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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appete, chills, or rash. fatget this one done.scle or joint pain, ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we begin with some breaking news to report this morning out of north carolina. it surrounds that state's so-called bathroom law.
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well, today is the deadline for the state to respond to the justice department, which says that the law violates the civil rights act. the state's republican governor has just responded. let's get right to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, on friday we wondered what would be the next move by the government, by the governor, and now we see at least the plan involves a lawsuit. >> well, and the lawsuit is filed in his name. it's going to be called mccraor versus u.s. when lawyers think about these things they think a lot about the legal captions so they put his name first. it's filed in his name and the secretary of the north carolina department of public safety, which is one of the officials that received this letter from the justice department last week telling them that they had a deadline of today to say what they intended to do about the north carolina law. the justice department said in that letter that it violates civil rights law. the response, well, i guess you could call it the response to
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that letter in this lawsuit filed today, the state says here that this is an attempt to rewrite long-established federal civil rights law in a way that's completely inconsistent with the intent of congress. they say it disregards how the courts have interpreted civil rights law. that transgender status this lawsuit says is not a protected class under civil rights law. if the government thinks it is or wants it to be, then it should go ask congress. interestingly, this lawsuit is filed not by the state attorney general, because he had said he would not defend the law in court. it's filed by two -- it's filed by a series of lawyers for private law firms so the governor has gone to private law firms to get this lawsuit drawn up, not the state attorney general, so that's an interesting point here. but this is already teed up in a sense, this issue is already in federal court. the fourth circuit court of appeals which has north carolina and some other states in that region, has already set a
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three-judge panel in a case involving a transgender student who wanted to go to a high school and use the boys bathroom in the high school, saying that that was his gender identity. he prevailed in that appeals court. the appeals court said that it had to abide by the federal government's interpretation of title vii and said discriminating against transgender people is sex discrimination. so we may hear from the governor separately, but basically the governor is now saying see you in court. >> and the governor had until 5:00 p.m. eastern time to respond to the justice department. we did hear from the governor yesterday, pete. he was on with fox news. let's play a little of what he said regarding what he has referred to as common sense measure put in place and his description of why it doesn't apply the same way as it does with race. let's listen.
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>> they're trying to define gender identity, and there is no identification or definition of gender identity. it's the federal government bowing being a bully. we can definitely define the race of people. it's very difficult to define transgender or gender identity. >> when you look at this filing, pete, and just from the description that the governor gave of gender identity versus race identity, do we learn any more from this document that was filed by him this morning on how they plan to defend that? >> yes. they basically plan to intend to say that the government has got the law wrong, that this is -- that there is no protected status for transgender -- people who identify as transgender. now, that position that's taken in this lawsuit would seem to be at odds with the law of the circuit at this point based on the decision of a three-judge
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panel in that school district case that i was talking to you about, a case that came from virginia, which is also part of the same federal circuit. the school district says it intends to appeal that lawsuit to the full ninth circuit courts of appeals. when you go to the courts of appeals you start with a three-judge panel. when you lose there, you can go to the full appeals court or the supreme court. the school district says it's going to go to the full panel. right now the law of the circuit would seem to be at odds with the position that the state is taking here. but i'm sure that will be part of the government's response here. i would be surprised if the justice department hadn't already drawn up a lawsuit of its own. that would be the normal procedure here when they give a state a deadline like this. so the government's legal position i think is pretty well thought out. they're obviously going to take some time to read this complaint here. what the state asks for in this lawsuit is they want a federal judge to declare that they're not in violation of federal law. that's really basically all they
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ask. >> for people who have not been following this letter by letter as it's escalated to this point, the governor made this argument on fox news yesterday, that this only applies to government buildings. it does not affect private businesses or small business owners who have -- will not be impacted, he pointed out, by this. >> that's probably true. in fact in his executive order that he issued a couple of weeks ago he made that point. but the federal civil rights law would apply to government employees, to employees and students in school districts, students who go to universities. it's a large number of people here. so merely saying that it doesn't apply to private businesses really doesn't change the dynamic. >> we're going to look at the fallout. thank you, pete. we'll have more on the response including as we wait to hear something from the department of justice. meanwhile janet shamlian is outside the state capitol looking at some of the fallout
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from this. going back to this interview with the governor yesterday, this is all happening at a time that north carolina was touting this big economic boost. they were hoping that that would be part of the conversation. and yet you have a laundry list of more than 300 businesses that have spoken out against this measure that's being backed by the governor. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. yes, on the ground here in north carolina, this is a story all about money. money in terms of education. the federal government has threatened to withdraw billions of dollars in education funds if north carolina does not back down from house bill 2 but it's also a story about money coming into the states, into the pockets of small business people all across this state. already a number of businesses have said that they do not support this bill and they are some of the biggest employers here. among them paypal, bank of america, apple, facebook, google, american airlines, hilton, twitter, starbucks, uber and so many more have said that they are going to either pull
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business or do not support this law. we've seen musicians come out and say they are not going to perform here. and that trickles down to the mom-and-pop shops, to the tourism industry, which is about to take off for the summer. to the people who depend on travelers to this state. and they see this as hurting them in a big way and are not in favor of it. there is a new poll out this morning that i wanted to tell you about. it is a national poll done by cnn and it shows that a majority of people do not support this bill. 57% oppose this bill and other type of bathroom bills. 38% of americans are in favor of it. are we going to hear from the governor today after this suit has been filed? we do not know. that 5:00 deadline looms. but as pete said, this appears, tamron, to be his response. >> thank you, janet. we'll continue to follow the breaking news this morning. this lawsuit filed now with the name of the governor of north
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carolina cited as pete williams pointed out, this is always very strategic, including the presence of the governor in this lawsuit that's been filed in response to the department of justice really coming down on the state in wake of this measure that's been passed there. but i do want to turn now to politics this morning. a lot going on there too. donald trump is facing new scrutiny over his tax plan and who would see their taxes raised and lowered under his administration. here's what he told chuck todd just yesterday on "meet the press." >> which is it, are you willing to raise taxes on the 1% or not? >> let me explain, let me explain how the world works, okay. i came up with the biggest tax cut by far of any candidate, anybody, and i put it in. but that doesn't mean what we're going to get. we have to negotiate. the thing i'm going to do is make sure the middle class gets good tax breaks because they have been absolutely shunned. the other thing i'm going to fight very hard for business. for the wealthy, i think,
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frankly, it's going to go up. and you know what, it really should go up. >> so that was yesterday. let's take a look at what he said just a couple of hours ago on cnn. >> i said that i may have to increase it on the wealthy. i'm not going to allow it to be increased on the middle class. now, if i increase it on the wealthy, that means they're still going to be paying less than they pay now. i'm talking about increasing from my tax proposal. >> key distinction, key distinction. >> and chuck todd understood that totally, and yet they released information like i'm looking to increase the taxes. they will be getting a reduction, but the big reduction is going to be for business and for the middle class because the middle class is being decimated in our country. >> let's bring in nbc senior political editor mark murray and the "washington post" reporter covering this story and the trump campaign, philip rucker. mark, let's start with you. now you have trump saying that his words have been misrepresented this morning.
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i know over the weekend we were talking a lot about some of the more incendiary comments about hillary clinton and bill clinton but this is at the heart of why general elections now matter. this attempt by the front-runner to start his pivot and then deny it, it seems, all within 24 hours. >> yeah, tamron. i think the biggest conclusion, maybe the most charitable way to describe it is donald trump has now been all over the place on one of the central tenets of what it means to be a republican. in my entire lifetime covering republican politics and national politics, tamron, republicans and elected republican politicians believe that you should cut tax rates for all, including for the wealthiest of americans. but, you know, going back to what donald trump has now said over the past couple of months, he has at least indicated a willingness to raise taxes on the wealthy. he gave a definitive answer on the "today" show a month ago when savannah guthrie said
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should taxes go up on the wealthiest and donald trump said yes. and his latest comment to cnn is suggesting that well i was talking about it should go up relative to my plan. but when he's been asked in the past about this, he has used definitive language just on normal income taxes. so i do think the best way to look at it is we still don't really know what donald trump's position is. he's taken numerous positions on this going back to a year ago on his tax plan and his latest comment on cnn. it behooves all of us to press him on what he believes on this subject. >> philip, is it fair to say we don't have a definitive answer? going back to what mark said regarding trump's comments on the "today" show, i was there and he clearly said, yes, he'd want to raise taxes or examine that. so when does a definitive answer become yes or are we living in some kind of hocus pocus language world? he said yes. that's what he said. >> well, he's a bit all over the place. he did say yes but he also at
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this point needs to come up with a concrete plan that actually lays out exactly what he would do with the taxes. how much would he increase them if he is going to increase them. if he's not going to increase them, how much will he lower them by. there's a standard that he needs to put out there. back to another point mark was making, this is really out of step with republican orthodoxy and it's another different position to the conservative dogma. >> he was on the debate stage where he said he wanted to protect entitle meants. he wanted to and would not touch social security. these are things that are not going to play well in this meeting thursday with paul ryan if these are on the to-do list of things to address, mark. >> tamron, i can count to several examples where he and paul ryan are in fundamental disagreement. you even look at his ban on banning muslims from entering the united states. you look at immigration, you look at trade policy, now you
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look at this ambiguity on taxes, tamron, and it really on some fundamental issues, paul ryan and donald trump disagree. so when they have this meeting on thursday, it's going to be amazing to see if donald trump, you know, can end up agreeing with paul ryan. of course it's worth noting that paul ryan comes from the jack kemp school of politics on being an ardent tax cutter, how that benefits everyone. for the republican party to unify and coalesce there at least needs to be some cohesion on the issues that donald trump is going to press in the general election. >> philip, i think when we look, for example, some of the rhetoric about the wall or the ban on muslims, people believe that's extreme donald trump talk. but when you look at, as you pointed out and mark did as well, the talk about taxes. i mean remember grover norquist, dare i bring that name up, and the pledge that many republicans in the past would take. these are fundamental basic
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foundational issues of the republican party that reveal if ted cruz or some of his opponents were right, reveal donald trump to be, as ted cruz called him, the new york liberal. >> yeah, that's right. this is part of the tension in the republican party. it's not only that republicans fear that he would have electability problems in november, it's that he's jeopardizing what has been a conservative movement for the last half century. a lot of conservatives like paul ryan feel very strongly about these principles, about the need for entitlement reform, about taxes, about a muscular foreign policy and they see in donald trump a nominee who would shift the center of gravity in the republican party away from those ideas. >> philip, quickly, what do you think will happen thursday with this meeting? >> i would love to be a fly on the wall. i'm waiting for that invitation. you know, i think they might have a talk. they'll talk about their agenda, about their issues but i don't think there will be any easy resolution for all the reasons
7:16 am
we've been talking about. it might be that we go all the way into the fall without a formal enthusiastic endorsement from speaker ryan. >> since sarah palin has now chimed in saying that paul ryan's career, i'm paraphrasing here, but she's predicted the end of his career, saying he'd be cancer as a result of not supporting donald trump, does that come up thursday? >> this is an amazing turn of events, the fact that the 2008 republican vice presidential nominee is warring with the 2012 vice presidential nominee on the republican side and also that donald trump and paul ryan have to have this meeting in the first place just days after donald trump clinched the republican nomination and is their presumptive nominee. we are living in very interesting times and it's going to be an amazing meeting on thursday. >> gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. i do want to have peter alexander join us now with more on the rift between donald trump and paul ryan. trump is saying that he doesn't know if unity matters. peter, what's the latest that we're hearing regarding how the
7:17 am
house speaker may handle all of this, including over the weekend these rallies where it seemed that donald trump wanted the audience, wanted his followers to boo paul ryan, sending a message at least there's a line in the sand with those voters. >> you're exactly right. paul ryan in effect was the punch line at a series of events that donald trump held over the course of this weekend. many of them located in the northwest, in places like oregon and washington state. he'd bring up paul ryan's name, effectively say i don't know what he's up to, as the crowd would boo. this is, as your conversation with phil and mark laid out really effectively, this is a significant moment right here. you have two big leaders of the republican party in this head-to-head feud not just over really the way they present themselves but over real policy issues that go to the heart of what conservative politics in this country is all about. donald trump has made it clear that he is the head of the republican party. it's called the republican party, he says, not the conservative party. nonetheless, there are a series
7:18 am
of places where both of those things usually intersect where these two are feuding. >> i do want to play just a little bit as you pointed out what trump said regarding his politics and whether he needs the party. let's play what he said in this interview last week. >> it's politics. i'm never stunned by anything that happens in politics. but i'm not southea-- so i'm no yeah, i was blindsided a little bit. he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a nice call, an encouraging call. then all of a sudden he gets on and does this number so i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind. >> peter, i know you reported earlier today that the ryan camp even denying that this phone call actually happened. >> yeah, so donald trump said that they spoke three weeks ago after the new york primary. paul ryan's aides tell nbc news there was no such conversation after the new york primary. that they haven't spoken since march. donald trump's aides say that's the call that we were talking about. nonetheless, it does sort of indicate this giant chasm that
7:19 am
does exist right now. donald trump is not effectively uniting the party but acknowledging he's not necessarily believing it needs to be uniting and going further than that, refusing to rule out the idea that paul ryan, the house speaker, basically could have his role as chair of the party's convention this summer yanked if this continues. trump easily could have said that's not going to happen. he said we'll just wait and see the way this goes. >> it will be interesting to see what versions of the stories emerge from both of their camps there. thank you very much, peter. coming up, donald trump is now getting personal as he unleashes a series of attacks on hillary clinton and bill clinton. >> think of this. she's married to a man and nobody, nobody perhaps in the history of politics was worse to women or abused women more than bill clinton. and she's taking negative ads on me.
7:20 am
>> we're going to check in with nbc's kristen welker from the clinton campaign and what hillary clinton is saying in response to that. plus chris jansing gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the most expensive presidential race in history is being funded. we'll be right back. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. onop of your health?sy come on in. ahh.... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower dical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches.
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have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. so put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens, okay? >> donald trump going after hillary clinton in a very personal way all weekend long. trump attacked her over bill clinton's sex scandals. as for her response, secretary
7:24 am
clinton refusing to get in the mud with trump. let's get the latest reaction from the clinton campaign. hillary clinton is holding an event in northern virginia this afternoon. kristen welker is standing by. while hillary clinton is not taking the bait on this, that does not mean that later on if she does become the nominee that her surrogates and others will not come out and attack donald trump on the very same level that he's doling out over the weekend. >> reporter: i think that's the exact right way to be thinking about this, tamron. i have been talking to some top surrogates of secretary clinton and they say, look, they're going to be the attack dogs on this. they're going to be the ones who are firing back at donald trump directly if it escalates, if it gets to that level. they think, however, that it is important that secretary clinton doesn't shall as you put it very well, get into the mud with donald trump. we're seeing this strategy playing out over the weekend. secretary clinton trying to turn the page on this line of attack by dismissing it.
7:25 am
by arguing that this is something that they discussed back in the '90s. take a listen to what she had to say this weekend. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race, i am going to run a race based on issues. i know what is really racking the hearts and minds of americans. i'm going to stay focused on that. i hope that that's what the voters will want to hear. >> reporter: part of the thinking on the part of the clinton campaign is that right now, she has a strong lead among women voters and they think that this attack from donald trump is only going to fuel that. now, i can tell you also, tamron, that privately some democrats are concerned and they're also concerned that former president bill clinton will respond, that he will go off script, for example, if these attacks will continue. we'll have to wait and see what happens there. but i can tell you that secretary clinton is going to be courting women voters and republicans and independents here today in loudoun county. she's going to be talking about child care, paid family leave.
7:26 am
this is a county that voted for barack obama in 2012, but then elected a republican congressman in 2014, barbara comstock so this is the type of county and the kind of state that the clinton campaign will be targeting as they roll out their general election strategy. now, we've been talking about the fact that secretary clinton is still fighting her primary battle even as she pivots to the general and that will be on display tomorrow as she heads to kentucky. >> and that's the juggling act for her, keeping respectful of bernie sanders' presence still in the race. meanwhile on the other side the juggling act for donald trump is this paul ryan debacle as some have called it the way he's handled that and the debacle part could apply to either one of those people mentioned. when you look at donald trump saying that he responded in this way over the weekend because he heard there would be a $90 million ad buy against him by hillary clinton supporters
7:27 am
there, some have processed it as a fear reaction from donald trump. also a way to deflect again from his own problems within his party and some of these accusations of flip-flopping already. >> reporter: well, right. and i think you're seeing the clinton campaign trying to redirect the conversation onto those flip-flops. some of his controversial comments on foreign policy and, of course, on women and minority voters. they think that that is something that's going to help not only energize the democratic base but to win over some of those independent and some republican voters as well, tamron. but secretary clinton has a big challenge of trying to determine how to allocate her resources both in terms of the money and in terms of the time as she continues to fight this primary battle. it's going to be critical for her, a lot of democrats are saying, to stay in this primary fight, to finish strong, particularly in california, so that she heads into the convention on a very strong footing.
7:28 am
senator sanders' supporters saying that's going to be critical for them at the end if they do ultimately decide to support her. >> thank you. bernie sanders as mentioned continues to fight on despite hillary clinton's big lead in the delegate count. right now senator sanders is holding a rally in atlantic city, new jersey, before flying across the country to california for a rally in sacramento. both states hold primaries on june 7th. >> and if we can win here in new jersey and winning california and win at some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates, we're going to go into philadelphia in the democratic convention and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. >> nbc's chris jansing has been following the sanders campaign. chris, you've also been following the massive amounts of money that have been spent so far.
7:29 am
>> actually those rallies that he does, they cost a lot of money but bernie sanders has rewritten the rule book about how to raise money for a campaign. hillary clinton, meantime, has a big jump on donald trump, who's really just putting together what he calls a world class finance operation. we decided with this setting itself up to be the most expensive presidential campaign in history, we followed the money. >> juliana vega and john wisneski, john, thank you so much. >> how good am i? >> the most unpredictable campaign ever is about to become the most expensive campaign ever. piles of money. an astonishing $1.2 billion raised so far. where's it all coming from? depends on the candidate. exhibit one, small donations from lots of people. >> averaging -- >> $27! >> this is bernie sanders
7:30 am
cutting edge digital war room where 24-year-old wonder kin kenneth pennington has built a donor list others lust after. >> how many so far? >> more than 2.2 donors, more than $210 million as of our last report. >> reporter: a big chunk of sanders' money goes here, to the ad guru tad devine. >> no one has come in and said they're going to try to raise money almost exclusively from low dollar donors and do it on such a massive scale. that's what's incredible. >> reporter: could it be replicated, say, by a donald trump? >> i think trump will try to replicate it. i don't know if he'll succeed. >> reporter: exhibit 2, party on. hillary clinton is raising big bucks with the help of big names like george clooney at exclusive parties. >> it is an obscene amount of money. >> reporter: exhibit 3, outside money. mike murphy ran a super pac for jeb bush. >> small donor money, large
7:31 am
donor money. money buys you the opportunity to make your case. >> reporter: which brings us to exhibit 4, donald trump, king of free media. of the $50 million he's raised, about $36 million came out of his own pocket, a loan to himself. and most of his air time was free. but with the general election expected to cost $3 to $4 billion overall what, does trump do now? >> do i want to sell a couple of buildings and self-fund? i don't know that i want to do that necessarily. >> reporter: the likely answer, trump may do some of all of the above. >> i had an interesting conversation, tamron, with someone who is involved in another campaign. he said i can see donald trump doing something which is uniquely donald trump which is renting out radio city music fall and doing a big splashy fund-raiser there. he doesn't see donald trump as a lot of people don't doing the hillary clinton thing which is going to a lot of small events. obviously one of the big advantages bernie sanders has had in that he hasn't had to go to those kinds of fund-raisers,
7:32 am
he doesn't do that. nothing is more valuable than a candidate's time. the more time you can spend out campaigning instead of in small rooms raising money, it works a little better. >> well, you mentioned how donald trump could definitely take on a different version of what we've become accustomed to knowing at the convention. we've had reports, chris, that he wants to make it more entertainment, more, dare i say, wwe which could bring in just from t-shirts alone and hats alone a lot of money. >> yeah, not just money but the attention. can you imagine, conventions are pretty dry things. a donald trump, mark burnett produced convention is going to be something that we haven't seen in a very long time. we've seen what happened with the debates, how appealing donald trump is. get those eye balls on the tv sets. as we said, king of free media, tamron. >> oh, just remember when clint eastwood and the empty chair was thought to be eye-catching. >> that wasn't a good moment for the rnc. >> but it got a lot of buzz, so
7:33 am
imagine what that produced social mediawise and what something or a stunt from trump could produce. we will be looking back at those old days. up next, signs that the raging wildfire might be starting to slow down. some heart-breaking images when you think about how many people are impacted by all this. we'll take you to alberta. stay with us right after this. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humi. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and prott my joints from further damage. this ihumira helping meo fuher. humira works for many adults. it tgets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to raymptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humi can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, setimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have haened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savingup to 20% when you book direct. book now at canadian officials are cautious in the battle to contain that massive wildfire that's still raging in the province of alberta. >> so i'm very, very happy to report some good news on the wildfire front. with a little help from mother nature and a little break in the weather and credit to all the hard work of the firefighters, we were able to hold most of the line in ft. mcmurray yesterday. >> despite that good news the inferno triggered the evacuation
7:37 am
of ft. mcmurray. the blaze has scorched over 621 square miles. that for perspective is twice the size of new york city. miguel almaguer joins us by phone. he is in alberta. what's the very latest you're seeing on the ground there, miguel? >> reporter: we can still see large plumes of smoke working their way through the forest so we know this is still very active and still very much in play and it's still moving in multiple directions. the good news is, is that the fire is slowly moving away from communities. the problem the firefighters face here is the blaze has been extremely aggressive and changed directions with the wind on a dime so they're concerned it could blow back towards more communities. as of right now it is moving slowly away to the east direction from here. firefighters have more than 500 personnel on the ground and have also got more than 200 helicopters in the air. they beefed up their presence quite a bit since they first got here last week when the fire
7:38 am
exploded out of control. the fire has made great runs, multiplying in size two and even three times at times feeding on all of this forest. there are millions of dead trees all around this area so the fire is fueled by that. they also say as you heard that they're hoping for better weather. they say what you really need to extinguish this fire is a deluge of steady rain. that's not in the forecast. we had some light rain in the area yesterday, but today the temperatures are much cooler but there is no heavy rain in the forecast. with that said, firefighters say this blaze will likely burn for months. >> and to the evacuations, miguel, we're watching some of the video that came in earlier of people leaving the area. some 90,000 people have been evacuated. that is an incredible effort to get those folks out of there. >> it is. and getting back home is not going to be easy. the gas is out, the power is out, the water is not safe to drink. so city officials will need quite some time to get that city back on its feet, although
7:39 am
residents may be able to come home in the next couple of days. the other thing to keep in mind is that businesses are close, kids are out of school and many of these evacuation centers have doubled the size of the cities that they're in because there are so many people who are sleeping in cots and even so at this point living out of their cars. that process is certainly going to take some time. for the first time later on today, we know assessment teams, a large group of assessment teams will be walking through ft. mcmurray to look at the damage and figure out when they can get that city back on its feet. >> miguel alalmaguer, thank you very much. coming up, more politics. donald trump goes on the attack but his latest target is not one of his two democratic rivals. >> elizabeth warren, she's on a twitter rant. she's a goofus. she is a goofus. so you ever see her? i mean this woman, she's a basket case. >> he calls her a goofus. she replies that he's lame. the twitter war between donald
7:40 am
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growwwlph. it's what u do. oh that isood cris duck. hillary clinton may be temporarily taking a back seat to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren as the woman giving donald trump the most trouble on the campaign trail. in recent days warren has unleashed a number of tweets going after the presumptive nominee calling him a bully and a liar. in one she promised to fight as hard as she can to ensure trump's quote, toxic stew of hatred and insecurity never reaches the white house. in another, elizabeth warren wrote to trump, quote, your racism, sexism, xenophobia doesn't drive me nuts, it makes me sick. and i'm not alone. and here is how trump responded over the weekend. >> she's the total phony so i gall her the goofus. i hope she runs with hillary
7:44 am
because i would like to take them out, i tell you. they're phonies. they're phonies and i'd love to take them out. honestly, i think hillary is too smart to pick elizabeth warren. >> joining me to talk about it, ann gearan. what is going on here? >> well, i mean it's really an interesting distillation of the entire sexism argument on both sides, for hillary clinton and for donald trump. you'll notice in the clip you played earlier, trump said she's a goofus, i don't know what that is, and then he said have you ever looked at her. she's a basket case. i don't really know what he means by that but i think a lot of women, presumably including elizabeth warren, will read that as a comment on her appearance and women of a certain age will read it as a comment on their position and whether or not they're sort of allowed to speak
7:45 am
out the way elizabeth warren does. it also on hillary's side, it's interesting because hillary is in a bit of a contest for primacy on the progressive side with elizabeth warren. they are mutual admirers but also sometimes competitors in terms of who is going to be heard loudest and by the people they're trying to reach. and elizabeth warren to the degree that she's being considered as a running mate would certainly bring something to the party, many things, but she would also bring an element of tension that i'm not sure hillary at this point is going to welcome. >> you said who would be heard the loudest. obviously senator warren knows that donald trump's favorite mode of communications is twitter and that she decided over the weekend to engage him in this way is intriguing about how she is willing to get in the, quote unquote, mud, if it's fair to call it that, where
7:46 am
hillary clinton takes the high road at least now. it's not a good cop/bad cop, but it can be seen as that. >> well, sure. elizabeth warren is doing a service here for the democratic party in general and for hillary clinton in particular by being willing to say things like misogyny, sexism, xenophobia, and apply them to donald trump in a way that it certainly what hillary clinton is saying is aimed at the same sentiment, but she's not quite as direct and frontal in saying so. clinton was asked last week whether she agreed with the racism and xenophobia tweet that elizabeth warren had sent out and she smiled very slyly and she said i think elizabeth warren is very smart which is a way of agreeing with it without having to say the words herself. >> while senator warren chose to address the racism, the sexism which we've heard from trump's critics, she also chose to use his simple way of insulting by
7:47 am
calling him lame and for the record goofus is something that my 6-year-old niece has gotten in trouble for using. it's a hybrid of goofy and dufus but that's the explainer i got from the kids on it. but elizabeth warren has chosen to stick it to him in a way -- >> yeah, in sort of a short-term way it appears to be working. it's gotten a level of attention. their exchange has certainly gotten a level of attention that some of the milder criticisms from the clinton campaign itself and from some other surrogates for hillary clinton have not. that doesn't mean from anything i've learned that the hillary clinton campaign is going to change its approach. they still think that the high road is the better way to go and to try to make the case that clinton is going to look past this sort of bad patch or ugly
7:48 am
patch in the campaign and try to appeal to people who are turned off by this very kind of divisiveness. >> and it is also quickly interesting to note that elizabeth warren has gotten donald trump's attention. of all of the surrogates who have come out, democrats who criticized him and said things, she is the one that he is referencing on the campaign trail. >> yeah, she's willing to be a lightning rod and he's willing to try to hit her for it. and clearly that's something that she's ready to do and will get a lot of attention for doing. meanwhile hillary clinton doesn't have to do it in exactly the same way. >> anne gearan, thank you so much. great pleasure having you on. thanks, anne. >> thanks. still ahead, one of the richest area of america reacting to donald trump's tax plan. our own jacob soboroff goes jake walking after the break. why do so many businesses
7:49 am
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donald trump is facing fresh scrutiny this morning and new reaction to his stance on taxes and whether he plans to actually raise taxes on the wealthiest americans, something those conservatives in his party certainly would not want to hear. this morning jacob soboroff is premiering his first jake walking segment, getting reaction to what trump said in california's affluent beverly hills. jacob. >> reporter: hey, tamron. yeah, we came out to beverly hills. nobody does it better, i should say, than jay leno but i'm here with my friends. this is steven, we have jeff and maggie here in beverly hills. jeff is a beverly hills resident. donald trump yesterday on "meet the press" said it sounds like he'd be open to raising taxes on the wealthy. how compado you guys feel about? >> although i don't believe there should be a raise on taxes, i do believe from a fiscal standpoint there are
7:53 am
reasons -- you know, you have to balance social issues with, you know, with also the business -- >> so it sounds like a maybe for you, jeff. >> you know, i do think that we have a responsibility to take care of people and the social issues in our communities. however, i think that there's a disincentive when you start raising taxes. >> i want to get maggie in here. maggie, you're a republican you said. >> yes, sir. proud to be one. >> you hear donald trump, the standard bearer of your party, saying he may be open to raising taxes on the wealthy. what do you think? >> well, i believe and i'll go back to a biblical statement, you must render into caesar that which is caesar's that which which is god's to god. but we need a change. we really need a change. >> even if your guy is going to raise taxes on the wealthy? that's a big no-no for the republican party. >> sorry, guys.
7:54 am
i do think we need to re-evaluate all of our political, social, ideological positions. it's time for a change. >> all right, come here, i want to get steven in here because your friends got to get in here too. you said you're republican too. donald trump going to potentially raise taxes on people in beverly hills. how do you take that? >> it's not a good idea. number one, the rich people can pick up their marbles and go play in another game. most of us can't. i once worked for a very wealthy person. and i noticed he always did things based on the tax implications. that affected the lives of a lot of other people. so i don't think it's a good idea. >> but if donald trump was out here and he's pushing back on this today, right. he's saying not necessarily. that's not exactly what he said. he wants to raise it from the initial starting point in the negotiations. is that a disaster for the republican party to have a candidate saying maybe, maybe
7:55 am
not with regards to taxing the wealthy? >> no. first of all, you're seeing two candidates right now, bernie sanders and donald trump, which shows that everybody is dissatisfied with what is going on in our society. so i don't think it's going to hurt him because i don't think the party necessarily supports him. >> so jeff, cousin of neil sedaka says he's a democrat. would that make you more likely to vote for donald trump as a democrat? >> no. i'm kind of open to see what happens. i'm waiting for the primaries to be closed and see how the actual -- the back-and-forth between him and hillary go and then i'll make my decision. you know, so i think it's more -- i think taxes are only one aspect of any kind of presidential election. that's only a small portion of it. although it's big for me because i do feel like i pay a lot of taxes. >> all right. we've got to leave it there.
7:56 am
jeff, maggie, steven, cousin of neil sedaka, who would have thought -- i guess in beverly hills, you would have thought. >> jacob, neil sedaka is performing at irving plaza august 13th, 8:00 p.m. can his cousin get his tickets. >> august 13th, 8:00 p.m., neil sedaka, irving plaza, new york. can you hook us up with tickets? maybe they haven't talked in a while. >> and everybody in beverly hills is not rich. that's a disclosure we have to give as well. >> reporter: we'll have more for you next hour. coming up, i'll speak with the president of the human rights campaign about how north carolina will respond to the doj's challenge to that controversial public restroom law. a lot of moving parts. i am sticking around for the next hour of news here on msnbc. we'll be right back. well that'g this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge mas powerful machines.
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i need to keep organized,ause anything that makes my lifeea. i need to keep organized,ause "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that iny world. good morning again, everyone, i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc
8:00 am
headquarters in new york. let's begin with north carolina's defiant stand against the federal government over its controversial transgender bathroom law. the state has just filed a lawsuit against the federal government. and governor pat mccrory is set to hold a news conference this afternoon. in the last hour, the governor's office released a statement reading in part this action is a result of the obama administration's interpretation of federal law. the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set restroom policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. the lawsuit comes hours before the deadline for the state to respond to the letter from the justice department challenging the legality of the law. letters sent last week to governor mccrory and other state officials said it could not be implemented because it violates the civil rights act. so far the justice department has not responded to the breaking news this mni