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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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cbs is still open, if you forgot, so hurry up. if it's sunday, though, it's "meet the press." it's monday, may 9th. right now on "first look," incredible images over the weekend of massive and violent tornadoes including one that stretched over half a mile wide. the donald claims he was blindsided by the house speaker, but will a face-to-face meeting between the two gop leaders unify the party? a monster inferno destroys over 1600 homes and devastates a huge portion of land in canada. but it's also causing the price of oil to rise globally. "first look" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. a slow-moving storm being blamed for two deaths in arizona is heading east. severe thunderstorms are threatening parts of the plains, midwest and south this morning, putting millions in the path of dangerous weather.
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nbc's sarah dallof has more. >> reporter: finally twisters rumbled across northeast colorado, sweeping up debris and darkening skies. this massive tornado was one of several spotted in ray, colorado. >> it was one of the most photogenic tornadoes i've ever seen. like no other tornado i've ever seen before, literally, in 35 years. >> reporter: there were no fatalities, but at least five people were injured. debris strewn for miles. dozens of electrical poles were destroyed, leaving many without power. >> never been through anything like this. >> reporter: outside denver near the city of wiggins, a multivortex tornado lifted motor homes and uprooted trees. >> campers upside down, sideways, floating in the lake. a boat shed that has just been crushed. >> reporter: in arizona, a rare winter blast in flagstaff. just an hour west, hail and rain were to blame for at least six injuries and two deaths on i-40 which closed for hours.
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arizona was one of ten states with reports of damaging hail saturday. as the storm pushes east, millions are in the threat zone. more tornadoes and hail possible in the country's midsection through tuesday. families urged to stay alert in the peak of tornado season. sarah dallof, nbc news. the frame within the republican party reached a new level after presumptive republican nominee donald trump told nbc's chuck todd he was blindsided by house speaker paul ryan's refusal of support. >> your case to paul ryan is hey, the voters have decided. get on board. >> well, i would say that's true. i mean, to be honest. i like paul ryan. i think he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago. he was so supportive. it was amazing. >> so you're stunned. you feel blindsided by him? >> no, i would say stunned -- it's politics. i'm never stunned by anything that happens in politics, so i'm not -- yeah, i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago. >> trump also hit back against
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former massachusetts governor and presidential nominee mitt romney who has said he would not be supporting trump. >> i'm never going to get romney's endorsement. he choked. he blew the last election. i'm never going to get that. >> you think he's been ungrateful? >> he was, he was ungrateful, which is okay. a lot of people are ungrateful, but he was ungrateful. they did not respond accordingly, and that's okay. >> it was then that former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin told cnn she was endorsing paul ryan's primary challenger and would do everything in her power to help end ryan's career. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored, as in eric cantor. his political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people. >> and while the intraparty feud continued, trump also spent the weekend giving voters a taste of what the ugly and personal general election would look like going after likely democratic nominee hillary clinton again and again and again.
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>> hillary clinton wants to take your guns away, and she wants to abolish the second amendment. on foreign policy, hillary is trigger happy. she is. she's trigger happy. she's got a bad temperament. by the way -- and her husband learned that a few times, didn't he? if she didn't play the women's card, she would have chance, i mean zero, of winning. she's married to a man -- and nobody, nobody perhaps in the history of politics was worse to women or abused women more than bill clinton. and hillary was an enabler, and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them. >> clinton appearing on "face the nation" responded to trump's attacks. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i'm going to run a race based on issues and what my agenda is for
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the american people. i don't really feel like i'm running against donald trump. i feel like i'm running for my vision of what our country can be. >> clinton also responded to reports that she would sit down with the fbi regarding her private e-mail server in the near future. >> no one has reached out to me yet, but last summer, i think last august, i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody any time, and i've encouraged all of, you know, my assistants to be very forthcoming, and i hope that this is close to being wrapped up. >> so nobody said hillary clinton, we'd like to sit down and talk to you from the fbi? >> not at this point. >> west virginia primary. canadian officials will get a close-up glimpse of the wildfire-ravaged canadian city
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of fort mcmurray later today. this comes as officials are warning evacuated residents that images from the evacuated homes may be emotionally disturbing. authorities had worried the fire could spread by this morning, but rain and snow helped quell that expansion. right now it covers more than 620 square miles, an area larger than oklahoma city. and officials say controlling the blaze will likely take months. about 88,000 people have been evacuated since the fire ignited on may 1st. new bombshell details regarding the ongoing penn state sex abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky and famed football coach joe paterno. we now know penn state's legal settlements with sandusky's accusers cover alleged abuse scandals dating all the way back to 1971. that is some 40 years before sandusky's arrest. that's according to a.p. and espn, citing a university spokesman. more than 30 settlements come to more than $90 million. penn state president eric barron said there is no way to joe if
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coach paterno knew of the 1970s allegation, putting out a statement, in part, quote, we cannot find any evidence related to a settlement or otherwise that an alleged early assault was communicated to coach paterno. he also said the university has worked to reanalyze reports and depositions regarding the sex abuse scandal as new details have ee mermeremerged. in court documented released last week, it was alleged paterno knew of sex claims as early as 1976. sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for abusing ten boys. paterno died in january of 2012 and was never charged with any crimes. three university officials including former president graham spanier await trial on criminal charges for their handling of the sandusky scandal. well, to north carolina now where the clock is ticking on that state's controversial bathroom law. that rule requires people use the restroom corresponding to the gender of their birth.
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it sparked protests throughout the state. and last week the justice department classified the law as a civil rights violation and gave the state and its republican governor until end of business today to repeal it. he called the doj's unrealistic and claimed the federal government is being a, quote, bully. if north carolina leaves the law intact, it could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. a number of companies and celebrities have already come out against the law and have boycotted the state. britain's prince harry and first lady michelle obama helped kick off the second annual invictus games in orlando, florida. former president george w. bush also attended the opening ceremony. over 500 athletes from 15 countries will compete in ten events this year including 113 competitors from the u.s. prince harry is a founder of the games which are held for wounded veterans. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning. the markets will try to start
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the week on a positive note. on the back of friday's somewhat disappointing jobs report. the nasdaq down three weeks in a row for the first time since january. this week retail sales and inflation. meanwhile, prices at the pump continue to rise. the average price of regular jumping 9 cents in the past two weeks to $2.27 a gallon. analysts say that's mostly due to higher oil prices. gas prices have risen 50 cents in the past three months. and hip-hop star drake is topping the charts, selling more than a million copies of his new album "views" in less than a week. that's despite the album only being available on itunes. he used his radio show on apple's beats one to preview several songs including the hit "hotline bling." dara, back over to you. >> landon, thanks so much. just ahead, "captain america" conquers the world. plus, president obama's new
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storm chasers captured this video of what they refer to as an elephant trunk tornado, forming in southwestern oklahoma. fortunately no damage or injuries were reported. the area also saw heavy rains and golf ball-sized hail. well, nbc meteorologist steve is tracking the severe weather outbreak. good morning, steve. >> good morning, dara. we have a bull's-eye again on the map for today. a little further east than where it was yesterday. you can see the orange highlight here. that's for northeastern areas of texas. right around texarkana through tulsa and areas of western arkansas. i think that is the red zone for the threat for long-track tornadoes and possibly some large hail. so we'll be keeping an eye out. again, this is later on this afternoon. this morning, you're fine. otherwise we look at a lot of rain on the radar here. look at nebraska through areas of northwestern iowa. and over the next couple of days, we're going to see a lot of rain in this part of the
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country. we could see up to two or three inches of rain. so it's all or nothing in this kind of weather pattern. meanwhile, in the northeast and the west coast, lots to like about this weather. we're talking about sunshine, comfortable temperatures. again, the middle part of the country, the worst. but the coasts looking good. >> good weather. it's like bookends. >> got to love it. >> thanks so much for that. the man accused of killing three people in a two-day shooting spree in washington is set to appear in court today. a federal security officer faces numerous charges. he's alleged to have fatally shot his estranged wife on thursday and to have continued his rampage on friday at two different mall parking lots in what police say were botched carjacking attempts. the charges against him carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. to commemorate mother's day president obama addressed the diaper gap in america. in an online post he called for increased efforts to help the nearly one in three american families that struggle to afford diapers for their babies.
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"captain america civil war" was number one with moviegoers, pulling in an estimated $181.8 million. the opening was so massive, it bumped "iron man 3" out of the top five all-time debuts and has already earned almost $700 million globally to date. well, now to sports. the cleveland cavaliers are heading to the eastern conference finals after sweeping the atlanta hawks. kevin love led the way with 27 points while lebron james chipped in 21. the hawks are now 0-12 all time against the cavs in the postseason. the cavs will face the winner of toronto versus miami. impltsz kevin durant won a big game four over the spurs while the series now heads back to san antonio, all square at 2-2. the washington nationals' bryce harper is the first mlb player to reach base seven times without recording an official at-bat after being walked six times and being hit by a pitch. the six walks ties a record for most in a game. unfortunately for him, the
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nationals lost in contrainnings. contra extra innings. bryant has been declared brain dead. he started at notre dame before transferring. the news comes one day after the 21-year-old was found shot in a car in south florida. the case has been classified as a homicide and so far no suspects have been identified. find out who president obama says really runs the world. that's up next. ♪
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here's your first look at this morn says's "scrap belled politics." donald trump is on tap to headline a fund-raiser to help chris christie retire his campaign debt. at $200 a seat. trump seems to be engaininging the same quid pro quo he rallied against on the campaign trail. christie's last financial disclosure listed his debt at $400,000. christie was one of the first republican establishment members to back trump after his failed presidential bid. meanwhile, former massachusetts governor and presidential candidate mitt romney took shots at both trump and bernie sanders this weekend during a commencement address at trine university. >> we live in tumultuous times, demagogues on the right and the left draw upon our darker angels, scapegoating immigrants and muslims or bankers and businesspeople. not to be outdone, president obama also spoke out against the current political climate at
2:20 am
howard university but not before giving a shoutout to african-american leaders, one of his favorite in particular. >> when i was graduating, the main black hero on tv was mr. "t." rap and hip-hop were counterculture, underground. now shonda rimes owns thursday night. and beyonce runs the world. a california judge says donald trump will testify in a case regarding his now-closed university after the general election. cautioning against the media circus it would create were it to happen beforehand. trump is expected to attend most, if not all, of the trial and will testify. speaking of trump, this weekend marked the first new "saturday night live" episode since trump became the presumptive republican nominee, and they just had to go there,
2:21 am
bringing back a classic character to do the job. >> does donny ever take a gander at the holy scripture? >> honestly, i love all the books of the bible, i do. they're all terrific. corinthians part deux, book of revelations, 2 genesis, 2 furious, which says -- and i quote -- love thy neighbor as thyself, and like a good neighbor, state farm is there. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." from washington now, i'm joined by politico reporter daniel litman. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm good, thanks. donald trump may have the people's votes but not necessarily the gop's. how fractured is this relationship? >> i think it's a really fractured party. you even saw yesterday trump say he doesn't have to unify the party. you would never hear that statement from any other
2:22 am
nominee. you know, the party's broke but who broke it? both sides feel like they don't have responsibility to put it back together. >> well, trump is set to meet with house speaker paul ryan this week. and boy, to be a fly on that wall. what is your play by play on that meeting? >> you know, i think it's not going to be a love fest where both sides are going to have the meeting and then, you know, sing "kumbaya" afterwards. you're going to see both sides stick to their guns. trump feels like he doesn't owe the party anything, and paul ryan needs to stick by his conservative principles which led him to be speaker in the first place, and he feels like he has to save the house which trump is in danger of having the republicans lose. >> and what about trump now saying that he's going to raise taxes quite a bit? we know that didn't go well for walter mondale who leveled with the american people when he said that he was going to raise taxes. but you know, with trump, you know, when he says things, it seems to elicit the opposite reaction. what's your take? >> i think, you know, this is definitely raising his proposal
2:23 am
to raise taxes on the rich, that's definitely going to help him get the republican wealthy donors that he really needs to win in november. i think it's a populous ploy for his voters who don't really care if taxes are raised on the rich. they feel like the rich are already doing really well. and so he doesn't owe the rich anything. >> well, let's move over to the democrats now and bernie sanders vowing not to stop his campaign. even though he gained more delegates over the weekend, he is still far off from hillary clinton's count. why is he staying in the race? >> i feel it's like the last couple weeks of the sanders campaign. he feels like he has -- he still has things to say. he still wants to be in the game. but, you know, don't expect him to be in the race till the convention. this this is, you know, kind of a fait accompli. he knows he's not going to win. >> reality is we're looking at a clinton/trump face-off and two candidates are some serious baggage. how can they overcome this with the voters? >> i don't think they can, but they're going to try, and they're going to not really focus on overcoming their own
2:24 am
baggages. they're going to point out, you know, for hillary, look how much baggage trump has. and they're going to be attacking each other, you know, clinton said it's not going to be an ugly race. i don't think that's the case. it's going to be one of the ugliest races in american history. >> interesting. daniel lippman, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. just ahead, a never-before-seen perspective of the immediate aftermath of the september 11th attacks. you're watching "first look." jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on
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el chapo is one step closer to the u.s. over the weekend convicted drug lord joaquin guzman was moved from a maximum-security prison near mexico city to what's described as a less-secure facility just across the border from el paso, texas.
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and newly released images of president george w. bush in the moments is and hours after the terror tacks. a photographer captured these shots on a day that for most americans includes memories seared in our memories forever. you can see more images on now it's time for a look back on this day in 1994. south africa's newly elected parliament chose nelson mandela to be the country's first black president. here's how his historic inauguration was reported by nbc. >> nelson mandela was in such a hurry to be inaugurated, he began the oath of office before being asked. and had to start again. >> i, nelson mandela, do hereby serve to be faithful of the republic. >> reporter: once a political
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prisoner of the state, mandela is now head of state, completing a remarkable transformation. >> i'm dara brown, and this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forget to like us on facebook. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. know that trump has the nomination, he's become to become president, okay? people don't like to admit it in public, but they secretly like trump. everywhere you go, you guys like trump? boo, no. are you going to vote for him? they're, like, probably. yes, a lot of people hate trump, but don't forget, a lot of people hate hillary, too. no one's really happy with either choice. it's like if you're in the mood for soup. so you go to the diner to get some soup, but the only two options they have left are pumpkin corn chowder or hillary clinton. the battle between the two most disliked presidential candidates in modern history begins. donald trump wastes no time
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getting personal while hillary clinton makes a pitch to republican voters. meanwhile, the rift between trump and house speaker paul ryan grows deeper. trump's latest warning as sarah palin gives her two cents. plus, it's a riddle worthy of a sphinx. how does a baseball player get on base seven times without a single at-bat? we'll talk about that. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 9th. i'm alex witt. donald trump is looking toward the general election, tackling hillary clinton's policy positions with a new broadside on guns. while clinton hit trump for his foreign policy rhetoric and questioned his understanding of the


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