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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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doesn't matter if the republican establishment totally disagrees with the party's presidential nominee on everything. >> i learned there is hope for all of us who write embarrassing e-mails. >> that's pretty good. >> you have to know somebody to get rid of them. >> if that had happened to a republican -- >> i learned tonight your band is playing at south end restaurant on behalf of horizons, a great organization. >> my wife is on board. >> wonderful group. >> extraordinary group. >> did you learn anything? >> if it is way too early it is "morning joe." steve kornacki -- you are keeping up the streak here. come on. keeping up the strk. sweater on.
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it's way too early. "morning joe." now to my sweater friend, steve kornacki. good morning. i'm steve kornacki. welcome to another morning after. another round of primaries last night. the headline, sanders wins again beating hillary clinton in west virginia. this a follow up after a week ago. bernie sanders winning in indiana, two in a row for him. on the republican side donald trump scoring a massive win in west virginia. there were questions of how many republicans would vote against trump. not many did in west virginia. trump scoring landslide in nebraska. we have much more on these results. big surprises when you look inside those numbers. we will get to that in a little bit. topping our agenda, one day away until donald trump makes his big
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trip to capitol hill, a face-to-face meeting with house speaker paul ryan. ryan says he is not yet ready to back donald trump. sits down with other top republican leaders. there is a lot on the line tomorrow when donald trump goes to washington. the talk of the political world this week as fishers in the party come into view. trump take ag softer tone when it came to paul ryan last night. >> he is a very good man. i think we will have positive results. i would love for him to stay and be chairman. >> trump revealing the latest in thinking on the veep stakes. short list he says five names. an interview on who is on the list and not on the list. that is still ahead. on the agenda. >> tonight it appears that we have won a big, big victory in
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west virginia. >> undemocratic hillary clinton losing the only contest that mattered last night in west virginia but she won a valuable talking point that casts new light on some of bernie sanders' biggest wins this year. we will explain what happened in the most important number of the day. that is coming up, as well. rounding out our agenda, trump promising to keep bringing up hillary's involvement when he says hillary's enabling of husband's scandals. how much is there for hillary clinton to worry about there? will the talk damage her in the fall? a reporter who covered it all back in the '90s going to be with us to dive into that still to come this morning. we begin this hour with our top story, donald trump and capitol hill getting ready for that big day tomorrow with the presumptive nominee making his way to the nation's capitol. trump looking to build a coalition with republican party
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leaders and with rivals from the republican campaign. former trump opponent marco rubio appearing on the "today" show this morning. matt lauer pressing him on what it means to support the nominee. >> what does it mean to you? does it mean you will say i'm keeping my pledge or do you go to the convention and speak on his behalf? >> first of all, obviously as a voter in florida support means the ultimate way for people to support candidates is to vote for them. in terms of what i intend to do throughout the campaign i would say that i think donald trump would be best served by having people working on his behalf that agree with him on public policies and are enthusiastic on his campaign. >> marco rubio saying he will support donald trump when it comes to it. that is the bit of a change from what rubio was saying, saying he was unfit to be commander in
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chief. >> the next president of the united states will have the power over the most powerful fighting force in all of human history. the next president of the united states will have the ability to send our young men and women off to die and into harm's way and should not be someone like donald trump who does not have the judgment or wisdom or respect that you need in order to be the commander in chief of the united states. >> the plan for how trump's high stakes visit to capitol hill will play out tomorrow. we are learning new details. it will start tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. there is going to be a sit down between trump and paul ryan also the rnc chairman reince priebus is going to be attending that meeting. that is the one everybody is paying the most attention to. that meeting will be followed afterwards with a broader collection of republican leaders, kevin mccarthy, number two leader in the house, steve scalise, republican
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congressional leaders all expected to sit down with donald trump and with paul ryan. after those meetings trump will go to the senate side and talk with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. mcconnell said he will support trump this fall unlike paul ryan for now. all of them are expected to attend that meeting. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell both weighing in on what they hope comes out of tomorrow's meetings. >> i don't go into thursday with huge expectations other than just to have a conversation that we need to start having so we are getting ourselves on the same page as a party so we are full strength this fall. i assume that is what donald wants, as well. >> i think most of our members believe that he has won the nomination the old fashion td way. he got more votes than anybody else and we respect the voices of the republican primary voters across the country. we'll sit down and talk about the way forward.
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>> and joining us this morning from capitol hill nbc's hally jacksonhally -- hallie jackson. new insight there. that is in just a minute. hallie jackson in washington let's start with you. we have the primaries out of the way. all eyes on this meeting coming up tomorrow. maybe a more conciliatory tone from donald trump in advance of this meeting. how does that play out down there? >> reporter: we have already seen that more conciliatory tone. you heard donald trump within the last 12 hours call paul ryan a very good guy. he expects in his words very positive developments coming out of that meeting tomorrow. speaker ryan just walked into the gop conference. he will swing over here and speak with the media for his weekly session. and he will certainly be getting questions about this meeting happening now in just about 24 hours here at the capital with
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trump, speaker ryan, chairman reince priebus. what does paul ryan want to see? sources tell us he is looking for a commitment to conservative principles or at least the beginnings of that laying the groundwork for trump to say he commits to things like limited government, backing off of executive overreach in the words of some of these folks. he is also looking for trump to be really serious about party unity and talk about ways in which trump can try to bring together a republican party clearly conflicted about him as presumptive nominee. as you heard from the talk on the "today" show this is just the beginning of a process. sources are cautioning there is not some big moment walking out hand in hand. trump will be talking with members of the republican national committee and sources telling us now that trump will not be self funding his general election campaign because it is
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so expensive. a lot of news happening not just in trump world but here on the hill we expect to hear including about the veep stakes. >> a perfect segue there, hallie jackson in washington. on that subject of the veep stakes donald trump saying he narrowed down his list of who he would like to run with him to five people. this is what he is saying now. >> i like chris a lot. i would say that i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i will announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> and reporters from the the associated press sitting down with donald trump yesterday. one of those reporters who got the chance to interview joins us right now. thanks for joining us. he says five. we'll take him at his word. maybe he is throwing that number out there. is there any sense who would be top among the five? >> we were trying to press him on who is on this list of five
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or six people. one person we asked about specifically was chris christie because there was some speculation that after he announced christie as head of transition team that that meant christie would no longer be under consideration for vice president. he said i will still consider chris as vice presidential running mate. one point he hammered was the people on the list are people with deep political resumes. he said we don't need another business person on this ticket. he is looking into the political class kind of as a way to not only show he will have someone with washington experience but saying this is a way for him to embrace the establishment that he has -- >> there is an issue of somebody with political experience. i guess the other thing is the question of personality because donald trump obviously that dominant personality, always making headlines. if you go with a christie you
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have the chance that somebody else on the ticket is behaving the same way. is there any sense that he is comfortable with the idea of somebody else taking so much of the spot light or looking for somebody to go into the background? >> i think for donald trump the big thing is having personal relationship between him and the vice president. he and staffers talked about the partnership between president obama and joe biden pointing out that the two of them actually seem to have a good relationship. that is more of a focus at this point. more so than someone who would overshadow him. >> it is certainly -- this -- a lot of speculation and later in the show we take a very unusual look, unconventional look at the stakes. let's bring in the chief
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correspondent at the "washington post". he said i think i'm different than anyone who run for the republican nomination i don't think i need to unify the party in the same way past candidates did. do you think there is anything to that? >> i think he probably does believe it. and the meetings will be cordial. i think that is the issue they face going in. the question of trying to turn donald trump into something other than the donald trump on the campaign trail seems a bridge too far. i think the meetings are not unimportant but i don't know that they are going to reach the level of unity that some might hope. >> when you look at this you have a good read on paul ryan. if paul ryan is going to this meeting, let's say he is going to the meeting looking for a way to support donald trump, looking
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for a way to say i'm with my party's nominee, i'm not going to be an obstacle here. what kinds of things do you think trump could offer him? >> i think perhaps he could offer him some reassurance on some issues although what we found in donald trump is that reassurances one day disappear fairly quickly afterwards. i think if you are in paul ryan's shoes you take all of that with a large grain of salt. i think probably he would want to see some kind of indication that trump will run a campaign that other republicans can feel at least moderately comfortable about. i don't know that this is a pact making arrangement. i think what paul ryan had to say which is that this will be the beginning of something, further getting to know you as opposed to something in which they are carving things up and making hard agreements. i think that is unlikely out of
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this certainly at this moment. >> there is a lot of talk and yesterday we put these up. we got three battle ground state polls out yesterday. a lot of democrats saying they are skeptical and don't like the samples. they show trump leading in ohio. they show dead heats in pennsylvania and florida. these are states that donald trump has to be making in roads into. before yesterday we had seen polls that show hillary clinton up double digits on donald trump. do you have a sense that maybe since he locked up the republican nomination there has been consolidation of rank in file republicans in the tightening of the race? >> i want to see more polls as i'm sure you want to see more polls. the polls gave some hope to republicans that perhaps this will be a more competitive race than they were assuming a week or so ago. i assume more consolidation among republicans but not in the way for a while that we have seen in past campaigns. there are so many republicans
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who are quite conflicted that i think that process is going to take a lot more time. so those polls were tonic to republicans who feared a debacle in november. i think we will have to wait to see a lot more evidence before we know what kind of competition donald trump can provide and what states he might be able to put in play that mitt romney lost four years ago. >> if there is one thing we can be sure of in politics is the next round of polls will be three days away. thanks as always for the time. and coming up, bernie sanders took another victory lap last night. the odds of him winning the democratic nomination they still look as long as ever. what about the odds that he has chosen as donald trump's running mate. we will look at what the renowned british book makers think when it comes to the
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we have found throughout this campaign that we do well when the voter turnout is high. let us make certain that on june 7 california has the biggest voter turnout in the history of the state for a democratic party. >> this has been one of bernie sanders' biggest claims this campaign. you hear him talk about it all the time.
6:20 am
he says we need high voter turnout, the higher it is the better it is for us, the better things workout for us. that is an inspiring message but something funny happened last night in the state of nebraska. it has to do with what he is saying is our most important number of the day. it is 20 as in 20 is the difference in nebraska between low turnout and high turnout on the democratic side. let me show you what i mean. back in march they held caucuses in nebraska. this is the big contest in nebraska when it comes to giving out delegates to democratic national convention. bernie sanders won caucuses in nebraska. you can see a 14-point victory over hillary clinton. he got most delegates from nebraska. he got to go around bragging that he won nebraska. this is part of the winning streak. you see these are caucuses. these require people to spend hours, take hours out of their
6:21 am
schedule to participate in meetings. can we get that caucus screen back up? this is important. so bernie sanders won the caucuses. these are the number of votes he got and the number of votes hillary clinton got. about 26,000 people in nebraska took part in these caucuses. bernie sanders won them. what is sanders saying? he says the higher the better. yesterday in nebraska they held a statewide primary. democrats running for all sorts of offices are on the ballot. state law says if you have the primary you have to list the presidential candidates. it doesn't have anything to do with the delegates. there was no organized campaign by either side there but a lot more people voted in this. remember, it was about 26,000 in the caucuses, three times as many people voted. put the primary screen back up there. show the primary now. three times as many people. can we flip to the primary
6:22 am
screen. three times as many people voted in the primary and hillary clinton won it. bernie sanders lost. you see in nebraska this is something the clinton campaign is saying saying the caucuses call them undemocratic. they say it limits the number of people who participate. they say if you open it to more people they do better. that is what we saw in nebraska. there is a number of states that bernie sanders won. i don't know if i can swing to this. a number of states that bernie sanders won that are caucus states. a lot of his victories came in these states. if more people voted we would have done better. in nebraska says -- these are caucus states that bernie sanders won. that is our most confusing big board hit in a while. donald trump continues to attack hillary clinton over bill's infidelity. a lot has been made about how women will react. what do men think?
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i did not have sexual relations with that woman. i have never told anybody to lie not a single time, never. >> bill clinton 1998 looking the country in the eye, denying the affair with the white house intern, an affair he would be forced to admit to. that led to his impeachment. it was officially because he lied about it under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by another woman. that is just one chapter when it comes to the former president and controversy about his personal behavior, a history that donald trump is now 20 years later trying to revive. >> do you remember the famous i did not have sex with that woman.
6:27 am
and then a couple of months later, i'm guilty. she is taking negative ads on me. hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. so just remember that, folks. >> right now the clinton campaign is refusing to fire back. they say it is old news and hillary clinton backers say trump is unfairly holding her responsible for her husband's actions. some point out that trump has faced more than a few similar questions about his own behavior. trump says the topic is fair game because hillary clinton was, as you just heard there, an enabler of her husband's behavior and worked to discredit the women who accused her husband of misconduct and that that misconduct went beyond simple extramarital affairs. is this a dead end for donald
6:28 am
trump to go down this road or does bill clinton's behavior and hillary's look different with the passage of time? i'm joined by margaret carlson. she covered this when it was happening. great person to talk about this today. let me ask you this question about this term trump uses to talk about hillary clinton, enabler. what you hear from a lot of clinton supporters and sympathizers is they say it is totally unfair. if a husband cheats on the wife she should never be held to responsibility for that. trump is trying to say she did have a role in this. does he have a point there? >> enabler is the wrong word to use. he may have something of a point in a delicate situation but he is such a bad messenger for this, it is hard to hear him. all of his knowledge about women comes mostly from owning the
6:29 am
miss universe pageant. if he wants to get out of his 70 point hole he she be talking about equal pay for women. he is treading into something that requires nuance and using a word like enabler as if she enable his behavior. i don't think she laid the groundwork for him. >> take us back and maybe get into that especially for people who maybe kind of forgotten the chapter and didn't live through it the first time whmpt you say there might be something to it take us through the nuance. >> well, for many women who are voting this time they don't know the name monica lewinsky. donald trump touched on how women think about sexual assault and sexual harassment has
6:30 am
changed so that we want the atmosphere and the culture to allow women to come forward. as hillary clinton herself said a few months ago, to be believed and not to be -- don't make the victim of it another victim when she comes forward. and this is what in his clummy way donald trump is referring to which is how we changed. i remember when i was at "time" magazine and you went to the white house the lights were on all the time. now you just can't imagine such a thing. but all the women in the administration stood up for bill clinton because in other ways he was so good for women they wanted to ignore this. i don't think you would see that today because the bill cosby case and other things and
6:31 am
military sexual assault and campus sexual assault has changed our views on how women should be treated. >> i want to play this, too, there is one theory that donald trump is really trying to bait bill clinton into some kind of public eruption. kristin welker got the same comments. >> reporter: donald trump, do you want to respond and are you worried that your past could ruin your wife's campaign? >> if he wins the republican nomination we will have plenty of time to talk about it. i have no interest in getting involved in those politics. >> this is difficult because so much of this, the allegations that came out are unresolved. bill clinton denies it.
6:32 am
many women stand by their story and there is not conclusive proof either way. one thing the allegations weren't always just about extramarital affairs which i think a lot of people could have understanding for, but they went beyond that. >> they did and if there is a bill cosby victim in there who is going to come out and go to court this is a hazard for bill clinton and therefore for hillary clinton. yesterday she said this is old news. and bill clinton will likely if he is wise say the same thing. but it's such a tender spot. bill clinton wanting to vindicate himself. i don't know if he can treat it that way. hillary clinton much more disciplined. maybe she can get through by saying that. both of their behaviors could come under a microscope and just another hazard for the clintons going forward in this campaign
6:33 am
because as we know donald trump doesn't stop. he will go anywhere and he will stay there and pound on it. and he is relentless. >> speaking of that one of his top advisers was on hard ball and hinted at just that splmpt dw you said hillary clinton did nasty terrible things to these women who were alleged to have a relationship with her husband. did she do that? >> he will be taubing about those in the campaign. >> does he know what he is talking about? >> i believe in him. >> he told you stuff that suggests he knows about the clintons and their unreported behavior that he will bring out? >> we talked about the hypocrisy of hillary clinton playing the female card and his willingness to expose that card for what it is. >> so you think this is something that trump is not going to back off and say i see poll numbers and maybe it is not working?
6:34 am
you think he will stay on this through the campaign? >> he brought it up earlier when hillary made her comment about women should be believed. and he is bringing it up again. i don't know what new reporting there is that paul manna fort is referring to. we were told that monica lewinsky was a looney tune and at the gates of the white house in the rain crying to get in. she was painted in a fairly unattractive way. but if there is other reporting and there is somebody who comes forward with more allegations or at least deepening the ones that are out there, that is a problem. look at how it was covered before. we overcover, steve, you and i
6:35 am
and the rest of the media, we overcover this aspect of a person's character and leave other aspects of character alone. >> margaret carlson, thanks for the time. appreciate it. for a look as how lines of attack donald trump are using are working with voters we sent tony dokoupil to raleigh,ie hun republicans on how the attacks are playing out. now we are looking at the question of male voters. how is this playing with them? what you finding out? >> reporter: donald trump is clearly calculating he can sully hillary clinton's character by bringing up bill clinton's bad behavior. women need to win more voters in november. men are listening. i sat down with five of them yesterday at a beautiful
6:36 am
restaurant. five southern gentleman, three trump supporters, two non-trump supporters. we talked about whether this line of attack was effective and fair and how is it possible for a man to blame a woman for a husband's misdeeds. >> she did nothing about all the women in bill's life, nothing. didn't even leave him. pretty much did nothing. exposed the country to untold humiliation. if you cheat on your husband or if your husband cheats on you you get a divorce. you leave him. >> why? >> do you think she is to blame for bill clinton? >> he will never do it again. >> do you think hillary clinton is to blame for bill clinton's behavior? >> yes, i do.
6:37 am
she is an enabler. there is no doubt about it. >> there is no logic to that. if you got dog in you, you got dog in you. it ain't because your wife is not whatever. >> reporter: if you got dog in you it has nothing to do with your wife. you see one of the great ones the division here. some men who believe hillary clinton is absolutely to blame for her husband's alleged wandering. three of the five were willing to blame hillary clinton for bill clinton's behavior. as you know well enough 60% of male vote for donald trump may not be enough unless he can pick off more female vote. so far this line of attack doesn't seem to be working well enough. >> tony, between the guys you are talking to and women that casie hunt talked to very interesting to hear people talk this through.
6:38 am
tony dokoupil, appreciate that. the race for the republican nomination may be winding down but the contest for veep stakes for donald trump's vice presidential slot is heating up with just about everybody winning it. >> i think all of us here in the public service look at the best way that we can have impact on our country and i think make decisions once they understand whether there is a different route for being able to serve. but the fact -- >> you can hear from the pundits and the perspective candidates. what about the odds makers? what about the betters? what about the people who stand to lose money if their prediction on who donald trump is going to pick for his vp is wrong? let's check in with the seedy under world of gambling in the interception with the veep stakes? that is next.
6:39 am
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i'll bet you that that flight to pittsburgh takes off before my flight to houston. >> bet. i'm not betting. i made a bet in three years. >> keep things interesting to pass the time. >> okay. how much? >> how about 200? >> you are on cowboy. >> cosmo kramer betting arrivals and departures at la guardia airport. a great "seinfeld" episode. if you have the money there is always someone looking to take your bet on anything, anything including the veep stakes as in who is going to be donald trump's running mate. who does he want to run with him? who would want to run with him? lots weighing in with advice. it is not just pundits playing
6:43 am
the guessing game. the betting markets are, too. in america this is happening underground. it isn't legal here to bet on politics but you can bet plenty of people are making friendly wagers. in london it is entirely legal and the sports books are already taking action on who the vp pick is going to be. let's put the pundits aside for a second here. after all if they are wrong they don't lose money. what about the people who do pay a price for being wrong? who can make real money if they are right on this? what are they thinking about the veep stakes? we are going to turn to cal perry. i think this is fascinating. you have people in london happening legally in london and illegally in a lot of other places. if you are watching the presidential campaign like us and making bets. these lines are moving as they watch this campaign. >> absolutely. we have our big board here. this is it. we will cycle through these names. imagine these are stocks like
6:44 am
company stocks as if you are betting on the stock market as real events change on the ground and meetings happen these odds are going to change. take any name on that board and imagine they play golf with donald trump today. those odds will get better. >> the big number comes down. >> that means people are starting to put money. take me through this. we have these names here. you can bet if you are in london you can bet on any of these people ending up in the ticket. take us through where the most money is going. >> right now money on newt gingrich, john kasich, chris christie and jeff sessions. these are favorites. >> tell me this. let's say i have a feeling it is kasich. i say -- there is no money in my wallet. let's say i had 100 bucks. i put it on kasich. what does it mean if i win? >> $400. >> you will get $400 back. john kasich doesn't get the nomination you lose the $100. if you bet $100 on jeff sessions
6:45 am
you get $1,200. let's see how this looks next week. maybe john kasich plays golf with trump tomorrow that will turn to two to one. let's go to value plays. so these are our middle of the road and these are -- >> this is where you can make some money. >> i need your personal opinion here. who do you like on this list? >> we are looking at people here longer shots so you make money but -- >> but they are plausible. >> you know who i think is interesting is jim webb. former democrat, critic of hillary clinton. military credentials. >> three of the four i notice military back grounds. >> 25 to one odds. >> so now let's go to what we call our sucker bets.
6:46 am
clint eastwood. >> bernie sanders. >> i don't know what it takes for ivanka trump to get the vp nomination. >> people are putting money on bernie sanders running with donald trump. our betting house in london you can call them and request an individual. i can say i want $100 on steve kornacki. >> you can come up with any name you want. >> they will provide you odds. >> we say it is a sucker bet. that sucker bet screen, you know why that is a sucker bet? the constitution says you can't have president and vice president in the same state? >> what happens when they get rid of trump? >> really quickly i want to circle back next week. any of these names on any of these lists that will move next week? a look next week and say the odds on jeb bush completely
6:47 am
changed. >> when you put the favorites i saw newt gingrich. i have a feeling that is overvalued and gingrich will drop. >> you don't think he has a chance? >> i would not put money on gingrich. those odds are way too short. the odds are real slim. >> we'll try to do an update. >> this is a great way to follow this because this is real. >> it's money where your mouth is. >> watching the odds. thanks for that one. while he is watching the odds we are keeping an eye on capitol hill where we are expecting paul ryan to speak any minute now after closed door meeting with house republicans. chris christie turning most attention these days to donald trump and his campaign. there is one thing he can't seem to shake off. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or execution. and i am stunned by the abject
6:48 am
stupidity that was shown here. >> that's right. bridge gate is back. a new ruling by a federal judge means we could get a clearer picture of the depths of governor christie's involvement or lack of involvement as he has insisted in the lane closures. we have new details on what the judge is saying. that's next. >> today the company is growing. for more watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. well, it's been almost three years now since allies of chris christie allegedly closed lanes on the george washington bridge for political retribution. while christie has tried to move on, he's run for president, dropped out, endorsed trump and leading the transition team for trump if trump were to get elected and the bridgegate scandal has endured. a trial is scheduled this fall
6:52 am
for two people and a third has pled guilty to charges but we could soon know more about other people involved. on tuesday, a federal judge ruled in favor of a media organizations, that includes nbc universal, that a list of unindicted co-conspirators should be released. the judge writing, quote, although privacy for third parties is indeed important this court is satisfied that the uncharged third parties are insufficiently compelling to outweigh the public's right of access. so those names should be made public. now, no timetable has been set, but the lawyer for the media companies that brought this case, they're now demanding immediate release. who's on it, what it could mean for governor christie, all of that remains to be seen. obviously there's been lots of speculation about this question. we'll be keeping a close eye on it for you. coming up, congress back in session as house republicans huddle for a private meeting
6:53 am
ahead of tomorrow's face-to-face meeting between donald trump and paul ryan and trump and a whole bunch of other house republicans. we'll go for capitol hill as paul ryan is expected to speak any minute now. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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coming up next, we're going to bring you speaker paul ryan's press conference, also keeping an eye on nancy pelosi and her democratic plit tolitical leade team. i'm steve kornacki. craig melvin picks up the coverage right after this. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a good wednesday morning to you. i'm craig melvin. let's get you right to capitol hill. any moment house speaker paul ryan is expected to take questions from reporters. he will undoubtedly be talking about tomorrow's big meeting with donald trump. we will bring that to you as it happens. on the other side of your screen, on the right side of your screen, house democratic leaders will also be speaking at
7:00 am
any moment about the gop agenda ahead of trump's visit to the hill tomorrow. we are monitoring both of those for you. but first some late-night primary results to tell you about. donald trump wins contests that were virtually uncontested in nebraska and west virginia. democrats competed in one state, west virginia. there bernie sanders picks up his 19th primary win against hillary clinton. the vermont senator steam rolled the front-runner by 15 points there, but the win does very little to cut into clinton's sizeable delegate lead. clinton also snagged delegates last night, so many in fact she's now 150 delegates away from officially clinching the nomination. that cording to our political team, she could, could being the operative word here, hit that magic number next week after contests in kentucky and oregon. nonetheless, sanders insists he is staying put and campaigning until the end. >> this


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