trump's comments in oregon came after a major endorsement from 1996 republican presidential no, ma'am see bob dole. he said the voters of our country have turned out in record numbers to support mr. trump. it is important that their votes be honored and it is time that we support the party's presumptive nominee, donald j. trump. i plan to attend the rnc
6:03 am
convention in cleveland to show support for our party and our ticket. we must unite as a party to defeat hillary clinton. meanwhile, former rival jeb bush posted on facebook, quote, i will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. he's joining those like senator rind say graham who are saying they not only won't vote for trump but are sit ougt the presidential election. hillary clinton a rally last night in california where she renewed her vow to stop trump. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> bernie sanders is also ramping up his attacks against donald trump, specifically for his anti-mexican and muslim rhetoric. here is what he told my colleague rachel maddow during an extensive interview at his home in vermont.
6:04 am
>> he is antagonizing large sections of this planet against the people of the united states. that's unacceptable, incredibly disruptive. that's why this guy will not become president. we're awaiting results from the democratic kwauks in guam. doors there closed about an hour ago. there are 12 delegates at stake in guam. >> donald trump has two rallies in washington ahead of that state's primary in a couple weeks. our own calipari is following the trump campaign in spokane, washington. he joins me now. what can we expect, more attacks against bill clinton and bringing up his past from trump out there today? >> reporter: absolutely. i don't think there's any question about that, francis. it's still about six hours away from the rally here. the security as you can see behind me already arrived. i saw the secret service going in with the canine units doing their general sweep.
6:05 am
you can expect donald trump will continue to hit bill clinton hard. he seems to see that as a way to potentially do better with the women vote. he was in you mean oregon yesterday. he did once again break out the greatest hits on bill clinton and his indiscretions. take a listen. >> nobody in this country and maybe in the history of the country politically was worse than bill clinton with women. he was a disaster. he was a disaster. i've never seen anybody like this. she was a total enabler. she would go after these women and destroy their lives. >> a lot of speculation still as to why donald trump has kept this rally in spokane ton schedule. a washington liberal state that hasn't voted republican since 1984 for ronald reagan, doesn't
6:06 am
seem to be in play in the general election. the other thing is he goes from here to linden, washington, about two hours north of seattle. he was supposed to hold a rally in seattle. but there's a lot of discussion, a lot of talk about perhaps the mayday rallies last week and the violence that broke out there perhaps being the reason they moved thatt location of that rally. >> interesting to see what may come out of it. calipari, thank you very much for that update. president obama is making his case against donald trump saying the presidency is not a reality show. the biting critique came at an impromptu news conference where he also chided the media over its campaign coverage. >> every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny. it means that you've got to make sure that their budgets add up. it means that, if they say
6:07 am
they've got an answer to a problem, that it is actually plausible and they they have details for how it would work. and if it's completely implausible and would not work, that needs to be reported on. the american people need to know that. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski was at that news conference. jim, you couldn't help but notice all the strong words used by the president, even at one point they were talking about suggesting that donald trump's foreign policy may, in effect, result in war. >> reporter: that's right. it was pretty remarkable. i was in the briefing room when the president gave that news conference. you could sense the energy that is pent up inside him. he is just itching to get into this campaign, but you can also tell that he's going to wait until the democratic process works and they select a presumptive candidate, which more than likely, according to all the pollsters and experts is
6:08 am
going to be hillary clinton. he did take donald trump to task saying, look, he's got a long personal record to answer for. you mentioned the fact that some of his statements about foreign policy could actually raise the threat of war, whether that would be trade wars or shooting wars he didn't say, but he also -- and this was pretty remarkable i thought. at one point he even appealed to republican women to essentially take a very close look at what donald trump has had to say in terms of the women card. he was also asked about the democratic race for the presidency, and the president himself remained neutral but sounded positive. >> on the democratic side, let's let the process play itself out. you mentioned the delegate math. i think everybody knows what that math is. i think senator sanders has done
6:09 am
an extraordinary job raising a whole range of issues that are important to democratic voters as well as the american people generally, and i know that at some point there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. >> back to trump, however, you have to remember that president obama and donald trump have a previous pretty contentious history when donald trump questioned the president's birth right to be able to run for president. at the same time the president said that, look, he is confident that democracy in this case, this election will work which is a clear signal that he doesn't think donald trump will be elected, francis. >> interesting he's confident. so many people out there, especially possible voters may not be. jim miklaszewski, thank you very
6:10 am
much. for more let's delve into that and bring in katy glit, political report frer politico. good to see you and have you with me. as we start into this, you can't help but look at this with what the new report from "the washington post" is reporting as well, bill kristol, editor of the weekly standard met with mitt romney about putting up an independent candidate for president. knowing we're six months to go, knowing the money needed and the ground operation that is needed. how realistic is that? >> great to be with you, francis. there is no question that there are certainly some republicans that remain deeply uncomfortable with the prospect of donald trump as the republican nominee. that certainly fueled some chatter about whether it is possible to mount a 30 third party bit. at this point in the game it would be very challenging to mount any third party bid. we're already bumping up on
6:11 am
deadlines to be on ballots in certain states. that will continue through the summer. questions of fund-raising as you noted and more broadly, momentum. we're already seeing this week a lot of republicans, folks who have previously been more critical of donald trump now coming out and saying they're going to support the republican likely nominee. so that taken together, the deck is stacked quite a bit against a possible third party. >> given that deck, you see mitt romney where he was on the other end of this meeting, what is he thinks, what is he considering? is this something that really can happen? >> he is someone else who has been very critical again of donald trump. certainly he's someone that a lot of folks who are still hoping that another option emerges, he's someone that's often talked about as in that mix. at the same point he said he's not looking to get in this cycle. any change of that would potentially be a seismic shift
6:12 am
in the dynamic of the current field, but right now it seems to be more just sort of chatter and hope from folks who are still looking for another option. >> katie, on that side, you have hillary clinton trying to win over those anti trump republicans saying, okay, now that he is the presumptive nominee, the attacks are coming against her. you see him attacking her husband. can she be successful in that? >> it depends on which slice of the republican party we're talking about. of course, certainly the folks that she and some of her supporters really are targeting right now tend to be more center right republicans. she's certainly seems to be signaling messages to center right women as well as her broader comments about trump. particularly with regard to wall street donors, there's been some talk for some of her supporters, actually reaching out to some of them and suggesting they may have more in common, center right republicans on wall street and some of her donors than they may with donald trump.
6:13 am
certainly on foreign policy. what i've heard from some center right donors i know, they may actually feel a little more comfortable with her foreign policy than with trump. we may not be talking about huge numbers, but certainly an interesting dynamic. >> we certainly heard him with this swipe at hillary clinton and criticizing her husband's response to the affairs. we've seen a very, very long list of things he's said that have been controversial, that have been offensive in any way. here he is the presumptive nominee. do you think this could be a turning point, that backfire? or will he repel this one as well as -- just like everything else he said? >> listen -- many political prognosticators to this point have maybe gotten those predictions wrong about what actually moves the dial with trump. certainly with regard to his supporters in the republican primary, they were very committed. absolutely he made a whole host of comments that were widely
6:14 am
perceived as quite controversial, but didn't move the dial with his supporters. his challenge is to not only keep those supporters, but broaden his base, make sure he's getting republicans who maybe didn't vote for him in the primary to turn out for him. that's where some of these commence may start making the difference. we can be sure she's going to be highlighting that recent history of comments. we'll see whether he's able to broaden that base as part of a potential general election effort. >> in the meantime we see the back and forth between him and elizabeth warren on twitter. katie g glick, as always, thank you very much. >> thank you, great to be with you. he's the last man standing for the gop, but who will trump choose to stand with him? a look at some possible vice presidential picks. that's next. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back.
6:15 am
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6:18 am
now that he is the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump has another obstacle to clear, picking a running mate. in an interview on cnbc this week, trump gave some clues as to what he's looking for in a vice president. >> do you think it's important that the person on the ticket with you have some experience as an elected official? >> i do, because i'm a business person and i've got that covered and i have so many people who have endorsed me including your very dear friend carl icahn and many others as you know. i think we have that covered. the political world -- although i've been in politics all my life in a different sense, on the other side, i think having somebody that can get legislation through and help me with that would be good. >> to talk more about the possibilities, ben khan czar, a reporter at the hill. good morning to you oops.
6:19 am
we heard marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie, newt gingrich. talk about the balance here and how tough it is when it comes to this. what does he need more, a woman, a conservative? >> it's going to be a tough line for him to walk. obviously donald trump came to become the presumptive nominee because of his outsider status, the brash campaigning that didn't fit into the mold that we've seen. he's going to have to start making decisions on how can i best complement the rise i had, the skills and the background that got me where i am today but also not sacrificing and going too far. he said he wanted to have an elect official. there's a laundry list of people out there that can help him with that. it seems like smart money might be for him picking someone with more experience, helping to get legislation passed like he said, but also navigate the political system that he's not as familiar with. >> let's play this, and say he
6:20 am
picks someone, a former candidate. and i can hear it now, especially marco rubio saying these are the guys donald trump is picking as a running mate who has attacked him and trump has attacked them. >> it's going to be tough especially to pick any of these candidates that were pretty vocal against him. you've already seen a big flip-flop by son. governor rick perry who was calling trump a cancer of conservatism who has said i support him as a nominee and left the door open for the vice presidential pick, too. you'll see people starting to turn around. obviously trump has made a lot of -- maybe not enemies but had a lot of criticism from his rivals. you can tell if he ends up going that route, i'm sure hillary clinton and the democrats will be blasting whatever negative thing that person said all over the airwaves. >> you can actually see it now in just the material they have for these ads and clipping those
6:21 am
sound bites. as far as trump running into resistance convincing republicans to join him on the ticket. let's play the what-if here. what if they just don't want to and the resistance stops at that? >> eventually someone is going to have to join him. obviously it's the vice presidential ticket and has a lot to offer it. but the issues that donald trump has here really speaks to the issues he has with reaching out to the republican party. this week we really saw the fracturing in the republican party and how difficult it's going to be for him to come together. we saw some people jump right on board and say i'm supporting the presumptive nominee. most notably on the other side, paul ryan, the speaker of the house, the caretaker of the republican agenda at this point say i'm not ready yet. as he starts to look at these vice presidential picks, he's going to have to thread that line and convince someone that may not be ready to jump on board and put their name alongside his on a ticket. >> we'll see if he can make that progress in the meeting he's expected to have later this week
6:22 am
with paul ryan. you look at others in the party, other members saying we're flat out not going to vote for donald trump. we're not going to vote period for trump or hillary clinton. when it comes to voters who may be sitting on the fence in that sense, how much will that weigh in as far as donald trump choosing his running mate? could that be what will get these voter to say, you know what? i wasn't going to vote at all, but maybe because of his running mate, i will now. >> i think that's the thing. if you're a hard core "i'm not going to support trump" maybe you won't get wooed over there. what this pick could do is take a republican who is on the fence in saying i don't really trust his experience, i don't really like what he has to say. if trump can balance out someone with maybe more experience and someone a voter is more familiar with, it makes it a little easier sell and it could take someone who is waffling on the fence and say, you know, i think that even though i may have reservations, i think he'll have the support of newt gingrich or
6:23 am
someone like that, that's someone i can trust so it could help knock someone over the edge. the other thing worth noting is his pick also has to get through the floor of the republican convention. the delegates have to pick and confirm that nominee essentially. trump doesn't have total control over that. it's going to be interesting to see how he threads that needle. >> interesting to hear about this short list and when it gets even shorter, down to one name. ben kamisar, thank you so much. up next, we take a break from politics and look at some of the other stories making news, including a law enforcement officer accused of a deadly trail of violence. what we're learning more about the motive this morning. olay luminous
6:24 am
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of symptoms at can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. with. investigators say tedt federal police officer accused of a deadly trail of violence in maryland is in custody. the 62-year-old man is suspected in a string of hoot tinges that left three people dead including
6:27 am
his estranged wife. pete williams joins us outside -- actually he's at our bureau in d.c. pete, this is the violence that paralyzed the community for a couple days. what are we learning about the troubled past between the suspect and the victims? >> that's the question here. police say they don't believe the victims at these three shooting locations had anything to do with each other. they say only one of them was related to the man now in custody, and she was his wife. this morning investigators hope to find some answers to what caused a day of anxiety for suburban washington. it ended in a strip mall parking lot as police rammed, then surrounded the car of the shooting suspect, a 62-year-old federal police officer, eulalio tordil now charged with murder. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife when she came to a maryland high school to pick up her children.
6:28 am
gladys tordil obtained a restraining order against him about a month ago. three people were shot in the parking lot of a parking mall. >> we heard pop, pop and somebody was on the ground. >> a woman wounded, two men came to her aid. one was killed, the other wounded. less than an hour later a woman was shot and killed in a grocery store parking lot a few miles away. hundreds of area schools were told to lock their doors. a few hours after that, police spotted tordil's car seen here being towed away in a parking lot of a strip mall across the street from the grocery store. police spotted tordil casually eating a salad. officers kept watch apparently unseen by him. >> our fear was he was armed. we certainly didn't want to have any other bloodshed here some the plainclothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what he did. >> reporter: when he got into his car, police pounced,
6:29 am
smashing into him. >> they had the car surrounded. everything was blocked off, all the entrances and exits. >> reporter: glass distordil claim he sexually abused his stepchildren and he once slapped her so hard, it broke her glasses. he was suspended in march when the restraining order was granted by the court. other court documents show when he lived in the philippines he was at one time married to two women at the same time. >> pete williams from our washington bureau, thank you for the update. it is history in london. the city elects its first muslim mayor. coming up, his vow to the people and warning to extremisextremis.
6:30 am
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ welcome back to "msnbc live." i'm frances rivera at msnbc
6:33 am
headquarters in new york. both hillary clinton and donald trump are on the west coast this weekend. at rallies last night they spoke about their respective parties but also made sure to take jabs at one another. our own kelly o'donnell is in san francisco across the bay where hillary clinton spoke last night. it seems like the attacks are getting more heated. in the past hillary clinton said she's going to stay above it. can she continue to do that especially with the general election and people looking ahead to what that may look like? >> reporter: clinton has said she will not respond to everything that donald trump says, but at the same time she is ramping up some of her comments against the presumed nominee of the republican party, and the campaign has come out west. there are a number of stops with the states still to vote here in california june 7th, oregon and washington state still to vote as well as some states back east. but this is a new wave for the candidates to be out here, and we found that not only were trump and clinton ratcheting up
6:34 am
the rhetoric, but other prominent names in both the democratic and republican parties are adding fuel to the campaign fires. taking the stage in eugene, oregon, donald trump poured salt into the most personal kind of wound for hillary clinton, accusing her of mistreating women involved in bill clinton's infidelity. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> reporter: trump targeted another prominent woman as a suggested vp choice for clinton. >> i think that hillary should run with goofy elizabeth warren. i would love to beat them. >> reporter: labeling the liberal massachusetts senator goofy brought to life the social media battle they waged on twitter. >> she's a goofuss. >> reporter: for her part,
6:35 am
senator warren tweeted about trump a dozen times friday saying he spews insults and lies. while earlier in oakland, california, hillary clinton took her own shots at trump. >> and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee. >> reporter: and attacked his views towards women. >> of course, he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because, of course, he doesn't think much of women it turns out. >> reporter: clinton is trying to capitalize on prominent republicans who abandoned trump, former rivals jeb bush and lindsey graham the latest to announce that they will not vote for him. trump called them out for failing to live up to the gop's loyalty pledge, that all candidates would support the party's nominee. >> i signed the pledge and they're the ones violating pledge. >> reporter: earlier in the campaign season that pledge was so important because republicans
6:36 am
were worried that donald trump might stage an independent bid and that would draw votes away from a republican nominee and, in effect, give the race to the democrats. so trump in a very dramatic, not to be surprised by that, fashion, signed the pledge at a staged event. he says the others who also signed on for that are not living up to it. we've seen both presidents bush are not going to attend the convention. mitt romney, john mccain, not going to attend the convention. so donald trump has one bit of good news among that republican establishment, the 1996 republican nominee bob dole says he will endorse trump and that he will attend the convention saying it is time to unify the party and honor the votes of the people who supported trump. back to you, francis. >> msnbc's kelly o'donnell in san francisco. thank you. even as detractors call for him to bow out of the race,
6:37 am
bernie sanders continues to notch primary wins, the latest, in fact, in indiana, earning him another 44 delegates. the vermont senator is it down with my colleague, rachel maddow to discuss his path forward. >> is it within reach for you to get a majority of pledge delegates? >> it is a steep climb uphill, and i will not be dishonest with you. we'll have to win about 65% of the remaining votes. is it possible? yes. it is a very hard fight, but we're going to wage the fight. >> i want to bring in former ohio state senator nina turner, also a sanders supporter. you just heard senator sanders talk about that steep climb upward upwards and it is possible. how is that possible? >> keep taking it state by state as you just talked about in the queue, that he did win indiana, he did gain 44 more delegates. we believe we're going to do very well over the next two weeks in oregon and places like west virginia.
6:38 am
as you know, we're fighting all the way to the convention, but california is right there. one state at a time, one voter at a time to continue to galvanize folks in this country to dream a bigger dream and expect more of their public policymakers to continue to fight for equal pay for women, to continue to fight to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. and oh, yes, universal health care is a moral right in this country. as you know, the senator has traveled all over this country and to this date galvanized over 1.1 million people to come to his rallies and get involved in the process. that really is what the political revolution is all about. >> while he does that, there are those critics who say he's hurting the democrats chances in november because he won't step down. is there truth to that? >> not at all, francis. i would caution those folks to remember senator clinton stayed in all the way. that's number one. number two, this is a democracy, little d, not about the party,
6:39 am
but about people being able to cast their ballots and being able to have a choice. so anyone that says senator sanders should step down because he's hurting the party. that is absolutely not true. what he is doing is making sure people have a choice in this election cycle. this is not about the democratic party. this is about the people. if we would focus more on the people and less on the party, things would be a lot better in this country. that goes for both parties. >> in that -- that speaks to the dnc chair, debby wasserman schultz accusing the committee of committee being in favor of hillary clinton. is he concerned about that sense? >> it's just asking for fairness. i know the chairwoman and i hope this is some type of mistake, oversight. i was shocked when i saw the senator's letter that out of the 40 people he recommended, only three had been selected. as you know in that letter, all the senator said, both candidates, him and hillary
6:40 am
clinton, those committees should reflect the relative numbers they both have. as it stands right now, those committees do not. i am hoping beyond hope that the chairwoman will correct that. >> senator sanders says his goal is not just to win the nomination, but make the party more progressive. you said there's no question about whether he will drop out. huld he do that's hillary clinton's vice president. ? >> he's running to be number one. the reason he got in this race at this stage in his career is because he saw a need, there have been far too many people who have been elected to office who have not put the requisite offer to make sure the people in this great country benefit from that. again, it goes back to their quality of life. so senator sanders has brought those issues to the fore and they cannot be ignored by folks in the democratic party or republican party.
6:41 am
secretary clinton if she should be the nominee, has every right to pick her vice presidential candidate or running mate and senator sanders has that same right. that certainly is above my pay grade when it comes to picking who would be either one of their running mates. but it's not up to me. it is really up to both of them. again, he is not running to be number two. he's running to be number one. >> certainly makes for good conversation with you this morning. nina turner, as always, thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate your time. >> franks, francis. turning overseas to london where history was made after the city elected its first muslim mayor. kelly cobiella has more. certainly a bitter contest. how are the voters and the people in london reacting following the win? >> it was a bitter campaign, francis, but across london i think congratulations pouring in as well as around the world for
6:42 am
45-year-old sadik chaun, tweet from new york mayor bill be lazio congratulating the mayor. sad sadik kahn, a former human rights lawyer and member of the labor party. today there's a lot of sole searching going on on the part of the conservative party, went negative fairly early on who tried to paint kahn has an ally of islam extremists, at one point his opponent calling him a real danger to london. voters completely rejected that, electing the first muslim mayor in a landslide, 57% to 43%. this is what sadiq kahn said about this historic win. >> i never tremt that someone like me could be elected as mayor of london. i want to say thank you to every
6:43 am
single londoner for making the impossible possible today. this election was not without controversy, and i'm so proud that london has today chosen hope over fear and unity over divisi division. >> sadiq kahn was sworn in this morning. he takes over the job, francis, on monday. pretty quick turn-around. >> you see how bitter that was and you can't help but looking at what's happening over here across the pond for you, comparisons with our own presidential campaign here. but what really stood out most when it came to those comparisons? >> it was really these politics of fear, this idea that sadiq kahn was somehow tied to extremists because of his faith, because he is a practicing muslim. he doesn't drink alcohol. he's been very open about the fact that he's a practicing muslim. he also made clear that that
6:44 am
doesn't make him an extremist. he was a human rights lawyer as i mentioned. he said himself he represented what he called unsavory characters in his career as a lawyer. again, this politics of fear, this idea that he was tied to islamic extremists was really the mainline for the conservatives including prime minister david cameron and voters simply didn't buy it. in fact, kahn himself, as you heard in his acceptance speech last night, said he was proud of london for rejecting these kinds of politics and conservatives themselves this morning and even yesterday before the final vote count were sort of re-examining this, some very high profile conservatives, breaking rank publicly denouncing these types of tactics and saying, wait a minute, maybe we did ourselves a disservice here and alienating some very key voters. francis, i'll just mention finally, this is a city of 8.5 million, about a million
6:45 am
identify themselves as muslims. >> really interesting politics going on outside of our own presidential e presidential election here at home. kelly cobiella in london, thank you very much for that. donald trump is about to learn a life lesson in campaign fund-raising. how does he hope to get the billion dollars he wants to take on the democrats? we'll bring that to you next. great. correct! ma'am. this isn't an automated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need. that is really nice of you. i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. whyto learn, right?e? so you can get a gd job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? whilyou guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein
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6:48 am
donald trump will no longer self-fund his campaign. he'll now raise money to make sure he can compete with hillary clinton in the general election. fred mallick is the finance chair for john mccain's 2008 campaign and also worked for richard nixon and george h.w. bush. i appreciate you being with me to break down the dollars. interesting when you start that off spending for the primary campaign, this is how it breaks down. so far bernie sanders spending $168 million, hillary clinton
6:49 am
below that $158 million. and donald trump considering he's the man with all the millions and billions, just $47 million. you think about how bitter and heated this has already become since indiana, since donald trump became the presumptive nominee. how expensive do you think this general election campaign will be? >> i expect hillary clinton will have at least a billion dollars, maybe a bit more than that to support herself in the general election. if trump wants to be competitive, think he needs to do three things. number one, unify the party. he has to realize only 9% of eligible voters came out and voted for him in the republican primaries. only one-third turnout and a third of those voted for him. he's got to get over himself and it's up to him to bring people together and unify the party and has to show more tolerance to do that. number two, flush out a finance
6:50 am
organization from standing start. he needs chairman in key cities. coming from a standing start, that's impossible to do. be prea big personal check himself. >> all right. interesting if that will be the option here. when you are talking about that, unification of the party and the difficulty that they are having with that, you have large gop donors who are balking at funding a trump campaign. the koch brothers staying out of the race now that he is the nominee. at the same time, in vegas we saw support there for donald trump. we learned mega-donor sheldon adelson will support trump. do you see republican donors coming around to donating or will it be let's just do it this way, instead of trump, put the focus on funding down-ballot campaigns? >> i think there will be a little of both. again, it's up to him to 81 fun the party. he's gotten to where he is by insulting his opponents and by
6:51 am
bombastic pronouncements. he has to settle into the fact he's the nominee of the party. it's up to him to reach out and to be inclusive. politics is a game of inclusion, not exclusion. if he realizes that and means it, people will start to come home. the republicans will come home. >> he may say he realizes it but what needs to happen? what do we need to see when it comes to actual tangible act from donald trump to see this unification happen? >> you have to see things unlike what he said about lindsey graham when lindsey graham came out against him. you have to see things unlike how he responded to paul ryan when paul said he wasn't ready to support him. i think the right kind of approach to paul ryan would be i understand where the speaker is coming from, i look forward to meeting with him, look forward to sharing views. i'm sure when he better understands where i'm coming from and how inclusive i intend to be he will want to support me, then work at it. don't assume it's up to us to grovel to him. bring us together. >> quickly, we are talking about a third party independent run knowing the money it takes,
6:52 am
could that happen? could somebody do it? >> no. no. it's a liberal dream. it's not going to happen. it would really be destructive to the republican party and republican nominee. i do not believe it will happen. >> great to have you with us breaking it down when it comes to the dollars. thank you. up next, adding inaccuracies up when it comes to super delegate math. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask youroctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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6:55 am
bernie sanders campaign manager said super delegates often change sides and 120 of them did so back in 2008. when it comes to that and the truth, how much truth is there?
6:56 am
>> virtually nothing there. i gave him our worst rating for that statement because the sanders campaign pointed to a list of about 116 super delegates, but actually, virtually all those came after clinton had dropped out of the race. if you actually look at what happened while the primaries were going on, ten super delegates changed from clinton to obama and then maybe 18 more in the three days before the last primary and before she dropped out. >> four pinocchios for that one. in the billions trump says he's worth, he says his net worth is over $10 billion, forbes magazine says less than half. who's right? >> well, i would not necessarily believe what donald trump says about his worth. many journalists have looked into it, they found it has not added up, and i would go with "forbes" on that. >> the last one, clinton basically said -- i should say
6:57 am
trump told cnn's wolf blitzer that clinton started the birther movement. how would you rate that? >> we gave that also four pinocchios. there's no evidence clinton herself started the birther movement. there were a handful of her supporters that questioned his citizenship but there's no evidence that either hillary clinton or the hillary clinton campaign had anything to do with that. >> i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. that wraps up this hour. my colleague joy reid joins us next to explore why some of the gop are vowing to vote for hillary clinton. ♪ ♪ you live life your way.
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