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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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presidential pick. this is one potential candidate, marco rubio has taken himself out of contention while rick perry says "count him in". >> i am opened to helping this country get back on track. i offered myself up in 2011 and 2012. we have brand new polling predicting hillary clinton would win a november match up by donald trump by a narrow 5% margin. new polls show a much tighter match up between clinton and trump and florida and ohio and pennsylvania. all states could determine who wins the white house. >> right now hillary clinton is campaigning where she's not responding to trump's recent round of rhetoric targeting her husband. how long will clinton is
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compelled to fight fire with fire. >> i am going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i am going to run my campaign which is about a positive vision for our country. >> so off the trail, the political world is counting down to thursday's capitol cliff hanger left than 48 hours ago before donald trump meeting with senate and gop leadership. cruz is heading back to capitol hill today saying he won't rule out getting back in the presidential race. >> the reason we suspended the race last week, it was indiana's loss. i did not see a victory. if that changes, we'll certainly respond accordingly. >> right now our politics team is on the hill and coast to coast covering today's primary action as voters head to the polls in west virginia and nebraska. i want to start out with katy tur, she's joining us many
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manhattan. she's talking about her sources from inside the campaign from donald trump about the meeting coming up on capitol hill. ben carson is attempted to be the opening and to win over the arrival. are they confirming this doing on his own without the authority, trying to get this meeting. >> reporter: ben carson, this was not something they asked him to do but they are okay for him to do it. it is unclear if ben carson will get a meeting with paul ryan ahead of trump with the speaker of the house. ben carson wants to smooth things over between the presumptive nominee and head of the republican party. donald trump will center on and it is supposed to be about tone. the leaders and establishments and leaders on capitol hill is concerned about how trump is going to conduct himself on the
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campaign going forward. donald trump is prepared to hammer home how willing he is to fund raise with the rnc in order to make sure down ballot republican ars are not at a los when it comes to their election comes november ahead of the ticket. >> the washington post reporting lewan lewandowski is heading up in the search. >> reporter: it is still very early on. all the plans for vetting potential vps are still very early on. it is also premature to talk even about a short list when it comes to who could potentially be a vice presidential nominee for donald trump. that's unusual, usually the
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person who's vetting nominee who's a lawyer. corey lewandoski does not have that. he's a confidant of donald trump. certainly someone that trump trusts. i would expect more folks to come on that committee come time to choose a vice presidential candidate. we are not going to get a list now until july. >> katy tur is reporting outside of manhattan. thanks so much. don't miss out paul manafort, he's sitting down with chris mathews tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i want to go now to halie jackson tracking the movement of other republican leaders as they return from capitol hill. what will are you hearing from other leaders that's planning to meet with trump this week. how are they interested in
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learning more of the presumptive gop nominee. >> reporter: everybody is coming back to congress, thomas to start the first week since donald trump has became that nominee. speaker ryan sent out a note to the press saying, hey, the meeting is not the most important thing happening at the hill this week and listing a number of policy initiatives that speaker ryan is trying to push through congress and trying to get people talk about. a lot of attention is focus ed on donald trump and a lot of questions around trump campaign. sweepstakes, we caught up a couple of minutes ago with senator bob corker, he was asked not just about the vice presidential talk but he could not begin to talk about it since he has no idea if he's considered and not notified to be a possible running mate. i asked him about what a lot of republicans here on capitol hill want to know about and that is donald trump's tone.
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what will happen between now and july and up until the general election. so i said, are you concerned about it. here is the senator's response. >> seems to me the campaign is evolving a little different way. what i have been saying to people who so quickly say negative thirngs. >> reporter: so the message from senator corker there. let's chill. we'll see how muchhill there will be for the rest of the week here. >> halie jackson reporting for us now on capitol hill. we go now to this news that rocked everybody's world with the tension of politics. we got ted cruz leaving his door open and possibly reentering the race. the reason he gives to glenn
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beck really speaks volume. take a listen for yourself. >> what do the people that were for you, what do you think that we should do. what is your recommendation and can you support donald trump? >> well, this is a choice every voter would have to make. no, it is not a choice that we as a voter would have to make today. the republican convention is not for another two and a half months and the elections is not for another six months. kelly o' donnel is covering the hill and she's tracking the return of ted cruz returning. this is his first return. we always hear that when anybody leaves the trail. what do you make of the new comments from ted cruz and the liability of resurrecting that campaign. >> reporter: there is a lot of places on capitol hill where we
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cannot bring cameras. to pick up on what halie is s saying, "let's chill." this is the place he will return to and his day job so to speak but to answer your question, this is kind of thing where it is important to know what was the audience. glenn beck and his listeners are some of the most active conservatives out there. ted cruz clearly wants to send a message to them after all their support and grass root door knocking efforts that we have seen with his supporters to not feel as bad as they might feel. he talked about not wanting to disappoint them and being sorry that he felt short. leaving the most rhetorical tracks on the door about whether or not he could restart his campaign. people often ask me, why do they use the term suspending the campaign, suspending is a legal term that allows them to turn
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the lights back on if circumstances have changed. talking about it in those terms give some of his voters and supporters an idea that he still cares about what they're feeling and this campaign here that's been through so many ups and downs. his disappointment is clear. today he gets back to staffers who are here and the work of the senate. we'll have to watch as he returns. he's flying in from home this afternoon and we'll try to catch up with him here to get a sense of what it is like to be back in these halls. >> kelly o' donnel, thanks so much. ted cruz went on with that interview and glenn beck of the reason why we suspend that is with indiana's loss. joining me now is matt the republican strategist with gorge
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w bush. >> you know thomas, i think that we might just be reading more into this than he might have meant. but, the other piece of this is, you know, donald trump is in a sense getting negotiated with by paul ryan and a little bit with ted cruz. i have been seeing ted cruz's supporters on my e-mail making sure we have a conservative platform going in and coming out of cleveland. everyone is trying to leverage this kind of opportunity and endorsement of donald trump to make sure they get what they want of all this process as well. >> there is much to witness going up in cleveland. talk about what this means of the speaker's meeting and the congressional leadership and ted cruz and his supporters trying to have within a donald trump republican party platform.
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paul ryan is doing what he needs to do as a republican leader in the house. our biggest majority in the house in almost a century and a lot of these new republicans come from tough districts, districts that barack obama carried when he won reelection. they're going to the speaker and, look, i am worried about donald trump. he's an outsider and he's thrown away the normal rules of politics and it scared a lot of people. >> having an outsider kind of changes everything up. overtime, people will come down and good poll numbers will do a lot to calm people down. he's got some great polls. i think most of us will come together. i don't think all of us will. i don't think he will get anybody. i don't think he will get the same number as mit romney. i think most of them will and i think trump is making this
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competitive election. >> let me ask you about this, yesterday peter alexander had a conversation with congressman colins, mit romney's irrelevant if they are not spoupporting donald trump. donald trump says he needs over $1 billion. how does donald trump win over the romney or the bush's or the people who has connection of the biggest establishment of money. does that mesh up? >> no, it really does not. it is in donald trump's hands. he's got a lot of charm and a lot of skills and able and he survived the real estate market in new york of all these decades. the other piece of this, there is a kernel of truth here which is, as an outsider, he does not have to necessarily nail down all of these insiders. he's running against washington
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and elected fishofficials. for the bush's family it is a terrible chapter to watch what happened to jeb. i have great respect for him. i am sure it is a painful chapter and the idea they're not going to the convention, there is a lot of wisdom on that. >> you are right, he's got to raise a lot of money and he has to court a lot of people to get there. that's the way this process works. i think he's going to be mostly successful at it. >> matt blanch. it is great to have you on. >> thank you, sir. >> it is primary day, voter in nebraska and west virginia is going to the polls today. we have complete coverage beg beginnibegi beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern. hillary clinton is running a two trump campaign. and in today's microsoft polls
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heroillary clinton says she responding to donald trump but doing it in her own terms. secretary clinton makes it very clear that she's focused elsewhere. >> i am answering him all the time. i am answering him on what i think voters care about and the differences on our records and experience and what we want to do or for our country and how
10:18 am
important it is to unify the country. i have been cleared that a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless but dangerous. >> secretary clinton is campaign ing in kentucky. we are covering clinton's fight on two fronts. jansing is covering secretary clinton for us. kristin, let me begin with you the general states are very tight. trump is ahead in ohio. you heard secretary clinton says she's responding donald trump in her own way just not directly about the attacks on clinton's affair. can she afford to stay silence on this. >> reporter: those attacks are going to backfire and part of that reasoning is you see a
10:19 am
large gender gap. when you look at those battleground stakes, take a look at this gap and the polling. secretary leading donald trump in florida by 13 points in women and trump is leading 13 points among men. similar in ohio where clinton is up to 13 points. pennsylvania, clinton has a 19 point lead and trump with a 21 point lead with men. she's trying to harness that momentum with women voters. we are seeing it again today here in kentucky. she's holding a lot of events that are directed at women and issues related to child care and the family. she's unrolling a new policy when she gets here in liouisvile
10:20 am
today. >> as you point out thomas, she's still locked inside this primary battle with senator sanders and that is what brings her to kentucky today. the clinton campaign is up. that's significant because it marks a break in strategy. she has not ads in west virginia or indiana. heading into the convention on a stronger footing. kristin welker is wortireportin there. >> let's head over to chris jansing. sanders only has this slim chance to become the nominee. how did the campaign react to the criticism?
10:21 am
>> they had a big crowd yesterday and more than 1,000 more outside. they think that's proof. in fact, unlike the republicans who dropped out of donald trump and even though it is the longest of long shot. bernie sanders has not eliminated in this race. they are pointing to some polls. take a look at our own survey poll showing national head to head while hillary clinton does beat donald trump by five points. 13 points for bernie sanders and there is the ckey poll with stae by state match ups where you were talking with kristen. he would be the stronger candidate attracting more independence and pulling those votes away from donald trump. of course, the problem is that you don't win elections by polls. you win elections by votes.
10:22 am
the democratic map is largely against him. first of all, we saw that hillary clinton is going up with ads in kentucky. this campaign sees that there is as good sign and there is a nervousness of the campaign of the states going forward. sanders will be going up with ads in kentucky. this is a state where they're going to focus where a lot of their attention here in california. of course, the biggest prize of all. if they can win the series of states going into california, they believe it gives them the momentum. a lot of that will be focusing on getting big props like this and a lot of free media that comes along with it. >> chris jansing reporting for us in stockton california. we want to show you this images coming out of oklahoma capturing a massive tornado ripping through everything in its path.
10:23 am
>> lisa buckner in oklahoma lost everything in the tornado. she escaped the storm and racing to her under ground shelter. >> you see dirt coming in. >> you didn't think at one point that you will make it. you started recording video. yes. you can hear it on the video and man, it was loud. it came over the top of me. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is doing tremendous reporting there at ground. today 14 americans are at risk of severe weather across the state. more than 20 tornados are spotted already. the devastating storms killed two people in oklahoma. we'll be back after this. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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welcome back everybody. he says i don't go into thursday with two expectations other than having the conversations that we need to start having. so that we are at full strength at this fall. he was asked about sarah palin's remark and the fact that she will stump his primary challenger saying he should be cantor. he apparently laughed and said i am not, i am doing just fine. ahead, msnbc's zone, kasie hunt focusing on women, they are a key to donald trump's chances in november. is the the gop presumptive nominee driving women away. if women break big, it could be disaster for republicans up and down. more after this. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing.
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so in the weeks as donald trump emerged of the presumptive nominee, we caught a quick glimpse of the play book against hillary clinton. >> if he did not play the women card, she would have no chance, zero of winning. nobody happens in the history of politics was worst to women or abused women than hillary clinton. hillary was an enabler. some of those were destroyed not by him but by the way hillary clinton treated them. >> so how are women in particular, republican women reacting to trump's personal attacks on clinton. our kasie hunt recently sat down with a group of republican women in virginia to see how this is playing out and trump's remarks. what did you learn?
10:32 am
>> it is very interesting conversations with these five strong republican women. these are women who all voted for mit romney in 2012. they're the kind of women that donald trump needs on his side if he hopes to take on hillary clinton in the fall. as we know his numbers with women are pretty difficult to over come if he does in fact hope to win on this general election. the women that i talked to, set strong opinions. they talk quite a bit among themselves disagreeing. we have a couple of trump's supporter and a couple of women who are ready to vote for hillary clinton. we have somebody who was undecided. this subject of hillary clinton enable her husband and the scandal that many people remembered from the '90s, there was a little bit of a general
10:33 am
split. >> for me, it is ridiculous, blaming the women because the husband made a bad choice. i think that's silly. >> i don't think we can comment onto their relationship. they, you know -- >> they have a unique relationship and there is a book on it, i forgot what it is called. they're more than just husband and wife. they are partners in many other aspects. >> they are a machine and that's why she would never left him as badly as all that came out. >> i don't think we can say what we would have done. how many women do we know who are still with their husbands after being cheated on? i don't think we can project on what she's doing or what she did because it looks good on his career. >> he was the president, come on, he was in charge and he took, you know, the intern and
10:34 am
abused her. >> you think that'll reflect negatively on hillary clinton? >> i do, when you look the other way, you are enabling in my opinion. you are saying you don't want a woman in office whose her husband has been cheated her. i don't know the story behind trump or his wife. i don't know whether or not he divorced his wife. both sides have scandals. it does not impact their ability to be a leader. >> i hope the campaigns coming up between hillary clinton and trump, i hope that it does not come up because i think it is too ugly. >> that woman there is one of the trump's supporter at the table. it is interesting for her to say she does not want to her donald trump dredging up the campaign's past of hillary clinton.
10:35 am
>> it stand out in contrast to what you heard and the older woman how she does not want bill clinton back in the white house. thomas. >> kasie hunt, great job. >> interesting perspectives from all those voters, i want to bring our strategists, great to have you with us. susan, let me start with you, one of the things they agreed on is they did not think donald trump should drag hillary clinton's personal life into the campaign. do you think this is a strategy if he goes down this line continually that can backfire. >> i don't know how much more he could do with his 70% disapproval rate. it is clear that women don't want to hear this. they don't want the push back
10:36 am
either and i think that's what they are afraid of. >> we did hear from one woman there who says enabling is a form of action and she kind of blames secretary clinton for that. for a certain voter of female voters, that's a narrative that it works. >> i think that's a narrative that works among women. women no matter who the nominee is, they're going to vote for that nominee. i think that's why and those women tend to be older women because the republican party has its constituents and base is older. you see hillary clinton in her primary challenge and bernie sanders have had struggles with younger women in certain states. what you will see is a lot younger women gravitating hillary clinton because donald trump is the nominee. i think that dynamic is one that exists.
10:37 am
i think that she has an opportunity with married suburban right leaning women. may not be republicans to take it away. if you are a professional women and educated, the last thing you want to hear is the type of things that donald trump says. >> do you think those fires should be dealt with fire. >> do you think she should go down that road. >> carly fiorina did a great job to be able to take down the comments that was made by donald trump. can clinton do that? >> letting him tousing his way against him. i think she does have to do a little martial arts with i am. i think i would let him defeat. the person that defeats donald trump is donald trump particularly for hillary's voters. s >> we have been saying that all along because i don't think donald trump defeats himself.
10:38 am
he has had a lot of success. there are two things to mention, the panel that casey had those are all republican women should be in line. most of them were white, educated women. they should be falling in line behind donald trump. that's a problem when it comes to linthillary fighting back, s does not have to do it. she has a lot of surrogate fighting for her. >> that really boomerang and did hit him a lot. >> i think he's trying to bait it in his debate. great to see you both. thank you for your time. >> i want to give you an update of our polls question. should hillary clinton's response to trump's attack on
10:39 am
bill clinton's past. check out our polls on >> happening right now, marco rubio is talking foreign policy in the nation's capitol. just moments ago, the florida senator was asked about the differences he still had with trump on a discussion of foreign policy. take a listen. >> well, i would not put it that way, as i have said before, you know, my policy differences and reservations about donald's campaign or well established and i standby those. those remained. i hope it will be addressed. i don't deal myself as a guy sitting here the next six months taking shots at him. people know where i stand. he's the nominee of the republican party, i respected that and accepted it. that's not going to change the reservation i have about his campaign or some of the policies that he has established. i am not insisting he change
10:40 am
anything. he needs to be true to whatever he is and that's the thing he believes in, he will may have a chance to make that argument to the american people. i am going to focus making the arguments that i think is important for the country and right for our future and looking forward to supporting candidates around the country especially with federal office that share those views. >> those conversations made by marco rubio in washington dc. up next on this west virginia primary day, i will talk to a coal mine taking on hillary clinton's remark about the future of coal. that and more after this. to folks out there whose diabetic nerveain...
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10:44 am
gave folks the reason or excuse to be so upset with me because that's not what i intended at all. we have hillary clinton explaining and apologizing about the comments she made months ago about coal industry. voters heard what they wanted to hear. olivia stern spent time until west virginia talking to people affected by this. coal miners have been laid off and their reactions of who they believe in when it comes to their industry, who's best to take the white house. >> for a lot of people out there, they know the coal industry has been declined and has been so for so many years. they're not sure if they believe donald trump who says he can bring those jobs back. after hearing hillary clinton say those things they just could not vote for her. >> i remember we would come in
10:45 am
from work and it is nothing and how the tracks look now is all gone. >> levy is a fourth generation coal miner, at 24 years old he's been laid off twice and worried about supporting his family. >> do you think it will be reopened? >> no, it is all done. >> the coal industry goes up in smoke. in the past years, more than 10,000 mining jobs lost nationwide. forecast drops another 18% this year. >> on the main street of madison, west virginia, collateral damage. >> there used to be -- >> all these businesses. >> i mean, it used to be booming and so many people coming in. >> this whole town depends on the coal job. >> absolutely. >> it is like the coal factory that comes from it and the businesses going out of business
10:46 am
and schools laying off teachers. >> what's worst is the jobs are not coming back. >> the head wind that the sectors are face ing in the u.s are decreasing. >> the biggest head wins, the rise of cheaper natural gas and new environmental regulations. as opportunity fades, the political landscape is changing rapidly. levy's father voted for bill clinton in the '90s. that's the reason i am not going to vote for hillary. i don't know anything about her but she's putting coal miners out of business and companies. that's just totally turning people off. >> that's incredible. it totally turns people off because west virginia, these coal regions did used to be clinton's industry. >> it is a viable future for their family when this has been
10:47 am
their lifves. >> i brought up the fact that hillary putting over this proposal to revitalize it and after what she said, they could not believe that. >> one unemployed challenged hillary of her statement she made about coal miners. >> i want to know how you could say you are putting a lot of coal miners out of jobs and coming here telling us how to be our friends. >> i don't know how to explain this of what i have done is totally out of context. >> i watched her as if they were talking to miners as if they were just numbers. she will never let them work again. they're going to start to work again, believe me. >> yeah. >> so joining me now via skype, the out of work coal miner who
10:48 am
challenged hillary clinton and went to donald trump to learn more about that campaign. >> let's talk about the vote today. did you vote and can you share with me who you picked? >> yes, i did vote this morning because i feel -- it is a duty that has to have the opportunity. i think the only thing i am going to say is i voted for america today. >> all right. i think that maybe people can figure out who you cast your votes for after you said that. afterwards of the exchange of hilton. she went to other events and this is what you told her to take pride in their jobs and secretary added this, take a listen. >> bo is really clear, he's a republican and he's not voting for me, but i really don't care
10:49 am
about that. we need to do better for bo and his family and families like his across america. >> is that a fair assessment, were you ever interested in voting for candidate clinton? >> well, i have other issues secretary clinton other than the fact of what she said about coal jobs. i have different views on several other issues as a christian and not just that. no, i am really not looking to voting for her to start with and still don't see me headed that way in november. >> when we talk about november and the general election and if it is donald trump against hillary, who has given the best platforms specifically for coa will miners and the industry that so many of your families and neighbors depend on for a better future in the white house? >> has anyone demonstrated that
10:50 am
to you? >> well, both of them say they want to revitalize and helping our area, both of them say they're fwoigoing to go about i differents back, so, again, it's a direction i would have to pray about and seek god and just do what i feel is -- what he's telling me to do in my vote. >> bo, are you intending to stay in your career in the coal industry tore do you want to make a shift? are you believing the fact the renewable energy and those types of jobs might move into your area? >> my wife and i have talked about it and praying about moving in a different direction, not because of coal or renewable energy, more a career change for myself anyway. i do a little bit of coaching of some children and we've actually talked about possibly going into teaching and doing some other things. again, teaching and these other
10:51 am
jobs are all dependent upon what type of major business is in this area, whether clean energy or whether it's coal. the teaching jobs and other jobs leave the area if there's no major support from other industries. >> bo, we wish you and your family the very best and appreciate you taking time to talk us to at msnbc. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. we will be back in a moment. jon stewart may have given up "the daily show." he just couldn't sit out this primary season. his take yesterday. >> what i think about hillary clinton, i imagine to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions because i'm not even sure what they are. i don't even know that donald trump is eligible to be president. are you eligible to run if you are a man baby? a baby man? but he is a man baby. he has the physical count nance of a million and a baby's
10:52 am
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president obama is said to visitiroshima later this month, the fist sitting president since 1945. he said he will meet with japan's prime minister to highlight a commitment to peace and security for a world without nuclear weapons. >> my colleague, erica hill, picks up the coverage. at 5:00, the ongoing results from today's primaries in west virginia and nebraska and don't miss paul manafort when he plays "hardball" with chris matthews tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. back in a moment. ♪ the all-new audi a4,
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hi, i'm erica hill, at this hour, who wants to be veep? donald trump rebutting republicans who say they will not take the position. he said it is only those who were not asked that say they don't want the position. like rival marco rubio. according to the post, corey lieuwen dowski will head up the search. and leading up to the high st e stakes leadership on capitol hill. paul ryan on today's wisconsin radio. take a listen. >> i don't go into thursday with huge expectations other than to have the kind of conversation we need to start having so we're getting ourselves on the same page as a party so we're full strength this fall. i assume that's what donald wants as well. >> former rival, ted cruz, will
11:00 am
return to the race this afternoon for the first time since leaving the presidential race, giving this response when asked whether he and his supporters should support donald trump. >> this is a choice every voter is going to have to make. i would note it's not a choice we as the voters have to make today. the republican convention isn't for another 2 1/2 months, the election isn't for another six months. >> we kick off this hour with our correspondents tracking trump, ryan and cruz. katy tur has a more detailed look how the campaign is handling the party's division and search for a running mate n including this report that corey lewandoski is heading up this team looking for a vice preside president. what more are we hearing about that? >> reporter: it's a little unusual because usually the team heading up the search for the vice president has


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