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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," back to the future. donald trump, his toughest attacks yet on both clintons. >> hillary's husband abused women more than any man we know of in the history of politics. if you read what hillary did to the women bill clinton had an affair with, he was impeached about what happen with a woman. she was unbelievable, nasty and mean and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> well, i am not going to run an ugly race. i am going to run a race based
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on issues and the american people. >> flip-flop, trump does an 180 raising taxes on the rich and minimum wage. >> with that being said, i would like to see an increase of some magnitude but i rather leave it to the state. >> people have to go out and work really hard and get to the upper stratum, do not raise the minimum wage. >> i would not raise the minimum. >> party fouls, sarah palin ready to end paul ryan's career after he refuses to back trump. >> his political career is over but for miracle because he disrespected the will of the people. >> and good day, i am andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump firing a blast from the past using bill clinton's
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white house scandal in the '90s to attack the front runner. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women. if you look at hillary, she hurt many women of the women he abused. >> do you remember the famous "i did not have sex with that woman" and a couple of months later, i am guilty. she's taking negative edge at me. joining me now is nbc kristen welker and katy tour. >> what is the calculus of donald trump of these two unifying the republican party and expanding the republican base, reaching out with women and dealing the gender gap and he's going after hillary clinton for what her husband did. how does that work for him? >> i am not sure of their strategy behind the scene for
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putting women on board. i know they're trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink at hillary clinton. they're trying to attack her on her position and on benghazi and her husband's support for nafta and her husband's past and infidelity. they're doing everything they can or donald trump is doing everything he can to diminish her in every way possible. the rally we have been too so far during the primaries, those messages are being heard loud and clear and they are being cheered on. we have seen a number of folks including women wearing hillary's shirt that says frankly vulgar thing that we cannot repeat on television demeaning to hillary clinton. this is a massage that's not only heard by his supporters but celebrated by his supporters. the question is as we have been saying it over and over again, how is that going to play out in the general election when he needs to get more women on
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board. i am told by the campaign they are looking for older white women in order to mitigate that gender gap. they don't believe they'll be able to win the female vote. >> speaking of female vote, kristin welker out there in virginia, there are republicans and independent women and a little further out on the belt way, that's where she's going to be this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right, the focus is on swing with women voters today. this is a county that voted for barack obama in 2012 and republican congress in 2014. this is a type of area where the clinton campaign needs to win and they can pick up critical swing voters today. today she will talk about child care and paid family leave and she will be trying to win over not only independence but
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republicans. i can tell you her tactic for taking over to donald trump and responding to those attacks that you just discussed with katy tur is essentially not to respond. she's trying to pivot and turn the page and dismiss those of things in the past. every time he brings up one of those attacks, they try to redirect the conversation towards his tax policy, some of his comments on foreign policy and his controversial about women. i have been talking to surrogate who say if these attacks continue, you may see them taking on donald trump directly. bthey are calculating those attacks i going to backfire. will those attack backfire and end up rallying women voters all the more around hillary clinton who right now leaves donald trump by more than 20 points with women, andrea. >> then we have the families within the republican party. paul ryan now telling the
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journal that he would step down as convention chair if donald trump asked him to. others are trying to organize erickson even if it is mit romney, katy, going towards that thursday meeting with paul ryan, you can think that he almost would be relieved of his position of chair of party convention where this convention is going to be, really, intention. >> in this remarkable political year keeps ons getting more remarkable and to have paul ryan come out and say he will step down from the convention. i cannot remember it happening before. but, whether that'll happen, we'll have to wait and see. they'll have that meeting later this week and we'll see if anything comes out of that.
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i know donald trump has been on the trail saying it over and over again he was blindsided by speaker ryan not coming out and endorsing him saying they had conversations where speaker ryan had been very flattering and keeping praise on him essentially. the seeker comes out and said he only had one conversation with donald trump and that was in march contrary to donald trump portraying after the new york primary and phone call. >> they said donald trump was referring to that early march call. it does go to show you the campaign is trying to goss over these problems trying to brush them away and act like they don't matter while the republican establishment is holding donald trump to the fire as much as they can and use whatever leverage they have left. remember, donald trump may have the voters on his side, he does
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need the establishment in order to help him build out not just a strategy for the election but a white house and all the various positions and the light that goes into running this government, andrea. >> thanks so much, katy tur and kristen welker and sarah palin calling paul ryan to be outsed. and she's threatening to end ryan's career by campaigning with his challenger in wisconsin. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantor as an eric cantor, his political career is over but for a miracle because he disrespected the will of the people and yeah, as the leader of the gop, the convention cent
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certainly for him to remain neutral and for him to come out to say who who'll not support is not a wise decision. >> joining me is a republican house member from minnesota and a long time friend of paul ryan, vince, it is good to see you. >> it is exciting. >> first of all, if you are paul ryan, you basically say to the presumptive nominee, let me give you something. >> contrary to what palin said, he did not say he will be for donald trump. he said we are the party of lincoln and reagan and his mentor, i am not there yet with donald trump. donald trump should listen to that and understand that there is a bigger party than the people that nominated him. he needs to keep all the people that nominated him but he needs to explain to the rest of the republican party that he's consistent with that tradition that paul ryan laid up. if he cannot do that, he's not
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going to unit with the party and elected as president. paul ryan made a sensible statement and made a lot of us really proud. those of us who did not support donald trump would be able to vote for him. >> in paul ryan's world view if you can channel him, what is the most important point for donald trump? is it conservative or some of the languages. >> i think it is a couple of things. paul ryan is a policy expert and he cares about trades and balancing the budget and he has not heard the right thing from donald trump on those two big issues. remember the cam part of his statement there, jack cam's vision of the world is an
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expansion vision of republicanism where everybody is welcome and come in. the notion of building walls and deporting people and putting religious test on people is inconsistent with that vision, he got to get the public country more comfortable with him. i am talking about trump now than he has to this day. paul is a rare commodity in washington. he's a major political leader who's not a cynic. this town makes people into cynics. he goes back to wisconsin every weekend and he's an idealist and a conviction politician. donald trump needs to get comfortable with that. >> to answer the trump's allies who's saying oh, this is paul ryan trying to position themselves for 2020. >> that's because they are cynics. innermost conviction of what our country should be and our party should be and what his
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obligations are to the leaders. i believe that at the end of the day he will come down and favor donald trump. the fact that he's wrestng says he's closer to the republican party majority than donald trump is. >> there are house members who are trump republicans who are concerned that the speakers are not representing them. >> well, we don't have a nominee yet. let's be technical. we have a presumptive nominee. there is no reason why everybody has to get behind him before the july convention. we'll see what happens this thursday when they meet and what follows up on that. the house republican are divided over whether or not they like trump or trump is good for their district. i think he's speaking from the heart. i think he's wrestling with his own innermost convictions and candidacy. >> if donald trump wants paul
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ryan not to be the chair of the convention saying you cannot be uneven handed mediator. paul ryan seems to be saying from the initial headlines out of the milwaukee, he's basically saying okay, well, that's a gracious statement on paul ryan part. it would be a real mistake on trump. if i were trump i would say look, i know i am an outsider and i know i beat the establishment. i know that there are many republicans don't agree with some of the things i say but i take the approach of ronald reagan, if you disagree with me 20% of the time, i don't think you are my 80% enemy. let people have the space to disagree with him and still remains. >> you know gender politics, put yourself in a mind of a suburban woman. would you vote for hillary clinton or donald trump if we
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continue to hear about these kinds of attacks on sexual politics? >> i think, i thought trump's statement about miss clinton. it sounds like october, you get to the end of the campaign and you got this small number of undecided voters and you have to go bash your opponents heavy. right now he needs to be in a positive position. there is a real difficulty in dealing this. we never flound the democrats by clinton's infidelity. they basically think that's not a political issue. >> vitamn weber, thank you very much, it is always good to see you. >> coming up, donald trump living back to the '90s for his latest attack of clinton. right here on msnbc on "andrea mitchell reports."
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i have to listen to her talking about it? just remember this. she was an unbelievably nasty mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful so put that in and see what happens. >> donald trump throwing the kitchen sink at hillary clinton hoping to boost her negatives by boosting up the most controversial moments of her husband. joining me now from new york, cecil, thank you for joining us. what do you think of donald trump's weekend attack on hillary and bill clinton. >> it is not surprising in a way but to see anyone who is running
9:19 am
as president of the united states to be disrespectful of women. she's a woman who has incredible experience and committed her entire life for public service and he shows her no respect. i don't think it is surprising but for him, i don't know how he thinks he's going to win the election when the majority of the voters in the country is women next november. >> is it possible that some women or perhaps younger women may not respect him for the way she stood by bill clinton and according to trump's analysis, enable, whatever that means? >> absolutely not. i have been all across the country and of supporters of hillary. this is not an issue of anyone's minds. they are not getting equal pay in this country and there is no access to affordable child care. they need access to health care.
9:20 am
we have 24 states trying to end access of birth controls. donald trump instead of addressing those, he is going after this personal attack on hillary clinton. it is absolutely not going to work. it is not what the american voters want to hear about. how are you going to fix the problem in america. hillary has laid out a clear path of things she would do as president. she does not do these crazy attacks. donald trump is someone who is completely unpredictable. he's not someone ready to be the president of the united states. >> here she is going to a swing districting in virginia today. he's campaigning an election mode right now. how is she ponding to this when he goes after her like that. >> again, i think he's digging himself further and further into a hole. he does not have a plan for america. the only thing he knows how to
9:21 am
do and it was evident in the republican primary is cut down his opponents. the american voters in november are going to look for who they want to lead this country. hillary clinton has demonstrated she's tough and ready for the job day one. when you look at the voters, andrea in november, the majority and the biggest group of voters in november are millenial voters. donald trump has turned off huge for the american people. voters and women are not going to vote for him for president of the united states. how will bill clint handle these kind of attacks. he's known for at times going off. >> well, president clinton is not on the ballot next november,
9:22 am
i feel confident that he will be able to handle the attacks he had over the years. voters in novice going to have a decision to make. women voters are not going to vote for a president who has such complete disregard not only for secretary clinton but for women at large. it was incredible this weekend to read the comments he made that somehow women have it better. tell that to planned parenthood patients who cannot get access to affordable health care in america. they need a president who respects them and stand up for them and that's hillary clinton. >> and you know going forward in this campaign, what about some of the other issues that donald trump has raised on the economy and other thing that is women going to these rallies seem to respond to. >> donald trump has taken different on every single issue. you look at issues that people
9:23 am
care about is equal pay or raising minimum wage. i think women simply cannot trust donald trump. he does not obviously respect women and is not clear on where he stands on issues. if there is no guarantee that he will maintain any positions. women know what it means to get things done and hillary clinton, her entire life has been about making progress for women whether it is fighting for equal pay or health care coverage, child care coverage or paid families leave. these are things we need not tomorrow but today. hillary clinton from the minute she's been in office will fight for androg agenda for women. cecil richards. thank you. >> thank you, andrea. >> and we are going hear from
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breaking news in north carolina of the bathroom bill. governor pat mccory said the newly enacted law violates the civil rights law. north carolina has until today whether if it will comply with the new law. >> janet is in north carolina with the latest. he will be speaking at 3:30 in response to north carolina's file suit today. >> reporter: that's right, he will speak at 1:00 from governor pat mccory. that is a radical interpretation of the 1964 civil rights act and
9:28 am
if it does not belong here in north carolina, we don't know what the department of justice will say, they do have some options here. they could file a lawsuit and counter suit. they can start pulling federal funds from the state. last year they got $15 billion in education funds. that could be at risk for the state. it is clear at 5:00 deadline is going to come and go without any resolutions to this matter. the governor had asked for an extension to give his answer to the department of justice. they only allow that to happen if he admitted that the language is discriminatory. the governor says he could not do that. again, he's turning to the courts on this matter. what we are hearing outside of both sides is from the business community and the business crossing north carolina money. we have seen the long list of businesses that businesses are promising not to put their film
9:29 am
or concert in the state of north carolina. people on the ground are concerned of what this means to their state. it is moving towards the court at this hour, andrea. >> thank you very much. coming up, a hard brief, the former deputy explains why he thinks donald trump would be a tough audience for intelligence. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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9:33 am
acting director and deputy director at cia. great to see you again. >> what goes into that and first of all, does the nominee have his choice of advisors who can be with him or is that a solo or one on one? >> it is negotiated and it ends up being a decision by the white house and the national security advisor and the president. in the case where i briefed candidate bush in 2000s, he had two advisors with him. when i brief john kerry in 2004, he had one with him. that's always negotiated. when you briefed john kerry, he was chairman of the attorney committee? >> yes. >> and you are going to be briefing a businessman who has said some controversial things about foreign policies and whose closest aid right now is a former lobbyist for the
9:34 am
pro-russian of ukraine among others. what would you do if he wants to have paul manafort of his controversial ties. >> this is a decision for the white house. my view personally would be that if the candidate has someone they are very close to and rely on, they should be there. someone will have to stress at them of the sensitivity o f the matter, it is hard to deny them that. it is a matter of judgment if he needs someone to have him there. >> what did you mean by a hard brief. >> first off, we don't know what trump is like in private. my sense and in his briefing, he will get a picture of the world that's complex, much more
9:35 am
complex than any business deals he's ever been involved in. i don't know how he will react to that. sometimes he appears to have a sketchy relationship, these briefs are facts based and as candidate and president, you have to absorb with a lot of information that maybe d discornant. >> can he or his supporters come back at you at some other briefer, you are required from that business and say look at hillary clinton and how casual she was in the way she handled classified information. i know a lot of people deeply distressed of the private server. >> one of the things about these briefings are non critical. you are taking it through the
9:36 am
world. sometimes candidates want to do this once or an hour. other times i recalled in the case of john kerry, we did it twice, once in boston at his home and one at kentucky at a hotel. that's all negotiated, too. >> how do you do it not in a classified setting and given hacking and all the rest? >> well, before the briefing takes place, there is a careful survey of that site. it is a carefully surveyed and walled off to the extend that you can buy security people whose job it is to do that. >> if someone like donald trump under any kind of legal injunction not to disclose classified information. >> well, the same injunction of any american citizens would be under or anyone who we received classified information and that has to be explained to the candidates in advance. >> john mclaughlin, it is great
9:37 am
to be with you. >> great to be with you. >> coming up, a look at donald trump's evolution. that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. uh, exse me, sir? i thin you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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pickers are gathering as well. they are demanding a medium height of minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> if this $15 works out to 31,000 a year. >> i cannot be and the reason i cannot be because we are a country that's beaten on every front taxes and wages too high. we are not going to be able to compete against the world. >> i would not raise the minimum wage. >> that was donald trump six months ago on the minimum wage. times have changed and so has his position. >> i don't know how people make
9:41 am
it on $7.25 an hour. with that being said, i would like to see an increase of some magnitude but i would rather leave it to the state. >> what's your bottom line? >> well, i am looking at it and i have not decide on it. >> i am allowed to change it. it needs flexibility. >> joining me now for our daily fix is chris cillizza, is that a fair argument? he was out there and he listened to people and learned and he's flexible? >> well, yes, i think in sort of theory it is true. the problem here is it raises a question whether if there is a belief on this issue and almost on other issues. whether it plays into something we think we know about donald
9:42 am
trump which is his attachment to any policy specific is very lose at best and sort of says things in the moment and i am not sure if he changes his mind as much as he says something and reconsiders and say something else. the issue here is it appears he's moderating some and not moderating and why he's not is not entirely clear. that plays in it. what does he believe and why in broader question. >> the second big economic issue of clear change to both of you is on taxing the rich or giving them tax cuts in his plan and this is a contrast now and then. >> which is it? are you willing to raise taxes on the poi.1% or not?
9:43 am
>> i come up with the biggest tax cut by far by any candidate and i put it in. that does not mean it is what we are going to get. we have to negotiate. i want to make sure the middle class gets good tax brackets because they have been shun. the other thing i am going to fight very hard for business. the wealthy, i think frankly, it is going to go up. >> do you believe raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do. >> including myself. >> well, in both of these, you have a change in tone. you don't have an actual change in position. on minimum wage he's expressing sympathy and empathy for people who are really squeezed. you can extrapolate that that there should be no federal minimum wage at all. here on the taxes too, he's digging himself out of that and he's saying that now that the
9:44 am
taxes on the wealthy may be higher on his original proposal, it is the bases of whatever negotiations he ends up engargeing wiengargging in congress. it is more of a change in tone. >> the one thing that was really different no matter what attempts he makes now was what he said on cnbc last week to both of you about defaulting on u.s. debt. that was so beyond the pail and you wonder if this is the kind of thing that makes paul ryan paused before leading to endorse him? >> yes, that's the answer. andrea, i think it is more about what does he believe, you know, i think paul ryan and many other republicans understand that they're not going to agree with donald trump on every issue or anybody else. mcconnell and paul ryan have different views on these issues.
9:45 am
it is about where he's at on these issues and is he ready to defend them. can he preserve a republican party win or lose in november. the republican party that can still sort of co-exist and have a coherent belief. i think for someone like paul ryan who clearly would like to run for national office at some point, that's a threshold that they did not need to get on and whether these views necessarily are going to be sort of best represented for donald trump. but, is there something that ties it together and will he stick by it. >> on the debt, it reflects fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between corporate debt and government debt. >> right. >> and the immediate joke after his comment last week was make america argentina. the united states' government debt is a fundamentally different kind of animal and
9:46 am
corporate debt. people will accept low interest rates because it is guaranteed. it is the most rock, solid investment that you can have so the bring up the possibility of rene sh re-negotiating the terms not throwing our market but global markets into completely turmoil. >> what about paul ryan? he's doing interviews today with the milwaukee journal in his home state and donald trump wanting him out of the chair of washington, he would have to step aside if he has his endorsement. >> during the role call for donald trump if he's not endorsing him or planning to vote for him. >> i think it is a fundamental institutional struggle whether it is the president nominee or the congressional republican
9:47 am
party which has a stronger majority than we have seen since 1928. what does it mean to be a republican and who speaks for the party? >> chris cillizza. gang that he organized after he served two tours in afghanistan with the british army. this week, 500 men and women from 15 countries will be compete iing in the event a cha to prove they are not injured from their injuries. >> you were here in orlando decades ago with your mom. does it bring back bittersweet memories to be back here? >> yeah, it was happy memory. it is a huge shame that she's not here. i hope that she's incredibly
9:48 am
proud of what she managed to achieve. >> your grand mark is she your boss? >> she's definitely my boss. >> when she talks, you have to listen. >> yeah, my grand mom has always been the boss but my god, she gives amazing advice. . >> i don't know who's tougher, queen elizabeth or the silver fox? coming up next, jacob soboroff asking the rich how they feel about donald trump. you won't believe the famous face he ran into. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. omposite skehe which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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we have breaking news out of mexico city. the drug lord el chapo guzman can be executed here in the
9:52 am
united states. he's sent to the u.s. to face trial. donald trump is walking back on his plans on taxes. the plan that would lower taxes on everybody including the wealthy. n now, the presumptive nominee s says taxes on the rich will go up as well. jacob soboroff, i understand you have a celebrity citing on your own. >> reporter: yes, when you are out in beverley hills, anything can happen. i was talking to people to donald trump that taxes may go up on the rich. and who do i run into? television legend, larry king. mr. larry king, how are you? >> i wander around the streets.
9:53 am
>> donnald is running as the populist and not a true republican. it would not be surprising if he said maybe the rich should pay a little more. the rich don't win e llections. what percentage of america are rich? >> reporter: they say 1%. >> but they only have one vote. >> reporter: he's going to meet the speaker of the house on thursday, is it going to make it at difficult meeting between the two of them? >> it probably will. ryan got a thing about the whole house. he wants house members to be elected and not defeated and he's worried that trump having the ticket may defeat them. eventually, they have to come together. i cannot see a lone wolf running against his own party leadership.
9:54 am
he already have the bush's not going to the convention and romney. >> reporter: do you think trump made a mistake? >> donald trump is a brilliant businessman and he's done well businesses and not government. you don't joke down on friday hey we made $10. but, he's in distinctive. >> anything can happen when people run for office. i would not bet on the race. >> reporter: he would not bet on it. it is incredible thing to run in larry king on the street on beverley hills. he's known him for three years and mr. trump and to hear larry king talk about donald trump's
9:55 am
plan, you know, he's not your traditional republican. maybe donald trump does want to hear that. >> i don't know jacob, you never know who you are going to run into on your drive. the only thing better than larry king might have been is julia roberts, perhaps? >> reporter: julia told me she was unavailable today. tomorrow, on "andrea mitchell reports," she will be stopping by. >> great, thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," remember follow the show online and on facebook and on twitter at mitchell reports. thomas roberts is up next right here on msnbc.
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everybodhi everybody, we be
9:59 am
hour on breaking news of the controversial transgender bathroom law. the federal government has set a deadline for today for the state to respond to the justice department letter challenge legality of north carolina's mall. this action is resulted of the obama administration interpretation of federal law. north carolina's law forbids people from using public restrooms that don't match their gender listed on their birr certifica birr certificate. we do expect governor pat mccory to have this news conference at this hour. i am to start with our msnbc's
10:00 am
janet. what's the reaction been to the lawsuit on the ground and the back and forth now and the push from the state to the doj? >> reporter: well, any conversation, thomas with reaction has to be processed with. this is an election year. if you will notice on this lawsuit, the attorney general is not aparting to it because he's a democrat running for the governor ship against the current governor. this is a little bit of a political story here in north carolina. that had a lot of people thought that the governor might, might use this as the department of justice threat to withhold federal funds as a way to get out gracefully. we are getting this threat and it could cause you money so we are not going to enforce it. that suit being filed is partially financial base. the federal government can now withhold money as it has threaten