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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> got to get to know each other. less than 24 hours before his arrival, while not a ringing endorsement does leave open the possibility for a bridge between those vast ideological divides. >> this is the big ten party. there's plenty of room for disputes in this party. we come from different wings of the party. the goal here is to unify the various wings of the party around common principles so we can go forward unified. >> here's the thing, though, the battle goes beyond rump and ryan. trump doubling down on those incendiary remarks about john mccain being a war hero. >> so do you regret saying that? >> i don't, you know, i like not to regret anything. i mean, you know, you do things and you say things, and what i said, frankly, is what i said. some people like what i said. if you want to nope the truth. >> trump also appearing to
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double down on the muslim ban throwing out mayor rudy giuliani's name as a possible overseer. >> we have to be extremely careful. i'm thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by rudy giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. >> meanwhile, the trump veep speculation, telling the associated press it is now down to five or six choices, all of this as presidential candidate bernie sanders refuses to back down against hillary clinton despite the damning delegate math. >> please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> that was just a few moments ago here on msnbc. we have all the action covered on both sides of the aisle and in between as well. we start with our resident trump expert, katie tur who is over at trump tower once again. as we have donald trump preparing to meet tomorrow, now talking about getting rudy
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giuliani to head this commission on muslims. says he still doesn't regret what he said about john mccain, also there's that white nationalist named as a possible delegate for trump in california. walk us through all of it, katy, tur. >> reporter: none of this bodes well with the meeting with paul ryan and the leaders of the house and senate. i was speaking about what they expect from the meeting and they believe it will be positive, that donald trump and paul ryan need to get in the same room and to get to know each other. that being said, today's dment on mccain certainly doesn't help things with his relationship with washington at the moment. they want ed him to tone it dow. they want him to embrace the party. that is not an example of that happening and, also, accidentally, however it happened, putting a white nationalist on your delegate list for california doesn't help things either. it leads to a sense among the
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republican establishment that this campaign is not paying close attention to what's going on. they don't care about the reputation of the republican party and they're trying to pave a path of their own. but it is important to note he refused to walk back his comments on john mccain calling him not a war hero on imus. take a listen to how he validated, justified his comments. >> frankly i like john mccain and john mccain is a hero. also heroes are people that are, you know, whether they get caught or don't get caught, they're all heroes, as far as i'm concerned. and that's the way it should be. >> so do you regret saying tt? >> i like not to regret anything. >> of course. >> you say things and what i said, frankly, is what i said. and, you know, some people liked what i said, if you want to nope the truth. many people liked what i said. after i said that, my poll
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numbers went up seven points. >> reporter: and, craig, unsurprisingly he refused to back down. also unsurprisingly he's using his poll numbers as justification for that comment. >> you've had conversations with trump officials about general election strategy. it sounds very scorched earth. >> reporter: what they want to do is paint as somebody with questionable character. they believe her character is her biggest weakness right now. voters don't necessarily trust her, don't necessarily believe what she says, and they don't necessarily like her track record. and in order to cement that idea, maybe take away the woman card from her, they want to paint her as an enabler of bill clinton's affairs, someone who was not supporting women throughout that whole trial but rather her husband to further his political career. that's what the campaign is saying in order to explain what donald trump is doing on the
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campaign trail and in interviews and in tweets. whether that will hold water, whether that will work with voters, we're going to have to wait and see. so far a republican primary and as we keep saying the general electorate is a lot different. >> it's going to be very interesting to see how that plays out. a guy on his third wife, the infidelity there as well. you have to wonder why you would go after a female candidate for president with those kinds of claims. our resident expert. thanks as always. just as paul ryan was talking donald trump and the republican party unity this morning, so, too, were the democrats a day ahead of that big meeting. nancy pelosi and her leadership team out front as well trying to draw a direct line from trump to paul ryan and policies embraced by house republicans clearly hoping trump's apparent toxicity will help them flip the house come fall. >> whether it's insulting president obama, women,
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immigrants, muslims, lbgt americans, there's not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying all along. >> nbc's luke russert, our resident expert in the lower chamber, covering all the drama surrounding this big meeting. tomorrow speaker ryan wrapping up the meeting with house gop leaders who support trump, we understand it. what have you learned about that meeting? >> reporter: craig, we were outside of ryan's office exclusively and saw some members of the trump caucus, as i like to call them, going in there. and they had a meeting they said was mostly positive. they appreciated ryan's open door policy. however, there certainly are some issues that have to be worked through between some members of the house gop conference who support trump and speaker ryan. mainly they say the issue at hand, ryan is still figuring out
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where trump sees as the role of the executive branch. he really wants trump to realize congress is an equal partner in terms of how the united states is governed and there is some concern because paul ryan has seen president obama as being too much of a, quote/unquote, imperial president that donald trump would perhaps be inspired by that and lead in a manner which would cut congress out. some constitutional concerns paul ryan has on top of the personality and temperament differences that the two men currently have. so that's what they were working towards. paul ryan also, i'm told from some of the members, look, i'm open, i'm listening to you. it will take me a little while to get on to whatever the next steps are if we're going to work it forward. i think what's interesting, craig, we are seeing real divisions within the house gop conference. there is the always sometimes never. the always trump people who just
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met with ryan. the sometimes who say, maybe i can get onboard. i have to see. and the never who say, look, this guy is not a conservative. i don't like what he's saying about the ban on muslims, on latinos. he could be a real problem for the party going forward. that's what ryan is dealing with in his own conference. he has his own personal issues. they have a way to go. >> do you get the sense -- you were at the news conference earlier and you just talked to members of the so-called trump caucus, as you call them, do you get the sense paul ryan will come around on donald trump whether it's tomorrow or whether it's a week or two from now? do you get that sense? >> reporter: it certainly won't be tomorrow. i think that if he eventually does it probably will not be a ful full-on embrace and you have to under who paul ryan is. paul ryan is somebody who is pen to paper policy wonk oriented. he believes in policy and ideas. and with donald trump seemingly flip-flopping on everything, i think it's hard for ryan
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personal ly to get behind that. what i can tell you, though, is where ryan and the trump supporters are on is the never hillary movement. so if that can perhaps be more prescient for them, maybe they go that direction and not never trump. we'll see. >> luke russert on hill for us. thanks as always. vonn hilliard caught up with ted cruz. cruz's second day back on the hill since suspending his race. he asked cruz whether he still believed trump would be a disaster at the top of the ticket, just happened a short time ago. take a look at the exchange. >> you said just a month ago the republican party would lose in a blood bath if donald trump was the nominee. do you still believe that? >> well, i certainly hope republicans do well in the election in november. i hope we not only retain but expand our senate majority and do the same in the house but that at the end of the day will be up to the voters. >> republican strategist, also
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the national spokesman for ted cruz. thanks so much for joining me. we also just got some more sound in house here. this is south carolina senior senator lindsey graham just a few moments ago talking about the election as he was speaking at a misscfiscal summit. take a listen to what he said. >> if you told me in 2013 that by 2016 we'd be running on forced deportation and that megyn kelly was a bimbo, we have problems. to the hispanic community, i get it why you don't like us. who is going to vote for somebody who is going to deport their grandmother. >> he won't be voting for hillary clinton or donald trump. this meeting with republican leaders tomorrow going to be the first in trying to define some sort of middle ground for trump
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and leaders like paul ryan. where is that middle ground? how do you bridge this kind of chasm when you have the face of your party who has, again, today said maybe rudy giuliani should head up this muslim commission, a guy who has talked about not changing entitlement programs at all despite what speaker paul ryan has said, raising the minimum wage, how do you bridge that divide when it seems so wide? >> certainly there's a lot of work to do and the burden of uniting the republican party falls upon donald trump. that's who now has the responsibility, he's won by virtue of having won enough d l delegates to put them on a track to become the nominee. >> why is it his responsibility to unite the party? should it not be the leadership's responsibility to say maybe we were wrong.
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maybe after all these votes were cast, we misread the temperature of our days. >> they need to reach out across our broad base party with people from 50 states, five territories and the district of columbia. all types of different ideological stripes, all types of different backgrounds and it's the responsibility of a leader to reach out. that's something that has to be done right away. three key things donald trump has to do. number one, tighten up his operations so you don't have any more instances like in california with his delegates and that's important to inspire confidence on the part of the people who then he then reaches out to. they have to feel that it's tight, well organized, and can scale up to meet the challenge that lies ahead. number two he has to take the steps to reach out across the republican party in advance of the republican convention, in
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order to bring everybody together. that really does fall into him ma making the phone calls and the like. if he sits back and waits for people to call him, it's never going to happen. and then, number three, he has to dramatically scale up his fund-raising operation. most people believe he intended to self-finance the general election campaign. now he's going to rely upon fund-raising in order to do that. this is a massive undertaking in order to raise the money necessary to wage a competitive general election campaign across the country against a democratic party that has raised far more between hillary clinton and bernie sanders than has raised on the republican side at all. these are the three key things he has to do. >> it will be very interesting to see how a guy like donald trump will be able to go out and ask folks to right large checks after he has spent the better part of last year railing against people like that and to your first point, it was revealed the trump campaign has apparently decided not to invest heavily in the type of data gathering operation that helped propel the obama campaign to victory some eight years ago.
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go ahead. >> this is a giant undertaking. the democratic party and the labor unions and independent organizations provides a massive built-in infrastructure to help elect candidates of the left. that is a built-in advantage that presumably hillary clinton will have when she secures the nomination and on the republican side it really depends upon having a strong nominee with a strong campaign for himself as well as the republican national committee and infrastructure on the republican side. that all has to be funded. this is what donald trump has to carry that he didn't carry in the primary because he self-funded his campaign. the organizational challenge that he has in addition to the leadership challenge in terms of reaching out to people is enormous at this point and if it didn't happen it doesn't only put the white house at risk but means literally hundreds of down ticket republican candidates could wind up suffering if this
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work is not done and done quickly. >> ron nehring, thank you for your insight, sir. >> thank you. still ahead, he's in it to win it. >> last i heard hillary clinton is running for president of the united states. i am running for president of the united states. trump is running for president of the united states. and what a candidate does is make his or her best case to the american people. >> but could bernie sanders end up winning the title of 2016 spoiler? the feisty sanders telling our own andrea mitchell a short time ago he is still the best person to face off against donald trump. that leads to today's microsoft pulse question, here it is. is bernie sanders hurting hillary clinton's chances in the general election by staying in the race? "the pulse" is live. weigh in at to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres
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senator bernie sanders riding high today after his big win in west virginia's primary. he has vowed to press hillary clinton and compete for the nomination all the way to the end, but the math is still not on his side. sanders trails by more than 700 delegates. still, he says he's staying in the race. it's good for the democratic party and he's not going to bow to pressure to drop out. here he was with msnbc's andrea mitchell just a few minutes ago. >> every state that we have won in 19 states we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on, so please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. i'm in this race to win. we're taking on the democratic establishment.
10:20 am
we are standing up for working people and we have a shot. it is a steep hill to climb but we're going to fight for every last vote we can get, every delegate that we can get and that's what i intend to do the next month, five weeks. >> that means you have hillary clinton being pressed on two sides, forced to fight the race with bernie sanders as well as fight the race against donald trump as well. as trump begins his search for a vp, a name also being floated that could possibly join the clinton ticket. >> so if hillary clinton came to you and said i need you to be my running mate in order to take on donald trump, would you say yes to that? >> right now i just want to be clear i love my job. i'm here in the united states senate doing exactly what the people of massachusetts sent me here to do. i'm in the thick of the fight to try to level the playing field, to try to unrig this system.
10:21 am
that's what really matters to me. that's where i'm headed. >> hillary clinton expected to take the stage. she is also expected to spend some time talking about her plan to raise wages. we are going to keep an eye on this event over in new jersey. i want to bring in our senior editor, mark murray. what, if anything, is the campaign say iing about that interview with elizabeth warren? >> craig, i think we're in the stage of the veep-stakes, elizabeth warren said i don't want the job, i'm happy in my current condition. when we look at the veep stakes, she will always be a name that will be mentioned, a high-profile woman to add to a
10:22 am
female potential canned daytona. there is one weakness and that is she's not a go along, get along type of person which you often need in your role. that is what she enjoys doing in the senate and it's very hard to do that when you're a vice president. >> let's talk about west virginia, what happened in that state last night. 15 points. that was the margin between clinton and sanders. we know now she will be spending money in kentucky on television. momentum, yes? math, no. >> he gets to stay in the race, craig. i think it's been clear that the goal for the sanders campaign is to go the distance more than
10:23 am
actual actually win. save money on ads in the races they knew they were going to win versus minimizing her delegate halls in places like texas and florida. the goal has always been to go the distance. even if hillary clinton had won indiana, if she had won in west virginia last night, bernie sanders would be in the race, competing, going on to the next contest and this race wouldn't wind down until june 7th so we are in a holding pattern of this contest where, yes, the clinton campaign wants to get a win next week in kentucky, to be able to win, but who wins and loses these contests doesn't matter as much until we get to june 7th. thanks as always, my friend. we have breaking news we are
10:24 am
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10:28 am
talk about that. i believe with all my heart that we are better. you know, the choice in this campaign literally could not be clearer. here's what i believe. i believe we can get incomes rising for all americans. we can make debt free college a reality. we can rebuild our infrastructure, make america a clean energy superpower and create millions of jobs that cannot be exported.
10:29 am
i believe we can grow the economy and have a fairer economy. what i think will do both, how do we get more jobs with riding incomes. i think it's accurate to say, although the republicans hate it when i do, the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. now some of you might remember, some of you might remember when my husband was nominated in new york city in 1992 weep got on a bus in times square and you know what our first stop was, camden, new jersey!
10:30 am
we came to camden with a message of new jobs and rising incomes. and at the end of those eight years that's what we had, 23 million new jobs, incomes went up for everybody, not just those at the top, working people, middle class families, even poor people saw their incomes rise. in fact, the median family income went up 17% over those eight years and the median african-american family income went up 33%. people were working. they were providing for their families, buying homes, they were saving money for college and retirement. i'm really proud of that record. i'll tell you what, if the
10:31 am
republicans want to criticize it, what are they criticizing, the peace or the prosperity that we had in the 1990s? now i think it's fair to say you can ask, well, what happened? we got a republican in the white house, that's what happened. it's not that complicated. honest to goodness, i was there. i was a senator from new york and i spoke against, i voted against an economic policy that did not do anything but cut taxes on the wealthy. that was all they cared about. back to so-called trickle-down economics. that is the real response, my friends. not only did they slash taxes on the wealthy, but they didn't regulate the financial markets. >> hillary clinton there in black wood, new jersey talking
10:32 am
about infrastructure spending and also spending some time talking about the '90s as well, talking about the economy under her husband. calling it af era of peace and pr prosperity. meanwhile donald trump's campaign there are more nasty attacks to come. here is paul manafort. telling msnbc's chris matthews to stay tuned. >> what is this thing about hillary clinton being married to somebody who is an abuser of women. how do you make that case? >> stay tuned. >> you have a case? >> stay tuned. >> have you heard his case? >> we have things we'll talk about in this campaign where we will not be letting her get away with the female card. >> more on the way.
10:33 am
a new nbc/survey monkey poll showing trump losing latino voters by 33%. losing by 77 points. you've all been talking to voters all week. let me start with you. what are you hearing from voters there? >> just what our poll reflects, a huge enthusiasm gap when it comes to donald trump. an engagement in the affairs of this city and state and frankly has known nationwide for that. it happened on the train here at the 103rd street station.
10:34 am
this is what they had to say. >> you have a big election coming up. have you thought about who you will support yet? >> not yet. the underdog is who i'm thinking about. >> underdog meaning bernie? >> that's right. >> but if bernie doesn't win and it's hillary versus donald trump, what are you going to do? >> it's like shooting yourself or stabbing yourself. one or the other. >> a hat that says trump. >> he doesn't really care. he's brash. so are some of his counterparts like me should be brash as well. >> it's not every day, craig, you walk up to somebody on a train in los angeles who has a has that says beep trump. you can guess what it says. what voters here are saying is
10:35 am
important in florida and pennsylvania where things are neck and neck according to the same poll you referenced. he is going to need these african-american, latino voters that he is having such a hard time with. >> tony is in raleigh, north carolina. you talked to a group of men precisely about these attacks that we've heard from donald trump, these attacks on hillary clinton and by extension bill clinton as well. how are folks reacting to that? >> it feels like an episode of the view from the 1990s out here. hillary clinton lost the vote there by double digits to bernie sanders and when you look at the national polling and is clearly trying to expand the lead and a two pronged strategy.
10:36 am
some sort of a psychological hop, skip and a jump and not barring away from the claim she's playing the so-called woman's card and that's the reason she's competitive in the campaign. i sat down with five of them at a beautiful restaurant named bella donna. >> if she were a man she would get 5% of the vote. >> donald trump is playing the man card. he is also coming up appealing to white males and he has no principle. that's all he has. he has hate. he has contentiousness. he has nothing to offer other than the fact he was a reality
10:37 am
show tv star. >> he's playing the people card. to give the people what they want. it's not a man, not a woman, it's people all around who deserve the same deal. >> you think donald trump is rig right? when she says on national tv vote for a woman because you're a woman, that's the woman's card. >> reporter: you can hear there are voters out there respond in to donald trump's line of attack. many male voters. every election show up to the polls in smaller and smaller numbers. women, it keeps going on. bad news for the donald. back to you. >> there in raleigh. thanks for being with us.
10:38 am
we also have casey hunt. let me start with you, get back to this survey monkey/nbc news tracking poll. we have hillary clinton ahead by nearly 20 points with women. you heard from the male voters there in the tar heel state, the strategy has been to ignore the specific line of attack from donald trump with regards to the sexual indiscretion. is that the best way to move forward? >> to ignore donald trump on the issue? >> yes. >> i think that's right. i don't think people blame hillary clinton for her husband's indiscretions. i think he has quite a jump there.
10:39 am
hillary has a male gender gap. what tony said is right. men are turning out less and less. the strategy is to capture people who have checked out of the system and if you look back to the last election mitt romney would have beaten barack obama had he increased his white vote. that's very doable so the numbers he's getting in hispanics and african-american while dismal is really sort of the same performance that republicans have gotten. if he get 3% more whites to vote and men who checked out of the system, he does have a path to victory. >> you spent time talk iing to
10:40 am
women in northern virginia yesterday we looked at that. the strategy is about raising more questions about clinton's character. these women you talked to, these republican women, did up get the sense that trump's line of personal attacks would do more to hurt hillary clinton or donald trump? >> i think what the trump campaign is doing is distinguishing between character and behavior. so they believe that hillary clinton's negatives are character, dishonest, untrustworthy, that donald trump's are personality related, that he's brash. these are things that can be changed, for example. the women i talked to i got a different sense. play one of these web ads that stack up a bunch of comments
10:41 am
made. >> i'm sorry. we want to listen in for a second. let's listen. >> i want to knock down the barriers to education. our young kids get ready to succeed in school. i want to work with our teachers. >> hillary clinton was talking about what a lot of folks have been talking about today. this notion of donald trump telling the associated press that he is not going to be releasing the tax returns before november. >> reporter: some of the things that he said, some of his cruder moments, appearances on "the howard stern" show.
10:42 am
you could tell they're from northern virginia, this is an area where they knew a lot about the election but still reacted in a way that was shocked. if democrats put money behind that message it's going to make an impact, now on the flip side, women said he said these things when he was running for president. the younger women on the panel did use the word character with me, those comments went to his character. i think that's a hurdle for the trump campaign. >> rick tyler, kasie hunt, a big thanks to both of you. we'll talk soon, i'm sure. breaking news, moments ago federal investigators telling reporters in a news conference that the 2013 fertilizer fire in texas, you likely remember this, that explosion killed 15
10:43 am
including a dozen first responders as well. investigators saying a short time ago that the fire was deliberately set. there was a news conference. the atf was there saying this thing was no accident. at this point no arrests have been made, no suspects named, but they are -- federal official s at this point are offering a $50,000 reward in the hopes someone will coforward with information about this fire. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains
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10:47 am
slager was charged with murder. he was promptly fired from his job as well. his criminal trial is scheduled to start in the fall where if guilty he could face a possible life sentence without parole. ari joins me now. the officer in question is out on bond. what do we expect to happen in court, ari? >> reporter: they'll walk through what the federal charges are. i will tell you, you just ran through exactly what he's facing at the state level. and that is typically all we would have in the case. what is unusual today, what is new today, is the federal government moving forward on these charges. you see it in the video there. the cell phone video capturing him basically being shot in the back while retreating from the officer. that video, what you're looking at, is the basis for the charges i'm about to read, depriving someone of their civil rights under color of law, using a firearm in committing a crime of violence, and then obstructing justice. that's not on video, craig, but
10:48 am
the other key. the feds saying today this officer also lied to investigators about his conduct. >> msnbc's ari melber, again, the officer in question, michael slager, set to appear in court. mothers who have lost their children at the hands of police are continuing to raise their voices and now those voices are being amplified by powerful allies. hillary clinton has been holding forums with mothers of the movement on the campaign trail. she released this campaign ad that was narrated by morgan freeman. >> she says their names -- >> trayvon martin, shot to death. >> sandra bland. >> sandra bland did nothing wrong. >> and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. >> last month beyonce added her powerful voice to this movement with a blockbuster release of the new album featuring moms holding the pictures of their
10:49 am
dead children. one of those mothers joins me now here in the studio. the mother of michael brown. it's good to see you again. you look good. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming by. your son shot to death by a police officer back in 2014, ferguson, missouri. we all know what happened in the aftermath, the widespread protests gave rise to the black lives matter movement. the book that you wrote is called "tell the truth and shame the devil." why write the book now? >> what better time than now to help people understand who michael brown was, his personality, his character and the love of family that he came from. >> who should read that book? >> everybody. >> everybody -- moms, sons, fathers, everyone. >> police, prosecutors, governors. >> what do you want folks to take away from it? >> i want them to take away from the book what type of mother i was, have a better understanding
10:50 am
of that, and who michael brown was. >> we just showed a clip of beyonce's video there. you were in that video. were in. as i understand it, it was her mother, beyonce's mom that he helped inspire you to a certain extent to get involved. walk me through that. how did that come about? >> it was a conversation me and her were having. i was telling her, i want to do something but i don't know what i could do to help and be able to support other mothers. she talked to me about m.a.d., mothers against drunk driving and how that organization came together and raised awareness on how often that happened. when i went back to st. louis, those thoughts were there and i came up with rainbow of mothers. obviously, i had been travel, you know, a lot of places and meeting a lot of mothers. i wanted to do something for all races and all kinds of mothers. when you lose a child no matter
10:51 am
what color you are, that pain is there and it hurts. it doesn't go away. >> doesn't go away. >> exactly. >> i was with you in ferguson and we spent some time there. i've seen you since then. as you know on monday that city swore in its first police chief, a chief that looks like me and you. one of the big knocks down there was you had a police force, a large part of that police force was white and a large part of the community they were policing was black or brown. thoughts on the new ply chief, are you optimistic he this is guy that will make a difference in that community? >> i'm hopeful for whoever they bring there. we don't know. time will tell. the last chief intern was a black man and he's gone already. he said some things to me. >> things like what? >> things like they wouldn't let him look at the file and he
10:52 am
couldn't get involved with the case. he invited me to churn wich witm and thought that was the only thing he could offer me. i'm hoping for something different from this chief that will come in and bring change and positivity to ferguson. >> congratulations on the book, called "tell the truth." i hope a lot of folks read it as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. itway into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly
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he can say whatever he wants to say about me personally. i will stand up and fight for and speak out for every american that he attacks, any insults. we are better than that. and we will act. >> hillary clinton referring to donald trump moments ago while speaking in new jersey. meanwhile we heard strong language over the pond.
10:56 am
this is the mayor of paris, france, calling donald trump stupid. paris mayor joins london's newly elected mayor speaking out against the presumptive republican presidential nominee, the two mayors were vehemently denouncing trump's proposal to prevent muslims from entering the united states. >> it's stupid, very stupid. all the people, muslim, catholic, and we are in the liflif life. we are in our motiission and mr trump is so stupid, my god, my god. >> so london's first muslim mayor, actually the first muslim mayor of any city in the west, rejected trump's suggestion he
10:57 am
would be an exception to visit america, calling trump's views on islam ignorant. meanwhile, donald trump respo responding. >> i assume he denies islamic terrorism. if you look at radical terrorism all over the world right now, it's a disaster going on. i assume he's denying that, like our president denying it's taking place. we have a serious problem. it's a temporary band. it hasn't been called for yet, nobody's done it, this is just a suggestion until we find out what's going on. >> that will do it for this hour. i'm craig melvin and my colleague, erica hill will pick up after the break. from washington, d.c., this is msnbc.
10:58 am
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