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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sweater. >> i hope he doesn't do something filthy. >> no, he's fine. with a setup like that, we're ready to go. i'm steve kornacki on this monday morning. topping our ageagenda, trump ves ryan. the presumptive republican nominee says he may not need the house speaker to win this fall. >> does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified? i'm different than anybody that's ever run for office. i actually don't think so. >> trump is saying more about ryan and about the republicans refusing to back him. we'll dive into all of that in just a minute. also on the agenda, what pivot a week after locking up the republican nomination. there is no sign that trump is about to change his tone for the race against hillary clinton. >> there is nobody that was worse, nobody, than bill clinton
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with women. some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them. >> that's the kind of rhetoric that worked with republican primary voters but it's also turned off general election voters that trump now desperately needs. is he even capable of appealing to voters outside of his party's base. and rounding out the agenda, putting a number on unity. the republican party is fractured right now. no doubt about that. but was donald trump's path to the nomination really that much rougher than usual? that's the subject of our most important number of the day, and it may surprise you. that's coming up in a little bit. we begin with our top story. donald trump says he's ready to go it alone if the republican establishment won't rally around him. factions in the party growing even deeper since last week when house speaker paul ryan said he's not ready to support trump. now one of trump's biggest
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backers sarah palin warning ryan that he ma pay a price. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantered, as in eric canter. his political career is over except for a miracle because he's so disrespected the american people. >> the threat is about ryan's republican race in his wisconsin congressional destruc aal distr. that's going to take place. trump lost in ryan's district to ted cruz. >> i have nothing to do with that. that's -- sarah is very much a free agent. she's a terrific person but very much a free agent. i didn't know about this until yesterday. i guess she's been fighting or endorsing somebody that's running against paul ryan. and i didn't know about it until yesterday when i read about it. >> party unity is an issue for trump. at least in the polls.
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84% of his fellow republicans would support him in the general election. for clinton among democrats, the number is 94%. a meeting between trump and ryan scheduled for this thursday. luke russert will join us from the capitol in a minute with a look at what issues ryan is looking for trump to address before they can bury the hatchet, if they can bury the hatchet. trump fighting the second front of his general election war against hillary clinton and the democrats. prolonged attacks against clinton for her husband's indiscretions. take a look. >> hillary clinton just ordered $90 million worth of hit ads on donald trump. and it's hit ads on donald trump and women. in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that
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bill clinton had affairs with? you remember the famous, i did not have sex with that woman and then a couple of months later, i'm guilty. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. and she's going to take ads about little donald trump? i don't know. i don't think so. >> these are the same attacks trump was making against hillary clinton while running for the republican nomination. the problem when you look to the general election, look at these gaps with women, african-americans, independent voters. tied with independents but facing huge gaps otherwise. he has to improve those numbers especially among women if he's going to have a chance in the general election. peter alexander joining us from washington as well as luke russert up on capitol hill. from donald trump a week ago he said now he's the republican nominee. let's see if he changes the tone and the message. at least when it comes to the
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tone. same donald trump here. >> that's exactly right. you can safely say the republican party motto right now is divided we stand. obviously he attacked the party, its establishment and leaders so effectively over the last 10 or 11 months, and he's not looking to quickly reconcile. early this morning he was already tweeting about this topic saying he's going to win and beat crooked hillary. despite in his words those who are currently and selfishly opposed to me. as for the attacks on hillary clinton, they came just a matter of days, hours after he told lester holt he wanted to focus on a high level policy oriented campaign. this morning donald trump defended his attacks on the former first lady. >> you took a small amount of the speech and you build it up like it's the biggest thing in the world. but it is a big thing.
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he was the worst abuser of -- >> you just said i'm making too much of it. now it's a big thing. >> he was impeached. he was impeached. and then he lied about it. >> donald trump was citing a report from last month that suggested a superpac supporting hillary clinton would be spending roughly $90 million going after trump on this topic. the issue of trump and his comments about women. but, obviously, it's not just his fight with hillary clinton that is being ramped up right now. donald trump, you know what he said about paul ryan in effect refusing to rule out the idea he'd rip away paul ryan's role as the chair of this summer's gop convention in cleveland. and as for those other republicans who have not supported him since becoming presumptive nominee, he says they're breaking their vow to support the presumptive nominee. lindsey graham said he's a lightweight. as for others, including jeb bush, he call him -- basically said he's not honorable.
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as for mitt romney who he endorsed in 2012 he said romney is ungrateful for that effort. steve? >> nbc's peter alzaexander on t trump beat. luke russert, we're talking about this meeting, paul ryan/donald trump. where could they have common ground? one issue out there was on taxes. trump had put forward this tax plan. sort of a massive tax cut. disproportionately benefited the wealthy. he was asked about it yesterday on "meet the press" and said this is an opening offer. i may end up raising taxes on the wealthy. i thought we had it. luke, that's what he said. >> i saw it. i know what's you're talking about. >> this distances himself from paul ryan potentially. >> one of the main tenets of republican party policy going back to george h.w. bush's famous flip-flop of read my lips
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no new taxes and then agreeing to raise some taxes has been an arted position back by grover norquist. we'll not raise taxes in any capacity. and donald trump saying to chuck todd on "meet the press." well, that was my opening negotiation. maybe we need to raise the taxes on the wealthy a little bit and businesses pay a little more. the middle class has to be protected. that's so far away from where paul ryan and a majority of the house gop conference stand on taxes that if there's -- that's the type of divide that would be equivalent of a democrat coming out and saying, the iraq war, george w. bush made a good call. that gives you an idea how big of a call that is. a few other ones to look at, paul ryan was very upset about donald trump's call to ban muslims from coming into the country. he said it was not conservatism. he was very upset with donald
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trump being slow to disavow connections to david duke and the kkk. i also think in terms of international policy, what's donald trump said about nato was something that did not fly very well in paul ryan's camp. if you look at the way the house gop conference breaks down right now, rye an while going with hi guts instinct, he's going to have to navigate. he's representing the views of a lot of conservatives. they think that donald trump is too liberal. there's other republicans who say donald trump is our nominee. it's time to unify behind him. ryan has to figure out how far to push trump here and also the wild card in all of this, what's does paul ryan do to preserve his future for possible presidential run four years out, eight years out because let's not forgot. he's extremely smart. you don't get elected to
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congress at 28 if you don't have calculated thoughts for your future at a young age. >> that divide you are explaining there in the house republican conference. if you had to break that down and guess in terms of republicans who would like to unify, who would like paul ryan to be out there supporting donald trump versus those saying, wait, no, let's not do this, how does that break down on the republican side? >> i think the members who come from the rust belt, white working class. they would be considered more moderate overall because their districts and counties would be overwhelmingly for trump. those folks from pennsylvania, western new york. i don't want to go that far against my constituents. then the freedom caucus people that are extremely conservative and have already been a thorn in the side of ryan in some ways. they look at donald trump being a new york liberal, out of touch with their values.
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they don't necessarily want to go all in on him. then the rank and file republicans. part of them say, hey, he's the nominee. overwhelming support of the republican primary voters. we have to go aull in. and others think if we go all in with this guy we hurt our party with women and latinos. so i think that's the divide and ryan has to figure out how far he can push. any one of those four or five groups, they all have sway with him when he has his conference meetings around the table. i was surprised ryan went out as far as he did. but talking to his advisers, he says i've always benefited from going with my gut. ryan is going to double down on that. and it also preserves his future. i don't think we cannot talk about that enough. it preserves his future at this point if he wants one at the presidential level. >> that's may be one thing he has in common with donald trump. he believes in going with his
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gut, too. >> luke russert, we're all looking forward to that's meeting on thursday. let me bring in robert costa. he knows aull of these players very well. looking ahead to thursday, donald trump and paul ryan, can you see a scenario where they emerge from a meeting and paul ryan says, okay, differences settled, i'm on board? >> they may be able to broker a peace but not necessarily going to be able to broker a consensus. these two sides are far apart when it comes to ideology and policy. trump is a protectionist on trade, a noninterventionist on foreign policy. doesn't want to do the sweeping reforms to social security and medicare like ryan. it's hard to see them coming together on those fronts. the question is, can they not be at war? >> already last week he had ryan coming out saying i'm not ready to get on board and donald trump about what's he said about taxes. raising taxes potentially on the
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wealthy yesterday on "meet the press." that separates him farther from paul ryan. >> we've seen an orthodoxy take a hold of the republican party in the past 60 years. started with barry goldwater and buckley in the post-war era and slowly assimilated and popularized by ronald reagan, george w. bush and by the tea party movement. trump is saying the republican party is more than a conservative movement. we're watching a crisis unfold on the right. is the conservative movement going to be part of the gop in the future, intertwined with that party. >> also we played the clips there. donald trump over the weekend really going hard about hillary clinton, bill clinton, his affairs, about the monica lewinsky thing in the 1990s. i'm wondering what the calculation is there. when you're done with the primary. 20 years ago the republicans couldn't beat the clintons with
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this stuff. why would donald trump be talking about that now? >> trump surrounds himself with people who have long been anti-clinton warriors. roger stone. he's written numerous books about the clintons alleging conspiracy and misdoings. and then you have different people like bob tero from the american spectator. he went after the clintons in the '90s. trump comes out of a world, a bent against the clinton family politically. >> back on this topic of paul ryan. not just trump versus ryan. sarah palin saying that paul ryan has to worry about his house primary being challenged in a republican primary back in wisconsin this summer. there have been a number of these republican primary challenges that have succeeded. she mentioned eric canter who lost his. and sarah palin has played a big role in these tea party upsets. you look at paul ryan and that
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district. does paul ryan have anything to worry about in his own backyard? >> he has a primary challenge but he is popular in his district. he won in his district in 2012 even when romney didn't do so well in wisconsin. sarah palin, it's questionable about her political capital whether she can influence the grassroots in wisconsin. this pop liulism rising on the right. they are concerned as they look toward the fall. not only will those vote errs c out but will they go against their own senators? >> we get ready for the trump/ryan meeting. thanks for the time. appreciate it. coming up, the never trump campaign that took a major hit when he secured the nomination. basically it was over when he secured the nomination. that doesn't mean they've given up on the convention this summer
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or a third option for the fall. later, reaction from the clinton campaign on donald trump's new offensive. >> think of this. she's married to a man and nobody -- nobody, perhaps in the history of politics, was worse to women or abused women more than bill clinton. and she's taking negative ads on me. and i'm like a baby. i'm like a baby. here's a guy, he was impeached because he lied. he lied. you remember the famous, i did not have sex with that woman and then a couple of months later, i'm guilty. and she's taking negative ads on me. [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people.
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donald trump has cleared the field. he's the presumptive republican nominee. but the never trump folks still aren't quite giving up. the push to get a third party candidate into the general election get something new attention. >> name somebody who could do it who might do it? is there anybody? >> ben sass or mitt romney. i was with mitt romney. i think he's thinking about it or be ben sass's campaign chairman. >> matthew is a critic of donald trump. kelly is a trump supporter. she wasn't with trump in the primary. i wanted to have you two on. this is an interesting segment to do about how republicans are sort of grappling with the reality of trump. mathsue, sort of a two-part question here. one is there a scenario where you could end up supporting donald trump this fall and why
6:21 am
aren't you there right now? what's keeping you from supporting him? >> what's keeping me from supporting him is donald trump. he shouldn't be president. he doesn't have the character to be. for that's reason i don't see any reason or foreseeable scenario where i'd be voting for him in the fall. >> you don't think he has the temperament? are there specific issues? we're looking ahead to this meeting with paul ryan. is there anything in particular? >> just spend the last ten minutes on your show talking about his affect and demeanor. it's a piece of reality tv that detached itself from the network and planted itself in the republican party. he's not part of the political process as we understand it. he's a polarizing celebrity who doesn't play by any of the rules of politics. and so you don't want someone like that in the presidency in the oval office to begin with. >> kelly, you were part of the -- supporting ted cruz.
6:22 am
trying to stop donald trump. you've had some harsh things to say about donald trump. you heard what matthew just said. why can you turn around and say i'm for donald trump. what got you to make the change? >> i was always pro-ted cruz, not never trump. there's a huge difference. would have been nice for a lot of the never trump people to get on board with senator cruz. they had an alternative but he's not likable or he's this or he's that's. now they've got donald trump. why am i for donald trump? for two decades plus my job has been to listen to voters. they've spoken loudly and clearly. i don't know who i am to rebuff the will of over 10 million people who voted for this man in the primaries. in some cases he scooped up all the delegates in states where he polled at 1% one short year ago. you have hillary clinton for whom the field was completely cleared. she can't vanquish bernie sanders. he's going to beat her again in
6:23 am
two very different states tomorrow. donald trump the 17th choice out of 17 candidates, at 1% when he started, and now is the nominee. you have to give people their hard. i've swallowed hard on a lot of candidates. i didn't like removing the number one issue that helped republicans win in 2010 and 2014 and 2012 because we nominated the guy that gave us the political blueprint for obamacare through romneycare. and i have to give it to the voters here. i'm with dick cheney, bob dole, newt gingrich and bob bennett and growing people in the house and senate. >> the republican party, the voters have spoken. this is the guy they've chosen. doesn't that tell you where the republican party is? >> tells me it's not where i am. that's fine and people can vote for who they want and the party is going to nominate donald trump. there's a large number of people who are conservatives who have voted for republican candidates in the past who won't be able to
6:24 am
bring themselves to vote for trump in the fall. doesn't mean they'll support hillary. they could go for the third party or leave the presidential line blank and vote down ticket however they wish. trump is unique. kelly ann mentions romney. well, romney was elected governor of massachusetts. nobody doubts his character or temperament. it was policy differences a lot of americans had with mitt romney and eventually said he's a better chance against obama. >> he lost horribly. they lost eight of nine swing states. lost all four states where he has a home. >> you think trump is going to do any better? >> let's see. that's the point here. we know what doesn't work. the moderate candidate -- everybody cleared the field for mitt romney. i was newt gingrich's pollster. got to get behind romney. he can win. did he win? let's test the proposition a little. >> this is a big thing a lot of pro-trump republicans and
6:25 am
conservatives think that winning matters. winning does matter but it's also who wins. and should that person who wins be the president? and a lot of people, like myself, you just don't want donald trump in the oval office. the risks are too great and the damage to american democracy, constitutional norms, god help us, the state of the world, our financial system. it just can't -- you can't risk that. that's why trump will lose. forget about making inroads into the obama coalition. he'll never do that. the problem is there are a lot of republican leaners, white people for lack of a better word, white men, white women that aren't going to pull the lever for him. >> how do you know that? >> because i'm looking at the polls right now -- >> oh, polls, okay. i love to -- >> let me just ask you -- i want to ask you both quickly, this is the big news of the week which is the thursday meeting between
6:26 am
donald trump and paul ryan. i take it you'd like to see paul ryan emerge from that meeting saying i'm not going to support donald trump. >> paul ryan is the highest ranking republican office holder. there is a way. if you go back to '72, '64 for republican office holders. they'll have to make their peace with the nominee eventually. that's the way the party works. i don't expect paul ryan to endorse donald trump any time soon but i think he's probably going to arrive there eventually. just for the institutional sake. >> we had the clip there of sarah palin saying paul ryan has this primary in wisconsin this summer. he should lose that's primary because of this. also saying he should not be the chairman of the republican convention as the speaker typically is if he's not backing donald trump. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. i hope speaker ryan gets to know whatever it is he needs to know about donald trump's position or character. but there are members of his
6:27 am
conference who were taken aback that he spoke on all of their behalves without consulting them. you've got a growing number of congressmen saying to luke russert's point earlier in your show that you have people where donald trump won their districts handily, who are not going to disavow the voters in their own congressional district who went for donald trump. people can attack donald trump. as i've been saying for a year. attack donald trump as you like but don't attack his voters. study his voters. why are they there? why do they believe this? what is motivating them? as someone who is an expert in polling, anybody who thinks they've been clairvoyant over the last year and should just look at polls now as a predictor of what happens in the fall. i'll tell you who is having a hard time busting into barack obama's coalition. it's hillary clinton. he's going to have to put her on his back in saepeptember and october to cobble together any
6:28 am
chances. you talk about the electoral system and foreign policy, i'm with you. i also have a pretty darn good idea of what it would look like under president hillary clinton, and it's not a pretty picture. >> this is the dialogue going on within the republican party. thanks for both being here today. >> thank you. coming up -- no sign donald trump is changing his style as he pivots to the general election. new attacks against bill and hillary clinton over the weekend. they are familiar attacks. he's been making them for a while. how is the clinton campaign responding while still trying to fend off bernie sanders on the left. that is next.
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and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. give me a break. >> donald trump looking ahead to the general election fight against hillary clinton and making it a very personal one on the campaign trail. a series of blistering attacks on bill and hillary clinton over the weekend. going to get the reaction from the clinton campaign. we go to the northern virginia d.c. suburb of stone ridge. hillary clinton will be holding an event there this afternoon. kristen welker is there. so 20 years ago these were the attacks the clintons were facing. the clintons survived famously the 1990s. in 2016, donald trump clinches the republican nomination and this is a major point of emphasis for him in the past week. is the clinton campaign surprised by this? and did they have a plan for how they'll deal with it if this is the campaign trump runs against her? >> they're not surprised by it at all in part because he took
6:33 am
this line of attack several months ago. they've been bracing for this. right now their strategy is to try to delegitimize the line of attack by dismissing it saying these are old attacks we've already dealt with that have already been litigated and they're trying to turn the page. put the focus back on donald trump's flip flops on foreign policy, his tax policy and to keep the focus on his controversial comments about women. about minorities. about muslims. about immigrants. this is what secretary clinton had to say about the tone of his campaign over the weekend. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i'm going to run a race based on issues and what my agenda is for the american people. i don't really feel like i'm running against donald trump. i feel like i'm running for my vision of what our country can be. >> now i think this is the strategy you can expect to see in the near future from the clinton campaign. at the same time i've been
6:34 am
talking to some of her surrog e surrogates who say you may see them more aggressively defend her. the clinton campaign's focus is on rallying women voters. she beats donald trump among women by more than 20 points. they think this is a back and forth that only helps her with that voting group. in loudoun county, she'll be talking to voters, women voters here about child care, about paid family leave. they think they can appeal to republicans to independents. this was a county that witness for barack obama in 2012 but then elected a republican in 2014. obama won virginia in 2008 and 2012. secretary clinton thinks it's key to her general election strategy to hold on to this state and county. that's why she's going to be here as well. one big challenge for secretary clinton, she continues to fight this battle on two fronts. still very much locked in her primary battle. tomorrow she heads to kentucky
6:35 am
which is one of the next states to vote in that democratic primary. >> the democratic race is still going on. and there's some states on that board she could be in trouble in. kristen welker, thank you. that trump/clinton showdown is coming into focus. bernie sanders pressing ahead with his campaign. he's favored in that primary in west virginia that's going to take place tomorrow. he's about to hold a rally on the jersey shore in atlantic city. new jersey will be holding its primary june 7th. there's a poll out that has him 28 points behind hillary clinton. we'll monitor that event for any news and bring it to you if we hear anything there. that's coming up in a few minutes. on sunday, sanders was on the rutgers campus in new jersey making the case there's still a path for him. >> as of today, we have won 18 state primaries and caucuses.
6:36 am
and with your help, we're going to win a lot more in the next month. from now until the last primary, which will be in washington, d.c., on june 14th, we are going to fight for every single vote. >> in news on that front when it comes to votes and delegates, a democratic contest held over the weekend in guam. hillary clinton won that. she nets a small number of delegates from that. and months after bernie sanders won a landslide victory in washington state's caucuses, that's state finally gave out its delegates. sanders taking the lion's share of them. he did make up some of that delegate gap against her. the deficit is just under 300 in pledged delegates. that number there, the 2200 for clinton is including superdelegates. the sanders theory is if they
6:37 am
can win the pledge delegate, the superdelegates will be forced to change their mind. none of those superdelegates are etched in stone the way they are with pledged delegates. but that deficit there which is now at just under 300. that will be very, very difficult if not impossible to overcome, even if he wins every remaining contest. that's the reality of the math for bernie sanders and why people are focussing on the hillary clinton versus donald trump. coming up here, the most important number of the day. we'll take a look at just how popular donald trump is with republican voters. a lot of talk about that magic number of 50%. but was his path to the nomination really that rough? we have a surprising answer for you. that number is coming up next. and wasn't that special? the chuch lady. remember her? returning to "saturday night live" talking to ted cruz getting biblical with the man
6:38 am
who says no one reads the bible more than he does. >> does donald ever take a gander at the holy scripture. >> i love all of the books of the bible. corinthians part deux, 2 genesis, 2 furious which says, and i quote, love thy neighbor as thyself and like a good neighbor, state farm is there. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. it was all pencil and paper. started out,
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6:42 am
majority of republicans never actually voted for donald trump. they are saying this was a hostile takeover. that's our most important number of the day. 40.2. 40.2 is the percentage of all the votes that have been cast in republican primaries, republican caucuses so far that donald trump has received. he's gotten 40.2% of the vote. yes, that's is under 50%. he basically has clinched the nomination while receiving less than half of the vote on the republican side. so from that standpoint, trump's opponents on the republican side have a point. however, there's some context here. there's an asterisk, a but. and it is this. take a look at the last republican nominee. when he clinched the republican nomination, mitt romney at this same point in the race had basically the same as trump. 41.5% of the vote. mitt romney in 2012. when newt gingrich and rick santorum dropped out of the race and we could call mitt romney
6:43 am
the presumptive nominee, he'd gotten 41.5% of the vote. because there were still primaries to come he got big margins in the later primaries. his final total was over fuf50%. that's probably going to happen with trump. and mitt romney on election day, 93% of republicans went out and voted for him in the fall. it's not just mitt romney. when john mccain clinched the nomination in 2008, he had less than 40% of the republican vote. he had 39.9%. he got 90% of republicans in the fall. so think about that. 41.5% is what romney got to clinch the nomination. 39.9% is what mccain got. trump got 40.2. he's right in the middle. it's less than 50 but also what the last two republican nominees got. no different from that standpoint. worth keeping in mind as we talk
6:44 am
about this question of unity on the republican side. coming up, the kentucky derby was held on saturday. it was an exciting race. but the favorite won. can they put an underdog in there. four straight years the favorite has won. but a surprising face in the crowd at churchill downs who just came off a defeat in the biggest race of his life. we'll tell you who it was, next. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. in 2009, the country was in recession but at anthony wilder design build the owners opened up their books for the employees and everyone took a pay cut to save the company. it worked. today the company is growing. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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6:48 am
throw the favorite out. i want nothing to do with him. exaggerator. an impressive race out there at santa anita. and i put destin and mor spirit in. >> about that can't miss thing. it missed. exaggerator, my pick, did come in second place, but that's worthless if you threw the favorite out like i said. nyquist did win it. has a chance to win the triple crown and the kentucky derby was not only about the winners. ted cruz, the second place finisher in the republican race was there. he declined all interviews saying he was just there to have a good time. cruz returns to capitol hill this week for the first time since dropping out of the race for president. he returns as more of an insider after his colleagues began to line up behind his campaign once donald trump took the lead. how long establishment cruz will remain before returning to his outsider role, we'll see. coming up, newly released
6:49 am
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15 years after the attacks for the first time now we're getting a look at some never-before-seen photos of george w. bush as he learned about the terror attacks on 9/11. the pictures were taken by his personal photographer and have remained hidden from the world until now. joining me for a look at some of these images is senior editor for video and digital content cal perry. we all remember that day george w. bush was down at that school in florida. we watched some of this stuff on tv as it happened but these pictures, i was just getting a glimpse of them in the break, some amazing moments that bring back strong feelings for people. where did these pictures come from? >> this came from a freedom of information act. they put in for dick cheney
6:53 am
photos but in addition they got these photos of george w. bush taken by eric draper, his personal photographer. i've picked about seven of them here and we've put them in chronological order. you mentioned that elementary school in sarasota, florida. this would be 9:00 as bush arrives. this would have been 9:15 as he's writing his speech. we had never seen a photo of george w. bush actually writing that first address to the nation, which he gave from that elementary school. we'll move on here to 10:00 a.m. you'll remember the secret service wanting to the president back in the air, wanting him to be on air force one. there he is watching the video of the actual planes hitting those towers. most of those people are used to that michael moore video. there's the first look of the president watching that attack. we move on now to barksdale air force base in louisiana. they kept moving the president. there he is with his chief of staff, andrew card. it was shortly after this photo was taken, steve, where they
6:54 am
decided to dump the press corps and leave them in louisiana for security reasons. the next one will be in the air on the way to nebraska. this is going to be an iconic photo. this is lieutenant colonel cindy wright, a member of the white house military office which is in charge of taking care of the president really as he travels around the country. we move on to 8:30 p.m. that night, the president back at the white house. this is the speech where he introduced the bush doctrine. we're getting a look at the mass there, press hysteria taking place. and this final one, that night bush back in the situation room surrounded by his advisers. there you see dick cheney sitting across the table, condoleezza rice and andrew card. a bit of a different look 15 years after that horrendous day. we're getting a bit of a different look at president bush as well. >> it's amazing to see that behind-the-scenes look and it does bring back a lot of powerful feelings. we are getting some breaking news. we want to bring in some pete
6:55 am
williams. breaking news about that north carolina bathroom law. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. north carolina is now swinging back in court. the state has just filed a lawsuit against the federal government naming the u.s. and the attorney general, loretta lynch, and the acting head of the civil rights division. what the state says in this lawsuit is that the government is misreading federal law. they say that the law cited by the federal government in its letter last week does not declare transgender status a protected status under federal civil rights law. it accuses the justice department of vastly overreaching. what this lawsuit says is if the federal government wants to have that kind of transgender protection in the law, it's got to go ask congress for it. so this is a muscular response to the government's letter of last week. the justice department had set a deadline of today for the governor to say whether he intended to enforce the law. and the clear threat that was in
6:56 am
that letter was that if north carolina did not somehow come into conformance with the law, the government could file a lawsuit, could block federal funds, which would be a considerable amount of money to the state of north carolina. and the state had promised a response from the governor and the head of the universities. but the letter -- the response appears to have come in court here with this lawsuit of the state basically accusing the government of misreading federal civil rights law and a vast overreach. so we're off to the races here. i'm not sure exactly what the government's response to this is going to be. surely the government will respond to this lawsuit. the government has basically said that north carolina should have seen this coming because of a ruling from a federal appeals court that has jurisdiction over north carolina and some other states. basically that appeals court said that the federal government has interpreted the civil rights law that says you can't
6:57 am
discrimination against women inned takes, title vii, as requiring protection for transgender rights and now this lawsuit says that's wrong. so we'll see what the next step from the justice department is going to be. the state still owes the government a response. this is probably an indication of what it's going to be, but there will still have to be some kind of response from the governor and the universities to the justice department's letter later today. >> a new twist in a story that's already had a few of them. pete williams in washington, thanks for that. coming up more news, more politics. a closer look at donald trump's position on taxes for the wealthy and how it's playing for his party. plus new pictures from that massive wildfire raging in alberta, canada. jenna bush hager's exclusive interview with prince harry. tamron hall is up next. and how i feel about myself. wearing depend underwear has helped me feel more connected to the people ound me. i know that i'm protected, i'm not thinking about bladder leakage
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