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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> well, she's been abused for decades, but i think there's a real problem here that shouldn't be ignored, and i think -- well, let's see what rachel has to say about this. rachel, are you here? >> michael moore, whose latest film "where to invade next" is available on blu-ray tomorrow. >> and dvd. >> thanks for your time. >> that is "all in" for this evening. good evening, rachel. >> i'm right here, i can hear you. hi. thanks, guys. happy monday. we've got some breaking political news tonight. you have not heard this anywhere else. this is exclusive to us. but we have just got our hands on some brand new national polling from public policy polling. this is just being released for the first time right this second. and i have to assure you not only is this national polling new, i have to also assure you,
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you'll understand why in just a second, but i have to assure you that it's real. this is not an elaborate joke, like a big misdirection story i'm telling and it turns out to be an april fool's or whatever. this is real. i'm not making this up to entertain you, even though i'm sometime s temperaturted to do. donald trump is less popular than lice. question 23 from the poll, and i quote, what do you have a higher opinion of, donald trump or lice? the proportion of americans who say they have a higher opinion of donald trump is 28%, the proportion of americans who say they have a higher opinion of lice when compared to donald trump, 54%. so donald trump is losing to lice by 26 points.
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and turns out, it's not just lice giving donald trump a run for his money. not to nitpick -- ha ha -- but this polling finds that he's viewed less favorably than traffic jams, used car salesmen, hipsters, the dmv, jury duty, the band nickelback and root canals. now, to be fair, mr. trump only loses by single digits to some of these. he's running pretty close to nickelback and used car salesman and hipsters. but overall, this is a list of things you don't want to be losing to. that said, there is also a little sunshine for mr. trump in this new national poll, which we have exclusively got tonight. and the good news for him is that he does beat both cockroaches and hemorrhoids. it's narrow, but a win is a win.
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donald trump is held in higher esteem than hemorrhoids by a margin of six points and higher than cockroaches by a margin of four points. there is bad news about this good news, which is if you just asked women voters, turns out his win over cockroaches and hemorrhoids, the wins go away. women prefer cockroaches and hemorrhoids to donald trump. turns out there's a real gender split on those particular issues. now, there are limits as to how far this kind of information gets you in an election year. bottom line, hemorrhoids are not going to be on the ballot in november. so we don't have to do complex gender specific turnout modeling to figure out how this particular gender gap is going to play to figure out if we are going to get hemorrhoids elected president in the fall. but -- [ laughter ]
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but this new polling, i'm sorry, i've always wanted to be more than eight years old. i stopped developing at that age. this does come from a stark and unexpected place in the broader race for president. that is of trump, clinton, sanders, all three of them are now viewed unfavorably by the american electorate. they are now all under water. bernie sanders is three points under water. hillary clinton is 19 points under. but donald trump is 27 points under water. and none of that is good news for any of those three candidates. but for donald trump, it is so phenomenally, so historically bad, that literally, big polling organizations are polling him now against lice and he's losing
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by a lot. it also means, incidentally, that both sanders and clinton in this new polling, they both beat donald trump in a hypothetical general matchup. they beat him head-to-head. still, with or without the minor candidates included, democrats still beat donald trump. but this is why i fought to get exclusive access to this poll before anybody else had it. i wanted to break this news. this is interesting, it's important, and i think it turns the prevailing spin in the beltway 180 degrees in the other direction. the prevailing narrative right now, the thing everybody is talking about in the beltway is
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republican chaos. republicans at whits end about what to do with this nominee they have gotten themselves. donald trump rending the very fabric of the republican party. that's the narrative. that's what we've all been hearing since donald trump took over the republican primary process, right? all of the anecdotal reporting that we've been getting, that is the story of almost every famous republican who is a big enough deal to get a reporter to write down what he or she says. that's the narrative. but look at the numbers, look at the actual data and tell me how that stands up to this data. let me give you this one piece of this new polling. ask democratic voters nationwide would you be comfortable with bernie sanders as the democratic nominee for president or not? the proportion of democrats who say they would not be comfortable with bernie sanders as their party's nominee, 30%. asked the same question about clinton, the percentage of
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democrats who would not be comfortable with hillary clinton as the party's nominee, it's 21%. that itself is interesting, right? democrats are slightly more comfortable with the idea of hillary clinton being their nominee than bernie sanders being their nominee. but there still is this interesting chunk of the democratic electorate that would not be comfortable with even clinton being nominated. 21%. that's the democratic party. now, here's my point. let's look at the other party. let's look at the chaotic, torn apart, party collapsing republicans. let's look at them. turns out it's exactly the same number. and this is not bad news for hillary clinton. this does not mean that democrats are freaking out about hillary clinton being their potential nominee. democrats like the idea of her being the nominee more than the idea of bernie sanders being the nominee. the news here is that republicans are not freaking out about donald trump as their nominee. only 21% of republicans say that
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they would not be comfortable with donald trump as the nominee. republican voters are not uncomfortable with him. the republican elite may be freaking out, but republican voters are fine with him. in general, the country may like him less than they like root canals. but when you ask republican voters, they don't care. republican voters are getting in line. they are unconflicted about him. even though people generally like him less than lice, literally. when you look at the preferences and the state of intentions of republican voters, it's almost like you're looking at numbers from mitt romney or another republican nominee. there's this narrative that something new is going on with donald trump. the party is in a position with -- the whole data makes him look like a normal republican candidate. ask for people who voted for mitt romney last election who they're going to vote this time
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around, you say you're going to vote for trump this time 84% to 6%. almost the same number for obama voters in 2012. the whole political narrative about republicans stressing out not knowing what to do about this totally different kind of nominee. but that narrative is not matched by republican voters, because republican voters are all aboard with trump. we just did the numbers for obama voters versus romney voters, look at republican voters versus democrat voters. republican voters are going to vote for trump 82-8. donald trump may be a different kind of cat when it comes to politicians, but republican voters have decided they do not care about that. they're cat people, no matter who the cat is. and this means that no matter how much news is supposedly
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being made about this division in the party, in the beltway press, that's all anybody can talk about. republican voters are not listening to that. they're not listening to the few supposed republican party leaders who say they're against trump. >> we are flirting with nominating a non-serious, unstable, substance-free candidate. we cannot send this narcissist, we cannot nominate this ego maniac. nominating donald trump is a certain way for us to ruin our opportunity to make america great again. >> as a republican, i'm telling you that donald trump does not represent republican ideals to me. he's our mussolini. >> whatever you want to say and have said about me over the years in terms of things that have come out of my mouth, they're a fraction -- i never said that i could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th avenue and wouldn't lose a voter. i never called mexicans rapists
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and murderers. >> donald has a lot of talents, he does. he has no ability in this area. he has no experience, he has no ability in it, and it doesn't make him a bad guy. i think he's generally a good person. but you know what? he has no business being president of the united states. and if i thought he did, i wouldn't be running, i would be helping him. >> donald trump the candidate is a sewer of division. he's the modern day incarnation of the no-nothing movement. my fellow republicans, be ware of false prophets. my fellow republicans, do not take that poison. i will not go quiet, when this cancer on conservatism threatens to metastcize into mean spirited politics that will send the republican party to the same place it sent the wig party in
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1854, the graveyard. >> all of those people we just showed you, including the utah congressman who said trump is mussolini and rick perry and bobby jindal and chris christie, they've all now endorsed donald trump. think about what that does for republican voters. say you're like a rick perry republican or a chris christie republican, and you're not sure exactly how you should feel about donald trump. you keep hearing this beltway press narrative that there's all this division in the republican party. do you believe the old chris christie saying donald trump is like a 13-year-old and unfit for the job? do you believe rick perry when he was saying donald trump is a cancer on conservatism and must be stopped at any cost? do you believe them then or now, when they've made very clear that they would love to be donald trump's vice president? they would love to do everything possible to get him elected. who do you follow? the trump campaign announced
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today that chris christie will be leading the transition efforts for president elect trump if he wins the november election. that's a little awkward, because of things that chris christie has said about donald trump in the past. it's also a little awkward in the short term because a few days ago the man who is married to his daughter, is it chris christie or jared, mr. trump's son-in-law? if it's going to be both of them, that's particularly awkward, because jared's dad was sent to federal prison for tax evasion. the prosecutor who sent him to prison was chris christie. awkward staff meetings. but i guess we let bygones be bygones. it's all one big happy trump family now. consider a very politically
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connected, very rich ricketts family, the largest source of funds for the anti-trump ad campaigns. the ricketts family has td ameritrade, the governorship of the state of nebraska and the chicago cubs. and even though they spent millions of dollars on tv ads attacking donald trump, debate governor pete ricketts announced donald trump ahead of nebraska's republican primary. so narrative be darned. for republican voters, the trump issues appeared to be settled. for republicans, so-called leaders, even though most enthusiastically and loquaciously opposed to donald trump, i'm looking at you, rick perry, they're over that and looking for trump administration jobs. they're now saying they'll spend millions for trump when they spent millions against trump.
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when rick perry said he was endorsing donald trump a few days ago, he mentioned in that conversation that if many trump needed a running mate "i couldn't say no." which makes rick perry technically the crowned prince of the wig party. now, there were some exciting signs that republican house speaker paul ryan might lead a resistance to mr. trump becoming the uncontested head of the republican party. there were some signs that maybe there might be an effort there, there might be some actual effort there when paul ryan declined to offer his endorsement to mr. trump. that led to threats this weekend from mr. trump that he would have paul ryan removed as chairman of the republican national convention this summer. so it started to feel like there might be a fight within the republican party. maybe it's finally coming to pass. it's on, right? it's on. he says, i'm not going to support him and there's the
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threat to remove him. it was on, it was a fight. it's off already. paul ryan telling the milwaukee journal late this afternoon when he was asked about that threat, "he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants." actually, i should be clear, before he says "he's the nominee, i'll do whatever he wants," paul ryan says, i'll do whatever. i'll do whatever he says twice. do we have the sound of it? >> if you have to step down as chair of the convention the -- >> i'll do whatever -- he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants. >> so that's your big republican fight. republican voters plan to support him by a margin of 82-8. all the republican's supposed tough guys who denounced him in the primaries have all eaten those words with salt and
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pepper. the leader of the republican party, his revised position is, "i'll do whatever -- i'll do whatever he wants." and so the big pushback, the great resistance to donald trump and the republican party appears to be manifest basically as the bush family not going to cleveland in july. and i mean, i guess that's still something for any normal major party presidential nominee, but it's really something for a guy who loses to lice and root canals and traffic jams. and among women, loses to cockroaches and hemorrhoids. i have no idea if the republican party have picked a winner here, but the narrative that they're all torn up about this is not born out by the facts. like him or loathe him, and most loathe him, republican voters are very, very clearly with him. unequivocally. he's who they want.
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donald trump is the modern day incarnation of the no-nothing movement. >> rick perry just told me in a phone call from his home state in texas that he does support donald trump and he's going to do everything he can to help donald trump get elected. >> the great coming together. joining us now is robert costa, national political reporter for "the washington post." great to see you. thanks for being here, my friend. >> great to be with you. >> you've done some very detailed reporting tonight, today and tonight for "the post" and things happening to bring the trump campaign and the republican party closer together, at least to get them talking to each other over the next couple of days. >> what we've learned at "the washington post" in the last couple of hours is that ben carson, the trump ally, former rival of the gop nominee, will be trying to meet with paul ryan, the house speaker in a premeeting before the big thursday meeting to lay the ground work for a conversation
6:21 pm
to warm the room a bit. >> in terms of what is expected between speaker ryan and mr. trump, i said a moment ago that it felt like that was the first real potential resistance that any overt level of the republican party that might be consequential in terms of a vivid split in the party, it feels like speaker ryan is backing down from any confrontation. mr. trump has softened his sewn. do we expect anything to be decided between them this week? >> based on my reporting, we don't expect much to be decided. what we do expect is for some type of amicable conversation. talking to people close to ryan and trump, ryan is not going to make demands of trump as the presumptive nominee and have to have this position on trade or that position on immigration. this is going to be a conversation to see if they can have any kind of consensus on what the republican party stands for broadly, in terms of the
6:22 pm
economics and foreign policy. but there's not going to be any kind of litmus test. what we're watching, rachel, is the republican party electorate, the base, is more populist and less idealogical. it's so striking to watch these videos of former rivals hammer him. they thought the electorate would be conservative and that's just not the case. >> exactly. and that means their calculations what makes an effective attack, is off key. we think of all those ads against trump for not being a true conservative, and you could feel the collective shrug. there are some specific decisions that will have to be made, including whether or not paul ryan will be the chair of the convention. is it your understanding that's a serious threat from trump that they'll replace ryan? >> there's a rooming question, but people close to ryan tell me the only reason he became chairman of the convention is to
6:23 pm
try to remain in a neutral position during the republican primary. this was never a position he coveted and he would gladly step away, because the last thing he likes is drama with someone like donald trump. >> if he steps away, who will do it instead? >> someone close to the campaign. paul manafort, ryan at this moment is a figurehead and he doesn't have a formal role to play. but trump wants to perhaps keep him on. he doesn't want to have a public battle with ryan. but if ryan is so uncomfortable with it, it's okay if he steps away. >> robert costa, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> this is a big night for political news. first we had that new polling data on republican nominee polling behind lice and traffic jams.
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but now, we have some more exclusive political news. this time from the democratic side of the presidential race and that is next. stay with us. you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a differenresort. liken alaska.
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they've got igloos. we're out ink.nk. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen. oh here's some further breaking news that we have exclusively tonight. this is about the democratic presidential primary. after hillary clinton won four out of the five states in the northeast two weeks ago, her campaign made a fairly dramatic decision. they decided to stop running any more ads in the democratic primary. so that meant that the clinton campaign did not advertise at all in indiana, which secretary clinton lost last weekend to bernie sanders. they also did not advertise at all in west virginia, where the
6:26 pm
clinton campaign is signaling that they expect to lose in tomorrow's primary. but we have word exclusively tonight that is about to change. the clinton campaign telling nbc news tonight exclusively that they have changed their minds about not advertising anymore in the democratic primary race against bernie sanders. the campaign says they are now likely going back up on the air with ads for the democratic primary. now, we don't know what states they're planning on spending in, but we can narrow it down, the only states left are kentucky and oregon next week. and then the week after that, there's six states that all vote on the same day. california, montana, new jersey, new mexico and both dakotas. but the news tonight that we have exclusively here, after ending their campaign spending, the clinton campaign says they are rethinking that and will likely get ads back on the air. which if nothing else will make
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today was the deadline, so we knew it was going to be the day, but we didn't know how it was going to happen. today, north carolina decided that their response to the justice department's deadline, their response to the federal justice department crying foul over north carolina's new discrimination law, their response would be that north carolina would sue the federal government. once we learned that, we got
6:31 pm
word right away from the justice department that we would hear something from them very soon in response. by the time attorney general loretta lynch got to the podium in washington, everybody basically knew what she would be announcing is a countersuit by the federal government against north carolina for discriminating. so we expected that. north carolina's suing the federal government. the federal government is suing north carolina. we knew those were going to be the basic details. what we did not expect when she got to the podium was the force with which she made that announcement, and the kind of clarion call that she turned it into. this was something we thought we knew what to expect. it became a major civil rights statement that was direct and impassioned and personal. >> this is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress in our nation. we saw it in the jim crow laws that followed the emancipation
6:32 pm
proclamati proclamation. we saw it in brown v. board of education and we saw it in the ban of same-sex marriages to stop any hope that gays and lesbians could have the right to be married. that right is now a guaranty embedded in our constitution. in the wake of that triumph, we have seen bill after bill in state after state taking aim at the lbgt community. let me speak directly to the people of the great state, the beautiful state, my home state of north carolina, you have been told that this law protects vulnerable populations from harm. but that is just not the case. instead, what this law does is inflict further indignity on a population that's already suffered far more than its fair share. this law provides no benefit to society, and all it does is harm innocent americans. let us reflect on the obvious
6:33 pm
but often neglected lesson that state sanctioned discrimination never looks good and never works in hindsight. it was not long ago that states, including north carolina, had other signs above restrooms, water fountains and on public accommodation, keeping people out based on a distinction without a difference. let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself. some of you have lived freely for decades and others of you are still wondering how you can possibly live the lives that you were born to lead. no matter how isolated, no matter how afraid, and no matter how alone you may feel today, know this, that the department of justice, and indeed the entire obama administration want you to know that we see you. we stand with you. and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. and please know that history is on your side. >> we see you. we stand with you. we will do everything we can to
6:34 pm
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travis county, texas is a blue dot in deep red texas. it contains the capital city, austin, a very liberal place, but it does have a republican party that now has one month until its noose chairman takes office. then things are going to get interesting, because the new chair is this guy. >> my focus as the chair of the travis county republican party is more so political truth telling than lyndon johnson murdered john kennedy and hillary clinton murdered everybody in waco. the reason i'm wearing the jester's cap and the joker's hat is to say i'm not the joker, i'm not the jester. you are. >> his name is robert morrow.
6:38 pm
and he is preparing to take over as the duley elected chairman of the travis county republican party. will he wear the hat when he presides over meetings? maybe. in march, when she whe was elec he decided to use twitter to promote his book, calling rick perry a rampaging by sexual adulterer. and this one about hillary clinton, which i'll skip. there was this one about presidential timber. and it's self-explanatory. but you can still buy the book from the guy newly elected to run the republican party in the texas state capital. but he's apparently reaching way beyond texas. one of his rant topics is what he calls hillary clinton's
6:39 pm
terror campaign on bill clinton's sex victims. his book claims to reveal "for the first time how bill and hillary clinton systematically abused women." bill and hillary clinton. he has a co-author in this book, roger stone, a long-time friend and adviser to donald trump. he's been making the rounds of right wing media saying hillary clinton's supposed advocacy for women is bogus -- >> to help these women voters learn about these allegations, roger stone has formed a political action committee called -- this is true -- called rape pact. he's promising an all-woman swift boat action against hillary clinton. and you know what? an instain conspiracy theorist in texas and roger stone wrote a
6:40 pm
book and they're trying to promote it. >> she's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. she's married to a man who hurt many women and hillary, if you look, hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused. and hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly, just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed, not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. so just remember that, folks. so just remember that when you're watching these phony ads put out by hillary clinton. just remember, when you're watching these phony, paid for by wall street ads, put out by
6:41 pm
hillary clinton about donald trump, and just remember i said it, there is nobody that has more respect for women than me. >> donald trump has been the presumptive republican nominee for less than a week. so far it appears that his first line of attack for the general election is taken directly from a book by roger stone and a conspiracy theorist who wears a jester hat, whose tweets are jaw dropping even by donald trump standards. this is where we thought the campaign would end up. i'm not sure i expected it would start here. but this is where it's starting. join us now is democratic u.s. senator, a supporter of hillary clinton. thank you for being here. >> thank you, rachel. should be good. >> yeah. sorry about those tweets. but i feel like talking -- the story that donald trump is not telling on the stump is weird.
6:42 pm
it's weird to people that don't remember the bill clinton presidency and for those of us that do remember the bill clinton presidency, that comes from the far edges of republican thought. so therefore, should it be ignored, named? what do you do with stuff like this? >> we've seen donald trump do this over and over again, whether what he did to -- some of the things he said about hillary clinton, what he said about heidi cruz, elizabeth warren. he recently called her a basket case, which is as far from the truth as you can get. he brands people, labels them, test drives these things. instead of talking about the issues. while hillary clinton is going to lexington, kentucky tomorrow to a daycare center to talk about real economic issues that are facing this country, he's calling her names. he's calling everyone names. so i just think once we get into that general election, and it's not far away, and she can show -- i was looking at the early part of your show with --
6:43 pm
from the republican voters and where they were, they haven't heard all these things he's said about women calling them pigs and dogs and other things. they're not all in primary states. not only that, his opponents were hands off for the first half of the election. so i think it's going to make a big difference. i know people in my state have heard this stuff. they say, you know what? he doesn't just diminish her, but he diminishes all elected officials who are women. and further, they've all had experiences in their own workplace. this is what surprised me, they can relate to this kind of talk, because they've seen it and they don't want to be diminished that way. >> so mr. trump isn't a different type of person now than he was during the republican primary campaign and the name calling and the sexi i insinuation allegations, stuff that people thought were too rude to reprint, that's part of how he won in the republican primary. any lessons learned how not to lose to him when he plays that
6:44 pm
dirty? >> i would say so, some of the republican candidates have said it, they were afraid of pissing him off and you have a different situation now. you have someone who is incredibly strong, when you've seen her in these debates. she's ready to hit back and she will do it. you can't let people get labeled like that. what i seen being home for the last week is people want to talk about the economic issues. they want someone who is going to stand up for them, create an equal playing field for the workers of the country. once they see the kinds of things he's done, those things are against equality, whether you're talking about economic equality or talking about fairness to women, fairness to people of color. there's a lot of people voting outside of a very narrow base that has been out there for donald trump and they are moderate republicans that are independents. they are democrats. and they just have a different view of what they want to see in a president and who they want to
6:45 pm
control foreign policy and to potentially make enormous decisions about risking men's and women's lives at war. making decisions about our economy. and i just end with this, just this weekend he talked about risking america's full faith and credit about not being true to our obligations. economists on the left and right went crazy because they saw what happens when they were near letting our debt ceiling go and what happened when we head into a shut down. the american people don't want someone in charge of the country that will make rash decisions. >> senator, can i ask you a personal question? >> okay. >> do you have to be somewhere in the next six minutes? >> no, i'm all around. >> could you stay for just another segment? >> okay, great. >> we'll be right back. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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6:48 pm
>> can you imagine me saying no? >> i was expecting you to say no. the reason i asked you to say, is because you and i talked about the vice presidential possibility, the possibility of you being picked as democratic running mate before and you said you weren't interested. i know you're still going to say that. but two things have happened since then. number one, hillary clinton said she's very open to the prospect of an all-female ticket. and number two, donald trump has become, in effect, the republican nominee, and i sense in you a little joy and eagerness and enthusiasm to be part of the campaign against him. do you feel any different about that prospect now? >> well, first of all, as you know, it's always an honor to be mentioned for this. she has many good people to pick from and that's going to be her decision. put me aside, i will say there's ample historical evidence that a
6:49 pm
single gender ticket has gotten elected to the white house before. in fact, in every single other case. let me tell you why i'm so focused on this, having been at home and with workers that were laid off in the mines of northern minnesota and thinking about how important this is that you have someone that's going to stand up for these people. the other part of it is that i also was able to meet with some of our muslim community. we have a big somali community. i heard a story that a family who had never had anyone say anything discriminatory to them. they were sitting at a restaurant and a guy walked to them and said, you go home, go back to where you came from. the little girl said, mom, i don't want to go home. you said we could go out to winner tonight. and when you think of that innocent child, that she had never heard anything like this before, it's because of the kind of rhetoric that we've been hearing. whether they are telling people,
6:50 pm
you just go after people just because they look different. just because they may be of a different background. and to me, this is going to be a very big deal for our democracy. we are a country about america and we have to continue to love that about america, so the negative rhetoric you hear about women, the woman card, i see it as an attack on our very democracy and country and that's why i feel very strongly in addition to the economic issues in this campaign. >> a hillary clinton supporter and a good sport, you let me pin you to the chair. if you start getting vetted for this vice presidential thing, please send me a text. i won't tell anybody. >> i'm sure that will work. >> i didn't get it. all right. we'll be back. hing that makes me easier, i'm using. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world.
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as promised, celine deon. she has won five grammy awards, recorded oscar winning songs, american music awards, she has a star on the hollywood walk of fame and has a maple leaf star thing on the canada walk of fame. but on top of all of that, celine dion is also an honorary alabamaen. shortly after the end of his 50 year long marriage last fall, alabama's governor brought his mistress to las vegas to see a celine deaion show. and had back stage passes for which he was ungubernatorialy proud and he did whatever you need to do to secure a celine dion as an honorary albamian.
6:57 pm
it happened that night and that's what alabama politics is like. so, the alabama press has to figure out why the republican governor's association reimbursed alabama governor about 10 times the amount they reimbursed any other republican governor that came to las vegas that week for the association meeting that week. whether or not those other governor's also got to meet celine dion during their stay. since cover up of his affair and the sex tapes of his alleged mistress were made public, he has not resigned from office but is now under investigation, there are reports that federal investigators are also looking into his possible misconduct and the alabama house has gotten enough signatures to start the impeachment process against the
6:58 pm
governor. but hooerz the big road block t impeaching the celine dion loving love guv, is that impeachment proceedings would have to be brought up by a full vote by the speaker of the house because the republican speaker of the house is currently himself under indictment on 23 felony corruption charges. he might need the governor for his defense. so, it wouldn't be politic to go about impeaching the governor, now would it it? so, the executive branch is under investigation, the head of the legislative branch is under indictment, now alabama is going for the trifecta. the supreme court, roy moore has just been suspended from the bench. he risks losing his seat for the second time in his career. in 2003 he was ousted after refusing to remove a religious monument he had intalled in the state's judicial building in
6:59 pm
montgomery. since then, he's been reelected to the state supreme court and removed from the bench again, this time because he directed judges to ignore binding higher court rulings on the subject of same-sex marriage. protesters started rallying all around the state calling for judge roy moore to be removed from his post and among the alabamaens leading that charge is an alabama born and bread drag queen performer called ambroeshau starling and the fact that that's among his most out spoken critics has been driving him nuts. after he got suspended from the bench on friday night, he couldn't help himself, the judge put out an enraged statement accusing the judicial commission of choose to listen to people like ambrosia starlling.
7:00 pm
he also gave a press conference where he singled her out by name, saying because she was a drag performer, she must be mentally ill. her response. she then said every bully always picked on the weakest kid in the room. he thought that was going to be the drag queen. a lot of people make that mistake. alabama is falling apart and alabama's state government could have three potential job openings, governor, speaker of the house and chief justice. as far as i'm concerned, ambrosia starling can have the best of the three. >> i'm glad


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