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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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em. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. hello, everyone. i'm erica hill. less than 24 hours before donald
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trump goes to washington. and ryan heads into that meeting with his house divided, the gop caucus split over supporting the trumptive nominee and ryan fa facing increasing pressure to endorse trump. the speaker stressing this morning his goal is to find a way to bridge the divide before it's too late. >> i think we're trying to be as constructive as possible but have a real unification. i said the other day to pretend we're unified as a republican party after a bruising primary that ended a week ago, to pretend we're unified we go into the fall at half strength. this election is too important than to go into the election at half strength. that means we need real unification of our party and after a tough primary, that will take effort. >> the speaker's office confi confirming a call between ryan and ben carson and that call, made with trump's blessing is to
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discuss major issues between the nominee and the speaker, difference trump downplayed between now and tomorrow's meeting. >> he's a very good man and wants what's good for the party and i think we will have positive results and for him to stay and be chairman. >> to discuss ryan and that divide of the republican party. we talk to katy tur in close contact with high level sources she joins us outside the trump tower this afternoon. we heard donald trump singing the praises of speaker ryan ahead of the meeting in washington tomorrow and also y saying he doesn't regret some comments he made about senator john mccain, addressing those as well. we're getting different.stod do trump's today. what's the real store? >> reporter: contradictory donald trump the way i describe it.
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what the campaign believes, this is going to be a good meeting. their goal is to make sure -- to give donald trump and paul ryan taunt to kn taunt -- opportunity to know each other. there's been very little contact between the two men and discuss policy issues. they do understand and expect there is going to be some disagreement on what the party platform should be come convention time. they're bracing for that but their stance is they can smooth things over. then look what happened this morning, donald trump on don imus' radio show talking about the state of the race and the party and he was asked if he regretted his comments on john mccain, calling him not a war hero, so infamously last fall. take a listen to what he said. >> i like john mccain and john mccain is a hero. also, heroes are people that
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whether they get caught or don't get caught, they're all heroes as far as i'm concerned. that's the way it should be. >> you regret saying that? >> i like not to regret anything. >> of course. >> you do things and say things. what i said, frankly is what i said. some people like what i said, if you want to know the truth. there are many people that like what i said. after i said that, my poll numbers went up 7 points. >> reporter: there you have donald trump on both sides of the issue saying he doesn't regret his comments and he never does. basically his poll numbers went up. >> litalking about the polls as well. do we have more on this inside information of what was said on the conference call between ben carson and speaker ryan? >> reporter: ben carson called speaker ryan last night. we're told the call lasted 20 minutes and most on policy, ben
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carson trying to clarify where donald trump stood on the issues, basically the media was getting it wrong and trying to give paul ryan a sense where the candidate stood and paul ryan was surprised the two men did not have much of a relationship. he believes once they get in a room together things will go well. this call carson made to paul ryan, yesterday, nbc news was told by a trump source this was not necessarily sanctioned by the campaign, not asked for by the campaign but they were fine with ben carson doing it. this morning, we were told by a ben carson source this was indeed sanctioned by the campaign or ben carson would not have done it without their bl s blessing. whether this conversation is going to do any good head of th meeting tomorrow, i'm not sure. whether the two men can come to an agreement with their differences in the room tomorrow
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or if they are or whether or not paul ryan will be satisfied with donald trump explanations or promises how he will change or not change things in the future. remember, donald trump is going into that meeting, the campaign believes this, what they believe is a very big mandate from the millions of voters. they believe they are on higher ground right now when it comes to who exactly speaks for the republican party. >> in terms of voters, katkaty, can't ignore the fact that the attacks against hillary clinton, specifically attacking former predicate's affiliainfidelitys g to continue. what are you hearing from the campaign? what's the strategy behind the line of attack? >> reporter: the strategy is they're trying to question her character. they believe hillary clinton has a real problem with character. voters don't necessarily trust her. they would not trust her.
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i don't want to trust her and they want to try and poke holes in that as much as they can. they're using her history and her husband's history, his sexual infidelity, his history with abuse claims from women, they believe that that feeds into this idea that hillary clinton does not have good character because not only did she stand by her husband, but she whitewashed over much of the issues in order to further his political career and her political career. that is what the campaign believe this is an are doing. they believe that is going to be effective. right now he has a 70% unfavorable polling, 70% unfavorable polling when it comes to women across this country. we will see if that argument holds water to more than just the republican base. >> interesting to see as we watch for that and we will talk to voters on that and we will be hearing from them later.
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katy, thank you. as the presumptive nominee prepares to meet with gop leaders, democrats have been quick to pounce on the divided party. we heard some that this morning. >> donald trump is the offspring of republicans in congress. when you try to undo a policy that has helped hundreds of thousands of young men and women come out of the shadows and go to school and work and you vote in favor of that, you are no different than the guy who yells out that immigrants are rapist, that they bring crime and drugs to this country. so you can't try to separate yourself from the stick you come from. no one should try to distance donald trump from the republicans in congress. >> nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill where republicans held their leadership conference this morning. i imagine a big topic of discussion is what the party
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stands for and where everybody stands at this point. >> reporter: that is certainly the topic of discussion. it is broken into three different factions with the house gop conference. always trump, sometimes trump and never trump. all three of those different varieties made their voices heard today. house speaker paul ryan is in a very difficult position right now because he wants to try to unify the republican party. there are a lot of concerns he has as well as his fellow congressman about donald trump's temperament and positions and whether he's ab conservative. take a listen to what he said about trying to unite the party. >> i believe if we're going to be successful this fall we have to unify our party and go forward with a positive message americans see we have solutions to the problems. when 7 out of 10 americans don't like the path this country is on and hillary clinton has promised to go down the same path. we have to offer a choice and
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way forward. that will take party unification going forward. we just finished one of the most grueling primaries in modern history and will take work and that's the work we're dedicated to doing. >> reporter: the question is, how long does it take for paul ryan to get to yes on donald trump. paul ryan met recently with the trump caucus, members who support donald trump, they came out saying it was positive and appreciated the speaker's open door policy and saying the longer ryan is reluctant to endorse trump full on, the hard it is for the party to become unified. a congressman from pennsylvania said when something bad happens, you take a few days to grieve, but then it's time to rejoin the living. the question is, when does paul ryan want to join trump and when will he be living fully in the republican party? >> something we will be monitoring closely and we know
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you will as well. luke russert, thanks. for a deeper dive in this divide between donald trump and this republican party, we want to bring in analyst ben ginsberg and political correspondent, kasie hunt. i want to start off with a little bit of sound we heard a little bit ago from senator lindsey graham. let's listen in. >> we can have a healthy discussion about abortion, about any social issue, but if we're seen as an intolerant group of people, when it comes to immigration, if we seem to have animosity in our heart more than hope when it comes to fixing the problem we will lose the fastest dem grohhic in the country -- demographic in the country. i've been talking about this for 10 years. my worst nightmare has come true that we would run a campaign to get to the right of where we were before. we're in a ditch and i don't know if we will get out of the ditch. >> in a ditch, addressing the divide in the party.
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is this a ditch the party can climb out of? >> i think it is. what paul ryan is doing is recognizing his task is to be sure that two dozen, maybe three dozen house members, in the most vulnerable seats get reelected. that requires an articulation of policies that may not be exactly right on a national stage for donald trump and there is the resolution of principles. i think what paul ryan is saying to the extent we are in a ditch, the republican party is in a ditch, the way to get out is to talk through the issues, come to a place that is good for both the two to three dozen endang endangered republican members of congress and donald trump. >> how many do you see donald trump acquiescing on that? how much do you anticipate he will give? >> as he said, he's a negotiate. certainly, paul ryan is used to dealing with a republican conference that is not exactly uniform on all the issues. that's why paul ryan is so good
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at what he does. so i think that those two men, from their particular privile perspectives can come to a resolution on the issues. >> the thing that comes up continually are the comments donald trump has made and we heard from katy, the attacks from hillary clinton playing the so-called woman card and infidelities of her husband and i know you spoke to a group of female republican voters on that. what do you hear from those attacks and their perspectiresu nominee? >> reporter: sure. you were talking about those trying to hold on to seats and districts across the country. part of the reason why some feel donald trump poses a problem j because of some of the things he's said about women in the past. there is one already, a web ad in a seat not necessarily considered competitive, down in arkansas, connor eldridge running against john bozeman,
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the republican, he has this web ad out already. i played that for the republican women to get a sense whether they had seen these comments before and see how they would react. take a look. >> when you hear those things, that's true, that doesn't sound beautiful, it doesn't sound beautiful, it is true. taken however in the context they were spoken, one, he was not, in many of these cases, at the time running for president. >> that shouldn't matter. it's character. >> it speaks to his character. i thought we were going to see a little bit of that ad, some of the comments include some of the things donald trump has said on the howard stern show over the years talking about women's physical attributes, attracti attractiveness. when i watched those women take this in, it was clear even the woman you saw in the corner speak first, ardent trump supporter, even they were surprised to hear some of these comme
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comments. there ae's a sense everyone has opinion about donald trump and everybody knows all there is to know about him. my take away watching these well informed women take this in, they were shocked. there is room for democrats who put enough money in ads on tv they will reach those who haven't heard those comments before. there is the belief donald trump can change his behavior, those comments were when he wasn't president of the united states were different and questions about hillary clinton go to character. those women thought these reflected on trump's character. >> if you're looking at this, let's say, donald trump came to you and aid, help me out here, ben, what can i do? is there anything about this line of attack that is particular lly effective how th women are receiving it, is this a smart way for donald trump to move the ball forward in this election? >> one thing we see about donald
11:16 am
trump, he follows his instincts. it's not always clear where those instincts go. this may not turn out to be a terribly uplifting fight. you will see the things casey highlighted in your report and what you heard a little bit earlier, which was the trump force going after hillary clinton for aiding and abetting some of the things that bill clinton did. that is not an uplifting debate over the role of women but it is also where this campaign is pointed. >> we are getting new sound in. we talked so much how hillary clinton is not really hitting back and we're addressing those attacks. she did a little bit ago in new jersey have some things to say. leather ta let's take a listen. >> i think advocating torture, that's a loose canon, saying we should pull out of nato, that's a loose canon, saying we're going to bar every muslim from coming into our country -- you
11:17 am
go down the list and you've got a really reckless, even dangerous agenda that he is promo promoting. >> when you sat todown and talk to those female voters, there are a lot of voters who are wondering maybe in the three camps luke russert mentioned, always, sometimes or never trump camp, were any considering a move to hillary clinton and if so, why or why not? >> reporter: there were two out of this group of five, long time registered republicans, both voted for mitt romney in 2012, both decided at this point they were going to vote for hillary clinton, it was not a vote for her so much as a protest vote or they didn't feel that they could possibly support trump. you might expect women to point to his comments about women or some arguments he's making against hillary clinton as a reason for that. they cited other things. they mentioned the muslim ban, mentioned building a wall, how he talks about people who are disabled or has talked about
11:18 am
people who are disabled. when i asked them at the end of the meeting whether or not they wanted an alternative candidate to vote for, they were the two who put up their hands. >> we will have to leave it there. kasie hunt and ben ginsberg, always great to speak to both of you. we get to this breaking news to the family of walter scott. >> this is a time of change. walter scott did not die in vain. so many things have happened. body cams in this state. he was arrested immediately and put behind bars which was historic. a city stepping up and taking responsibility and settling a historic case for an historic amount and today the government coming in and saying that's not enough. we're coming in and our day of justice will have to come down the line. we're very proud of the government. van nita gupta, the actions that they've taken today, along with
11:19 am
bill settles, it just makes us proud. proud to know officers out there who break the law don't have to worry just about the local district attorney, they have to worry about federal justice. now, i will give it over to my partner, justin. >> justin bamberg with the nu enbarrows out of south carolina and house district 90. it's painful, extremely painful to look a brother in the eyes who doesn't understand why his older brother had to die in the fashion that he did. it's extremely painful to look a mother in the eyes and notice that in her hand is a tear-so tear-soaked tissue from the t r tears that she constantly cries
11:20 am
because she had to bury her son. these things are painful. but today, i remind everybody of a saying that weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. today is a bit of joy for not just the scott family but for this community as a whole, for this country as a whole. from 1995, to 2015, the united states government steps in and charges officers in approximately 4%, 4% of police misconduct cases. today is a happy day because walter scott, officer schrager, they join that 4%. we will continue to pursue justice as we have from day one. we will continue to pursue
11:21 am
change. we will continue to ensure that walter did not die in vain. i have to, again, as chris said, commend the federal government for stepping up. it's a message that is loud and clear. today, that message says, enough is enough. enough is enough. >> you're listening there to the attorneys for the family of walter scott. this in reaction to what we learned today a federal grand jury is indicting the former police officer, michael schrager, seen on video, sho shooting walter scott as he ran away, eight times. we go to pete williams who has more on what we learned today and the ultimate implications. >> this is unusual. certainly, the people speaking there are correct. it is unusual for the federal government to file charges when someone has already been charged in state court. the former police officer faces
11:22 am
charges already in state court. his trial is set for october. normally in a case like this the federal government would stand back, hold its charges in reserve and file them only if something happens and the state case goes haywire and they think justice would be served by filing charges. here, they've gonehead and filed the charges now. it doesn't increase the possible maximum sentence because the justice department determined the maximum sentence would be life in prison, all available under state law. it doesn't increase the possible maximum. it does two things, provides another possible avenue of prosecution but, secondly, sends a powerful message from the justice department, they will intervene and will step in and will do aggressive investigations in these cases they believe there's excessive force. three charges against the police officer. a firearms charge, one, one is lying, saying when he fired his weapon the victim was coming at him the charges say are not
11:23 am
true, that's the obstructing justice count. the first one in this federal cases depriving someone of their civil rights under color of law, meaning pretending to act with legal authority. he was a policeman, that's where that comes from. that's the civil rights charge, the most serious one, that's the one that could bring a prison of life in prison. >> as you point out, there are the charges and the message. a lot of people around the country are reacting to that message. pete, thanks. >> you bet. . look at that, look at that! >> oh! holy mackerel! >> it returns after what appe appeared to be the end of the carnage, another round of potentially deadly weather is expected to pound the middle of the country. more than 2200 people are at risk. okay governor mary fallin has
11:24 am
declared a state of emergency. more than 10 people were injured in severe storms.
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with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. donald trump today standing by his plan to ban muslims entering the united states, one of many policy statements that angered minority groups and could hurt him at the polls. donald trump is losing latino voters by 33 points to secretary clinton. you look at african-american voters, he is losing by 77 points. jake is doing a little jake walking today in south los angeles. >> reporter: erica, donald trump has a long way to go if he wants to win over non-white voters in the united states according to our new msnbc news survey monkey poll that came out yesterday particularly in ohio,
11:28 am
pennsylvania and florida, swing states where things are neck and neck. why we came to southwest los angeles to talk to residents of this very civically active community and we hopped on a train. >> if donald trump asked for your vote, could he get it? >> there's a possibility, yes. >> reporter: what would it take for donald trump to get your vote? >> i haven't totally decided yet. >> reporter: how about hillary clinton? >> 50% chance. >> reporter: split evenly? >> yes. >> reporter: do you have any idea what your issue is based on? >> no. >> you look at him with minority and non-white voters, he's not doing well. how come? >> he's made a lot of dispara disparaging remarks to minori minorities and the african-american and latino community banded together in spite of -- i know he will make a lot of attempts to get our vote coming up but i don't think it's going to work. >> reporter: erica, as the train
11:29 am
pulls in here, nobody is saying donald trump will win california, great insight from voters in this wonderful state about what he needs to do if he wants to close that gap in those swing states come november. >> nbc jacob tsoboroff riding te trails. staying defiant, coming off a win in west virginia, senator sanders says he is running for president and will not back down from attacking hillary clinton's record. >> every state that we have won in 19 states, we have had to take on the entire democratic establish. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. please do not moan to me ant hillary clinton's problems. we are taking on the democratic establish and standing up for working people. we have a shot. it is a steep hill to climb but
11:30 am
we will fight for every last vote we can get, every delegate we can get and that's what i intend to do in the next month, five weeks. >> chris jansing is traveling with the sanders campaign event just getting under way in montana. i know bernie sanders often points to this polling showing him doing better in a matchup head to head with donald trump than hillary clinton. and looking at the math says it's a little challenging. what is the thinking and how do you unite those two ideals when you move to june? >> reporter: it's a lot challen challenging, let's put the that way. let's look at the numbers. you have to do the realistic math he says all the time, i know how to do math. numbers tell us he wins double digits in west virginia and only picks up 5 deg gats, -- delegat when you look at the straight delegates and super delegates
11:31 am
many committed to hillary clinton, as he puts it, even before he was in the race, he still needs 86% of the remaining total delegates if he's going win the nomination which means hillary clinton only gets 14%. that's something else he had to say to andrea. i want to make the point before you play that bite, we're hearing him loser than we've heard him in a long time, a lot more specific to these questions. take a listen to what he had to say about this whole delegate count. >> in many cases we win landslide victories 65, 70, 80% of the vote and she gets the super delegates. i think the people of many of those states are going to be y saying to those super delegates, why don't you reflect the views of the people in the state who voted for bernie sanders? >> reporter: that's the answer to your question, erica. he believes if he can win enough of these pledged delegates he has a case to make to the super
11:32 am
delegates to get them to flip. >> i understand you have new fund-raising numbers from the sanders campaign? >> reporter: yeah. this is just out. in the 18 hours or so since he won last night, he's raised about a million dollars. the campaign is happy with that. those are really good numbers for them, particularly after a big drop off they took last month after beating hillary clinton in the first three months of this year, put it in a little perspective, after he won new hampshire, his first big shocking win, 18 hours afterwards he raised more than 5 $5 million. the campaign knows that's not going to happen again. that doesn't mean every time he wins, he won in indiana and now west virginia and now putting out fund-raising e-mails. let me read to you from the one he put out immediately last night. we just never thought those attacks would come in a democratic primary yet somehow we keep winning. we are the best chance to defeat trump because people united can never be defeated. that is why we must keep fig
11:33 am
fighting. all the things we've been talking about, he's the best candidate, he's continuing to thrive even though the establish has been against him, going into these fund-raising e-mails. at least last night they were ahead where they would normally be as the senior aide campaign jokes in terms of money, it's always better to win than to lose. >> sums it up. chris jansing for us. thank you. up next, hillary clinton t hitting back hard against presumptive gop nominee, donald trump but she's refusinging to respond to trump's personal attacks directly as some would like. will that strategy work? we'll ask california senator barbara boxer, a clinton supporter next. i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy.
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make out hillary clinton's head, pressing the flesch and taking selfies. she is no longer apparently s y staying silent when it comes to attacks headed her way. she has a battle on two fronts. there is donald trump and today she was focused in on the presumptive gop nominee. take a listen. >> we've been pointing out that reality and he's got an little defensive about his tax plan but the facts are there in black and white. what about his taxes? we'll get around to that, too. when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that is expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we have eight years on our website right now. so you have to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? i believe with all my heart that we are better than the campaign
11:38 am
that the presumptive nominee for the republican party is running. >> nbc senior political editor, mark, is here to break this out for us today. what are you seeing as you look at these comments from hillary clinton. we're seeing a slight change in the way she's addressing things. what do you make of that? >> she's totally focused on donald trump and she is really fighting this two part war with donald trump on the right and bernie sanders in the democratic race from the left. all her rhetoric subjects she was focused on trump. i was struck by her attacks on donald trump when it comes to taxes. in the past week or so, there's been a tremendous amount of ambiguity where donald trump is when it comes to his tax plan. earlier he ended up saying on the "today" show town hall back in april he wanted to increase taxes for the wealthy and later retreated on that and said, look, i want to go back to my plan, even wealthy americans
11:39 am
will get a big tax cut. you see the clinton campaign really want to make trump own the tax cuts for the wealthy pretty much almost the playbook you saw barack obama and his campaign do against mitt romney in 2012. the clinton campaign wants to focuson..and the fact that his tax plan gives big taxes on wealthy individuals. >> there's the focus on donald trump and we talked about she is still fighting for the democratic nominations on the heels of a couple of losses. what are you seeing in the way the campaign is operating and handling this fight on two fronts? >> erica, ideally, the clinton campaign would rather be winning these contests than losing but it is worth noting to get the magic number of delegates, even if they end up winning indiana
11:40 am
last week by a couple points and even if they won in west virginia it doesn't change the math due to the proportional number of delegates. they'd actually be in this long drawn out fight with bernie sanders regardless of the performance in virginia and indiana and the clinton campaign has to endure it with bernie sanders for another month but focus fire and energy and resources ahead to the general election. >> thank you, my friend. joining me now, one of clinton's biggest backers in the critical state of california, senator barbara boxer. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we heard hillary clinton come out more forcefully, you heard the sound from mark and to taxes. there is this line of attack from the trump campaign is not going away, going after former president clinton's infidelities and using it as a line of attack to attack clinton's character.
11:41 am
when are we going to see a more forceful response from her? >> if hillary clinton does what she says she will do, she will win this race. that is to focus on what matters to the american people, not what her spouse does or his spouses have done, that's not the issue. what is the status of our families? donald trump says wages are too high. hillary clinton wants to raise the minimum wage. she's for equal pay for equal work. he's against that. the list goes on. he's against the women's right to issues and says women ought to be punished. she supports reproductive healthcare. the differences are many and have to do with the american people and not spouses of the candidates. >> this attack line is not going away. are you saying the best way to deal with it is ignore it? >> i grew up in the inner city. you don't get in this mud with a bully. you focus on how you beat that bully.
11:42 am
she gets it. this woman has withstood personal attacks for decades. what she does is -- the reason she's still standing is she fights for the people. she will not go down in the mud with him. thank goodness, good for her. >> secretary clinton proposed expanding medicare and allowing people over 50 to buy in, close to where bernie sanders stands. there's a lot of talk about bernie sanders staying in this race and staying in this race, pushing hillary clinton further to the left. do you see that push happening or does it concern you? >> opening up medicare so people can buy in, in that age group after they pass 50, i don't consider that a left-right issue. i consider it a very smart proposal. i voted for the public option and voted to open up medicare. i'm very excited she's taken that stand and i'm glad bernie supports that and has brought that up. it's been a very tough race for
11:43 am
the democratic nomination. it reminds me of obama versus clinton. i think it's all positive the end of the day even though sometimes there are awkward and difficult moments. >> there are sometimes awkward and difficult moments and we seem to be seeing a few more of them, i don't know if you can see it, to give context on the other side of the screen we see a bernie sanders event in missoula, montana, happening right now. we have to look at the number for secretary clinton. she has a fairly large unfavorable rating of 56%. how do you get to the white house with numbers like that and if you do get there, how do you push your agenda through congress? >> it's no surprise she has high negati negatives. there are something lining 18 republicans beating up on her consiste consistently. we see the kind of low attacks that have been launched by donald trump. this isn't a surprise. but what will happen is once we
11:44 am
get to the general election, the american people are going to look at the two candidates and they're going to say, who's going to fight for jobs for me? electricity. who's going to -- hillary clinton? who will fight for women's equality and stand up for children versus who will stand up for the top one-tenth of 1%. look at his program. he's fighting for the same billionaires still taking it home from wall street. once we get this one-on-one, this whole thing is going to change. but the fact she has high negati negatives, are you really -- don't mean you but are we really surprised? i've run in so many elections and i've seen my negatives go literally from, you know, 5% all the way up to the stratosphere. when people come at you, they say things that aren't true and it gets repeated continually. you have to stand tall, even though i'm not tall, and you have to battle that with the
11:45 am
facts, with the truth. with making the comparison, that's the key. >> we will continue to look at the numbers. as you know, we do love a good poll around here. we will keep them coming, senator barbara boxer of california. thanks for your time today. we've been asking you to weigh in on microsoft's pulse question, is bernie sanders h t hurting hillary clinton's chances in this race. look at that. evenly split. you have the power to shift it in one direction or the other to keep the conversation going. log onto r♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel who you should hire. ♪ thank you.
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11:49 am
country. >> hillary clinton in the country where she was rallying women voters where she says she doesn't care what donald trump says about her, do the voters therm themselves care when donald trump talks about the so-called woman's card and her husband, bill clinton's indirectionses. and tony toke to a group of m men -- tony spoke to a group of men in the swing state of north carolina. >> reporter: last segment you asked barbara boxer when hillary clinton would hit back for the personal attacks, bringing up the '90s and accusing her of bringing up the woman card. i spent the evening talking to voters and what do they think about the tactics deployed?
11:50 am
seems like maybe not. what is the man card? >> the man card is the card trump is playing. he is appealing to men. he is appealing and he has every reason to appeal. let me finish. let me finish. >> we'll get into that. >> i'm one of those middle class men, white males. >> i'm not talking about you. >> that's what he's talking about. you're talking about the man card, you're talking about somebody who works. we work 12 to 14 hours everyday. we make a bunch of money and our money is going to something else. >> to what? where is your money going? >> it goes to the government for people who don't work. we're sick of it. >> i pay taxes, get benefits. >> we're sick of it. >> that's why we're voting for trump. >> trump is selling the man card and you want to be dealt in, that's what you're saying. >> yeah. i want in. there's a bunch of women that wasn't to be in, too. >> one of the spirited exchanges last night.
11:51 am
when donald trump brings up the woman card, there's a subset of men who say, yeah, she's right, playing the woman card and that's not fair. there's a whole other section of men maybe not so macho and softer hands, fewer calluses and think donald trump is playing the man card, being too tough and being a bully. they don't like it at all. does hillary clinton need to be hitting back? donald trump's message may be undercutting a certain section of support in the male working class. >> thanks. as we head to break, bernie sanders is rallying voters in a park in missoula, montana spe speaking about the democratic race for the mom nati-- nominat. snow you turn on the tv and radio and they tell you the campaign is over and secretary clinton has won. well, pearl the people of indiana and west virginia didn't get the message!
11:52 am
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welcome back. there are new questions surro d surrounding the death of prince. authorities were back searching inside prince's home last night after a nyoewly revealed search warrant as to the doctor who had seen him twice before he died and that doctor now under scrutiny. what else are we learning from this warrant? >> this has been a sad case all the way around after the untimely death of prince. they are showing they are interested learning more about this doctor, any and all medical records, documents, reports, charts, photographs, prescripti prescriptions, doctor notes and medical images for prince. he is not speaking out right now and we don't know his side of the story. i want to say in all fairness,
11:56 am
there are a lot of restrictions regarding medical privacy legitimate and while the fed is interested whether there was prescription drug abuse and whether this doctor may have been involved in any of that what they're researching, the fact his name is out there does not tell us anything about his guilt or innocence, they want to know what happened on the calendar, april 7th and 20th, on the calendar and crucial legally and medically, in this period leading up to a, prince's death, and b, we know the people around him were seeking treatment for what they thought was an urgent drug related medical necessity. >> we're learning a lot and yet as you point out, still some questions. thank you. that will wrap things up for this hour of nbc. i'm erica hill. my friend, kate snow picks things up next. >> time for your business
11:57 am
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xxxx hello, everybody. i'm kate snow in new york. donald trump has called himself the best builder. this time he has his work cut out with meeting house speaker paul ryan. >> i want to be a part of the unifying process and we just need to get to know each other. >> if you haven't heard, 9:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow, mr. trump goes to washington, meetings designed to unite and perhaps even rebuild a fractured gop. who's in charge between the two most powerful republicans in the country right now, is it trump or ryan? to paraphrase chris matthews last night, if this is a job interview, is trump the boss or job candidate. for starters, he's getting more specific about that proposed muslim


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