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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> who is the leader of the republican party today? you are the presumptive nominee. not the nominee yet and the speaker of the house paul ryan. who is the leader? >> well, i would say paul ryan. i would really think that's. >> trump last night striking an unusual conciliatory tone towards ryan in advance of the meeting today. the other item on our agend adjust a suggestion. trump last night seeming to back away from his call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states. >> have you decided whether you'll back off on the ban. i realize it was a temporary ban but with an unlimited temporary period could go on forever. >> sure, i'd back off on it it. >> trump saying that was just a suggestion. that could be a potential ofive branch from trump to ryan. it's been condemned forcefully by ryan and by many other top republicans. an aide suggesting that trump's
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thinking on entitlement reform could also be flexible. trump also once again open to releasing his tax returns. that's the signal he's sending at this moment. all that and much more to come this hour. we begin with where all eyes are at this moment on that summit about to begin between donald trump and paul ryan. any second now the two of them are going to sit down. this will be their first encounter since paul ryan said publicly a week ago that he cannot, as of this moment, he cannot support donald trump for president. but pressure is mounting on the house speaker to throw his support behind the man who is, after all, his party's presumptive nominee. prominent republican committee chairs unveiling their endorsements of trump. tom price, candice miller, bill schuster, lamar smith. prominent house republicans. ryan serves as speaker at their pleasure. they are among those now
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endorsing donald trump. ryan at this moment holds out. on this day, trump indicating there are positions he is ready to compromise on. new remarks on his controversial proposal to temporarily ban muslims from coming into the country. take a listen to what he said. >> have you decided whether you'll back off on the ban? i realize it was a temporary ban but with an unlimited temporary period could go on forever. >> sure i'd back off on it. we have exceptions and again it's temporary. >> those comments could have everything to do with today's meeting happening soon at rnc headquarters. the muslim ban proposal is one of the big reasons republican leaders have been denouncing donald trump so loudly including house speaker paul ryan. he went out of his way to distance himself from trump when it came to this proposal. today's meeting under the microscope. trump/ryan, reince priebus, all
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of them will be in the first meeting. after that first meet, the one that's going to get under way any minute from now, they'll bring in majority leader kevin mccarthy will be there, majority whip steve scalise. they'll join ryan and join trump and sit down for a second meeting after this face-to-face encounter between trump and ryan. after that second meeting, trump will has to the national republican senatorial committee headquarters. he'll have a meeting with the top republican in the senate, senator mitch mcconnell. mcconnell a little different from ryan. he has said publicly that he will back donald trump as the republican party's nominee for president. no equivocation there from mcconnell. and the full slate of senate republican leaders will be at that meet with mcconnell and with trump. a lot of meetings. a lot of big name republicans.
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high stakes day here in washington for the presumptive republican nominee. our eyes and ears on the ground this morning. katy tur, hallie jackson and luke russert. katy tur, we begin where the story is at rnc headquarters. you're right outside there. donald trump pulled up a short while ago. paul ryan is in the building. set the scene for us. >> well, basically this building is surrounded by press. take a look at what you're seeing right outside of the back door where donald trump just went in. same scene out of the front door. everyone is trying to figure out what is going to be happening inside that's meeting. high expectations out here. if you talk to the donald trump campaign and paul ryan's folks, the expectations are not as high inside that meeting. the two men saying they want to get to know each other. feel each other out. they haven't had much interaction whatsoever.
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this is a meeting that will try and get them on the same page. once they get to know each other, that's when they'll start talking about policy. obviously a lot of policy gaps between trump and ryan right now. immigration being one. that muslim ban being another. will they come up and come to some sort of agreement on them today? unlikely especially since donald trump has gone back and forth on a number of his issues this campaign. i'm told a lot of folks on capitol hill are most worried about when you get one answer from donald trump is that going to be the answer that stays or is he going to change his mind in a couple of weeks. donald trump has made no secret of attacking paul ryan earlier on this campaign. in february he trashed him for supporting cutting entitlements and for doing that and he says basically ruining romney's chances in 2012 with that's wheelchair ad where an old woman was pushed off a cliff because paul ryan supported cutting her
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entitlements. so bad blood between the two of them at least early on. now they'll see if they can find a way to come together. the trump campaign expects that ultimately ryan will get on board, will end up endorsing, go to the convention and things will be fine. but they dobl this will be a first step. donald trump is coming in saying he's not the inheriter of this party that he won the party. he won the most votes. and he's won more votes in this primary season than mitt romney did. expect him to use that's when it comes to this meeting. >> katy tur outside rnc headquarters. paul ryan is already inside that building for that meeting. apparently he'll be speaking to the press later this morning back at the capitol. also outside rnc headquarters is hallie jackson. she was covering ted cruz's campaign and the stop trump
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campaign. a lot of people were looking to paul ryan maybe to save them from donald trump. doesn't look like that's going to happen. but still an open question of what paul ryan is going to do. we heard from katy tur that the trump forces expect trump for whatever he's saying will emerge today or shortly thereafter supporting donald trump. what's are you hearing from ryan's side on this? >> speaker ryan, it's our understanding, wants to support the republican nominee. he said that publicly. as we talk i want to set the scene. you saw katy tur's live shot. she's around the corner. this is where donald trump went in. i want to show you how much media is here. a lot of attention on this because of this reason. what's is speaker ryan's relationship going to be with donald trump and how will today set that tone? don't expect them to come out on the front steps of the rnc and hold hands high in the air and embrace each other and talk about how much they've come to
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terms. this is the beginning stages. you can see some of the protesters. chairman priebus of the rnc obviously inside. he'll be talking with the two of them and sources tell us he'll act as a truce negotiator. an intermediary. we saw some of his top aides come in before the meeting began. obviously whenever trump is around it draws protests. we'll walk up here. you can see there's a handful of them. that's not unusual for a donald trump event. when we talk about what we can expect to see later today, paul ryan will speak to members of the media back at 11:30 on capitol hill. we don't know if donald trump will come out and speak about how this meeting went but he is going to be trying to build relationships here. that's something trump has talked about publicly. when he talks to folks on capitol hill and members of congress, there's obviously a division as luke russert reported. there's folks who are wholeheartedly in support of donald trump. folks wholeheartedly against
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donald trump within the republican party because of where he is on his positions and then folks in the middle. a sense they need some unity. the question is how do they get there? why does this whole media scrum, why should this matter? there's a sense within the republican party that a divided party is not going to be able to win a general election and fight hillary clinton in the fall if she's the democratic nominee. that's why there's a sense people want to come together and rally behirnd the nominee. speaker ryan among them. that's what this meeting is about today. >> hallie jackson outside rnc headquarters. we've got this covered from every angle. luke russert also at rnc headquarters. your usual home is capitol hill. you know the republican members at whose pleasure paul ryan serves. you know them better than anyone else. paul ryan has to think about what he wants to do as a politician in his own right but he has to think about those republican members who serve with him in the house.
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there's about 250 of them. if you look at that group of republican house members and had to divide them into camps, pro-trump, anti-trump, somewhere in the middle, how would you break that group down. >> steve, it's a very important point. when paul ryan has this meeting, he's not just representing himself but the entirety of the house gop conference. he's trying to elicit answers on policy, campaign strategy. what the central message is. i want to give an idea of what this circus is here. i'm here every day. we rarely see this. they've blocked off an area usually where cars park. as you can see. these poor folks just coming up from the metro who are just trying to go to work are looking at this just mass of security and mass of media over here. so you get an idea of just what donald trump brings to town. it is the entirety thif circus. further up the street that way is the u.s. capitol.
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the broadca you have the always, sometimes, never. some who say it's time to get on board. one of those last night was a big piece of news, tom price, budget chairman of georgia. why is that significant? tom price is very good friends with paul ryan. almost a mentor to paul ryan. he seems to be getting on board. let's see if his mentee gets on board. then the sometimes. i'm open to it but want to know donald trump, where he is on policy, what his campaign strategy is going to be. i want to know what his vision is. not only for the party but the country. then you have the never trump people. they are an interesting mix. the moderates from swing districts who are very turned off by his language about latinos and the muslim ban and then the constitutional conservatives that when donald trump said we can just print more money, we don't have to worry about a recession or debt limit crisis, that freaked them out. they are like, i don't trust this guy. he has to mend a lot of fences,
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and ryan will bring those concerns to trump today. we'll see how it plays out. but the kumbaya moment, yeah, are there plenty in the conference who say let's get behind the nominee? sure. but a lot who are uncovmfortabl with it. i think you'll have more uncomfortable members than you would have for any traditional nominee. a lot of people had problems with mitt romney but said we want to beat obama. some say i can't get in with trump regarding the muslim ban, his comments on latinos. it takes a special person to unite the moderate republicans from swing districts and the freedom caucus within the house gop conference. >> a lot of different factions there. luke russert outside the rnc. going to be checking in with all of our reporters there. katy tur, hallie jackson and luke russert. they're covering every angle of this story. we're waiting for the meeting taking place inside there, paul
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ryan, donald trump and reince priebus. high stakes encounters for donald trump. take a look at this as well. nbc news capitol hill producer frank thorpe sending us this video. 360-degree look here. this is the scene outside the rnc headquarters. look at all those reporters and cameras. you have spectators there. you have protesters there. this is a very big morning. a very big moment in american politics. a fractured party, at least when it comes to its leaders. a fractsured party emerging from a primary season like we've never seen before. and now the candidate who emerged from that primary season will meet face to fauc with the top leader, the top leader in the republican party who at this moment says he cannot support that candidate for president of the united states. we really have not seen a moment like this before in american politics. at least not modern american politics. we're keeping a close eye on rnc
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headquarters. let's bring in vin weber. former house member from minnesota. long time friend of paul ryan and co-chair of mitt romney's 2012 campaign. let me start with a bit of the news we're digesting thus morning. that interview donald trump gave. he was asked who the leader of the republican party is right now. he said paul ryan. that seemed a bit like an un-trump like statement. maybe more conciliatory. also this proposal for a temporary ban on muslims coming to the u.s., he said just a proposal, indicated an openness to backing off. is donald trump offering an olive batch? >> i think so. i saw the same interview and the term deferential came to mind which is not a word i've ever associated with donald trump. that was smart of him to say. he is not yet formally the member of our party and the highest ranking republican in the country is paul ryan.
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on the muslim ban, i'm glad he's moving on that. i also understand that some people like steve moore and larry kudlow and others are working on his economic and tax proposals. those are close economic allies and advisers of paul ryan. so there's some positive things for trump to say to paul ryan today and make this a good start to a relationship. >> what would it take if paul ryan, we've heard from our reporting there that paul ryan wants to find a way to support donald trump. what do you think that would take? what do you think he needs to do to do that? >> i think a lot of it is tone. the thing that donald trump needs to understand about paul ryan, and a fairly easy meeting for mr. trump. paul ryan, very nice guy, but also he's a guy who has no -- >> i hate to do this. we're in a breaking news situation. if i can interrupt your thought rudely and ask you to stand by. luke russert is there with a top
6:16 am
republican congressman. luke, take it away. >> i'm here with tom coal of oklahoma. what your expectations from this meeting? there's a lot of division in regards to donald trump. do you think ryan can take something back that would allow your conference to unite or is this going to be a long process that they can take to the convention? >> i don't think that's a long time. the convention is six weeks from now. so i think we'll probably have, you know, beginning of a relationship there. they'll be able to find common ground. to be successful, they need one another after the convention and certainly mr. trump would become president, he'd certainly need the speaker. this is a chance for him to find where they have points in common. they exist. they want to reform the tax code. they clearly both have the serious problems with president obama and secretary clinton's foreign policy agenda.
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lots of areas they can work together. might be some areas they differ. >> i've always thought of you as a member willing to get things done. uses to join john boehner on some tough votes. willing to put some skin in the game there. how would you work with a president trump? do you think he'd be someone who would be an honest broker? would your conference have trouble uniting around his policies, and do you even know his policies? >> i don't know all his policies. i know some of them. i think he's pretty transactional in the way he operates politically. in terms of being practical and getting things done, i think that's possible. where i've differed with him, i certainly wouldn't be afraid to oppose him. i think you do that. he wants to get things done. seems to be a pragmatic sort of guy. that's why this meeting is important. most of us are learning about him now. the impressions, that not just speaker ryan had but kev in
6:18 am
mccarthy and scalise and rogers. >> you said this can go on to the convention. if you have such division between the speaker and the nominee that goes on for six weeks, that can be difficult. >> i'm not sure it will be that difficult and i'm not sure we know we have those kind of divisions. this sis an important meeting t find out how big those gaps are. the democratic primary is going on. this is actually, i think, the beginning of a healing process that brings them together. not something that pulls them apart. >> as a common sort of steady presence within your conference, what's the one thing about trump that concerns you the most moving forward? >> unpredictability. if you are a candidate, every morning in a presidential cycle you'll be asked, your
6:19 am
presidential nominee said something last night. do you agree or disagree? that's a position you'd like to avoid or be able to anticipate. i think he's very much a work in progress as a candidate. most candidates you know because they've run for other offices, cast votes, made decisions. you is a good idea where they'll come down. in mr. trump's case, that's the case. he'll change in a campaign. every candidate does in a presidential campaign. and it's as much about educating the candidate and they've become more aware of issues and more sensitive to the political environment. and when they haven't been around this track before, there's going to be bigger changes n they might come more unexpectedly. that unpreductability and uncertainty is something that would concern any candidate. >> unpredictability is congressman cole's biggest concern with donald trump. he's been here quite a while, often with a strong ally of john boehner, somebody who has tried
6:20 am
to work toward a consensus. we'll see how his opinion forms after he hears from his colleagues in the leadership after their meet with donald trump. >> really interesting to hear from tom cole because he's a former chair of the campaign committee. the congressional campaign committee. a sense there of what the nationally how it plays out in those districts around the country. luke russert, interesting interview there. there's the scene. you're seeing it on your screen there. we're outside republican national headquarters. inside that's meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. we believe it's under way. paul ryan is in the building. donald trump is in the building. presumably, they're in the same room together having that meeting right now. the first of two meetings taking place in that building this morning. we'll sneak a quick break in. vin weber, friend of paul ryan is still with us and will join us again n we'll keep watching that swiituation. an historic day, historic morning in american politics.
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that was the scene about a half an hour ago, just before 9:00. donald trump's motorcade pulling up outside republican national headquarters in washington. trump then entering the building. paul ryan also at some point this morning made an entrance. he apparently avoided the cameras. avoided the masses of press and spectators and protesters and all sorts of assembled people outside that building. the two of them inside rnc headquarters. presumably that meeting well under way. donald trump meeting face-to-face with paul ryan. paul ryan saying he cannot support his own party's presumptive nominee for president. also reince priebus the chairman of the republican national committee in that meeting. that is the first of three big
6:25 am
encounters trump will have today with republican leaders in washington. all of this a week after locking up the republican nomination with that big win in the indiana primary. vin weber, a former house member from minnesota, is still with us. i interrupted you there before. i apologize for that. we were asking you about paul ryan if he wants to endorse donald trump, what is it he needs to get from trump. you were starting to answer that. >> i was starting to say trump needs -- i think it will be a pleasant meeting because trump will find paul ryan is an unusual guy in washington. he's not a cynic. he's not manipulative. he plays poker with his cards face up. he's going to tell trump what he thinks. we know what he believes in and donald trump has to at some level just say, yeah, i share your vision of a republican party that believes in limited government, economic growth and an inclusive republican party. they've said this will be about principles, not a laundry list
6:26 am
of policies. we'll get to that down the road. it's not hard for trump to figure out what he wants from paul because paul is not a deceptive, manipulative person. >> what's been the reaction since indiana, since trump became the presumptive nominee among republicans in washington. donald trump to that point had found very few endorsements from members of congress. he had a few but not many given he was the front-runner in this race. how would you describe the reaction in the last week? is it okay? we've got to find a way to get on board? no, we're going to sit this one out. how would you describe it? >> i think most elected officials are sort of grudgingly slowingly coming to the conclusion they don't van alternative but to get behind the nominee. i think ideological conservatives, some in congress but more in the think tanks and journals are very concerned donald trump is going to redefine conservatism in a way
6:27 am
they don't like. they are much more opposed to what he's doing. but i have to say, this is a practical town politically and something that's helped donald trump this week is the quinnipiac poll that shows him highly competitive with hillary clinton. i didn't think that was the case. neither did a lot of people. a strong showing in the polls makes everybody like you a little more in washington. >> that is true. let me ask you about some of these differences and how they may be ironed out. donald trump points out whenever asked about the situation, he says, look, i won. i got the most votes in these republican primaries you've ever seen. some of these issues he ran on. i look at paul ryan. he invokes jack kemp. worked with him. when it came to immigration, couldn't be more opposite from donald trump. this issue with the muslim ban couldn't be more opsit. and also the question of entitlements, social security, medicare. this is something paul ryan has talked about reining in spending on these programs. cutting from these programs
6:28 am
trying to balance the budget that way. something donald trump has said i don't want to touch them at all. there are some major basic differences between these two men. >> i was a dear friend of jack kemp and co-chair of his campaign. jack kemp believed in a broad inclusive party and bent over backwards to be appealing to african-americans and hispanics and would have, in my judgment, would have had no ability to reconcile himself to trump's views on immigration or on trade. and i think those are going to be two difficult issues. you know, i -- if i were trump, and i'm not a supporter or adviser, but i would say to him, say that you have won this nomination as an outsider. you get that. and while you are the nominee of the republican party, you don't expect every republican to agree with you down the line. as reagan used to say, my 80% friend not my 20% enemy. trump needs to give a little
6:29 am
space to people who have had deeply held convictions to say, okay, i'm going to support donald trump but it doesn't mean i embrace all of his positions. if he tries to put a vice grip on the republican party in terms of policy he'll have a revolt. it's not going to be a majority of the party but to win the presidency he needs over 90% of the republican vote. a small revoellt from people th believe he doesn't share his principles could be devastating to him. >> thanks for the time. appreciate it. again you see the scene there outside republican national headquarters, inside that's meeting taking place, donald trump, paul ryan, faiss fo face. going to take a quick break. on the other side we'll be joined by the former chairman of the republican national committee michael steele. stay with us. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
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twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. take a look here. this is some video that just came into us in the last few minutes. a crowd of protesters gat erers
6:33 am
outside republican national headquarters in washington. they are protesting donald trump and his meeting with paul ryan, the house speaker. we are following breaking news, breaking developments from washington. donald trump, paul ryan, they are meeting right now at republican national headquarters. this was a scene a short time ago. trump waving to the media that's camped out outside republican headquarters. the big question this morning, will trump get the house speaker's endorsement for president. does he want it? does he need it? it's a high stakes meeting that began in the past half hour at rnc headquarters in washington, d.c. republican chairman reince priebus is also attending this meeting. then the rest of ryan's leadership will meet with trump. at 11:45, trump will head to the senate republican headquarters to meetd with majority leader mitch mcconnell and his leadership team. and on the morning of his big meeting a potential olive branch from trump calling for backing off his temporary ban on
6:34 am
muslims. an interview on fox radio, trump said his proposal, was, quote, just a suggestion. let me bring in political analyst, former rnc chairman michael steele. we were talking to w ing ting t moment ago. basically he was saying the path donald trump should take here if he wants to unify republican leaders in washington is to learn to speak a little bit more in the language of politics. he said that old reagan advice that my 80% friend not my 20% enemy. maybe that donald trump too often in this campaign will treat somebody who is his 80% friend as his 20% enemy. is donald trump capable of making that kind of adjustment when it comes to his rhetoric and his public personality? >> i think he is. and i think he has to be. i think there's a real value to what vin weber just said about
6:35 am
that. donald trump needs to do that. but the establishment of this party has to do the same thing. do not expect donald trump to come in and absorb as a whole package everything that they want him to be and say and do. that's not going to happen. similarly, they have to recognize what donald trump has done. he's channeled a different energy inside the gop. he's channeled a different energy outside the gop. and it is that outside energy that is going to be the most advantage for the party going into the fall. while donald trump has to begin to speak the language of washington, a lot of folks who have been behind him and watching him are seeing how cozy he gets with that. if they think he's been co-opted in any way that becomes a bigger problem not just for donald trump but for the whole party. luke russert is still outside rnc headquarters. he's standing by with one of the few members of congress who has endorsed donald trump. one of the original to endorse
6:36 am
him, chris collins from new york. luke? >> hey, steve. we're here with chris collins of western new york. he was the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. he's here at a press conference answering questions. we're going to respectfully butt in because we're on live tv. a little tension in the meeting. how long can this divide between ryan and trump go for you guys to have a chance to be successful in november? >> we're going to win in november, and we want to be united sooner than later. certainly speaker ryan is being deliberative in his getting to know mr. trump as he shared with us. he doesn't know mr. trump. mr. mccarthy is already on board. mr. scalise, our majority leader and whip. donald trump will win in any regard. if the election were today, mr. ryan would be voting for mr.
6:37 am
trump. as the speaker working with the next president he wants to have an ongoing dialogue and narrative which starts today. it's starting about ten weeks sooner than people thought it would based on the convention or even june 7 in california. so this is a natural first step, especially given the deliberative nature of paul ryan. how he makes his decisions. he does not rush to decisions. but i'm convinced certainly he will be behind mr. trump with energy. but given the nature of your meeting yesterday, what was paul ryan's main concern with donald trump? what did he express as something he says, donald trump has to clarify this to me. >> none of that came out. the encouraging thing was we knew mr. ryan and mr. trump are worlds apart on trade. mr. ryan is supportive of the trans-pacific partnership. myself, others are very much opposed to it, including mr. trump. and mr. ryan was very clear. that was an issue mr. trump ran on. he has won our nomination.
6:38 am
and that's going to be a difference in opinion. it's not a, kwoequote, disquali. what he said very clearly is i don't know the man. i've never met the man. i need to have a relationship with the next president of the united states as the speaker, which is different than just the rank and file members. so there was no negatives, no hesitation. i read into that a level of confidence that it won't be today. but it will a week, two or three, and mr. ryan being very deliberative in his decision making. some of us are a little more impulsive. but as speaker, i respect that in mr. ryan. i'm sure he'll be solidly behind mr. trump. >> chris collins, western new york. he was the first one on the trump train and believes paul ryan will be there soon saying the big difference was over trade. he just wants to get to know him. we'll see if that proves to be the case. >> luke russert outside republican national headquarters. a little news we're just
6:39 am
getting. a lot going on there this morning. in the last few minutes, kevin mccarthy, number two republican in the house, kathy mcmorris rogers, they both entered republican national headquarters in the last few minutes. they'll be part of that meeting that donald trump and paul ryan are having with a slightly broader group of house republican leaders. that meeting is going to follow -- directly follow the one that either is taking place right now or maybe is wrapping up right now between donald trump and paul ryan. just the two of them. we're also hold reince priebus in that first meeting. reince priebus the current republican national chairman. let me go back to a former republican national committee chairman michael steele who is still standing by with us. michael, let me ask you, the personal dynamic here between paul ryan and donald trump. we talked about the issues. paul ryan when it comes to immigration. paul ryan when it comes to medicare and social security. very, very different from what donald trump has been saying and proposing as a candidate.
6:40 am
also this personal element where paul ryan is very close to mitt romney. romney put him on the ticket in 2012. it couldn't have gotten uglier this year. could you see an actual working relationship between someone like trump and ryan given that history? >> i do. i think a lot of people, i think, underestimate donald trump and what his ultimate efforts will be towards the party and towards the leadership. in talking with mr. trump and his people and knowing him over the years, he doesn't come off as this guy who does not want to work with you. he's always going to find a way to work with you to get stuff done. certainly stuff that benefits him but also benefits you. i think there's a mutuality in this relationship that can be achieved. certainly something that paul ryan wants to have happen and certain something that i think a president trump knows he needs to have happen in order to be successful. here's the rub, steven. you know this very well.
6:41 am
at the end of the day, the president will be the one that sets the agenda. not the speaker of the house. he sets the calendar in the house and decides what's bills gets to the desk and to the floor. the reality is, it's going to be the president's agenda. what the house leadership and republicans who are now gnashing their teeth, how do you bring accommodation to what some of donald trump wants to have achieved as a president as well. this is going to be some of the early dancing we're going to see over the next few weeks going into the convention. some of that may get played out in the platform, although i don't think donald trump wants to take an ax and hammer to the platform, although some believe he does. i don't believe that's the case. you'll see this dynamic work its way out. this is the first of many dances. in the end, both of these gentlemen will accommodate each other because they know the party needs it and the country
6:42 am
will need it. >> michael steele, thanks for the time. appreciate that. you are looking at the scene there. that's outside rnc headquarters in washington. inside donald trump, paul ryan, other top house republican leaders as well. going to keep a close eye on that's. when we come back, it's not just republicans who are looking at this meeting today. one of hillary clinton's top advisers is here. is going to join us. that's right after this break. a. a. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients.
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the scene outside republican national headquarters in washington, d.c. there's a lot of media there. there are a lot of protesters there. there are a lot of curious onlookers there. even a bagpipe player there. inside, donald trump having that face-to-face meet with paul ryan, the house speaker, the top republican in washington who says at this moment, as of the moment donald trump walked into that building this morning, paul ryan said he could not support donald trump, his own party's
6:46 am
presumed nominee for president. a broader group of house republican leaders also beginning to arrive in the last 10 or 15 minutes. they'll be part of a second meeting donald trump will be taking part in. that will immediately follow his sit-down with paul ryan and a little later this morning, trump will be heading over to a different part of washington. another meeting with top senate republicans. a lot going on in washington as we speak. a lot still to come this morning. while we keep an eye on that, we'll be joined in new york by joel, a senior adviser to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. i just got to ask you. you're watching this. this is likely to be your opponent in the fall. what's your reaction to what you're seeing today? >> what's you're seeing here is a culmination of dissatisfaction with donald trump's divisiveness, his hateful rhetoric, pitting americans against each other. that's why people in the republican party are so divided.
6:47 am
this is unprecedented what we're seeing. i think there are people up and down the republican party not just elected officials but people who have been loyal supporters who are completely uncomfortable with having someone as risky as donald trump sitting in the white house. >> you look at the numbers all the time. how deep do you think it is? one thing that jumps out to me is i see the republican leadership in washington and these clear divisions but then we saw this poll last week. 85% of republicans say they'd vote for trump over clinton. that's close to where romney and mccain were. >> romney and mccain lost, but -- >> they didn't lose because of a lack of republican support. >> it's a combination of things. there were a lot of republican leaning people you have to win. a lot of democratic leaning people you have to win. and straight moderates you have to win to win the presidency. his divisive alienating rhetoric has really put him on the wrong side of where a majority of americans are. not just in terms of the
6:48 am
divisiveness but in terms of what he's talked about in terms of his effect on people's lives. he's going to be bad for working people all over america. he's the only person who has stood up and ever said wages are too high. we shouldn't raise wages. and i think that's why you're seeing so much. never seen anything like this. these are problems of his own making. i don't think he can airbrush what he's done and said. people have seen donald trump for what he is and they pose a risk to their economic lives. >> maybe hillary clinton will be able to pick off disgruntled republican voters. i'm trying to think of a republican voter uncomfortable with the muslim ban and showmanship around trump, some of the rhetoric but doesn't want hillary clinton appointing supreme court justices, packing the federal courts with liberal judges. what's your message to that republican voter? >> at the end of the day, most voters, republican, democratic moderate, they want to know who
6:49 am
is going to deliver results in a way that will keep my country, my family safe, enable us to get ahead economically. give our kids the education we need so they can have the opportunities in the future they want. they'll be thinking about what is the country we want to build here and who is the person that has what's it takes to sit in that oval office and meet those tests? this is not a time where people want to take a risk on somebody as risky and as divisive and dangerous as donald trump who talked about increasing nuclear arms around the world. that's not what americans think they need to make their lives better. >> you've been through your share of campaigns. donald trump as a republican general election opponent will be different than any kind of opponent you've faced before? >> no question he'll be different. one of the things i always say is we tend to have pretty close elections in america. they're always competitive. very few presidents have won and been re-elected with 50% or more of the vote.
6:50 am
so we expect these things to be close. and you do have to compete for every vote and fight for every vote. that's going to include reaching out to republicans, secretary clinton has already been doing that. talking to voters all over the country in places where people say why did she go to loudon virginia, there are a lot of voters who care about educating their children and making sure every kid gets an education and do something about college debt. we're going to be talking to people across the spectrum here because we think donald trump is alienating and risky to them in a way that's going to make them accessible to us in the election. >> you expect it to be close. you look at the negative numbers, do you see any possibility of a landslide? >> it's way too early. what i see is an electorate and republican party -- look, you've been on the republican scenes in the white house all morning there. you've got a republican party that is feeling very put off by donald trump. i think there are more voters
6:51 am
who are accessible to us because of his dangerous and devicive rhetoric than other kind of moderate mainstream voters who are going to be accessible to donald trump because his views are out of the mainstream and out of touch with where most americans are. >> thanks for the time. again, the scene we've been looking at it all hour. it was about an hour ago that donald trump walked into republican national headquarters in washington. other top republican leaders entering as well, trump/ryan having a meeting this morning and trump meeting with other leaders. protesters spectators, onlookers and media. we'll take a quick break and continue our coverage on the other side. please stay with us. ♪ staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. without the calories for thyou don' want
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all right, again, the scene there, the protesters. you see cameras and donald
6:55 am
trump's vehicle inside republican national headquarters. that meeting between donald trump and paul ryan began some time ago. others have made their way into the building and will be meeting with donald trump. they may already be meeting with donald trump. whatever is taking place, is taking place on the fourth floor of that building. let's go live to capitol hill here now where we find nbc's kelley o'donnell. you've been talking to members of congress there. republican members about what they want to come out of today. >> reporter: we've been talking to lawmakers and had sources close to conversations keeping tabs on what's happening. i'm told those conversations between priebus and ryan and donald trump continuing in the fourth floor office. perhaps that's a good sign. this is where we often bring reports from capitol hill and this part of the rotunda is quieter today but i was able to talk to marsha blackburn, one of the more prominent woman on the
6:56 am
republican side in congress. she had an interesting way of describing this getting to know you session between ryan and trump and priebus who really don't know each other all that well. >> do you think the meeting is more about policy or personalities today? >> i think it's a little bit of both. it is a getting to know you type meeting. maybe kind of like speed dating, if you will. so there's a little bit of that in there but also paul is all about policy. and i think -- >> reporter: he's known for that. >> he's known for that. it's in his dna. i think mr. trump knows he needs some insight into how the policy world works. >> i also have new reporting from senator orrin hatch, the most senior republican in the senate. he will meet with donald trump later today and first endorsed jeb bush then marco rubio.
6:57 am
he is saying whatever he can to make sure trump has a successful campaign but wants trump to understand there are citizens in the home state of utah who do have concerns about the way trump has conducted himself and policies. it gives an idea of the uneasy meetings that will be happening today. republicans who want to get on board with the choice of their voters but still having reservations. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. thanks for that. more coverage, more news about donald trump's trip with congressional -- his sit-down with congressional leaders. i'm steve kornacki. craig melvin is up next live from capitol hill. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too.
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