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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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he loves this country and he wants to see something good happen. i think we're going to do better if we're unified. >> the holdout, marco rubio, is not ready to fall in line. >> i think donald trump would be best served having people who agree with him on public policies and enthusiastic about his campaign and support the things he has stood for. my reservations have been clearly stated and remain unchanged. >> and the rebel, bernie sanders, winning west virginia. joe biden predicts how this revolution is going to end. >> we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree and that is we must defeat donald trump. >> i feel confident hillary will be the nominee and the next president. >> up next, bernie sanders joining us live here on msnbc.
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and we hear from elizabeth warren whether she would join a clinton ticket if asked. >> right now i just want to be clear, i love my job. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington tracking two parties with plenty of political drama playing out this week while leaders brace for the trump tornado to spin its way through the capital tomorrow. bernie sanders continues to rack up primary victories, the latest cutting into hillary clinton's pledged delegate lead. sanders has hurdles of his own including a twitter attack from donald trump this morning. i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet because i love watching what he's doing to craze crooked hillary. his time will come. >> you bring up the next president, we're all anxious to see who -- >> who she is? >> i feel confident hillary will
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be the next nominee and president. >> bernie sanders joining me now. senator, good to see you, congratulations on west virginia. >> thank you very much. >> you come out with a divide, so you win big but you still don't catch up. what's the past? >> it is interesting and you raise a good point. hillary clinton got 35%, 36% of the popular vote yet and yet six out of seven of the super delegates. in many cases we win landslide victories, 65% of the vote and she gets the super delegates. i think the people of many of those states are going to be saying to those super delegates, why don't you reflect the views of the people in the state who voted for bernie sanders.
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>> certainly that sounds like one of the areas you'll be focusing on in terms of trying to get reform, commitments from her team at the convention or before that the process is going to change. >> well, no, what we'll focus on in the next month is winning the democratic nomination. we have about 45% of the pledged delegates, those who are voted on by the people. there are eight primaries and caucuses remaining. we think many of the states in front of us are sympathetic to a message of standing up for the working class and the middle class against wall street and the millionaire class. we think we're going to do well and if we do extremely well, and i know it's a steep climb but if we do very well, we still have the possibility of coming in with the majority of pledge
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delegates. >> how are you working this attempt to recruit them, to switch them over? are you making calls yourself? do you have an operation? tell us what's going on. >> well, we are going to have a very strong operation and the point is a very simple one. over 400 came onboard before anyone else was running. that's pretty crazy and that talks about the weakness of this whole system. number two, the point we'll make loud and clear is that in virtually every national poll in the last month or six weeks and almost state poll, bernie sanders runs stronger than does hillary clinton. what every delegate wants most importantly is to defeat donald
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trump, the case we'll make is i am the stronger candidate and it's not only polling. polling goes up and down. it is the fact that our campaign is the campaign bringing in working class people, bringing in young people, people who are sick and tired of establishment politics, establishment commitments, establishment media. people in this country are hurting. they want real change. we are the campaign of that change. >> well, senator sanders, flying in the face of that is the exit poll data from west virginia that shows 34% of the sanders' voters said they would vote for donald trump in a trump/sanders matchup. >> well, that is what some of those people are saying today. >> a third of them. >> the election is in november. i think in a race with donald trump, not only do i think we would win that race, i think we would win it overwhelmingly.
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the more people see mr. trump, understand he's a total phony, that what he said yesterday is not what he's going to say tomorrow. that he's a pathological liar and he gets a lot of media attention for attacking people but that is going to wear thin. the american people understand when they are working longer and the wealth goes to the top 1%. there's something wrong when we are the only country not to guarantee health care to all of our people or paid family and medical leave. the people are not going to go to an establishment billionaire who changes his mind every day. they want a president who has a life history and is prepared to take on big money interest. >> isn't the bomb ohm line that she is now fighting a war on two fronts, getting beaten up by donald trump on a daily sis.
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he has been embracing you, building you up. she's fighting donald trump and bernie sanders. >> andrea, no, i don't accept that proposition. last i heard hillary clinton is running for president of the united states. i am running for president of the united states. trump is running for president of the united states. i have gotten attacks and attacks and attacked. the issue of this campaign is to go out to the american people and talk about why the american people are work iing and struggling. we have to make that case. that's what we intend to do. >> i'm just saying, sir, that
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the oppositions have been built up by donald trump hammering at her. up until now he has not been going after you as much. she is fighting two candidates and you're fighting one. >> andrea, in every state we have one, in 19 states we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on, so please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. i'm in this race to win. we're taking on the democratic establishment, standing up for working people and we have a shot. it is a steep hill to climb but we're going to fight for every last vote we can get, every delegate we can get. >> i don't think i was moaning about hillary clinton's problems but just to point out let me play a little bit of donald
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trump on "morning joe" and ask you to react. >> bernie sanders has a message that's interesting. i'm going to take a lot of the things bernie says and using them. he said things about her that is surprising, that she has no right to be running and has bad judgment. when he said bad judgment, i said sound bite. >> if you do lose, are you giving him the weapons against her? >> if donald trump wants to take my ideas and fight for a single pair health care program or wants to fight to make sure that the wealthiest people pay their fair shared taxes, raise the minimum wage, if that's what he is supporting, i think that's a good thing and i hope hillary
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clinton does that as well. frankly, that's not what donald trump will be saying. when you run for president of the united states you have to make your case to the american people. there are many areas that i could have attacked hillary clinton on that i have chosen not to attack her on. i have run an issue orient ed campaign and, by the way, when you have a real debate about real issues, when you get more and more people involved in the political process it results in a higher voter turnout. whether it's clinton or myself as candidate. i think a vigorous and honest debate will result in a higher voter turnout which is good for
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democrats. >> donald trump went after hillary clinton and bill clinton repeatedly over the weekend dredging up all sorts of personal attacks. i wanted to play a little bit of that for you and ask your reaction. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women and hillary, if you look and study, hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused. do you remember the famous, i did not have sex with that woman, and then a couple months later, i'm guilty. and she's taking negative ads on me. >> he's called her an enabler. do you agree with that? >> the media loves that kind of stuff and that's why he's doing so well. that's the ugly stuff i do not go near. i debate her on the issues facing working people. the media loves every ridiculous remark donald trump makes. the issues are a growing gap
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between the very rich and everyone else and that we have a government and corrupt finance campaign system that allows the wealthy and powerful to control legislation and economic decisions in this country. those are the issues i talk about not bill clinton's personal life, not hillary clinton's emails, that is what trump will talk about, what the media will talk about. i hope the media will allow that discussion to take place. >> it's a hard climb to narrow the gap and if you don't will you feel the revolution has succeeded if she has moved to your positions on these issues and open up the democratic process and have fewer primaries like the close the pd primary i york? >> our focus is on winning democratic nomination. this is what i want to say
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whether i win or don't, the democratic party has to note that we have won in virtually every contested contest out there. we have won a strong ma outof people 45 years of age or younger. the ideas i'm bringing forth are the future of america and the future of the democratic party. the democratic party is going to have to open their doors very, very wide to millions of working class people and young people tired of establishment poll it particulars who want real change in this country, don't want a party dependent on wall street but a party that will stand up and fight against wall street. if i am elected president, that is certainly what the democratic party will do. >> senator sanders, thank you very much. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you, andrea. paul ryan, meanwhile, walking a political tightrope on
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capitol hill as he prepares for his much anticipated meeting tomorrow with donald trump. >> i want to be a part of the unifying process so we're at full strength this fall. we cannot afford to lose this election to hillary clinton. i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2 2012. we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each other. >> joining me is luke russert and hallie jackson. luke, first to you. you know this caucus and your reporting is that inside the caucus several members got up and said, you blind sided us, paul ryan, by your hesitation. the caucus itself, many of these congressional members want him to fall into line with donald trump. >> reporter: there's real division within the conference, we can report, dre. it's always trump, sometimes
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trump and never trump. some stood up and said, look, we would have liked to have gotten heads up about this position you're going to take about not having a full-on endorsement because it put us in a difficult place. we also have members who say we complete completely agree with you. other members say we still have to figure out whether or not we want to go all in with trump or take a step back. what i think you're eg is a very divided republican conference because you have some real divisions regarding policy. tax policy for one, entitle policy for one, foreign policy for one. these are things paul ryan is not onboard with yet with donald trump. he doesn't know which way donald trump goes. it seems trump goes whatever way the wind goes, depending on what group he is speaking to. until the issues are figured out
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i think it's safe to say any endorsement will be tepid at best. they are trying to get on the same page. >> and hallie jackson, these meetings and what ted cruz had to say holding out the possibility he would stay in this and the reluctance of marco rubio to fall into line, this party is hardly united. >> reporter: and it's clear, andrea, that it's not. what's also clear is some party leaders, paul ryan, reince priebus, want to see that happen sooner rather than later. i'm told by sources inside the rnc reince priebus wants to hurry the party along so ryan and trump can make up or at least become united and set the tone for the rest of the races happening come november to, in the words of one individual i spoke with, stop the drama now, if you will.
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cautioned from all corners this is only the beginning of the process. there seems to be little sense that tomorrow will be a massive breakthrough where paul ryan stands on the steps. not happening at least from sources that we've been talking to on the hill and elsewhere. the beginning stages of what the hope is will be a come together of the republican party but a lot of it is up to donald trump and what happens on capitol hill tomorrow. >> hallie jackson on top of all of that and our own luke russert as well on capitol hill. thank you. thank you both. and come up, candid camera, elizabeth warren. her first comments on whether or not she would consider being hillary clinton's running mate. stay with us.
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hillary clinton still fighting a war on two fronts, but now the lone democratic woman senator still refusing to endorse, elizabeth warren is not only going after donald trump in a twitter war she did not rule out joining a clinton ticket. this is a new interview with mike. >> so if hillary clinton came to you and said i need you to be my running mate in order to take on donald trump, would you say yes to that? >> right now i just want to be clear, i love my job. i'm here in the united states senate doing exactly what the people of massachusetts sent me here to do. i'm in the thick of the fight to try to level the plays field, to try to unrig this system. that's what really matters to me. that's where i'm headed. >> anita dunn, former white
9:22 am
house communication director and managing director at skd knickerbocker to talk about the never ending campaign. so you come from obama world, you're from the democratic party at large and certainly supporting hillary clinton here. >> oh, i'm sure -- i like vice president believe she will be the nominee so -- >> from that standpoint. so when does the president get into it only after all the primaries, after california and what role does he play? is he the leading surrogate though she has run against his policies, most notably trade? >> i think the process plays out and everybody in this party understands that the party benefits, as senator sanders said when he was chatting with you, when those people get to participate and feel they've had their say and, more importantly, their chance to vote. i think the process plays out
9:23 am
and the president is not going to put his hand on the scale too far in any direction until it's been decided. the reality is that after california, it seems highly likely it will be clear who the democratic nominee will be. this does change and the party prepares for the general election in a very methodical way and that as the party heads into the convention you'll see people figure out how to unify this party. >> was joe biden off the reservation, tipping their hand? >> the vice president has a reputation of saying what he thinks and in this case he was clearly saying what he thinks. >> and elizabeth warren, what about having two women on the democratic ticket and a woman like elizabeth warren who has not been a close ally with hi
9:24 am
hillary clinton, not when they were in the senate together for sure -- well, not as a senator and she as secretary of state. >> well, i'm a huge fan of elizabeth warren and a huge fan of two women on the ticket because i believe there are many qualified women out there and two women on the it ticket would be an exciting thing but two qualified women more exciting. elizabeth warren does love her job. she's not doing the usual don't ask me about vice president. hillary clinton will make her decision based on who she thinks is qualified. she saw her husband do a very good pick and she, i think, has a better sense than anybody running how to go about this. >> what do you think should be the top priorities and who fits the categories? we've heard talk of the housing secretary, castro, the labor secretary, perez, tim kaine from virginia.
9:25 am
should she think geographically, experience, or both? >> the top priority should be whoever she feels most comfortable with and is comfortable with their qualifications. she can approach it from a person, the new face of the democratic party and the new changing face of america whether it is a tom perez or castro or a cory booker or she can look at the senate and at people like tim kaine or people like al francen, amy clobachar. we have two people we should be looking at. at the end of the day you have a small number of qualified people, you make your pick. >> hillary clinton as an enabler
9:26 am
going back 20 years to what happened back then? >> i think that she handled that by saying not going to talk about it. the reality, and senator sanders is right, what the people of the united states are looking for right now is where are we going from here? >> is it relevant as a voter issue? >> god knows donald trump has shown he's going to bring it up and they will make that decision. as you recall, this was a campaign -- a very systemic campaign run against bill clinton for the full eight years of his presidency and voters had the opportunity in 1996 to make judgments about these issues as well. >> anita dunn, great to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. and coming up, first date. donald trump getting ready for his big meeting with paul ryan. what's on the menu? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number ofiles.
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this fall we have to unify our party. we have to go forz with a positive message that americans see we have solutions to their problems. we have an obligation to merge and to unify around our common principles to offer a choice, and that will take party unification to do that. >> the republicans will get behind their nominee. joining us now marcia blackburn who represents the 7th district of tennessee. great to see you again. >> good to see you. >> a couple of major things have happened since we last spoke. you have a presumptive nominee and a divided party. we understand there were a number of divisions. some people wanting more push back. where do you come down? >> i have to tell you what i think you're going to see at the end of the day are republicans coming together and working with
9:31 am
mr. trump pushing forward on an agenda the american people are giving us a message on that they want us to work on and that is keeping our community safe, looking at economic security in jobs growth. and then looking at retirement security and that is a huge issue with women who are the primary caregivers for elderly relatives. so i think you're going to look for common ground. you're going to see us come together and i think it's going to be one of the most exciting campaigns here in the fall that we have ever seen. >> donald trump has said that he has five or six people on his list and he's looking to political people, people who can help him in congress. clearly he needs help in trying to close that gender gap. would you be open to an invitation to join the ticket? >> i think mr. trump and probably dr. carson are the ones
9:32 am
who know who is on mr. trump's list and they're going to find a nominee that is going to work well for him. i think everyone would love to see a female on our ticket and we all know a need to work with congress and to work with getting an agenda passed. i hope once we have a president trump we'll see a very aggressive first 100 days where we put the attention on those issues the american people have said get in behind this and get it done. immigration is one of those, dealing with the trafficking and illegal entry across that border whether it's trugs or human trafficking or whatever, getting the economy going, focusing on the debt. that's what people want to see. >> have they approached you at all? >> oh, no. whomever is on the list, people
9:33 am
don't say no to the opportunity to serve their country. i will say this, i would be a most unusual choice. i think we're going to -- mr. trump and dr. carson and cory would know who the list is and they're going to be focused on finding someone who is the right fit. >> donald trump told bill o'reilly that he would choose pro-life supreme court nominees but he didn't say he would want to overturn roe v. wade. what do you think about that? >> i think that you're going to see conservative justices put forward for the supreme court, certainly having those that are pro-life is a good thing. recognizing the sanctity of life and recognizing these unborn children deserve their opportunities at life. so i like hearing that.
9:34 am
i think many conservatives, andrea, like hearing he's going to take a conservative approach, a constitutional approach which is most important. that's the reason the court is there to help make certain that the laws that are on the books, that justice that is handed out is in line with the constitution. how many times have we heard that, that they want to see the court abide by the constitution and they don't want an activist court that is going to try to circumvent congress? >> marcia blackburn, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> the x files. why hillary clinton is called the e.t. candidate next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. >> e.t. phone home. >> e.t. phone home.
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it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. if we do extremely well, and i know it's a steep climb, but we have been fighting an uphill battle from day one, but if we do well we have the possibility of come in with the majority of pledge delegates. >> senator bernie sand eers is t giving up without a fight and he isn't making it easy for hillary clinton. joining me now is the press secretary for hillary clinton. brian, thanks for being with us. well, first of all, she is fighting on two fronts. senator sanders does not acknowledge knowledge that. it isn't going to end until after june. >> we've planned for this. after the contest april 26th where we had decisive victories
9:39 am
in the mid-atlantic states we need to be ready to wage what we think will be a very tight general election contest and started placing people on the ground in states that have already held primaries. we'll honor this primary through the end of june. we're going to fight for every vote. >> he's taking on you for sure. there's this new instagram focused on ben goody i want to play for you. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> she lied to me. she told me it was the fault of the video. >> she said we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son. >> so she did say to you that the benghazi attack was caused by protests? >> absolutely.
9:40 am
>> i don't know why that's funny. >> i know you thought you put this to rest after 11 hours of testimony but he is resurrecting that among other issues. >> we fully expect donald trump will throw every attack that he can at hillary clinton because she is being so aggressive at calling him out on his outrageous statements but, look, if donald trump is going to try to politicize this tragedy that led to the deaths of four brave americans, he will succeed in something republicans and republicans tried to do last fall and couldn't. multiple committees have looked into benghazi and concluded that the state department did everything that it could on that evening. there was that 11-hour marathon testimony in front of the benghazi committee where she answered every question put to rest, every conspiracy theory
9:41 am
floated for the last 11 years now. republicans have had to admit the committee was partisan from the very beginning. i don't think this tactic will succeed any better than the other lines have done. >> paul manafort was on with chris matthews and drove down on the whole personal issue. this was last night. >> you said hillary clinton did nasty, terrible things to these pim who were alleged to have had relationships with her husband. >> he'll be talking about those in the campaign. >> does he know what he's talking about? >> he does know. >> how do you know? >> i believe in him. we've talked about things. >> he has told you stuff that suggests he knows about the clintons and their unreported behavior he will bring out? >> we've talked about the hypocrisy of hillary clinton playing the female card and his willingness to expose that card for what it is. >> how do you rebut that which
9:42 am
is part of a broader attempt to go after her character, that goes to the, quote, crooked hillary branding? he's been effective with these brands and slogans in the past against his republican adversaries. >> look, it's no surprise donald trump will run his campaign from the gutter. he's been signaling that for multiple weeks now. paul manafort there couldn't specify anything because there is nothing there. if donald trump wants to have the general election but a contest about who is going to do more to stand up on behalf of women, we're happy to have that con tres. he was talking about how he wants to appoint pro-life justices to the supreme court, suggesting that would be a litmus test for him and he didn't want to finish the sentence but it would be
9:43 am
overturning roe v. wade. if he wants a conversation about who will do more to stand up for women and women's issues in this campaign, no contest we'll be happy to have that conversation. >> and just for the record has there been now any contact from the fbi to representatives for hillary clinton for an interview? is anything -- any contact or scheduling on that issue? >> look, this is an ongoing process, a fluid process, one where hillary clinton indicated almost a year ago now she would be willing to come in and participate, sit down for an interview and answer any questions they have. they're focusing on other aides at the state department. she'll be there and happy to answer any questions. and i want to ask you about hillary clinton's answers on ufos. she's saying, barring any threats to national security,
9:44 am
she would open up government files on ufos and is declared the first e.t. candidate. she said she would release this information. what do we not know about hi hillary clinton and her attitude towards ufos? >> well, andrea, i think this is obviously an area that is of interest to many americans including our own campaign chairman who has been very interested in many years. that said the "time" article is written tongue-in-cheek. certainly it's an issue that is a curiosity to many americans. i think it's just another way she will be committed to running an open administration. >> open to anyone from this planet to the next. thank you very much, brian. thanks for being with us. up next, donald trump narrowing
9:45 am
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and speaker ryan just wrapped up a meeting with house republicans who support donald trump who tell luke russert the meeting was positive overall, and it's a big but, joining me now, msnbc contributor, founder of "the washington post" fix blog, and "wall street journal" political editor gene cummings. thanks both for being with us. mike kelly, republican congressman from pennsylvania told luke that it's time to fall in line and there was apparently some in the overall larger caucus meetings, some six members who stood up and said they felt blind sided by the speaker being so lukewarm by donald trump and he should get over it and accept him as the nominee. >> that explains the larger
9:49 am
fissure we've seen in the party. people were saying, look, i may not agree with most things he says but he has gotten almost 11 million votes in the primary process. he's won two-thirds. they want to keep the party together, that's the smartest way to do so. i think there's another part of the party that worries donald trump is so toxic or so unpredictable in terms of where he comes down on any day on any issue and that it's so up in the air that throwing your lot in with hem for the good of the party. i think it reflects the split last tuesday when it became the nominee. >> where their districts are, whether they're in a safe
9:50 am
districts and most of them because of gerrymandering. >> but i also believe this decision can be career changing as well. because if donald trump goes on and wins and you were with him, then you were with the movement and you were with where the party is going. if you endorse him and he goes down in a big way in november, then you're tagged with that. that's something you carry, that you were with what could turn into a barry goldwater year if it were all to go badly. we don't know how it will turn out. these are the kinds of things that every one of those politicians has to measure. what's good for the party? what's good for me? >> when we talk about the kinds of people, the five or six that donald trump says are on his list, the politicians, he says, what about chris christie?
9:51 am
it's almost an afterthought the way he phrased it but it could have been the moment. >> what he has risked and used him rhetorically, that the party is starting to unify, my guess is even if chris christie didn't make the real last final short list, he did just to pay back chris christie in some way, shape or form. it makes some sense to put him on a list like that. remember, donald trump has a problem electorally as it relates to women. he needs his numbers to come up. saying, well, i have a woman as my vice president doesn't solve the problem but maybe it softens some of the edges. it's very hard for him to win if his numbers don't move at least marginally in this race. >> thanks to both of you.
9:52 am
we have breaking news from south carolina. a police officer caught on camera fatally shooting an unarmed black man is facing federal charges. you'll recall last able a bystander captured the fatal moment when smmichael slager sh the man as he was running away. he was fired from the police force and charged with murder. more ahead coming up on msnbc.
9:53 am
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and this quick note from great britain where we heard a rare open mike moment from the monarch, queen elizabeth. the 90-year-old monarch was caught on tape saying that chinese officials were, quote, very rude to the british ambassador last year. she was meeting with a senior police officer. >> i think to the point they walked out of lancaster house and told me the trip was off. >> they were very rude to the ambassador. >> she was with me and they walked out.
9:56 am
>> very undiplomatic. >> very rare. that doesn't happen and is blowing up all over the british press. the monarch, though she is head of state never comments publicly about affairs of state. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online, on facebook and fwiter. craig melvin is up next here on msnbc. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour.
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and a good wednesday. i'm craig melvin. today on msnbc, unity or bust. the new battle cry of the ongoing gop civil war, house speaker paul ryan taking the stage on capitol hill talking about his conservative conundrum with donald trump. >> we have to be at full strength so we can win this election, and that is why we have to go through the actual effort and process of unifying. i want to be a part of the unifying process. we just need to get to know each other.
10:00 am
>> got to get to know each other. less than 24 hours before his arrival, while not a ringing endorsement does leave open the possibility for a bridge between those vast ideological divides. >> this is the big ten party. there's plenty of room for disputes in this party. we come from different wings of the party. the goal here is to unify the various wings of the party around common principles so we can go forward unified. >> here's the thing, though, the battle goes beyond rump and ryan. trump doubling down on those incendiary remarks about john mccain being a war hero. >> so do you regret saying that? >> i don't, you know, i like not to regret anything. i mean, you know, you do things and you say things, and what i said, frankly, is what i said. some people like what i said. if you want to nope the truth. >>


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