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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, donald trump with a bit of a dig at hillary clinton. >> after we won i figured well maybe i'll stay home and take it a little bit easy. who would have thought this, trump wins before clinton. do you know why? she can't put the deal away. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders also have their sights in the west. sanders vowing to fight on to california's big june 7th primary. today clinton quiwinning in gua.
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picks up four delegates plus one super delegate. that brings clinton's total to 8 because she already had three super delegates from the u.s. territory. not big but still relationship vanlt and as the primary season comes to a close president obama today urging howard wrufunivers students to exercise their civic duty. >> you have to vote all the time. not just when it's cool. not just when it's time to elect a president. not just when you're inspired. it's your duty. >> we start with donald trump. he is in the west as i mentioned. the presumptive gop nominee. he is speaking at a campaign rally in spokane. let's stop by and take a listen. >> he runs. he was at 6, right? he was at 6. he runs. every week he's down 5, 4, 3%, right? and ultimately because of me he was forced out and when we went
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to south carolina he thought he had power in south carolina. my son barron who is 10 years old had far more power than he did. so he was like at 1%. i was at i think 48% and i was like this -- okay. here's what happened. he got wiped out. now he goes and endorses another guy. he's out. he makes a fool out of himself. poorly represents the people of south carolina. but here's the problem in politics. the people have a short memory. most people forget he was even in the race. we knocked him out. you remember. so now he goes on television. donald trump doesn't have the temperament. i have the best temperament at all. i'm the one that didn't want to go into the iraq war and by the way someone said donald trump, his tone is tough. tone, crooked hilary said his tone. they're chopping off heads in the middle east. they're drowning people in steel cages in the middle east and
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they're worried about my tone. we need a tough tone folks. we need a tough tone. believe me. we need a tough tone. we better have a tough tone and we better get tough fast. he is constantly on television. lindsey graham. a total dope and he's constantly on television. knocking me. i said wait a minute. now he signed a pledge and the pledge says we will guarentee you're going to endorse everything else. i signed it. so jeb bush is not an honorable person. lindsey graham is not an honorable person because when you sign a pledge that's supposed to mean something, right? it didn't mean anything. but the good news is most everybody has endorsed me other than paul ryan. i don't know what went wrong there.
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paul ryan. and here's the thing, folks, look, we brought millions of people into this party. it's the highest vote the party has ever gotten. i'm the highest individual in history. millions and millions of people. >> donald trump the presumptive nominee on the republican side speaking right now in washington and making comments against senator lindsey graham that just yesterday said he is not going to be supporting donald trump as the nominee saying i don't think he's reliable republican conservative. i don't believe that donald trump has the temperament and judgment to be commander and chief and donald trump today repeating some of the criticisms about senator lindsey graham after that comment was made. let's go straight to kyle perry that's live in washington and the crowd really booing along with donald trump in the statements against those that might be critical of him now as
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he is the presumptive nominee. >> yeah. absolutely and we're seeing all of those people that are critical. they have all gathered on this street corner and they're trying to basically talk to some of the trump supporters as they come out of the main entrance and we can show you where people are leaving that speech. people are also trying to get the folks that drive-by to honk. i want to show you 10-year-old violet's sign here. don't elect bullies no trump. that's the signage people are honking at as they drive-by. we've seen one protestor thrown out of the rally. he came out here and was very passionate about getting thrown out of the rally. he was using a lot of expletives that we can't air on tv. people are getting into these arguments and they bump into the antitrump protestors and that's why you see this line of police right here. the police have put a number of officers on to the streets.
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they're not letting us know how many are out here for obvious security reasons but increased their presence. trump is trying out new messages. one of those messages is about the military and sit playing here with some of his supporters. take a listen. >> i'm going into the military and trump's the only one that i believe can rule our military and like treat our military personnel right. >> so the big question, the big question here richard is going to be as these folks leave and you can see lots of people filming here as these folks leave this convention center how are they going to be able to keep the two sides separate. >> donald trump inside speaking right now. lots of folks energized as well as outside clearly there. thank you. let's go to lynden washington where trump will hold a rally in two hours. washington known as a progressive state but not without necessarily a relationship van number of
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conservatives there. what are you seeing there in lynden? >> well that's right. actually before we even get started let me preface by saying lynden is a small town. about 13,000 people. with that in mind take a look. that line stretches all the way down the street and this line continues to move. this is one batch of many that we have seen walk by us and the line stretches all the way down here and you can see it just keeps going and going and going. a lot of these people are gathering here today to listen to trump. he is scheduled to speak here in about two hours. maybe running a little bit late but a lot of people here very enthusiastic. across the street there's a hand full of protestors. probably about a dozen or so. many are from out of town. this is a conservative town. it's about 90% white. 13,000 people and there's also seattle police here. seattle police are very used to
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crowd control and we're going to talk to some of the people here. this is julie and mimi. tell me a little bit about lynden. most people think that washington is a liberal state. is that the case here? >> not in lynden. we're very conservative and we are not very involved in the protests because we're trying to be classy and we just think let the best man win. >> tell me about the signs. are you friends? >> no, we met in line. >> oh you met in line. >> no. >> so a lot of people in this line, this would be half the town, right? >> a lot of them are from tacoma and various areas of seattle. >> she was miss seattle. >> a celebrity. >> so these people, you know them. are they all from this town?
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>> absolutely not. every 50 people there's people from lynden. there's some right there and they're hiding from me. >> why do you think people have come out for this message tonight. >> because we're tired of politics and we're tired of the establishment and we really, really want somebody that's not bought off and we want change. that's right. conservative values. >> yeah. >> tell me what brings you out here. are you concerned about -- he gets a bad wrap about what he said about women. >> no, no. what he said didn't offend me any. i went to korea a few months ago. i was born in korea. i used to be democrat and i went to korea with my whole family and i could hardly see any american goods in the markets and on the road. there was hardly any american cars and look at 50% american and korean or japanese cars here and trump is talking about the trade. it's a free trade but it's not trade. i asked some of my sisters in
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korea? how come i don't see any american gool goods in your household. they're three or four times more expensive than korean goods so they cannot afford it. so it's about trade. it's about illegal immigration. it's my concern. i came legally. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for sharing. >> just a little bit of what you're hearing out here. thank you so much. i hope you get your seats. sorry for making you stay here in line. >> trurge is expected to be here in the next couple of hours or so but we'll bring here and bring you the updates. >> clear to say they don't have much to say there. not very passionate at all there. >> speaking with two top supporters there. amy is the political analyst and former speech writer for bill frisk and joins us right now. also daniel strauss reporter at politico with us. i want to go to you because you're from seattle. >> i am. >> amy a lot of folks do think when you talk about the state of
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washington it is a progressive state but there's more layers to this. >> many more layers. like many states like oregon and california. seattle is progressive. wildly so but in the suburbs and the rural areas. >> lynden. >> and donald trump picked his campaign locations well. spokane. i was impressed you knew how to pronounce that is in eastern washington and is much more conservative as well but you see that in oregon and california. portland super liberal and outside of portland you have more conservatives. >> i do think that you could probably say that it's conservative representation is a little bit more clear and a little bit more defined and obvious too i would say. >> my parents live outside of seattle and they see lots of pick up trucks with american flags. >> you heard the trump supporters right now and also what trump was saying there in
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spokane and he was really hitting out against senator lindsey graham as well as the former governor from florida and jeb bush saying they were weak to begin with and right now their criticisms of him and nonsupport of him is weak but when you think about the divisions currently being played out over the last 24 hours that leadership on the conservative side they're taking sides. some for and some against. how sth going to hurt donald trump as he tries to move forward and get a billion dollars or more. that's at issue here. >> that's a big question and one that hillary clinton is hoping to exploit. her campaign and her supporters are hoping they can get former top donors from people like jeb bush's campaign and that's a big concern from donald trump. if he's going to raise big dollar donations he needs donors that backs some of his foreman challengers and the fact that some of them aren't so
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interested in supporting him right now is going to be a concern for him. >> i want to play sound from glenn beck that had this to say about donald trump. somebody that is critical of the presumptive nominee. >> donald trump is the face of the gop. well that makes us crony capitalists. it makes us pretty racist. it makes us big government guys. i won't tolerate it. i don't want my children to look at that man and say, yeah, he's my president. i won't have that. >> so amy, as we see here glenn beck saying i am not going for donald trump here. has this drum beat continues to move on from lindsey graham and jeb bush and others in the republican party that are well respected and from the establishment if you will. >> although glenn i don't think would say that.
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>> but when might this fall away? because you are concerned about the money. >> if your donald trump i'm not sure that you're hoping for that to happen. he's been attacking members of the gop not supporting him and dismissing them. he's like i don't need them. but he does it's a game of addition and not subtraction. but he has a lot of work to do. >> he has all the connections. over $100,000,000 he had access to. so that's a big support that he's losing right now. >> he's losing right now. trump supporters would say that the never trump contingents are the elites and the insiders and they don't have grass roots support so you're seeing like for example when they had their antitrump magazine issue it didn't stop the trump train one little bit. it wasn't even a bump on the tracks for him so the never trump group might be small but they are vocal and i don't know if trump can win them over but he needs to at least try to expand beyond the trump base. >> let's bead back to donald
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trump now speaking out against hillary clinton take a listen. >> okay. i don't think so. and hilary was an enabler and treated these women horribly. just remember this and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. so just remember that folks. so just remember that when you're watching these phony ads but out by hillary clinton. just remember when you're watching these phony paid for by wall street ads put out by hillary clinton about donald trump and just remember i said it. there is nobody has more respect for women than me. there is nobody, or certainly very few that have promoted women within my big company than i have. i have women, frankly, i
1:16 pm
shouldn't say this because the men are going to get angry. but i have women that make more money than men doing a comparable job. am i okay saying that. >> responding to criticisms of him and his statements about women that he is a massage nis and does not believe in equality. pe ben these are some of the statements made and maybe part of the reason why you are not a supporter. after the indiana primary this week you tweeted i'm with her so you when from never trump to a supporter of hillary clinton. not necessarily because of your like of hillary clinton but because of your dislike of donald trump. it may not have enough stickiness though as you go forward to the general. do you believe that you may not have enough to bring others along and make a difference here? >> well, i think that we don need to make a difference to that many people. i heard somebody just earlier
1:17 pm
today mentioning that we need to effect 3 to 5% of who would come out and normally vote republican need to stay home. there's a lot of people that probably will stay home and for the same reasons that i'm saying i can't support him and what glenn was talking about earlier. embracing donald trump i think is dangerous for not only the party but the future of conservatism. he's going to define what conservatism is and everything that he says is going to be party position. if he's the president that's going to be for four years. i don't see how we recover from something like that. >> ben you got certainly some criticisms that have come your way being from red state and so openly saying that you are absolutely against the republican presumptive nominee. what are the criticisms you received? >> some of them are more like death threats.
1:18 pm
all over twitter and i e-mail. people calling me a traitor. saying that by doing this i'm supporting abortion. none of my arguments were really penetrating people. they're sort of the never been to me. >> we don't know what paul ryan is going to be saying when he does meet with donald trump. do you think that your perspective on this election is one that paul ryan also has? >> i think that paul ryan would like to figure out how he can get out of endorsing donald trump and a lot of people don't think he can get out of it and maybe he can't but i would hope during this time period where he hasn't come out and said he would endorse. where romney said he will not. jeb bush said he will not i'm hoping that a viable third party candidate might step up and taking some attention. >> before we go here, amy i wanted you to react on the statements made by double trump and he's doubling down. this about hillary clinton
1:19 pm
enabling and he's not clear about what she is enabling necessarily. >> i think we know. >> there are things that he knows but he has not stated specifically what it is. some would say there he goes again with the comment. some might say it's victim blaming but looking at these issues, deflecting perhaps the criticisms of him and his stance on women. >> i think that he goes on offense not defense. that's what he's doing right now. i don't regard hillary clinton as a victim and i don't think it's victim blaming and i'm not sure it's going to work. 7 in 10 women disapprove of donald trump. for him to really get traction on his attacks of hillary clinton he needs to attack her record as secretary of state. her decisions about libya and so forth that were disastrous. that's more effective for him than when he goes after her personally -- >> her gender. >> when he goes after her personally he invites the
1:20 pm
backlash and criticisms but i understand that he's trying to define hilary right now and there's a lot of millennial voters that are not familiar with the clinton scandals of the 90s and not familiar with the way hillary clinton called it a right wing conspiracy that she tried to smear monica as a stalker and all of this. so maybe for the young voters they'll look more closely at hillary clinton. >> or maybe not. >> or maybe they'll be turned off. >> amy holmes thank you so much. >> also daniel i appreciate it. you both have a great saturday. >> thank you. >> when we continue on this saturday, we'll get an update on the effort to contain a massive wildfire in canada forcing tens of thousands from their homes and the blaze expected to double in size by days end. the latest when we come back. the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches.
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>> canada's public safety administrator saying they remain unpredictable and dangerous. joining us by phone now alberta rather is nbc's miguel with the latest for us. >> firefighters are facing that triple threat. it's the perfect recipe for the perfect fire storm in the nation. >> it's half a million acres. as you know the fires are burning at least 1600 structures. most of those homes. we were in that fire area and you can see how indiscriminate the blaze was. literally from community to community. wiping out one end of the street and leaving others.
1:25 pm
this steam rolled through fort mechan mcmurray and working it's way through the community. we don't know how many structure versus been destroyed there. it's fairly high. this fire has been fuelled by the cry conditions out here. there's millions of dead trees in this forested area and with the hot temperatures and the strong winds that is going to fan this flame. there's 500 firefighters to be here and it's a very heavy and water dropping and chris crossing the sky and trying to blaze. and they don't expect that to happen and for the foreseeable future. there's no end in sight for this massive blaze which has been working it's way back into a more forested area. >> nbc's miguel almager on the
1:26 pm
phone there were the latest in alberta. now to an exclusive nbc news investigation. new allegations that as many as six assistant coaches in penn state may have seen inappropriate behavior between assistant football coach jerry sandusky and boys as early as 1976. the new information comes from court documents and other sources and raises questions about how long the abuse went on and who knew about it. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for molesting ten boys. he was in court to have that 2012 conviction overturned. randy joins me now to discuss these latest developments. $60 million in terms of obligations from penn state university. how do these new revelations effect what the university needs to pay up. they thought they were out of the woods if you will from this because it had been settled
1:27 pm
already. >> well from a civil perspective the university has been relying on praying for and thanking god that they had insurance coverage for this and they have been going out and settling cases. they have been spending millions on lawyers to defend these claims and to respond these claims and now we have a judge coming out and saying good news and bad news people. good news, penn state all pre1992 claims will be covered. bad news, all claims '92 to '99 you're on your own and the really bad news is the bulk of the claims fall between '92 and '99. >> where does the money come from then? >> that's penn state's problem. and that is a huge problem that of course you have the claims that haven't gone to trial yet. the post '99 claims. the judge is saying sorry, you're on your own. >> any idea how large that might be? >> it's going to be in the millions and good luck finding a jury that will be sympathetic to
1:28 pm
penn state. >> so the new allegations regarding six assistant coaches that may have known about these incidents with jerry sandusky and boys, what does that mean for jerry sandusky and his request to look back at the 2012 decision and try to reverse that? >> for mr. sandusky personally an appellate court doesn't go back and retry the case. they do not take in new evidence and new facts. they're going to be bound by the trial record so if it ain't in the trial record then it's not going to come in and should not factor in to any decision concerning any rights that mr. sandusky has. what it may effect is the other people that have not gone to trial yet because to the extent that their defense says listen, we didn't know. we knew nothing. with the new allegations, a prosecutor may say we have new avenues to go down to blunt these defenses.
1:29 pm
>> so will it be overturned or not? >> well it is awfully difficult from an appellate perspective to throw out a case. >> probably not. >> probably not. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, back to politics and the democrats. another win racked up by hillary clinton this weekend. widening her delegate lead slightly over bernie sanders. the vermont senator continuing his vow to stay in the race until the convention where he'll fight for pledged delegates as he told rachel maddow last night. >> we'll use the rules of the democratic convention to make sure that there's a vigorous debate on the important issues to face the american people. all we're asking for is not to have the deck stacked against us. so far the deck is outrageously stacked against us. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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you look and see a study hillary hurt many women. the women he abused. she is married to a man that got impeached for lying. he was impeached. and he had to go through a whole big process and it wasn't easy. >> donald trump moments ago attacking hillary clinton repeating what he said yesterday in oregon about hillary clinton being an enabler for these women that he is saying that was hurt by the former president and also saying that she herself was a person that hurt these women. i want to bring in democratic strategist and daniel strauss. politics reporter for politico. let's start with david on this one. >> sure. >> david what is he saying? >> well he's trying to go after one of his biggest weaknesses. if you look at polling and look
1:34 pm
at how women have voted in prior elections mitt romney did well among white married women and married women overall and donald trump is failing with this group. he is not winning over women and he's trying to make up for that now with these ridiculous attacks on hilary but it's going to backfire and i'll tell you why. guess what, women voters are smart and they actually care about what somebody stands for. they care about what they say they're going to do and when you talk about wage inequality. when you talk about reproductive rights and all the things that motivate women to vote, donald trump is nowhere on those issues. so he can wave his arms around and talk loudly and kind of cast insults. look donald trump wouldn't know a smart woman if one of them punched him in the face. he doesn't know how to deal with strong, smart women and this is his way of reacting. let's have more of it donald.
1:35 pm
you just look ridiculous and your polling numbers will just get worse. >> they don't seem to be getting better. i want to play what president obama said about this topic. let's listen first to what he said. >> republican women, voters are going to have to decide is that the guy i feel comfortable with in representing me and what i care about. >> you know, daniel as it has been written in many of the family structures when you look at the role of the woman in the household. it's not only republican women and independent women if you will of undecided that are at stake here but also the ripple effect. that ring outside of them that they could influence here and donald trump really doubling down again making that statement that would be seen as offensive to many of them. >> right.
1:36 pm
it's no surprise that this is what he is focused on right now. it's his worst polling group and it's a group that's unlikely, i think, to easily swing over to donald trump any time soon. and this is where hillary clinton homes to make it. she wants to track as many independent and republican voters as possible and do it quickly to keep a lead over trump as we move to the election. >> you brought this up that romney doing well with white women and very poorly with minority women, right? that was a big headline coming out of this. how does this translate to minority women? >> well if you look at hillary clinton versus donald trump among african americans and latinos and asians generally the numbers are skewed toward hillary clinton. so whether it's women or men it's heavy favoring hillary clint
1:37 pm
clinton. what i do think is important to know here is donald trump has a pattern of recognizing where he has a weakness and trying to brush it off. i love hispanics. hispanics love me. as if simply saying it is going to change the dynamic when it doesn't. so as i said as a supporter of hillary clinton and long time democrat i like to see donald trump digging himself deeper into the holes. he's doing a great job for me as a democrat by mouthing off this way. it's not working though. >> well, daniel as a journalist here and covering these very topics what do you think might be the response that hillary clinton will evolve to as we get closer to the general? at the moment she seems to be not specifically engaging if you will on some out landish statements. >> maybe not but that's what they're feeling comfortable
1:38 pm
doing at the moment. instead of attacking him directly they just want to keep throwing facts about him that they think will stick with women voters in the general election and that's what they'll be doing for a little while now. >> thank you both on a saturday. thank you for sticking around. appreciate it. still to come will north carolina's governor give in? just two days from now until he must say yay or nay to the justice department's call to throw out his state's new law which limits the protections of transgender people. how public schools could pay the price if he decides to move forward with hb 2 when we come back. then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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it issest malted that they'll lose aid from the federal government. the law saying a person must use
1:42 pm
public restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate. they say it violates the civil rights act of 1954 and must be changed by monday. lawmakers say they won't meet that deadline. she joins us from washington right now. thank you for being with us and you know, we're looking at the lawmakers and are they right in saying that they cannot make this deadline because of the legislative processes and just take more time. >> well when they wanted to pass the law in the first place they called a special session because they definitely wouldn't wait only four weeks so they called a special session in less than 24 hours later the governor signed the bill. they can move as fast as they want to move. they even spent a lot of money last time moving fast but they don't want to save money to
1:43 pm
hurry up in order to save federal funding. >> is this a stalling tactic is what you're saying or might they get to the outcome. >> it's failed leadership. they got on the back of a tiger and can't figure out how to get themselves off of it. they're hurting north carolina. they're hurting their people. there's transgender people that are scared and have gone about their lives and business for years with no problems until somebody decided to use us for political purposes. >> and what has been the reaction to this debate that continues to move on as the days do pass. those who are now subject to this law that has not been fixed. those that identify as a different gender than that what has been assigned on their birth certificate. >> i think people are scared but
1:44 pm
people are nervous. i talked to parents that kept his kids home from school and remember transgender people have used restrooms correctly and appropriately and without problem for decades. this was an entirely made up problem that folks made up for political purposes. >> this $5 billion that's at risk according to the analysis that's going to hurt local governments and the state government and could effect certainly the schools you were just illuding to the education system this. is it that much that you're hearing the $5 billion? and how will it effect the schools and the local and state government? >> that's if they lost everything and, you know, they just can't keep going on like this. they will have to repeal the
1:45 pm
law. they are talking about trying to use it in the november election. i wish they would just keep us out of it but they're going to have to repeal it. they are already losing money. they're losing conventions. they're losing entertainment events. a bond rating company noted the slowed economic growth because of this bill on two counts that are about to float bonds and next year -- i mean, right now the conferences and the events that are being cancelled are the ones that were already planned. where they're really going to feel the pain no matter what happens now is next year with all of the conventions that are being planned right now and this is just horrendous leadership.
1:46 pm
>> any thought here, certainly how this might effect that? >> i'll just say please leave us out of it. transgender people are trying to do their business and go about their business and mind their own business and we shouldn't have been drag speed this for political problems. i'm not going to try to score political points because of it. just leave us out of it and let us live our lives. >> thank you for your time today. the executive director of the national center for transgender equality. thank you. next the president's pitch to the class of 2016. the commander and chief speaking today at howard university sending a strong message to those in caps and gowns today. his remarks after this. nissan invited some everyday experts... what do you do for a living? firefighter. i'm a police officer. i'm a e-m-t, actually. to talk about how some every day features... could help protect you in a collision. [crash]
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1:50 pm
debate let me say this, america is a better place today than it was when i graduated from college. let me repeat. america is by almost every measure better than it was when i graduated from college. it also happens to be better off than when i took office. but that's a longer story. >> a warm crowd there listening to president obama earlier today giving the commencement address there at howard university. he became the 6th sitting president to receive an honorary degree from the historically black college. the president told the graduating students while race relations have improved more work must be done. >> be confident in your heritage. be confident in your blackness. that means we cannot sleep walk through life. we cannot be ignorant of
1:51 pm
history. we cannot meet the world with a sense of entitlement. we can't walk by a homeless man without asking why a society as wealthy as ours allows that state of affairs to occur. >> as the school year ends for thousands of graduating students across the country the presidential race was a hot topic in a few commencement addresses. john kerry taking a shot at donald trump at northeastern university on friday. >> just look around you. classmates of every race religion, shape, size, 85 countries represented and dozens of languages spoken. you are the most diverse class in northeastern's history. in other words your donald trump's worst nightmare. >> and mitt romney making a
1:52 pm
swipe during his speech in indiana this morning. >> we live in times. demagogues on the right and the left draw upon our darker angles. scapegoating immigrants and muslims and bankers and business people. >> a special mother's day celebration is taking place tomorrow at the u.s. mexico border. families will gather on either side between san diego, california and tijujana mexico to see loved ones separated through a metal fence and they get to see each other. last week the group helped facilitate a very special reunion. border patrol opening a door in the fence for a select hand full of families to reunite for three minutes. an emotional moment filled with
1:53 pm
hugs and tears. >> the pictures, so emotional. but you're there and you get to see this. you helped these folks, these families have these reunions. how does it work? >> that's right. love has no boarders and for the third time i was able to convince the border patrol to open up the wall that separates mexico and the united states so the families could go through that wall and that door and hug their loved ones. that human touch is so important and i'm glad they cooperated with us in having this event for the third time and tomorrow we'll have them on both side of the wall to celebrate mother's day. as certain people are advocating for more walls, we're advocating to open more doors. >> can you describe that area
1:54 pm
for us? how big it is? how many people normally come? >> yes. friend shim paship park is loca the south western most corner of the united states. you have tijujana and san diego on the other. on saturday and sunday like today i just left friendship park a little while ago. families go through to see their loved ones and barely touch their fingertips through the wall. you can't even shake somebody's hands and on sunday we have a big event once a month. the children's day event that allow more people in that area but you're still on your respective side of the wall so the people in mexico are up against the wall with their hands and their fingers trying to see their loved ones and it's a very emotional place. i call it the heart and soul of this immigration issue. border angels this year is celebrating it's 30th year. we're best known for putting
1:55 pm
water in the desert so people don't die when they're crossing. >> i was looking at these pictures you have border patrol agents around and you have a good relationship with the border patrol because you're able to organize this. what are some of the reactions from the border patrol agents as they watch, the two of us watching this on screen right now. it's so emotional. >> very emotional. i was just there. we were talking about what happened last saturday and the woman that was at the door last year was talking to me about how the woman at the door this year, the female agent also got very emotional. you can see her tears in her eyes. trying to look up to control her feelings. because all of us are touched by this moment and that's why i feel that while we have our president sitting in the white house and congress is about to decide if we're going to move for immigration reform or not they might look back on this moment and see that little girl hugging her grandmother maybe for the first time or possibly the last time because the
1:56 pm
grandmother might be ill. so it is very very important that we have that human touch and that we demonstrate that love has no borders and that we should be reaching out and working with our neighbors and building bridges and not building walls. >> in the last 30 seconds we have here, how do they say good-bye after three minutes? >> well, three minutes is better than not having any minutes. it's very very difficult. we already are planning this event for next year and i'd like to have it go from the original event which was 2 minutes last year 15 minutes, this year it was 20. hopefully we can have it half an hour and in my lifetime god willing we won't have a wall. we want secure borders but there's better ways to do that. >> this is not good-bye. we will have this conversation again and we will see how it goes tomorrow and we'll follow up. thank you so much for your time today. >> that does it for this hour. i'm richard lui in new york.
1:57 pm
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