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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the summit on the hill and how paul ryan is being questioned of the presumptive nominee, donald trump. donald trump is sitting down with republican leaders none of whom endorsed him of the primary fight. we are live on capitol hill today. we have it all covered for you. we want to get right to our team with nbc's halie jackson and joined by sam stein. halie, let's start with the speaker if we can, what did we hear moments ago as you were there with the series of questions, did anything strike you? >> reporter: several things. one on personality and the other on politics and policies. ryan had not had a lot of
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interactions with trump. he found him to be warm and genuine and which ryan said it is a positive step in the relationship. the other big part is the idea of principles and policies. those are two separate things, ryan talked exclusively yu fieing the party. there is a wide gap between where he is on some of these particular policies. those issues came up as far as differences within the party, differences between where ryan and trump are. ryan did not drill down the specifics on trump with that. there is one word that came up again and again during his press conference. i want you to listen to what speaker ryan said and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> it is no secret that donald trump and i had our differences.
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we talked about those differences today, that's common knowledge. the question is what is it we need to do to unify the republican party. it is important that we discuss our differences but it is also important that we discuss the core principle is that tied us all together. i was encouraged by what i heard from donald trump today. we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. from here, we'll go in deeper policy areas to see the common ground and how we can make sure we are offering the same core principles. i was encouraged with this meeting. this is a process and it takes some time. i think this is going in a positive direction. i think this is a first, very encouraging meeting. >> reporter: we did not hear those magic words from paul ryan "i will endorse donald trump." this is an encouraging step and a positive step in the right
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direction signaling to the rest of the republican party there is a path towards unity and that begins today. >> reporter: halie thank you, sam, this was a circus today, we rarely scene sceneen scenes lik. here is what tweeted out, he was not going to give much by priebus. the meeting was great, it was a positive step towards party unity. the real question is, is this a capitol hill show or something real that was established today? >> i like that word studying these videos and tweets. what does this word mean and how do we define it? it is silly for us to try to choose. everyday donald trump will try to do something different.
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just yesterday he was talking about how he got a mandate. why today we think he's more conventional? we need to see this thing plays out. i don't think if there is anything to say whether he's going to be buddies buddies with paul ryan. you can make the argument that it does not donald trump to be that close to paul ryan. he's not a party person and and unconventional. >> and that has worked for him. for him to know and become the creature of the republican party. >> in just hours for matt, donald trump used a baseball metaphor. if you are doing well, you do the pennant and go to the series and why change. i want to take a listen in with
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katy tur. >> it was as positive move and it was a move of cooperation and it is a feeling, it is time to unify the party. both parties wanted to do that. it was great. it was a positive step towards unification. >> reporter: what's one issue that paul ryan and donald trump come to an agreement on? >> it is a private meeting and conversation. certainly, everything you are hearing about it was accurate and all positive. it was cooperative, it was great. >> what strikes me was it was not long ago that we have the same conversation of how devai sif things were between the rnc and the establishment. this past weekend donald trump traveling to the northwest states like washington. what has donald trump do in the days and weeks ahead. look at what i have done and the
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arthur of the deal and the author has done it again. >> if he can argue he got the party around him and they embrace certain things he's chanting like getting rid of these trade deals then he can feasibly and look at what he's able to do. it is now my party. if he becomes more of a conventional republican. the danger on trump's brand of his unique personality. also, the republican party, some of these party for election don't want to be associated as party of trump. they want to be independent. i don't see and despite how enthused ryan seem there. i don't seem a bridging of this gap happening any time soon. >> for a candidate that's so unpredictable. this is a predictable outcome. it is nice to see you.
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>> we talked about the major players today. we want to find out what republicans across the capitol are saying now, our team, katy tur and kelly o' donnel. >> katy, we start with you, we know you just spoke to reince priebus. what are you hearing and did they feel like those things were accomplished? >> reporter: i talked to donald trump today -- he came in and saying let's work together and figure this out. my source was a little bit surprise and as easy as it was. >> your audio we are having trouble with right now. let's go across the street to luke ruster. i saw you speak to a lot of
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republican members. there are high hopes this evening. chris coldlier one of the first on board, are they sacrificed of this establish of a little bit spreading the word of donald trump? >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> we are going to go to kelly o' donnel. we'll bounce around and we'll hope you will all hear from our team. kelly, tell us about that conversation. >> reporter: well, he believes there is room to bring the party together. the word of the day is unity. he thinks there are enough issues where republicans are we worried of donald trump and the trump campaign can find common ground. one of this things that's not talked about enough is the
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practical me of donald trump to have people working for him. tl place that i am in right now, normally there would be staffers flooding at this place and all kinds of different jobs to help staff up for a national organization. donald trump is having trouble i am hearing on different sources in hiring and at a lot of different levels. i asked the senator on this. leaving the hill and going to the campaign. >> reporter: can you put a message out for staffers for people who can work on the campaign, they are behind in hiring. >> well, they have the leanest campaign from the beginning. it is incredibly lean and decisive campaign. >> there is some people afraid to work with trump. >> well, they maybe -- i think
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they'll be adding people. >> reporter: it is been a dilemma when i talk to republicans and again at different levels. we are talking about jobs and strategies and working to build a voter base. signing on with trump, if it could ultimately hurt people's careers within the party. that's the factor they're wrestling with, trying to bring new hands to expand it. i talked to fisher, she's apart of the wider group and the leadership in the party. she's the assistant counselor, i am told she just wants to listen. we have two women that's apart of the women. we know issues involving trump and his message. >> and it will be interesting after their session is over when we start to get the intel if
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those two senators had particular questions or concerns they raised as women as apart of the republican party. it goes much beyond that and a bigger, broader issue. it is something that may give us another window as to how trump could be received. >> kelly, thanks so much another examples how staffers here are taking the hill. i want to go back to luke, what are you hearing today? >> reporter: yeah, here obviously, some protesters seem to follow trump where he goes. i thought some interesting things that came out of today's meeting that paul ryan did not completely embrace donald trump. you're starting to see the divisions and the hierarchy of the leadership. brian is not fully embraced.
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she did not go full in with trump. nrc, chairman, there is been a lot of speculations that donald trump at the top of the ticket could not lean in and they would lose perhaps 15 or 20 seats. the fact that he's rolling in on trump and preaching unity and significant and the longer there is this divide between ryan and his lieutenant, could that be ryan speaking for members of his congress that's not comfortable with trump? is that ryan's own molition. the longer it is going on, the harder it is for the gentlemen
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being met right now. hey, we are ready to go. people are saying a little kumbaya now. the longer this goes on, the more issues it will come to the forefront of the problem of the fact factor of the party. as long as they are not on the same page completely, reporters are going to say why the differences and why cannot you do it. >> those differences can be problematic. >> thank you very much, we seen those protesters. they're going to stick with trump today. coming up, trump huddles with leaders. what is it going to take for republican senator like geoff flake to support his presumptive nominee. next on this special edition of
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back on now on the capitol of this special edition on "andrea mitchell reports." my colleague, katy tur, is there keeping close tabs on donald trump. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey there peter, i just spoke to a source who's familiar with the meeting that donald trump just had at the rnc. knowing that what he needed todd do in order to bridge the gap between him and the republican establishment that he was receptive to their concerns. all and all, they were relatively surprise that donald trump did not come in with the
9:18 am
same sort of swagger might have expected saying the republican base voters are behind him. that was not needed to be said. >> as to what was actually spoken about in that meeting, my source tells me, it was all about the issue of where the republican party stands and a number of core issues, social issue like abortion and trade and immigration and the budget, taxes, those sort s of things. donald trump will be able to fall in line with the republican party platform. bri priebus right after the meeting, there is going to be an entirely new platform and there seems to be some questions about that and what donald trump believe and reince priebus pushed back for
9:19 am
that. donald trump an unpredictable candidate and he described himself as unpredictable and his issues and platforms have changed ongoing throughout this entire ten months campaign that he's been doing. whether he will hold it to what he's promised today. >> mitch mcconnel who says he's committed in supporting his party nominee. joining me now is jeff flake of a member of the judiciary committee. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you made it clear that donald trump need to earn your vote, i want to get a sense of what you
9:20 am
need to hear personally from him to be sacrificed? >> it was a good start today when we heard of fan of muslims. that was a good start. there is some other things. things he said about the debt and putting in question of the full faith of the credit debt in the u.s. there is a few things he needs to talk about and i hope he does. >> i want to ask you about the muslim ban and the comments he made. he said yesterday it was a suggestion. but, you said this was a critical issue here. you said that he needs to soften his comments. i want to play for what donald trump said last night on fox news, take a listen. >> have you decide whether you
9:21 am
are back on the ban or a temporary ban period could go on forever. >> i would like to back off as soon as possible. we have exceptions and again, it is temporary. >> so he says it is temporary and he said it in different interviews it was just a suggestion. others calling it volatility and a challenging obstacle for a lot of people. are you sacrificed that this is a softening of his position or saying what he needs to say to satisfy and give an interview. >> we'll see where he is a week from now or if he's maintaining his temporary ban. you made a good point, we just don't know, he's gone back and forth on a number of issues and time. we'll see in a couple of days. but, it is a good sign frankly that he's willing to meet with
9:22 am
members who don't share some of his positions and that he seems to be softening on some of this issue. >> do you think mr. trump needs to release his tax returns. the advisor is telling him about, too. >> i am sure people want to see it. i am not going to get too much into that. i know that a lot of people would be more comfortable if he would do so. what is concerning to some republicans that if there is something in there late in the race that could jeopardize his candidacy. i think that's a concern. >> before i let you go quickly, does speaker ryan need to endorse donald trump? is that a necessary requirement you believe? >> no, i don't think he don't need to. i am glad speaker ryan pushed
9:23 am
back because it will affect donald trump to move ahead. donald trump needs some support. he does not want speaker ryan to be against. he's very firm and articulate on these positions. i don't think the candidate trump wants that. >> anything scheduled between you and donald trump? >> nothing scheduled. >> senator, it is nice to be with you. >> as this trump senate continues right now. we'll talk to the democratic in so south carolina on how he plans to take on donald trump. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports," it is a beautiful day here at capitol hill. you owned your car
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i am not interested in litigating the past. i am interesting in going forward. the question is can we unify uncommon core principles that make our party. the principles that vote our country, i am encourt and juage answer that question, yes. joining us now is congressman james klyber, it is nice to see you. maybe the rain will go away. i want to talk about some comments that you had yesterday. you spoke about the parallels between the trump campaign right now and the campaign ran by gold water in the '60s and the southern strategies as well. you compared these things with donald trump's campaign. i want you to explain and where you think it over laps.
9:28 am
>> i am goi all we got to do is look back to over how we got here. we did not jump here all of a sudden. this has been building really since the 1940s. we saw it coming into and with gold water with 1964. >> when you say we have seen this building. >> this kind of victory we are experiencing and the so called hate speech. when you are categorizing people like muslims into some type of status, the same thing with immigrants. >> are you satisfy that we are
9:29 am
witnessing a softening of tone? >> no, we are and i don't think we will because this thing is working for mr. trump. he's not just about stopping him. you know when you see, we always talk about ron megan fitzgeraal. he left his convention in 1980s. the site of those civil rights taking place there. that was not accident tally. he ran referring to young black men and young black women. this is his language. you fast forward to today, trump thinks it works for ray began and working for him as well. >> i want to ask you a conversation that took place in this broadcast with my colleague andrea mitchell. bernie sanders was pushing back andrea after she asked about hillary clinton in effect of how
9:30 am
she has to fight two campaigns right now. fighting against a democrat and a republican at the same time and if that was hurting democratic party. >> take a listen. >> in every state that we have won in 19 states, we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on. please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> is bernie sanders hurting hillary clinton? can your party of four duking this out or continuing with the convention? >> i don't know if we can afford it or maybe we can but we should not do it. >> bernie is correct to stay in this campaign to give his supporters something to vote for. i can think we can do that by laying out proposals and making protection but not running against hillary. he knows as everybody else that
9:31 am
the math is against him that we are going to have her as our nominee and i think it is important to him to begin to demonstrate that'll allow her to campaign and make us all successful come to fall. >> bernie thohas to understand t hillary has been in the democratic for a long time. she's been the first lady of the state and the united states' senator and secretary of state all as a democratic. he's never been a democrat until recently. he should snnot expect of all these years feeling the same way about him as they do about her >> congressman, we appreciate your time. thank you for being our guest here on this day. our host, i should say. pemeeti
9:32 am
ryan. joining us now is the host of hardball, chris mathew, the campaign is pouncing on paul ryan's non endorsement and clearly he was not sueded today. >> what is paul ryan's role right now? >> he's got 245 seats or so to protect. he wants to keep the 218 majority. he wants to hold a party together. he wants to make sure of the evangelicals. he has a new role that i don't think the speaker ever had which is this sort of philosophical leaders of the party. the republican party is not a coalition party or a social.
9:33 am
it is not like that at all. that's the way it used to be. today the republican party and the ideology are conservatives. core principles, his job is to protect core principles and he's more of a high priest if you will. the decision they have to make is not to go along with trump. yes, the guys meeting the standards of our core principles. i think he will be slow in doing that. >> chris, last night, trump, the ultimate show, you are not the first to make this. heading into this -- explain that thought, do you think what we saw here was just a show? >> he has to put the right spin on it because he has to make sure that he's a boss and he's not applying for a job and
9:34 am
getting for house seat. he's the head of the republican party for all primary purposes. it is all about him. he is that now. >> and so basically, he has to keep that note to himself. he does not want to look like he cuts some deals with the inside points. he's going to apply for club membership. he has to be the boss. the guy who he can fire. the other day he threaten to fire ryan. his people and sarah palin went after him. he has to be the boss and he has to be unchained by the people of the hill. these people have an approval rating of 9%, single digit. he does not have to get their approval. i think they have to get his. i think he's still the boss, he
9:35 am
has to spin it that way. >> what cue are you watching for as we go forward. paul ryan is not endorsing today. this is a coffee date but we are not getting married yet if you like the metaphor there. what are you looking for? well, i think the key thing we are seeing right now and the reason of this today was pretty pro-trump. everybody looks at these numbers. there is a democratic poll coming out today. trump can win the election. trump is going to get thumped. we had number of 13% straight for hillary and all of a sudden the cosmo shifted. he could be elected president. progressives don't want to hear that or democrats don't want to hear that. the number shows that he maybe the next president. the only question between him being the next president is
9:36 am
hillary clinton. that was the first line out of ryan's mouth today when he came out today. she's the only one to donald trump being the united states, not ryan and not anybody in the house. hillary. so they have that common enemy, he can be the next enemy. what trump is doing is taking the advantage that he walked in today with the weight on his back and that was clear today >> that was the best unifier of this party is hillary clinton >> chris, it is nice to see you. right now we can see live pictures coming over from the meeting area where the republicans' senate leaders have been visiting donald trump. you can see those slides there. we believe that meeting has just wrapped up as we wait for our last look of donald trump before he leaves. there will be a series of meetings here. beginning early this morning with meeting with the rnc's
9:37 am
chair and the house speaker, paul ryan and visiting the house leadership as well. we are joined now with bill cryst crystal, thank you for joining us. as we watch the end of this, you can imagine john boehner and everybody years ago who says it no, ma' it -- i am not going to support mit romney at that time. >> what has offended you the most? >> i am glad to be up here. it is so depressing seeing donald trump making this triumph through washington and the house and the senate. paul ryan has to endorse him
9:38 am
yet -- they totally forgotten all the objections they made to trump's fundamental character and judgment. >> a live picture right now of our screen of donald trump right here in washington dc. in that dark hole, well, that's where his suv is parked and we'll keep an eye on him. we talked about romney calling donald trump to release his tax returns. he's using his irs audit as his reasoning even the tax history project and nixon released his return to all audit. he can release returns before 2009 where the audit has been completed. does he have the responsible of the presumptive nominee to release them?
9:39 am
why should voters care? trump said voters are not interested, why should they care? >> well, they have a right. donald trump thinks he's different and he may get away being different. i admire mit romney for stepping up here. it is no benefits to himself. he said and he's pointing out that donald trump is not doing something every nominee has. the tea donald trump said he would done and he's trading phony excuses for it. on tv last night, any good council would advise trump not to do it. as if that's an answer. -- that does not be the nominee of the major party. everyone today -- if it does not matter of romney or bush have said in good conscious not to
9:40 am
support trump. i think it is simply put out of mind and all the things that i think were disqualifying for donald trump. no, no, they are not disqualified. here is the reasons and why it is not okay. they're just jumping on the train without any assurance of donald trump. stay with us, i want to get with katy tur with this breaking news right now. katy, you are there now and what are you seeing and what are folks telling isn't it true. >> reporter: we are seeing what you are seeing peter. we believe his meeting is wrapping up and donald trump is coming up and heading over to the law firm. unclear how this meeting is going on. i can tell you from sources who's been speaking with kelly o' donnel for the past few days. they're looking to invite --
9:41 am
[ inaudible ] mitch mcconnell already said he's prepared and they are prepared to work with him. these meetings as you were talking about bill krcrystal los like they are heading in a positive direction. looks like senators and congressmen might have felt prior to this about donald trump. it seems to be an acceptance across the board that he's going to be the nominee whether they like it or not. they're going to have to figure out what will work with this untraditional nominee. as meeting the rnc, you have paul ryan and house leader, i am told by a source who are familiar with those meetings. donald trump came in, he did not come in with the usual swagger he might have.
9:42 am
he came in knowing what he had to do in order to make sure he can move on with the party behind him. they spoke about the issues that were at hands. republican party platform issues and things like abortion and immigration and taxes and trades. donald trump listening to the concerns and there is a believer in that room that he will move forward more towards their spectrum and their end of the spectrum and they won't come to the convention with an entirely new republican platform. peter. >> bill kristol, republican leaders heading over to the law firm here for some other meetings as we understand it. bill, you were in dc last week, has that window closed for a third party candidate? is there any real talk for a
9:43 am
viable third party option as especially some of the deadlines have already passed in places. >> there is a lot of serious talks going on and polls are being done by republicans and democrats. i hope i can say that, i just said it. i think trying to show how much opening there is confirmed really in the sense that there is an opening today. i would say that the meetings may help the republican candidate. >> trump is in washington. he's a good deal maker and i think he has made a deal on his term. still, it is going to be they're all getting along great. what happens to that independence? i mean there is an opening for genuinely independent campaign, a candidate who has elect office who can really say, you know
9:44 am
trump is a big talk and at the end of the day, he's a deal maker. i think he has a chance and i don't know what the odds are, maybe 50/50. i think it is quite possible. >> you were not impress of what you saw at the paul ryan's conference. how do you describe and how do you describe what impact it would have and what a blow it would be? >> i respect him and he's speaker o f the house and he's under a huge amount of pressure to do the convention thing. i don't think it is the right thing for the party. i am disappointed to see him take the stance. i don't know how much effect he will have though. congress does not have high marks either among republicans. i think a genuine campaign and even elected officials sometimes
9:45 am
ask too much. other than hillary clinton and donald trump, two extremely unpopular candidates, i am offering a fresh choice. certainly, serious people are working on it. i cannot say serious people are working on making it happening. these are chances. >> bill, i am interrupting you briefly. right now we are watching donald trump leaving his meeting with the senate leaders wrapped up a series of meetings today. the first step is to describe in his effort to try to unify this republican party giving you a real sense of all the trappings of presumptive nominee. he's a billionaire travels in style but now he travel s in a way that's unique with a big motorcade. luke is on the hill for us today. as these meetings wrap up, i want to get a sense from you about how we sort of cast this
9:46 am
moment. of course, it is just a step and may have been a predictable step but it is a significant step in the course of this campaign season. >> reporter: it certainly is, peter. you were right to say donald trump just left that motorcade to some folks. i think there are two main take aways from today. number one, the fact that there is progress between donald trump and paul ryan. that's significant. number two, was there no fall on endorsement. when you project it out to the future. members i spoke to today and some operatives i spoke to today say it is not good for the party to have the speaker and the nominee not 100% locked
9:47 am
together. they're supposed to be tight. regardless it is right behind me. interestingly enough, this was between donald trump and mitch mcconnell. mcconnell has not embraced donald trump. he said he was optimistic of the second ballot of the convention that could be used to get rid of donald trump. i am interested in seeing what the this will be of this meeting. mitch mcconnell here is a chest player. he's somebody that i would presume be very concerned of the republicans representing the blue and purple states in his gop conference, what does that mean for donald trump? is that what this building booipd behind me is all about. okay, can you help us or hurt us? can we count on you going in the season not to put in some of our endangered members. some of them are already are.
9:48 am
there are ads in pennsylvania. do you agree with donald trump's stance that mexicans coming across the board are rapesistra. the chest player believes it is important to unify now and paul ryan, the speaker, still is getting around to it. that's important and we'll continue to cover it. >> he said in effect of what we saw today was the stress test between the trump's wing as it were of the conservative wing. right now whether all the circuits are holding. luke is here on capitol hill keeping a close eye on donald trump's travel today. coming up next on this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports," we'll break it down. oh, i take it back, halie
9:49 am
jackson is right in front. lets get back to you. >> reporter: you can see his motorcade has pulled up here. a small number of media members that have come out to watch trump walk in. he pulled in that garage that's closed. we saw one of his toppings head out of the vehicle. we are working more about that. this is yet another donald trump series of this meeting he has today not just congressional leadership but with leaders here in washington. we'll work on more from inside this building right here. i am looking up and i can see people are going out the window. this is no t something that you see on capitol hill. i want to see if we can spin around here getting my camera man to do it. this is how trump shows up, he got secret service here about
9:50 am
half an hour prior to donald trump's arrival to this facility. again, a lot of movement for trump today. this is maybe a five or six block radius. f fairly easy for trump to get around and he's in his car and not doing this on foot. >> paul ryan with reporters trying to cast in effect of this day, obviously, did not get out of his ski. everything was like honky-dory. he did make it clear that there were progress being made here. where do they go now? >> reporter: so frankly, you are asking how does this continue? the answer is overtime.
9:51 am
this is not something that's going to happen instantly. speaker ryan, in his conversation with sources feels that obviously was a -- he said that publicly and it is going to take longer than a week to come to terms on that. as we look at the garage door opening backup here has his conservative agenda that he's been pushing. that will come more clear and come into focus. over the next maybe month or so, you are going to see i believe a real discussion between these leaders, donald trump and paul ryan and of course, priebus, you heard how he felt this meeting was an encouraging step forward.
9:52 am
there is not necessarily room for conservative principles like limited government. one final note, ryan has not interacted with trump very much. he met him for 30 seconds. this is a real opportunity for the two men to get to know each other. that's incredible important to move forward of personal relationship here at capitol hill. >> we should know now. >> joining us is john fieri, a republican strategyist. thank you for being here. this is a remarkable day. you work for the house speaker and you know how this place work. does paul ryan has to come around and support trump?
9:53 am
>> you don't have to support everything that donald trump said but you have to support the process that got the nomination. at the end of the day, donald trump can beat hillary clinton and paul ryan can get a lot of successful done with his stuff done with the agenda. >> you said it at one point, you don't like donald trump. you don't think he's qualified to be president of tl united states but you will support the republican nominees, square those things for a lot of people who say what's up with that? we have been a lot of nominees for years. i was not a huge fan of romney or mccain. >> yeah, but did you think he was qualified? >> i respect the will of the voters and especially the primary voters. he won it fair and square. you got to play the whole game. the republican party, my team, donald trump has won the game
9:54 am
and we got to unite and win the election come this fall. >> so sort of this soften moderate or tossing out some of the comments he used in the past as reulating to a ban to muslims or coming to the u.s. or the idea of the wall more -- >> yeah, listen, i don't like some of his language and i don't like some of his policy proposals. the muslim ban is going to hurt us in the war on terror. i do think it has been a republican policy for a long time. trump is as non politician and he says things in his greatest weakness and strength. he says things he should not say as a politician. it fears some people and it
9:55 am
horrifies some people. >> newt gingrich told me donald trump has the biggest upside and the biggest downside of any political candidate in the game right now. the question is as we go forward among others, paul ryan, is he standing on that chair of the convention and what does donald's headline read by summer time? lets see what we can do or we can do our best. >> you will see that you will have a brand new face in politics is going to be donald trump and paul ryan who's a fresh face in politics and a new speaker. we are going in a new direction for the country. it can be a positive message. i can think though that donald trump has to got better as a candidate and going out of his way to annoy people and trying to bring this country better. >> your company is going to get better as a candidate. you are an optimist c. >> we'll see.
9:56 am
john, it is always nice to be with you. thank you everybody for joining us as we cover this breaking news. andrea is back on the chair tomorrow. doctor ben carson will join her in the broadcast. i hope you will follow the show online and on facebook, you can follow me at peter alexander. craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc. keep it goin!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s.
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10:00 am
last hour, house speaker paul rain weighed in on the primary. there was a singular theme but still no full endorse


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