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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we are following some developing news from donald trump's campaign. this just in. it's being reported by "the washington post" robert costa, frequent guest on msnbc, he is reporting that trump's controversial campaign manager, corey lewandowski, will now
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oversee the search for a vice presidential candidate to pair up with the gop front-runner and the presumptive nominee. donald trump taking to twitter less than an hour ago with this message. quote, it is only the people that were never asked to be vp that tell the press that they will not take the position. the question is, is that a response to senator marco rubio, insisting now that he does not want to be considered for trump's vice president? amid those developments, we have some new polls out this morning that show the likely general election matchup between trump and hillary clinton. again, these are early polls. but our latest nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll that will likely go up and down shows clinton leading trump nationally by five points versus six points last week. meantime a new quinnipiac
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university poll out in key swing states show clinton with a slim one-point lead in florida and pennsylvania. trump ahead by four points in ohio. now, donald trump is preparing for a high-stakes meeting thursday with republican congressional leaders, including, as you well know, i'm sure, house speaker paul ryan and senator majority leader, michigan mcconnell. sources now tell nbc news those leaders want to discuss with trump his, quote, tone. so far senator mcconnell has offered guarded support for the presumptive nominee while speaker ryan is still withholding his support. in reaction, trump has refused to rule out removing ryan as chairman of the republican convention. >> he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. >> that was speaker ryan talking to a radio station yesterday in his home state of wisconsin. those comments getting a lot of attention. the speaker also said he wants
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to get to know trump and understand him better. and he had a warning ahead of this meeting we're all counting down to on thursday with trump. >> if we pretend we are unified without actually unifying, then we will go into this fall election at half strength and that means we'll be less likely to win. >> now, one sign of easing tension, some are reading that into it, house republican whip kevin mccarthy signed up yesterday to be a trump delegate in california. but others, like kelly ayotte are trying to balance running for re-election on the republican line with trump. >> i've said that i'm going to vote for our republican nominee, but i don't intend to endorse anyone in this race. >> let's not forget there are republican primaries today in west virginia and nebraska, but donald trump is running now unopposed. there's also a democratic primary that we cannot forget in west virginia where the latest polls show bernie sanders
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leading hillary clinton. we have our correspondents and analysts all lined up. they're standing by to talk about all of the headlines. we begin with nbc's jacob rascon who joins us live from trump tower. so jacob, the trump campaign now having a big meeting discussing financing for his campaign and also we have the new development that's being reported that corey lewandowski will lead the search for a vice president. >> reporter: right. this is a big week for the trump campaign and a very different week, even after last week he became the presumptive nominee. he kept up his schedule of rallies, but so far this week there's nothing public on the schedule except for that thursday meeting and behind the scenes, his team is using the time to transition and make preparations for the general election. they have made a number of hires, a number of additions to the team, including the financial chair. you have anthony scarlucio who's joining the team, another big name in finance. today behind the scenes in trump
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tower, "the washington post" is reporting that the rnc finance chairman is meeting with trump to finalize some of those preparations when it comes to money and fund-raising in the general election. of course we have to remind folks that this is a big transition for trump himself, who spent months decrying finance as corrupt and now -- or finance meaning fund-raising, but now he said he's going to do that and he's making those final preparations behind the scenes today. elsewhere in trump world, his team is out on twitter, very excited about those new polls showing in swing states that it may be a tighter race than we've seen in the past. tamron. >> all right, jacob, thank you very much. i'm joined now by howard fineman with the huffington post, robert costa and maria teresa kumar. robert, i'll start with you. corey lewandowski, it wasn't very long ago, a few weeks in fact, people thought his role would be diminished. he was not charged after the
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incident involving the reporter that we all saw on video, but now his role expanded in a very important way. >> as the trump campaign expands for the general election, its inner circle, its high command is beginning to delegate responsibilities. you have paul manafort, the newly enlisted strategist running the convention. lewandowski is continuing as campaign manager but also in his portfolio, according to my sources close to the campaign, he's going to run and manage the vice presidential search. >> let's talk about the road ahead for him. you have marco rubio saying he would not want the job. by all accounts in the reporting out there, it seems that a lot of people have said no before even being asked, which would go back to donald trump's tweet. so the journey ahead for corey lewandowski looks like what, robert? >> corey lewandowski is going to be tasked with something that may be difficult, and that is getting someone to be on trump's ticket who also has a rapport with the candidate. trump insiders tell me that having a relationship with the
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candidate and ability to go with trump's personality and his leadership style is going to be paramount in the selection process. trump has also told his advisers that he'd like to have someone with experience, whether it was a senator, a governor, someone who could help him if elected legislate in washington and pass his legislation should he be president. >> are those sources giving you any indication if newt gingrich as reported may be at the top of the list? if not newt gingrich, then who? >> newt gingrich is certainly part of the conversation. he's close to people in the trump campaign and has developed a relationship with trump. other names you hear are governors like mary fallon. if the general election is against secretary clinton, you pick a female candidate. >> let me bring in howard fineman. howard, this finance meeting taking place and you heard paul ryan say basically he does not want to pretend everything is okay after this thursday meeting if it is not. but does this all boil down to the money? "the new york times" is saying
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that by the end of march, trump had spent $40 million of his own money on primaries, even though there's a reimbursement more detailed thing going on there. he said he may need as much as $1.5 billion for the fall campaign but basically he has no fund-raising apparatus to resort to. so is this all about as his entertainment show, "the apprentice" opens up with money, money, money, is that what it's all about? >> yeah, the way to view this entire process that's beginning now, that's really begun since ted cruz and john kasich dropped out and trump became the presumptive nominee, it's one gigantic real estate negotiation. it's about money, it's about power, it's about priorities. corey lewandowski is not going to choose the vice presidential candidate, he's going to be a vetter. he's going to vet those people like nothing you've ever seen. i think paul manafort is still first among equals there.
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as far as the money is concerned, they'll get the money together eventually. as far as paul ryan is concerned, i've been talking to republican leaders up and down the line over the last several days. my sense is there's a semi good cop and semi bad cop going on here with mitch mcconnell being the semi good cop and paul ryan being the semi bad cop. they're going to try to pull donald trump as far away from his extreme statements as they can to make him the most plausible candidate they can so as not to endanger the senate and the house being in republican hands. that's the play here and it's going to go on for weeks and weeks and weeks. >> but what's the play from ryan when he says, listen, if he doesn't want me to chair the convention, then i won't. what's the play there? >> that was part of the public negotiation strategy. donald trump doesn't want paul ryan ultimately to walk away from the convention. donald trump needs paul ryan. and paul ryan needs donald trump
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to moderate enough to be a semi salable candidate in the fall so as not to ruin republican control of congress. that's the delicate game that's going on here. that's the overall shape of it. that's the way it's going to continue for weeks and weeks and weeks. the sort of public and private negotiations. i would predict after this meeting on thursday that they still are far apart, that is trump and ryan, but they'll continue the negotiating process. as i say, it's like a gigantic real estate negotiation. that's what trump does, that's what paul ryan does. it's going to go on and on. >> let me get you in on this. the trump campaign already focused in on the polls that came out today. we've got a weekly tracking poll. if anyone has ever covered an election, they certainly know you do not want to put your money in a weekly tracking poll if you're trying to bet something, but we do have these numbers to digest. and if the trump campaign
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follows its m.o. and the media follows as we've done, we'll be talking a lot about polls daily. which brings us to some of hillary clinton or bernie sanders core support and the key voting block, latino vote here. i've heard a lot of rhetoric that the people who are registering, it's high. we're seeing turnout or expected turnout could be incredible. can you give us some hard data on what you're hearing on the ground if it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders on the democratic side? >> right now -- trump right now has become the mobilizer, organizer that the latino community and leadership has been waiting for and in many ways how to mobilize a lot of young women. it has all to do with his policies. when you start looking down into texas, he actually in the last -- in the last five months, you've seen a surge in naturalization. since 2014 you've seen a 14% increase in people becoming u.s. citizens so they can actually cast a ballot. california alone had a 98% increase in voter registration
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among latinos. this is unpress dented. the last time we saw this in mobilization in the latino community is when pete wilson passed prop 187 which created a racial profiling law of who can get government services in california. all of a sudden california went from a solidly swing state, sometimes it was red, sometimes it was blue, to a solidly blue state and that was because of the surge of the latino vote. you're seeing that happen right now in florida, nevada, arizona. i actually think that people keep talking about donald trump winning the rust belt, but they don't take into consideration that pennsylvania and wisconsin alone, they each have 5% to 4% of an electorate that is hispanic. it was the same percentage that put virginia on top for obama last time. again, using a lot of these issues. that's not even including the asian vote that's also feeling a lot of the repercussions that this terrible rhetoric that is coming out of donald trump. >> yesterday you talked a lot about donald trump's pivot on minimum wage, whether or not he was flip-flopping on raising
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taxes for the wealthiest people. if the focus of this meeting thursday is also on his tone, is there any possible pivot that donald trump could make in tone as it relates to immigration? howard i think said the last time we spoke it seems as if this is the bread and butter of who donald trump is so how can the gop leadership possibly guide him to a pivot when it comes to latino voters and immigration. >> if you go to donald trump's website right now and you looked at issues, his number one issue on the dropdown venue is build the wall. it's very clear who he's trying to separate. latinos find him unfavorable. it's going to be almost impossible. and it's not the rhetoric, tamron, it's what's happening in local communities. we're getting inundated by saying their 6-year-old daughter has come home crying because all of a sudden their piers are
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telling them that if donald trump becomes president, they're going to be deported. these are american children. and it's not one or two incidences, it's rampant right now. >> robert, just quick low here, looking down the list of people at this meeting thursday, in addition to people like senator roy blunt who's facing re-election in missouri, he's put out a statement of caution as well in wanting to get to know donald trump but having some reservations, has there been one big name since john kasich dropped out of the race that has come as a surprise to you as a supporter of donald trump that may help to legitimatize him with the larger gop leadership? >> an important person to pay attention to in the coming days is the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, a californian, popular with the rank and file in the house. he has voiced support for trump as the nominee and generally favorable toward trump as a person in the past few weeks in his local press. he could be someone if ryan is wary who could be an ally for
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trump. >> thank you all for your time, we greatly appreciate it. donald trump is also sparking new criticism overseas. right now the presumptive nominee was recently asked about how his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. would affect london's newly elected mayor, who is muslim. trump's response did not exactly sit well with the new mayor. kelly cobiella joins us now with more on the back-and-forth there. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. yeah, the new london mayor essentially saying thanks but no thanks to an invitation by donald trump to go to the united states should trump become president. he was elected in a landslide last week. it was a somewhat negative campaign in which his conservative opponents tried to paint him as tied to extremists. khan is of course a practicing muslim. he's london's first muslim mayor and obviously a powerful role representing this city around the world.
8:16 am
the former mayor of london, boris johnson, visited the united states several times over his eight-year term or two four-year terms. so when "the new york times" asked donald trump about what would happen with a muslim mayor of london should trump become president, he said there will always be exceptions to his proposed ban on all muslims. in fact, he even praised khan saying his election is a very good thing. he said i hope he does a very good job because frankly that would be very, very good because if he does a good job, it will really lead by example. always lead by example. if he does a great job, that would be a terrific thing. today the new london of mayor spoke to the bbc about the presumptive presidential nominee and this is what he had to say. >> i think donald trump has ignorant views about islam.
8:17 am
it's not just about me. i don't want to be the exception to be allowed to go to america. donald trump has said should he be elected president of the united states of america he would ban muslims from attending america. that means if you are somebody who wants to go to disneyland and you're a businessperson who wants to go and do business there, if you're somebody who wants to be a student in america, because you are a muslim, you could be stopped from going there. so he's made an exception for me. it's not about me. it's about my friends, family and others from all around the world. >> the new mayor said at his swearing-in ceremony that he wanted to be a mayor for all londoners and not just muslim londoners. he's a member of the labor party, ideologically closer to the democrats, of course, than the republicans. he also told bbc today in that interview that he was supporting hillary clinton, tamron, and he added, quote, i hope she trounces him in talking about trump. >> kelly cobiella live for us in london. thank you very much. and developing now, voting
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is under way in west virginia's democratic primary where bernie sanders is likely to beat hillary clinton. but clinton is looking ahead with an ad buy in kentucky after not advertising in the past two primary states. why the change in strategy now? and jon stewart jumps back into politics less than a year after leaving "the daily show." what stewart called trump in his return, i guess to politics. he's also criticizing hillary clinton as well. we'll have the latest. also ahead, censored by facebook. that's the question now. former workers are accusing the social network of routinely suppressing conservative stories from its trending feed. the response from facebook this morning, after a short break. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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welcome back. hillary clinton is campaigning in kentucky this afternoon as she braces for a loss to bernie sanders in west virginia today in the primary in that state. clinton is not just campaigning across kentucky, she's now spending money there as well. a democratic source tells nbc news the clinton campaign has reserved ad time in the state for a week later this week that represents a reversal for the campaign, which did not buy any air time in the last two primaries. that included west virginia. she's also just secured the endorsement of former kentucky governor steve breshear. her renewed focus on the primary comes even as she's asked to react to donald trump's attacks against her and the former president. >> donald trump has really gone after your husband and even you as an enabler for the scandals of the 1990s. >> i'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i'm going to run my campaign. i'm running my campaign, i'm not
8:23 am
running against him. he's doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> nbc's kristen welker is in louisville, kentucky, following the clinton campaign. let's start off with obviously the response yesterday to donald trump and bill clinton's affairs. when you see the setting, and i think it was joe scarborough or the "morning joe" team that brought this up. here she was promoting a family event and having to answer these questions. what's the behind-the-scenes scoop there? is there a level of frustration already this early, kristen? >> reporter: there is no doubt a level of frustration that donald trump is bringing up these very personal attacks. i think you're seeing the strategy play out. you saw it right there. she is not responding directly to the allegation that she in some way enabled her husband, but in talking to clinton campaign officials they say that notion is ridiculous. tamron, i anticipate we're going to hear that come out from some of her surrogates. i also wouldn't be surprised if
8:24 am
we heard some of donald trump's comments at the time. remember, he was not critical of bill clinton at the time. in fact he was one of those voices saying he shouldn't be impeached so i wouldn't be surprised if we saw that come up from one of the surrogates or in an ad. that's something to look for moving forward. the strategy, though, is to try to court women voters. right now she's got a big advantage among women voters nationally and in some swing states. that's going to be on display here in kentucky even as she fights this primary battle, she's going to be unveiling a new policy proposal which she says would keep child care costs down to only 10% of a family's salary, so that's one of the ways in which she is reaching out to those critical voters, tamron. but she's also mindful that she is in a primary. as you pointed out, the campaign bracing for a loss in west virginia. she's going to be here in kentucky as they go up with ads. it's a real sign she's trying to mitigate some of these losses they're bracing for in may. >> thank you. let's turn to bernie sanders.
8:25 am
he is banking on the west virginia win and looking ahead to future primaries. senator sanders is campaigning in california and oregon today. last night he spoke to another big crowd, 16,000 in sacramento. sanders acknowledged his narrow path to the white house, but said his campaign is far from over. so nbc's chris jansing continues to follow the sanders campaign. she's in stockton, california. so i'm curious when the sanders team hears that hillary clinton has decided to reverse and buy some ad times, emphasizing that optics matter here, including what we see behind you, chris. >> reporter: yeah, it's a little bit of good news/bad news, right? the good news is that it shows that she's a little bit worried, that she knows that she has to continue to fight on two fronts. the bad news is that it means it's a little tougher fight for him if she's going up with some ads. but there are a couple of stories here. this is one of them. it's obviously three hours earlier here and the crack of dawn people are getting in line
8:26 am
here in stockton, california. last night by varying accounts, the official number was 16,000 people who turned out in sacramento. one local tv station is reporting 25,000 with an overflow, and you can see this is big news. here's the local paper here that says "a chance to be heard, standers stop in stockton a big deal for many." he is really looking to all the way here to california on june 7th, part of his overall strategy to keep accumulating delegates, accumulating this narrative that he is still in the game. and a big part of that narrative has long been that he is the better person to go up against donald trump. and you saw in our new survey monkey poll that even though hillary clinton head-to-head against trump beats him by five points, i'm sure you're going to hear bernie sanders say today in that same poll, he beats trump by 13 points. and so he has a jam-packed schedule this week.
8:27 am
it's almost astonishing how much energy this 74-year-old man has, but he's going to continue to go through all these remaining states one by one, something they weren't sure they were going to do hitting all these states. it now looks like they're going to as they head toward those final contests in california and then d.c., tamron. >> all right, chris jansing, thank you very much. and coming up in some other news, the latest on a massive tornado that tore through oklahoma. two people are killed. it was one of nearly 20 tornados reported yesterday alone, and now today they're expecting more severe weather in the forecast. we'll have the very latest after a break.
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8:31 am
side bar. natalie morales has the story. >> reporter: this morning facebook scrambling to respond to surprising accusations of political bias after a report released monday which says that the team of facebook employees in charge of site's trending list had intentionally suppressed articles from conservative news sources. these news curators say they're coming forward to reveal they were also instructed to artificially inject selected stories into the trending news module. in interviews those former curators describe grueling work conditions and what they describe as humiliating treatment. according to a former journalist who worked on the project, workers prevented stories about mitt romney, rand paul and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly influential section, even though they were organically trending among the site's users. facebook boasts hundreds of millions of monthly active
8:32 am
users. in fact this story itself a trending topic all night long. during facebook's april keynote address, ceo mark zuckerberg touched on politics. >> we stand for connecting every person. for a global community. for bringing people together. >> reporter: in response to the allegations, a spokesman for facebook says it follows rigorous guidelines and works to be inclusive of all perspectives. we take allegations of bias very seriously. facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum. the republican national committee released a statement on its website saying in part it is beyond disturbing to learn that this power is being used to silence viewpoints and stories that don't fit someone else's agenda. >> that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. now gizmoto reports that other former curators they interviewed denied consciously suppressing conservative news. the outlet said it was unable to
8:33 am
determine if left-wing news topics or other sources were repressed. we just got this statement in reacting to this report. it says facebook is a social community platform that has become a major source of news and conversation for conservatives and liberals alike. recently the social media giant tried to highlight trending items. they say according to facebook, the items are generated by an algorithm many that analyzes which stories are popular the day among users, but they reply to this report and it says here that it is beyond disturbing to learn that this power is being used to silence viewpoints and stories that don't fit someone else's agenda. censorship in any form should give americans who value their fundamental freedoms great pause. that just came in, just put in my hands here, but cal perry has been looking at this story that natalie points out was trending last night. has there been any proof provided here? i know that the report -- these
8:34 am
are allegations, but what more do we have here? >> proof is going to be really hard because it's an algorithm many to start with and it's trending number one on facebook. it's now the top story on facebook, which speaks to this algorithm which plugs stories in. it has caused quite the thing online. facebook keeps updating their sort of position on this through tom stocky, a vice president. he's basically talked about the rigorous guidelines that are in place for this review team so you have an algorithm many that will curate stories on their own and you have human beings to flush out stories from there. >> like editors. >> exactly. but they're supposed to be going off of this algorithm many so picking the stories that are already trending. it's also caused a problem on twitter. this is why we're talking about this. among is it millennials, 80% get their news from social media and one in three adults.
8:35 am
you can see people on twitter asking the question isn't the real problem that people are relying on facebook as their news source? this is what the courts are going to discuss. we've had our first lawsuit from steven crowder, he's a conservative radio host and he's filed in a texas court sort of a premotion, a presuit discovery which will on his part discover whether there was irreparable harm do to him because he was mentioned by that employee as one of the many things censored on facebook. >> gizmoto said it was unable to determine if left-wing news topics or other sources were suppressed, so this could also apply, depending on who the curator is on the other side. we don't know that. >> we don't. i think there's a presupposition that facebook is a liberal company. they're saying facebook is liberal so they're going to curate conservative store es out
8:36 am
of their rundown. aaa is out with an urgent warning about drivers who smoke marijuana in states where it's legal and then get behind the wheel. some staggering numbers to report. also we're getting our first look inside that canadian city ravaged by that historic fire. there is some encouraging news to report. we'll be right back. ds are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet?
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8:40 am
on the cleanup. we see those people and obviously our thoughts are with them as they try to get things back together there. >> hi there, tamron, good morning. you're exactly right. these are folks here cleaning up the debris, picking up the pieces after a devastating afternoon. as you mentioned, a half dozen tornados ripping through oklahoma, damage pretty much everywhere. this home ripped from its foundation, obliterated. now, as you mentioned, two people were killed in oklahoma, including one who was just identified. 76-year-old chester barnes. he actually lived not too far from here. now, we did speak with a woman who lived at this home. she was able to survive by racing to her emergency shelter right over here. her name is lisa butcher. she describes just a harrowing story about how she was able to make it here just barely in the nick of time. she thought she was not going to survive and she was thinking about her kids as she was in here. now, today she and her family are cleaning up over here. there is a threat for other
8:41 am
parts of the country in the midwest, kentucky, indiana, even parts of texas are under some threat of more severe weather today, but thankfully here in this part of oklahoma, you can see the clear skies above. it is very warm here, but the good weather is aiding in some of these cleanup efforts. but this is the peak of tornado season here in oklahoma, and so folks here are bracing for another potential round of severe weather tomorrow. tamron. >> it is incredible to see that video, gabe. i grew up obviously in texas, not very far from where you are, and the image of that enormous twister is compelling for even seasoned folks for watch this. >> yeah, that's exactly right, tamron. you know, you see a lot of these tornados, but even this one, the storm chasers were really able to get up close and frankly just get some amazing images coming from these tornados, six of them here in oklahoma. now this one was reported to be about a mile long. about a dozen homes were either damaged or destroyed in this area.
8:42 am
there was an outbreak across oklahoma and other states. nebraska and iowa. but these in oklahoma, yes, we're seeing those amazing images, it's really a sight to behold. unfortunately two people did lose their lives here. but pause this area is so spread out, the homes are in some cases a quarter mile apart, officials here say that the damage could have been even more extensive if there had been, you know, more of a population center here, tamron. >> all right, gabe, thank you very much. we're getting a first look at the devastating damage left behind after a massive wildfire swept through parts of alberta, canada. authorities gave a tour of the town of ft. mcmurray where nearly 100,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes. the wildfire destroyed at least two entire neighborhoods and about 2400 structures in all. a top official says now nearly 90% of the homes and businesses remain intact. still, there is no water, power or gas. the wildfire continues to grow outside the town, burning nearly
8:43 am
800 square miles. plans are under way to help people return to their homes within the next two weeks. coming up, aaa is out with an urgent warning about drivers under the influence of marijuana. the disturbing increase in these deadly accidents. we'll have the numbers and how some are trying to address the problem after the break. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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8:47 am
headline. >> reporter: hi, tamron, good day to you. they have legalized marijuana here in d.c. and 13 more states are considering whether to legalize marijuana. washington state was among the first and now aaa research suggests that the percentage of drivers who smoked pot and then were involved in fatal accidents in washington state more than doubled. driving under the influence isn't just about drinking and driving. >> so you smoked 30 minutes ago and you're saying that i'm not going to find any weed in this car. >> it can also mean driving high. >> you know that's not a good ide idea, right? >> reporter: 20 states allow medicinal use, four states allow recreational pot. it's a growing danger on the nation's roads. >> driving is already a tough task. when you add a drug that impairs
8:48 am
our ability to manage that task, it's a recipe for disaster. >> you are impaired. you are impaired. i have seen impairment. i have seen what impairment does. >> reporter: it's been two and a half years since mary gaston waved good-bye to her 23-year-old son, blake, at a suburban seattle restaurant. seconds later at this intersection he was hit by a car. the 33-year-old driver, now in prison, admitted he was high on pot. blake died right in front of his mom. >> it was a very traumatic death. it was a very -- it was a very horrific death. >> reporter: washington state legalized marijuana in 2012. this morning aaa reports the percentage of drivers who had smoked pot and were then involved in fatal crashes in washington state more than doubled between 2013 and 2014. from 40 to 85. with his trademark smile, blake gaston was a brother, son, musician, student, computer whiz and so much more. >> even at 23 years, he lived a
8:49 am
hell of a life. a life that was way, way, way too short, but he lived a hell of a life. >> reporter: some states have set legal limits on how much marijuana chemical can be in the blood before somebody is considered to be impaired, but aaa research suggests that in fact those numbers are meaningless because what might make one person impaired isn't reflective of what makes somebody else impaired and that the thc levels are not a very good indicator of whether somebody is impaired, so aaa wants to see police empowered to determine whether there is in fact a problem with a driver being impaired on marijuana. tamron, back to you. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. coming up, was it just too hard to resist? former "daily show" host jon stewart is back and taking on not only donald trump, but he has some choice comments about hillary clinton. we'll have the very latest on stewart's, can we call it a return? that's next. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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john stewart talking politics. the former daily show host relatively mia since he stepped away from his show last august. that left his fans wondering what john stewart would have to say about the rise of donald trump. yesterday, john stewart broke his silence on trump's an hour long broadcast. >> i didn't know if donald trump is eligible to be president. are you eligible to run if you are a man baby or a baby man? [ laughter ] >> he's a man baby. he has the physical accountant of a man and a baby temperament.
8:54 am
>> liz, many people are wondering of how long it would given of john stewart and many did not think of this. >> all this time, what would john stewart say about what's happening now. the rise of donald trump is not a new thing. you know, john stewart, took on donald trump with the whole berther thing. he was a huge voice taking down donald trump. we are all awaiting his thoughts on that. he did not lead hillary clinton off his list to comment on. lets play what he says of the same broadcast. >> when i think of hillary clinton, i imagine to be a bright woman without the courage of her convictions because i am not sure what they are. that's not to say she's not preferable to donald trump because at this point, i would vote for mr. t over donald
8:55 am
trump. >> john stewart hosted the daily show for 15 years. and of course president obama and mit romney. nothing could match what we could see with hillary clinton and donald trump. >> absolutely. >> will john stewart make a return is the big question? >> i would love that. i think there is a good roster of comedy to take on that issue. john oliver, for example, did a really good job. >> but, you yourself would wonder what john stewart would say and the list goes on and on. >> this year is so ridiculous that we would need someone like john stewart. we have friends on "snl," it is hard to make comedy on this because it is depressing. some of the things that donald trump is saying and doing, you cannot put another sense on it and it reminds me of "snl"
8:56 am
playing on sarah palin -- but, yeah, comedy and the role of comedy is huge when we are thinking of millenials and a lot of them is relying on this sources. >> what have john stewart said lately that making people think in some form of the broadcast of his presence in the next 102 days maybe more. >> i think he's not going to be staying in the dark for a very long time even before this election got very crazy. so i think we are going to see more of him and harder and harder for him to not share his opinion which i think is interesting. he did not go after donald trump as you just play. he's also making valid points about hillary clinton to show his perspective is very much needed. >> thank you, liz, we'll see
8:57 am
what happens next. >> that does it for this hour, msnbc live, thank you for joining me, up next is "andrea mitchell reports." wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere.
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the all-new audi a4 is here. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," king of the hill, paul ryan visiting washington. >> i want to get to know him 100% better. i really don't know him. we had one conversation a few months ago and basically the kind of conversation i am hoping we all can have together and not just the two of us is how can we unify our party. >> the high road, hillary clinton is refusing to take donald trump's bait. >> donald trump has really gone after your husband and you as an enabler and the


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