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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 8, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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here's what's happening. a combative 48 hours in the race for president. new words from a defiant donald trump as he tries to set the tone ahead of his meeting with paul ryan. >> if he doesn't want to support me that's fine. look, i'm going to get millions and millions of vote more than the republicans would have gotten. if you look at the numbers, i think right now or this week or next week, in the history of the republican party nobody has ever gotten so many votes as i have. i've beateniz eisenhower and nin and everybody. >> also, hillary clinton sends her own message to voters. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i'm going to run a race based on issues. i don't really feel like i'm running against trump. >> senator elizabeth warren gets into the fray by turning to
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twitter. >> now we've landed on a godless matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> and a rare interview with you know who. let's get to new reaction from donald trump about house speaker recall ryan eer paul ry to back him. >> i don't think it hurts me at all. i'd like to have his support, but if he doesn't want to support me, that's fine. we have to go about it. look, i'm going to get millions an millions of votes more than the republicans would have gotten. >> if he can't endorse you, do you think he should be chair of the convention? >> i don't want to mention now. i'll see after. i would give you a very solid answer if that happens about one minute after that happens. >> sarah palin, who is a trump supporter had harsher words for house speaker ryan.
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>> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantered. his political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people. yeah, as the leader of the gop, the convention certainly, he is to remain neutral and for him to already come out and say who he will not support was not a wise decision of his. >> well, he said yet, but anyway donald trump's new reaction comes days before he's set to meet privately with the house speaker and rnc chairman at the speaker's request. >> she's married to a man and nobody, nobody perhaps in the history of politics was worse to women or abused women more than bill clinton. and she's taking negative ads on me. here's a guy, he was impeached
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because he lied. he lied. do you remember the famous, i did not have sex with that women? and then a couple of months later, i'm guilty. and she's taking negative ads on me. >> there's no new reaction from trump or hillary clinton about these comments since their interviews were conducted before trump's rally in washington last night. here's what paul manafort said. >> as far as women's issue is drn concerned, he's not going to allow hillary clinton or elizabeth warren to hide behind their sex to make cases that are hypocritical. >> in an interview this morning hillary clinton escalated her attacks on donald trump regarding foreign policy. >> i think the burden is really on him to try to make a case why when you've had 70 years of american policy under both
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republicans and democrats trying to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, he is so cavalier, even reckless and dangerous about how he talks when it comes to nuclear weapons. >> bernie sanders is holding a rally in new jersey today ahead of next month's primary. but west virginia is next on the primary calendar for both democrats and republicans. there are 37 delegates at stake for the democrats on tuesday, 34 delegates for the republicans. let's bring in katy tur for the latest on the trump campaign. >> donald trump is fighting on two fronts right now, one against hillary clinton trying to paint her as unqualified for the job, someone who is trigger happy when it comes to starting wars overseas and somebody who maybe doesn't have a great past when it comes to her husband. she is actually going there. but he's also fighting against the republican party, saying he was blindsided when paul ryan
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did not endorse him the other day. take a listen. >> never stunned by anything that happens in politics, but -- yeah, i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. don't know him well. met him one time. all of a sudden he gets on and does this number. i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind. >> speaker ryan's office disputes that phone call, saying that he hasn't had a phone call with donald trump since march. that is well before the new york primary. still, trump is facing an uphill battle when it comes to uniting his party, making sure they rally around him. now just mostly tacit support for him if any at all. none of the bushes coming to the convention, neither is mitt romney. donald trump will still need to figure out a way to reach out to washington, extend an olive branch to get them behind him.
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it is important because he needs to fund raise and he needs a strategy in place to make sure that he has a shot in the general election. right now it looks like he's going up against a billion dollar campaign likely from hillary clinton. that is a monster to have to face. donald trump will need all of the assets at his back in order to over come it. so republican party, that is hurdle number one that he needs to get over. >> thank you for that. let's go to the democrats and kristin welker who's in washington. we are hearing from the clinton campaign in response to these new attacks against bill clinton this weekend, what are they saying? >> they're trying to brush aside those attacks and hit him back on his policy positions. in a week in which donald trump casually subjected destabilizing the u.s. economy and cites his
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attendance at the miss universe par pageant in russia as proof of his foreign policy experience. alex, earlier today secretary clinton was also asked about some of these very personal attacks. take a listen to what she had to say. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i am going to run a race based on shissues and what my agenda for the american people. i don't feel like i'm running against donald trump. i feel like i'm running for my decision. i know what is really wracking the hearts and minds of americans. i'm going to stay for that. i hope that's what the voters will want to hear. >> that's a little bit of a preview of what we could expect to see this fall. secretary clinton is going to try to change the subject every time donald trump brings up bil.
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they're going to say things like, are you really going to blame what secretary clinton for what her husband did so many years ago? that's the type of argument they think would resonate with women voters. secretary clinton has made it very clear her strategy is going to draw things like foreign and some of those controversial comments he's made. >> bernie sanders, i mean, he seems to be practically mathematically eliminated from grabbing the nomination. what is his path going forward? >> you're absolutely right. it is a very steep climb for senator sanders. look, there is still a small path for him. he makes the case that if he beats secretary clinton in the pledge delegate count he can
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start to convince some of those super delegates to come over to his side. that's going to be a tough argument for him to make. however, it's possible if he were to start winning by huge mammoth margins that he would be able to make that case. but it seems like his goal more so is to really have some type of impact on the democratic platform. it could be key to rallying his supporters around secretary clinton once she gets to the convention this summer. he could be the linchpin in particular for these younger vote voters. secretary clinton is also fighting on two fronts. secretary clinton also has two battles on her hand right now. >> she sure does. donald trump may now be the presumptive republican nominee, but that's not keeping him from lobbing accusations at the party he represents. >> do you believe the system is -- the republican system was pretty rigged too even though
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you're winning it? >> yeah, totally rigged. it was only that i was winning by so much. i was winning in landslides every week. if i weren't, i wouldn't have been able to do it because it was dictated by the bosses. it's like a bogsexer. you have to knock out the opponent. we won so many landslide states, there was nothing much they could do about it. >> let's bring in jeremy peters. good to have you here. timing here, is it time for trump to stop antagonizing the party. doesn't he need the backing if he wants to clench the nomination? >> you would think so. but that's not the strategy we've seen from him. we assumed he would pivot to a more general election stance, taking some of the rough edges off, dialing down the
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antagonistic rhetoric toward party leaders. he is responding to this really unprecedented wave of defections from the establishment leadership of the party, paul ryan, the bushes, four out of the last five nominees of the republican party will not attend the convention this summer. that's remarkable, alex. >> absolutely remarkable. let's talk about john mccain who this morning weighed in with his thoughts on the race so far. >> i think that he could be a capable leader. i think it's obvious that there has to be out reach on his part and heal many of the wound. there's always wounds in spirited political campaigns. but frankly i have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one where people's integrity and character are questioned. >> couple things here. first of all, are you surprised that john mccain is coming out and saying that he will support trump, given what trump said at the start of his campaign about
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john mccain not respecting him as a war veteran because he got captured. there's that. also john mccain, long time member of the establishment. put into perspective how significant his endorsement, lukewarm or otherwise is. >> i think the fine line that john mccain is trying to walk here is really embl emblematic what's happening here. you have john mccain woho's up for reelection in the fall. that's the problem that paul ryan is struggling with. that's the problem with every single house and senate member who's up for reelection has to now weigh. they need to demonstrate some type of party cohesion so it doesn't look like they're ripping each other apart. but at the same time they also need to distance themselves from a man who could be toxic in a
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general election. >> with so many bernie sanders supporters saying we are not going to back hillary clinton if she becomes the nominee. how does clinton win them over? and if she doesn't, is she in trouble? >> she said very explicitly look i'm not running against donald trump. i am running as myself. i am trying to give people something to vote for. that's always been a major weakness of hers. her candidacy has been set up so far as one that is kind of giving people more of an option for a protest vote. like you're voting against donald trump. you're voting against the republican party and their stance -- or the image that they have toward dealing with women, hispanics, blacks. so what hillary needs to do in order to shore up her candidacy, i think her advisors realize, is give people something to vote
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for. giving them something to vote against is not going to be enough. >> i want to look at the electoral map here. it shows that donald trump could win the general election if he improves his polling margin over clinton by ten points. what would it take to make that spread up? >> it's a pretty big gap he's got to fill in there, no doubt. however, this is certainly not the year for journalistic certitude. and i'm not foreclosing anything as it relates to donald trump. certainly the presidency is within his grasp. hillary is a very vulnerable candidate on a number of fronts. however, i think that in order to really honestly and accurately assess his chances, you need to look at the numbers. what we all got wrong about donald trump in the beginning wasn't really any sort of data
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flaw or any type of error in the research that political scientists and journalists were looking at. we just chose not to pay attention to it. we said, oh, those numbers will collapse. that can't hold up. and he was leading in almost every single poll from august on. but if you look at the numbers now, they are also pretty consistent and they show him being defeated in the general election. i think that's something you have to take into account. >> thank you. >> thank you, alex. still ahead, could ala te l running mate help donald trump win over latino voters? .
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latinos certainly one of the key groups donald trump need to win.
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according to our poll, 79% of latinos view him negatively. joining me now is raoul reyes. is there anyway to convince latino voters to vote for him? >> i'm not really sure that's possible at this point. you have to look at the hypothetical matchups in the polling. right now among latino voters, donald trump's level of latino support is on track to be the lowest level of support for a republican candidate, 11% since these numbers were started even being measured. that's six months out from the election. after hillary clinton and her surrogates have unleashed all sorts of ads, after the latino celebrities have taken to the airways and made appearances, after president obama has come out and stumped for her if she's the nominee, that 11% i predict will be cut in half. you're talking about a candidate for the republican party who
9:20 am
could end up with as little as 5 or 6% of the latino vote and that's disastrous. >> could the rnc do anything to turn that around? >> i think they're trying. i think they are very well aware of the prop 187 effect. california used to a state that was in play for both democrats and republicans. then in 1994 there was a referendum that would have denied all types of services to undocumented immigrants and issued a state test for citizenship. and the result of that, although it was later declared unconstitutional, the result was that latino voters in california turned out in unprecedented numbers. california ever since has been a blue state. that's what's so worrisome about the donald trump candidacy. even people like paul ryan, john mccain, all sorts of people, because they see that, they're thinking long-term. donald trump may come and go, but where will their party be?
9:21 am
for any republican who comes out and endorses donald trump, there's a real risk. and we see that in some of the add vvocacy groups. they're already keeping a score card of who stand with trump just to remind latino voters not just for this election but for the future these are who our friends are. >> that's a very good point you make about california and that ruling. let's talk about the names being floated as a possible running mate. susan martinez. former rival marco rubio. would a latino vice president help? would that make a difference kwem. >> she was elected without the majority latino support. her base is really among anglos in new mexico. she's spoken out against trump's anti-immigration rhetoric in the past. marco rubio says he doesn't want
9:22 am
it. i think it would be a hard step to take considering how trump as belittled him. this is an important word when it comes to latino politicians. the word is sort of like a sellout. it's sort of like the latino version of uncle tom. in the latino community once you are tagged with that word, it is hard to go on and continue your own political career once you separate yourself from a cause or issue or a candidate. that's something that any potential running mate is giving a lot of serious consideration to. in our communities, it is a fact that once you're tagged, you really lose a significant base of support. >> look, there's something else. i can barely imagine donald trump and marco rubio standing next to each other. and donald trump leaving and saying, i'm going to have little marco coming up to the podium now and answer some questions.
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we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladderou double protection.y back double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. kansas and parts of oklahoma are bracing for severe weather just a day after several tornados leave a path of destruction in colorado. look at those pictures. officials say the half mile wide twister damaged several properties, knocked down dozens of electrical poles and injured at least five people. paul, what can we expect today? >> alex, on this mother's day i'm really concerned across the middle of our nation from texas to oklahoma into kansas and nebraska for strong and severe thunderstorms and possibly even tornados. also, it's all sparked by an
9:27 am
upper level low which will still bring some snow and rain to the four corners. vegas had flash flooding from this system. this system pushes eastward opening up the atmosphere here in the gulf of mexico for strong and severe thunderstorms including tornados in every place you see here in the red. we have a tor:con of four here across nebraska and kansas. a 5 in west central kansas and oklahoma. in central oklahoma, a four. meaning a 40% chance of seeing a tornado within 50 miles of this region. we do expect this mother's day to be stormy to start and potentially life threatening later on this evening. >> turning now to the massive canadian wildfire burning out of control, so far destroying nearly 500,000 acres of alberta's oil sands. look at the damage here. it's incredible. whole neighborhoods virtually
9:28 am
burned to the ground. things are only expected to get worse. let's go to my goiguel almaguer. what about the word months before officials can contain this? what is holding them back? >> reporter: they say the size of this fire is just so massive and that it continues to feed on so much try forest land here. there's really very little they can do to stop it. the one good sign they are getting today is cooler and more inclement weather. we've had some light rain today. that may increase later on afternoon. the only thing that will stop this fire is a heavy downpour. there's about 500 firefighters here on the ground, but this wildfire is roughly half a million acres. it is continuing to grow at this very hour. there is some good news in the sense that it is moving away from homes. although fire officials caution us it has been so unpredictable
9:29 am
it could easily switch directions and move its way back toward more populated neighborhoods. today, though, we are still seeing those gusty winds. but it's these dry conditions, much like we have all across the american west that are that's feeding this massive forest fire. that is why they say it will burn no doubt for months, alex. >> extraordinary. okay. thank you so much for that update. coming up, how donald trump defends his attacks against former president bill clinton. first our friends at saturday night live couldn't miss an opportunity to spoke fun at the presumptive gop nominee. >> there are those who say you're not qualified. that's not true. you know, i remember celebrity apprentice episode where gary b busey didn't sell enough
9:30 am
pancakes. you said, you're fires. i thought right then, give this man the nuclear codes. >> a lot of people are saying that. >> towards the end of the skit, fake ted cruz appears trying out his new role as none other than satan. you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. if ylegalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. welcome back to msnbc live. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we have new reaction from donald trump on his attacks from former president bill clinton. >> if he's involved in the campaign, he could be brought into it. >> fair game? >> i think fair game, yeah. >> that interview, which aired this morning, was conducted before donald trump's rally in washington last night. joining me now, former vermont governor and msnbc contribute howard dean. good day to you guys. good to see you. susan let's start with these attacks against the clintons.
9:34 am
if we go by trump's rational here, shouldn't his own past behaviors be fair game? >> it looks like no matter who the american public elects in november, they'll be electing someone they don't like and they don't trust, with both clinton and trump having such high unfavorable numbers. donald trump needs to start unifying the party. the best thing he has to unify the party is unifying against hillary clinton and to some extent bill clinton. his own life -- and he has said this -- donald trump's own life is open book. he's willing to take those hits as it comes. he is putting his family on the trail, so they'll have to be open to that as well. >> do you think, howard, that the former president should hit back himself against trump for his own past behavior? if so, would that be risky? >> when bill clinton was in the white house he was the best
9:35 am
practitioner of political jiu jitsu of anybody in our lifetime. he will make a fool of him. if trump gets under his skin, which has happened since he left the white house, that's a problem. but my guess is that with all the stakes of the presidency on the line, that president clinton will go back to his his true great political form and he will not directly respond to donald trump. he'll just make him look like a fool. >> you say he's the master at political jiu jitsu. >> he is. >> how about hillary clinton? she says she will continue to call out trump's attacks against her and on women's issues from this point forward. how hard can he fight back without it backfiring? >> she doesn't have to worry about that as much. because she's the candidate. and the easy -- it's not easy, but the obvious book on trump is to smack him hard and then
9:36 am
pooipivot to the positive. this election -- actually i would disagree with susan on this one. susan is right about the polling today. this election is going to be eventually won on positivity, not negativity. people want somebody they can look up to and respect in the white house. now they have a choice of two people who right now don't have great numbers. i would argue that hillary's resume, reputation and straightforwardness is actually what's going to get her elected president. she needs to smack him hard, because everybody wants a strong president. but then she needs to pivot away from trump, not engage and talk about her positive platform for america. trump really doesn't have one, other than platitudes. >> the only problem with that is no one's going to pay attention to the pivot to the positive. if she starting hitting trump back, he's going to double down on those attacks and we're going to see a food fight for the next
9:37 am
six months with those candidates. there is a good chance they're just going to say we don't want more of the same and that opens up a lane for trump. >> i think you're right about that, because i think the media will only focus on the sex scandal or the b.s. or all that cr crap. that's true. hillary is going to have to get her positive message out in other forms, partly advertising, partly social media and partly on things like oprah or the today show or other things. >> which has been exactly her challenge all along during the primary. it will be interesting to see if she gets that done. >> i think you're right. that's a major hazard. >> with regard to trump attacking elizabeth warren, to whom is he trying to appeal? >> i think the attack against
9:38 am
elizabeth warren, she is really besides bernie sanders become like the ultimate liberal left politician. so it's again to go to his base and take her on. but where he needs to be a little careful is she's a politician who's not currently running for anything and is not afraid to fight back. she will continue to hammer. that's what i expect to see with hillary clinton, having surrogates like elizabeth warren going on twitter and really irking donald trump. >> also, there was a great op ed this morning. kathleen parker writes in the "washington post," the gop began digging its own grave years ago and dropped one foot when with sarah palin. with trump, the other foot has followed. what do you expect to come out of the meeting with the house speaker and chairman priebus? >> i think they're looking to buy a little bit more time,
9:39 am
frankly. what we have to look at is that it's donald trump's job to unite the party. it's not speaker ryan's. speaker ryan has a job in washington. that's what he's doing. it is up to donald trump to say, these are policies i can get around, these are things we can agree on. i don't expect a firm answer from speaker ryan following this meeting. >> howard, clinton will be trying to pick up support from republicans who refuse to vote for trump. where are the opportunities there? >> there are a ton of them. i was at an event yesterday and ran into a terrific guy who characterizes himself as a liberal republican. he's going to vote for hillary. i don't know that he's going to be public about it, but i think there are a lot of people like that. the biggest problem trump as got and he's going to have to struggle to get out of this, is republican women who are pro-choice -- i've always thought that the single most
9:40 am
important district in america to look at are the counties of philadelphia. the husbands vote republican. the wives vote republican, but the wives are pro-choice for the most part. this is obviously broad demographics. that is the indication that mccain was going to lose when you saw what the choice of sarah palin did to the republican women. it is a really important swing vote. >> you say they are the ones that get out there and vote consistently. >> they certainly do. >> susan, i'm curious. i want your take on the fact that both former presidents bush are not endorsing trump, they are not attending the convention in cleveland. they are going to stay silent. how concerned are you about that? how should the party read this? >> when it comes to 41 president bush, certainly i think he's 91 years old, no one expected him
9:41 am
to make it out to the convention except for supporting his sons, he's been pretty quiet. w is a different question. i mean, a lot of politicians still don't want him around necessarily. he came out and supported his brother, but him not going to the convention, it is a slap of course to donald trump. but i think people see that as a matter due to the personal attacks that donald trump launched on his brother and to some extent him. i believe at one point donald trump said that he may have committed war crimes at some point. i could see why he would want to stay away. >> jeb bush has taken it one step further than his brother and father and said i'm not voting for donald trump. i'm curious at barack obama's role in all of this going forward. he's been pretty quiet. is he going to wait until the end of the primary and then jump in both feet first?
9:42 am
should he? >> i think he'll wait. until the dialogue on the democratic side gets poisonous. i think the president will stay out of this until we have a nominee. he's stepped in a little bit, trying to make peace and make clear that everybody's got to stick together. i don't see it likely that he's going to do much until after the convention. >> okay. always good to see you both. thank you. a historic meeting in north korea this weekend. what the country's dictator is saying about the likelihood of using a nuclear weapon. about to arrive. the cas and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to b flexible & reliable.
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9:46 am
capital. the first one in decades. ♪ >> reporter: after the wild applause for their young leader, the sound of a shift in tone from kim jong un. north korea, he said, would not use a nuclear weapon unless its sovereignty was violated by aggressors with nuclear weapons. he means america. he also told his obedient audience he wants to improve relations with countries that were hostile in the past. again, a message to america and to south korea. kim jong un has aggressively pursued a missile and nuclear weapons program since taking power, with multiple rocket launches in recent months. he claims to have a miniature nuclear war head. he opened his congress by saying a hydrogen bomb explosion this year was, quote, thrilling. and now a u.s. think tank says
9:47 am
new images at the site of a north korean nuclear plant show unusual movement that could indicate a nuclear test explosion is imminent. the regime invited nbc news to the country to cover this congress, the first in nearly 40 years. but they haven't let us into a session yet. instead, they took us first to a wire factory. then to a maternity hospital. in pyongyang, they're rehearsing for a major parade and a show of unity. but kim jong un isn't about to give up his nuclear capability, because that would be the end of him. will kim jong un's apparent shift in tone is unlikely to impress washington. it certainly won't stop the international sanctions against north korea. the world will look for deeds and not just words and posturing from kim jong un.
9:48 am
from pyongyang, back to you. coming up, how trump and clinton have made it this far despite extremely high unfavorability ratings. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. on top of your health?ay ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged,
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9:51 am
about in the presidential race. donald trump is trailing both democrats in recent general election matchups, leading some to question whether he's a winning bet for the gop in november. let's bring in the director of the political research center at suffolk university. let's get right to your latest poll, which shows that four in ten republicans say they aren't sure they'll vote for trump if he is the gop nominee. how do you explain his continued success in the primaries? >> you know he's grown. his favorability has grown since he announced and his unfavorability in the republican primary was as high as it is now in the general election. it was in the 60s and high 60s. over time he has morphed as a
9:52 am
candidate, improving his favorability. his unfavorability has dropped. now it's a different ball game. he's outside of the republican primary. he has problems uniting the republican primary and he's in general election mode. and in three polls that suffolk and usa today has taken from july to september to today, his unfavorable has been at 61%. >> that's a big number. it shows trump would have to add ten points in order to win in november. is that an impossible task kwoem. >> highly improbable. a lot has to happen. one of the problems for hillary clinton is that in the last nine months of the democratic primary versus bernie sanders, her unfavorable has gone from july 47% to 51% in september to today, 54%.
9:53 am
although trump has stayed at 61, hillary clinton has risen from 47 to 54. and again sanders has been talking issues. he's not talking about e-mails or hillary clinton's response to bill clinton's transgressions. so we don't know whether or not that incline on the unfavorable is going to continue or peak out and drop. >> these extraordinarily high unfavorable numbers, how unprecedented is this overall? and what do you think it reveals about the race? >> hasn't been seen in recent memory. as a matter of fact, in our last poll nearly one in four respondents who are likely voters in november say they're unfavorable to both hillary clinton and donald trump. it was actually 22.5% in the last poll. so those are incredible numbers where people who really will decide the election have to figure out and navigate both negatives. >> do you have any sense from polling as to what people will
9:54 am
do if they're just so opposed? do they become apathetic and sit out this race? as we've heard, a number of prominent republicans say i cannot bring myself to vote for either of these candidates? >> it could happen. there are other options. jill stein might be a third party candidate. there are libertarian candidates on a lot of ballots in a lot of states. ultimately, those are the people who are going to decide. on the one hand you have hillary clinton who has some trust issues. on the other hand you've got donald trump who has alienated so many key demographic blocks. some may not vote at all and may supress turnout as well. >> the fact that we've always said in elections, it comes down to that middle % 10% of the votg
9:55 am
public. republicans vote for the gop candidate, democrats vote for the democratic candidate. is that not going to be the play book nfor this year? >> it will be the play book. but the wrong track numbers in this country have been amazing. if you go back to mother's day a year ago, there have been 167 national polls taken from every group imaginable, likely voters, registered voters, adults, residents of the country. in all 167 cases of those polls, the right track numbers in this country have been at 37% or less. the over riding negativity is being channelled not only about the frustration that people have with washington, d.c., but also the approaches of both hillary clinton and donald trump. >> how do you explain bernie sanders' continued success in the general election matchups against donald trump?
9:56 am
>> yeah. in our last poll he was running five points or more better against -- though at the time we were polling sanders against all three potential republican opponents. but five points better against donald trump. i think it's because he's offering something new. he's proposing ideas that haven't been tried, that haven't been developed before. and you cannot protect the status quo. whether you're donald trump or hillary clinton. she cannot protect the status quo. bernie sanders is proving that, because he's coming at the world differently. he's engaging younger voters. and you know, the onus is going to be on hillary clinton to incorporate that in a major way. >> do you think that the momentum bernie sanders has can hang on until the democratic convention? >> yeah. i mean, i think so. he's going to do well in some of the states leading up to california. i'm not sure how california is going to pan out. but there are a lot of variables going on even with hillary
9:57 am
clinton. and the easiest thing would be for hillary clinton to take bernie sanders as a running mate. i know that's -- many have suggested that's not possible. but if you're worried about losing a big block of voters like, that it seems to me he would be an ideal person to at least invite or talk to about being on the ticket. you cannot afford to lose younger voters, especially younger women. >> okay. bernie sanders thinks the dnc is playing favorites with hillary clinton. but is that really the case? the story in our next hour. etic. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. iin your feet or hands,d don't suffer in silence!
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10:00 am
for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. trump/clinton, a sunday off the road and on the talk shows. donald trump on paul ryan. >> blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. >> hillary clinton on her republican adversary.
10:01 am
>> maybe he just doesn't understand that running our government is not the same as making realie ining real estate. >> sarah palin weighs in with a ryan swan song. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored. his political career is over but for a miracle. >> will this week's capital trump/ryan meeting lead to a republican reunion or revved up bitterness? this is msnbc live. it is just past 1:00 p.m. eastern. here's what's happening. new reaction from donald trump following house speaker ryan saying he's not ready to back the presumptive nominee. >> does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified? very vedifferent than anybody ee who's run for office. i don't think so. >> it doesn't?
10:02 am
>> i think it would be better to be unified. but i don't think it actually has to be unified. >> senator john mccain who days after saying he will vote for trump but won't attend the convention said this about trump this morning. >> i think that he could be a capable leader. i think it's obvious there has to be outreach on his part and heal many of the wounds. there's always wounds in spirited political campaigns. but frankly i have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one where people's integrity and character are questioned. >> on the democrat side, new reaction from hillary clinton after the sanders campaign once again accused her of trying to force him to drop out. >> he has to make his own mind up. but i was very heartened to hear him say last week that he's going to work seven days a week to make sure donald trump does not become president. i want to unify the party. i see a great role and
10:03 am
opportunity for him and his spo supporters to be part of that unified party, to move in not just in november to win the election against donald trump, but to govern with the progressive goals that he and i share. >> bernie sanders is holding a rally in new jersey today ahead of next month's primary. but west virginia is next up on the primary calendar for both democrats and republicans. there are 37 delegates at stake for the democrats, 34 for republicans. let's go to katy tur. always good to see you. mr. trump facing two fronts now. he's got one trying to unite if gop party, two taking aim at hillary clinton. where do you think the campaign is focusing its efforts most at this point? >> it's a split focus right now. the campaign would like to go on the offensive against hillary clinton only instead of having to defend itself from calls for party unity from the party
10:04 am
itself, but that's not the reali reality. you're seeing donald trump attack hillary clinton as much as he can on the campaign trail. talking about her foreign policy record, talking about her signing of nafta and her relationship with bill clinton. then at the same time he's also going on the offense ifr whive comes to paul ryan and the party saying he was blindsided when paul ryan close not to endorse him. listen to him describe how he thinks the party should be like going forward to chuck todd. >> if he can't endorse you, do you think he should be chair of the convention? >> i don't want to mention now. i'll see after. i'll give you a very solid answer if that happens about one minute after that happens, okay? there's no reason to give it right you. >> it sounds like i know what the answer is, but you don't want to say it yet. >> it's inappropriate. >> you're not going to issue a
10:05 am
public threat? >> i don't think that's going to happen. the party's come together. i have tremendous numbers of endorsemen endorsements. >> he's telling us here at nbc he thinks the party will come together. i was speaking with his campaign manager a couple of nights ago in west virginia and i asked him how the campaign feels about this lack of endorsement from paul ryan. he shrugged it off and pointed to the man on stage, his boss donald trump and said, that is the leader of the republican party, not paul ryan. it's pretty clear how the campaign feels. whether they're going to be able to wholly unify the party, it's not looking so great right now. but at the same time there is a long way to go until we get to july and the convention. >> how about the money here? it's going to be a challenge to raise -- what are they saying, maybe $2 billion for this election whether it's split a billion and billion per side there. but who is donald trump going to rely on? is he going to have to
10:06 am
self-fund? >> that remains to be seen how it's all going to happen. i don't get the sense the campaign will continue self-funding once they come to the general election. whenever i've asked them about it, they've either dodged the question. i think they're still trying to figure it out. in terms of raising a billion dollars, donald trump doesn't have that. it's very clear he wouldn't want to spend all of that money. there are super pacs out there that say they'd like to support him, including one called great america. they believe that donald trump will unofficially sanction them by not saying that he disavows that super pac. they believe they'll be able to get large scale fund-raisers on board with them. there's a lot of fund-raisers
10:07 am
out there who said they're going to sit this election out. one of the big one who is supported rubio initially has said that he does now back trump. there's still a lot of questions. let's put it that way. it's still very early on. i wouldn't put it past the party coming together and money coming out when they get to a general election out of sheer desire not to have another democrat in power. >> catch chuck todd's entire interview with donald trump at 2:00 eastern right here on msnbc. joining me now from our washington bureau, nbc's kristin welker. we have nbc news confirming this week that the fbi has interviewed clinton aides as part of the e-mail investigation. how is hillary clinton responding to all of this? >> first of all, the fact that the i has interviewed some of her top aides is an indication that this investigation is
10:08 am
coming to its end. you would think that secretary clinton would be the next to be interviewed. we anticipate that could happen some time in the coming weeks. she was asked today if she's been contacted by the fbi. take a listen. >> no one has reached out to me yet, but last summer -- i think last august i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody any time. i always took classified material seriously. there was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me. it seemed like a convenient idea at the time that certainly wasn't. and so i always take classified material seriously. there's no argument about that that i'm aware of. and i will continue to do so. and within whatever parameters are required for the president, which i know a little bit about having served with president obama. >> alex, this is arguably the issue that has dogged secretary clinton the most. it has fed into voters who say
10:09 am
they have trouble trusting her. if this fbi investigation comes to an end and finds no wrongdoing, it's going to really limit the republicans' ability to go after her on this issue. the campaign insists that's exactly what's going to happen. donald trump said he's going to make an issue of this every single day regardless of what the investigation finds. we've already seen him start to do that. the clinton campaign needs to determine how to hit back when he comes at her on that point. this is an issue that the clinton campaign eager to put behind them, they argue they more than anyone else want this investigation to come to a close. >> with regard to the general election and those details back and forth with donald trump, he's proven he's willing to get down in the mud with the candidates, that's for sure. is there an approach that could be most effective for hillary clinton trying to combat donald trump and his rhetoric? >> the candidate is not going to get down into the mud with donald trump. what they mean by that is she's
10:10 am
not going to directly address all of the personal attacks he's thrown at her, most recently of course some of former president bill clinton's pa -- they say okay bring on this fight. at the same time, i think the strategy that secretary clinton is going to take moving forward is she's going to really highlight their differences on foreign politician. you can expect the campaign to raise almost daily some of those controversial comments he's made about muslims, immigrants and women.
10:11 am
>> ladies, good to see you both. you've been on the trail with bernie sanders who's just penned a letter to the dnc chair, accusing the committee of being biassed towards hillary clinton. what is his goal here? what does he want? >> what he really wants at this point is to talk about the dnc's platform and the ability to have leverage in the committee. when he goes to the convention this summer, he's trying to put the dnc on notice that he's going to fight to put more progressive policies in the platform while saying he's fighting for the nomination. when asked a couple days ago whether or not this was an issue about the platform or about the nomination, he said plainly it was about the platform. he's been talking more recently about the fact that he's fighting for the touch future o democratic party. this is about bernie sanders
10:12 am
trying to leverage the millions of people who have come out for him and really shown they're behind these progressive politics that at one point might have seemed radical but he's made kind of mainstream. >> you were there on thursday when a crowd of protesters confronted hillary clinton at her los angeles event. does that leave at all an opening for bernie sanders in california? and if he could win there, would that put him back in the game? >> a small clarification. i wasn't there in person when she was confronted by the protesters. however, she was as you noted confronted by those protesters in california. it shows that she still has a lot of work to do in that state. it's one of the last states to vote in the democratic primary. she's been polling by double digits ahead of bernie sanders there. he has been closing the gap with her. his strategy of winning the democratic nomination relies on winning california, which has 475 pledge delegates up for grabs that day. a key point is that he would
10:13 am
have to beat her by some 75%, 85% in that state in order to be able to catch up with her and pledge delegates. that means he would have to pull from behind not just the 10% or so he's behind currently. he'd have to run ahead of her by ten or more points and able to pull that off. at this point it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. but based on those protesters, there's definitely a lot of unhappiness with hillary clinton from democrats in that state. >> a lot have said they won't vote for clinton if she's the nominee. what can she do to change their minds? >> she'd have to reach out to them and put an olive branch out there. a lot of them have said they feel she's not even trying. in 2008 when barack obama was the nominee, that's what she said. that's what you do when you are the loser in a race. they're saying that she shouldn't just expect bernie sanders to come out and support
10:14 am
her, to campaign for her and expect his supporters to do the same. they want to see her reach out to them and perhaps move to the left, take up his positions on some of these issues they've been arguing about. first and foremost they want to see her release the transcripts of those wall street speeches. >> the "washington post" said hillary clinton keeps losing with white men. how much of a problem could that be in the general i lerelection? >> it could be an issue in the general election. when she goes up against donald trump that's kind of the people that have been backing donald trump, working class, white americans who really feel like they're not being taken care of by the political system right now. hillary clinton has shown because she has these large margins with people or color and women that she's able to go after the future of the party which are really people of
10:15 am
color, young people. she's going to need to fight for those young bernie sanders voters, that's key to her. bernie sanders has said over and over again i can't just tell my supporters, yes, now we're going to go for hillary clinton. as much as he's trying to build a movement, it's not a centralized movement. these people have had these ideas of single payer healthcare and free college. bernie sanders gave them a face for that progressive movement. she's going to have to pull on that side. this week we had a report out at the "new york times" talking about her reaching out to moderate republicans. she's already understanding she's going to have to increase her margins with white men and moderate republicans who might be fleeing the party when donald trump is the nominee. >> the youth vote that you talk about, what happens if they don't have bernie sanders as their nominee? do they really cross the line
10:16 am
and go to donald trump? or are they going to be apathetic and not vote? >> i ask this question every time i interview somebody at a bernie sanders rally, will you vote for hillary clinton if she's the nominee? most of the time when people say no, i don't want to vote for her. as soon as i ask them would you vote for hillary clinton if she's going up against donald trump, nine out of ten people of course. i don't want to say home and donald trump is elected president and i sat out of the political system so now i have donald trump as my president, someone that i really don't like even more than hillary clinton. a lot of those young people might be all about bernie sanders and protesting outside clinton events, i think when push comes to shove in november those same people are going to say, i don't want donald trump as my president. as a result they're going to be voting for hillary clinton and campaigning for her. >> $50 million spent by the anti-trump movement since january.
10:17 am
why hasn't it made a dent in his primary success? >> there were so many candidates running to begin with. i think it was very difficult because there are so many of them trying to fight over the same sort of deserve or establishment vote. all along the pundits were just saying if there weren't as many candidates then maybe someone could rise up against donald trump and challenge him. by the time the candidates sort of agreed on that point and started dropping out, it was a little bit too late. if maybe there had been a smaller field from the beginning we could be looking at a very different race right now. so where did things go wrong between donald trump and the gop? and is it too late to repair that rift? that's next. ♪ ♪
10:18 am
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10:21 am
i think donald trump is the kind of man i'm not going to support somebody i don't believe is a reliable republican conservative. >> it also puts the south carolina senator atop the list of ten republicans who hate donald trump the most. that's kind of harsh. tea party senator ben sasse gets urgent calls for a third party option. and mitt romney ranks third for that stinging rebuke of donald trump a couple of months ago. he says he won't attend the republican convention. matt with a welcome to you, explain how did he do it? >> well, you know i think a few ways. one was, you know a different
10:22 am
ideology. donald trump does have ideas very tough on immigration, very tough on trade. it's different than most republicans.pealed to a growingt of the republican party, those white working class voters. he had a ready made audience for his ideas. then there's his sheer comfort level in front of the camera, honed by all those yeared in pri prime time. i think his insult strategy worked. i think it served to bring attention on him, cut other people down to size. those are just some of the reasons i think he was able to take over this party. >> i'm looking at your article here. i want to take issue with the lines that you wrote and how it
10:23 am
is that people don't read and interpret what you're saying and say wait a minute let's slow down here. you write much of what trump has said is foolish and dispensable. you go onto say his ideas are perhaps crude but not entirely stupid. so people, are they just accepting him on the surface and they're not digging deeper to really analyze what he's saying? >> i think that's certainly part of it. look, i think you can sort of look at donald trump on many levels but two basic ones are, one, there's the sort of ideas that are never going to happen or shouldn't happen, right, like having a religious test for who can come into the country. then there's a more serious notion. what are you going to do to strengthen the border, what are you going to do to remedy the trade deficits? you know, he's at least gesturing in those directionin a way that some other candidates
10:24 am
were not. >> so what about his relentless attacks on his political rivals? he's branded them with labels they've been unable to escape. even his comments about marco rubio. how has he psyched out his opponents? >> i really find this one of the more fascinating parts of the campaign. i really do think he rattled jeb bush, he seemed unsettled by the low energy attacks. others took it more in stride. rubio tried to turn it back on him. but went so far the other way that he looked kind of goofy at the end. trump is very tactical. as long as those insults work for him, he's going to keep doing it. my guess is that hillary clinton will be less phased by that. >> can he change the tactics in
10:25 am
a general election? >> i think they'll be moderated. i think he's going to do what works. you know, we're going to see. i mean, i think it's harder in terms of gender, a little harder to do it with a woman. you saw his push on carly fiorina. she pushed back very effectively. in a way, it's a little harder to do it in that setting, but we'll see. i think he'll do what works. >> what about the resistance from the leading conservatives within theably paul ryan. he's come out and said i'm not ready to get behind trump as the nominee. do you think the gop with unite in time for the general election? >> i think enough of it can. most republicans are going to vote for donald trump. most politicians are going to support him. some aren't. if they're going to park themselves behind paul ryan or the bush family and say, look, no, we can't stomach this.
10:26 am
that's going to happen now. i think it's clear there's no going back for some of them. but i think he's going to have enough and he's going to have all these interest groups that are just driven crazy by the clintons that are going to pump money into anti-hillary campaign if not a pro-trump campaign. i think both sides will be battle hardened by november. in a moment, the truth comes out. who's straight shooting and who's missing the mark. feel a"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
10:27 am
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10:30 am
false. about half of what bernie sanders has said was true or mostly so. 30% of his statements have been false or mostly false. donald trump meanwhile has had trouble with the facts with only a 24% degree of truthfulness. on the flip side, 76% of what trump has said has not been totally correct, including the 19% of his statements that are classified as pants on fire. now to some frightening weather conditions across the country's midsection this weekend. this is out of colorado about a hundred miles or so east of denver. one of several tornados that touched down over the weekend in yuma county. many structured were damaged. let's go to paul goodloe. >> on this mother's day i'm really concerned across the middle of our nation from texas to oklahoma into kansas and
10:31 am
northbound for for strong and severe weather thunderstorms and possibly even tornados. all sparked by an upper level low will which still bring some snow to the four corners and heavy rain. this system slowly pushes eastward opening up the atmosphere here in the gulf of mexico for strong and severe thunderstorms including tornados in every place you see here in the red. we have a tor:con of four here across nebraska and kansas. a five here west central kansas, northwest oklahoma and even into areas of central oklahoma a four, meaning a 40% chance of seeing a tornado within 50 miles of this region. so we do expect this mother's day to be warm and windy to start and then stormy and potentially life threatening as we head into this evening. the third party option, is that what it would take to derail the trump express? show me movies with romance.
10:32 am
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welcome back to msnbc live. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. the democrats are looking beyond this primary in west virginia where 37 delegates are at stake. clinton and sanders will be traveling to five future delegate states including california and new jersey. the total for those two states 290. the controversy over the gop presumptive nominee continues to similar mer today. donald trump firing back at house speaker paul ryan's unwillingness to endorse him. >> i'm never stunned by anything that happens in politics. yeah, i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. don't know him well. met him one time, but have a nice relationship with him. then all of a sudden he gets on and does this number. i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind, but that's okay.
10:36 am
>> let's bring in the cofound e of anti-trump california. do you think the speaker will reverse course? >> it's much too soon to tell. the real inflection point will be as the convention approaches. he has a formal role in participating. obviously it would be awkward for him to be there if he's not supporting donald trump. what is donald trump willing to do to lead this party and try to get everyone united behind him? his reaction to the speaker's pause was to attack the speaker and his policy agenda. we're learning more and more as the days go by that donald trump appears to be incapable of uniting republicans behind him. >> do you get a sense of who the bigger power player is between
10:37 am
these two men? >> in the long-term it's paul ryan. this is about elections in the future. this is about a party in the next decade to come that i think paul ryan has a policy vision for as opposed to donald trump who's running for president largely on what appears to be egoplay. donald trump will probably spectacularly lose this election and leave us with the elections to come in 2018 and 2020 and beyond when he's back eating taco bowls in the trump tower. >> jennifer, i know you write in your column that not only does donald trump have to be stopped by conserve politics have to be remade. how do these two go together and what kind of impact would it have on the election? >> the first objecti iiv iive i stop trump.
10:38 am
secondly, he's just unfit to be president period. once you put your faith in an individual like that, your party then becomes associated with someone who is unfit and without principles. so you have to stop him first. the issue of where does the republican party go from here, i think, has been delayed and delayed and delayed and can't be claye delayed anymore. they have to come up with an agenda that appeals to working class people, that appeals to a much more diverse elect rate which trump is busy alienating even further, and that comes up with solutions to practical problems. speaker ryan has been working on that. he has a vision for fighting poverty, for increasing growth, for improving education. that's the direction the party has to go in. it cannot go back to a never never land of barry goldwater and 1964. nor can it just be a me too
10:39 am
party for the democrats. it can't be a kpen pho -- today to raise taxes. that's going to come as a surprise to the americans for tax refrorm. >> conservatives have been hearing this throughout the primary race. virtually from every republican candidate they clobbered. they heard it from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. is it because they heard it from bernie sanders and hillary clinton that conservatives said, let's let that go? >> i don't know. i think there are people who simply let it wash over them. there are people who say he's just doing it for show. there are people who just don't care. we've had an education system and a coarse vulgar culture and
10:40 am
perhaps it's come home to roost. of course you have a choice in a democracy. you can stay home. there are some republicans who are going to vote democratic for the first time in their lives. there are a very under valued third party effort. people always have a choice. and donald trump with 84% or whatever it is of the republican party behind him, it's up to him to show some leadership in some way, not to simply tell them to get lost because he's going to lose overwhelmlinglyoverwhelmin. >> to jennifer's point about a third party, you're got a lot of people talking about nebraska senator ben sasse. then you have arizona republican senator jeff blake today who down played the possibility of any independent candidate. let's take a listen to what he said. >> obviously donald trump was not my first choice or my 17th choice to put it mildly. however the preseumptive nomine.
10:41 am
i don't see a third party challenger come along. i would rather mr. trump simply change some of his positions and modify what he has said. >> what about that position? >> i think that would even prove more so how untrust wworthy he would be. the discussion of a third candidate is interesting. the value of it frankly from my perspective is to help thousands of other republicans who are going to be on the ballot. i have a real concern that you're going to have a republican based turnout problem and people aren't going to vote at all and it's going to cost us good members of congress and state legislatures. we stand to lose significant numbers of state house seats. the value of looking at a third way is swhoun comeone who can articulate conservative principles and energize voters to vote.
10:42 am
>> let's listen to what president obama said. >> this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. s in this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> word was that he was going to stay out of this until after the primaries. is there reason for him to have to jump in now? >> i think he's just having a good time. wouldn't you if you were a democrat delight in complete dysfunction of the republican party. he went a long way to turning the race for the presidency into a celebrity contest and a personality contest. so i think sometimes you have to look in the mirror to get a full picture of what's going on in the country. used to be you had to be qualified to be president. now all you have to do is have somebody make a video of you or have a reality show. that's a shame, because it is a
10:43 am
serious job. you're also a leader of the free world. it's a bad deal for israel, for our asian allies. itis . >> we have to wrap for time. thank you both so much. let's turn now to a devastating scene out of canada where raging wildfires are burning out of control, this through the region's oil sands. officials say it could be months before they're able to contain it. nearly half a million acres have been scorched so far. any relief in sight at all like weather? is rain predicted? >> reporter: well, alex, we're seeing a little bit of bad news right now. the wind here is picking up pretty substantially. the temperatures are in the 50s, but with the windchill it even feels a little colder than that. as you mentioned, this fire will likely burn for months because we don't expect any serious rain
10:44 am
to hit this area for the foreseeable future. f firefighters say they would need a heavy steady downpour for quite some time. firefighters predict it will make a 500 mile run to the neighbors province in this area. some 1600 homes and structures have been destroyed. that number will likely climb as firefighters make their first assessments of properties all across this area. some 500 firefighters are on the ground. they've got about a dozen or so planes in the air attacking with water dropping planes to try to slow down the spread of this fire. today it's still growing, still exploding out of control. the winds certainly aren't helping, but the cooler conditions are ben i shaeficial firefighters. the world's biggest film
10:45 am
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10:48 am
the 69th annual cannes film festival opens this wednesday. there is another side of cannes, one that escapes the attention of the paparazzi. dana, with the welcome to you, you write in this week's hollywood reporter the director of cannes's leading mosque. you report that his mosque was found to be a rendezvous site. >> it was unfairly tainted with what happened when police found out about what they labeled at the time france's worst
10:49 am
terrorist cell. in 2012 the police had them under investigation. and they busted them a year later. a lot of reports said they had been radicalized at this man's mosque. from what he says it simply isn't true. it's a mosque in the center of cannes. what's happening in france is there's so much fear about islamism and radical terrorism here that so many muslims are being tarred with the same brush and it really isn't fair. just a few blocks from where i'm standing right here in cannes, you see a whole world, women in head scarves pushing strollers and men praying in the streets. there are 5 million muslims here in france. what the tourists see is the france of 50 years ago or even 100 years ago. >> we've been looking at some video of french police staging a
10:50 am
terror readiness drill. >> that video, the exercise was done, the fake terrorist drill was done on april 21st. that those attending the festival. >> that video was done on april 201st. that was widely circulated on the internet and french television. it got a little blowback. if you look at the video, it's really scary. you're seeing masked men run up the famous red carpet. you're suing injured actors, 200 volunteers took part in. this the mayor of cannes decided we're not going seen as sitting ducks. the cannes film festival could be the world's softest target. he made the decision to call in a former israeli defense commander -- general to oversee the security here this year. he is taking no chances. there's going to be like 200 cops, dozens of undercover officers, 500 security cameras and probably more that we don't even know b. >> how much does this have to do
10:51 am
with nkt wake of both paris and brussels and those attacks? >> well, it has obviously a lot to do with that. this is the first year that cannes film festival is under such a cloud of fear. there was a report by italian intelligence saying that isis planned to strike next on south of france or italian beaches. nobody really knows. i've talked to both paris police and cannes police and they say we don't know. when it is predicted, it's exactly what doesn't happen, they hit some place else. still, as you know, the festival is an awfully -- sitting ducks for many people that come this year. >> i'm curious, have celebrities expressed concerns? who all is expected to attend? >> well, a lot of big stars. i mentioned woody allen film "cafe society" opened the festival. and there was an interview with him recently. he doesn't own a computer. he never sent an e-mail.
10:52 am
i thought does he know what he's getting into one of the cops said that video is like woody allen's worst night fear. but what might ever happened to him. george clooney, julia roberts, jody foster, sean penn, russell crowe mshgs people will come here. once the red carpet starts and beautiful dresses and movies, all the fears will probably fade into the background. i really doubt anyone will try to hit the cannes film festival when they see how many cops are there and what happened during the drill. >> dana kennedy joining us from france. thank you so much, dana. it holds the drama of a washington soap opera. what is ryan's hopes with the visit with donald trump this week in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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10:55 am
. taking a look at capitol hill. that's where all eyes there be on thursday when donald trump heads there to have a very important meeting with paul ryan and reince priebus. what you are expecting from this
10:56 am
immediating? what do you think will come from it? >> paul ryan certainly hopes that donald trump will take up some of the conservative positions, take up his agenda in the house of representatives and certainly donald trump wants paul ryan to back him as a leader of the party in the house of the representatives. >> do you think there is a chance that we'll see paul ryan come out of that meeting with an endorsement, given everything he said that he's not ready to endorse him yet and it's because of political differences from policy differences? >> i think andrea mitchell made a great point this morning on "meet the press." she said that paul ryan's job is keep the house republicans. that's what he's trying to do here. some think with donald trump at the top of the ticket they could loses races. i think it's possible to say he's not ready to endorse donald trump. >> all right. thank you very much from the daily mail for joining thus hour. that is a wrap, everyone, of this hour of msnbc live. do stay with us now for "meet the press" featuring chuck
10:57 am
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this sunday, the republican party coming apart. >> really looks like a massive victory. >> donald trump wraps up the republican nomination and effectively tells gop leaders, it's my party. and you can cry if you want to. >> our theme is very simple. it's make america great again. >> my interview with the republican party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. plus, it's a simple fact. divided parties lose elections. republican voters embrace trump. the republican leadership says no way. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. >> can donald trump become the