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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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picked on the weakest kid in the room. he thought that was going to be the drag queen. a lot of people make that mistake. alabama is falling apart and alabama's state government could have three potential job openings, governor, speaker of the house and chief justice. as far as i'm concerned, ambrosia starling can have the best of the three. >> i'm glad you're covering judge moore, it's a story of politics than law in this case. thank you. ted cruz will be back to work in the senate tomorrow. you may have word a week after his presidential bid ended but it's the thursday meeting with republican leaders that has everyone talking and it may bring an answer to the question, whose party is it? >> i didn't get paul ryan, i don't know what happened. >> right now, the grand old
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party is in a modern day civil war. >> we went through a very divisive primary. >> i bet if you told trump a year ago he would be the republican nominee, he would have said but i'm a democrat. >> i didn't know i was going to do it this early. >> he thinks this is his party now. >> we like ourselves, don't we. >> sarah palin is ready to end paul ryan's career. >> i could focus on hillary. crooked hillary. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. >> i'm going to run a race based on issues. >> he was impeached because he lied. i did not have sex with that woman and -- >> this is not entertainment.
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this is supposed to be a country. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> good evening to you. donald trump is on top of the ticket but is he in charge? that is the question an mating several squirmishes. they learned he just met with with top aids to discuss strategy. now, that coordination comes as tension continues between trump and speaker paul ryan, who has taken the unusual position of declining to back his party's chosen nominee yet. but in a candid interview today, he offered to get out of trump's way, and then balanced out that olive branch for failing to focus on true unity.
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>> if he asked you to sten down as chair of the convention, . >> there is a real disagreement >> there is a real disagreement here. trump suggested unity means simply backing him. he appeared to threaten to bounce ryan from chairing the convention on meet the press this weekend and suggested the republican party founded over 150 years ago is simply, completely the parto of trump. >> does the party have to be together? unified? i'm very different than anybody else than perhaps has ever run for office, i don't think so. >> i have to stay true to my principals also but don't forget this is called the republican party. there are conservative parties.
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this is called the republican party. >> that's only the beginning of paul ryan's issues. one of trump's highest profile supporters, sarah palin, said she would take the extreme measure by backing hisponent in >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantered. his political career is over, but for a miracle because he's so disrespected the will of the people and as the leader of the gop, the convention certainly, he is to remain neutral and for him to already come out and say who he will not support was not a wise decision of his. >> it's not just sarah palin, tonight former nixon aid lashing out over this dispute, saying quote end quote.
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ryan will find out if trump is following that kind of tact on thursday and donald trump is certainly right about one thing, most nominees do get their congressional leader's support pretty much automatically, tonight, he's going to test if he can get it at all. joining us now, columnist who is one of the reporters talking to paul ryan and radio host on wtmjam on milwaukee and david corn from mother jones, hello everyone. christian, what did you pick up from paul ryan in that room talking about trump today? >> well, yeah, so paul ryan is now the leader of the republican
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wing of the republican party, so i thought it was a little odd if he were at a convention where he didn't support donald trump as the nominee for him to be chairing it. so, i asked if he would continue to do so, he said it's trump's party. i'll do whatever he wants me to do and that is where we got there. >> did he seem to feel that way or been brought around to that position by pressure? >> it was almost one of these almost inviting trump to disinvite him type of thing. i've heard more magnanimous ways of putting it, now ryan knows trump is in charge of the party or whatever. but no, i think ryan probably wants nothing to do with it and at this point, the cat trying to get away from pepelepew at this point. >> i've heard the brier patch,
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there's a lot of ways he might be doing himself a favor. and i want to be clear and fair to the nominee, there is something unusual going on in his position, even though what he's asking trump to do is not unusual. listen. >> so, david, if you take paul ryan at his word, one way to do that would be to give nominal support to the nominee and work on the uniting, rather than bucking someone who beat 16 people and got plurality. >> i don't take him at his word and i don't mean that in bad faith, but this issue is not
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something any reasonable, rational republican can find a path forward on, that means unifying with a man who believes we can keep muslims out of this country, who attacks the likely candidate for basically being a woman, who's called mexican immigrants rapists and doesn't understand what the nuclear tried a is and i mean, unity is not an option for anybody who has a degree of faith or pride or any belief in electing someone who is not a maniac. >> charley psychos, how about that? >> that's a problem republicans have. it's not about finding a compromised position, it's about how to deal with donald trump. >> before you get on the trump train, you better check what's in the baggage car because
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you're getting all of that and what i find remarkable is considering how extraordinary the hostile take over of the republican party was that apparently the trump supporters believe the conservatives, leaders of the party, like paul ryan should simply surrender without asking questions, woult without having a conversations about some of those things david corn was mentioning. is he going to change his tone? and what we've seen is that this is a man who's not prepared to make a pivot, he's not being gracious, he certeningly could have said i know this is a tough primary, i know it's my job to reach out and persuade people in the conservative wing of the party, instead they've unleashed the flying monkeys, the pat buchanans and the sarah palins. you have sarah palin being one of the arbteres of what is
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rational conservative discourse in america today. >> and the primary may be like the god father where you have to knock everyone out. that's not the general. in your view, as a trump critic, does he even get that? >> no, what you saw is that he's not interested in unifying the party and he is incapable of doing that kind of out reach or changing his approach to critics and people he's going to need in this election. it's a matter of mathematics. if you do not have addition, given where he's at on some of these demographic groups, if you're not able to add in the main constituencies of the republican party, there's no way he can win. but perhaps the man lacks the self control to do what needs to be done in the campaign.
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>> is this a prelewd to some sort of cume by yeah deal or do you see him going into november with this distance from trump? >> paul ryan is a bed rock conservative and has been his entire life, so i don't think you're going to see a meeting on thursday where they sit down and eat a sandwich and suddenly paul ryan is on board with donald trump unless trump is a hypnotst. and on the other side, i don't see trump changing his behavior to the point where paul ryan could actually end up supporting him. maybe there's something here or there they can agree on but paul ryan's really trying to give cover to his members in the house of representativess, some of those people who say we can't stand on a stage with donald trump, he's too embarrassing, everything he says is going to come back to us. we're going to get asked to respond to every comment he
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makes and so he's given cover to those of his members. >> so, i want you to speak to the counter argument to all of this, that yes, we can find these examples and paul ryan is a biggie and there's a heck of a lot more prominent republicans who are coing around to trump. 80% plus republicans referring to him and people like the former texas governor, rick perry now rushing to indorse him. what about the idea that a lot more republicans ultimately get on this train? >> there was a utah congressman who previously called trump our mussolini. and he's now indorsed trump. i think there are a lot of people in the republican party who may be opportunist who hate hillary clinton so much that they're going to go along with trump. i think this is a moment of truth for many republicans. do you take a guy like donald
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trump and i don't believe in many pivoting. we've watched him for over a year as a presidential candidate, they know who and what he is. the moment of truth is do you accept this as a president regardless of ideologies and issues? >> his temperament and approach and style of leadership does not change. we've seen this. david corn and christian snider, thank you both for joining us, we'll see you later in the show. and donald trump may have trouble convincing another key voting block to go to the polls in this election. why this is making some evangelical christians sick to their stomachs. does he pony up for a loss. and in the war room, hillary clinton's campaign trying to capitalize off trump's tax plan. also the rising youtube star known as the liberal red neck sharing his views on the race
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pascher gary fuller in lincoln, nebraska, tells the washington post that he quote has a hard time stomaching trump and plans to the vote for ted cruz on tuesday, even though the senator has dropped out of the race and it turns out he's not the only evangelical person, leader or follower saying won't for trump. that story is next.
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in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. den don exploded many premises about how towin a republican primary, but not all of them translate to a general election, some evan yellical leaders have saying they won't back trump and they are a determined voting block, often critical to republican success. when bush was reelected in 2004, 1 out of 4 voters evangelicals and they vote overwhelmingly for bush. and it doesn't insure success among a larger pool here in november. religious conservatives are concerned about trump, as a washington post headline blairs today, there's nobody left? evangelicals feel abandoned by
10:19 pm
gop after trump's assent, one of those is reverend russell moore who said this about trump in a new interview. >> we have a republican party where we have leaders who have said for a generation that character matters, that virtue matters and now we see some leaders wishing just to sweep those things away. the donald trump campaign has been about the selling of donald trump. we're looking though at a situation where there's a reality television character who is saying let's not just accept what we see as cultural decay, let's glory in it and i think that's a problem. >> a substantive exchange, criticism, many ways a nominee could address it. here's what trump tweeted. quote russell moore is a truly terrible representative of evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. a nasty guy with no heart.
10:20 pm
not exactly turning the other cheek and joining me is national spokesman for ted cruz. and radio host charley siekz. >> well, as i said before, donald trump has a chance now to show the different side of him, right, that he's going to be gracious, presidential and he lashes out at a minister and this is the pattern when anyone criticizes him or challenges him. you would think there would be a little bit of hesitancy, do you want to go with that kind of language against somebody like reverend moore? and the juvenile level of the shots. but this is going to be a real problem for him and maybe rick tyler can explain this to him and i will admit that i don't get, why so many evangelicals
10:21 pm
supported donald trump knowing what we knew about his character, and this has been something that i have asked and tried to figure out and i think we can look back on this as one of the great mysteries of this campaign. >> i think the response is rude, childish, unbecoming a leader and the flip side is that donald trump is candid in addressing evangelicals in the primaries. i won't ask you to comment on it if you don't want to but part of the joke was the idea that ted cruz was too sankmonious about thiz issues. and here was his fairly blunt answer. >> i'm not sure i have. i just go and try to do a better job from there.
10:22 pm
i don't think so. i think if i do something wrong, i think i just try to make it right. i don't bring god into that picture. i think in terms of let's go on and let's make it right. >> rick. >> well, that was a stunning moment in the campaign because donald trump is a presbyterian and that's a lutergical church and in the lord's prayer, you ask for forgiveness, so it's kind of strange. did he lip read through that part or skip it? it was very revealing. to answer part of charley's question. if you drill down into evangelicals, many self identified areot church-going evangelicals. they call themselves that because their parents belong to an evangelical church, maybe went as a child but they still call themselves evangelicals even though they're as secular as anyone else. ted cruz won the people who when
10:23 pm
you ask them do you go to church every week? they said yes and you said did you go last sunday? is ted cruz did win those people but never thes all, there was a lot of evangelicals, self-described and those who were church going supporting donald trump and it was a problem in the strategy of the campaign. >> and looking forward as to policy, you've got some folks saying they want to fight over the platform and some cruz allies saying there are red lines so to speak on issues related to religious believes they want in the platform. do you think that's a place for cruz allies to push? >> there's a surprising number -- not surprising the cruz campaign has done an amazing job of making sure and all for the second ballot strategy which may be mute now but there will be
10:24 pm
many, many many cruz delegates in cleveland and they want to make sure that we don't eviscerate the platform. now, the platform is a set of ideas that a republican party can rally behind and one of the most important ones is liech and the sanctity of life, marriage is defined as one and one woman and free market economics. the people who are conservative in the party don't want to see those causes gutted. >> i thik it's a necessary fight to have. looking forward, i find rick's explanation to be interesting because i wonder if there's going to be buyer's remorse and when they realize exactically what he's all about, i thinks the rr going to be a reckoning coming, those who were essentially ready to sell out
10:25 pm
tenants of their faith to support donald trump. just like there's going to be a reckoning for the conservative media. who sold out during this particular period? the jerry fallwell's of the world at some point are going to have to explain why they chose to do this. >> charley and rick tyler, thank you both for your time tonight. the state of north carolina and the u.s. department of justice are suing each other over transgender american's rights. the law in north carolina is one of the things youtube star, liberal red neck is talking about. alzheimer's means... so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently.
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coming up, in the war room, operatives who have been on the inside assess how the clinton campaign is trying to turn trump's tax plan into an attack. but first, here's a look at the campaign trail today. >> donald trump has one heck of a task in front of him to unify a broken republican party. >> right now the grand old party is mired in a modern day civil war. so far he won't rule out over throwing the republican's convention chairman. >> donald trump resrects the impeachment scandal in his toughest attack yet on both clintons. >> they're trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink at hillary clinton.
10:30 pm
>> we're going to have to lot to talk about in this campaign. donald trump has really gone after your husband and -- >> i'm not running against him. he's doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> is christie going to lead donald trump's white house leadership team? >> flip-flop, trump does a 180 on raising taxes on the rich. >> every time he does that, they're going to try to remind voters of his initial statements. >> thank you, atlantic city. >> are you going to support donald trump? >> absolutely. i've known him for 25 years. >> oh, you know donald trump? >> it's a big tsunami coming. >> oh, i get it, you don't think he's a brilliant, successful business man? >> better watch out because he's going to fix it. is he? i don't know but he has a brand to protect. >> would it make you more likely to vote for him now that he's going to raise taxes on the wealthy?
10:31 pm
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♪ but pantene is making my hair hairpractically unbreakable.ff. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. welcome back. it is time for tonight's war room and the war room is of
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course where top strategists develop and disseminate messages that can break or break a campaign and donald trump's words and tweets are the front line of his war room. the clinton campaign use as more traditional, they would say tested play book and today their war room seized on trump's new tax comments. >> i come umup with the biggest tax cut by far for any candidate. the thing i'm going to do is make sure the middle class gets gotax breaks because they have been absolutely shuned. the other thing i'm going to fight very hard for business. for the wealthy, i think frankly it's going to go up and it should go up. >> here are the actual facts on trump's written plan. this is from the nonpartisan tax policy center. the wealthiest would get $1.3 million in tax cuts under trump. clinton aids are seizing on that. and one aid.
10:35 pm
>> and joining us tonight in the >> and joining us tonight in the last word war room is a democratic polster and president of strategy group and a veteran of president obama's 2008 campaign. you look at this, yes it's good on the facts, it doesn't let trump use this negotiation claim to back out of it. but is it enough when he is hitting so hard and personally right now? >> well, i think the negotiation claim is great because he claims to be the world's greatest negotiator. essentially he's negotiating against himself. i do think it's enough. there's lot of talk about whether he did a 180 and the idea that he did that is fine but really what this is about,
10:36 pm
it's doubling down on a tax plan and if i'm in the clinton camp, i'm saying it's doubling down on a tax plan that is give away to billionaires that is paid for on the backs of working people. >> wem, he's the one claiming there's more to the plan. he's wanting to get into the flip-flop so he can broaden what he claims his plan is. that's not all. we're talking about the tax piece as you look at this as someone who's been inside these war rooms, look at what hillary clinton said today when she was asked point blank about the attacks on the mayor, the way he's conducted himself? >> run his campaign however he choose. i'm going to run nigh campaign which is about a vision for our country with specific plans that i think will help us solve problems we're facing, knock down barriers. i'm not running genls him. he's doing a fine job of that
10:37 pm
himself. >> there's no question it's a two person race. all of us have been in the race, rights. we understand what it's like when the candidate goes and does that. donald trump does so many things you can't follow. what he said in that clip is unintelligible and also not what he says on paper. >> you don't think he understands what donald trump is suggesting? >> no, i'm talking about his tax policy. >> i'm talking about the fact that he's attacking bill and hillary clinton. if you sit around while other people define the candidate, you are taking a big risk. fair? >> totally fair. but it i don't think these guys are taking this risk because they know is this power of donald trump's words but today have been about economic policies have the guy flip-flopped on minimum wage? tax policy?
10:38 pm
but if you look at it carefully, think about that war room mentality, you hear somebody, you're off research, your research team says hold on, these are not the facts. yet, donald trump may want to take it to personal attacks butted right now he is a little bit on the defensive in terms of defending his own policy because kwab doentd think he knows what it is. you had a newer candidate they hadn't fully met and you had to choose some days to explain his vision and deal with smears that were totally untrue. you put out a youtube vidio ethat he wasn't a muslim. those were hard communications challenges. there there's no question you need to make sure the facts are out there and respond swiftfully but it's a question of choosing the battle field that you want to have these battles on and if you get into this personal back and forth, you're on his battle field, he's in a defensive cross in this tax issue and the other
10:39 pm
thing to note what the clinton campaign is taking advantage of is this movement he's had on the minimum wage. it's not about the flip-flop but rits argreat opportunity to remind people in the first republican debates where he said wages are too high in this country. i would have that video all over the place today. but it's about choosing the battles and i want to choose the battles that puts donald trump in the wrong position. >> here's the video the hillary campaign is playing in a new web ababout economics.
10:40 pm
>> look, that's exactly what he's talking about. you want to be on that playing field. and he's wrong. he means pay more than my original plan, which has this horends tax cut that goes to the wealthy. so, if i'm the clinton folks and it's not my job to advise them, put him on the back end of the defensive. that's the way to do it. >> and pose the questions. >> yes. >> they e do want to own someof this terrain. thank you both. a peek inside the war room. coming up, donald trump already looking for members of his cab cabinate, but who would acis frers madge who president
10:41 pm
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donald trump would choose do sit around his cabinet meetings in the white house. >> you'll find when you become very successful the people that you will like best are the people that are less successful than you. because when you go to a table, you can tell them all these wonderful stories and they'll sit back and listen. does that make sense to you? okay. always be round unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you. do you understand that? >> it's 182 days until this election. and trump's empty administration, heertz rr what a source close to donald trump said about naming policy experts for his team. even when donald trump does
10:45 pm
decide to vet those potential personnel, some political veterans worry about the caliber of talent he can attract. that same article site as former senior administration from the bush administration. joining me now is daren samuelson, senior policy reporter for politico who wrote that speech. based on what we usually see, how normal is what you found? >> pretty abnormal. as he's running for president and begins to think about what kind of people might serve in his cabinet and administration and we're talking 3, 4,000
10:46 pm
people who will be serving at the cabinet level, the assistant administrators, everywhere from the state department to the health and human services department, they're not as intrigued and interested as jumping into that revolving door. they've been sitting in exile from the bush administration, they have expertise in all manner of governing, are not interested in jumping back in. a lot of the clinton people were very interested in getting back to government. but with donald trump it's just not the case. >> yeah, your reporting here is really significant. there's a ton of tension on the politics of this. it was our lead story, the more important thing is looking into these former office holders and we can put on our screen the former nominees, who it's unheard of in the last hundred years, most of these folks not supporting, noting to the
10:47 pm
convention, and yet they have less skin in the game, particularly if they're older and out of it, you're telling us that people who are in the middle of their careers, who served before and would have every reason to want to do this are more willing to take a buy. that's how much they object to the notion of trump governing. >> exactly. and these are people who served in the w. bush administration, who watched jeb get dragged around back and forth who felt a level of disgust towards donald trump. they don't like what they've heard rhetorically, the policies they've seen from him, they haven't seen much meat on the bones from what he's expected to do as president. so, they're not interested in jumping on board and saying i want to take a job. the senate confirmation process is pretty awful. they don't want to make that leap and are happy to sit back and make money, stay in
10:48 pm
academia, stay in their jobs and let donald trump find new people who maybe he wants sque as he thinks about reading our story, good riddance, he doesn't really need these people but he does have to want a government. >> how much of it comes down to his approach and knowledge? you see that he has a kind of add jumping from one thing to the next which would be hard to apply to governing the massive federal bureaucracy well. >> i mean running a government is a lot different than running a business. there's contracts, federal agencies, working with congress, all aspects are much more difficult than working in government -- working in business. i think donald trump is going to come into government, if he is the president, you would imagine he would surround himself with a business people he's worked with and w. bush people brought texas people came with him.
10:49 pm
you would see a contingent of peachal round donald trump but that's a lot different than running the federal agencies where there's statute, history, legislative history, how you make your way through government, rits arbig difference. >> thank you for joining us tonight. veryert inesting piece and. >> coming up, five question frsz the pds . this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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today the obama justice department took north carolina to federal court seeking to block its controversial bathroom law as state discrim nation against transgender americans among others, it restricts people to the gender of their birth certificates, ralther than their identity. they gave north carolina's governor a deadline to try to comply with the required civil rights protections. north carolina's governor declined and filed suit against the feds. >> we believe a core, ralther than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what that law requires. ultimately, i think it's tooim
10:55 pm
for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national antidiscrimination provisions under stielt 7 and title 9. >> the justice department responded there with a suit that had clearly been in the wurks as attorney general lynch explained in a fiery speech comparing north carolina's law to jim crow segregation of bathrooms. >> we are seeking a court order declaring hb 2's restroom restriction discriminatory as well as a state wide bar on its enforcement. we retain the option of curtailing federal funding to the north carolina's department of public safety and the university of north carolina as this case proseesds. >> one voice rose among many others while managing to make people think and laugh. >> what's up y'all, liberal red neck. fired up, son.
10:56 pm
i've been seeing all these facebook posts about transgender bathrooms and every one of them comes down to the same -- we got to watch out for the kids, the kids, the kids. you are so full of -- what do you think is going to happen? you know they've existed forever, right? what bathrooms you think they been using? and how many times you here about what you're worried about happening? hardly ever. because they're not going to pray on a kid in broad daylight in public, especially not with their interrogatory ludite daddy dieing to punch something different. it don't make no sense and you know it's getting out of hand. i never thought i'd see the day. so, now you're uncomfortable, so we got to escape the deep deep. well. >> that is a little something different. his name is tray crowder. a tennessee comedian. he calls himself a liberal red neck and after his videos went viral, we wanted to get to know
10:57 pm
a little bit more about him. >> yes, and no. it is a character. but only in as it far as it's an exaggeration of who i am. i grew up super red neck. i have always been very liberal in terms offidology or whatever and really the only thing that make as difference is in person i'm not as aggressive or in your face because i feel red necks are this is what i believe and i don't give a dam how you feel about it, so i want to show him how it feels to be on the other side of that butther than that, i mean, it's pretty much me. so, yes and no. you ain't going to believe this. but all of them. i mean, you name it and i've got an opinion on it. still a red neck.
10:58 pm
so, yeah, i got some thoughts. the whole income and ekault, we're basically living in a plu talkeracy, which i could do without. the war on drugs has been a catastrophe and then from that institutional racism is a big thing. to me, i think is a major problem. i want to do videos about most of these things eventually, it's just where the conversation has been is on the lgbt stuff. i got pretty strong opinions on most of it, all of your typical bleeding heart stuff. so, stay tuned. you'll probably be surprised to learn that it's not all together fairt this election. it's absurd, everything about it, it's an absolute clown show, makes me feel ashamed sometimes and if you can make a red neck
10:59 pm
feel ashamed, you really doing it because we are not known for giving a dam as a people but it's just -- our political system just keeps getting crazier by the election cycle as far as i can tell and almost seems like it's coming to its crap crescendo this year. it's fascinating but i'm a dad, so i just hope we survive it. follow me on facebook and twitter@tray trae crowdcrowder. i'll have all the videos on there. it means a lot to me and yeah. see you. bye. >> you can see the full last word interview on last word facebook paige. you'll find it on the website, last
11:00 pm
would trump dump ryan? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in california where i'll speak at the institute for public policy. did donald trump say i'll fight every man in the house for a dollar? not yet but he's ready to fight the speaker of the house and not worried about party unity. >> does the party have to be together? i'm different perhaps than anybody that's run for office. i don't think so. i have to stay true to my principles, also and i'm a conservative but don't forget, there are conservative parties. >> republican leaders whether to support trump among those who


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