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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> they creep into your personal space. >> i was freaking out and crying and screaming. >> and leave with your hard earned possessions. >> took my jewelry. money, safe computers and walked away. >> in this hour over the top neighbors. naked intruders. >> went inside took his clothes off. trashed the place. >> bumbling burglars. >> cash some really nice face shots that we can freeze frame. >> even dangerous animals.
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>> he looked at me and gave me that look like what are you doing here? >> what are they doing here? and will they ever leave. >> are you seriously doing this? do you see me? >> i live in a jail. >> it's like an ambush. it's crazy. >> caught on camera. invasion. hello. welcome to caught on camera. there's no place like home until your home is invaded by burglars or disturbed by unruly neighbors. the video you're about to see is like a scene from the okay corral. gunmen try to invade a home but what they don't know is this homeowner has some fire power of his own.
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>> a real life wild west shoot out takes place in broad daylight. it's the afternoon of february 5th 2009 in tucson, arizona. a home security camera captures a chrysler 300 driving along this quite street but the ok occupants of the vehicle are not out for a casual drive. they're out for something more sinister. >> you can see the suspects car drive-by the house. by the residence. >> instead of proceeding down the block, the car stops abruptly. >> you can see it stop as if it's casing the place. the garage was open. it appears that the suspects see this and see it as an opportunity to commit the crime. >> within an instant the car screeches around the corner and pulls into the drive way. four men jump out guns drawn. >> they attempt to get into the house. the homeowner sees them coming up the drive way with the guns.
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>> the homeowner is standing inside the garage and senses trouble but instead of giving in he decides to take matters into his own hands. >> he gets inside the house. he is able to keep them out. he was able to get access to a firearm and fire back. and the subjects take off. some on foot. the other leaving in the car. >> the homeowner refuses to back down. he fires off round after round. one of the bullets hits the windshield of the car. >> an affiliate session located in tucson and visibly remembered seeing the video and was shocked by the brazenness of the crime. >> you had a car pulling into the drive way. you had four men leaving the
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car. they were wearing hooded sweatshirts and it was like this gunfire and you could hear bam, bam, bam. it was unbelievable. residents are concerned but some feel the homeowner did the right thing by shooting back. >> i am very watchful where we live and i think everybody has a right to defend their property. >> a bullet through the windshield of the car injuries the driver of the vehicle through the gun fight. the number of home invasions in the tu san area appears to be rising. she covered crime in these parts for 31 years and her errors about invasions are more
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frequent. >> as far as a home invasion in that area no it's not surprising because i know that within 7 months in that one particular area there had been over 20 home invasio invasions. >> police say the area's rise in home invasions is its proximity to the mexican border and the tightening of drug enforcement there. those involved with the mexican drug trade are are finding it harder to get their drugs and they're getting more and more desperate. and they're coming up short and looking for alternate ways to get ahold of it. >> at the other time they're completely innocent and they are just to get property and money and items.
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>> the home invasions have some homeowners living in fear. >> neighbors are terrified. and of course there are some home invasions that are random that people that live in these homes have nothing to do with all of the drug trade and they're collateral damage. >> it gives people an idea how ruthless these people can be that they go out in broad daylight. guns ablazing. at the same time it helped identify the suspects. >> it helps with our investigation and looking for suspects and being able to aprehead them. >> one suspect pleads guilty to
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solicitation to commit burglary in the second degree. one pleads guilty to ago rangers sated assault with a deadly weapon and a third to attempted robbery. authorities say they cannot to the fourth case at this time. >> coming up, brazen thieves go barking up the wrong tree. >> they're trying to get the dogs and the dogs were running all over the place. >> two men take more than just money. >> my mother, my father. everything is gone. >> what was it that causes a woman to do this to her poor neighbor. >> fight for your property. when caught on camera, invasion continues. ♪ ♪
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>> late one evening in los angeles a bizarre invasion the likes of which law enforcement has rarely seen. it starts with two men that come to this house looking to purchase puppies. >> we had a korean family that were in the business of selling very expensive dogs. the yorkshire terriers. they cost 2500 to $3,000 a pop. the suspects tell the family they like the yorkies and will be back with the money to purchase them. they come back not with cash but with guns. >> and as you can see they're trying to get the dogs and the dogs were running all over the place. they did mag to get i believe three or four dogs. >> the victims are forced at gun point to lay down on the floor while the suspects scramble around the room.
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>> fortunately for us it was showing all over the nation. >> the dog nappers steal four pure bred yorkshire terriers. police release the video all over the world. >> i've never seen this before in 26 years where people were calling all the way from england. not about the people on the floor but about the dogs. >> with all the publicity surrounding the video and the crime the suspects with the precious pups come clean. >> the pressure was on the suspects and eventually they turned themselves in and it appears as though the family anticipated that something like this could happen. >> knowing that you're selling
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dogs and advertising something that's pricey it is the possibility that somebody is going to come in and do harm to them or try to steal them. >> both suspects are convicted of robbery and the gunman is also convicted of assault and sentenced to 8 years in prison. the other man gets two years. lucky for them it's not in dog years. speaking of dogs, the biggest questions surrounding the case what happened to the puppies. >> the first suspect that we captured and we gave them back to the victims so they probably sold them. >> so you install a security system, position surveillance cameras all around your home and you think that would be enough to deter would be robbers from invading your private sanctuary?
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not a chance according to homeowner abraham from los angeles. >> july 17, 2008 at 11:30, people took my jewelry, money, safe, my computers and they walked away from the front door. >> it's broad daylight when the particulars walk past the security signs and enter the home through the back door. and he realizes he's alone and decides to steal a laptop and then leaves. but that's not the end of it. >> somebody from outside gave him the signal on the phone somebody is coming close to the house and then he went out again and got another person. >> the second time two men enter and decide to check out the rest of the house. they enter the children's bedrooms and don't see much there so they continue their
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search. >> then they went inside my bedroom and opened the drawers, took whatever they found there. removed all the clothes from the clo closet and found a safe. they picked up the safe and w k walked away from the front door. >> all kind of memories from my mother, grandmother, my mother, my father. money. everything i worked for is done. >> i think the suspects that burglarized this house they were in there for three minutes. >> abraham and his family are traumatized from the invasion and still don't feel safe at home. my daughter couldn't sleep there. she sleep next to us on the floor. i feel now i live in a jail. those people should be in jail. i feel i'm in jail right now. >> abraham is so shaken he decides to add more security equipment to his arsenal.
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>> barbed wire on my gate. >> unfortunately no kind of home security can protect a home 100%. the courtive hampt . >> you secure and go off and go wherefore y where ever you go. the suspects that burglarized this house couldn't have gotten lucky that particular day by just seeing him back out of his drive way and assume that he was the only one in the residents. >> at least with surveillance cameras victimized homeowners have a fighting chance at catching the thieves. >> if you can afford surveillance video it's definitely good protection to have because we can catch an
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individual on that tape and most likely we will identify him or her. >> abraham immediately alerts police and shows them his video. >> after viewing the video tape i could see the two suspects involved in the incident were eventually identified. >> the police eventually aprehead both suspects and charge them with burglary. >> this palm bay florida home being broken into belongs to 32-year-old he electrical engineer chris moffet. he was the victim of an attempted home invasion. >> they tried to kick in my home run while i was home so that rattled me enough to get a camera system where i could see somebody around my house. especially when i'm not home. >> chris installs a $1,000 home security system that includes 4 cameras a digital recorder and a gateway to the internet. chris also plasters the exterior
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with his house with warnings that clearly display the name and logo of the security system protecting his home. the signs are really hard to miss but they don't seem to deter these dumb criminals. even the window they break has the adt seal on it but they're determined to get in and steal something. >> on the video itself you'll see them come around the corner of the house and they walk over to the camera. pulling it back down toward the ground. >> but what they don't realize is that their mugs have already been caught on camera. >> as they flip it down toward the ground we catch nice face shots that we can freeze frame. >> and it's this smiling face on the surveillance video that's taken into evidence by the police and released to the media. >> once it was on the news, the police got flooded with phone calls. with the good face shots of the suspect. the police issued a $1,000
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reward and a lot of people responded right away. probably even their friends turned them in for the $1,000 award. >> both suspects are caught within four days of the crime. >> it's nice to know my investment paid off and that the system is working and keeps my house safe when i'm not home. >> coming up a naked man running down the hallway of a philadelphia apartment building. >> when you think you've seen it all here is something new. >> a woman logs on and watches a robbery in her home live. >> there's a man in my house and he's robbing it. >> and what has gotten this neighbor so ticked off. >> the more he stalked the more i did it. when caught on camera, invasion, continues. ♪
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what some residents witness in their apartment building isn't brotherly at all. more like bizarre. >> i can't look out the window without being scared right now. >> her apartment has been ransacked by a burglar. >> took my laptop and trashed everything in my room. when he heard the police were coming he snuck back out without clothes on, by the way. >> yes, you heard right. the intruder in joyce's apartment has no clothes on. he's naked. nude. bare. >> it started off like any other crime. >> a reporter for wcau gets an e-mail from a police source about a man caught on a surveillance camera running naked down a hallway in an apartment building. he said can you help us out? can you put these surveillance pictures on tv? >> police are concerned that because the suspect is nude the crime may be of a sexual nature. and because the incident happens at an off campus housing site where a few students from a
2:24 pm
nearby university live the police are eager to unravel the mystery. we try to keep a serious tone. he broke into an apartment where single young women live. they didn't know if he had a sexual predator background or just a cook. >> not only did he release it but post it on the internet and with a quick click of the mouse his be his essentials are outto the world. >> the suspect tries to open different apartment doors to see if he can get in. >> found one unlocked. went inside. took his clothes off. trashed the place. left with a laptop computer and left behind his clothes. >> at this point, the surveillance camera captures the suspect running down the hallway completely buck naked.
2:25 pm
>> philadelphia, the city that has seen 300 plus murders in a year so we're not shocked by much but this is one when you think you've seen it all. here is something new. running around in a thunderstorm knocking on windows trying to get into apartments naked. of course we thought it was bizarre. >> through tips police find their mind. his name is michael victor and he lives right across the street from the apartment building. and not only that, he works in the neighborhood. >> he is an elementary school janitor that was employed with the school district of philadelphia up until his arrest. not only is he running around naked but he's been in the school with kids. >> according to court papers the story michael victor tells investigators is he came home and drank a significant amount of alcohol and broke into a neighbor's home. that's when he loses it. all of it. >> goes next door and helps himself to a beer and takes off his clothes and goes through the
2:26 pm
belongings of their teenage daughter and the people that live in the home. he then enters the off campus apartment building and takes a computer and leaves without a stitch of clothing. neighbors can't believe the man they've known for years has a bum wrap. >> i'm shocked really. i'm happy we know who he is and they're going to be put away. well you would hope anyway and it's a little disturbing that he lives right next door to me. >> hear it all the time. kite guy. see him every day. we had no idea. >> michael victor pleads guilty to burglary, attempted burglarly and criminal mischief. he is sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison. >> he had some severe issues to deal with and he's in the process of dealing with those now and he's going to upon release enter a facility. he is very sorry and he's going to take action to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. >> i think one thing that i find
2:27 pm
amazing is when we go out we're always asking is there video? that's what we ask police and i'm really surprised that people are doing something they shouldn't be or people that are in places that they shouldn't be aren't thinking about the fact that they might be caught on tape. >> independence, kentucky, 2006, the hall family suspects their 16-year-old daughter lindsey is the victim of a peeping tom and their fear is confirmed with a startling discovery. >> i was freaking out. i was crying and screaming. >> the halls set up a surveillance camera outside lindsey's basement bedroom window hoping to catch the creep and they do. the suspect tries to remove the camera but not before his image is clearly caught on camera. the family checks the video and calls 911. >> i knew he was out there. so i sneaked in the kitchen and
2:28 pm
i called 911. >> the misresponded and find fresh footprints and knee markings by the window. a police dog tracks the scent to the suspect's home which is only blocks away. >> the track was a thousand, 1500 yards to the rear of the residen residence. a street over. >> that was scary knowing that he was that close to me. >> the suspect is 28-year-old john morgan. a married father of two. he admits to police that yes, indeed, he is the man on the tape. >> when i watch that video it was like watching a scary movie on the outside of my home. >> i wanted to take him out of this world is what i wanted to do because he pretty much changed my daughter's life forever. >> why were you peeping through that window? john, what do you have to say? >> the suspect is convicted of trespassing and sentenced to two years probation. the halls are working with the local officials to change the
2:29 pm
law so that peeping toms receive more punishment for that crime. they hope it will prevent other people from peeping and creeping out anyone else. >> coming up, love thy neighbor? i think not. >> i don't take it upon myself to hit everybody but i'm afraid he got me in the wrong mood that morning. >> a fiesty neighbor lashes out. when caught on camera, invasion, continues. more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's muchore aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to lrn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. >>psst. hey...
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>> he was escorted out by security today t. presumptive gop nominee ramped up his attacks of hillary clinton calling her an enabler of her husband's affairs. fires in canada are expected to double in size by the end of the day.
2:33 pm
nearly 90,000 people have been evacuated from the area so far. now back to caught on camera. >> welcome back to caught on camera. sometimes home invasions involve a criminal element but at other times an angry neighbor can seem like an invader too. how would you handle living next door to people like this? ♪ >> it's probably one of the more bizarre videos on the internet. a 63-year-old woman in the united kingdom armed with a take rouse weapon, a newspaper, is seen taking vengeance on this 38-year-old man. >> there's been some friction with just the one neighbor. she gets quite angry about very
2:34 pm
minor things and sometimes shouts unpleasant things and makes threats. but we try not to take too much notice of that. >> luke is the man in the video being pounded with a rolled up reading material. >> two weeks before the incident happened i took the rubbish bin out and she was shouting from the top window with lots of swearing that i wasn't allowed to pull the bin across the car park. i ignored this and carried on and put it at the front of the property. >> he owns the garage located next to the apartment building. essentially making them neighbors. >> the car park we had a legal right of way across. the lady next door has no right to tell us what to do. but on this morning luke gets the feelings it may turn into nothing more. >> i got the bin and started pulling it across the car park
2:35 pm
and then it all started. >> he sees the lady standing mysteriously by her car and finds that really strange. >> reading a newspaper on the back of her car. i've never seen her doing that before and knowing that i had to pull the empty bin across to that property i thought she was going to confront me about this. >> he warns his co-worker. >> so i just said to perry when i pull the bin across there something may happen. so just grab your phone and call if anything happens. >> so perry does what he's told. gets into position and starts to record. >> i heard shouting so i got my phone out and started videoing it and it all erupted from there. just occasionally laughing because it was sort of funny in a strange sort of way. >> then she tried to push it out in the road so i ran and stopped it in case it hit a car or went
2:36 pm
in front of the car that was driving past. when she was attacking me or whatever you want to call witt the newspaper, i didn't enjoy it obviously. at one point she actually kicked me. i just hoped it would be over soon and tried to avoid getting hit too directly. i think she had completely lost control. >> at this point perry wonders should he stop filming? should he do something to help luke? but he makes up his mind when the woman comes after him too. >> that's why the film stopped. i just thought well i better stop now. >> so just who is this female ball of terror scaring her neighbors? >> my name is valerie. i'm 63. i'm a mother of four and a grandmother of six. and i'm 4'10".
2:37 pm
and i don't really take it upon myself to hit everybody but i'm afraid he got me in the wrong mood that morning. >> vallerie tells her side of te story. >> i had my car out from here. it's an industrial bin and i walked over here to and i pushed it and i happened to have the newspaper in my hands. so bang, bang, bang and he was here. and he went like this. he was frightened of me. he was frightened. and the more he stopped. the more i did it. i don't know how many times. i'm the wicked evil grandmother. >> and what makes her angrier is
2:38 pm
that she sees perry in the corner of the drivethrough with his cell phone catching everything on camera. >> he was there. i had my back to him. i didn't see what was happening. and when i turned around they were videoing me so it was a set up. it's like an ambush. >> what do you think you're up to? you little fart. >> it's crazy. >> valerie's husband tries to break it up but she says he knows not to bother her when she's that upset because he too could end up getting a whipping. >> did you see him trying to pull me off? he knows what i'm like when i'm angry. there's no way you'll pull me off. >> during the incident, her husband did make a fairly lame attempt at trying to stop her and then gave up because it didn't seem to have any effect on her at all. >> but luke and valerie do agree about one thing. they actually started out on
2:39 pm
good terms. that's right. they were once friendly neighbors. >> when they first moved in we used to get on with them and say good morning and we used to do work on their cars for them. >> it was all right in the beginning. we were quite friendly with them. >> but the newspaper attack makes things black and white for luke. he calls the police and they give valerie a strong warning not to harass luke and perry anymore. >> i think the exact words that the police used was good luck. >> i'll do it again if i've got the paper in my hand because i said he made me so angry because it was a set up. i don't think you can do much damage with a newspaper, can you? not to be arrested and put in prison. >> the guys want to put this incident behind them but valerie stands her ground until the very end. >> fight for your property. what do they say?
2:40 pm
an englishman's home is his castle? >> could have took me heel off and give him a good bang with my shoe. >> that's insane. >> we have to take this to the police department. >> from bang, bang in the u.k. to bang bang in the suburbs of orlando florida. another pair of feuding neighbors battling not over a garbage bin but close enough. >> why would you think we would throw the trash. >> because it's laying right here. the only place it could come from is if you throw it over here. >> have you looked at how clean we live? >> because you know it over here. >> it all comes to a head one spring morning in 2008. >> we heard this really obnoxious banging and it was clearly on our fence. so, you know, my husband grabbed the camera and he followed me
2:41 pm
around to the side where we found her banging away. >> angie discovers her neighbor trying to post a sign on her side of the fence. >> are you seriously doing this? >> do you see me. >> it was actually comical because she couldn't get the sign to stay up. >> the sign post saga is the culmination of months of bickering in side by side bungalows. >> moved in july of '07 and within a couple of months we realized there might be a little problem with her and how she perceived us because she brought to us our attention there was trash and debris in her yard that had come from our side of the fence. >> i'm going to build a 20 foot wall between us. >> angie said she tried to talk to the neighbor but no luck. >> we tried calling.
2:42 pm
we tried the police. we tried getting advice from attorneys even and that didn't work. and everyone we talked to was just baffles so we just felt that if we stayed out of her way it would go away and it didn't. >> angie insists to her neighbor that it's not her trash. maybe it's the yard workers. after all, angie loves her home and is obsessed with keeping her home clean and tidy. >> people that know me would say have a touch of ocd. i like things to look pretty and when you have such a nice neighborhood the last thing i want to do is make it look worse. i want to beautify it. >> i'm sorry that you think it was us. we wouldn't do that to you. >> we contacted angie's neighbor. a 62-year-old mother of 3 to get her side of the story. she told us that she was angry that day because she believed angie and her family had been littering up her yard for months and she just had enough. she also asked us to blur her
2:43 pm
image for this story. >> i was told by the police department i could do this and i'm going to do it. it's my fence and it's my property. as a matter of fact if i can't get this up i'm going to just reach over and paint. >> no you're not. >> it's my fence. i can do what i want. >> that will look great on the news. >> yeah it will. >> surprisingly it's the neighbor that calls the police. >> the police order her to remove the sign and they tell angie to get a no trespassing warrant to prevent the neighbor from coming on to her property. angie gets the warrant but also gets revenge. he posts the video on youtube. >> i don't think i could have written a better script but carry on. >> i didn't expect anyone to look at the video. i put it on there for my friends and family because they didn't believe me how bad it was. i figured it was entertaining at best and maybe she would leave us alone. >> believe it or not, angie and her neighbor have made up. angie has since moved away and moved on with her life but says
2:44 pm
if she ran into the neighbor today you'd see a reunion quite unlike the one in this video. >> she would probably give me a big hug. she would want to know if i'm okay. through all of this i think she developed a liking for me and i kind of like her too. >> coming up, a homeowner watches a robbery unfold on her computer. >> he's at my house. i'm seeing him walking around my house. >> you won't believe what she sees. when caught on camera, invasion, continues. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're masteng life. from chase. so you can.
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>> he is in my house. i'm seeing him walk around my house. >> florida boynton beach is a community located between fort lauderdale and west palm beach. with tall palm trees dotting the landscape it's a beautiful place to settle down and raise a family. >> we moved in this neighborhood about 16 years ago. we moved in the house when it was brand new. it seems to be a very nice community. lots of children around. lots of activities for the children to do and seems to be generally warm and everybody seems to know other people. >> but although the community promotes a sense of peace and tranquility like most people it also has an underside. >> we have everything from the low income drug crimes all the way up to white collar frauds. >> and one spring morning gene's
2:49 pm
home becomes a crime statistic. burglars crawl through a dogie door located in the kitchen. they think no one sees them but miles away someone is watching. >> i was at the office. i wasn't there. i was watching a live video feed of my house and there was a man in my house and he was robbing me. >> yes, gene thomas is at her desk watching her own home being robbed. she is a university travel counselor and worked full time and installed a low cost internet based home surveillance system months earlier because she was robbed once before. she is determined not to be a victim again. funny enough her husband thinks it's a stupid idea. >> he thought i was crazy to buy it. i said you know what, just humor me. i'm going to purchase this and i just have a feeling i will be able to save something. i had no idea that i would
2:50 pm
actually catch somebody read ha hand hand -- red handed. >> the gut feeling is what she has standing in my living room, taking my son's video games, collecting his remote controls, and taking it back to my bedroom. i immediately called 9-1-1 in a full panic. >> 9-1-1. >> i'm watching my home on live monitor and there's someone in my house and he's robbing it. oh, god, please hurry. please hurry. >> officer brian goldfuss is on patrol and hears over the radio there's a burglary in progress. >> while we were en route to the burglary in progress, we were being told by dispatch that the caller, miss thomas, was actually currently watching on her surveillance camera these people inside her house. >> he's in my living room in the main part of the house. >> officer goldfuss is surprised
2:51 pm
because catching a crime in progress is rare. >> a lot of times what we find is people have surveillance cameras, and they find it way after the fact. they get home from work, check their cameras, and see that somebody had broken into their house. it was a nice change that somebody was actually currently watching it and was able to direct us into the house to actually catch these people committing the crime. >> the police arrive at the home and catch the criminals in the act. >> at that point the person noticed that people were outside. he opened the vertical blinds, looked out, saw the police. then he must have told his buddy that was in my bedroom. then they started to panic. they ran around the house, tried to figure out how they could get out. there was no way to get out. the back was surrounded. the front was surrounded. they knew they were trapped. i saw the one go out with his hands up. the other one tried to dispose of the bag that he had thrown jewelry and stuff into.
2:52 pm
and he then went out as well. and the police apprehended them. >> after the suspects are detained and jean arrives home, the police ask jean for the surveillance tape. >> watching the video we saw the two suspects actually crawled in through a doggie door, which luckily enough is where the camera was pointed at. >> while the robbery is taking place, one of the suspects is so brazen he takes food out of the refrigerator. >> the big guy gets out shredded kraft mexican cheese for tacos, walks out into the living room, opens up the shredded cheese, and decides to start eating shredded cheese. obviously they hadn't eaten before they burglarize houses. >> news of the crime goes national. msnbc, telemundo, and the "today" show pick up the story, and for a day jean becomes a media darling. >> in boynton beach this morning. and jean thomas with us here in the studio. jean, good morning to you.
2:53 pm
>> when the dust finally settles, four men are apprehended. two that were in the home and two in the getaway car. they're charged with and plead guilty to burglary. >> at the end of the day i feel criminals don't know what they're walking into. you have no idea. and you know what? average people can catch them. with technology nowadays they don't stand a chance. coming up -- >> a bear does the bear paddle in a backyard pool. >> i went into the backyard where i came face to face and had a close encounter with a bear. >> when "caught on camera: invasion" continues. what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine
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2:57 pm
no quakes, no wildfires, and no storms. just the kind of day that makes you want to sit back and feel groovy. and it seems that goes for bears too. ♪ ♪ a big brown bear, one that looks eerily similar to this one on the california state flag. it's invaded this san dimas home. a news helicopter captures the scene of the bear taking a leisurely swim, doing the breast stroke in this backyard pool. ♪ ♪ alex vasquez, a photojournalist for several local television stations, hears on a police scanner there's a bear in the hills. >> i'm pretty familiar with this area since i live nearby, and i cover this area pretty exclusively. i work my way up the hill when i notice that there was a news helicopter in the area, also searching for this bear. >> being the tv pro he is and wanting to get the story, alex decides to make his way onto the property and knock on the door.
2:58 pm
but no one's home. >> the gate was open, and i went into the backyard, where i came face to face and had a close encounter with the bear. he looked at me and kind of gave me that look of what are you doing here? and i gave him the same look and kind of basically shot video. >> alex's journalistic instincts took precedence over year. >> i wasn't scared only because i think i've covered enough bears in this area where i've kind of become a little familiar and i wanted to get the shot. >> and, yes, he gets the shot. it isn't until later that he asks himself, what was i thinking? >> i went back and thought about it, like, wow, i shouldn't have gotten that close to that bear. >> homeowner charlie heaton, who was not at home at the time, doesn't have any idea what's transpiring in his backyard. >> i came home. there was all kinds of activity. i saw some police. the sheriffs up on the hill. i ran up there, and said, what's going on, and she said, oh, there's bear up in the tree. >> but what he didn't know is that the bear also took a dip in his pool and the whole thing is
2:59 pm
caught on camera. he's tipped off by his daughter-in-law, who sees the news footage. >> the temperatures in the 90s out in san dimas. the bear decided to take a dip. >> charlie is thoroughly amused and forwards the video to all his friends. >> people come back and say is that your house? is that really in your pool? and i say, yeah, it's ours. it was totally funny. it's amazing that a bear would actually come down here and get in the pool and just enjoy itself. i'm very happy to have it. from big bears to feisty neighbors to brazen criminals, you might wonder how to keep peace and quiet in your home. well, that would be a whole different show, wouldn't it? if you have a video you'd like to send to us, log on to our website at i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
3:00 pm
from the startling -- >> if i did that i would be arrested or shot and then arrested. >> -- to the silly. >> you're like, wow, that kid's got some -- to get up there. >> -- to the sublime. >> why do they think they can get away with this? >> they're viral video, short moments, caught on camera that we can't stop watching. and like a virus, pass it along. >> first thing you do is send it to ten of your friends. >> people flood the internet with videos hoping they will go viral. >> everybody is making videos now. i can put my kid on there and get a million views and be on david letterman? >> you're competing with a guy that put a cat down his pants. >> why do people love cats so much.


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