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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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xxxx hello, everybody. i'm kate snow in new york. donald trump has called himself the best builder. this time he has his work cut out with meeting house speaker paul ryan. >> i want to be a part of the unifying process and we just need to get to know each other. >> if you haven't heard, 9:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow, mr. trump goes to washington, meetings designed to unite and perhaps even rebuild a fractured gop. who's in charge between the two most powerful republicans in the country right now, is it trump or ryan? to paraphrase chris matthews last night, if this is a job interview, is trump the boss or job candidate. for starters, he's getting more specific about that proposed muslim ban and high profile name
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that would lead a commission to take a look at this very serious problem and once again refusing to go back on remarks about john mccain being a war hero. >> do you regret saying that? >> i don't -- i like not to regret anything. >> of course. you do things and say things. what i said frankly is what i said. some people like what i said, if you want to know the truth. >> it is a busy day in washington as we ramp up our coverage of the trump-ryan meeting tomorrow. we have a team of reporters across capitol hill. katy tur is at trump tower in new york city. we'll start with you. tell me about what they're s saying about this meeting in trump land? >> reporter: they believe this meeting will go well and want to get donald trump and paul ryan in a room alone together or at least with reince priebus and said there has been almost no
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interaction between the two men except for a phone call a month and a half or so ago, that it was a good phone call and they want to start building a relationship and then go on to discuss policy. they're fully aware, i'm told, there might be some fighting, real bickering for the party platform but believe this is all stuff they can work together on, they can find a way to come together on in order to move forward for this general election and do believe paul ryan will remain in charge of the convention. >> that said, you just heard him being questioned about his tat tus on john mccain being a war hear row? is he biting the hand that feeds him? >> reporter: he's a bit of a loose canon, unknown quantity, if you will.
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they don't necessarily know which donald trump they will get on any given day. for donald trump to have a meeting with the rnc and paul ryan and house leadership and senate leadership tomorrow yet today to come out and say that he basically stands by his comment on john mccain, it is a little bit like he is biting the hand that feeds him. he's saying although he may be going there to speak with him he will still be donald trump and donald trump doesn't back down even from comments they may not like. it september docertainly does n cause. if you know anything about donald trump, nobody is going to be telling him what to do, at least paul ryan or the house leadership, at least that's what the campaign says, when it comes to donald trump that's what we've seen over the last 11 months. >> it's been 11 months since you
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were covering the trump campaign. thanks. paul ryan, when he meets with donald trump tomorrow, all eyes will be on it. he discussed the need to unify with the gop leadership conference. hallie jackson and luke russert on capitol hill covering all angles. this is such a crazy day any time congress has been out for a while and come back to town, and you ad thd this layer of donald trump coming to town as the presumptive nominee and when he left town, he wasn't. >> reporter: you heard paul ryan give a wink and nod to it this morning saying, wow, a crowded room. he went to focus on policy issues on opioid awareness, particul particularly. this is a wild week in washington and that being the main event. how are people on capitol hill leading up to the next 24 hours?
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i spoke to a party insider that said they believe speaker ryan is in a good place tomorrow. that chairman reince priebus will be taking on an int intermediary role as priebus has been doing for a while, sort of shuttle democracy. for priebus, the goal is to do something to bring the party together sooner rather than later, the idea in the words of this particular aide, let's stop the drama now, that is the goal. for speaker ryan, he wants to see trump commit to conservative principles, not policies in particular, not a checklist of different issues like trade and immigration and nato, a broader picture, broader sense trump is committed to core conservativism and sense ryan wants to see trump bring the party together. you heard the word unity. listen when asked about this.
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>> to pretend unifying without actually unifying we go into the fall at half strength. this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party, after a tough primary, that will take some effort. we are committed to putting that effort in. i want to be a part of that unifying process so we're at full strength this fall so we can win this election. >> reporter: the question now, how does that happen and can that happen, kate? we heard from for example senator lindsey graham who said i feel like this is my worst nightmare, i feel like we're in a ditch and i don't know if we can get out of it. >> luke, you cover paul ryan every single day. he had to meet with his own conference republicans, some of whom are not too happy with him right now. >> reporter: no, there are some who feel they've been blind-sided by the speaker's position last week in an
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interview because they got no heads-up about it. it's fair to say you can divide the gop house conference to always, sometimes, never in regards to donald trump. there is a lot of confusion about trump, halle mentioned, and they don't know how they got in this situation this quickly and thought they had until california and they have to figure out whether they will unite behind him and whether or not he is a true conservative in their eyes. i spoke to a variety of members today. i want to play a clip from charlie from pennsylvania. it's very telling on conferen conferences. >> there are two breaks here. some on the right who are concerned about donald trump's lack of ideological purity. that's not my issue with donald trump. that is for some of my colleagues. there are some like me who are concerned about the lack of policy specifics, conflicting and contradictory nature of
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policies he has announced, few that they are and obviously the very incendiary comments i mentioned earlier on women, hipps, disabled, et cetera. >> you see the variety of issues members have. whether ideological purity and whether incendiary about latinos and muslims and whether donald trump has any grasp on policy, what it would mean for the legislative body to have to form that policy on a donald trump administration. members of the trump caucus who support him had a private meeting with speaker ryan today, talking to speaker ryan. there is a little bit of concern for them saying the longer the speaker is on the fence, they believe the harder it will be to unify the republican party. i spoke to one representative, mike kelley, a trump supporter said, look, when something bad
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happens to you, it's okay to grieve. after three days, you have to rejoin the living. the question for a lot of republicans is what is the living as it pertains to donald trump and when will paul ryan become a member of it. >> you guys are giving us one quote out of next i never thought i would hear coming out of capitol hill. >> hallie, let me go to you, ben carson gets on the phone with paul ryan to try to warm the room for the meetings tomorrow. how did that go? >> reporter: it went pretty well. you heard speaker ryan talk about it. carson talked about it. interesting dynamic as there is some discussion how much ally was carson to donald trump. carson said to be part of the vp selection team and process and turns out he is no longer a part of that process, carson aides telling nbc he submitted a list of names and now his job is done. it goes deeper than that.
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some talk carson had come to speaker ryan for the initial phone call on the trump team's behalf and trump campaign pushing back on that and some questions on carson's role in the trump campaign. there are questions made from trump's team and ben carson and others to put something some kind of smooth path towards this meeting tomorrow and you heard trump strike a can sill tory tone -- conciliatory tone calling paul ryan a very good man and trying to set the tone on what both parties hope will be a positive meeting and clear on what is likely to be a series of meetings moving forward. it won't be solved in a day, a cliche, rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the reunification of the republican party. >> you will have a busy day, get your running shoes on for
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tomorrow. on capitol hill the senators who were running, marco rubio vowing to support trump if and when he becomes the nominee. on the "today" show, savannah pressed him what does that really mean? does he want trump to win. >> to put it bluntly, senator r rubio, do you want trump to win and hope in your heart of hearts he wins and assumes the presidency? >> again, all the policy difference is had with him remain and reservations i had about his campaign remain. i clearly did not want to be in the position we are in today. i was a candidate for president that tried to be the nominee. i don't want hillary clinton to win. donald trump is the only republican nominee on the ballot and i intend to keep it. i don't intend to spend the next six months taking shots at donald. whether we like it or not he earned the right to take his case to the american people and earned it at the ballot box and i will respect that 12346789. >> we note the answer is not,
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yes, i do. >> one of the senators meeting with donald trump in the room tomorrow. what does ohio senator rob portman hope to hear about the nominee and what does he have to say about the state of the pa y party? and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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it's the biggest event on the capitol hill calendar this week. it happens tomorrow. some of the most powerful republicans in the entire country coming together for a peace making session for donald trump. joipg us now one of the senators in the room with..tomorrow, senator rob portman of ohio. thanks for being here. we invited you here to talk about other business on capitol hill being overshadowed this week, you were at the separate of an issue we talk about on this show all the time. heroin and drug abuse, a huge
12:16 pm
issue in this state of ohio. they're trying to pass legislation with mo for prevention and treatment. if it's not really a partisan issue, why can't you pass it between the senate and house and get money out there? >> that's a question i have been asking. first, kate, thank you for po t pointing this out years before, you were ahead of your time. it is unfortunately gripping my state and an entire country. the senate moved on march 10th to pass comprehensive legislation, prevention, treatment, recovery, for law enforcement providing drug takeback programs and hoping the house without pass it and send to it the president. they passed it and the house has chose an different pass and will be voting tomorrow on 12 to 15 separate bills. by the end of the day i'm confident we will have one
12:17 pm
comprehensive pact go to the president for his signature. >> it's 80 imagi$80 imagin8$80 like a lot in the budget of the united states, that's not that much. >> money spent now will save us a lot of money over the long haul. the good thing about this legislation, about 1$100 millio based on the house package and senate package not this year but the year after and year after. not throwing money after this problem but using money for evidence-based program, stuff we know works. we had five different confere e conferences in the house and senate to talk about this issue in the last few years to talk about what's working and not working to find effective treatment recovery programs. that's what this bill represents. i hope we can get it passed. >> you endorsed donald trump. paul ryan said your party should not pretend it's totally unified
12:18 pm
right now. is the speaker hurting the party by holding out and not endor endorsing? >> i don't think so. it's clear there are different policy issues that need to be discussed and i hope that happens in the meeting tomorrow with paul ryan. i do think the country is in trouble, we're heading down the wrong track and as republicans we need to come together. >> is trump the guy who can do that? >> he's the nominee. he's saying he wants to unify the republican party, a good sign. the person on the campaign trail out there talking about these issues affecting the country like economic growth and leadership role in the world and there are differences of opinion. not always an unhealthy thing. a healthy debate to have. this week, you will see a coming together not just more unity but agreement on fundamental issues. >> let me ask you, are you endorsing trump's plan to deport
12:19 pm
an estimated 11 million people? >> no. neither is paul ryan. i do think our immigration system is broken and he's focused on the enforcement side of it and to allow people to come here legally, opening the front door but closing the back door. that's something republicans do agree on strongly. the enforcement side is important. we need to ensure we have a fair immigration system to allow people to come in legally who wait in line and so on. the system needs to be reformed. the question is how exactly do you do that? for those folks that are here, there's a process by paying a fine, learning english, insuring they're paying back taxes, not allowing those who committed crimes to become legal here, that you could have people stay here in a legal status short of citizenship and probably the sweet spot where republicans come together. >> what about the position he outlined again today, banning
12:20 pm
muslims from entering the united states? do you support that? >> i don't think a religious test is consistent with our constitution and i don't think it is very practical and i don't know how you tell if someone is telling the truth as to their religious affiliation at the border. he has identified what republicans agree on we are less safe than we should be because we haven't had the proper procedures to vet people coming into this country including syrian refugees i agree we need to have a halt because the fbi and others told us they cannot assure us these people don't have te kind of background that could lead to terrorist activities. i think he's identified a problem, i think it's a real problem and we need to work together to find a more practical solution. >> mr. trump says he wants to negotiate with our creditors to reduce the amount of federal debt. do you agree with that position? >> i'm not quite sure what that means because the full faith and credit of the u.s. government is key to keeping interest rates
12:21 pm
low. we don't want to pay higher interest rates because the debt and deficit begins to soar. >> you see where i'm going with this? >> you're listing issues i don't agree with him and others i do agree with. >> how do you endorse someone you fundamentally disagree with on several key items? >> i fundamentally disagree with hillary clinton on more items. i'm sure you're able to list those as well. we have to find out how to come together and find common ground on those issues. the deficit is a huge issue and my fear is we don't want to do that as it would lead to more debt and the investment in our treasu treasuries. he's identified the problem because under this current president we added more debt on the books than every president in the history of the country combined. that is a real issue not just for our generation but future
12:22 pm
generations who will get left holding the bag and appropriate for us to talk about including growing the economy the most important thing we have to do with all sorts of reasons and people feeling like they work hard and play by the rules they can get ahead. the middle class squeeze is very real because of the economy and in turn tossing huge problems on the fiscal side like the record debt and deficit. there are issues i agree with him international tax reform. the talked a lot about that bringing back the 2.5 trilli$2. overs overseas. he is right at that. there is policy i and others proposed and he talked about that. there are issues i not only agree in general but specifically and we have to figure out how to work together to solve these problems. they affect all of us, not republican or democrat problems, american problems. >> if he came to you, a lot of talk about the veep stakes, if
12:23 pm
he came to you and said, i need you on the ticket, i need you on the ticket. >> no. >> why? >> i'm running my own race in ohio right now. we have a senate race in ohio. i'm in the middle of that. i love representing my state. >> a bit of a tight race in ohio? >> it's a tight race. we're virtually tied. a pohl call came out yesterday, months before the election so time before people begin to focus. >> you're not worried your endorsement of trump plays either way in that race? does it help you in that race? >> i'm not sure anybody can predict what will happen going forward. i will say there was a poll yesterday that came out j quinnpy yack poll that showed donald trump beating hillary clinton in ohio, i think 33-49. a lot of evidence clinton voters are switching to the republican side. he brings new people to the party, our own republican party in ohio we had not just record turnout but 40% higher turnout
12:24 pm
in 50 years. in my primary i had an opponent and ended up getting over 82% of the vote, a record for any contested senate primary in ohio. those voters came and did support me. i appreciate that. i think it could be helpful to our election. >> tomorrow, you sit in a room with donald trump and other senate colleagues of yours. what are you going to say to him? what do you need to hear from him or your colleagues? >> i can't speak for my colleagues or paul ryan. a listening session for him to hear from us and us to hear from him to our priorities. he's identified some issues very real including a weak economy and working families in ohio to get ahead. let's come up with policies to address that, tax reform and regulatory relief and skills training. and talk about the debt and
12:25 pm
deficit because it is a huge issue, where i will be focused and how to restore america's place in the world where we're not threatened more by isis and the violence we see around the globe, volatility but rather have america take a leadership role where we can have not just a more prosperous future. >> thanks. >> always great to be on with you. >> nice to see you focus on this issue of the heroin. >> thanks. we will follow up with you and we will continue to follow as it moves back to a conference bill. >> thanks. not just here in the u.s. trump is raising eyebrows and wrestling feathers, we go back to london where the newly elected mayor has harsh worlced for the han -- harsh words for the man who could be the next leader of the free world. cockpt ♪
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muslim ban drawing a lot of controversy overseas, new mayor sadiq khan blasting it and trump saying he would allow an exception. but khan having none of that. >> i think donald trump has extreme views on islam, not just about me and i don't want to be the exception to go to america. donald trump said should he be elected the president of the united states of america would ban muslims from going to america and if you are somebody who wants to go to disneyland or business person wants to do business there or somebody who wants to be a student in america, because you are a muslim, you can be stopped from going there. >> that's the mayor. this afternoon, trump fired back. >> i assume he denies there is islamic terrorism. you look at radical islamic terrorism all over the world, it's a disaster.
12:30 pm
i assume he's denying that, like our president denying it's taking place. we have a serious problem. it's a temporary ban. nobody has done it yet, just a suggestion. >> the mayor sadiq khan wasted no time going after trump even linking his political opponents to trump. how is this playing over there? >> it's still not over, kate, still a hot topic of conversation the new mayor talking to international reporters at city hall and trump was once again the topic of conversation, mayor kansaiing he plans to visit new york mayors and other mayors in new york and boston presumably before next year. he said before he felt he needed to go to the united states before 2017 in case there is a trump presidency next year. also today, he said he felt a
12:31 pm
duty to call out trump on some of his policies including the proposed muslim ban. he does not deny there's a problem with radicalization but he wants to be and should be part of the solution, sadiq khan. he definitely has other leaders on his side. the mayor of paris visited london yesterday. she was asked about trump as well. she did not hold back. >> reporter: is that okay for sadiq khan? >> it is stupid, very stupid. we are seeing the example, all the people, muslim, catholic, i am catholic, you know, and we are in the life. we are in our mission. mr. trump is so stupid, my god, my god. >> it continues on yet again today, sadiqhan saying he is
12:32 pm
proof you can be muslim and proof the two are not incompatible. >> it would make an interesting visit to europe before the election as we know other candidates have done in the past. >> thanks so much. this morning, donald trump made no apology on his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. y saying he may set up a commission to study that led by former new york mayor, rudy guiliani. >> it's a real problem not only here but throughout the world, it's a real problem. we will figure it out and get it going. we have to be extremely careful, in fact, i'm thinking about setting up a commission, perhaps headed by rudy guiliani to take a serious look at this problem. this is a worldwide problem and we have to be smart. >> joining me now, msnbc's foreign correspondent, ayman, he
12:33 pm
throws out guiliani's name and this is what guiliani said about trump's proposal back in december. >> aside from the fact it would be an absolute violation of the first amendment of the constitution, you cannot use religion as a basis for discrimina discriminating. >> honestly, there's no factual basis on which to assume the vast majority of muslims are terrori terrorists, just the opposite. >> if that's the guy who will be put in charge of this commission, how does that work? >> that's the million dollar questions. in most case, donald trump does not flush out any of these plans and throws them out there to see if they stick. the plan has garnered him so much support from some of his foll followers, today when he said that plan to have a commission to study it, not really articulating what that commission's role would be or any kind of policy proposal in terms of what the responsibility
12:34 pm
of that commission would be and more importantly what exactly was that commission going to study? i'm not even sure if rudy guiliani himself is away or if donald trump is aware rudy guiliani guiliani was very critical of the band itself when he proposed it. you mentioned in that sound bite clearly indicates former mayor rudy guiliani opposed it saying it was a violation of the first amendment to use religion to discriminate on the basis of those here in the cryp who would come into the country. >> on the other hand, you look at our exit polls, there are 18 primary states where republican support for trump's ban is over 60%. as you look at this in the framework of a general election, this issue may not go away. >> it may not go away, it may not necessarily be as unpopular as everyone thinks it may. there ar those who will look at it from a legal rights viewpoint and say that this is very
12:35 pm
dangerous but it's not just the 60% number that is alarming, there is close to a majority of americans who would say that they would not necessarily l pennsylvania or pennsylvania -- oppose or agree with a ban but not reject one. there is a concern as he moves to a general election if he stays with that position he may have to moderate it according to some. the question is whether or not those that will be opposed to it are going to be able to have an impact at the polls and that remains to be seen, kate. >> thanks. good to see you. turning to new jersey, governor chris christie expected to speak at any moment. the topic is tax relief in new jersey. we won't be surprised if the questions to him change to his role in trump's campaign, just this month trump naming him as the transition chair if he el t elected. let's get to kelly o'donnell.
12:36 pm
she's covering governor christie for us. >> reporter: kate, i'm coming to you from a train. apologies in advance when we start moving here if there's extraneous noise like that. i am on my way to an event where governor christie is doing the business of being new jersey's governor but as you pointed out he is expected to take questions that will include his participation in trump and the trump organization moving forward in this general election phase. as you point out, he has been named to head the transition team, a task that includes a whole range of issues from he helping to staff up and to fill what would be a governing phase if donald trump were elected president, the kind of board that does take months in advance to begin to prepare, coming up with the names of potential cabinet officers and appointees in a trump administration, if that goes forward. that is standard for any who becomes a nominee to have a
12:37 pm
transition. very newsy in the last 24 hours, donald trump speaking to the associated press in an interview talking about his running mate selection and saying chris christie is among those he is considering, a handful of names trump says could be a partner for him. if he elected, that person would be able to bring some elected experience to help trump work with the congress, work with government officials because, of course, as we know, trump is a first time candidate, never had any elected experience before and apparently recognizes he does have a need for someone who can interact with government who has more experience than he does. chris christie is one of those people that we're looking at, one of those people in the spot light for his association west trump from endorsement to bec e becoming transition team chief and potentially on the short list or running mate. kate. >> kelly o'donnell, on the amtrak, on the train headed up to west trenton, new jersey. that shot we just saw on the
12:38 pm
right side of your screen, that this is the podium in west trenton where we expect governor chris christie any moment now. we expect he will talk first about new jersey and business tax relief they've been working on. as soon as he starts taking questions if they're relevant to the general election we will bring it to you live. up next, we've heard donald trump go after hillary clinton not always on her policies or platform but the charge she's playing the woman card. how will that resonate for voters not just female but male, too. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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(man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if hillary clinton came to you and said i need you to be my running mate in order to take on donald trump, would you say yes to that? >> right now, i just want to be clear, i love my job. i am here in the united states senate doing exactly what the people of massachusetts sent me here to do. i'm in the thick of the fight to
12:42 pm
try to level the playing field, to try to unrig this system. that's what really mat others to me. >> that was senator elizabeth warren in an interview today where she didn't completely rule out being hillary clinton's vice president. clinton is trying to move to the general election but still battling bernie sanders. sanders pulled off a win in west virginia beating hillary clinton 51-36%. that gives the campaign some much needed momentum. but it is still an uphill fight for the senator. he needs 96% of t -- 86% remain delegates to win. clinton just wrapped up an ev t eventen new jersey. let's go to kristen welker covering the campaign from blackwood, new jersey. >> reporter: despite that loss
12:43 pm
yesterday, hillary clinton focused on the general election today. she had harsh new words to donald trump taking aim on his controversial comments towards women and muslims and foreign policy and tax policy. take a listen to what she had to say. >> donald trump's tax plan was written by a billionaire for billionaires. he wants to spend 3 trillion dollars, with a t, 3 trilli$3 t on tax cuts for people like him who make over a million dollars. that is 100,0$100,000 every monr multi-millionaires. >> reporter: clinton also hit trump for refusing to release his tax returns. he says he can't release them because they're currently being ought. it's a little bit of preview what we can expect to hear in the coming days and weeks. the campaign hasn't totally shifted away their focus from
12:44 pm
the primary. they are up with ads and outspending him in kentucky and new jersey. she wants to win a few of these states for the op titics if not math. it is nearly out of senator sanders reach. she'd like to have a win like california, a delegate rich state that would help her officially clench this nomination. >> as sometimes happens, they're taking the set down all around you. i can hear it. we'll let you go and get to the next stop. to missoula, montana. i was just getting e-mails from you about a bit of a shake-up in the campaign. >> reporter: nbc news has confirmed the california state director is out. california, obviously, the state with the most delegates on the democratic side in addition to that, it's going to end this campaign. it's going to be the last chance for bernie sanders to really make a move. now, you have this shake-up.
12:45 pm
the way the campaign is talking about it they put in robert becker, somebody who ran campaigns in four previous states and call him one of the savviest most experienced political operatives anywhere. having said that, less than a month to go before the most critical state on the calendar, do you want a change like this? a lot of other things going on in this campaign. we learned since they won west virginia last night the campaign raised $1 million, something they called good, not great. it will help them going with ads in places like kentucky on cable and places like california although the campaign isn't so flush it will be making any new ads. in addition to this, look at the crowd behind me. 9100 people, about as many overflow as they have in this audience. once again, bernie sanders h hitting on the idea that he is in this race to stay.
12:46 pm
even took a couple of shots at the beginning at donald trump, hitting him much harder than he has in the past and less on hillary clinton. kate. >> all right, chris jansing out of montana. thanks so much. after the break, voters weigh in what will matter most to them come election day in november. i have a blog called "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer.
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♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. back in 2008 and 2012, president obama called this part of the campaign cycle the silly season, where everyone says whatever they want regardless whether it is true or not. this is 2016 and donald trump has quickly risen to the top of the party for essentially doing just thatc saying exactly what he wants. he's now under fire for comments on bill clinton's famous infidelity. last night, trump's convention manager, paul manafort promised a lot more of that kind of attack as we head to the general election. >> he has told you stuff that suggests he knows about clinton
12:50 pm
and their unreported behavior he will now bring out? >> we have talked about the hipocracy of female card and hi willingness to expose that card for what it is. >> our kasie hunt and tony dokoupil have been talking to voters. is it fair, is she playing the woman card, is he playing a man card, yes, there is a man card. kasie, you talked to women voters, what are they saying? >> a man card? >> a man card. >> kate, it's great to see you. earlier this week i talked to five republican women voters here in virginia -- or i should say, nearby in virginia, in falls church, a swing area, very important for any republican that wants to win the state of virginia in the fall. a centerpiece of our conversation was this question of a woman president and whether or not hillary clinton was playing the woman card as donald trump alleged.
12:51 pm
and i got some of their reaction to it. take a look. >> it would be great to have a woman, but not this one and not now. >> what do you think? >> i agree, it would be great to have a woman, but it's certainly not big on my list. i just hope that people don't vote for her because she is a woman and that's it. >> exactly. >> i hope they vote for her on her credit, you know, and her abilities and all that. and i even question that. >> i hope she doesn't continue to use that, you know, the woman thing, vote for me because i'm a woman. you know, one could say, had she been different in character going from -- from -- for 30 years now that she's been in washington, surrounding her consistently has been questionable things. lack of being articulate by saying things. and when you have that after 30
12:52 pm
years, one should be able to have some semblance of trust after this time. and now in fact it's worse than it could ever have been. >> and those two women you heard talking there, both supporters of donald trump. but the other women at the table, several of whom say they'll vote for hillary clinton, or two of whom will, also expressed some dismay at the idea that hillary clinton would get support simply because she was a woman. so i think from the point of view of all of these republican voters i talked to, this isn't an argument they want to see her making. kate? >> interesting. thanks so much. tony, you're the one that talked to a voter who used the term man card. so tell me about the men that you spoke with and what you heard in north carolina. >> hey, kate. i've been very interested to find out what men think of donald trump's line of attack against hillary clinton, is it effective, is it fair. when they hear the word "woman
12:53 pm
card" what kind of message are they picking up on? i sat down with five voters, three trump supporters and two likely hillary clinton supporters. here's what they had to say about the man card. take a listen. >> a man card is the card that trump is playing. he is appealing to men. he is appealing and he has every reason to appeal -- let me finish -- let me finish! >> i'm a middle class white male -- >> i'm not talking about you. >> yes, you are. you're talking about the man card, we work 12 to 14 hours a day, we make a bunch of money and our money is going to something else. >> where is your money going? >> it goes to the government and people that don't work. we're sick of it! >> it is. >> i pay taxes, i get benefits. >> we're sick of it. >> and that's why we're voting for trump. >> trump's playing the man card and you want to be dealt in is what you're saying? >> i'm in, absolutely.
12:54 pm
and there's a bunch of women that want to be too. >> i think as kasie and andrea have reported, there are perhaps not a lot of women that want to be dealt in on trump's man card. there are two kinds of male voters out there, old-school macho voter that likes the toughness that trump conveys, doesn't mind his comments on women. and then there's a new macho, that they look at the man card that trump may be dealing and they think, no way, deal me out. kate? >> i'm not sure what else you guys talked about, but i want more. what issues did they say mattered to them the most? >> reporter: well, one fascinating detail, i got reaction to the hillary clinton super pac messaging, reminding voters of some of the things that donald trump has said about women over the years. does donald trump really respect women. and fascinatingly enough, these voters were able to listen to trump on two levels. they hear the words coming out of his mouth, they recognize they're not exactly respectful when it comes to women, but they
12:55 pm
think it's just entertainment. saying we believe in our heart of hearts that we really does respect women. and this is a quote from one of the men, he doesn't have any bumps on the back of his head, he must not have been hit withai frying pan. kate? >> i know you went to north carolina because of the bathroom law and all that's going on with that. did you talk with them about that issue in the context of a general election? >> no, we left that off the table. we focused specifically on this gender question, although certainly the hb 2 law has added to the gender divisions here. there's an old school macho individual here that wants to keep biological sex as the determining line for which bathroom you use. this is a contest between established old fashioned definitions to be a man, and a creeping, new definition, a redefinition of manhood, and in
12:56 pm
that crumple zone between the two is where you're getting these dynamic and interesting conversations like we had last night. >> interesting to watch. tony, thanks so much. appreciate it. down in the box there on your screen, you see governor chris christie taking the podium in west trenton, new jersey. we expect he'll speak about local issues at first, new jersey's tax relief and perhaps he'll take questions from the press. we'll bring that to you live. that's going to do it for me this hour. i'll see you tomorrow. my colleague chris hayes picks up our coverage right after a quick break. intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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1:00 pm
say the least. trump will speak with other congressional leaders throughout the day up. let's bring there katy tur with the trump campaign from the beginning. mckay hopkins who writes for buzzfeed. he's auls author of the wilderness. and senior correspondent liz plank. all right, mckay, my question is, is this a real mting or not? do you know what i mean by that? >> yeah, yeah. >> like, is this essentially show or actually are these two people going to be -- i've just been at a few meetings this past week, they were real meetings. >> was paul ryan at any of them? >> he was not. >> was reince priebus mediating? >> i have a hard time believing there will be a serious exchange of ideas. they're not going to come out of this anday


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